5D Shift: Kundalini Activation

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Kundalini Activation is a major gateway in the Enlightenment Process and the 5D Shift itself. It's about connecting with the source, becoming The One, and having the creative flow of the soul stream through you. Right now, plenty of people are starting to experience it. So what's involved? How do you best activate and integrate?

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Hi Scott,

Actually the clip from the film (Silver Linings Play Book) went in right at the end - a 'little bird' in the ether told me to put it in!

I'm glad it moved somethiing for you. On a previous comment (to Megha) I spoke of 'losing your Twin Flame', which can happen in relationships. I think that's why they can hurt so much that it causes you to close down. I'm so glad you're fully opening up.

Yes, see you in Seattle!

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Hi Open,

Thank you for the inspiring video!  It triggered a deep emotional reaction within me.  The day prior to watching your video, one of my favorite movies popped up in my Netflix feed “Silver Linings Playbook”.  When I saw the clip from the movie in your video I knew I couldn’t ignore the synchronicity and I needed to explore further.  I proceeded to watch the movie for the third or fourth time and every flirtatious or romantic scene in the movie between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence fired off a deep emotional reaction to the point at the end of the movie I’m balling like a baby!   

Ive been divorced for 5 years, but it was an emotionally abusive marriage and it’s taken me until now to be at the point where I’ve healed and I’m ready to open up my heart again and let someone in.  The pain I was expressing didn’t have to do with my ex, it was more the sense of loss and the emptiness I’ve felt inside.    The Openhand Bow meditation was also featured in your video and I felt drawn after watching the movie to meditate using the bow.  The feelings and pain I was able to express and become one with were incredibly powerful and I felt this sense of relief and at oneness when I was finished.  

This release was the culmination of my facilitation work with Jen a week prior where she was able to help me destroy and release the remnants of the wall I had built up around my heart   I’ve been closed down and withdrawn for so long.  I’ve made the commitment to myself to open up and allow myself to connect with others.  The openhand work is truly transformational and I’m so looking forward to working with you again in Seattle!!

Much Love to everyone sharing this magical journey!


Hi Kristian,

I think it would be very worthwhile exploring this further - because there are clearly some misunderstandings. Have you read the Breakthrough Book?

You ask...

could a way to express really be mauling a punching bag, as the perceived "enemy" that my mind conjures of my child in the moments where my "soul" gets stuck? This seems as a way too awful for me

Is that what you've seen from the approach? Because that's very far from what I'm suggesting. One of the most important things is NOT to envisage what you'd like to do to someone else, or play that out some way. That simply becomes a projection. It is to OWN the reaction as yours. That YOU are the reason for it - no one else. And that it is YOUR pain. You can express this WITHOUT projecting - just as an expression of your own pain.

Another way resembles more the Vipassana approach (although my concern about this is that it's generally too restrictive). That is to sit with the pain and contain it. Locate where the pain is - maybe solar plexus? Visualise/feel the knot, see what it looks like, what colour is it? what sound would you like to make in response to this? Also to move with it. Perhaps the Openhand Bow. Remember we did these kinds of things on the courses you attended.

So you own the reaction as yours. Then seek to explore deep into it. Animate it in some way so as you can 'see' it better. Then explore how best it wants to express - but without projecting at others.

I trust this clarifies a bit more.

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Thank you for clarifying this particular subject for me. I have had regular consultations from a competent family therapist since last spring, but I am urged to solve these remaining reactions within parenting.

I have read the Breakthrough-book and started reading the 5Gateways some while ago, but could not finish it as of yet... Feels like something has to ripen before I can continue reading and complete it. I certainly do remember the *bow*. I liked it! 

I highly value your commited support, thank you for helping me Clapping Hands Emoji​​​​​​Heart

Wishing you well in 2019!


I believe you're still misunderstanding Kristian.
It's applicable in ALL circumstances.

So for example, if you feel intolerant with your child, then when there's the next free moment, take yourself off somewhere private, then regress right into the intolerance -what do you want to express? What do you feel deep inside when you do? What are you actually needing from your child? What can you not accept about how they are being? It's these questions which are why you manifested the challenge. So get deep into them. Let go of the need for some kind of outcome from your child - specifically, unwind your own tightness. And then next time it comes up, you'll start to find you can access a different way of being instead of the intolerance.

Did I say it was easy? No. Did I say it could be done at the click of a finger - pop that magic pill? No. It takes time, persistance and commitment. But then afterall, there is nothing going on but our self realisation!

Wishing you well in that

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This "expressing the tightness" is my very issue! I don't know if this is the most appropriate thread to inquire, but I have been wondering whether or not the success of this method you describe necessitates action, physically? I don't have found ways to express these negative emotions, apart from the harsh reprimand I deliver for irrational reasons. Without the subject, there seems to be no impulse left. I'm being very honest here: could a way to express really be mauling a punching bag, as the perceived "enemy" that my mind conjures of my child in the moments where my "soul" gets stuck? This seems as a way too awful for me, so should I still enquire more ways, in case the physical action really is essential to the breakthrough method??

Hi Kristian - firstly I feel for you bringing up children in this environment - I know how challenging it can be. Heart

I wonder from your words if perhaps you're misunderstanding the Breakthrough Approach? So when I speak of 'expressing the pain', I don't necessarily mean to express it those around you - certainly not your daughter! What I mean is to take yourself into your own space, regress into the pain, and then express it in your own field and out into the space around you - so you can expand it out to truly see and touch it. It's when we see it that we can truly become as-one with it.

Does that make more sense?

Best wishes

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I appreciate your support through this video, thank you! I was reminded of the breakthrough approach... I have studied your material on the subject and yet I'm at loss with expressing the pain! My means for regression does not seem helpful and the challenges I encounter to my great plight in the daily life, parenting my 3 and a half-year old girl are burdensome and a grief for me... When I express my pains you can imagine, it feels like undeserved pain in my little girl. Please offer your experience and advice.



It's a great song Anastasia - thanks for sharing. Just been out in the rush hour, getting a few essentials for our new home - it's crazy out there, so yes, "it takes a fool to remain sane!" As an example...

On my way to town, birds were speaking to me through the flow (am I crazy?), every now and then one would dart out from the hedges, causing me to just hold my speed down. I pass by a police car, which I know refers to staying within boundaries. So as I enter the middle of the next village on my way to town, a little toddler darted out in front of the car. I had to slam the breaks on and swerve to narrowly avoid knocking him down. Had I been just one second ahead, he'd probably be dead (thanks birds - not so crazy after all!).

Don't worry what-so-ever about the video clip. To me, and I'm sure all who really know the soul, it's a beautiful expression of someone completely letting go and being real, having the courage just to be them, without apology. It's a crucial aspect of becoming aligned and authentic - letting control fall away. It was simply marvellous - thanks for showing us the way!

You really do have to 'get a little crazy' to unfold it all. It reminds me of this favourite song....
(PS - we only film snippets on some courses, and if people don't wish to be included, then we don't!)

Hi Open, (and everyone)

Happy new year!

Thank you for this heartfelt and supportive video. You pretty much nailed everything I’m going through.

 I have to confess, prior to the Intensive in Cologne, the only thing that worried me about coming to a gathering was that I might end up on some video footage looking or doing something crazy. And voila! There I am going nuts on the floor! Lol! 😄

Funny thing is though, I don’t mind that much. I’m seeing myself through kinder, more accepting eyes now, and if it inspires someone else to let loose and go bonkers as well, then my job is done!

I’m really excited to say that I’m starting the new year with the best gift I can give myself. I just made arrangements with my family to be able to join the Easter retreat in Belgium. YAY!!! I’m sooo excited!

Marije, will you be there? I hope you will. I really enjoyed our talks.

And to all other loonies out there, I dedicate this song, because it takes a fool to remain sane...🤪

Crazy love to all,



Hi Marije - deeply intriguing music indeed - thanks for sharing Heart

I always felt like that in the journey of life, you only ever really need take one step... one step outside of yourself, to look back, see who you are, and recreate!

Wishing you well in that

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I shot this video diary about Kundalini Activation from my little camper on Dartmoor, during a personal retreat during the festive period. As I reflected on the Openhand events at the latter part of 2018, and what people are sharing here in the community, it seems that the symptoms of Kundalini Activation are presenting more widely. And it can be a pretty earth shattering process. The video diary offers some insight into what goes on, and how to mediate the effects to integrate this phenomenal creativity in your life.

What's happening for you right now in your spiritual process? Feel free to share and I'll readily offer a reflection.

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