Realising Ourselves as Eternal Beings of Light in Climate Crisis

Weather conditions are getting pretty full on out there in the Shift and the climate continues through dramatic upheaval. The Openhand Approach is one of powerful internal confrontation of any fears, anxieties and karmic trauma that activates. Let's be crystal clear: we've created this incredible mirror, so it's essential we own it. Why have we created it? What is it inviting us to let go of within?

This is all about realising ourselves beyond the physical; that we are spiritual beings that can transcend the physical. Whatever now happens to this reality, the immaculate possibility is to remember ourselves as immortal, eternal beings of light.


Some of the world's weather patterns are becoming quite shocking. We must keep preparing ourselves by confronting the impact internally - definitely NOT to switch off or ignore. We must normalise and equalise with the outer, then there's less inner polarity. It means we can transcend the challenges. When it gets hot, you become the heat. When it gets cold, you become the cold. By becoming 'as-one' with, means you can step through the physical as The One. With that in mind, let's catch up on these two deeply contrasting phenomenal climate situations...