Our Immeasurable Power as 'Energy Workers'

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These are often difficult times for evolving people. We see what's going on and feel in our hearts the misalignment of humanity in so many ways. There's a natural tendency to want to fix the problems and bring mankind into a higher harmony. Indeed there are many thousands of people who've been seeded here by the Law of Attraction. Some will have a very obvious physical impact, whereas others have a different role. They see or feel the energy field to which humanity is connected. They have the inherent ability to bring their consciousness to bear in a particular situation, bring light into it and initiate realignment with the divine flow. If you're reading this, it's highly likely you are such an 'Energy Worker':

Wide spectrum of characters

In our work here at Openhand, we are blessed to connect with and meet many people around the world who are unfolding divine gifts of beingness. There's a whole spectrum of different configurations, soul ray harmonics, but all united by one common sense of imperative:

  • they can feel the lack of rightness in the world at the moment and there's a soulful yearning to do something about it.

I'm fascinated and uplifted by the different types of character. Some are very charismatic, leader type people, with strong warrior energy that often wants to do something physical - to have an observable affect. They have many talents such as being able to speak or write eloquently. They can be extremely motivational in a physical sense. Then there are others. They're much quieter, often gentler and on the surface tend to be more reserved. But still waters run deep! Such people are often connecting to the surrounding energy field and 'working with it'. In the beginning some hardly know they're doing it. They're simply radiating a frequency of vibration and this in itself is changing the very nature of the consciousness field all around.

What's your soul configuration?

I'd say a vital thing for Energy Workers to do, is to figure out and truly express your divine gifts of beingness. Because the world needs you right now to help break down the negative energy within the field, so as to liberate more souls and to prepare those who are ready for our Ascension into the higher paradigm.

Amongst the evolving group, I frequently feel a sense of frustration. When we look out into the world observing the senseless destruction and the inhumanity that's exhibited, there can be a tendency to feel overwhelmed by it, ineffectual, seemingly unable to have much impact. But this is where we must look deep within ourselves and not be demotivated by it.

Each of us can have a powerful effect in our own way. Everything is of consciousness. Therefore if you 'pull on a thread' of such energy, you begin to have an unraveling affect on the whole. Right now it feels to me like a tidal wave of cleansing energy is gathering. It is this that has inspired so many shifts in the last few years that has brought so much darkness into the light.

Peeling away the worn out layers

Whilst it may still look dark on the surface, there's a powerful unwinding and unraveling affect underneath. I'd say this is one key thing we need to be clear on: we are not here to 'build things up'. Rather we are here to shed layers of denser, delusional realities. Then as the layers increasingly peel away, the new reality will come increasingly into view.

Let's be really clear about this, it's not about building things up. Humanity has been doing that for far too long! It's about unwinding the lower harmony peeling away that which no longer serves.

And this is where energy workers can be so powerful, when we've mastered our own distortions, especially around the perceived need to 'manifest' - we simply don't! All we really need do is bring our attention to a situation and infuse consciousness into it: to download energy into it.

Focusing the divine flow

The beauty of it is, we don't even need to visualise what we 'want to happen'. In fact this only retards the affect. All we need to do is open ourselves up to the divine flow and let the energy do the work it is designed to do. We are being channels for the higher harmony - a divine design that knows exactly how to flow and what to shape. The new reality simply unfolds before our eyes as the worn out skin of the old one peels away. We have to be really clear inside to do this. So yes, we have to keep working on our own stuff. And it's so often the case, that our issues are reflected through the outer world anyway. So for me, I look into the outer world and see what my attention is drawn to. I bring my consciousness to bear and observe any of my own tightening around it. I then consciously expand into the tightness with a deeper sense of letting go. It's then that I know I'm effectively bringing light into the issue which has a transformational affect. It works equally well when working with people's personal blockages, for a group consciousness, or even in the wider field at large. It universally inspires catalytic change and healing.

A common sense of destiny and purpose

For me, it's all about developing - or rather unfolding - a common sense of destiny and purpose for the evolving group which, in my heart, I know is already there. Without telling each other what to do or how it should be, our collective energies will begin to weave together and thereby have an even greater positive affect.

In my heart I feel it's all about unwinding and unraveling, peeling away the worn out skin. Take a look for yourself and ask yourself how you feel about it? When you bring your attention to something without needing an outcome from it, then simply expand around it and feel the unwinding, unblocking affect. I'm sure like me, you'll come to experience the enormous beneficial impact you can have.

Now that inspires me. Openhand is deeply interested and committed to facilitating more 'Energy Workers' in this way. It feels like an unstoppable flow, with many interconnected waves, all heading in the same direction. How powerful is that?

Energy Workers Unite!

Although we've featured it before, I'm sure you'll still find upliftment and motivation from this video "Energy Workers Unite"...

Energy Workers Unite from Openhand on Vimeo.

from my heart to yours

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I find myself spending a lot of time on the Openhand website reading everything I can, and before this I didn't read anything, maybe 3 books in 50 years. The articals and videos here make be want to read, because it is explaining things to me about me that are clear and I understand now.

Thank You, Open


This article really spoke to me. I have been looking for a way to understand the feeling of energy around my head that accompanies me throughout my day, which to me feels like beingness. This began for me when I started meditating frequently and has now stayed with me permanently. I have a feeling it is some kind of awakening and I have been wondering what it all means. I love the articles on this website as they resonate with me and help me to understand the changes I have been going through.


Hi Open.

As ever, a well timed perspective on what many of us feel, a level of frustration that can lead to loosing some momentum as "light workers". I know this feeling all too well and it sometimes manifests as a degree of anxiety in this time of change, that things are not moving as fast as I would like

In the manipulated world within which we live, there is often a competitive edge to the way that we perceive role models. I recently watched both the movie about Wikileaks and documentary on Julian Assange. While both serve a an inspiring purpose, I came away feeling inadequate, as if I am not doing enough. I believe that this is a subtle trap that we need not fall for.

The energy of "light workers" (not a term I prefer - I believe is is dualistic) all has an equally important purpose and many folks feel that their contribution may be insufficient in terms of how we compare ourselves to others. This is of course the easy mistake and we should perhaps consider that our individual roles are unique to play, some more subtle than others. From another perspective, it is the subtle network of a multitude of life enhancing energy workers, spread throughout the planet that is responsible for catalysing the new paradigm. We are, all of us, purposefully located in space and time to serve in the greater need, none less than any other. It is not necessary for all of us to make the same sacrifice, stand centre stage, teach or pontificate, suffer dramatic loss, perform "miracles" or do anything other than hold the intention of a higher order of living to make a life enhancing contribution.

The universe is not in competition and nor are we at soul level. From time to time, we all need the feedback loop that Open, you so eloquently term it, to re-motivate us along our paths. We all suffer the same condition and it behoves us to grow in compassion for all sentient life.

Science has been confirming our strength in numbers, and what I have previously known as the Maharishi Effect, is gaining momentum as a widely recognised phenomenon, as this link describes: http://esciencenews.com/articles/2011/07/25/minority.rules.scientists.d…

In Love & Peace, with Gratitude,


Hi Catherine,

I believe change is coming very soon. There's a strong unwinding in the matrix going on right now. We're in for a bumpy ride later in the year I suspect. But nothing we can't handle.

Blessings to all

Open *OK*


One day we'll wake up and stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a new beingness -- in a new world of unconditional love. I'm paraphrasing your words, Open. They inspire me deeply and infuse me with strength to keep going. As you say, the key is to feel into and unwind my own distortions in day-to-day self-realization thereby releasing higher and higher energetic vibrations into the surrounding field. And to release all judgment and attachments to outcomes. I sometimes feel dismay that the world is not changing fast enough -- nor I. Another attachment to surrender and let go of. Thank you for this post, which feels like wind at my back. I've shared it widely. x Catherine


Thank you Open for reposting this inspiring article and video. I often do feel frustrated and that I am not doing enough to help. I felt very uplifted by the message to just keep working with and peeling away the layers. Then by holding a higher frequency, it will ripple out to those around me. I am beyond excited to come out and work with you and Trinity this summer.


Thanks for inspiring writing Open.

There might be a slippery path that leads to some kind of ownership of this work too. I have seen some clumsy moves by people to 'heal' others and how these things can get a bit wayward.

Could you please help me with the question that comes - I have read that as 'siddhis' become more apparent on the path we are to keep walking, not to work with these as ultimately they can become just more obstacles.

But I also see that as these gifts emerge, often my mind gets bypassed and then it's quite magical because there's nothing to grasp. It's just about the flow I guess. No holding on :) Wow that really is the beauty of it. surrender!

Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words Jenny.
It's always great to get a positive feedback loop.
Simply divine!

Open *OK*


So eloquent and clearly put. I find this article and video so inspiring and motivating..unwinding and unravelling - I feel those words as pure energy that affects my state of being in this precise moment. Thank you! x Jenny


When we revised this article, unfortunately the previous comments were lost. However we did manage to salvage this awesome picture quote. Do share your thoughts and feelings about the article and film below. It helps build an unstoppable flow of energy. Blessings to all!