5D Shift: 5Jeez, The Hopi Prophecy, and the Divergence of Humanity

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Recently I wrote about the phenomenal significance of the 5Jeez/5D synchronicity - a quantum increase in the EMF irradiation of our planet, that now needs to mark our Ascension into 5D. We're at the decision point, a crossroads in our evolution. And the illuminating synchronicity reveals another essential marker for evolving people to hoist on board: humanity has reached a divergence point in The Shift. It's clear, the majority in the mainstream head willingly into the technological abyss. And just as the historical record bears previous witness, now, a clear divergence is beginning to happen for those who're ready to begin The Shift in earnest.

Defining a Wave of Ascending People

Speaking from personal experience, the history of previous shifts demonstrates that entire populations tend NOT to ascend together. Clearly because people self-realise and evolve at different speeds. I do greatly empathise with the compassion that would want all souls to ascend together. However, the idea that humanity will "collectively raise vibration into the 5D" is a false and limiting one, because it risks holding people back.

Many are simply not at a stage where they are ready for 5D consciousness and will unlikely to be so for hundreds of thousands of years to come, perhaps even millions. That's not to judge of course. Why would we? All sentient life is at different stages in the Universal cycle of consciousness. But if you are one of those naturally responding to The Shift, it does shed crucial light on some of the paradoxes you'll likely be experiencing in your relationships, your families, careers and general living circumstances.

It is my given sense of purpose to travel the world connecting with groups of evolving people. It's remarkable how, like seeds in spring time, you are spread widely into the four winds! I believe it's to have maximum impact on the group consciousness. But what that does mean, what I hear from you all the time, is how often you feel like you're in a minority of one, where the people around you just don't get you or what you're experiencing. You're often the misfit or the maverick. I hear this the world over.

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Stepping out of the Shell

If the reflections you're constantly getting around you are ones of resistance and denial, of ignorance and disconnection, if you're light isn't being given a positive feedback loop, then you have to be careful not to shrink back. I witness this does happen, and where it does, it is detrimental to the emergence of your evolved consciousness.

It's high time to step out and be all that you can be. Look for the positive feedback loops that reflect your emergent authentic beingness. With the situation in the world reaching a climactic crux point, the time for playing it small has long since evapourated!

Sometimes there is fear about stepping out and expressing yourself - I understand that. But in doing so, it doesn't suggest we need to be brash and outlandish. It is, to unreservedly, be, and express, ourselves as who we truly are. It is time to decide where your loyalty of consciousness now lies: in terms of the Old Paradigm which is clearly crumbling, or the New, which the awake can feel emerging in the ether all around.

We really have to embody the new way of being in order for the soul to progressively shift vibration. Without that, the risk is to constantly derail oneself.

The Point of Divergence is Now Here

I witness that what IS refreshing about society, is the general increased acceptance of diversity, be it in culture, race or sexuality. This is a very positive sign indeed. Although there is still the brashness of extreme politics on both ends of the spectrum, people in society are generally more accepting of diversity. It means you can dare to be you.

I feel given to express strongly that the point of divergence is now here. Is now. Meaning: the evolving group can start to detach from the old consciousness, from the Old Paradigm, and the redundant ways of doing things. This is crucial to understand because it will hit a key internal paradox:

You reach a point in your evolution where you realise you manifested everything in the reality around you, that you are the master and creator of everything you experience, including the configuration of society with all its inequity, injustice and ignorance. In this, society simply reflects our unconscious shadow side. But you don't have to stay in that reflection! You don't have to remain there! When you are ready to shift, you start to separate out the shadow and integrate aligned soul consciousness. You start to witness more the aligned light of the Higher Paradigm, which currently intersects the lower one. How does then cause you to respond and act? Where does it want to take you in the world?

We're living in two worlds not one, where Higher Paradigm currently infuses through the old. But now the New Paradigm is starting to define itself more clearly in vibration. I see the 5Jeez/5D synchronicity as marking that point of definition. As we step forwards through this almighty transition, the old reality will progressively break down and fragment. That's necessary to cleanse the earth of the cancerous intervention that society has become.

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The Paradox of "Oneness" and Relativity

So when you look out into the world, do so with increasing focus. Notice the shadow that defines your old consciousness, yes. Work to unravel from it, yes. But then be clear to attune to the reflections that you know are more the emergent you. That way, you build tremendous feedback loops that accelerate your Shift no end. For now we have reached that point of divergence.

Yes, we live in "the oneness", but that is often misunderstood. There is only true oneness where everything dissoves back into the absolute, as pure presence within. However, truly enlightened states still maintain a duality, a relativity, or else how can any experience be had at all?

It is a paradox. The mind must learn to hold two apparently contradictory truths simultaneously: we are all one; yet we are each uniquely different. And so it is now with society. Just as one group clearly walks blindly into 5G, so will another consciously into 5D. A decision is invited. And without judgment. Just to be clear where you stand.

And of course we will have great compassion for those still remaining in the shadow consciousness. We will work tirelessly to shine the light and awaken as many as possible. And for those who don't yet see the light, we can do our best to help them move beyond the fear of challenging circumstances. Thus when they pass on, they may do so into the angelic realm for further reincarnation, a further opportunity.

The 5Jeez/5D Synchronicity

There's a clear and obvious divergence happening in the Shift right now. Plenty seem perfectly accepting to slip off into a synthetic reality founded on Smart AI technology fuelled by the new 5Jeez. And there's a clear wave of souls who are rejecting it.

That's why the 5Jeez/5D synchronicity is such an important and illuminating marker. It's high time to decide one's allegiance. That way, we can clearly deal with what comes up and prepare ourselves thoroughly for the shift.

In loving support

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Hi Allister

Great to have you tune in Thumbs Up Sign

I recognise that 'crysallis' moment all too well! Let it all transform inside.

Wishing you well

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Hello All

Interestingly I was talking about this with a friend yesterday, having not spoken to them in a while. They were saying how they're finding it increasingly difficult to interact with people, including family members, who simply 'don't get it', and what they were talking about wasn't just an awareness of the shift, but also the mass sleepwalking into this technological dystopian nightmare, the accelerating destruction of our natural environment, and the increasing polarisation of views and opinions (political, social, religious, cultural etc), and it's something I've also found to be more noticeable recently. My own 'divergence' began in earnest five years ago when I gave up my high-flying corporate career and the lifestyle that went with it, and moved into a caravan on a farm, surrounded by woodland. Reconnecting with the natural world was the best thing I could have done, and lead to me training as a Shinrin Yoku practitioner. I've also rediscovered my love of creative pastimes which I'd lost touch with (painting and drawing, music, photography), and have recently learned to weave (I've also found someone who is going to teach me how to spin wool). I don't know how many times I've heard phrases like "oh but aren't you lonely out there on your own?", and it's not always easy to explain to people that actually no, I'm not, because although I didn't realise it initially, what I was doing was taking the time to find or rediscover myself, who I really am, and what I'm really passionate about, to find the sense of purpose I had lost. Interestingly, the vibe I'm getting now is that my 'retreat' time is coming to an end, and now I need to get back out there and connect with my tribe (ironically at the end of this week I'm going away to spend a week in an off-grid cabin in the middle of nowhere, far more remote than where I live now, but actually my feeling is that this is going to be a 'chrysalis moment', a transformational experience, after which nothing will ever be the same again). 


Hi Marije - you asked why Openhand continues to use facebook - it happens to be the website's greatest referrer by far - more than all the others put together.

I believe the approach works - of offering deeper contemplation and inviting people over to this site.

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Hi Vimal,

A conundrum indeed! And as challenging as these moments in life can be, it's important NOT to try to immediately seek a rsolution, because that will only likely come from the mind.

As confusing as the signs seem, I encourage you to keep witnessing and keep exploring feeling - be extra clear that you do go into feelings rather than thoughts. So watch the signs, and inwardly explore forwards in the direction the sign seems to be taking you - although you don't have to make some final 'decision' at this point. But go forwards in that direction nevetheless, as a feeling inquiry.

In these confusing situations know that BOTH the conscious AND the uncosncious are creating. Hence the conflicting signs.

I would say there's a strong encouragement to connect with your Twin Flame. And that might mean in relationship, but being extra aware NOT to lose yourself in it - in other words to pay special attention to blind spots where you go unconscious in the other's presence.

It might mean having a break and taking time out from the engagement for a while, as painful as that might be.

Another crucial thing is that you're honest and transparent with the other about your inquiry. Because that shapes a more authentic landscape for both and it then becomes much easier to follow the soul.

I wish you well in the exploration - as hard as it is, you will learn a great deal.

So focus on the feelings and keep working them through.

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Up until now, the mind was my super power. But now it feels like I'm deprived of this or more accurately I'm getting to know the limitations of manifesting with lower mind. I'm in middle ground. The old way doesn't seem to be working and I feel powerless to change the obvious and detrimental distortions that I can see. The new way only seems to be a dream yet. Do I just sit and accept the failure, the pain when even synchronicties seems to be saying I have chosen a comfortable and safe space. Even while saying this, I like to hear, yes the pain and confusion is the doorway. I don't have to do anything unless it comes from the heart. Between all this the mind is seeking new resolutions, or way out to change the narrative but posponting it at the same time. Maybe if I break through what I feel now, there will beore clarity on the subject. There is doubt yet when I look back, within even one year thre has been huge changes both in myself and the reality that I have created.

Anastasia, Thanks for your love, support and encouragement. It is felt. I felt vulnerable and regret later on putting out a somewhat private explorations out into the open. At that time it felt immediate to seek out a resolution. But I learned a lot from the sharing specially about synchronicties. They are reflecting both aligned and unaligned aspects within ourselves and not necessarily asking a decision.  Open, your reply makes perfect sense. Its quite freeing for the mind to be relieved of its duties :D. The reason I think mind can't figure out a decision is, there are many other unconscious aspects that are influencing the decision making. Like projections for example. Sometimes the projections are very subtle that it passes you by without noticing thud becoming a blind spot. For example just now I was having a conversation with my mother where she was complaining about my brother and the burden she has taken. But she has assumed both of us in that role and have I not been aware I would have taken ownership of it very easily this feeling burdened myself. In love relationship though I'm the one who is projecting my neediness on to her. I'm being aware of how I'm trying unconsciously to fit her into a particular model. And all of these are influencing the decision making.

Thanks again for your valuable reflections




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Vimal - the beautiful thing I find about your inquiry is the openness and the honesty - that will always carry you a long way Heart

Just one thing I felt to illuminate, you spoke of "the mind not being able to figure out a decision". In which cases, work not to force a decision. Instead simply hold it until you can feel the right approach in your heart. Then let the mind shape around that.

Wishing you well

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Hi Vimal,

I have no reflections in regards to which way to go. Only you know that. But I do want to offer you some support and encouragement  on your path.

I’ve followed your relationship dilemma through what you have expressed here lately and I just want to commend you on the level of consciousness with which you are approaching your relationship.

In my experience, very few people are willing to see themselves and how their own conditioned patterns and projections are affecting and forming the grounds for their current and future relationships. Chances are (as I have experienced it in my own relationships), if there is even a hint of a feeling that something doesn’t feel entirely right or aligned, and you choose to ignore or override it in favour of all the other things that seem or feel good, it will be that very thing that comes back to bite you in the ass years down the line.

 I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong choice if you go into it consciously and don’t suppress the subtle inner signals that speak to you. So keep going, Vimal. Keep feeling, keep listening and examining your own motives. I think you’re doing just great!





Hi Open,

This post has reintiated an important and deep exploration for me surrounding my love relationship which is still a long distance one. I have been noticing a sense of dissonance, a parting of waves of you will. Im becoming aware of some of the values between us is based on an old conciousness and I'm creating the same maternal dependency with her. In many ways she hands over power too. There has been many great synchronistic moments between us and I have already learned quite a lot mainly to do with neediness, boundaries, perfectionism, acceptance etc. But right now I'm getting mixed signals both from me as well as in the form of reflection from the universe.

A couple of days ago when the disconnection felt so real I felt to break up. The same day while I was driving I saw a picture of man and women on either side of the road and the message 'one year of seperation'. Later I went for a marriage reception of a dear friend. At the party, my new self has jumped out of the window and the old familer self has taken control. Fear of rejection, expression, being alone, yet it was a beautiful night of friendship and laughter. And later back at home, regret hit me of taking a decision that had no justification or reason but a vague feeling of rightness. Needless to say I patched things between us and I feel maybe I was afraid of walking the path yet again alone. And also it felt there were still many lessons yet to be learned between us which I'm ignoring by wanting certainty and answers right away. Perhaps I was afraid of some future catastrophe and I felt to shoulder the responsibility.

Today after reading the article I posed the question yet again and aksed the universe to show me. Moments later I'm checking my phone and it has opened in safe mode and a message ' Android has initiated safe mode because of an anomaly due to some latest app you have installed' . Behind the message the only thing I could see was an icon with a picture of her. I know what the latest app is. Later the first track the universe selected was yellow by coldplay a feeling of connection in the higher relams, the stars. Turn by travis came on next

I want to see what people saw
I want to feel like I felt before
I want to see the kingdom come
I want to feel forever young
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I belong
I want to live
I will survive
And I believe that it won't be very long

I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I'll be strong
I want to live
I will survive
And I believe that it won't be very long

I was waiting for her outside an examination hall and right then a mass of people has left the hall painting a very intriguing picture for me, a parting of wave perhaps? I couldn't see a tinge of resonance of where I was, where I was heading and what I really wanted in my heart. But the mind has already started to fill up with a hundred questions.
But when I'm with her landscape shifts and feels positive like I havnt experienced before. She gets in the car and suddenly a romantic song comes up. I pick up the phone and it's her picture with time exactly 11:11. Meanwhile the kingfisher continuous to sit outside my window signaling a twin flame connection. Maybe I feel torn apart because I'm new to romantic relationships. I feel a lot better after writing these down. I see the road is challenging whichever way I choose. I know the flow doesn't care about if I'm in a relationship or not and what's important is unleashing of authentic beingness.

I welcome reflections if any.

Vimal <3



Dear Open ,

I am so tuned in. The timing of this post was amazingly synchronistic with me getting an old second hand phone. Without a touch screen it has been interesting getting my humunguous contact lost transferred. But I have done it . I have transferred most of my friends list onto my new old phone and now my 'smart' phone is going to be used just for occasional updates from patients and family 3-4 times a day . Already my head feels lighter . I have become sensitive to radiation and even holding a smart phone makes me uncomfortable . 

Given that I am on call 24/7 it is an interesting experiment ( a little one I take care of has starting having seizures again- some more synchrony ?) . 



So I'm interested to know from those tuning in, are you also witnessing this "divergent" effect between yourselves and the mainstream around you?

Do share, I'm intrigued to know what you're experiencing.

Open Praying Emoji


I felt to share in the face of the growing mainstream addiction to technology, how and why Openhand continues to use social media.

The ONLY reason Openhand has a facebook account is the recognition that plenty of people we might connect with (perhaps the majority), use it regularly and often daily. BUT, our approach has always been to minimise it to one serious contemplation - one post - per day max, AND as often as possible, to direct people AWAY from the platform and back to this website.

That's  because my belief is that the exchanges there in social media are often too light and inconsequential - designed to be addictive through the dopamine effect. I would rather people connect with Openhand for a deep exploration of their own consciousness.

In loving support

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In relation to this divergence I'm speaking of above that in relation to society and the shift, the 5G/5D Ascension Synchronicity, I felt to share a video about the growing addiction of Smart Phones and Social Media.

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day, when a young guy about 18 came and sat next to me with his coffee. He looked 'with it', conscious, and aware. In a student town, he felt like a fairly typical student. Within a few seconds he was looking into his smart phone and clearly checking his feed. Nothing unusual about that. But during the course of about half an hour, I watched as literally every 15 seconds or so he would pick up the phone, check through his feed and put it back down again. It occurred to me just how addicted he was to the 'dopamine effect' of the incoming texts and feeds. I can tell you it was so intriguing, I had to work hard for my own consciousness not to be pulled into the dynamic!

A couple of times I explored a growing feeling to actually speak to him about it, but it was clear I was only supposed to observe on this occasion - a powerful personal teaching.

Finally, he put away his phone in his pockect and finsihed the last sip of his coffee before walking out of the shop. But as he made his way in front of the window on his way down the high street, barely 10 seconds later, you guessed it, straight out with the smart phone!

To me, it was an addiction just like alcohol or tobacco. And as I contemplated the mercyless roll out of 5G, I wondered who would be regulating that? Apparently only the telecoms industry. It's like empowering the fox to guard the hen coup!

I felt given to share this video to bring awareness to the subject of growing smart phone addiciton. It's informative, eye opening and at times jaw dropping....


Great to hear from you Márk, thanks for sharing - you touched my heart Heart

Maybe you don't necessarily see your separation as related to what I shared above. But I am getting more and more from people, the sense of experiencing a parting of the waves beginning. And for sure, we've probably all experienced that before.

As with all karma, lets explore that when it arises - not shirk from it. What we resist persists. But what we courageously dive into, will ultimately explode as we come back to completion within ourselves.

There with you.




Hi Open,

For a few weeks or months now, it seems I have been feeling through this physical reality, much more into the higher realms. I don't know, how to put it another way. It is like the 'veil' is getting definitely thinner and a much bigger part of my consciousness and focus has been getting anchored in that other realm. Sometimes it feels like this '3D' world somehow gets sort of transparent for moments (not necessarily literally, but the feeling of it) and the other '5D' is coming through it from beyond the physical reality. It feels a bit like a glittering promise. Strangely, it doesn't same to make me ungrounded at all (maybe on the contrary), only puts the whole world, again, into a different perspective and makes it look even more stagelike.   

On a personal level, but not unrelated to the above, I have been going through my own personal crisis for the last few weeks. I met someone who is from another country and even the frequency/intensity of our reunion and the incredible (karmic?) pain of the following separation led to some sort of explosion in my heart area. I think I am just experiencing a new level of pain and with it, I can't say otherwise, some sort of 'higher love' pouring in. My heart, while being broken, is also expanding, letting in more love and intuition. Having said goodbye, before I caught my flight home, walking the streets of Warsaw I encountered the word 'INFUSION' everywhere. I felt it was very true both in the case of my soul infusion and the infusion of the new reality into this old paradigm. So, what you wrote, strongly resonates, Open, hearfelt thanks for your views on the subject. <3