Planetary Lightworkers and Healers: What Modality are You?

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Lightworkers, healers and planetary shift facilitators are coming to the fore in this Great Shift of Consciousness that the planet and humanity are unravelling through. Wow, what a process! Some of you are now well experienced in the work that you're doing, others are just coming online. What's needed is a coherency of understanding about how we can all pull together in alignment with the orientation of flow. Then it will make our lives and our work much more effective. Let's explore. Let's find correct alignment...

Galactic Alignment 2012

Since the galactic alignment of 2012, a major healing shift of the planet's energies have taken place. Personally, I experienced the alignment in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet. There was a strong sense, backed by revelatory signs and synchronicity, that Gaia had birthed a new consciousness, a new paradigm in 5D.

Her kundalini energy had been repressed and fragmented by an interdimensional intervention, which galactic benevolent action helped to reactivate. It was a stunning rebirth to those aware of what was unfolding etherically.

Since then there's been an enormous acceleration in the field, and within human consciousness, which the shadow has reacted to, desperately trying to lockdown through the ongoing measures of the "plandemonium" - just look at their current, orchestrated efforts in supply chains and financial markets for example.

The crucial thing to realise is that they are responding to YOU, the planetary lightworkers, healers and facilitators with the tremendous emergence of consciousness that you're activating.
We are winning!!

Tremendous Love and Respect for Healers and Lightworkers

You may be engaged in various modalities of healing or energy work. And right now, benevolent beings, from across the cosmos are converging in the field and drawing close to support our work. It's a crystal clear message I've been getting of late, how keen they are to work with facilitators, healers and lightworkers, but it's been a challenge - there's been much karmic pain to overcome from the past for these groups, much deception and betrayal, that's been caused here through the intervention. So it's been difficult for them to re-engage.

Consequently, you might well have felt quite alone in your endeavours - unsupported. Now, high-level reconciliations and reparations are taking place between the various groups, and what I'm picking up, is a clear commitment to resolve the problems of the past and bring strong energies to bear in order to help those engaged in light and energy work.

To me, this is the message displayed in this year's crop circle season in the UK - a yearning to connect through the dimensions to bring support from the higher realm to the lower...

You are seen, respected and cherished. In plenty of cases you've done this for years, behind the scenes, off the radar and with little back up. Now it's time to amplify the support you can call upon. The cavalry have finally arrived!

High-Level Reconciliations and Reparations in The Deep Field

What we need to understand and appreciate, whatever modality you're applying, is how best to anchor and infuse this energy?

The Flower of Life

However, before this can happen, we must find crystal clear clarity in how to work. Whatever modality you're applying, I put it to you that we are most effective when we're fulfilling one crucial truth...

That we are engaging the Universal Torus and drawing consciousness - light - from it. Crucially, first, we must be embodying the Torus, in order to ensure the light we're channeling is actually from the source itself, and not from intervention energies.

Hence we must have an understanding of what it means to truly come into the abode of the One within us. AND, we must understand what true "healing" really is?

From the Openhand perspective, true healing and light work, is to be reactivating the Torus in any place or sentient life form where the energy has become convoluted, fragmented or stuck, which is what causes dissonance and dis-ease within the being.

How do we best reactivate the Torus?

Basically, you're animate the Torus inside yourself by becoming the presence of the One - by surrendering into the Sacred Ground of Being. And then you bring this consciousness to bear within your vicinity. Within healing work you can embrace a client within the Torus, also a field location, which encourages that person or location to reactivate their own authentic Torus energy.

To me, this is what the Flower of Life really depicts - that each of us has this tremendous source of "Free Energy" within us, because of the Torus. And what's necessary in healing work is to reactivate that. Crucially you're not "giving light to someone". Neither are we channeling it from somewhere else or some great being to them. The risk is, can you really be sure where that energy is coming from and what its intention is?

Plenty of times, for example, I have encountered the Ra Energy, which when it descends upon you makes you feel blissed and expanded. It feels great, but what's really going on, is taking you out of the body and into a 4D collectivised "non-duality" bubble - you've unwittingly paid for the bliss through loss of sovereignty and individuality. It's a high price to pay indeed.

If we can embody the purest multidimensional form of our own light, we'll resonate and activate a purer form of the others light. Crucially though, it is THEIR light, not of someone else or some other divine being. Because this causes people to lose independence and sovereignty - which has been a major limiting factor in humanity's karmic past, one that we must now emerge from.

Your Unique Healing Qualities and Expression

A wide range of healing modalities have come to the fore over the years, with plenty springing up all the time. Personally, I think this is a wonderful development. Each individual has the capacity to express and animate the Torus in their own way. We are all unique, hence let each individual find their own facilitation expression. Even if you practice an established art, why not apply it in your own way and with your own unique flavour?

That is, however, providing we realise this one basic principle and truth:

that we are reactivating the free flow of the Torus in the other - but it is THEIR own free-flowing energy.

We are moving into a time of tremendous transformation. Galactic, solar and earth cycles are converging to instigate great healing change on the planet. The work of individual facilitators, healers and light workers is utterly essential in that process. Basically, we're unpicking the convoluted knots in the morphic fields so that the shift can be more smooth and harmonious. Without which, it could become explosive.

How to Become a Planetary Shift Facilitator with Openhand

Time for Facilitators, Lightworkers, Energy Healers to Pull Together

It's time for us to come together and to pull together in this process. You've been doing great work. Often unseen, alone and in the shadows. You've felt unsupported and even outcast at times. You've struggled valiantly on with minimal resources. I do believe that's all about to change. I do believe a time of greater possibility is coming upon the planet with the interdimensional support I've been speaking of here. But crucially, we must know how best to work with it - it will not support misaligned healing. It must be about establishing sovereignty within the being and location you're working in - that is paramount now.

Openhand will certainly be working hard to harness these converging benevolent energies for the benefit of many.

Know that you are seen. Support is on its way. An acceleration is coming. Be clear in how the Flower of life truly works, upon which, you're sure to see bright new shoots of growth in your work and approach coming soon.

If you resonate, get involved with the work of Openhand...

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏


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28/05/2024 Shift Update: Star Being Nations Gathering

I can feel a palpable closer return of the Star Being Nations as we learn how to break through the simulation, and how it holds/derails people. I've felt them strongly of late, especially on the recent Divinicus retreat, bridging in to our reality with the help of coherent energy from the Nordics. It reminds me of this crop circle we experience a couple of years ago which seems to reflect that convergence. The crop circle precipitated a tremendous response on social media. It's good to feel our star brothers and sisters present...

For all those on the Openhand Facilitator Program, here's a reminder of the upcoming Summer Conference in July, where there'll be masses to uncover and dive into...

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See you there!

Open 🙏


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ColouDear Open and Openhand family ,

It feels like I am emerging from a rather gruesome war and I am still feeling rather wounded and tattered. And yet ,this particular karmic challenge caused me to go deep and resurrect Ray 1 within me which feels like a massive change in my rather dysfunctional Ray 2 expression . And as I am learning to incorporate both the strings in my life's ukelele :) ,it has been like learning to walk again. In the past year I have learnt to fight and discern and be firm along with taking on the financial responsibility of a single mom. There have been so many learnings and yet I felt for a while as though the creative aspect of me took a back seat . 

Yesterday the following glass painting emerged and I can feel so many more creations bubbling inside of me. I still have many more emotional knots to unravel ,but for now a new alignment seems to have occurred. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all on the Ascension exchanges ! Do reflect to me what you see in the above .


Deep Bow !



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Hey Megah,

It speaks to me of the flow, multifaceted, intertwining and changing directions like a river of creative expression. Thankyou for sharing! 🙏

Big hugs 

Erin 💚⚘


We are indeed building to a summer of high alchemy, the energy infusions of which, are not to be missed - a lot can be gained for your journey and within your personal living situation. We'll definitely be channeling that energy into Avalon Rising, the World Ascension Summit, for which we are just 4 weeks away!

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I'm finding the need to be vigilant not to dissipate the increases in energy lately! Dysfunctional behaviours are on the verge of emerging that I haven't seen for fifteen years or so! If highly beneficial and quite magical events weren't occurring personally and globally I might start to believe things were sliding backward.

Hanging in there tho. 👍

Remy 🤪 

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Hi Open,

Yes, this is exactly what is happening. I'm buying my groceries out of a shop called 'Down to Earth' at the moment. There's resistance coming up - even though I know I can trust this process implicitly. I've an identity saying 'What if I don't want to be 'Down to Earth'?..,,Gotcha - I shall inquire further..

(I really don't want to be 'Down to Earth' tho)): Some aspect is identifying with where I'm doing the work just now as well, it's what brought me here.

Great, thanks

Remy  🙏🏻



There's been a tremendous response on social media to my new article above - which is essentially about the resolutions and reconciliations happening in the field that I'm given to draw light to. This is a very powerful shift that's happening right now - it's occupying much of my time, with many communications happening through the field. It bodes well for planetary change and support especially to people working within facilitation, healing and lightwork.

I felt to share what happened on Openhand's facebook page the other day. I hadn't expected there'd be such a major response to my comment on the recent crop circle - but it was amazing...

Let's be clear, these crop circles are a highly sophisticated means of communicating. They're done in a way that each person can take their own interpretation from them - it's the interdimensional opening of the channel that is the main point. It's this energy that can then speak into your life.

The fact that so many people are now open to the possibility is a very positive sign of change indeed. A lot is building towards the Facilitator Conference next week and to Avalon Rising in early August

Exciting times folks!

Open 💙🙏


Thank-you for the article Open - it's incredibly uplifting!

If you're doing this work and not aware of what you're doing, then it's so easy to get identified and stuck in the convolution itself, in the illusion. Always working to peel back those veils, in any which way and form.

Thank-you for raising the awareness Open.

Into the Self now 😉

Cheeribye  🙏🏻