PARADIGM SHIFT: Launch Webinars & World Tour 2018/19

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Souls everywhere are yearning for a new way of being: living at-one with the divine, in sweet harmony with the Universe. Yet all around is growing tension and challenge as the old reality construct steadily slips into decline. How will the New Paradigm be realised? It is essential to evolve beyond the current karmic constriction. Gaia, the consciousness of the Earth, is already shifting into higher vibrations of interconnectivity. A golden opportunity confronts us, to integrate expanded "5D" consciousness into our daily lives, right now. This magical New Paradigm can be realised, by all those working consciously toward it. That's the divine blessing, what PARADIGM SHIFT is all about.

This is the new evolution of the Openhand work with two free introductory Webinars on Saturday 1st September followed by a World Tour of interactive, activational workshops, courses and retreats. Join us. It is our purpose to serve.

PARADIGM SHIFT - highlights of the Work

PARADIGM SHIFT represents the new emphasis from Openhand, that has been channeled from higher dimensional consciousness and embodied by working with thousands of evolving people around the world.

Here are the highlights to be shared...

  • Support in understanding, walking and embodying the various expansions on the spiritual path leading to Enlightenment.
  • Providing profound tools, tips and advice to inspire the release of internal blockages, conditioned behaviours, limiting thought forms and past life karma.
  • Realising and embodying the shift into higher "5D" consciousness, living it as a way of life now, in your career, relationships and general living situation.
  • Understanding the wider movements of the earth shift and how it increasingly affects 3D life.
  • Learning how to bridge between realities, unfolding your higher dimensional gifts to be a positive force for change to those around you and in the world in general.

Turning a Powerful new Chapter in the Earth's Shift

For all those tuned into Gaia, it's clear that very recently, she's begun a crucial new phase in her consciousness Shift - the tectonic plates of the earth are moving more fluidly now, as signaled by the global increase in Volcanic and Earthquake action. The activation of Kilauea in Hawaii seemed to provide the key stone for this. It's the Openhand Team's strong convition, that this event signals the activation of a new chapter - Unwinding the Karmic Construct that has shaped our current, convoluted reality.

Gaia is ready to transform the Earth into a higher paradigm of consciousness in the Fifth Density, through which, like a worn out skin, the old reality is steadily peeled away. It is the Openhand conviction that Gaia has now signaled this crucial new phase, in the higher interests of all sentient life, to minimise any undue suffering and begin shifting energy into the higher dimensional reality - one that exists here and now, all around us.

It offers an open invitation, and golden opportunity, for all those committed, to reclaim their divine birthright as higher dimensional beings, interconnected with the natural flow and harmony of the Universe. As the old reality construct crumbles, the possibility opens, to unfold into a magical new paradigm of being.

Introducing Openhand

Openhand has been helping inspire this planetary shift of consciousness for over fifteen years now working both with individuals and groups in many countries around the world.

We're working with a highly evolved benevolent presence, the energy of Enlightened Masters through the ages. It seeks no position, rank nor title; it works through the field to highlight shifts in your own consciousness that are now possible, so that you may embody the next higher dimensional version of your own truth.

We call the energy simply, "Openhand".

Guided by "Open" - a Higher Dimensional Bridge

I incarnated somewhat unusually via a soul exchange, which initiated during a life threatening car crash. It was my passion to come here and support the Great 5D Shift of Consciousness taking place on the earth right now.

I work with a higher dimensional team that I call "Openhand", who are an intimate part of the benevolent mission gathering all around the earth to facilitate the shift. I act as a higher dimensional bridge able to resonate soul frequencies of your higher self and bridge you into higher dimensions of consciousness.

It is my pleasure to be of service.

Free Launch Webinars, September 1st, Details and Booking

The new body of work from Openhand called "PARADIGM SHIFT" will be launched on Saturday September 1st with two free Webinars timed so as to be as convenient as possible for the maximum number of people. Open will provide an overview of the current state of the shift, guide meditations and take questions.

Each Webinar will last approximately two hours and take place at the following times:

  • 9am, London UK time
  • 3pm, London UK time

BOOKING: to book a place, email Openhand's community coordinator, Aspasia:
(details of how to access the Webinar platform will be given nearer to the event.)

Full List of "PARADIGM SHIFT" Events Taking place around the World 2018/19

Click on each event date link for full details:

PARADIGM SHIFT Outcome, Booking and Further Info

It is practically impossible for ego-mind to grasp the full scope and magnitude of the phenomenal shift of consciousness now taking place across the earth. Put succinctly, it will leave no stone unturned. That's why we must expand into higher mind and become an integral part of the PARADIGM SHIFT so as to succeed in the changes that are now unfolding. Wherever you are on the journey, gathering together in this crucible of profound alchemical awareness can catalyse your next evolutionary shift and open new channels of higher dimensional consciousness that your soul may thrive by in this monumental transformation.

Now is the time, to look into the external mirror, and see the limited physical being that you are not! Let the veils of limitation fall from your eyes and from your being. Here is the golden opportunity to step out and become all that you can be. Spiritual beings were made for these times ahead of us. Your purpose and destiny for being here, is set to come fully into view. Honour, own and embrace it. Step courageously and fearlessly forwards into your divine being. And this wave you're about to step onto, will become the ride of your existence!

BOOKING & INFO: to book a place or get more information email Openhand's community coordinator...

(details of how to access the Webinar platform will be given nearer to the event.)

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Charlie - sorry we missed you, but there will be others Slightly Smiling

I love your story Alex. It reminds me of a visit to Cape Town during the Divinicus Tor, when I climbed Table Mountain to do some energy work there. It was at the end of the Tour and when I got to the top, I was so tired I couldn't feel to do anything, so had to take the Cable Car back down. The funny thing was, that as it started to descend, it also started to rotate, in a clockwise direction - so I could do the work just by standing there!

Yes, it's amazing when these things happen.

Open Thumbs Up Sign

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that the Webinars kick off the PARADIGM SHIFT World Tour. I'm feeling extremely buoyed by what transpired. People can respond well to the message and energy Praying Emoji

See you down the flow...


Click on the date links to explore the nature of our work deeper...


In reply to by Open

It was such a delight to see everyone 'live'. Faces who were totally new to Openhand - welcome everyone! -  and faces who have been with Openhand for a while and have met in events already - Lovely to see you!! -and of course others who share on the website but hadn't met before - very honoured to have felt your unique vibe!

Its fantastic how the webinar-medium can gather a diverse pool of people from across the lands to connect on a deep level. Open, thank you for the dedication of mind, body, spirit and energy that created the gel of the connection.

Much gratitude and sending love to everyone <3



In reply to by Aspasia

Hi all, I missed the webinar. For some reason the first one that aired, when I tried to find it I couldn't. I thought fine I will email Aspasia. As it got closer to the time for the second airing, I checked my mail and still no reply to how to access the webinar. I used 2 different emails. The thing is there are no emails to you in my send list. I know I send them.I am not sure what this means or is it another lesson of loneliness. If there is a copy of the webinar I would love to see it. 

I had a moment of sadness at first not being able to join in. That sadness did change. You see my day unfold to be a loving one even with this happening. I was filled with energy and could sense energy,coming in and going out each time I thought of the webinar. I guess my experience in this was to see how it would affect my choice of how to feel about missing this wonderful sharing, caring and space holding with and for other.  I will be better prepared for the next .

Much Love


In reply to by Charlie

Charlie, Im sorry we missed your lovely presence - I actually did not receive your emails. And at the same time, I love your reflections and how you met the moment of sadness and the insights that arose. To me, you embodied soul beautifully and you were there through the ether!!

Till next time :)

Much love

I'm so sorry I missed the webinar this time! I'm looking forward to catching the next one ! Thanks Jen for the very vulnerable sharing . I know for a fact that it's so hard for me to be just a witness to the extent of a family members pain. And yet to be through it without interfering with it needs so much depth. It's one of my struggles too. Thank you for this reflection ! 


Hi Thomas, Sallie, Jen, Anastasia, Vimal, and all who tuned into the Openhand PARADIGM SHIFT webinars yesterday - warm greetings,

Up until now, I've shied away from putting the Openhand course work/seminars across the web. Anyone whose attended the physical workshops will know just how powerful the energy is, and I haven't wanted to undermine that. However this was quite a surprise, how well things connected, and how much of people's energies I could feel. The whole experience was really tremendous and a beautiful way to connect - I enjoyed every minute with you all. So we'll definitely be doing them again in the future.

The energy is definitely stronger in the physical groups, and so that will continue to be the main point of focus for Openhand. But nevertheless, we'll certainly be looking to include more virtual webinars in the program.

In terms of the energy, several people have contacted me and said what an impact the webinar had - which is great to hear. Jen - thanks so much for sharing your heart-warming story. I think it's natural to want the best for our kids and those around us. It's one of the big things we touched on in the seminar. As we explored, just as we wouldn't want someone else to walk our pathway for us, then at a soul level, it is the same for those connecting with us - they wish to walk their own path too. I see that in 'trying to protect' energetically, we might inadvertently keep people out of feeling the fullness of their own energetic situation. By being fully immersed in their own energy, whilst we hold the space, gives them permission for their own soul to go deeper within - so then 'miraculous' healing can happen. I'd say this is a dynamic for us to consider and embrace too. It's a big one, especially where kids are concerned. Heart

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. It was a heart-felt pleasure and a privilege for us to host you.

Love to all

Open Praying EmojiThe Sun Emoji


I also want to express my gratitude to Open and all others participating for the generous opportunity to be part of this unique experience. It was my first time having direct contact with Open and other Openhanders. I was a bit tense before it started, but it only took a few moments after the webinar began that my heart did a little leap of joy 😊. Yay!

Love to you all 💗



It was indeed a fabulous and beautiful experience to connec this way with so many people from all over the place. I experienced something I wanted to share as it was quite poignant for me. 

Over the last few years one of my children has been going through extreme pain off and on. When it comes on, it can last weeks and months. Each time, I go through a deep process...this time I have been feeling intense pressure in the it was being squeezed in a vice. THere is an enormous sense of responsibility that I feel in relation to my child's wellness. Each time this issue presents, I try everything under the sun to get to the "root" of it...every alternative and mainstream "solution". As it goes on, it gradually pulls me into my need to fix it and then in seeing that I start accepting more what is, yet the need doesn't completely go..I am still in this moment greatly hanging onto the sense that I have the ability to support him in unravelling this. There is a truth in this.

So today, in our webinar, as we went into our tightness, this was the issue weighing on me. It took me right into the deep sense of powerlessness I feel to keep him well - to even keep him alive. Awareness touched that energy in the solar plexus - there was a lot of emotion around this.  I began to see how I can truly be of service to him...not by needing him to get better, but by letting him have his experience and supporting him in that. I do sense that I have not completely worked through this...the responsibility, the powerlessness and need for me to keep him healthy. 

However, right after the webinar, I received an email...his pain is gone - he feels great! After 5 weeks! 

I don't feel that it's resolved inside me, but I did see this as encouragement that unravelling my need to have any control over his path - even if it's in illness/pain supports his unravelling as well. 

Big love to you all!


In reply to by .Jen

Hi Jen,

Last night after the webinar, I suddenly woke up at 3:30 a.m. with an intense pain in my solar plexus. It was sharp with some anxiety buried into it. While I laid there feeling it, I kept thinking about your sharing. Something about it churned something inside of me. 

Today, I reread your sharing and apart from the obvious empathy with a situation I can highly relate to, having kids of my own, I feel pulled to share a perspective based on an experience I recently had. I always feel a bit uncomfortable, offering ‘guidance’ like this, because you may already be way through and beyond it or not resonate with it at all. If that’s the case that’s fine. It’s part of my process to dare to share, no matter the outcome.

Your sharing doesn’t tell whether your son’s pain is physical or emotional/psychological. So I have no point of reference there. But in my daughter’s case, it was emotional.

I have come to understand, over the years, that my daughter is very sensitive to people and energies around her. I’m a highly sensitive empath myself, so it’s not too far fetched to think she may embody some of these qualities as well. What I’ve discovered during the course of my awakened journey is that my daughter always provides me with the perfect mirror. She not only reflects who I am being today, but also issues from my childhood and even past lives that need to be addressed. That means that when things from the past get activated in me, she intensifies them through her own behaviour and emotions synchronistically to provide me with the clues I need to uncover my own personal traumas or distortions. 

When my daughter turned 4, something activated in her. It was literally from one week to the next. Her whole personality changed. From this happy, enthusiastic little bundle of joy, she suddenly turned into what people call a ‘monster’. Constantly angry, aggressive, screaming, wouldn’t let anyone comfort her. She was in so much pain, but constantly shutting us out, so it was impossible to get close to her and ‘help’ her deal with her feelings. This went on for a long time, and about 9 months later it peaked when she completely flipped out on us. I won’t go into the details, but it was then that the memory of a childhood trauma of mine emerged. Something that happened when I was at the synchronistic age of 4. 

After dealing with this trauma, things got a little better. I found new ways of approaching her and she calmed down and started opening up to us again. But things weren’t smooth yet. Every so often, the pattern would repeat itself, and lo and behold, there would be another memory for me to deal with. It was clear that the more I integrated my inner child, the more my daughter’s emotional state improved. About six months ago, things were actually beginning to stabilise, but there was still one thing that didn’t seem to give. For several months, my daughter was sad, really sad, every day, and she couldn’t understand why. Neither could I, but since I was also walking around with this core pain in my heart, practically every day for months, I figured her sadness probably had something to do with me. A long painful process of unraveling eventually brought me to the root cause of both mine and her pain. The journey took me back, not only to my childhood, but to my mother’s as well, and the discovery of a trauma my mother went through, at the (once again) synchronistic age of 4. It turns out, I had been carrying her baggage as well, even though I never even experienced it.

When I broke through this pain and released it, something miraculous happened. My daughter’s sadness disappeared, literally from one day to the next. And I’m moved to tears with gratitude as I write this, because finally after almost two years of intense heartache and struggle, the original loving and enthusiastic spirit of my daughter has returned. I see and feel the child I almost thought I had lost and she is close to me again.

So, I felt to just ask the question, if you’ve looked into the possibility of your son’s pain not necessarily being entirely his own, but a direct reflection of a pain or trauma of yours? Perhaps even something completely unrelated. Even if I’m way off, I can’t help to at least offer that as a reflection. Something moved me to write to you, after all.

I wish you and your son all the best 💞




In reply to by Anastasia

Dear Anastasia,

I am so touched by your sharing and the loving compassion that I feel in your inquiry. I am going to copy it over to an ongoing thread of exploration and will respond there. Thank you! <3 Jen

Dear Open and all, 

I would also like to express my gratitude for the unique and phenomenal experience. Thanks to all the participants for the authentic energy where I could sit comfortably. I hope more webinar would unfold in the future also maybe in the form of courses. Open, I was surprised and awed by how you could pick up the energy of the participants even though we were so apart in distance. Thanks Aspasia for your presence and coordination and beautiful authentic energy. I would like to say I haven't attended a workshop or retreat before and was very happy to sit with like minded souls. I'm in such a junction in my life where the soul is coming through strongly but it is creating rift in my reality especially when Im meant to share uncomfortable message or just simply be me. It's not a comfortable place to be but the experience helped me to settle and accept where I'm currently at without needing to change it. 

Wishing you all very well


I echo Thomas's sentiments and express my gratitude to you, Open,  for sharing your presence so freely. To you, to Aspasia and other webinar participants - even though we were physically in different parts of the world, it mattered not - a heartfelt thank you for a truly connective experience. 

Dear Open, dear all,


thank you so much for this inspiring event, which also technically worked out very well. I think there is a lot of room for this kind of communication to make the deeper aspects of the openhand approach more accessible for a broader audience. Although a bit longer than expected, i loved the now more than ever important content and the meditations in between to come back and re-center. 

As for the Torus Meditation with spiralling flows of energy, i felt to share the below picture of a card of my sacred geometry deck "KA - sunwhirl of interdimensional light", which i just drew some days ago. I felt this very matching for the Meditation, visualising the dynamic of the two spiraling flows.

with blessings from Mali,



" "