Thriving in a Changing World

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20 million people around the globe have so far watched the Thrive Movie. If I had to summarise, I'd say it's really about how the awakening movement can break down the unjust and inhumane, controlling agenda that governs our world; how a more balanced and environmentally friendly society using so called "free energy" could create a sustainable future. To their credit, the Thrive Movement has connected with and supported innovative ventures by entrepreneurial, awakened people around the globe. Personally, I think the sheer number who've resonated with the movie, speaks volumes about how strong the underlying desire for change on our planet really is and I'm greatly heartened by that fact...

I do not however share the overall view that a balanced, sustainable future is possible that doesn't take into account the requirements of all life, not just one form of it. Often people have good intentions about the environment which is wonderful, but as yet, the general spiritual consensus seems to overlook the need for space, energy and resource by other sentient life too.

Yes, humanity will master access to free energy and the system may become more equitable to humans, but how will that energy be applied? What resources will be necessary to create the free energy devices? And what attention will be given to the natural eco-systems allowing them to rebalance and reharmonise? I hear precious little, if any, real contemplation of these considerations.

I understand why it happens:

Even in the initial awakened state, there's still an ego, still an individuated self trying to set agendas - even is if they are apparently benevolent ones.

Having worked now with many people who are unraveling egoic agendas and walking the spiritual path, I can say there's one force in life that I truly place trust in: the inherent realignment of consciousness, the natural flow of the universe, the authentic reorganising/reharmonising energy of life. Whether a person is aware of it or not, every sentient being and indeed all life, has this unifying, harmonising consciousness running through it, no matter how deeply buried. It can be denied only for so long. And my observation is that the more it is denied, the stronger the realigning energy builds to unravel it. Here's my key point then about 'thriving in this universe':

You don't have to control anything. You don't have to set agendas, structures or designs for the future you desire or envisage. If you yearn to be in the truth of the moment, seek only to align with your soul and follow it's guidance moment by moment.

When we do this, we connect to the underlying flow, this reharmonising energy. Some know it as the flow of love, but be careful not to allow rose tinted views to judge what this might mean. This flow of Unity Consciousness will also break down systems of lower harmony so a more balanced one can emerge - destruction is construction when it contains the seeds of the future. So love/truth can also be an apparently destructive force. Influenced heavily by an unseen agenda, humanity has controlled and shaped the surface of the earth for thousands of years. Now that time is coming to an end - not before time! Evolving people have an enormous opportunity: the chance to surrender into a wave of consciousness which can become your 'life-blood' once more. Being in this flow is just like nothing else. It feels like rightness. So I am greatly supportive of work like Thrive yes, but where that crosses the boundary into trying to intentionally shape the world yet again, even if it that has a benevolent desire, then I would strongly caution the approach. Why not just let the universe reorganise how it knows best? Why not give the one thing humanity (as a collective) has so far NOT trusted in - the truly thriving energy of the universe? I know this is a real challenge. When you connect up to the flow, it doesn't immediately tell you to do this or that. It first helps you unravel a way of being - because that's the point of the universe. 'Thriving' means always finding the highest expression of you - because in reality, there is nothing else going on.

  • Everything that we do, is orchestrated in order to arrive at this level of surrender.

Paradoxically, when we really do surrender, when we allow the flow to govern, it will seem like you're then guided by the universe to make choices, and to create things, as if part of a destined path. This is where the ego gets confused: it may feel as if you're here to 'do something', because things magically click into place from core beingness. But actually, the creation is simply the manifestation of the authentic beingness you've uncovered. I'm not saying don't make the choice, I'm not saying don't create, I'm saying you make yourself less if that's what you feel your purpose is. It is not. Purpose is simply the glorious expression of being, and creation is it's effect.

To me, this is what Thriving really means: whatever happens, the universe will always provide you with another vehicle of expression - another chance to be you.

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It seems it is rare (at the moment) to find more than a few humans who look at life holistically. That's what drew me to OH - it encompasses everything and every being with compassion. Thank you.

with love Myra


I appreciate Open's perspective on the "Thrive" movement. He wrote, "….the general spiritual consensus seems to overlook the need for space, energy and resource by other sentient life too…." Essential point and one I had not considered previously.

Further in reference to the "Thrive" movement, Open wrote, "Why not give the one thing humanity (as a collective) has so far NOT trusted in - the truly thriving energy of the universe?" This certainly gets to the heart of what true thriving really is.

Thank you for expanding my awareness around this. Deepest gratitude, Catherine


This is why I love Openhand: I hardly ever come across messages like these. I especially like the following sentence: ''Purpose is simply the glorious expression of being, and creation is it's effect. '' Such a problem in especially our western world where we just create for the sake of creating. Doing things because we cannot sit still. And everybody reinforcing that: if you've worked hard than everybody's complimenting you for it. Nobody's interested in what you did and if it was beneficial to all sentient life. Not just yours. Doing without being aligned to our authentic self might be the number one cause that's destroying our planet. Or almost destroying it...