5D Shift and the China Protests: Beginning of the End for Old Paradigm

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We've recently completed a tremendous energetic journey down the Nile, through the ancient grounds of the Intervention on our planet referred to as "Atlantis", where Homo Sapiens was hybridised to fit within a humungous control system. An intrepid group worked to unleash the Flower of Life, the Toroidal Flow, to uplift consciousness around the planet. My heart is greatly warmed at the conclusion therefore to witness the popular uprising in China against the globalists' agenda. Just how pivotal is this?

Manipulation of Human Genetics

Manipulating human genetics to impose control (as in the recent bogus pandemic) is nothing new. You can trace clear manipulation - engineering - right back to the inception of Homo Sapiens more than 200 thousand years ago. It's clearly visible in how humans mysteriously went from 48 chromosomes in Original Humans to 46 in Homo Sapiens. It's not one single-step mutation as Darwin's theory requires, but several, all at once, in at least one breeding male AND female in the same time and place.

I've shared the evidence and explanation of how it happened in the book DIVINICUS. The odds of it occurring by chance are as likely as a Tornado tearing through a multi story apartment block and rendering a bungalow!

Through genetic manipulation, humanity was disconnected from natural multidimensionality with the divine - the carrier signals of the soul were interrupted so that other control frequencies could intervene. Similar was done on a global scale to Gaia, where energetic implants, such as those under the pyramids, were applied to alter the base frequency of the planet. It shut down the natural toroidal flow of Gaia.

Well now, due to tremendous energetic work by quiet energy workers around the planet, and with Star Being support, these implants are being removed; the planet's natural Stargates are reopening; the Torus Flower of Life is re-establishing, and this is causing an upliftment of consciousness by people across the planet determined to reclaim their sovereignty and aligned soul path. In short, to reclaim their God-given freedom and destiny. Hallelujah!

Explore how to Remove Energetic Implants in the Human Body

To see the people of China rising up against an outrageous authoritarian state is a heart-warming blessing. They are risking all, including their lives, to challenge the extreme lockdown measures. Take a look at this video below. And bare in mind, what happens in China is certain to ripple through human consciousness around the globe. Watch the video, then continue reading to explore the energetic impact...

Energetic Shockwaves through the Old Paradigm

I'd say the video represents powerful testimony and insight to a new phase of unravelling and unwinding in this great planetary shift to 5D consciousness. The human soul is relatively young; it's a tremendous challenge to emerge and forge coherency in this heftily derailing 3D construct with copious interdimensional intervention taking place. To witness the Chinese people rising up against the brutality of the tyrannical state I find tremendously motivational and empowering. Make no mistake, they are sending shockwaves to the globalists, and a tremendous invitation to populations around the world to continue to forge their freedom.

It is a highly timely development, and, I would reflect, wonderful testament to the work shift facilitators have been doing quietly around the globe for many years. Challenge to the Old Paradigm can only happen by an elevation of consciousness. Energy workers have been diligently levelling the energetic playing field, helping to reactivate the Stargates and 5D Crystalline Grid - which came fully online in the middle of the engineered pandemic.

Read about that here: Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid Comes Online

The two cycles go hand in hand: uplifting changes to the energetic planetary field which precipitates an elevation of human consciousness. That's why it was so important for the Openhand group to travel through the ancient megaliths of Egypt because it's clear, this was the pinnacle of the original intervention known as Atlantis, which was sunk under a deluge of water at the dramatic culmination of the last Ice Age around 11,700 years ago - precipitated by a solar micro nova event.

Explore the evidence: "The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

Ancient Architects and The Flower of Life

If you know how to work, it's actually not a herculean task to restore the natural Torus Flower of Life in a given location. The point is: the field positively WANTS to go that way. All you have to do is animate the Torus in yourself, or within a group, which then triggers the reactivation of the Torus in that given location. It does, however, require some serious preparation work to remove 4D energetic implants in the location - technology installed by the intervention.

The 3D/4D technology was originally engineered by the Annunaki, from Nibiru, in the Sirius Constellation. I've had personal direct experience of this in the field, but others too, who have, on successive pilgrimages to Egypt, regressed into past lives where it was possible to recount how it had been done. How, for example, the huge 200-tonne blocks forming parts of the Sphinx Temple were cut from the bedrock using lasers, made malleable and effortlessly lifted using sound, and then melded into place - even the most modern cranes could not lift the heavier blocks into some of the positions. And they are so accurately fitting, you cannot pass a piece of paper between them.

But even this was not the most advanced technology applied...

As recounted in pastlife regressions, and by direct connection with the Annunaki, it was the realignment of the crystalline structure within the granite stone that was the real challenge. It was necessary so the location would act as a Stargate for their kind to navigate across time and space. And to manipulate the field in that location to serve their controlling agenda.

It was made clear to us on the most recent pilgrimage that the Annunaki are now ready to reverse engineer their 4D construct to support the shift to 5D consciousness. Likewise, they are ready and willing to make reparations to humanity and the various Star Being Nations for whom so much density and difficulty has been caused. The Annunaki are leaving the past behind - several of their groups now refer to themselves as the "Anu" to mark this shift in consciousness.

Explore how the Star Being Nations are supporting the Shift to 5D

Beginning of the End for the Old Paradigm

Whenever such deeply energetic work has taken place, I always watch for synchronistic reflection onto the surface of the 3D. That's why when the recent pilgrimage was completed, I was positively uplifted and enthused to learn of the uprisings in China on social media. To be clear: I am NOT saying the work we did was immediately responsible! What I'm saying is that it's synchronistic timing. And that all of the past field energy work by facilitators around the globe is now having a liberating and escalating effect.

It's a great cause for optimism in the shift. Despite the darkened veils of the intervention, the light is breaking through and the consciousness of the planet is elevating. This is not yet the end. Neither is it the end of the beginning. I strongly feel in my soul, it is rather the beginning of the end, for the Old 3D Paradigm.

So dear friends, let's be positively uplifted, inspired and emboldened. The self-realisation and soul-development work you're doing is bearing fruit. Let's keep on digging deep and pushing through.

If you're inspired by my sharing,
explore the essential work of Openhand

Bright Blessings, Open 🦋

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We're at a fascinating point where the shadow narrative is becoming increasingly threadbare and breaking down. The deceit and lies of the past few years of the plandemonium and being exposed, not just by alternative media, but now rippling through into the mainstream. This is a very powerful development which I see gathering strength through 2023...


I did say I thought what Elon Musk was doing at Twitter by removing censorship and supporting free speech was a really encouraging move. Many doubted, but now this... It's massive in terms of unraveling the Old Paradigm...

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk triggered a social media firestorm on Sunday after suggesting that US Covid-19 czar Dr. Anthony Fauci should be investigated and prosecuted for allegedly lying under oath about the funding of research at a Wuhan lab in China.

In what initially appeared to simply be a humorous dig, Musk also posted a meme showing the retiring White House chief medical adviser whispering “Just one more lockdown, my king” in President Joe Biden’s ear.

However, after Fauci’s name was propelled to the top of Twitter’s trends with over 600,000 mentions, Musk apparently felt the need to elaborate why he thought the controversial face of America’s response to the pandemic should be investigated.

“As for Fauci, he lied to Congress and funded gain-of-function research that killed millions of people,” Musk said in response to one critic, adding “not awesome imo.”

Full article: Nexus News Media


It's reported today in various of the world press that China has now rolled back all its brutal lockdown measures in the wake of the phenomenal popular uprising. For example, carting people off to internment camps and requiring negative tests for various venues. It shows just how powerful we as a people can be when we stand strong against injustice.

China Announces Rollback of Strict Anti-COVID-19 Measures

Open 🙏


03/12/2022 Shift Update

It's all been kicking off of late, the shift is really hitting the fan. I've written about the tremendous popular uprising in China where people are risking all to challenge the dystopian state there - the blueprint for how the shadow side wants to take us all (scroll up). There's also, concurrently, a tremendous popular uprising in Iran, intiated by women standing for their natural right NOT to wear a Birka. By many accounts it's being brutally opposed by the state, with people being gunned down in the streets. Check out this video below. For me it signals the soul-stirring rise of the divine feminine in society. At the same time, it's absolutely heart rending to see how the Old Pardigm consciousness is responding...

There comes a point in life and on the path where there is simply NO going back. There can be NO compromising. It is do, or die. It's that simple. We have started to reach that point now with the various machinatons of the Old 3D Paradigm. We will not lose because we cannot lose. Losing only happens when you stop, and stopping is no longer an option.

Mark my words, this is just the beginning....the Beginning of the end for the Old Paradigm.

Let's stand in solidarity with this global uprising of consciousness.

Bright Blessings

Open 🦋


02/12/2022 Shift Update

A lot is written in mainstream and alternative media about where Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, stands on freedom of expression in society. And now of course, the fakestream media is in a tiz because he's beginning to restore previously censored accounts on Twitter, having recently taken ownership of the platform. Some in the alternative media see him as a saviour, others as a shadowstate shill. Which is it?

I wrote yesterday about how the popular uprising in China represents the beginning of the end for the Old 3D Paradigm, which I intuitively feel to be true (scroll up to read). I also sense the reality behind Musk's move with Twitter - and that this too is another nail in the coffin for the old state of consciousness.
(image: Fox News)

Of course Elon is also driving the space race to take a swathe of humanity off planet. His company SpaceX is laregly responsible for the increasing 5G grid of satellites that are now irradiating the planet with destructive EMF. So which way does he swing? What side of the consciousness divide does he stand?

I pose the question because it's essential to realise the futility of polarisation when it comes to emergent soul expression. Each of us will be breaking through dense inner layers where there are copious grey areas of consciousness to work through - that's the nature of the shift. Sometimes a prominant celebrity like Elon may appear to be "batting for one side" then for the other. Hence it's nonsensical to judge. Better to make discernments action by action.

I am quietly enthused by the initial signs of what's happening at Twitter since he took over. So much so, the Openhand Inner Team are actively considering opening a new account there. After so much censorship of our platform, maybe it's a possibility to level the playing field a degree in the world of social media.

Despite predictions of the immanent demise of Twitter by the Fakestream, it's reported the platform is gaining over 2 million new sign-ups per day! It would seem the thirst for free speech is gaining momentum.

What are your thoughts on it? You're completely free here to share!

Bright blessings

Open 🦋

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It is tough to see what his/their true agenda is, but to me it feels like he's for the dark side masquerading as some saviour of humanity. thats one of the oldest tricks in the politician's book: give something to make it look like benevolence and caring, but really it's hiding the true agenda: slavery and control. liars and tricksters. i would be looking out for the platform to be used as an influence to turn people over to the dark agenda. i read a quote that he supposedly made that really worried me. Just paraphrasing but it was basically " i'm helping humanity get to Mars to help preserve the light of consciousness." Sounds more like he wants to trap and lock down the light of consciousness, like you said they were trying to do. i feel like there are 2 worlds in the matrix; one is society, and the other is outside of society where the uber-wealthy are beyond the system. it feels like a club and everyone in it has to be on the same page or you can't be in the club. i feel like this club is for the lockdown of souls, and anyone in that club, Musk included, is for that. In other words, you can't trust rich people lol! All we as a collective have to do is refuse to participate, but so many are too dependent and will choose safety and comfort at the cost of their souls. So many still want to remain children and let parental figures run their lives. All tidy, controlled, predictable. i get that; fear is a strong motivator and i still struggle to let go of some things, but if we had a new paradigm of living our truth instead of slavery i bet it would be easier to let go of those vices. But now i'm just dreaming. But even on FB there is a lot of benevolence working to bring light so even if Twit is ultimately a dark agenda, maybe OH could use it to help bring light? Reach more people? Just know they'll be watching...

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Musk is a maverick & the mainstream dislike him immensely (re Twitter)

I just don’t feel him as a false flag player.I find it Interesting ’Who’ exactly his parent company is named after!

He’s obviously a grand pioneer & has an ego to match. The space program reflects this aspect of his personality. Me,I was both thru nature & belong here on earth with a purpose of how to live at one with paradise on earth…. If anyone wants to set up a plastic colony on Mars,Pluto or Antares they can send me a postcard & I won’t protest their departure.

People insist on drinking Coke(or Ginseng tea)… so the manufacturer produces & ‘Sells’ more Coke(or Ginseng tea)

I know David Icke has called out Musk as a Trojan horse… As he did Donald Trump but I’m just not feeling that at all & I’ll go with my own instinct.  If it becomes ‘Compulsory’  to read Twitter or buy a million pound 30 minute flight on a rocket I may change my opinion.

Full respect for allowing all opinions regardless how similar or in opposition to my own.


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I very much agree with you Adrian. I don't see Musk as a Trojan horse as David Icke and others suggest.

This highlights an exceptionally important point that is highly derailing and limiting for people's consciousness in the shift - there's a huge temptation to polarise: good and evil. Angel or Demon. It is ignorant of the fact that ALL souls are working through grey areas of consciousness to forge soul through them.

Transhumanism, for example, is a story that goes back through the history of our galaxy - augmenting the humanoid form. Many come here with that karma. How do you process karma? (which of itself is unconsciousness). You have to create a karmic construct that animates it. So if Musk is working to augment the human body, does that make him a malevolent being? Not necessarily - at a soul level, I sense he is moving to create something according to karma. There is a truth in wanting to improve something - but a humungous blind spot ignoring that this can only really come from the soul. Let's be clear, there's a swathe of people on the planet who are practically inseparable from their mobile phones and technology already - their souls are choosing that exploration. That construct is necessary for them to reclaim their souls from it - to grow beyond it. Let's be clear, you cannot ignore your karma - it will create whether you like it or not.

So let's work not to polarise or demonise, even if you disagree with it, which I vehemently do.

On the other side of the coin, where Musk is concerned, there's a phenomenal liberating opportunity for humanity that is being rumoured...

With what Musk calls Twitter 2 - incorporating cryptocurrency as a means of financial exchange. It's rumoured that Musk will incorporate Dodgecoin (or another true crypto) as a key aspect of a future Twitter payment system. Now if that happens, it would present a major blow to the old financial paradigm - people being able to communicate without censorship AND exchange value at the same time. That was the original purpose of crypto. If Musk is a Trojan Horse, then this would be a massive one within the shadowstate system. Right now the central bankers must be quaking in their boots at the mere thought of it. I say bring it on Elon!!

Bright blessings

Open 🦋

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So much wisdom in that comment Open - for me "karma - which of itself is unconscious"...

Exactly. This whole drama is navigable if we are conscious, aware, discerning. To me the greatest weapon has been divide and conquer by getting people to see it all as black and white. The vxed judging the unvxed and the unvxed judging the vxed just as harshly. Did I agree with the lockdown? No! Did it gift me time to research and learn and go inwards to grow? Yes!! Do I support the powers behind FBk and their agenda? No? Does that platform give teachers the ability to spread their knowledge so I can learn from it? Yes! Rather than judging and demonising as you say, better to look and see how new platforms and technologies can be used, can benefit myself and my communities. Maybe not all can be harnessed but then again, maybe they all can. Maybe that is the way light and dark dance and play.

I laughed when I saw your final sentence. At the last solstice I attended a fire ceremony and the mantra I was given was "Bring it on!". 
We all chose to be here, now... so BRING IT ON :)  

My gratitude to you all in this wonderful community

Alex xxx


I sit here tremendously inspired by the popular uprising of the Chinese people against the brutality of the authoritarian regime there. For me, it clearly marks the beginning of the end for the Old 3D Paradigm on the planet. If you wish to be similarly inspired, do check my recent viewpoint on the situation and how it's pivotal in the 5D shift above.

5D Shift and the China Protests: Beginning of the End for Old Paradigm