The Great Realignment (part 2): Gaia's Dramatic Healing

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In The Great Realignment (part 1), I spoke of how the balance of life on Earth has become so far out of harmony with nature, that a corrective force of monumental proportions was now gathering in strength to shatter the structures that have so consumed and controlled other sentient life. As the underlying energetic matrix is unraveling, the departing clouds will reveal the New Paradigm, in a higher vibrational existence. However, we can expect it to be neither pretty nor easy. Our planet is entering the crucible of profound catalytic healing. The fire-walk of spiritual mastery is now unfolding before us and we must surrender into it to truly thrive...

Collapsing Biosphere

In my heart I have felt deeply saddened, yet strongly aligned, in suggesting that the Earth's Biosphere upon which mankind depends is now breaking down. If it's not accelerating climate change, GMO toxification, top soil erosion, chemtrail heavy metal pollution or the rapidly acidifying oceans (at their fastest rate for over 300 million years), the melting of the ice caps, then there's something now much bigger looming on the horizon... in a word, Fukushima. What do we know exactly? We now know that Tepco (owners of the Daiichi plant) and some of the world's 'leadership' were lying to us. Immediately following the initial accident, there was catastrophic melt down of at least three nuclear reactors, through which over 300 tonnes of ground water washes into the Pacific every day. It's no longer a question of if it's going to affect the world population, but when and how? I believe it's vitally important that evolving people really come to terms with what is happening here. We've been shown throughout history, that whenever a life form moves out of balance with the natural harmony, then the universe answers with a corrective force in equal measure. And who can now deny just how out of alignment society has become? (see the world population explosion on the chart in this first article...The Great Realignment (part 1))

So whilst I'm deeply saddened, yes, by what I now feel is inevitable, I also feel to willingly accept the corrective "Great Realignment" of energy on the planet that I feel is now beginning to take place. Although an unpalatable message, what I see humanity now facing is a 'cleansing' of the Earth's surface of the old consciousness providing a 'fallow' period of vitally required healing time for Gaia. It's what I'm sure the Hopi Elders saw when they spoke of "The Great Purification". However, if we can come to embrace our manifestation with grace, these building circumstances could well catalyse the emergence of a new, Spiritual Mastery - a New Humanity.

5GATEWAYS and the Significance of Synchronicity

Back in 2009 we felt compelled to produce a free documentary detailing what we feel to be the Five Key Expansions of consciousness on route to Enlightenment and Ascension. In it we spoke of there being currently two worlds....

"We're not living in one world but two. The lower world is based on a system of inequity and injustice. It's a world of have and have not, of rich and poor, profit and loss, winner and loser. It's an out-dated system long past its sell-by-date. And yet there's another world, a truly beautiful world of interconnectivity with all. It's where all life is cherished and respected. It's where we receive with one hand and with the other, give in equal measure. It's about spiritual enrichment and continued human evolution. Now these two worlds are beginning to separate. The energy is moving from the old world and into the new. And as that energy moves, the old systems, the old structures are fracturing and breaking apart. It's that sense of liberation and freedom which is being released from that. And as the energy moves into the higher paradigm, we're going to see those old systems crumbling and cracking all around us. One world has a future and the other does not."

What we didn't know were the circumstances of how that unraveling might come about. We were due to release the film early in March 2011 - on the exact day the Tsunami struck Fukushima. We felt to delay for a week as a sign of respect. As I look back now, I believe in my heart the event to mean an important synchronicity. Just as the Titanic was a message from the synchronistic mother tongue of the Universe where everything happens with deeper purpose, I believe so too is this an important sign. If we can accept it as a tremendous catalyst to simply let go, turn inwards and regain alignment with the divine, then we will have a future. I believe that's the significance of the synchronicity.

Watch the full documentary freely here...5GATEWAYS.

Bankruptcy of the global financial system?

The Energetic Matrix which has locked the consciousness of humanity into this synthetic society is unraveling. Consequently more and more people see that the numbers simply don't make sense (like for example in the land of the American Dream where now some 49 million people are in need of food stamps to sustain them). And since everything is of consciousness, as more and more people question, that vibration of incredulity concerning the future sustainability and rightness of the current system is rippling outwards like the gathering Tsunami for which Fukushima was such a powerful metaphor.

The vast majority of people in society have not a clue how indebted most governments are. If you take Britain for example, when you add up private debt with government public debt and that of future commitments, indebtedness (at the time of writing) is 900% the size of the economy! Only two other countries have ever experienced such indebtedness - Argentina, once a rich country that collapsed into practically a third world nation, and the Weimar republic in Germany in the 1920's, when hyper inflation devalued their currency so much, it was cheaper to paper your walls with bank notes rather than wall paper!

And Britain is not alone. America, many of the European countries and even the cheap plastic global exporter China are now hugely in debt too. They are all held afloat merely due to historically low interest rates, low inflation because of ever cheaper sweat shop industries and the relentless exploitation of energy. But all that is beginning to change. At the beginning of 2014, I could feel huge surges of catalytic energy sweeping in to confront this raptor consciousness that is riding roughshod over the Earth. For this reason and ever accelerating climate change, it must lead to the breakdown of civilisation as we currently know it, which is unlikely to be pretty, but nevertheless we manifested it. Why?

You're always disempowered when you blame circumstances beyond yourself

What we really need to get our heads and our hearts around, especially when talking about the 'powers-that-be' is it's never about "them out there". It's not "their fault". What needs to be grasped is that the 'elites' are merely the manifestation of humanity's own internal lack of personal responsibility, personal sovereignty, personal culpability and acceptance of the capitalistic consumer reflection by blind acquiescence to the Industrial Military Complex.

Okay. I'm being a bit harsh here. It's because I'm trying to get a point across. You can't blame anyone for lack of consciousness when the name of the game is ever increasing evolution from lower levels of consciousness. But I believe what mainstream spirituality needs to realise quickly, is that you're always disempowered when you blame people or circumstances beyond yourself for your experience of life - and as far as I can tell, that's definitely (at the time of writing) still a trend within the spiritual mainstream.

Consider it this way: whenever you feel to blame someone for what they are doing to you or the world, you could instead see it as a reflection of your own behaviour and ask "how can I unravel my similar distortions into a more highly evolved condition of being?" I guarantee you, as long as you look hard enough, you will always find something in that particular area that you can improve upon. If enough people changed their behaviours and habits right now (and it wouldn't have to be many), the powers-that-be would quickly topple.

So at the moment, for a short while longer, we have a bit of a stalemate. Everybody who's half awake knows that change has to come, but most are waiting for someone else to take the first step.

Who will take the first step?

That the situation is unbalanced, unraveling strongly under the surface and will change the face of the world is certain. But what will likely precipitate that change? I'd say one of three things are most likely to happen next...

  1. Realising their rapidly dwindling grasp on power, and their increasing inability to plug the holes in the dyke (both of the biosphere and the economy), the powers-that-be will stage increasingly more false flag events giving them the excuse to introduce various levels of increased state control as security for new draconian reshaping of the already fragmenting economies. They need an excuse to somehow write off the debt, nationalise finance, devalue fiat currencies and increase the cost of commodities beyond artificially deflated, petro-dollar values.
  2. A groundswell of rising frustration by some and expanding consciousness by others, initiates various forms of revolution within society that take back personal responsibility, forming both government and finance by the people for the people, based on more sustainable community living, which become the launching grounds for a wider spiritual evolutionary leap.
  3. Both of the above are pre-empted by Gaia. Working away in the background with the infinite patience of a grand deity and the vast cosmic support of benevolence, she gently but firmly rocks the unstable foundations until the gathering energy unleashes a domino effect through world events, causing economies to collapse progressively and ultimately unraveling the matrix in alignment with the movement to a higher vibrational existence.

None of these are going to be pretty, but certainly taking back personal responsibility for our choices and actions is going to be in alignment with the overall realigning flow. Those choices will have a future. Anything else is sure to be short lived.

Learning to Walk the Path of our higher Spirituality (free mini documentary) is now utterly essential. To truly succeed in this situation, we must let nothing stand in its way.

Realism, pragmatism and optimism

This progressive restructuring collapse will not be the end of it. It will only signal the early steps. Undoubtedly society will reshape and reform either with greater state control or greater conscious alignment, but whatever shape that looks like, then we have to contend with the progressive degradation of the earth's biosphere and the escalating impact that's going to have. We're going to be challenged on the availability of clean resource, food, water and energy like most in society could hardly conceive.

Many people are currently motivated by glorious ideas of coming together in sustainable community: low impact housing, finance based on equitable exchange, renewable energies, a soft footprint on the Earth. Of course these are extremely commendable attributes to unfold. They too are a wonderful mirror and vehicle for higher self expression. And that's how I believe we need to see them - as "Arcs" for spiritual mastery and Ascension. So let's not get attached to their longevity. Personally I see them as bridges into the Higher Paradigm. To some I know they will say I'm being pessimistic and fear mongering, but I don't believe I am. Peel the veils from your eyes and you must surely see it too.

I consider myself a realist, a pragmatist and an optimist. Yes, an optimist. Why so? Because I have been one of those fortunate enough to realise that one life must be in alignment with all life. And if not, then no life is served, including my own. In short, I would gladly sacrifice my own physical life if that meant bringing greater harmony to the overall situation. We must all now try to look through the eyes of selflessness. If we can truly let go, we become the immortal One Self as an experience, not just a theory.

In which case, struggle ends. It can be an amazing sense of relief and empowerment. That's what I love about this video below by the Native American "Red Crow". What I've been given to call "The Great Realignment" the Hopi called "The Great Purification". What I love most, is the cool, collectedness in his ancient, oceanic eyes when he speaks of there being 'nothing to fear'...

Drawn into the cauldron of Spiritual Mastery

As with Red Crow's superlative example, it's not enough just to simply believe in our connectedness and immortality at the level of mind. We have to be prepared to test and experience it in every single moment through the essence of soul. If you're short of food what does hunger do to your behaviour? If times are tough, do you identify and get stressed? Do you worry about what is to come? Are you afraid of what will happen to your family and kids? All are tests as to the degree you know your interconnectivity and immortality. If we're all one, how can you and another ever be separated? Even by death? So humanity is now being drawn into this cauldron of spiritual mastery. How do we come safely out the other side?

First we must realise that we need this level of confrontation. We need this level of breakdown and calamity. Why so? Because when you look back through the history of humanity at all the wars, violence, disharmony, control, manipulation and lack of trust, the vast majority of people are containing the effects of this within their karma - inside their causal body. And by that, I mean their causal body is storing this negative energy caused by attachment and identification to the past events. Here's the paradox then that some have not yet fully grasped...

Humanity is creating this cauldron of calamitous change because of repressed and unprocessed karma, which by the Law of Attraction, is now manifesting an external mirror.

So as things currently stand, the changes are going to be tumultuous. But whatever may befall you, work to see every single circumstance and event as an opportunity to learn, evolve and grow as a being. That's what my new book Divinicus is all about - helping people understand why things are as they are right now; to accept them, and then evolve beyond them.

In part 3 of this series I'll go on to consider how we can align with this gathering flow more accurately.

In loving support
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Rayko - it's wonderful the way your mind works - let it be radical and free!


Yea I guess I do, wanna share my path. Because "Souls don't choose, they are drawn by polarity" is the comment that caught my attention in the recent comments section. And reading the comment: "I find this dynamic acts so as to commune with entities in the field that are separating human souls from the divine connection. In the interplay a 'battle' goes on - their thoughts trying to convince me I'm separate and alone" RRAAAA this mind shouts. Yea of course they'll try it on with me, they're programmed to try it on with anyone.

I wrote "I guess I loose commonality with people as time goes on..." in my diary just now before coming to this website. Or did I ever even have that much commonality with people, now that I think about it o.O?

But then why was I drawn to this planet? I think I'm trying to say something; The Aperiodic Order of the Prime numbers is the way in which our DNA holds the information of how to create and Project the Shapes of Nature that maintain the Self-Similair Oscillatory Order the Universe itself. Or something like it, atleast the words of what I wanna say exist but I haven't said it in the way I wanna say it!
aa My head hurts now. I overworked myself again, or is it a pain due my connection with the Earth like the pain others on this website have felt? Naa I think this is just due to me overworking coz most people that work on the mental plane overwork themselfs here... but the pain right at the bottom of my spine, you can always come up with some phenomenon that explains your observation so I'll leave it.

And bearing in my mind what I wrote in my diary, who resonates with what I think I'm trying to say? Dunoo I just hope humanity is ready for it when I say it, because nanobots programmed with this knowledge would assemble into a self-similiar shape, the image of God. A fractal, I see it everyday. To be surpassed by your own creation is a difficult and challenging test for any race to go through; that is if we pass the test of not killing ourselfs first. It's the idiot proofing test I call it.
a whatever I wave my hands now and say sorry to Trinity and Open if they feel their website is being intruded upon by a mad man.

Love & Peace

a ps edit: That comment is even in the Recent Comments section, it's like 2 days old...


Hi Erica,

You ask...

    "If the polarity or energy of the soul ascends the physical realm of earth to a higher dimensional paradigm, is there a point where that energy can be directed or attracted to a lower dimension to intentionally manifest to become a guiding force per se then start over without recollection of prior manifestations because karma has not imprinted or been a part of the consciousness of that energy?"

In my knowing yes that can happen, although the likelihood is that for a soul whose first ascending out of the physical realm, they would tend to continue to move upwards (although that can vary for star souls who come with a specific purpose). And yes, since there's no karma, then there's no past life memory immediately in the causal body. However there are memories in the akashic record when you're given to access them. It's only when you've processed 8th, Higher Dimensional or 'cosmic' karma and thereby entered the higher realm that you might be drawn back to resolve cosmic issues.

You ask...

    "Is this energy intentionally seeded on earth to guide or in your case act as a catalyst? Were you pulled like a magnet without conscious choice "back" to this realm or was there a certain degree of preemptive conscious allowance for that higher dimensional energy to embody soul once more?"

I'd reached a point where there was no one inside controlling anything - just an open observation to feel and flow as the universe directed. It brought me right back to the source - as an experience. In other words as a separated soul. I recall being stood on the precipice of the abyss, with a pull to dissolve completely out. But then I felt a signal draw me back. It was a convolution - on Earth - that interacted within me in some way which my soul then attuned to. That's what I recall before incarnating.

And now, yet again, it feels like I have no choice. My soul keeps going deeper into the density, confronting all manner of pain. And the only thing I can really do is confront it head on and soften into it. I've gone well past the point of any kind of trying to control. The path of the soul is well delineated. It's hard to conceive of transgressing it in any way. I just have to ride the storm!



Thank you for delving into such a response.
If the polarity or energy of the soul ascends the physical realm of earth to a higher dimensional paradigm, is there a point where that energy can be directed or attracted to a lower dimension to intentionally manifest to become a guiding force per se then start over without recollection of prior manifestations because karma has not imprinted or been a part of the consciousness of that energy? Before its collected within this causal body, isnt it energy prior to the collectiveness that becomes embodied thus is then labeled as a soul by the mind because in essence it is anchored within this now known physical realm? Prior to that manifestation, is it a choice? benevolence as you previously stated

It's like there is this lightness inside of me that is being anchored within this physical vehicle in the 3rd's the part of me that will never integrate as my mind recognizes this , the compassion for this human experience grows exponentially. The nothing/all is realized, the flow moves through, joy bubbles as there are no earthly limitations, synchronicity ensues..stillness

Is this energy intentionally seeded on earth to guide or in your case act as a catalyst? Were you pulled like a magnet without conscious choice "back" to this realm or was there a certain degree of preemptive conscious allowance for that higher dimensional energy to embody soul once more? You penetrate the darkness deeper in the density is that because you "slide" to a higher lighter realm thus continually creating balance within to maintain that open space for it all to flow between? For some reason I picture a glorious tree expanding upwards yet mirrored beneath the dense ground is a root system as intricate and expansive below. I know this is also viewed as a bridge but it seems so much more intricate than that. The growing compassion truly loves the experiences even through the perceived pain, radiates positive energy into the field as the significant reference points are composed of all that is intangible in this third dimensional realm. Does this disable entities from attaching thus disarming opposing consciousness and the intervention to seamlessly flow as benevolence is the guiding force? There is not an internal "petri" dish to be fed off of. You stated," I also feel to willingly accept the corrective Great Realignment of energy on the planet that I feel is now beginning to take place...if we can come to accept our manifestation with grace, these building circumstances could well catalyse the emergence of a new, Spiritual Mastery-a New Humanity." Identifying the interconnectivity and immortality signifies recognizing the energetic eternal source that truly is available to all once the detachment to physicality occurs, the space opens as the self imposed debris is washed away, realignment occurs in this natural state of being/presence. Glorious day! Very gracious for such honesty



Hi Erica,

Thanks for your wonderful sharing - powerful indeed.

You ask...

    "Does one continue to keep choosing to inhabit this hybridized form that is suitable for homo sapiens? Do you think the population explosion is in part to the reality that many humans place so much value in the physical realm and think this is all there is so in essence that energy remains trapped here in that lower vibrational form?"

The soul doesn't chose as such because it's not an identity (although the mind it infuses might interpret it in the sense of choice). We have to expand our understanding of the word outwards. So the soul moves by polarity, drawn to particular vibrations, convolutions and distortions in order to expose unrealised aspects of itself. It's a natural 'magnetic' process in the universe.

So why are particular souls drawn here? In speaking for myself, I observe my soul 'wanting' to go ever deeper into the density to expose where there might be the faintest sense of disconnection. Upon which there's a rushing in of increased commitment to penetrate the darkness.

I find this dynamic acts so as to commune with entities in the field that are separating human souls from the divine connection. In the interplay a 'battle' goes on - their thoughts trying to convince me I'm separate and alone, my thoughts convincing them that reconnection and realignment is the only way. My soul prevails. The field is changing. Greater soul integrity happens. It's like forging steel in a crucible of fire.

In terms of human souls, they are relatively young and thus more easily distorted by the polarity of the density - by attachment to it. And souls are created as populations are created. Incarnation is natural in this sense, but the excessive population is not. That's being engineered by the interdimensional intervention. It's a way of regenerating a form they lost in previous constellations - like Sirius for example.

Humanity has been trapped because the Opposing Consciousness is trapped, although we keep transmuting it, bringing it back to the light and so things are changing.

As you break down the intervention, you break down resistance to the flow, which is why the changes then become so dramatic.



Thank you all..I appreciate the stark truths of all these sharings that are felt and received effortlessly. A collapsing biosphere has been a concept I have been "running from" for decades in this physical world. Over twelve years ago, I moved from an area where an oil refinery cooling plant leaked tritium (a nuclear isotope) into the groundwater. I felt the ramifications of this on Gaia as well as humanity and quickly distanced myself from it (in my mind anyway) by moving across the US. A part of me has hoped, prayed, increased awareness through walking the spiritual path that the scale upon which the harm, disease, disharmony was inflicted would be neutralized in some way. As your thoughts reflect a cleansing of the earth's surface as realignment, I have seen it as the reabsorption.

To be aware on some level for so long yet remain a quiet force propels many questions deep from within. I know I am here by choice. Does one continue to keep choosing to inhabit this hybridized form that is suitable for homo sapiens? Do you think the population explosion is in part to the reality that many humans place so much value in the physical realm and think this is all there is so in essence that energy remains trapped here in that lower vibrational form?

As a child I spent many hours talking to Native American Spirits. It was all very innocent as my father would take me arrowhead hunting. We would walk for hours and hours through fields searching for artifacts. During those hours I would talk to "them" I would listen to the same wind,smell the same air, feel the same ground, trying to figure out where they might have stopped to find some flint. I would visualize them squatting by the creeks, grinding corn, and always wondering what it felt like to just be one with the land. I was fascinated by their spiritual connections to the earth and amazed by their respect for all life. I talked to them about the ladder in the sky. As silly as it was, asking for them to show it to me, drop it down, that I too wanted to climb up it...My father would tease me at times when I would find an arrowhead or artifact that it would call to me...pick me up, pick me up...

I don't know why this came out or its relevance on this extraordinary thread but there is no fear. Altering the reference point of time from just this one human experience allows much freedom. Now, so many years later seeing the Hopi message is very heartwarming. It is bitter sweet as their reference points were not seen of value yet all these years later their truths will be felt as this civilization is reabsorbed or likewise realigned. I have visions of it all many moons from now as it is all almost completely reabsorbed and there is a greater sense of balance. I've seen visions of sifting through earth and vines to see remnants and wondering what the intentions were. To harness this human form is truly a beautiful experience to live through the sensual sensory being...Yet the journey of detaching from it to see and truly feel requires much.

"Humanity's and the Earth's Ascension is the unwinding of this - it is the solution. The more people that stay inspired and positive through the changes, the more you send a beacon out into the heart of the intervention giving them a reason to reconnect and realign too. This is the only way they can be healed as well." Thank you for that perspective, very profound as I allow it to settle deeply within.


Dear Open,

Let me too be a bit personal here:

yes, i know, i experience this pain on a daily basis too. As much as it is my pain, in this body, i experience it also as collective, planetary pain.

Haha: It's such a limbo, each day I awake not knowing what's today on the plate? ;)

Often I go into a state of ghostness... the pain is soo deep. And then by the end of the day (on good ones it's earlier), i dutifully command myself to be here. To feel. To be at peace with whatever I feel. It takes huge effort. And it's disturbing to see others not experiencing this.

Often I am exhausted though in the outer world seemingly not much happened (except workshops done, letters answered, loving family, husband, three children comforted, dressed, fed, schooled, etc etc etc)

Often I'm overwhelmed and having a woman's body, and its powers, I do also clean physically as well beyond the personal me. Realizing the body as well (and not "just" the soul) as part of a collective is a powerful experience. (Btw people might want to check the other thread Honouring our Sacred Cycles by Trin some days ago).

Often I do feel I'm going mad.

Often I feel alone. Solitude I can take, but this feeling of aloneness is challenging. Clearly I'm not the only one feeling like this but for me for sure it evokes karmic experiences of abandonment. I see people disappearing. Like in a fog. Or space. Others appear in the space. Some stay. Some pass.


We will all have to go through an incredible amount of letting go. Sooner or later.

And here is the question, as always (a little joke, but not only..) "how does that make me feel"?

How does it make YOU feel that all your efforts and input are in fact there to take you towards your own dissolution and death (on one level, and daily)?

So to be able to face our own losses and changes, and passings and deaths, all in the spirit of inspiration, strength and power is really what we need to be practicing here and now.

We ARE already practicing it now. In spirit! I mean, in a spirited way.


It's a desert. But some "not quite insignificant people" did survive a symbolic 40 days out there, faced their demons and came back. They did that to show that we all can (and must) do the same.

And so, in this barenness - it's not really a "choice" as i have nothing else to do - i drop into the directness of my Love.

(I know, I know... it's a "tacky", misused word, but i did work on cleaning it for myself hugely in the past years. Maybe better word: softened acceptance and an inner glow of being it all along with the vulnerable and raw sensations of losing one's own sense of self - but it sounds so silly like this ... haha)

It's not easy. But that's what I can do.

What's on the "outside" is important. And a clean mirror. And is continuously changing. Often people think that action MUST be in the outside world, the so-called "objective reality", else nothing was done, or is not worth doing. Our world is very extroverted, and externalising most of what's inside. And it's great (though often tragic).

Yet, the work inside sould not be underestimated. And having a look simultaneously in and out, in love, needs spirit.

What I see is that this "practice", this spiritual bravado, with the strength, flexibility and sense of balance of a circus artist in each and every moment is an important part of why I am here. Why we are here. Maybe this is the main reason to be here. Collectively and personally.


All very powerful points Reka - a soulful contribution.

This one jumped out...

    "There are these two seemingly opposing ideas about us humans here on Earth... According to one we are like a curse, locusts, or some Pathological Sickness; according to the other native and ancient teachings we are in fact (among other highly intelligent species) the Guardians of the Planet."

In my knowing, Original Humans were indeed put here to be guardians of the planet - seeded by benevolence who knew all along the intervention would likely happen - it's happened in many other constellations and the Opposing Consciousness had its sights already keenly set on Earth.

Humanity's and the Earth's Ascension is the unwinding of this - it is the solution. The more people that stay inspired and positive through the changes, the more you send a beacon out into the heart of the intervention giving them a reason to reconnect and realign too. This is the only way they can be healed aswell.

That's what I'm experiencing all the time. I feel the pain of the planetary field within my body daily. It feels heavy, throbbing, sickening, compacting, debilitating. I keep working to accept, soften into it and transmit a higher connection through myself and out into the field - you give it reason to evolve. Reason to reconnect.

To me this is the healing that we must now engage in on a broad a scale as possible.



this last post of yours is especially powerful.
Beyond personal honesty, which touches my heart always (and i feel it as one potent factor in the personal side of these changes), also the energy you evoked has a special "bouquet", fragile but strong, at the same time.
(Not to mention the ideas).

We all need some firing up, inspiration, sharing. And then we all need to go out and do our humble share.


There were other very dark times, like Nazi Germany, or Ruanda, you name it... and so is the present moment... Our World has become a Hungry Ghost. Self-Devouring. And people (sorry, i reword: WE ALL) get caught up in a collective that makes us regress. If not inspired, not aware, sooner or later it will make us start to kill their neigbours, start to do things we shouldn't do. In fact we are doing it already! We are killing our plant and animal neighbours, and just how cruelly, and in what dark, indignant ignorance!

But here is another thought - to get us inspired, maybe?

There are these two seemingly opposing ideas about us humans here on Earth... According to one we are like a curse, locusts, or some Pathological Sickness; according to the other native and ancient teachings we are in fact (among other highly intelligent species) the Guardians of the Planet.

It was said that with the appearance of the kind of consciousness that humankind (too) has, Gaia herself has awoken to a level of consciousness. And as all these species, and Gaia, we are all interconnected, if the light of the soul of one dims, the light of all other species and Gaia dims as well.

So I do believe that human consciousness has a p.a.r.t.i.c.u.l.a.r. way to contribute. It's not more important than others, but it's unique. Collectively as humans to find our own special gift to this place, the one that we only as humans can deliver, is crucial now.

And on the personal level (too): we have to find our own unique gifts to be offered. On a daily basis. For this of course, the soul must be inspired, the spark of the soul needs to be alive else evolution stops, and regression begins. We need to inspire ourselves dutifully, day after day, moment to moment. It should be seen as spiritual muscle training. Strength won't just happen to us... We have to do it, work for it.

I do believe in the downgrading of humanity, but also that we are able to act against this. That we are not victims, or victims only. But one must see how there is a continuous pull toward regression, and entropy.

It is our spiritual duty to be inspired as much of the time as possible and not to give in to the darkening of the light here on Earth. Even in face of changes, even in face of our own death.

Because at the beginning of the millennia there was a Great Enlightenment (all those wonderful spiritual teachings suddenly become available, etc.), to me it seems it's petering out now.

Now is the time for personal input.

We can't just rely on "angelic forces" or "multidimensional energies" helping us on the way anymore. And what I see is that without the support of the incredible light infused into this world in the past 1-2 decades, too many people just go on consuming, and get sucked in, ignorant, unaware and helpless. OR: they keep looking for an illusionary, synthetic bliss and love and light, cutting themselves off the "sensual" (often meaning: painful) side of the state of things here and now.

This is a danger of the Now that I've noticed. Big words but humble acts!

And yes, as Open says, all this input might be to guide this world into dissolution, seemingly an end and the arising of another one (not seen clearly by all as yet).

thank you!


Hi Supreme,

Yes I agree with you - let these events like Fukushima be a great inspiration. People do indeed come together when faced with a 'tall' challenge in this way. And if the soul is inspired, then I agree we should take all action that comes through the soul.

    And this is the main point of my article, that all actions must now be soul inspired. Beyond what we would hope, desire or fear will happen. We have to now transcend those base instincts to get to what's really real.

Society has become as a cancer on this earth. And it's not only other sentient life that is suffering. Perhaps the greatest sufferer is mankind himself. We've been down-graded and disconnected to such a degree, that our families our kids, our colleagues are dieing slow and disconnected deaths in front of our very eyes and the majority don't even see it (in terms of radiation sickness, Fukushima and other applied nuclear power will become a strong and visible mirror for this).

    Most of mankind is merely existing in a living hell and is so asleep they don't even recognise it.

Having abused his body for over seventy years (like most people), my father now exists merely because of the cocktail of drugs that keep him 'alive' and the pigs valve that ensures his heart keeps pumping. Not to mention the warfarin rat poison that he's prescribed to thin his blood so the heart can still pump (yes I'm serious, its a common prescription for people with heart disease of which there are millions). And my mother has survived only because of chemo 'therapy', which might deal with the cancer for a while, but destroys a vast amount of living vitality too. I could go onto mention all of the other toxins in our food, water, medicines, electronic gadgetry etc etc.

    The problem is that humanity has come to accept society as the most 'evolved' and 'civilised' that they could imagine. Even when people wake up, they frequently don't get the extent of the imbalance until they've made constant conscious living choices moment by moment - and that's still the rarity. You have to be Walking the Spiritual Path in every single moment, in every choice that you make to realise just out of alignment society and humanity is.

I'm not blaming humanity though. And I feel a deep compassion with his plight - that's what drew me here in the first place. In my eyes, ancient karma of lack of trust in the divine leading to disconnection and then trying to control reality has led to this almighty imbalance that we live in right now - a synthetic reality plastered across the face of the earth that serves no one.

So what do we do now?

    My article is suggesting that first and foremost, we must stop whatever we're doing and work to reconnect with the soul. To allow guidance to come from the flow of the divine and to align with that flow choice by choice. In working now with many evolving people around the globe, I witness that the pull is to ascend into a higher evolutionary paradigm.

I maintain that the purpose of the realigning flow that is now taking place, apart from taking humanity and other life into the higher paradigm, is to cleanse the earth of imbalance here in the 3D so that healing here can happen - over at least hundreds of thousands of years of 'fallow' time. That's what Gaia has done five times before and is doing again now. If we 'fixed' society and events like Fukushima, how would we fix the plant and animal kingdoms which are now leaving the 3D at a rate unprecedented in the Earth's history? (at least 100 species per day are leaving). I would say events like Fukushima are Gaia's fixing. It's the universe's response to the incredible out-of-alignment, working to sweep away the out-dated structures.

    I do see humanity coming together yes. I see events like this will inspire people to find the goodness in their hearts. I believe society will break down (it already is) and together with periods of civil unrest, simultaneously communities will come back together. In working with evolving people, I witness the strong trend back to local community groups that are more self sustaining. And yes we can cleanse our bodies of toxins to a degree. These are all positive responses.

However, let's try to be clear what the 'end game' is - what are we working towards? If it is to save society and how we're currently living, albeit sharing the resources more equitably amongst humanity, then I feel to work tirelessly to help people see the short termism in that. Our biosphere in the 3D is now in the throws of radical upheaval in response to the imbalance, meaning it will likely become very difficult, nigh on impossible, to live in this lower vibration - that's the strong message I get with benevolence (it's the difficult message I know I'm supposed to share). If on the other hand we see our destiny as being in the higher vibrational paradigm in a new form, then I see that has a future. What's more, increasingly, evolving people are being inspired and coming together by that unifying destiny.

Open *OK*


Since people on this site have the skill to write and create texts I would recommend you to start a Avaaz campaign or your own Campaign about Fukushima. There is surely plenty of them already but since you people interact with great amount of people daily, it might be a good way to reach people. Despite of the Fukushima situation being very, very critical, there is still possibilities.

If The people of Whole Earth was to come together and actually starting to face the criticality of Fukushima, perhaps then the money would lost its meaning and people could help each and other regards of the costs. Fukushima needs experts all around the world but experts and technology costs a lot. But the situation in Fukushima is not about money. It is about the possibility to continue of life in general on earth.

Native American used to say that white man does not understand the real value of money until it realizes that money can not be eaten. This is where we are now. If world wide procedures are not done to get the Fukushima in people's awareness, there is no chance. We have seen during these last years that when people unite, they have great potential to accomplish what ever they want to. Fukushima is not totally hopeless but it is if it is not dealt with seriously with all the nations of the world.
As sad as it is, it is us as humans who have the responsibility to clean our own shit and because governments have little interest in losing their power, we as unite humanity have to do it ourselves. Fukushima is not Japanese problem. It is a cause of everyone's greed and hatred. Greed and hatred are not something that turns people to bad people. It is blindness and ignorance that cause these selfishnesses. Fundamentally we all share the same nature and will to live happy life with other happy beings. This could be accomplished if we knew better but it is not the schools or governments that teaches us about these things. It is our own inner desire to understand life and to be a better human that actually inspires us to seek for truth. No-one can do this job for us. It is we ourselves who have to do our own dirty laundry. But I bet if people become aware of the seriousness of the situation in Fukushima, it will work as an great inspirer to re-unite people and actually start pushing the world wide governments to do something. Without the people, governments will do nothing.

If life on earth is about to be annihilated, then i recon that it is better to happen while I am actually trying to do something to prevent it from happening. I can not just step aside and watch while my daughters are dying of radiation related cancer nor do I want my children to witness my death in this way. Even though it might be inevitable, it does not mean that I won't fight. Fear and terror, when faced nakedly, have tremendous potential to evoke great effort. When we are cornered like animals, we will fight with our teeth and nails. It is in this fear facing battling that we lose our fear and actually ride it raw. This is the way how our true fearless warrior awakens and actually starts to live the life to the fullest. A man without anything to lose is the most powerful man. One should never forget this. And this is the very reason why people are able to transmute something foul into something very pure. Life is hard and painful that is a fact. But crying about it won't help. By stopping to avoid pain and fear we actually realize that there is nothing that can stop us. Not even Fukushima..


Hi Nicolas,

Yes, a useful suggestion, definitely a good stepping stone to living a life in full consciousness *OK*

In the Openhand Approach, it's about working to become conscious in every single moment as a means to living a spiritual life moment by moment. If just a small 'handful' of people across the planet began doing this, society would change rapidly.

People are changing and time will tell. But my intuitive feeling is that it's going to take some quite large corrective measures by Gaia for the mainstream to start really taking some notice.




Hello Open!

Thank you for a very insightful article! You have highlighted so many important issues that truly reflect the dire-straits we and our planet find ourselves in. On the issue of taking full responsibility for our actions, I like to share an idea with you.

Over the past few years I have seriously thought about how we, as individuals, can make a meaningful difference that will slow down and eventually halt this powerful global machine we call "Consumerism." It has become the ultimate symbol of humanity's enslavement to indebtedness and materialism. Consumerism would never be so successful was it not for the introduction, in the 1950's, of credit and credit cards. So here's my practical suggestion:


These are the two days a week when we are to STOP being impulsive CONSUMERS! Buy ONLY what we REALLY need and NEVER USE A CREDIT CARD to purchase anything on those two days!!!

Few things to note here:

1- This is a personal decision each and everyone can privately make for themselves.

2- The more people will participate the sooner the "powers-that-be" will start to notice that "sales" on those two days are seriously dropping; there is something happening! Most importantly it will put the "powers-that-be" on notice that people worldwide can organize and act in unison on matters that will empower them.

Openhand has a very responsible membership that can spread this idea through social media and create a worldwide phenomena. This could be just the beginning!!!


p.s. For this to be truly empowering, the restraint shown on LT and AT should not be overridden by overspending the rest of the week.


"It's the training ground - the spiritual 'boot camp - we're now all engaged within. But don't tighten yourself up looking for perfection. You simply won't find it!"

A part of me is attached to this perfection. I never thought I would own a car for example, and here I am, driving around everywhere. The universe certanly takes you to the places where tightness arises.

I'm excited about the new book :)



Hi Dale,

You raise an incredibly important point for all evolving souls (in relation to the Great Realignment 'problem')...

    "I feel very conflicted about interacting within a system that feels so out of alignment. I created this around me, living within a small family, that does survive by (it would appear) supporting the old system. By either needing to use a bank, shop for food, send our youngster to school."

I'd like to speak to everyone on this one. It's something I address in my knew book "Divinicus" which will be out this year sometime.

The key point is this: we are a hybridised species living in a synthetic reality largely created for us, which has been quite divorced from the natural harmony of life. Our very DNA contains this compromise entwined within it. You only really get to fully confront this as you have walked the path for some time and embodied soul. Then you start to feel it in every cell of your being.

Whether conscious of it or not, we project this outwards onto the Earth's surface. It becomes practically impossible to live a completely aligned life, in the way we did as Original Humans.

So that means our lives become a continual compromise in the way you describe, when we have to engage with society, considering at this stage society owns most of the resources and operates most of the systems of control. And even when you step beyond that for a while (as I've done several times), we're still not properly adapted to living life freely on the planet as originally intended.

Actually in some ways this can be a great freedom and liberation - because there is no perfection to strive for, there is no 'fixing' of the situation, other than break it all right down so that a higher harmony can reshape (and by 'break it all down' I also mean the body of Homo Sapiens too).

Yet we have to be careful not to use this compromise as an excuse - to slip into the trap of vascilation, procrastination or denial. If you allow it to, the path will confront you with all your attachments and distortions. But that doesn't mean you have to necessary go 'off-grid' and live in the woods. Allow me to share a brief experience from early in my journey here...

    The path stripped practically everything from me: my marriage, family, company I'd established and most possessions that I owned. I was left with a small car, what could fit in the boot, plus a bike which I kind of figured would come in handy! It was no sacrifice to do this. Actually it was the opposite - a real pleasure and sense of freedom.

    Then at one point, the universe asked me "what do you need the car for?", felt as a knowing landing in my being. I realised that even though I lived a few miles out of town on a farm, I could definitely live without it. So I sold it and started using the bike to get the daily supplies I needed. It was awesome, I loved it.

    After a few weeks of riding everywhere, I was going to see my kids one afternoon who lived a few miles away in a nearby town. It was the rush hour with cars driving at their usual break-neck speed. As I entered onto a roundabout, a car that was speeding, hit my back wheel and launched me into the air for several feet. Fortunately I managed to stay relatively composed and land upright on both wheels or else I'd have been under the car!

    At that point, I felt a very definite 'release' from Gaia: 'It's okay, you've proved the point of non attachment. It's fine to get yourself a car again!

It was a powerful lesson for me as I came to terms with living in the system. The key is to be aware of when you are needy or attached, because you feel tightness inside or resistance, mind led procrastination or denial. Could you simply dive in and let it go? Sometimes you'll be taken to task on it, assuming you allow the universe to guide you. Sometimes you'll let things go and they'll come back to you.

It's the training ground - the spiritual 'boot camp - we're now all engaged within. But don't tighten yourself up looking for perfection. You simply won't find it!



Amazing Dream Graeme - you're such an intuitive soul - it speaks volumes.

Much love

Open *OK*


In my dream society has transitioned, it feels more medieval however I know this is future time. I am with but not part of a family subsisting in an Arc. A land Arc with a huge arching wooden roof. I feel like I'm simply observing, there's nothing to do or to force - this is a process. I don't know why I'm with this family, they are pre-occupied with the drama of surviving and processing the breakdown of society - I offer no threat. Perhaps also, there's a unity of spirit beginning to spark from the shift.

End times now, we're on the move with the palette of dream images accentuating the struggle of humanities complete release of control then unfolding into divine vulnerability. I watch as the family morph, half human - half zebra.. now all zebra. I am still here, the observer; calm and still


Words cannot truly express how this has stirred me.... what an opportunity we have to embrace.

Every day I feel the elements more and more, the power of the wind, the rain, the magnificence of Gaias swirling change is speaking so strongly, it feels like what currently is, is being broken down into smaller pieces, ready for it's re-birth to bring back true balance.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share and connect with you all.

Much Love
xx Abi xx


yes i'm afraid. and as much as i don't let it define me, i fully allow the feelings...

doing that i feel that there is more fear in me out of compassion for all that is than for my own self.


there is that 12 hundred year-old story about the Shambala Warriors in Tibetan Buddhism.

Shambala Warriors are in fact boddhisattvas, helpers, gate keepers, those who are born to aid humanity. It was prophecied that there will come a time when our world will be in great danger. And that we'll ALL have to evoke the Shambala Warrior in our own selves.

as we are all potential boddhisattvas... because the fact that already one human being can be it means also that all can be it too.

so compassion is one big thing in becoming a "warrior" in this age. It gives the fire of the heart, the strength to proceed, to go on...

but it's not enough as it can burn us out. Wisdom too is needed. Wisdom that little is enough.

in allowing my feelings i also touch fragments of this wisdom (living in us all) telling me that however little it is that i am or what i do - through the interconnectivity of life each single breath has repercussions beyond my capacity to see - and each step, even the smallest act with clear intention, in this incredible interwovenness of the web of life, has a cosmic effect.

But that little - whatever it is - has to be done. And done now.


I'm so glad they help Kim - just shine that brightly shining star of yours and all will be well.

Open *OK*


Thank you for the articles. Your gift of clarity and your ability to convey the messages so gently and powerfully. It brings up so much emotion within me as I read it. The truth of your words like arrows to the heart. Sending shivers through me and reducing me to tears at times. So many mirrors. Still holding blame outside myself and "waiting for someone else to take the first step".
Fear paralyzes me at times. Hiding behind self destructive behaviors which are no longer working. Thank you Reka for acknowledging you too experience fear but still take each step and Trinity for pointing this out in another thread. I tend to assume that ones further along the path no longer experience the fear.
I too am deeply grateful for this space and for the sharing here reminding me of what is real. Although I don't post very often I find Openhand a home, a grounding and centering space for connection. I am grateful beyond words.


Thank you

I feel very conflicted about interacting within a system that feels so out of alignment. I created this around me, living within a small family, that does survive by (it would appear)supporting the old system. By either needing to use a bank, shop for food, send our youngster to school.

We also seem to be playing our parts to unravel blockages around us within this "normal" appearance, Living feels like such a paradox.

This message is a very clear mirror.

Thanks guys



One of my favorite writers on the sacred feminine is (hurray!!) a man. His new book on spiritual ecology is just out. Title: Darkening of the Light. Witnessing the End of an Era. Below is a taster, I feel it belongs here. Highly recommended along with any of his other books. Quote: There is a pressing need for real awareness—to wake up to the reality of what we have done. We need to become aware of our present predicament in the inner and outer worlds. We cannot take responsibility for our present ecological imbalance, or know how to act, without recognizing the global devastation we have created. Nor can we take responsibility for what we have done to the inner worlds without becoming aware of the darkness and forgetfulness of the sacred that is covering us. Maybe this first step towards responsibility and accountability will help to redeem what we have desecrated. It is a step towards maturity and real awareness." —LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE

and another beautiful one Anuma Mundi - Soul of the World:


Open: You did a good job here. We have to talk about this NOW and we must prepare on every level. The intensity really has built since the onset of 2014 and the Fukushima tragedy was so significant that I was "directed" to imediately establish a Facebook page dedicated only to the unfolding of the event. It continues to post. But mostly it is about how we treat one another across the surface of Mother Earth. She no longer can/will absorb the negative energy. It has to shift.


Thank you Open, Reka and Trinity. Somedays I am consciously unconscious. At times it seems that's the only way to be. I am from the cold war era and have been waiting for "the end" for over 30 years. It's informed how I've lived my life and through grace I am awake. As the intensity grows, as it certainly is, I am guided to surrender. I trust in divine wisdom that I will know how to be. My daily check ins to this website give me a homebase. I am deeply grateful to you for providing this space where I can be reminded of what's real. Namaste.


Yes this is the cauldron - it's actually a gift if we can see it that way.
All fear will become active. Then we know exactly what holds and what has to confronted internally. It's the path of spiritual mastery.



I will never forget the moment I heard about Fukushima...

Before that for weeks I had a series if most peculiar experiences of losing orientation, I mean physically... It felt like being dizzy... But I wasn't dizzy. Later I learnt that this is what people feel before an earthquake happens. There's disruption in earth's magnetic field and as we are all tuned into it when it breaks we lose orientation...

I felt Fukushima weeks before it happened.

And when it happened I was in Poland at a retreat... There was a Japanese woman with us too. And when the news came, interrupting our session, we all got under shock.

I remember the one sentence that broke into my consciousness "it's happening".

(I came home, had a couple of more than strange dreams, and less than a month's time I found You guys, your book and films...)

I was in fear then. I'm still in fear now. I mean who's NOT overwhelmed by the implications of all this?!?

But the question is now, what do/can I do from this place? From this tightness?

Make a step. And another. Humbly. In feeling awareness.


You are a sweetheart Reka. Yes I laboured long and hard in writing it. Many considerations: wanting to really explore and feel the truth without sensationalising. And yes you're so right, I'm sure it will cause many to reconsider the illusionary foundations upon which we so often build our lives. The very Earth beneath our feet is changing. There is nothing else to do but walk the path step by step.



Thank you for this and your never ending courage to present the bitter pill. The message is so important and I also feel how the path narrows for us all, in different ways, challenges, among them the voices of suppression, and false love and light...

in a private letter I mentioned to you my picture of this coming year being like a strict walk through a narrow tunnel... I believe each step we take is just one step, not harder or easier than any other step, but we are walking on a tightrope and awareness, focus, consciousness and feeling with all our senses are just what we need in order to keep the balance and not to fall into the abyss of our own darkness, fears, denial, etc.

thank you again, so very very important! Great article, carefully researched and soulfully written.

so much love,