When You Feel Like You've Had Enough of This Life

Submitted by Open on Sat, 05/30/2020 - 04:08

I've been picking up a feeling these last few days, out there in the field, which I can only descrribe as having had enough of this life and being in the 3D world at this time. It's highly understandable you might feel this way. It's such a crazy situation in society with plenty of people still lost and in fear, still subscribing to the lunacy of the propogated control drama. Yet we have a purpose, meaning and destiny. Our soulful energy is rippling through the field. It IS bringing people awake. It IS changing things for the better.

Your soul was crafted to endure and shine through these times. So let's shine on!

I do know it's hard at times. I sometimes feel that way too.... "what's the point?"

If you feel this, I empathise with you. I feel your pain. Know that you are heard and felt. The Benevolent Mission feels you too. You are not alone.

Who you are and what you're here to do is respected, valued and greatly cherished. We always knew this was not going to be easy.

And it will be the making of us. The forging of our being. The crafting of our soul.

Know this - there is a positivity to your soul, a childlike enthusiasm, always looking for the path, the unravelling flow. Negativity is not you. Depression is not you. Downheartedness is not you. So if these come up, work them through, in classic Breakthrough Fashion.

Yes, we did elect to manifest some tough times. But we've been here before you and I. We've done this before - supported Great Realignments, where we channel the density through us and out.

You will likely feel like the density as this happens. That's the nature of being empathic catalytic.

But know the density is not you. It's an experience. A feeling. Like any feeling, work not to attach to it. Express it, then let it come through.

Look around you, everywhere. Look closely at nature. I can tell you this, organic life on the planet is begining to shift. It's moving into the light body form. Try slightly closing your eyes as you look out - try squinting. Feel the energy rising and ascending. Look past the density. Tune into the aliveness, the vibrancy. It's still there and showing the way, demonstrating all that you can be. Listen for it. The call of the bird. The rising of the wind. The sun shining through. Nature will always connect in some way.

And whatever the mainstream media continues to propagate, its mostly delusion and lies. Ditch it. Dump it. Hit delete. Give no more energy to it. It will progressively diminish. The alternative media is growing - especially person to person. Collectively we don't believe it anymore. Even those who can't yet see beyond and into the soul are nevertheless beginning to doubt in the mainstream. Plenty are turning away. It's a very good sign.

Remember, when you are closest to the Breakthrough, that's when it can look and feel darkest. Keep finding the light in you. Keep shining, keep expressing. And when you feel like you've had too much of this life, well hold on. Reach out. Connect with a kindred soul. Share your pain and process it out together.

You are a being of light, put here to shine. You are not alone. Let's shine on together. As the 3D matrix gets darker out there, let's light up the world with the brilliance of our consciousness.

You are not alone!

In loving support

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I have recently been fed up, annoyed and really dont have the will to live. im at a dead end point in my life. i wasted 7 years of marriage on someone who wasnt mine and that really hurts more than having the children it hurts to see the eyes of betrayal from the one who meant the world. i just cant live like this it has mentally, emotionally and physically broken me how much is one person supposed to take because i cant anymore look at my children and carry on like im fine but i really am not i hate myself for being in this position i allowed myself to get broken by the hands that were supposed to be there for me and always take care of me. im shattered i feel suicidal i dont know who to turn to. Nobody i dont have anybody there for me. How can one person make you feel like this.

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Hi Annonymous - thanks for sharing. I'm sure many experience similar situations. Know that you are not alone β™₯️

It's crucial in these situations to reflect on one's overall purpose in life, and indeed, the bigger purpose of the Universe.
It is to reveal YOU as an inviolable expression of The One. It is to empower you in that position.
In which case, nothing is wasted. And no one can make you feel anything.
You are always doing it to yourself, because you're trying to get love, respect, comfort and support from someone out there.
Instead, the purpose is to find wholeness, completeness and self-love within.
We achieve this by letting go of any need for an outcome in the outer.
You locate the tightness inside and ask if it really serves to carry that burden?
Your wellness and peace depend on no one and no particular circumstance. It is always a personal choice.
It is a choice to simply let go and be free.
You can only be deceived, let down or betrayed by another because you're somehow attaching your well-being to what they might do for you - so you're inadvertently depending on them for who you are - this is self-betrayal. Ultimately, you only need the well-being of self.

I know to let go is easier said than done. Hence I would advise facilitator support.
If you'd like to explore, check our facilitator network: Openhand Facilitator Network

Best wishes

Open πŸ™


Thank you for this supportive reminder Open, I do feel like this right now.. 'Will it ever feel a bit lighter? What's the point of life?'. There's such a separation, as if I have two lives. When going for walks in nature and connect to plants/animals I easily tune into the joy and higher frequencies, but then there's society that I want nothing to do with. I know this is a pattern and I'm working through it with a wonderful facilitator, but I have such a hard time connecting these two, to ground the higher vibrations down. Most of the time I don't want anything to do with people, not even kindred spirits. At the same time I feel I didn't come here to live like a hermit who only talks to birds so.. I can only go on and work it through! Praying EmojiThe Sun Face Emoji

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I completely understand Hannah - the world just got turned upside down and inside out. Plenty of people out there feel like you do.

I think that if one genuinely has a challenge with society and don't feel it's one's part to blend in and merge through, that's entirely okay. Everyone has a different role to play. For some it will be plunged right in it, but for others it might be skirting along the edge of society, but, holding a great vibration and anchoring that on the planet - it's so necessary right now.

There with you

Open πŸ™

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me too Hannah, to all of it, especially wanting to be away from people but that's just us seeing our pain mirrored back to us so we instinctively turn away to avoid that pain. and working it through is exactly right, thete is no other way to get through than to go through, to face the original wounds, you'll be amazed how much calmer and peaceful you feel every time you break down and begin to understand why people are the way they are, and you are the way you are and why you keep doing the same foolish stuff you did when you were a child to cope. and even more so when you realize you're exactly like them. there's nothing to fear, we are all scared and hurt and when we see that, we'll start to have more patiemce and understamding with each other; start supporting each other instead of taking everything so personally and retaliating, even if just in thought. and you do feel lighter; the old adage is true:" you never truly understand the weight of something you've been carrying until you let it go." i have cast myself afloat with trust that spirit will guide me. i let go of a big burden today and i feel so much lighter even though my trust is rusty and i have very little safety net. guess this is learning to fly. the burden was so incredibly necessarry though, to force me to truly see and understand myself and others, but i made the decision that it was time to let go because wounds need a chance to heal before the next big "push". one can only stand so much before breaking down and i guess that was the whole point. you just have to recognize when that lesson has reached it's saturation point. here i go going on about myself again, only this is as much about pride in my breakthrough (i think sometimes a wounded ego couldnt hurt from an occasional pat on the back, just gotta stay humble), as wanting to share it: you can do it! if i can get through such a difficult time and truly see how i literally create my life unconsciously by avoiding my old wounds and hanging on to the same coping mechanisms, anyone can. i know i still have quite a journey ahead of me but i think the litlle girl might be growing up. ive seen a glimpse of whats on the other side and its glorious! we really do need to stick together. hang in there you are so worth itπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

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Thank you so much for mirroring this back to me, hitting the nail on the head. And is it not in sharing about ourselves and our own stories we can resonate outward something really true? Slightly Smiling

How great you were able to let go of some load today! Little by little I do feel I'm unpacking as well, I also let go of some weight in the past days. And the wisdom and lightness that comes with it is always so worth it. 

I remembered something I wrote a couple of months ago that I felt like putting down here:


what cannot come
will not come
the old forces
driven by lack
slowly dying
a painful death

do not fear
that which fades
for it is not you
you, my love,
are looking through
those eyes

from deep within me
(me - who is that even?)
cries out an ancient sorrow
carried around for way too long
and exactly long enough

every breath deeper
every touch more intimate
every word more true
every death died 
feels more alive
and ever new.

Thanks so much for the encouragement Heart 

To the little inner girls High Five Emoji



14/07/2021 Journal Update

I recognise it's very tough for people out there at times in the shift right now. The shadowstate keeps purposefully playing on people's emotions - first promising to lower restrictions and then tightening them - it's all a strategy to subdue and own the pysche. Don't let them! Don't play by their agenda. Freedom is YOUR choice not there's. So be sure to disentangle from the drama. The real story going on is the shift itself up into 5D consciousness - that's a path you decide to walk and it's where the density can help you. Because each time you feel the negativity inside, that's exactly where yo work, whether it be on the mental plane, emotional or karmic. Just keep feeling in, expressing and unravelling through. If you don't know Openhand's Break through approach, then explore working with that...

The Daily Process of Working Through Karma

Love to all

Open πŸ’™

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Dear Open ,

Thanks for the timely post . As of now ,we are between " waves " in India. And as you point out we are being " allowed " the freedon to live a normal life . With the threat of another wave being dangled constantly to get the silly children to behave :) 

I on the other hand ,tire of the shenanigans to the extent of not even needing it to go away. Or anyone to wake up . I am just living my life and seeing how to imbibe more and more soul informed rightness. 

Some of this movement seems to take me on the path towards breaking down many of the constructs of my life that seem to be teetering towards extinction after Divinicus  . Some of it towards rethinking where and how I live and what I plan to do with the next few years on the wild ride that is Planet Earth . 

The daily karmic processing remains my most cherished practice. And I am feeling so much coming up in both base ( safety) and heart ( karma) these days . 

A big dollop of care to all those reading this. These are disorienting times on the one hand and yet ,for me ,each happenstance continues to push me to feel deeper and deeper into my own self . 

Namaste ,



Thank you Open for the message today, I seldom feel as low as I have today.                                      Your caring made all the difference Love and Thanks



I came across this by Mooji on the George Floyd killing. He has some insightful feelings to share, especially about how the brutality being caught in plain view is now in the collective consciousness and therefore is likely to have a widespread effect.

What I would also say though, is that it's much more than just about racism. It points towards the systematic blatant disprespect for human rights in general - this is far from an isolated case. And the ongoing and widespread rioting also reveals an underlying tension, frustration and anger with the controlling system itself. And that has many causes. I believe people's latent feelings about the pandemic lockdown are also contributory.

Here's what Mooji had to say...


Same goes for the case of George Floyd, killed in plain sight for literally no reason by pure police brutality. Where systematic injustice and how far we've strayed from our true nature, is being brought to light in such a way it can't be ignored anymore. This man's death is going to move so much.


Thanks Open - I connected with someone today and had such a wonderful chat - I could resonate with so much of what she spoke about - I dont really have many friends close by who understand and it can feel quite lonely at times.  You know weve all got this - lets keep the light shining brightly - much love, Em


Stay strong. Stay connected. Sovereignty is growing. You are not alone...


It's systematic injustice that is bubbling up around the world.
Whether it's the pandemic, whether it's tyranical governance, or excessive force by those in power, the people have had enough. I don't support violence, but I understand exactly why people the world over feel as they do and support their right to civil disobedience...


To the people of Hongkong - we stand with you. You are not alone.
And if we stand long, this intervention will not endure.
A great cleansing is coming. A great realignment. And before China takes over.
We stand with you...

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I understand where he is coming from, and I empathise with him. I'm all for Hong Kong's sovereignty, but it's important that it doesn't compromise China's sovereignty in the process.

As someone who can understand and speak both Mandarin and Cantonese, I have had an easy time looking at both Hong Kong's and China's side of the stories, besides Western media's narratives. The truth is, this situation is very complicated. Hong-Kongers had been enslaved by the British empire when Britain successfully invaded and colonised the Hong Kong region of China in 1842(The First Opium War). Nowadays, many Hong-Kongers misdirect their angers towards the Chinese government for "failing them in the first place", and that's why many of them want to cessate from China and become an independent country. The reason why China is reluctant to let Hong Kong go is because the Chinese government fears that if Hong Kong becomes an independent country of its own, the US will have an easier time infiltrating Hong Kong and sow chaos in China.

I'll provide a perspective to help you understand where China is coming from. As we all know, millions of Jews died in the heartless Holocaust carried out by the Nazi's, and this is a very sensitive topic in Western countries. In China, hundreds of millions of Chinese people died in civil war in the early 1900s caused by Western powers who tried to "divide and conquer" China and her people in the name of Christianity. (And this number of deaths did not include those millions more massacred by the Japanese in WW2). Civil war or internal conflict is a very sensitive topic in China and amongst Chinese people, and this is why the Chinese government will do everything to prevent this from happening again.

Back to Hong Kong protestors. Please know that there are three groups of people here: (1) Real protestors who protest peacefully but bravely, and I support these people, (2) Violent protestors who wreck havoc, causing senseless destruction, and terrorise anyone who doesn't agree with them with physical violence, and (3) opportunistic criminals who rob, rape and even kill in the midst of the chaos. I do not in anyway support the latter two groups. And then we have the majority of "everyday" Hong-Kongers who were terrorised by those violent thugs. I have a few Hong-Konger friends who told me they were living in fear everyday because they could get picked on by those violent people at anytime for "not joining them".

Now let's talk a bit about China. Personally, I really feel that China and Chinese people in general have been terribly misunderstood by the world, and we can all thank the Western media for twisting narratives and even outright slandering China. I'm not saying China's government is perfect in anyway, but it certainly is far from the super villain that Western media will have us believe. As a teenager, I also bought Western media's anti-China narratives, but when I finished high school and decided to start thinking independently, I decided to give China the benefit of doubts. To my surprise and disgust, I found that Western media are doing everything they can to make China look bad for whatever reason, even though in recent decades the Chinese government has done a lot to improve the quality of life of her netizens, including lifting almost everyone out of poverty. I've also traveled to China and visited several regions there myself over the years and I can say with confident that most Chinese cities are so safe now, that you can walk their streets in the middle of the night without having to worry about being mugged. Most Chinese people (regardless of ethnicity) are prosperous and happy, which is part of the government's plan to bring stability in the country. I don't think this is something a bad government would do. I have also visited XinJiang and it's nothing like the Western media narratives. Anyway, the average Uyghurs are a beautiful people with amazing culture and foods.

You might be asking then why doesn't the Chinese government help improve the quality of life of the Hong-Kongers? It's because of the "One Country,Two Systems" principle, which means the Chinese government does not have any real influence on Hong Kong until the system expires in 2047. The US have been working on trying to gain power over Hong Kong furtively over the years before China can truly regain Hong Kong, and this is something China really fears. And you can pretty much guess that it was the CIA whose influence turned the Hong-Kongers' protest for sovereignty into a mindless, violent riot.

Sinophobia is a big issue now. I have the feeling that the Opposing Force is trying to divide humanity by making us demonise Chinese people, and sadly they have been successful judging by the number of hate crimes against Chinese and Asians we see in Western countries. My Chinese friends often told me how disappointed and hurt they feel when they see how the world just want to demonise them, and I feel for them.

Sorry for such a long comment. I just wanted to vent out my frustration, and hopefully people here are open-minded enough to explore and really see the situation for what it is, instead of just listening to one side of the story.

Peace to all.

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Hi Blue - thanks for sharing your viewpoints. It's always good to hear differing accounts and perspectives to any situation so that our views might continually align in greater degrees of rightness. Thumbs Up Sign

I've no doubt that there are 'violent protestors and criminals' getting involved with the (Hong Kong) demonstrations for their own particular ends. I've also no doubt that western governments might try to captialise and also paint China in very negative ways (that are hypocritical). However, it is abundantly clear, in looking at a widespread number of reports from across the political divide (as I have done), that this latest National Security legislation by the Chinese Comminist Party seems to represent a serious undermining of civil liberites. As I understand it (although feel free to correct me if you have direct evidence otherwise), the new National Security Law criminalises opposition to the Chinese Government. Although I do accept that by many accounts, it's not yet strictly clear exactly what rights have been taken away.

Of the several videos I researched, here is one that seems to convey a consensus of what the security law is generally about. The video also shows pictures of people being removed from parliament simply for holding up placards with alternative viewpoints (for which there are more comprehensive videos)..

The point I'm making in my article and general posts at this time (and I believe clearly expressed), is that there is a generalised global supression of civil liberties, whether it be in Hong Kong due to this National Security Bill (and others leading up to it) or else police butality (as recently in the USA case) or else the unlawful removal of civil liberties in the name of the Virus Pandemic (yes, "unlawful" - in terms of the common law as expressed in the Magna Carta).

Yes, we could debate the various ins and outs, or complexities of each particular situation, which I totally respect, but my recommendation to you and all, is that we don't allow these intricacies to cloud the main issue here. Which I maintain is non other than a global assault on human sovereignty, freedom of movement and expression.

This is something we each need to be very mindful of and prepared for, as new regulations are introduced across the globe - for example the new "contact tracing" regulations coming in. Which represent a serious assault to civil liberty. My main point is that I believe we're winessing a generalised frustration and bubbling anger due to these generalised constraints, in whatever guise they are presented. And that's what we're winessing bubbling up.

With respect

Open Praying Emoji


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Thanks for offering a helpful reflection as always, Open.

I agree that all humans have right to express freely, provided we don't compromise the greater harmony for all. Well, for now, most Chinese people are happy with their current government who promotes socialism instead of capitalism. There will always be a minority of Chinese people (including the hundreds of thousands of Hong-Kongers vs over a million HKers who are happy with the centralised government) who will be unhappy. But like everywhere else in the world, humanity needs to evolve more to reach a greater harmony. At the moment, the Chinese government can only serve the interests of the majority who want peace and stability, and anything that is perceived as a threat to those interests, as well as potentially causing deadly civil war, will be clamped down hard, sad to say.

I kind of learned this lesson when, a few years back on YouTube, the New York Times released a misinformed video about China's healthcare with intentional mistranslation of what some interviewed Chinese people said, and when me and several other people who knew Mandarin pointed that out, our comments got removed quickly. After that, I've tried to "wake up" Sinophobes in comment sections of similar videos about the Sinophobic lies, but the majority of the people there who just want to feed their Sinophobic bias just bashed me for being a pro-Chinese. With this, I realised it's hard to go against the majority, if you are in the minority. This is simply how things work for now. (Also, I'd be interested to hear what that man at 1:14 in the video you shared said, so I can hear and interpret that. I wonder why they muted the voice and just put some BGM instead.)

Anyway, I have no doubt that should the majority of Chinese people become unsatisfied with their government at any time, they will simply overthrow their ruler like they did many times for the last 5000 years or more. I took the time to learn as much Chinese history as I could, and I noticed a pattern: Whenever their ruler became corrupt or despotic, the people would rise up and overthrow the ruler, by force if necessary. And the reason why Western powers failed to take over China other than the Hong Kong region is because the Chinese people were very resistant to tyranny. (This is one of the reasons why many Western countries resent China to this day.) So at the end of the day, the real power is with the people, not who they choose to represent them.

With respect as always Praying Emoji

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Just wanted to add that, yes, I also notice that people in many parts of the world are angry about the PTBs trying to remove their basic rights, and are rising up to fight for their freedom, and I'm glad. I just hope that after this event, humanity can finally transcend division and doesn't need to repeat this pattern again in the future. The world has experienced enough violence and suffering.

Peace Praying Emoji