What's the REAL Solution to Looming Environmental Catastrophe?

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With escalating regularity a factual event now occurs in the world that shocks you awake. Like the fact that society is now consuming over 1 million plastic bottles per minute. Yes, just digest that for one moment before moving on. By 2021, that'll amount to half a trillion bottles per year - are such figures even comprehendable by the human mind? Well put it this way, at this rate, by 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic bottles than fish! Where is this all heading? What's the wider message about the society we're living in? What's the REAL solution to this insanity? Only a spiritual shift in consciousness can save mankind now...

Capitalism is Not Working

Compassionate environmentalists will say there has to be a practical solution. We can find other ways for people to drink. But the problem goes much deeper than that. It cuts to the very bedrock of how society is configured and works (or more appropriately, doesn't work). Society is based on a capitalistic system of industrial globalisation. Understandably, people want to live where they choose, work where they choose, and have the freedom to consume what they choose. Capitalism originally opened pandora's box - now it underpins and constantly replenishes it.

Yes, we could ban plastic bottles outright. But then what about all the other packaging that's a daily facet of society? You can't ban the packaged products of one industrial dinosaur without banning them all. And if you ban them all, then in effect, you're cutting the throat of capitalism. The turkeys would have to vote for Christmas. What's the likelihood of that?

The Only Viable Solution is a Shift in Consciousness

The real problem is, the very system itself. And Humanity has been downgraded to fit within that system. Therefore the only real and lasting way forwards is a shift in consciousness - an evolution into a new paradigm of being. That's the invitation beckoning all awakening people now.

Tinkering around with climate and environmental control may stem the rapidly inflowing tides of change for a while. Yes, it will be essential to maintain viable 3D living as long as possible. But in this Great 5D Shift that's now accelerating, the Gateways into the higher consciousness vibration will stay open only for so long.

Can you see, and truly appreciate, the REALITY of it yet?

As you go about your daily life, can you begin to appreciate the absolute redundancy - the absurdity - of the system we're living in? My suggestion is to consume consciously - be mindful whenever you buy something. Think about where it's come from and how did it get to you? Think about the lasting viability of that supply line. Consider what it's doing to the planet.

So what's the point?

Some quite understandably ask..."if the biosphere is being destroyed in this way, and we're ascending into a higher paradigm of being, then what's the point of consuming consciously - what does it serve?"

The point is that to shift into 5D consciousness, we have to become as-one with Gaia, which means to be respecting all of the choices we make that impact her. This way, we shift into the higher consciousness that has respect for all sentient life.

Go deeply into the global impact of this mindless pandemic called "capitalistic consumerism". Work past any fear. Expand through it. Use it as inspiration to unfold your deepest levels of soul. Let that now inspire a change in your daily life - what do you invest your time in? Explore how much time you meditate. How conscious are you in your relationships and general way of living? From moment to moment, what is the calling of your soul? And how does it want to guide you?

Time to decide

Those that follow suggestions like these, begin to discover we're now living in two worlds not one. The old consumeristic world is now long past its sell-by-date. And a pristine new 5D paradigm is emerging like a majestic pheonix from the burning dross of the old.

  • It's time to decide, time to commit, time to unfold the spectacular majesty of who we really are.

See you on the ascending path!

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Dear Open, I took time to review the reference you offered. Paul Beckwith appears to be a climatologist that promotes SRM (solar radiation mgmt) and CDR (carbon dioxide removal). My understanding is that these are just 2 of the many geoengineered causes of massive climate change, as well as environmental destruction, not the corrective measures to global warming that the 'powers-that-be' claim them to be.

I agree with your way of exploring issues. I feel most of us come to conclusions way too easily. I do daily inner work and try my best to remain grounded and open. I inquire inside, as well as outside. The answers I've realized are very clear, to me, that Gaia is not in danger. I believe she is much more adaptable and stable than many believe. Yes, rapid changes are happening, mostly manipulated by psychopaths that are relentless in their need for more money and control. This is not placing blame, handing over power to them, or shirking personal responsibility, it is simply sharing what my inquiry is revealing.

I disagree with you that what I feel in my heart 'should resemble what science is reporting'. Why would I need to involve my heart if I simply believed the 'science' of the mainstream? Science is never conclusive or fixed, IMO. Mainstream global warming scientists say we're doomed and we're responsible for it. I don't believe mainstream scientists' conclusions. Science is alive and constantly adapting along with the expansion of consciousness, as is Gaia. Who can say what another's heart SHOULD resemble? My whole motivation for posting my opinion is to share MY heart and my perspectitve. My heart tells me this is a really big hoax -- one of the biggest yet.

Hi Ellie,

I think the essence of Kim's inquiry - and mine - is the typical Openhand way of exploring issues like these: it's about moving beyond 'research', because as you rightly point out, it all depends on your perspective, and that depends on how well you've polished the internal lens - NOT the external one.

So all of this external evidence then presents a mirror to the inner world. How do you feel about what is being presented? How does Gaia feel to you? Every time you visit a supermarket, gas station, shopping mall, airport, railway station, look around you, feel deep within, and ask: "how sustainable is all of this?" Let that inner inquiry then initiate. I believe you'll get very clear answers.

And it's also vitally important not to fix in a particular perspective - to not let it become rigid. Because everything, every single situation you encounter, is about self realisation - what are you being in relation to what you see? And it's highly likely - guaranteed I would say - that you'd be invited to explore internal filters you might be looking through.

For example: some people might have a filter that blames "them over there" for what is going on. Instead of taking personal responsibility. Taking personal responsibility is a massive commitment that many are unwilling to accept - it involves a constant conscious choice in every moment.

So on this site certainly, in this approach, it's about not fixing on an external truth, but allowing the reflections to take one deeper through ones own internal alignment.

Sending love and wishing you well

Open *give_rose*

Hi Ellie,

Actually Ellie, no I certainly don't put my faith in the science. As I'm constantly advocating on this site, I always come from what I feel in the heart. To reiterate what I said in my initial response...

    "for anyone who doubts the disastrous impact human behaviour is having on the planet - go to any city, any airport, service station, mall or supermarket; contemplate that since the beginning of the industrial revolution mankind has cut down 50% of the trees and destroyed 50% of the wildlife - across the WHOLE planet! Then go into your heart and ask Gaia. I believe she'll give you a very clear answer."

Have you actually done this? Can you feel and hear Gaia herself?

And, at the same time, I believe it's also important that what you'd feel in the heart, bears some resemblance to what's being scientifically reported. Constantly on the web these days, independent researchers are reporting the disastrous affects on the climate caused by humanity. Check out Paul Beckwith for example... Paul Beckwith.

I also thinks it's essential to express one more point, where I think all-too-often, the spiritual mainstream causes people to inadvertently hand over their power to the 'powers-that-be'. They certainly DO NOT have all the power and control all the people within the system. The idea that they do is a very dangerous meme, that I have no doubt they even circulate themselves through various trolls and bogus posting in web communities - it's essentially telling yourself you simply cannot win! To suggest that from thousands of scientists, somehow they manage to manipulate 97% feels to me like a gross, self-defeating distortion.

The illuminati are now clearly losing their power, with for me, three very important indicators: (1) they were not able to prevent a Brexit vote (2) they were not able to elect Hillary Clinton (3) The collapse of conservatism in the UK and the momentous rise of Jeremy Corbyn (at least thus far).

Let's not hand our power over any longer. Let's go into the heart and believe that the incredible shift of consciousness taking place is beyond their control - then for you it will be. And ultimately, Gaia's climate shift will be beyond anybody's ability to control. She will do what she's now been waiting to do for some time. Paradoxically, what the powers-that-be have kicked off through the industrial military complex (ie excessive human consumption), will run away with them, and sweep this scourge from the planet. And nothing will stop it.

What I have seen, and what I'm given to share from the highest levels of consciousness, is that we're not now looking at rises in surface temperatures of 2-4 centigrade, but 200-400 centigrade. And no human power on earth will be able to prevent it. And that's ultimately how higher harmony, equity and justice for all sentient life on Earth will be re-established - in the New 5D Paradigm, at a higher frequency of being.

With love

Open *give_rose*

Hi Ellie,
You seem overly concerned with what others believe. What feels true to you? It seems funny to me that you question science but trust someone's blog post and a conspiracy theorist. No one truly knows exactly how things will play out but evidence surely points to a bleak outcome for life on earth continuining. As uncomfortable as this is to contemplate perhaps it would be beneficial for people to look at how all our lives contribute and what we are really here for.

In reply to by kim

Hi Kim, Does it seem I'm overly concerned with what people believe? The information I shared feels true to me, and I just wanted to contribute to the conversation and share these points of view. I do question science with regard to big issues like global warming, vaccine safety, wireless radiation, etc. I've spent many hours researching climate change the past couple of years. The 2 links I posted are 2 of the most succinct summaries I chose to share of what makes sense to me. I encourage you to take time to listen to the two links; you may not be so quick with your assumptions about me, amd the men sharing their experience and research.

Hi Megha - your approach warms my heart <3

It's the embracing of truth which is paramount - truth that we can feel in our hearts. Yes, this is a double sided coin: it will bring up grief at the loss of planetary life, but in processing that, you become as one with it, and you're released from the fear of it - you can expand out into higher vibrational dimensions.

    And work to remember - life moves on, change is the only constant. None of this life force will be lost; it will reshape into some even more spectacular!

With love.

Open <3

I continue to process the loss of planetary life . And yet here is a little excerpt of my morning insight today
Today more than ever the veils between world are very thin . I can feel a new world being formulated slowly, no, steadly . A world in which darkness is not denied but hugged and assimilated to become part of the rainbow of possibilities we as humans have .
I am being flooded with knowing and deep connection with the higher aspect of all beings in my life . I can relate with their higher selves ,when I am vibrating high enough I have the choice . And thence I can also look at their behaviour through that very compassionate lens in the third dimension . In my lovingness I may invite them to integrate with their higher perspective but its a choice each being makes for themselves and really I cannot be bound or held to any choice but my own . That boundless unconditional space is the 5th dimension .( I think )
in this space I can continue to have a relationship with all those I Have lost ,my father and granpa,my dog and perhaps ,when I am able to see far enough all the life we have "lost ".

It s afr stretch for me but slowly ,painfully slowly through grief ,I am getting a faint glimmer of this knowing .
Totally loved that video !
lots of love

Hi Ellie,

Yes, I have heard these claims, and I do believe geo-engineering has been weaponised, but are we still seriously questioning if global warming and abrupt - human generated climate change - are really happening?

The clear evidence from many independent sources is that the Arctic sea ice is reducing rapidly to the point where there will be none in summer months very soon. The impact of this is already catastrophic - there are scientific reports, and countless independent youtube videos, of massive permafrost methane releases - one NASA report shows a 150 km wide release in the arctic! Methane is at least 20 times more warming than C02 and there's 50 giga tonnes of permafrost that will likely release quickly (check out Guy McPherson). It's already impacting the weather systems in a disastrous way - that should be clearly evident to everyone, irrespective of conspiracy theories.

We are already exceeding the 1.5 degree centigrade mark recently set as the dangerous red line by the UN panel on climate change - the release of methane and water vapour caused by the melting ice is likely to take that upto 6 degrees centigrade above base line within decades. There have not been humans on the planet above 2-3 centigrade! (over base).

If we're talking conspiracy theories by the controllers, I'd say the reverse is true - they already know the seriousness of the situation, which is why they've been spraying metal vapours in the air since the 1970's. I'd say they spin these contradictory global warming stories in the Alternative media so that people aren't encouraged to change their behaviours - from clear evidence, their agenda is very much 'business as usual'. Which is why they propped up the financial system at the point of collapse in 2008.

    If geo-engineering is only about weaponisation, why are they spraying day-in, day-out over countries like Britain and in Europe? What are they trying to take over that they don't already have? Last time I landed at Gatwick airport, planes were clearing spraying all around it - why would that be? I'd say because of the heat footprint those locations create.

But apart from any of this, for anyone who doubts the disastrous impact human behaviour is having on the planet - go to any city, any airport, service station, mall or supermarket; contemplate that since the beginning of the industrial revolution mankind has cut down 50% of the trees and destroyed 50% of the wildlife - across the WHOLE planet! Then go into your heart and ask Gaia. I believe she'll give you a very clear answer.

And if that doesn't work, maybe a touch of irony will...

Much love,

Open <3

In reply to by Open

Thank you for your reply. Yes, the climate is changing. Yes, mankind contributes. I appreciate you taking time to share your perspective, however I'm surprised that YOU put your faith in 97% of scientists, NASA, Guy McPherson (who quotes and supports the same 97% of scientists, and a comedian. 'Science' gives us allegedly safe vaccines and radiation-emitting electronics! In the U.S. we know that NASA and Universities are illuminati institutions, and professors are educated/programmed to believe amd teach the illuminati's agenda.

Worthwhile listening:

Alex Newman, independent journalist, attended Paris Climate Conference.


Jim Lee (Where Conspiracy Meets Reality) presentation at Global Warming-An Inconvenient Lie Conference, Dec 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ttzusoe9Hk

Your friend on the path...

Thank you Open, I appreciate your sincerity and compassion. I'd like to offer another perspective. Could this be another hoax from 'the controllers' to divide and conquer humanity, to control and tax us more? The alleged threat of global warming is the whole justification for geoengineering. Jim Lee, Climate Viewer.org at Freedom Force International Conference. Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH_Skm-OkZs&t=149s)

Cathy, this is a very informative and detailed article complementing Open's direct and factual text, with lots of well-sourced evidence - thank you for sharing. I can use a lot of info from both articles in my courses - very useful!

And like you, I feel the sadness and grief, as well as the urgency for inner change - a shift in consciousness - that will give rise to outer change (5D).


Attached is a searingly honest article titled "The Uninhabitable Earth" from New York Magazine that my daughter forwarded to me this week. She shared it on Facebook, but there was only one taker. No surprise. It ain't pretty.

Meanwhile, the interior of British Columbia, Canada, is burning with a record number of forest fires in increased hot, dry conditions. Thousands have been displaced and many have lost their homes. It's heartbreaking to witness. I cry whenever I hear the sad stories of those affected.

The absurdity of life here hits me more and more everyday. Whenever I walk into stores and shopping centers, I get visions of empty buildings, bare and stripped of food and merchandise.

Do I feel fear? Yes. I won't be here in physical form when the planet goes up in ashes. But I'm fearful for those who will suffer. I'm doing my best to process the feelings. Yes, the only viable solution is a shift in consciousness. I feel the urgency.