Ukraine: Another Global Distraction? Altogether Now, In No Man's Land

Submitted by Open on Fri, 02/25/2022 - 03:12

It's a dark day in Europe as Russian tanks have rolled into the Ukraine. Amongst the worldwide condemnations, bloodshed and personal tragedy, I can't help but notice the coincidental timing: the pandemic has all but ended, life in London was coming back to "normal", and now, as the markets fall and the price of petrol hikes, there's another humungous distraction. It's never-ending, until we end it in our hearts, come together as a global family, and decide not to be manipulated, not to be divided, not to fight.

Round 2

I have to say I was waiting for "Round 2", in whatever guise and form that might come. The shadow has bashed humanity around these last 2 years, from pillar to post. Plenty have stood up well and it's been refreshing to see a wave of people waking up and not being fooled by the purposeful drama.

And then there's the Ukraine. My heart goes out to the people who are truly the innocents and suffering in this bloody game of bluff and charades. Openhand's web development team is based there and I've been liaising with them these last few days. Fortunately, they're in the west of the country, and although under martial law and working from home, they're unaffected by the violence. Still, it must be heart rending.

I'm not fooled by the drama though. As I scanned the UK's morning online mainstream "media", how is it that 7 of them, all different and competing companies, all on the same day, all have the same picture of the same bloodied woman?

Don't get me wrong, it could well be very real and my heart goes out to her. However, I can't help but feel it's perfectly designed to pull on the heart strings and pull people in. Forget we've been kicked around these last two years; forget that prices of essentials are hiking; forget about Boris the baffoon and Trudeau the fascist, it's the next drama fed on a plate.

A Great Global Hug

Yes, personally I am paying attention. I know our lives will likely be affected by hiking gas prices. BUT, my focus is still very much on where we, the Rainbow Tribe, of emerging humanity is really going. My prayer is that more of us will emerge, come together in the ether, and give each other a great global hug, that goes way beyond machismo, machinations and the orchestrated drama...

Just like what happened in 1914, when the troops from opposing sides came together in No Man's Land and decided to play football.

What if we came together in this No Man's Land and decided not to fight, but to smile and hug?

A Warm Hug to all of the Global Rainbow Tribe

Open 🤗

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It's a good question Sarah.

What I'm trying to elaborate is that there is an overall orientation for you as a soul, and I maintain that's towards the planetary shift - which can only come by testing within and realising it for ourselves.

Within that, you will have plenty of temporary events and circumstances to focus upon - through these we forge the soul. So if you feel you're given to put some focus on what's happening in the Ukraine, then do so. However, then to see this a step along the path of forging the soul towards the shift.

Best wishes

Open 🙏

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I look forward to this because everything is bubbling to the surface.  

Wag the Dog blatantly in our faces.
In my 20's, I was living in Europe when refugees from Bosnia/Croatia and the wave of German/Russians were flooding Germany in the early 90's. I married into a Russian family back then. Presently, my daughter, her father and grandmother are all siding for Ukraine. And I am the insane one who sees Ray 1 energy of leadership from Putin, distorted or not.

In my 30's, I was the delusional one on 9/11, walking miles through Queens, NY, rushing to meet up w my siblings. It was chaos and all I felt was a glorious possibility of a positive shift and change for humanity (a sliver and glimpse at Ray 7). A blanket of fear was enveloping the world.
Distractions in my 40's, w three children and teaching, I could always see/feel something (Ray 5 subtley) behind the veil, and every time I thought a change could happen, it felt like spinning wheels going no where. 

Unraveling, unearthing, 50's are birthing and honoring the SEER and soul expression. Strength, Courage and Persistence. Soul Ray Harmonics tuning and harmonizing like a beautiful melody. 

When do we get a break in the storm? A breather from holding our breathe. A future of creative and joyful expression as a whole planet...or do we just sing about the madness and smile? 

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How beautiful to see and feel your energy Open. I often wonder why more people can't see this authentic expression. Isn't it simple? Maybe it really is the fear of confrontation and lack of self honesty. I do carry a fear of confrontation but I'm sure in myself that's the only natural way to go if we are not in denial. 

I'm feeling new beingness shining forth in my life which is liberating to feel and embody. It comes through as self love and accepting but also courage to take the step being invited. I noticed some resistance in stepping towards the energy because the steps identity envisions is secure and known and there's great comfort in the knowing. But the steps from the newbingness is always challenging and breaks down self image. New beingess comes with beautiful synchroncities and new connections which is wonderful to witness

I didn't remember to catch the stream live but I was sitting on this mountain and meditating seeing the reflections of perfectionism within me and letting go of that into acceptance. All the thoughts in my mind of improving my musical expression coming from the ego of self improvement. But the real question came through, how can I liberate myself in music and authentically express without effort ? Reality is really fluid as in the next couple of minutes I'm sitting with 2 guys on the mountain just being through singing and jamming. And invitation for some new steps. Ofcourse the mind with its constant need to find security and know the future can't really figure out this. It's the space - Allowing new energies to come through. But crucially first allowing myself to be and express the distortions and feel the frustration and lack of completion in that. Because how can I really know liberation if I havnt seen the constriction. 

Just before I had noticed that the dk locket has fallen off somewhere and I lost it from my wrist. Feels like it is pointing towards the need to let go of creation.. feeling much love

Sky 💚 


I've been trying to find missing emails from people posting.  They aren't showing up so tonight I found this forum, but not through the email.

I feel this attack is more craziness and darkness posturing.  It keeps a turd stirred all the time, like the scamdemic has been doing.  Truckers roll, miracles occur magically so the virus just basically goes away, but then Ukraine gets attacked.  And another VIR variant suddenly shows up too.  It's all a big jumble of drama.  I hadn't seen any news today, was busy with other things since it looks like I'll be moving pretty soon.

I've felt biden is instigating and showing his lack of love to the world.  It keeps people stirred up.  So I find things to do towards my moving, but also going slowly with that too.  I've just been in a wait and see mode for a while I guess.

I saw science articles that a massive solar flare on far side of sun could have been catastrophic for earth if it'd been on this side of the sun.  All kinds of planetary events seem to be happening along with the virus and war stuff.  Is it cause and effect?  Sometimes I think so.  I've felt for a while that we don't have too many years left before the crap hits the fan for earth.

So...the laptop has been having its crazy issues too and that makes it frustrating.  Too many updates cause too many changes for me to figure out what they've done next...  but I keep looking for your topics!

Thank you for keeping us informed.  I do want to say I've been feeling like a Livestream should come about soon. Hint...can't wait!  lol

Hugs, Praying EmojiHeart



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Hi Sherri, yes it sure seems like Open says; the OC is getting more desperate in keeping us distracted from our true focus which is to evolve. It's why i don't do the news at all anymore. i saw a great meme which was the virus leaving out one door and a nuke coming in through the other with the caption along the lines of "and now for our next act..." lol. Science "news" just stated China found a clear dome object on the moon, so the alien threat would be next in keeping us locked down it seems. Act 3. Or maybe it's just our own space junk they're using to see how we react. An emergency act got passed here so they're gearing up for some real NWO B.S. and all i want to do is run to the hills. More and more i want no part of this. i feel the urgency in getting past my old stuff and get evolving. Made a big decision yesterday that i wouldn't give in to my low vibe behaviours anymore, nor let others' behaviours bring me down even if i was the one creating it. Just a firm solid decision: "that's it, i'm done, it's time to start embodying who i wish to be". It's challenging to catch and change a behaviour that you've been unconsciously giving in to as a defense mechanism, or self-soothing, and for so long. But one of my habits was to give up as soon as i failed and then beat myself up about it. NO MORE!!! i will be my own best friend and will NOT give up! First steps on a new road. We've got to focus now and be vigilant in working on ourselves and try not to let the outside world distract us, and esp empaths, not to take on the fears and anger of other people. There's so much good out there, so many people coming together and others waking up. Got to keep on the path. Blessings💙


Yet again, it seems all the UK mainstream (fake stream) newspapers all have the same one and only access to the same news. And yet they're all different competing companies. On the same day, 7 of them feature exactly the same image of soldiers 'defending Kyiv'. Anyone whose been in the military would know you don't lie in the open like this!!...

As I said before, no doubt there is a conflict, no doubt it is dangerous, but at the same time, it has the strong odour of orchestration to distract.

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I am sitting on the dimensional fence these days, watching like a cool cat when I am in my conscious soul mode.  There is also lazy, sleepy feline mode as well as pouncing tiger fight mode. Just balanced on the fence watching the birds go by, listening to nature. What a display! 

My ability to just BE is heavily influenced by the question of how to answer or BE w my children as they are seeing this current affair from their own different lenses. The MSM is pumping full force through the ethers and my kiddos know what’s up. I can’t deny that I have a unique perspective, filtering it through being a mother and being fully aware of the illusion — Ray 2 and 3.

When I was 8 and 10 like my boys, I had no idea about the Soviet-Afgan war or civil war in El Salvador. The Iran-Iraq war was just brewing and numerous uprisings in Africa.  When I was 16, like my daughter, the US bombed Libya. I was playing basketball and collecting canned goods for a service project in my hometown.  The news of the discontent around the world was completely underplayed and off my radar.  Illusions, governmental chess moves and ongoing corruption was just playing itself out over and over and over and over again, creating the undertone of energetic unrest in our heart zone and traumatizing peoples. Here we go again. 

By the time I was on my own, I was under the impression that protesting and getting behind “those that cared” was the place for me.  Being one voice in the pool of the masses speaking out—that would rattle and shake the world!  Acting locally for the cause of change globally. Wrong...

What I am getting at is my journey has been a step by step experience of waking up to where I am presently AND I have three young souls in my life that are showing me how it affects them.  Showing me how I was affected back then, expanding for me my perspective of what I am in this current energetic pulse.

My daughter is half Russian. I have always known that she would be a part of the inner-standing and experience something big with her skills of many languages and open-minded advocating for the underdog. Yet, she is having her own battle within herself these days.  My empathic offspring is feeling everything and leaning on synthetic medication to maybe get her through to a stable ground through this shitshow.

My sons seem to get an experience this world war without being too close to what a war looks like. Nerf guns, shooting people in the virtual gaming world, acting out the energetics of the macrocosm not understanding bloodshed, inflation or famine just yet.  That is how it has happened over here in ‘Merica for numerous decades—we watch from our safe living room w a big screen TV ordering pizza to be delivered. What a mess.

Open, you asked what are our thoughts/feeling regarding Ukraine?

It seems so clear to me the battle within is being played out.  Everyone of us has the opportunity to go within and wrestle with their own leadership, soldiers, emergency workers, journalists, banks and governing body, etc.


I woke up a few nights ago with the vision of the chess board. And it was so clear to me that I was every piece of the game.  I am pawn, bishop, knight, both black king and white queen.  The game is the illusion. It appears that there are two ENTITIES playing against one another.  Ha Ha Ha says SOURCE!

Our 3D existence is to get to the point of BEING observer, step out of the matrix-y density.  Our 5D or ascended existence is the ability to surrender to the TRUTH that we are BEING the pieces, step into SOUL reality. And the CREATOR of ALL is moving all chess pieces. It already has the strategy, x amount of steps it will take as it plays itself to CHECKMATE to keep expanding. What a trip! There is no competition because Source is doing the competing (if you can call it that).  There is no winner or loser, no one to take sides with. 


So much love to you, Open and all the Rainbow Tribe!  Shedding tears of compassion for the suffering.  BUT feeling that waves of strong love for all beings are called for!  Sitting in the Center of the Torus.  Feeling called to do Tonglen meditation.  Sucking in the pain, fear and suffering, transmuting it in the Center, and blowing out great waves of loving kindness to all.  

Had this image of all of us blowing out these waves of love, like great winds blowing all over the planet!!  Felt to include the young russian soldiers too.  BUT staying grounded, focused and centered in Divine Presence!!

So much love to you all



I guess it doesn’t make sense, sharing another perspective in order to illuminate “Round 2” of mainstream Distractions as the title of your writing captures true essence of the reality at hand (at least, I can speak for mainland Europe…)

Nevertheless, I feel an inkling desire to go deeper into what’s been termed as “coming together and giving each other a global hug”. The question that arose for me throughout this week – how can I cultivate the feeling of peace within me and radiate stability in my daily activities?

Being faced with desperate/sad tears of my beloved partner, that has been working with youth from Ukraine for years, how does transcendental perspective really help? What can you say to people facing instability as it’s arising in their country?

I might even be having answers to this questions, factually. It’s been clear that “the new drama” has been brewing, which enabled me to be actually prepared for it. I’ve been literally feeling the cloud of distortions, that has lifted from “Covid story” and waiting for the new target to sit upon.

I am asking myself, was it inevitable, that it landed somewhere where it seems to traumatize another generation of human beings? How can we, as light/energy workers organize ourselves that our actions are not, in most cases reactionary, to the manipulations of shadow state? There is this sense of anchoring light, and calling for unity that instantly pops up in the spiritual mainstream… And if I am honest, that’s what definitely shapes my way in the coming days.

And yet I am asking myself, if there is a better way to process the pain that is simultaneously arising? As I was sitting with this “cloud of grey distorting Consciousness”, some days ago, I just realized we are still some “dramas manifested as chaos/wars” apart from collective unity on the Earth plane. I wish to have found a magic wand in order to orchestrate the immaculate capacities of “light workers” in a symphony of peace across the globe.

Let me first process some more of the trauma of living in the society, that manifests wars as the way of their own “evolution”. That way, I can probably step further into the No Man's Land.

As always, I feel very grateful for gentle reminder and perspective about the wordly affairs. It helps to step deeper into the playing field, while facing all of the perspectives that “modern football” entails. Hugging you all from there.




Can't disagree with any of what you said. All of my tribe of freethinkers think the same. We are watching from above at the next stage of the show. We stand in love and peace for the world, anchoring in the light that is shining and for the future of humanity. Working with and from our connected hearts. Namaste x

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Thanks for sharing Jayne - the more of us who see beyond it and come together, the less of a grip the shadow will have.

Much love

Open 🙏

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Yes - I would say the earth energies are ascending, which then projects out the shadow.

The shadowstate sees that it's losing its grip, so it has to create more drama to confuse and control.

Open 🙏

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Just wanted to share.

I have spent today in Glastonbury town hall for the upcoming land connection project I'm working on here.

On my way there I received a couple of wonderful signs, the 1st a stone masons van with a sword running through the stone image, The second an open reach van passing by as I entered the town hall, At this point I really felt the Rainbow tribe all around me , wonderful conformation that the project has the possibility to help people to connect through nature and remember.

Even though Gaia has shifted into 5D I feel her still here to guide and support us through the transition.

During the day the topic of the most recent fear project came up a few times. While talking to an elder of our community in her fear of the Ukraine situation and the possibility of Russia invading us a memory came of 5 year old me during the cold War fear time , my Father saying, "don't worry I will buy a shot gun and we will hide in the cellar" Not sure which one scared me more at the time, nuclear war, shotgun or the cellar!

None of these ever happened I am glad to say.

My point is the fear game has been constant through this lifetime and many others.

I feel very fortunate that I can feel through this and want to share that the open hand work has had a big part to play in this clarity over the past decade.

An image of the Buddha of compassion drops in when I see the suffering people are going through , many open hands spreading love.

The Mexico, pleiadian gathering was beyond words though heres a few:

Connection, Joy, Expansion and Remembering.

Feels timeless though only a moon ago.

Much Love to our Rainbow tribe.