Realising Ourselves as Eternal Beings of Light in Climate Crisis

Weather conditions are getting pretty full on out there in the Shift and the climate continues through dramatic upheaval. The Openhand Approach is one of powerful internal confrontation of any fears, anxieties and karmic trauma that activates. Let's be crystal clear: we've created this incredible mirror, so it's essential we own it. Why have we created it? What is it inviting us to let go of within?

This is all about realising ourselves beyond the physical; that we are spiritual beings that can transcend the physical. Whatever now happens to this reality, the immaculate possibility is to remember ourselves as immortal, eternal beings of light.

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As long as we are perceiving what is in the "reality", like climate for example, or whatever it is that you see in front of your physical eyes, we acknowledge it as real, and once we do so, it is in our vibration. And then the Universal Law of Attraction brings you more of it.

When you perceive your vision for a beautiful world, balanced, happy, etc. then that will be in your vibration. The more people hold that vision, the stronger the field gets, then it becomes a massive point of attraction, which will cause a major effect.

It is the same as with focusing on the dark that is fighting its last battle versus holding the vision of peace and sending Light and Love to the entire planet, waking up people who are ready and supporting them, guiding them so they find their answers within.

That is why I don't focus on how we created the changes in the climate. And the changes in the climate are of course also an entirely natural process. We're not only in a 3 to 5D shift, the climate has its major shifts occasionally as well. And apparently that is where we are right now. Mother Earth is wise and knows how to handle the changes. Let's take good care of her, nourish her like she nourishes us on this beautiful planet!

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Thanks for that Anja, it is of course describing how the majority perceive the Law of Attraction.

However, from my experience of reality, and in working with many thousands of people around the world now, there is quite a gap in the understanding.

It involves subconscious karma. If you're carrying trauma in the form of karma, held in subconscious layers, this will also unconsciously influence your vibration and draw to you those reflections you need to see so you can work through it. Hence why so much density and shadow is manifest on the planet right now.

You can expand into the 4D astral plane and intention a "positive reality" for a while. However, since the field is interwoven and interconnected, at some point, you will not be able to avoid the shadow your own subconscious karma creates. The only sensible and viable option is then to accept it, turn into it, and work with it.

I do agree that Gaia, in relation to the solar system and galaxy, hold the wisdom to realign into increasing balance and harmony, and that this process is well underway, which is clear to me, is exactly why the shadow is being stirred up at a planetary level. This is a good thing, so people see their mirror of unconscious karma, and then get the chance to unravel from it.

Best wishes

Open 🙏


Hi Open,

I enjoyed the FB LIve feed yesterday and my 5Gateways book had just arrived too.  I was so excited to read it last night and made it to Gateway 2.  I think that's where I'm at in my Awakening.  The reading is fascinating and so many things resonated with me.  The steps I've got through to this point.  I'm still not sure I've reached full Kundalini flow yet.

I felt so much relief while reading, knowing that I'm on the right path and things are progressing.  I've cried tears for months during the awakening process, told someone I loved them but not IN love with them.  What a difference that makes.  Left relationships, moved away from homes and gone cross country where my soul gets more experience.  Learning to speak MY truth and stand up for myself.  Having so much compassion for people, animals, the earth.  My heart is opening!

I don't know where "home" is yet but I know it's not here.  I've yearned so deeply to go "home"  So much that I nearly committed suicide.  I'm SO glad I didn't kill myself.  I'm so glad I finally got your book and it's taken such a weight off me.  I needed to know the things I read last night.  Can't wait to get into the book again tonight.  I read in bed where it's quiet and I can really absorb things.

The path is hard emotionally sometimes but worth it.  I want to be totally free.  I know now that when I've awakened finally, my beloved will just be there.  The channel said it would be May.  I finally said May of what year?  haha  I will keep meditating in the way that works best for me, doing the breathing, listening to my intuition and trusting in the flow, synchronicity, magical happenings etc... it just was such a weight off me to know it's all ok.  Thank you for writing that book, I needed it.  I'll read it many times.

I know sometimes I'll ask you a question and you don't reply.  I suspect it's because in time I will just know the answers.  lol  What a wild ride.  This awakening process is not for wimps. haha  5Gateways is profound.  After reading a lot of the book last night I had the oddest dream.  I do have prophetic dreams or visions sometimes.

Thank you so much for being here during this time on the planet.  I will still be looking forward to the live feeds and also plan to get the Divinicus book soon.

Many hugs to you,

Sherri G.



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Glad it's working for you Sherri. You'll find as you read, 5GATEWAYS is packed full of tools, tips and advice, and it likely will kick off some unusual travelling Slightly Smiling

Do go ahead and share your experiences.

And btw, you don't have to go home. When you're ready, home will come to you!
PS - DIVINICUS will surely provide some clues as to where you're originally from Wink Emoji

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For anyone whose unusually deluged with snow and thinking were going into an ice age, well then consider the northern peninsula of Antartica has just recorded record high temperatures again, of over 20 centigrade, making it tea shirt weather!

What can we say for sure about the weather patterns in climate crisis? Probably nothing. All bets are off!

What we've worked to do on this channel is point to the effect of solar forcing on our weather patterns and the lowering of the magnetic field due to the Pole Shift - this paves the way for an increase in cosmic energy, especially as we pass through a highly energetic sheet of the galaxy. Cosmic rays then bombard the magnetosphere causing charged particles to cascade down through the atmosphere, thus impacting the jetstreams. Hence such unpredictable and turbulent weather.

Our approach here at Openhand is to pay attention. Since it provides clear scientific indication of where this is all heading, and that we must work to normalise with the likely outcomes. That way our consciousness is not 'shocked' as the volume on the shift gets turned up. It means the soul can mediate through the landscape with less hindrance. We're empowered to become more of what we truly are - Cosmic Beings, not limited by the machinations of the 3D!

Let's not fear the changes coming. And if there is fear, embrace it, because it provides the clear gateways through which to pass. With that in mind...


Some of the world's weather patterns are becoming quite shocking. We must keep preparing ourselves by confronting the impact internally - definitely NOT to switch off or ignore. We must normalise and equalise with the outer, then there's less inner polarity. It means we can transcend the challenges. When it gets hot, you become the heat. When it gets cold, you become the cold. By becoming 'as-one' with, means you can step through the physical as The One. With that in mind, let's catch up on these two deeply contrasting phenomenal climate situations...