5D Ascension Shift: The Whale Nation Calls to Humanity

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I felt to share a recent Shift experience I had with the Whale Nation. It's clear to me that along with the Dolphin and Turtle Nations, they are in part ALREADY ascended into the New 5d Paradigm and acting as a bridge, calling on humanity to begin the journey of Gaia's Ascension. My sharing also reflects how beautiful experiences can just 'happen' to us if we're aware, watching and exploring the nature of reality all the time (to me this is what meditation is anyway). It demonstrates how vital it is to respond to that quiet inner voice, especially at this pivotal time for humanity, then to go with the pull, how ever odd it may at first seem.

For me, it meant that what began as a quiet 'ordinary' afternoon in the fields, transitioned to swimming with blue whales in the 5th Density.

A Deep Connection with Nature

I'd had several busy days of focused work, I was pretty tired, my energy field was a degree contracted and my soul was clearly guiding towards expansiveness. So I felt to take a walk up in the countryside, not far from the Glastonbury Tor. Not the Tor itself though, because I sensed there would be too much going on there and I definitely felt the need for quietness and space. So I let the pull guide me to a clear and quiet spot, high on a valley side overlooking a wide expanse of lush green fields. It was perfect.

I kicked off my sandals, lay down and began to dissolve into the earth. Very quickly, my field began to expand, I could feel the sun's rays passing right through me, rejuvenating, re-energising and uplifting. My ears feasted on the sound of the wind rushing through the long grass and the delicate song of small birds in a nearby bush.

I'm not sure how long I lay like this, time had seemed to completely stop. When I eventually sat-up, all focus had expanded outwards. I looked at my arms, hands, legs and feet. I noticed my mind was not even classifying them with names. There was simple observation without opinion forming - perfect!

Move the the Core by 5th Density Experience

Suddenly I got a pull to get up and walk and a feeling that I should do so to meditative music - a particular track called De Profundis by Terry Oldfield came to mind. But I didn't select the track, I just put my ipod on shuffle which contains all kinds of music. Sure enough though, the first thing it selected was a track by Symbiosis. I was definitely in this particular flow then!

So I began to walk, out of the field and onto a quiet country lane leading back towards Glastonbury. As the music played, I noticed the compelling call of blue whales, which began to resonate very loudly in my heart. My whole body began to lightly shiver (it tends to do that when 5th Density Experiences are beginning to happen). It was as if a direct communication was beginning to take place with the Whale Nation - particularly the Blue Whales. I could feel their age-old-ness; that they'd held the consciousness of animal life on the planet for aeons, and that they were the custodians of it. As I became one with their energy, it was like delving into an ancient, living library. It was a deeply primordial experience.

The experience moved me to my core.


Then images came to mind of how badly humanity was mistreating the whales. Images of a whaling trawler came to mind and the writhing dying body of a bloodied whale being hoisted aboard. A profound sense of sadness washed through me, bringing me to tears. But then the voice of the whale called to me as an oceanic knowing exchange...

"Be not sad, we are being liberated into the new world, the New 5D Paradigm, we are swimming in the 5th Density now, come join us".

My heart melted. In that moment I felt to join them, "show me!" my soul compelled. Immediately I found myself partially closing my eyes as I walked close to the verge of the quiet country lane. With tears in my eyes still and because now partially closed, the green and grey colours of verge and road blended with the blueyness of the sky and golden light of the sun peeking through...

I felt like I was underwater!

As I continued to walk, the road began to decline downwards, so the weight of my body was been carried forwards - it felt like graceful and gentle swimming. As the call of the whales continued to sound through the music, I suddenly got it: I was having a multi-dimensional experience of swimming with whales in the 5th Density. A connection had been opened through the ether, but the experience was being amplified through 3rd Density experiences. It was profoundly blissful.

Don't be put off: watch, explore, experience

By now, quite a few people had passed me by on the road and I must have looked pretty odd since I was wavering around quite a bit. I remember a car passed me by at one point, and because I wasn't looking, it felt like it's energy just passed right through me which was a curious sensation. But I've learned through copious experience not to be unnerved by that. If you yearn for these kinds of experiences, you've simply got to abandon self-consciousness that your 3D actions might look a degree peculiar!

Sample this Openhand Multidimensional and Kundalini Activation Meditation

Finally I reached the outskirts of the town and the experience faded. But the connection with the whales had greatly deepened and will never leave. My sadness of the plight of the plant and animal kingdoms had also greatly eased - I know they're being renewed in the 5th Dimension. So all in all, what could have been a 'usual' walk in the countryside turned out to be a truly multi-dimensional journey which I'm given to share to encourage others to watch for, explore and experience.

And here's a youtube video I felt to share which conveys some of the energy and as an encouragement for you to take the 'ordinary' moments and transform them into extraordinary ones.

Blue whale, I love you...

The Shift of Gaia into the fifth density is well under way now. If you resonated with my sharing, your soul might be calling you in that direction. In which case, check out Avalon Rising: World Ascension Summit

See you down the multidimensional flow!

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A humpback whale coming up for air under our catamaran at Hervey Bay Queensland, Australia


I felt to share a favourite piece of music with you on this thread about the Whale Nation calling humanity. Perhaps this is one way in which the divine being Divinicus would respond...


Such a beautiful and profound experience Open, an amazing and magical connection with the Whales.

Approximately three years ago I was in an Ascention chamber face to face underwater with a Whale an experience I will never forget such Beauty X



Awesome! 🐋 Loved your story about 5D experience through 3D reflections! I was just driving down the highway when a deeper sense of connection landed and was somehow drawn to the Openhand site - I saw the picture of the Whale and title and began reading - just as my own shuffled music shifted to a song called Blue Ocean Floor and I felt underwater myself. The highway now felt like currents and schools of fish - a mesmerizing experience. Then logging into my computer, what should the random screensaver of the day be but this: (?!)