Quantum Solstice Shift Vlog

Submitted by Open on Sat, 12/19/2020 - 05:01

After topsy turvy full on 2020, i's been an absolutely Biblical build up to the Solstice on December 21st. Here below is a Vlog compedium of the various sites I visited and energetic messages I got to share with you all. The full Journal with commentary is here... Quantum Solstice Shift Journal

Below is the playlist of the main videos, which includes a LiveStream Meditation at the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on the Solstice itself. Be inspired...

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Hi Open,
thanks for these wonderful pictures - what a landscape! What a holy place this waterfall is.
Hopefully your camera survived the bath!
I'm really looking forward to Bruges.
With warm greetings
Dagmar   Slightly SmilingPraying Emoji 

Thanks for sharing your fun and exhilarating video with us Open! That looks a bit like how i felt after the workshop weekend on last years tour.

Im so looking forward to joining again in Brighton next month. Just the thought of it has kept me going and really helped keep my vibration up through these distressing times on our planet.

Thank you in advance for all that you do. With love x

Great video Open. I just came back from a short trip with a very adventurous friend to a waterfall and followed a stream but coudnt reach till the source since it was getting very dark already. Maybe someday soon I will follow it once more since I'm very curious what I will find on the other side! The journey itself was filled with many challenging reflection. I was reminded many times with gratitude how simple and effective the process is when you get to the root of the pain and discomfort without turning away. Plus you learn why it's there on the first place! I'm excited and looking forwards for the webinar to see you all.


With love and gratitude 

Vimal ❤️

Hi everyone, I trust you're inspired by my short promo video for the upcoming "Arise Divine Being" World Tour.

It begins with two free Webinars this coming Sunday on 1st September at 9am and 3pm. We still have places available. You'll need to check in beforehand though - contact Aspasia: courses@Openhandweb.org

In just the last few months alone, there have been massive developments in the Shift, especially as the underlying energy is moving. So the Webinars will look at three areas: (1) Latest developments in the Shift (2) Accessing your "Sacred Ground of Being" and what that feels like (3) Exploring how to best come forwards in the world from your Divine Self.

If you're free, do come and join us. People are always inspired by these group connections and sharings.


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Openhand Seminars