Avalon Rising: World Ascension Summit

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Amidst the great challenges faced in society right now, Gaia is progressively shifting consciousness and ascending out of the confusion into a New Vibrational Paradigm in the 5th Density.

Here at Openhand we're thrilled to announce today an epic adventure for Pioneering Souls - Avalon Rising, the Online World Ascension Summit

Avalon Rising is an opportunity to explore the multidimensional landscape of the 5D Ascension Shift unfolding across the Earth.

Join the family of Kindred Spirits, Misfits and Mavericks, all shifting consciousness into 5D and transforming life on the planet in the process.

Is it Really Possible?

Outline Program: 7th-10th August

DURING THE TIME OF THE OPENING OF THE 8/8 LION'S GATE: there will be a series of online gatherings, sharings, presentations and active entertainment to inspire your 5D Ascension Shift

PRESENTATION CONTENT: The New 5D Evolution of Humanity -- Nature of the 5D Ascension Shift -- The New 3D/5D "Norm" in Society -- Starsoul Guidance & Support from the Benevolent Mission -- Illuminating Ancient Homo Sapiens Karma -- Galactic Superwave and the Solar Nova Event -- Understanding the 11:11 Synchronicity

MEDITATIONS: Awakening Soul Frequencies & 5D DNA -- Processing Ancient Homo Sapiens Karma -- Activating Kundalini and the Spirit Light Body

ENTERTAINMENT: Jont the Musical Troubador -- Transcendence with Gongmaster Huzy -- Conscious Dance Frequencies with Aspasia Awakenings

LIVE Q & A: with Open and the Team

TIMINGS: have been set for maximum accessibility for people all around the world in various time zones... Outline Program

Meet Your Hosts

Open will be your lead host for Avalon Rising and will be sharing a framework of the 5D Ascension Process for you to explore and inquire within. He incarnated as a soul-exchange, following a near death experience in a car crash in 2002. He incarnated specifically from the Benevolent Mission supporting the Shift in order to share important information, perspectives and processes for the Shift from 3D to 5D Earth. He's been working with groups of people around the world these last 17 years, fascilitating human evolutionary Ascension. He channels directly from the creator source, inviting each to realise their own truth in relation to the unfolding multidimensional landscape our planet is moving through.

Tonya of LittleWhiteFeather will be your support host during the Summit. She is a gifted starsoul who has been involved in Spiritual Ascension work for many years. She has a softness and lighthearted humorous energy, yet fearless in going deep into what needs to be done. She attunes most naturally to the higher etheric vibrations and is well versed in higher dimensional starsoul connections.

Find out more about Tonya here...Little White Feather

Jean "BlueHopi" will be acting in technical support during Avalon Rising on the web platform Zoom. Jean has had a rich and colourful joumey here through the shift, dramatically challenging at times, which has informed his understanding of what's unfolding across our planet. He has strong starsoul connections, particularly the Plaiedes, and is a close reader of the multidimensional flow through signs and synchronicity.

You can discover more about Jean in his biog here... Jean BlueHopi

One-on-One Support from Openhand Facilitators

Facilitator support can be utterly essential on your Journey of Ascension, where it is skillfully applied to embody your own realisations. There will be a group of Openhand Support Facilitators at the event, each of which has been through an intensive training program, supported on international workshops and leading their own self-realisation services. Individual breakout rooms will be available should you require personal integration support during the Summit.

Special Guests

You'll be serenaded by Musical Troubador "Jont", invigorated with conscious dance frequencies by Aspasia Awakenings and transcended into multidimensional realities with Gongmaster Huzy. Unmissable!
Discover more: Jont the Musical Troubador | Aspasia Awakenings | Gongmaster Huzy

Check out the New Website and Book Your Place

Check out the new website and book your place. Click the image. It's going to be an enthralling ride...

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Hey Open. Hey Rachel (and everyone who attended the Summit in person or in the ethers).

Things have been a bit busy here at Little White Feather... hence the delay in responding to the comments on this thread.

This was indeed a life-changing event and it was a pleasure and a joy to be part of it. My personal feeling is that the energy of these four powerful days spent together will help carry many of us through the rather character-forming days and months that face us now.

I have such faith that each of us has all that we need within to win through and that by supporting each other in living with soul in our everyday lives, we can and will win through and come out shining.

Looking forward to seeing you all for next year's on-and-offline Summit, if not before (I'll be helping out at Openhand upcoming Brighton event, so may see some of you there)!

With heartfelt love to you all.

Tonya, Little White Feather <3


So this was the innaurgural World Ascension Summit, that we made virtual because of the pland-mic (LOL!). Next year's event will also take place around the 8/8 Lion's Gate conjunction and the feeling is to make it both virtual AND terrestrial.

See you in 2021 - I wonder what the year will hold in store for us between now and then?

Open voltage emoji iconPraying Emoji


Wow! What an amazing time. This was totally mind blowing, it went way beyond anything I’d expected. The work we did was deeply felt & transformational. The evening performances were just out of this world! 

I’m so glad I attended, it was brilliant. Thankyou so much to Open, who as always went way beyond limits. Also to Aspasia & the Facilitators for putting together a fabulous & great value Summit 🌟🦋🌟

I was given by Benevolence to establish this World Ascension Summit and call it Avalon Rising - Avalon being a mystical bridge between the Old Paradigm and the New, which some people see centred around the location of Gaia's Heart Chakra - that of Glastonbury in the UK. And the date was signaled as essential too - the 8/8 Lion's Gate.

This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orions Belt directly aligns with the Giza Pyramids, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth.

Plenty of people are processing and unravelling ancient Sirius Karma here at the moment, which in the Openhand view, has caused the instigation of the pandemic to escalate the shadowside that it may ultimately be unravelled. We're certainly at a crucial point in that process right now, as the energy field gathers for new phases. Humanity's future for the next decade ahead will be greatly shaped by what transpires in the next immediate few months.

This alignment is called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway because it occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine - the reclamation of soul sovereignty and a powerful expression of that. It's the actualisation of the God-head within you, and essential plenty of us attain that right now.

So it promoses to be an alchemical weekend for sure. And by popular request, we've felt to add a few lastminute tickets on a donation for those who are resource constrained. Apply here...

Lastminute Avalon Rising Entry

See you there - let's change the way the world works!...

Open Praying Emoji

I'm very much looking forwards to Avalon Rising this weekend - we'll be getting geared up all week. Is it really possible to change the way the world works - you bet it is!....

Please Note: All Regular Tickets Now Sold Out. However we've added some extra Lastminute Donation Based Places for those on Low Income. Contact us telling us you'd like to come and what your circumstances are: Lastminute Avalon Rising Entry

All the regular entry tickets for the Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit this coming weekend have been sold out a while ago; HOWEVER, as we approach the event this weekend, due to popular request, we felt to add some extra, donation based places, for the resource constrained who would also dearly like to come.

If you feel moved to attend the event but been unable to get a ticket, then contact us at this link below - we'll see if we can create a place for you...

Please Note: All Regular Tickets Now Sold Out. However we've added some extra Lastminute Donation Based Places for those on Low Income. Contact us telling us you'd like to come and what your circumstances are: Lastminute Avalon Rising Entry

If you haven't come across Jont yet, then you're missing a vibrant treat. His energy seems purposefully designed to liberate the uniqueness of soul in you - he's literally compelling the real you to step out and be you. That's exactly what we have lined up for Avalon Rising, the World Ascension Summit. How blessed we are...

Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit
(PS - tickets are almost sold out - get your skates on for the last few places)

Another key aspect of the Avalon Rising World Summit will be summoning our passion and commitment for our lives going forwards. We're at a fulcrum of great change in society, one that also provides great opportunity - it's always the way in a moment of great change and transformation.

We'll be doing plenty to help you find your inner passion and commitment, to unleash it in an aligned direction...

Come join us, we still have some Early Bird Places available... Avalon Rising


We have a tremendous group of people building for our World Ascension Summit, "Avalon Rising". We're at a pivotal point in the history of humanity. To thrive through what is unfolding is to have a crytal clear view on where this is all inevitably heading. You may not always understand the immediate twists and turns, but your soul does. What's necessary is a clear understanding of the patterns that shape the landscape. That's how the soul's path is then forged.

That's what I'll be leading at the Summit - at that point, during the Lion's Gate 8/8/portal: we'll be able to look backwards at what's taken place this year, and forwards to what is inevitably coming. Then to set sail with the soul.

There are still some Early Bird Places available and we are limiting the total number of places to 55, for maximum meaningful exchanges. Are you meant to be in that group? Do you see yourself a Wayshower and Pionneer of the New Paradigm? That's what the world and humanity need right now...

Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit

Anyone new (and old) to Openhand may have realised that we share a rainbow spectrum of energies within the shift. That's because there are many aspects to the soul and all must be unleashed and enfolded in order to be truly liberated and follow the ascending pathway into the New Paradigm.

Right now I hear the Whale Nation calling humanity, they of an ancient embodied wisdom that came here to hold some of the base frequencies. But many of their number have also ALREADY ascended, as have plenty of the Dolphin and Turtle nations. They're taking on new form in the 5D.

Their vibration is strongly activating right now and aligning with the shift. It's an energy we'll definitely be calling on during the Avalon Rising Summit. You can get a sense of that in this great piece of music called "De Profundis" by Terry Oldfield, "Out of the Depths"...

What's needed out there in the world right now is a group of true energetic wayshowers, mavericks and misfits from the system, to truly go within, feel the natural emergence of ascending soul frequency and vibrate a wave that shifts the consciousness in a heavenly direction.

So I'm calling 55 Pioneers to dive into this inquiry with us at this inagural gathering of "Avalon Rising", The World Ascension Summit.

I'm feeling there's going to be around 55 attendees there, where we can maximise the personal connection and sense of the energy, so as to build a rippling wave that reaches far and wide.

If you feel like you're meant to be one of those misfits and mavericks, then get your skates on and book in, because it's sure to sell-out.

During the lockdown, behind the scenes, we've been busy weaving away the new website for Avalon Rising, The World Ascension Summit, and we're thrilled to announce it today.

I have to share this amusing synchronicity with you about it...

All last week I was busy designing and building the new website for the event. I use Microsoft Powerpoint to do banner designs because it's something I'm best used to. I was working furiously to complete it up to Friday night. At the height of the energy, the irony flash landed that I was using a G8tes program, when some of his latest "programs" are less than helpful to humanity. When right at that exact moment, the program froze and broke on my apple machine. I'd say that's a very good omen. Avalon Rising is here to break the program!

Come join us. With what we've got going on in the world and what we've got in store, it's sure to be unmissiable... Avalon Rising: World Ascension Summit