New Website Live Today...With Teething Issues!

Submitted by Open on Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:13

Hi everyone. Well as you can see, we have an all new singing and dancing Openhand website. Woohoo! It's been a mammoth undertaking because we had to migrate 13 years of content across to the new development, with different configurations. There has been lots of 'burning the midnight oil' and 4am starts! As we currently stand, we still have a number of configuration teething issues, like limited permissions on posting comments, which we're working to get right. So please bear with us - we're getting there!

In due course, we believe you'll have a much improved experience from the site with plenty of interactive fun and joy. A huge "Thanks" to Trinity, Rich and the developer team for all your dedicated effort. Do stay tuned, sign into the site and come back to visit if you find you can't comment at the moment. And send us some love! We could all use some angel wings right now - phew!

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Hey everyone,

We've been busily working away in the background improving the functionality of Openhandweb. If you go to post a comment, you'll see there's various things you can do to stylise your comments. 


If you click the little smiley face in the comment form header, which is 15th along, then you'll get these emoticons to choose from...

Quote blocks

Another feature is to be able to put text in quote blocks to make it stand out...

Simply click on the quotes tab which is 11th along in the header of the comments form and you get a 'sexy' quote block like this. Which you can put in italics and bold too!
When you want to switch the quote block off, simply hit the carriage return, then click the quotes button in the comment header bar again. 

Now you're back to normal text - it's easy!

Dynamic Links

It's easy to include dynamic links too. 

Simply write the text you want to link, highlight it, then click the 7th button along in the comments form header bar and submit the web page you want to link to.

It looks like this


So do have fun spicing up your comments!

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Hi Everyone,

Having returned from the recent world tour, we've been able to research, and find, a great new web development team to fix the bugs and configuration issues we'd been facing since the launch. The new Ukranian crew are highly efficient, responsive and professional. They're busily working away in the background to iron out some of the problems we had. 

We've also gone live with a new header design and strapline today... "empowering the shift"
I felt it was more inclusive and accessible for people - more widely embracing.

It's perfect timing for the solstice - endings and beginnings.
I'm very excited about the prospects for Openhandweb as we move into a new growth cycle.

Wishing all well

Open yes


Thanks for your "bug reporting" on the website everyone - much appreciated.

Our web development team is not available at this time.

But we are on the case scouting for a new team. So do bear with us - it is our commitment to resolve out the teething issues that remain.

I suggest calling in ant medicine to build on the patience - it's been helping me enormously!

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All comments on the website are now viewable to all guests, both on new and old articles prior to the shift to this new website - yeah!

So dive in and share to your heart's delight!

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Hi everyone - we've still got configuration issues with various settings on the website which make it do a few "odd" things. The lesson? Maybe it's about honouring the uniqueness of life in its quirkyness? smiley
At least now comments are appearing on new articles. Yeah!
Rest assured we are committed to getting it configured properly, it just may take a little more time.

Do bear with us. Just like the Great Shift itself, the challenges take a degree of unraveling!

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Yes marije i can see the comments and i think you observed right, the comments are not available in new articles and even forums. 

Open, no problems! we know you'll come up with a solution. 

Vimal :)


Hi Everyone tuning in - yes we're still having problems with the comment aspect of our new website. I can assure you we're working hard at resolving it. We're working with a London design house, and because of our not-for-profit status, they're now only able to fit us in out of hours. And it is a complex back engine - like any grand prix car, it takes fair bit of tweaking to get it tuned! So bear with us - we will get it fixed.
All love

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Love the new web site, and thought I would log in to make sure I could. It said I had been a member for 8 years and 8 months. So many great articles and community messages. Well done Openhand team. Mark


Hi folks - a number of people have said you're still having problems logging into the new site on particular devices. This is highly likely to be a cache issue - your device will have saved the login configuration of the OLD website. So you need to dump your cache/browsing history, and then do a hard refresh - hold the shift key and refresh the website. That will solve the problem for a lot of you.

Also, on a general point, the website works best in the latest browsers. So be sure to download the latest version of your chosen browser.

Slowly but surely, the teething problems are being ironed out.



Thanks for the lovely support everyone - we're getting there, progressively ironing out the teething issues.

High Fives

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Great work mates. Glad to see the site in a new refreshing form. Sending loads of love heart


Yeah! So glad to see comments posting! Also apparently now we can use emoticons! Wahoo! That always use to error out the messages. ⭐️☺️? (Testing it lol!) Awesome job guys!  Love Jen 


I was able to log into the Openhand website today with my mobile phone but  wasn't able to log in from my desktop computer using the exact, same password.  So I decided to change my password just now and that made the difference. Voila! Here I am. I must have hit on the 'right' password! smiley Thanks for the support, Open, and Openhand Team!  Happy to be here on the new website! Looking good, guys! x Cathy


Thanks for the angelic support Fiona - much appreciated. Still many things to resolve in the background, but we're moving through. These things can often be a great challenge with such a major migration.

Sending (and receiving!) love

Open :-)


Awesome! Fantastic to see the new website!

Brilliant job for all those involved, I can appreciate that it must have been a massive undertaking. It looks really great, modern and fresh and yet feels comfortingly familiar too.

With love and gratitude,