Uprising: We The Systemic Anomaly - We are ALL George Floyd

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Society is emerging from lockdown, yet don't be hoodwinked into thinking it's all over - that life simply returns to "normal". If you're tuned into 3D and 4D karmic reality, you can clearly feel where the controllers are moving to take this. With each instigation of new curtailments, like trackntrace, travel quarantines, wearing face masks, digital passports, DNA changing vaccines and growing dependency on the nanny state, this is all strategised as a steady "frog march" to a synthetic agenda, to a totalitarian state. But even a strategy backed by AI can't plan for the "systemic anomaly", Neo, The One, the spanner in the works.

Peaceful Rebellion - a Key that Unlocks Karma

The uprising against the Brutality towards George Floyd, is in actual fact, a much broader uprising against repression of the human soul. And that the incident should happen immediately after a release of the first lockdown is synchronistically astounding of the said "anomaly". Humanity has been herded and coralled by a propaganda of fear, confused by a bombardment of false science and statistics, but this is a statistic no one can ignore or be confused by. It was captured there in plain sight. And we can so easily empathise, becaue we are ALL George Floyd.

In all of us, in some way, since the time of Atlantis, we've been enslaved, brutalised, constrained and controlled. There's no doubt about it, this is the perfect reflection of that lockdown. And let no one be confused by the misdirectiing tactics that are trying to tar it with violence. This IS a peaceful but STRONG rebellion. Haleylulah!

In many ways this incident is a marker of a deeply embedded ancient Homo Sapiens karma - Original humans repressed, suppressed and then enslaved. And as deeply tragic as this particular incident is, it also represents a key by which humanity can unlock an inner door to express and unravel this karmic energy, assuming it can be done so in a peacefully channeled and embodied way.

Understanding the Intervention on Earth

Changing the Hologram

It's a complex situation no doubt. Homo Sapiens is interwoven into the very fabric of matrix we rail against. And the injustice is systemic against all sentient life here. Consider how we so readily accept the enslavement and brutalisation of sentient beings in the industrial food chain; that plenty still can't add 2+2 and see the 4 leggeds are just like us. It shows the veils are still there over human consciousness, interwoven within, and these must be steadily peeled away from awakening eyelids. Progressively the human spirit becomes sovereign, which also means becoming empathically respectful, which then demands the external reflect back the same. The hologram thus changes.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a daunting task.

It is. But reflect back on situations like apartheid in Africa or the Iron Curtain across Europe, who would have thought they'd so readily fall the way they did. Who could easily envisage they'd unravel so spontaneously? All it takes is one spark to fire it off. One anomaly. One George Floyd. And we are ALL that now.

Incontrovertible Scientific Evidence that Homo Sapiens was Hybridised

Becoming the Anomaly

What can you do to take back power? What can you do to liberate your spirit? We must each become an act of rebellion against unconsciousness, against simply handing over power because that's what you're expected to do. It may mean getting fined for breaking quarantine rules, not wearing your mask, not socially distancing, which have been pretty absurd regulations with little or no scientific basis, other than to divide, terrorise, and corale. There's no need for aggression though, that's detrimental to our cause. But standing sovereign, being informed, and being prepared to express the truth that you see - this is what's required now.

The controllers are trying to divide people, to marginalise those that resist the program. To misdirect and confuse. Let that NOT happen. Let us keep empathising in consciousness. Let us keep feeling the truth and expressing it. Let us overcome any fear. We are destined to rise as a new human race. We will rise. But to be a part of this emergence, each must keep taking the sovereign steps, the constant conscious choice. That's what's called for now.

Let your very beingness itself become the anomaly, the spanner in the works, that act of rebellion.

In Loving Respect

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For me this was one of the most refreshing things to see here in the UK over the weekend. The UK has been incredibly docile and acquiescent to the official lockdown narrative, yet here we are, about 150,000 people came out to protest about racist oppression. 

Here is what took place in Bristol, where a strong but peaceful group pulled down the statue of a 17th century slave trader and pushed it into the marina. It's so poignant on many levels: 1) the people overcame any reticence and fear of the lockdown 2) Bristol (and the marina) happens to be a key centre for the Templar Knights, those who protected pilgrams on the way to the holy lands 3) it's symbolic of tearing down the slavery in which we've all been encapsulated.

It may not be seen that way generally, but for me, synchronicity of the heart speaks far louder than the intention of the mind...

Hi Open and Openhand family,

Deep inquiries lately with all that is happening surrounding protests, etc. My question, well more of a thought, has to do in regards to karma, Through this incident surrounding George Floyd, I keep getting that it was karma he (George) had to clear in this  (unfortunate) manner .. I also feel that it is karma the law enforcement officer will be clearing as well.  For it to happen at this exact time is symbolic on so many levels.  I read somewhere that they actually knew each other in a previous security job- full circle? irony?.... No- I feel it is more karmic. - perhaps they knew each other in a previous life and had unresolved karma.  I know there are many layers of messages in why this happened, especially at this time- the very words he stated "I can't breathe" has so many meanings...1. He physically couldn't breathe, 2.  the people of this world feel like they can't breathe due to lockdown, 3. people with the virus that do get sick from it have said those very words, 4. wearing of the masks in public makes people feel like they can't breathe (I know this personally wearing a mask for 12-13 hours a day as a nurse) .....there are so many reflections in this situation. 

I heard this song yesterday- I had never heard it before- the universe brought it to me.... I feel such a powerful message behind it in conjunction with what is happening at this time. It moved strong energy and karma from within me and I hope it may do the same for others. 

In love Praying Emoji


we are the lions

we are the chosen

we gonna shine out the dark

we are the movement, this generation

you better know who we are


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You're absolutely right on Betsy, how the George Floyd incident represents so many deep aspects of karma - I'm quite surprised that's not being seen and appreciated more widely - in the spiritual mainstream.

Yes, the "I Can't Breathe" statement is so highly significant - it's why I used the image on the home page, but I didn't want to highlight it till others picked up on it. What you say here is highly accurate and illuminating...

I know there are many layers of messages in why this happened, especially at this time- the very words he stated "I can't breathe" has so many meanings...1. He physically couldn't breathe, 2.  the people of this world feel like they can't breathe due to lockdown, 3. people with the virus that do get sick from it have said those very words, 4. wearing of the masks in public makes people feel like they can't breathe (I know this personally wearing a mask for 12-13 hours a day as a nurse) .....there are so many reflections in this situation. 

Right on Betsy Thumbs Up Sign And I see two more:

Firstly there's the Black African taken from the place of the Original Humans, enslaved, and brought into the matrix as Homo Sapiens. Secondly it's reflecting on Sirius karma - the "I can't breathe" symptomatic of a collapsing reality.

So yes, this is so very highly significant. And not yet being fully realised as to it's revelance.

I'd say it's a spanner in the controllers works,
A key to unlocking a major density of karma.
Watch this space.

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Dear Open, 

In February and early March, I had a bad VIR attack and, unusually for me had felt the same difficulty breathing. At that time too I had felt Sirius Karma coming up strongly. With these reflections now, I am seeing how this ties in to humankind 's slavery ( I feel a lot of emotion about that) and also the unacknowledged grief of the collective. Again very karmic.

As I am writing this, I am also feeling into how the acknowledgement and working through this karma by just a few aware souls is shifting so much. It just popped into my head and I felt I should share. Also how Fear is such a powerful energy once owned a d acknowledged. And there is so much of it out there at present! 

Betsy, I commiserate so much with your mask wearing. I myself haven't had to don PPE yet. The case seem to be spiking in India and hospitals are in for mayhem that we are totally not prepped for. 

And yet there is a soft layer of acceptance within me and alertness. What can I do right now, how best can i Be right now. 

Lots of love to you all!


PS Now reports in India show that the virus already went through our population once which might explain the much. Lower death rates. I am going to see the FB live (missed it because we were ignoring social distancing and having a nice cuppa tea  with friends 😊) 


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Hi Megha - thanks for sharing - you're absolutely right that when just a small group of souls really gets what the karma is about, then you can penetrate into it and begin to activate it - bring it to the surface.

Right now, plenty of people are calling for the injustices of the external world to change. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, BUT, the external is the reflection of the internal, so it can only really change by seeing the reflection, OWNING it, and then doing the inner work. When enough people are doing that at a collective level, then the system itself will change in nature.

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Dear Open, 

I my culture we have a phrase that means 'becoming aware of Self or becoming conscious '. Ever since this has happened for me at 16, I have been curiously observing how the external drama related to patriarchy or social hierarchies or casteism in my immediate neighbourhood have very well entrenched systems of thought on the inside. And how despite living In the system, if one stops subscribing to those lines of thought, one almost effortlessly changes ones landscape and becomes a beacon for others.

Finding the Openhand family ( or should I say rediscovering all of you) has meant I am able to become aware and dismantle faster. It's such deep work. Such soul work! 

And it's time the world at large or at least those that are ready for it, become conscious of themselves. Who they are. What we are all here for. 

It is time, it is time! 

In my efforts to understand what's going on right now, I've just managed to get more confused than ever. Certainly, there is a great deal of racism in the US, and elsewhere. And we need to be aware of that. But are we getting the full story? A great deal of obloquy has been directed at President Trump, and he hasn't seemed to be helping himself or anyone else with some of the things he's said. But is that the same President Trump who, we are told, has cleared the Republican Party of the very people who are still inhabiting the Democratic Party in great numbers, who told us that 9/11 was 'an inside job', who has opposed the plaindaemic, who was traduced by those who said he had collaborated with the Russians, and so on. And are the opposition not exploiting the current unrest to create more confusion and more separation between people than ever. I was asked today by a Facebook Friend why I hadn't posted anything about the current situation on Facebook. She seemed to be setting herself up as a form of 'thought police'. I haven't replied to her yet, because I'm still deciding what to say, but one thing I could mention is the danger of setting oneself up as an authority without having a complete grasp of what's happening, including what's going on behind the scenes. I find your words most helpful. Can you provide some enlightenment?   

In reply to by Mark Webber (not verified)

Hi Mark - yes you raise an interesting point about President Trump - which "side" is he on - is there some aspect of him supporting the breakdown of the old powers-that-be? It would appear that he tends to swing both ways. He did support the lifting of the lockdown - but clearly there's a business element behind that. He's also signed off on an intensification of 5Jeez - but then probably from a business stand point. He's also gone head on against the mainstream media and broken their stranglehold in the USA - a good thing indeed. We could do with someone like that in the UK! (I was quite appauled to learn only the other day that the Gates Foundation funds both the BBC and The Guardian Newspaper).

When considering this only yesterday, I came to this conclusion: that the soul has different characteristics, and even though someone might not be awakened, they could in given circumstances express in an aligned way by riding a particular aspect of their soul - the ray 1 warrior aspect for example. For all his clear failings and faults, he does have a very strong ray 1. He's kind of like a raptor in a suit (LOL). And I would say that's exactly what's needed in many of the situations when facing the twisting and turning of the "Black Snake" energy which has clearly invaded the left (and environmental movement) at this time. Also he's been so brazen on many issues, that he probably has little to fear about what the controllers might say to threaten him back to their underlying agenda. So he's probably the ideal person to have in that role at this time. BUT, that doesn't make him awakened or likely to usher in a new just and aligned paradigm of harmony for all.

I'd be interested in how others see it too?

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Open, I found your words during the live webcast this afternoon really helpful in throwing light on this area. I expect you are aware of the Telos books, consisting of channellings by Aurelia Louise Jones. Somewhere in one of those I read that someone would come from the 'other side', who would be instrumental in carrying things forward for the 'Light'. We were enjoined not to be too hard on them. If Mr Trump is the one/such a one, (and I am inclined to think that he might be) some people are being anything but kind to him. When he first appeared on the scene, I more than once opined that he was a 'Muppet.' But I don't do it any more. Thanks for all your hard work and wisdom.

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Great questions Open. There is a very obvious(to me) huge manipulation of the events following the racist psychopathic murder of an innocent man by an individual Police Officer(+ 3 others)

the Mainstream Media have jumped right in to back anything connected with BLM & showing very much an aspect from one polarity (any thought police out there...I don’t join any polarity I just OBSERVE) There’s a huge promotion going on to promote the idea that this anarchy is justified, Almost over night the worlds Police Forces have become public enemy #1...    Seems a huge manipulation/Psyop going on. Yes I know there’s been lots of unjustified police brutality during the demonstrations,but it’s the same as ever from MM... backing one polarity. This is such a clever method of causing division.

OK, how many people out there have read about the Murder of ‘David Dorn’ .. seemed very much like a philanthropic Afro-American,just last week. 
killed by the Mob during Looting, Ex Police Chief Too!  How come His black life don’t matter.

in this 3D matter of Polarities the answer could possibly be the Mainstream Media...or more Importantly it’s Shadow Backers have an agenda. Division & Control. They don’t actually believe any life matters. But guess what... if you are not giving full unquestioned support to their agenda you will be interrogated on Social Media as per the thought police on Open’s Facebook!

When I see footage of Martin Luther King jr I feel a sense of deep Love in that man’s heart. I also have great respect & admiration for Malcolm X .. But I’m sensing a Trojan Horse with what’s being presented with this one dish menu.