Sense of Connectivity

Submitted by Open on Fri, 03/25/2016 - 06:28

Remember, sometimes the sense of interconnectivity will go quiet a while. You could be in a filter you didn't realise was there. And benevolence wants to empower you by leaving you to work through it. It's subtle sometimes, and you may slip into a degree of doubt. That's okay. Just keep working the moment, keep feeling into it and looking for the authentic you. Soon enough a new sense of lightness will activate and sweep you up. It makes it all worthwhile.


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I often journal what comes through but when I see a clear reflection such as your above post, the impulse surges and I surrender. The following is an entry from my journal that I wrote a couple weeks ago then shared it with a friend. In the moment I felt so much.. some energy seemed planetary or cosmic... I'm learning to just allow it to swirl and not take my breath away...

I've had a vision and recently was observing the thought of reality shaping around me. Five days ago I was physically on an airplane flying and the physical reality seemed to just meld around me. I could move but time and space felt separate. I saw my body and felt at one with the energy outside myself while simultaneously connected to the stillness within which ironically felt very grounded. The false urgency to place value on experiences by the mind in the moment has faded. The impressions imprint in the moment but remain free to shape, shift, transform with time. Even the concept of time is transforming...passage through dimensions seems to be what is bubbling to my awareness. I choose to hold the space...especially in daily situations where the world feels to collapse upon itself. It's the only way, to stand within truth. All I see lately is instability or destabilizing behaviors. I don't want to interfere yet there I am at random points having to witness events that feel disruptive yet catalyze and stirs deeply within. Yes, I'm deep inside it all but hold steady with the rays streaming forth to express from an authentic impulse freely.

patience for the gift to reveal itself in theses times is what appears through your words. It truly is eternal

Much love