Openhand New Year Message - Let Each Day be a Rebirth

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Hi Everyone in the Openhand Community, a New Year has begun, a New Day, a New Opportunity. It fills my heart to reflect back on the experiences of 2018, the gatherings where we've travelled deeply together and the exchanges we've had in the virtual community. No matter where you are, no matter the challenges of the past, here, in this moment, we get the magnificent opportunity for rebirth. So as we begin 2019, let's inspire one another to seize that opportunity, this day, this moment...

Letting Go of the Past

Did you ever regret anything? Did you ever go through difficult and challenging times? I've certainly had my fair share here in this lifetime too. But here's the thing, a crucial tenet of Openhand Philosophy...

You could only ever make the choice you were going to make, you were only ready for what actually transpired. And if it didn't happen through those particular cirucmstances, another would have shaped like them. Knowing this can be a tremendous freedom - because it means you can't ever make a mistake. So let go of any self-judgment and self-blame. It is not your fault the way things happened. Let go!....Now bring your awareness to the truly important thing: why did you make that choice? What did you think you needed, but really didn't? What were you afraid of, or what outcome did you feel attached to? Let it all go - you are already miraculous and perfect! And from that perfection, look deeply for a new aspect of authentic expression, of the real you. Let it keep unfolding and emerging, writing your never-ending adventure story. In every step, the Universe will rise to meet you. That's what it does!

So in this time of transition from the old year to the new, from yesterday to today, from this moment to the next, feel the density of the old dissolving, like footsteps in sand, and sense your new lightness coming through.

Every Day is a New Day, a New Opportunity

This is not just about one day in the year. This is every day!
Get up. Meditate. Let yesterday dissolve and the light of today flood in.

Seize every day as a new opportunity to let go of the past and rebirth a new you.
Let go of any self-judgment of what happened previously, now you've got an entirely new possibility.

It's only self-judgment and self-blame that ever get in the way. But here's the crucial thing: your distortions are not your fault, but your gift, not your burden, but your service. You agreed to take them on so as to realise through them on behalf of The One, on behalf of life.... Thankyou!!!

Therefore as we proceed into 2019, see each distortion, each layer, not as a problem, not as density pulling you down, but the chance to soften through, to integrate through, to expand through, and thereby to become more of you.

When you're not looking for a particular result in the 3D, then through the surrender, your higher dimensional self can start to come more fully through. Until you realise that's exactly what this 'game' is really all about. It's about manifesting your heavenly self here and now. And that will create miracles and magic abound.

You don't have to be a Saint

And I'm not speaking of becoming some saint!

Just real. Authentic. Who you are. No apologising. No regrets. Bouldly, humbly, and unashamedly YOU.

I had the good fortune to spend most of the festive break out in nature, on Dartmoor UK - but I was thinking about you all! And that's what inspired the latest Openhand Video Diary about Kundalini Activation - which is a major gateway on the path of illumination and the shift itself. So I'll leave you with this support and inspiration as you step forwards on your journey in 2019.

I wish you all well, bundles of love, and see you down the flow!

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Dear Open ,

I know this is a reiteration of Openhand philosophy . But just the way you put it in this article speaks to me. Each line ,each phrase went staright through into my heart . You write how we need to spend each day as if it's the first of a cycle. Of how each density is an opportunity and how even our distortions are really not ours personally . 

Thank you ,thank you ,thank you ! 



Hi Heather - sounds like your having a rare old battle Flexed BicepsSlightly Smiling

It sounds like the classic 'fight or flight' mechanism of the raptor coming through. You have to persevere deeply with that one, but it does break down.

Big hug with your journey.

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Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I have been fighting some really unpleasant feelings which I felt must be kharma related but couldn't quite get the scenario. I did my best to blame other situations but knew I would have to face the reality at some point.Only the wounded dragon meditation calmed them and I knew they were food related in some way. This morning I told myself that I was not getting out of bed until I went deeply into the stuff and found the answer. I was only a little surprised to see in my mind a large reptile flying off and understood  that the  feelings of terror and hunger were fear of being eaten if I landed to feed and starvation if I didn't !! Grinmacing

Ah the beautiful feeling of calm has returned, certainly my most unusual Kharma...whatever next

Much Love 


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