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Miha - Slovenia


Who is “me”, when my Presence appears in connection to You?

The story of my life oftentimes speaks louder than my words. I am sharing it here to create the sense of resonance and reflect some of the reason that I'm here for. I’ve always believed that I can bring meaning and value into people’s lives and my imagination has been stirred in different directions. There used to be many dreams in my lives and ideas about my becoming.

As young kid growing up, I liked to imagine myself having soccer career and playing at the big stage. Well, I didn’t reach far out in this way, the sense of loyalty kept me with my local club and the game taught me more about my nature – always being a team player.  The sense of purpose drew me to the studies of pharmaceutics, I guess those were my early attempts of developing healing career. While I was discovering how do people truly get healed, the process of spiritual awakening kicked in full swing. It brought the realization, that modern way of healing is just very different compared to the knowledge & skills that have been stored within my Soul. So my pharmaceutic career ended up with the daring attempts to escape the society and discover the wild spirit within myself.

Afterwards I was guided to deeply connect with nature and steward the land. “Off grid” living, communities of seekers, shamanic ceremonies, ancestral healing work, sacred partnership...it all appeared on my doorstep. It was with gratitude and grace that I released my spiritual identities and intellectual concepts of green and conscious living. That enabled me to truly opened the doorways to the cosmos within me, being simultaneously actively engaged in the work & energies of Openhand.  As much as I’ve been “hungry” to find sacredness and bigger purpose in my life, I had to eventually bring it through me.

In this process the Voice joined me. One that has been with me throughout my life, and I could never figure out what to do with it or where does it truly belong. Finally, I was able to hear and listen to mySoul. And many of different energies, that came to support me on this journey. I started speaking with myself and this energies. Almost like talking to other people, just that these conversations actually felt much more real. That’s when I realized, that I am walking Home. I’ve been shown glimpses of different lifetimes here on Earth and tap into the remembrance of eons whilst travelling through Cosmos. In this process, I became facilitator of different realms, transforming lost parts of divinity back into One.
In touching the sense of Home, I am becoming an Echo of the Cosmic Om and that’s where I’m sharing from. I’m nothing, but the reflective mirror of Yourself, single drop in the infinite ocean of Us.  

Welcome on your own Home-coming journey, my friend!

My Service

With the assistance of Openhand healing modalities I am utilizing the feeling sense that came to me as "Cosmic Embrace". For me it serves as the faithful companion reflecting the sense of ultimate belonging on this human journey. I am happy to share it with other Souls through my energy sessions using the capacity of expanded awareness in applying it in regards to your living circumstances. For me it is always a privilege to connect with the depth of your Soul, and I am keen on acknowledging the sense of humility in regards to one’s own human journey. In recognizing the multidimensional template that human Souls have been incarnating into, I am in deep awe of various journeys that people embark upon.

In connecting with me, people often times find themselves within the process of starseed activation/remembrance. In this regards you will be invited to:

-> Face the most prominent challenges in your Life situations and get empowered on the Path
-> Give space to your pain and heal it through the open heart
-> Enter your deep inner Space and connect beyond the mental plane of existence
-> Recognize your divine Purpose and tap into the feeling of Soul family
-> Connect with the field of awakened Consciousness and step towards the Crystalline grid of New Earth
-> Unveil your sacred Gifts and become the Change in this world
-> Remember of your own divine essence and welcome You in your Life

My work can be anywhere on the spectrum from deep energetic processing to (re)-activation of light body template by the use of intuitive language and sacred codes&invocations.

Ways to connect and pricing

My living setting in the actual forest enables me to be intimately connected with the Consciousness of Trees, which tends to create energetically safe and guarded space.

Individual sessions are usually of virtual nature. I am also offering session in person, might you wish to visit me in the country of Slovenia and get to meet me in the woods.

Time duration for the single session is circa 90 min and I ask for the contribution in sliding scale of 60-100 EUR as part of the energy exchange.

Please don’t let the monetary exchange stop you from reaching out, even if you can’t meet the basic value. If you feel that connection can assist you in some way, let me know more about your circumstances so we might be able to find out what works best for ourselves.

To book the appointment or further inquire about my offerings please connect via following mail:

Set yourself for the alchemical journey in recognizing the divine gift that Life has offered to Us.

You can also get to know more about my expression on the following webpage:
Cosmic Embrace

Miha: Stage 1 Facilitator

In working with Miha, you truly will be held in a loving, cosmic embrace. Specifically that is to be held in a multidimensional bridge where all possibilities are open. He'll resonate into your soul through multiple dimensions, connecting you to your star seed origins. It's a loving, fearless way of unleashing your cosmic potential. Be prepared for the earth to move! And for sure, you will be well looked after. <<< Open 🙏

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Oh my goodness, Miha, I am hugely celebrating you joining the Openhand Facilitators Star EmojiHeartStar Emoji  

I recall the day we first met on a zoom retreat and I noticed immediately the great depth of your beingness; not yet knowing how much more we might eventually see of this, at the time, perhaps slightly cautious figure, moving back and forth in the dappled light under the trees. Since then we have got to know you in person in La Palma, Egypt and UK, and been blessed with your many insightful posts on location and on this website.

What an amazing vibrant Soul you are with such discernment and sensitivity across so many cosmic vibrations It's been such an absolute joy to see you embody more of your Soul frequencies and we are truly blessed to have you sharing your insights and gifts into this community.

Heartfelt love to you Heart

Tilly Praying Emoji




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Tilly 🤗

I come very close to spechless response as I recieve your message and that is huge for me. Thanks for being You.

The sense of intuitive guidance blended with loving energy of caring mother has been continuing blessing on this journey for me. I feel we should celebrate it with the Ice Cream, when timing aligns. 🍨

Sending much love 💜



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Hi Miha,

Yes, I agree, Ice creams indeed! 

And I would like to add, how perfect the photo you chose for your facilitator Biog now shows you fully out in the sunshine, rooted with the roots of the tree!

Much love,

Tilly Hugging


Thank you Open for welcoming me here in this virtual network. And even more, creating a blueprint that I can lean upon through my facilitation service and embodied expression. Praying Emoji

Being welcomed and accompanied in this process of facilitating facilitation skills has been true Gift on my journey. It created the feeling of this Life becoming real to me and I definitely share in this sense of being inspired by each other's presence.

Beyond all, this sense of Facilitator Network created also this sense of family to me, one that my Soul has been yearning for. Thank you all for being my budding&travelling friends. 🌍

Vimal I truly appreciate your words of support here and beautiful energy in always being eager to connect. Praying Emoji

And big thanks to all Souls that are choosing my services as the mean of reconnection with Oneself. Looking forward to next chapter of being in service to the emerging Life on this planet.🌱

Miha 🌳




It's so good to see you listed here Miha. To me the words cosmic embrace perfectly encapsulates your ability to feel into and articulate the intricate cosmic energies in the field and connect it with the microcosm of our life's. Many times I have seen this gift transforming the densest energies in the field to activate soul frequencies. I'm touched by your humbleness, compassion, wisdom, yearning and readiness to serve all in this grand shift. 

I'm truly grateful and blessed to have connected with you in this life time

Vimal 🙏



Miha, your connection with Openhand has been one of sheer delight. Your ability to tap into divine cosmic energies, in their myriad of forms, has been nothing short of astounding. You blend the warrior energy with that of selfless compassion perfectly. If people truly want to expand their horizons and dive into the cosmos, I can think of no better portal. 

Well wishes in your service and your endeavours.

Open 💎