Spiritual Warriors Moving Into the Eye of the Storm

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Our hearts and meditations go out to everyone affected by the recent storms in the USA, Europe, and in Asia - biblical weather is now hitting regions across the world every day. We feel for you out there and send our love. How earth shattering it can be, to suddenly lose your home, your way of life and things that you might treasure. Yet for those who truly believe in a more expanded, equitable and divinely connected higher dimensional reality, then maybe we can explore such events as powerful mirrors, to begin to live the higher truth here and now; especially since the progressive transformation of our biosphere is going to increasingly affect us all.

The spiritual warrior in us must now find the eye of the storm in this Great 5D Shift, and ride the waves that follow...

Everything is Interconnected

To me it is abundantly clear why such catastrophic events are now on the increase. Society has plastered its unjust and unconscious, exploitative foundations across the depth and breadth of the earth, with practically zero consideration for other sentient life. Society continues to exploit energy, resources, the environment and other creatures as if somehow, it's our 'God-given' right to do so.

Those waking up from theses blinkers of ignorance, suddenly begin to realise everything is interconnected - Gaia is one living, breathing, eco-system with the interests of ALL OF LIFE at heart. And if you suppress, exploit or unjustly control any part of it, then the whole will ultimately respond. It's the law of cause and effect: if we cause something as monumental as melting the Arctic Ice Cap, then we may imagine the effect will be equally catastrophic!

However, it is not my purpose to point the finger of blame - merely to call the inconvenient truth that I perceive. Any reality - all realities - have karmic distortion built into them. The purpose is not for them to persist, but rather to act as mirrors, so sentient life may choose, and evolve into ever higher states of balance and harmony.

In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. All realities will come and go. When you deeply contemplate it, accepting that, can bring with it incredible peace and liberation.

(Here's a video on Emergence of the New Paradigm through Radical Change)

Breaking down the status quo

Those tuning in, those not going into denial or avoidance, can start to appreciate the incredible opportunity that now faces us in this Great 5D Shift. The worst possible thing (in my opinion) would be the continuance of the status quo, where life is subjugated to a downgraded existence.

The greatest cause of CO2 emissions on the planet (according to the documentary cowspiracy) is not the transport infrastructure, nor the energy industries, but the meat and dairy industry, where an incredible 65 billion grazing animals are slaughtered year on year. The Universe will simply not allow such suffering and injustice to persist.

The point is, that what you do to another, or even allow to happen through insensitivity and ignorance, you do to yourself, because literally everything is interconnected. You actually begin to store the fear and suffering in your own bodily vehicle as you consume it. You begin to realise this as you truly wake up and step down the evolutionary path.

So the worst possible thing that could happen, is the dulling, debilitating, downgrading continuance of the status quo. So are you ready for change?

Benefitting from monumental change

Rapid and radical change is not the problem. Being stuck in a debilitating eddy current is. But we have to have courage and commitment - above all, we need intensive awareness as to what is truly happening. When you're in intensive internal awareness, you begin to feel all your own resistances to the way reality really is.

This is painful, but offers an incredible opportunity: because when you realise and accept the purpose of all life is self-realisation through evolutionary growth, then the internal tight spots that reveal themselves, become the doorways to greater expansion. Check this video out on: How to Breakthrough Subconscious Limitations Openhanders around the world have already been caught up in dramatic weather patterns. Being in contact with them personally, it was clear they each faced monumental internal challenges:

"should I stay with friends and family who simply refuse to leave? or should I follow my heart and get out of harms way?"

The important thing is it's not about what choice you ultimately make - it's not about the outcome. It's about the internal process that such incredible mirrors cause to activate - where's the tightness now? And can you unwind through them so as to liberate the highest soulful choice?

It's important to realise that we actually need these mirrors to evolve and grow - that by the Law of Attraction, we actually manifest and draw them to us.

The Eye of the Storm

Let us not allow these dramatic events - these monumental mirrors - to simply pass us by. Let's take every opportunity possible to evolve and grow. Let's turn into such circumstances and find the eye of the storm itself - the incredible Void of Infinite Peace right inside ourselves. Then allow spontaneous "Right Action" to simply flow forwards from within.

Then each event becomes not just another disaster, but an incredible opportunity.

It's time to wake up to the bigger picture of what's going on right now here on Earth. To become Spiritual Warriors by embracing change as a major motivator and liberator of the soul. An incredible opportunity now awaits us all, but we have to fully wake up and choose it...

In loving support

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I felt to feature this article again today... "Spiritual Warriors Moving Into the Eye of the Storm" (scroll to the top)

Day by day, abrupt and accelerating climate change are impacting all parts of the globe now, with daily regularity. You'll likely know the Openhand approach - not to try to bush this inconvenient truth under the proverbial carpet. Instead to fully embrace it as the spiritual warriors we are!

Let's take the opportunity to let go of the old status quo, that never really served anyway, then to embrace powerful transformational change in our lives. Be inspired to look into the mirror and find your cosmic self - that which is through and beyond all such phenomena.

Tremendous opportunity for spiritual mastery is right there in front of us. Let's realise our Power...

Oh my! The Earth is calling!

Cant imagine how many people and of course a lot more animals have lost their lives here.

Upon watching the video, I instantly remembered Openhand Facilitator Jean's (Blue Hopi) story when he was at the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami where he says (on the latest Facilitator Spotlight):

It was absolutely not expected but received as a very crazy experience to fully embrace.
I could not control anything coming from within or happening outside - but let go of any eventual resistences to the Higher flow of life. It took 1/4 of a second to feel in a Higher empowered sense of Presence being suddenly embodied. Unbelievable state of being - beyond any imagined scenarios.
I never felt in danger during that day nor did i fear any eventual problem with dying, if it was meant to happen .
It felt like i was supposed to be there and my role was to help others, not even to care about myself - since the sense of ‘Myself' had completely disappeared!
 It drastically changed my perceptions of life and the spiritual path . It brought as well a lot of old patterns to deal with.
 I was shown that tomorrow might well be totally different than today - be prepared for the unexpected.
 A very weird sense of feeling depressed creeped in 3,4 days after the event.  I had never witnessed such a sense of Oneness among the 16,000 people present within that area.

To me, this illustrates potently the potential for self realisation that these events offer, which then liberate the Bodhisattvic Soul to Right Action!

Hi Everyone - I felt to post this today, because it was pretty ironic - a man surfing on the bonnet of his car as flash floods swept through the Turkish capital Ankara. The weather around the world continues to get pretty crazy!....


Hi Anatoly - yes I remember that fire stone landing on your foot - and yes, it looks a lot like La Palma!

Cathy - it's wonderful to have you here sharing in the forum - and no, you won't be alone when it all 'switches off'!

With love

Open *give_rose*

Thank you for this article, Open. So very welcomed right now as I process my own inner storms and continue to shift to 5D where all life is respected and loved.

Strangely, but not so strangely, the worse it gets, the more I seem to let go.

"When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose." ~Dylan

My heart goes out to all those affected by weather catastrophes in various parts of the world. It's hugely uplifting to see the many kind hearts who are stepping up to help those in need. Deep bow.

Heartfelt thanks to the trail blazers who shared your stories so openly and honestly about what it felt like to be caught up in the eye of the storm. I'm deeply inspired by your courage in meeting your fear head on. You took me into the depths of my own fear as I visualized the worst possible scenarios that could unfold in my own life, given life here in 3D is fast unwinding to allow for much needed spiritual realignment.

Somehow in the midst of my terror, heart torn apart, I could feel a gradual sense of peaceful acceptance and warrior will wash over me -- like soothing, warm water -- until I was fully submerged in the depths of the ocean and disappeared into the Light.

I want to say how much it means to me to be able to express in this forum right now as I feel inner and outer structures collapsing. Words can't capture my gratitude.

There may come a time when I'm sitting on cold ground, alone in the dark, technology long gone, but I know I will still feel my soul tribe through the ether, hearts wide open, shining through the darkness. Okay, so now I'm crying.

God bless us all.

x Cathy

This is a timely article as i am going through certain personal challanges in my own life. Thank you, Open. I feel the storm gathering and decided to turn my ship into it entering unknown territory going for the eye of the storm so to speak. I am going to need to tie myself to the mast and let my soul guide the ship.

Looking forward to La Palma events. Interestingly enough, I just noticed that the broken piece of the fire stone from the transfiguration resembles the island of La Palma. It also feels right when i hold it in the palm of my hand.

Sending love and support to all effected by recent climate events. ]]

With Love,