5G/5D: An Illuminating Synchronicity Signalling the Time of Our Ascension

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Nothing happens by chance. The Universal mother tongue is that of synchronicity. As The Shift unfolds we'll be seeing countless mirrors as to the way forwards. And here we are, a wave of people beginning to shift into 5D right at the time a new, highly invasive, 5G technology is being rolled out. Which one is truly SMART indeed! I can feel it deep in my bones that this is an illuminating signal for evolving people. 5G seems to be a full-on assault to our ecosystems by an unseen consciousness. Together with abrupt climate change, environmental degradation and the Pole Shift, it's all converging. The invitation is to begin Ascension into 5D.

It will be the ride of our lives!

Emergence of Aligned Human Consciousness

It's essential to hoist on board the likely intentions behind 5G - and what I'm really talking about here is the unseen consciousness behind it. For thousands of years our planet and humanity have been in the grip of a controlling alien intervention, bent on creating a synthetic reality, more aclined to their agenda and vibration. The evidence is overwhelming, which I've shared in the book DIVINICUS rise of the divine human and the documentary PARADIGM SHIFT. It cuts to clear adaptations in genetic coding and especially the sudden change in chromosome count from 48 in hominids to 46 in Homo Sapiens - a minimum of 4 step changes that happened all at once.

The Benevolent Mission around the earth has been well aware of this since the beginning, and has been tirelessly working to support the emergence of aligned human consciousness out of it. It's about helping to restore the natural vibration of the Earth and realign the alien intervention back to the light.

This Intervention has already caused rapidly accelerating climate change and environmental  degradation by addicting the shadow subconscious of humanity to unhealthy and destructive lifestyles. But 5G marks a definite quantum leap in this effect with the EMF shadow likely increasing by 100-fold. Our pollinators and insect populations are already greatly in decline. This could well force the collapse of the 3D ecosystems.
(Check out the evidence here).

Why would this intention be so extreme?

The Journey into 'Space' - The Higher Dimensions 5D/6D/7D

Throughout Earth's history civilisations have come and gone. Each breakdown has also synchronistically coincided with miraculous breakthroughs - waves of evolving souls have passed on into higher densities. But this Earth Shift is quite unlike any other, because the consciousness of Gaia herself is shifting into the New Paradigm in the higher vibrations of the 5D/6D/7D. It is the appropriate answer to the lower dimensional cancer of the Intervention that has been the karmic manifestation of humanity's unconsciousness here. The Shift is providing a crucial vehicle for humanity to become realised at the deepest levels, interconnected with the Universe as spiritual beings. As challenging as this crucible of profound change will likely be, it will define a reclaimation of human sovereignty, an illumination of consciousness, and the birth of a Divine Being that is interconnected with the Universe. A tremendous possibility indeed!

The Intervention has lost its agenda to control the Earth. It will be purged from Gaia in the completing shift. Any interdimensional being with any kind of foresight will now know this. The concluding Pole Shift, and wider changes in our solar system, activated by our sun, the Solar Logos, will ultimately completely cleanse the Earth in the 3D. It's clear to me that's why the Intervention now has scant regard for Earth's ecosystems and natural biology. Their increasingly evident intention, is to create a synthetic reality based on SMART technology and AI, with as many human souls assimilated as possible, then to go off-world to create new communities elsewhere in the cosmos.

Just a few weeks ago the astronaut Buzz Aldrin who successfully walked on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission, signaled a growing intention in America to migrate humanity to Mars. Here is what he's reported as saying to The Washington Post...

"The United States’ eyes — and our unified commitment — should focus on opening the door, in our time, to the great migration of humankind to Mars. Books aplenty have been written about how to do this, and they have inspired government and non-government leaders to make lofty plans. But plans without a detailed architecture, and without that “next step” into the future, are just fantasy.

The Trump administration and today’s Congress, inspired by an American public impatient for space leadership, could start this engine. The next step would build on our early lunar landings and establish permanent settlements on the moon. In the meantime, preparations for permanent migration to the red planet can be made. All of this is within reach for humans alive now, but it starts with a unified next step in space. The nation best poised to make it happen is the United States."

To me, the consciousness behind this in the ether, recognises the loss of its agenda here on Earth - to consume it within a synthetic reality. However, ideally, as many as possible will find their way back to the light as The Shift unfolds.

If you're reading this and resonate at least in part, what choices might it now inspire you to make?

The New Allegiance

Allegiance to the old regime and acquiescence to it is now becoming increasingly futile. Although it can still form a bridge to the New Paradigm, in itself, it has no future. This karmic construct will unwind and break down, which we're already witnessing happening (and is what's precipitating the new space race). So there's a clear invitation to surrender deep into your core inner being, align with the authentic flow of your soul, and progressively shift into the higher vibrational reality. I'd say that's the only 'space travel' that makes any real sense that is likely to bring a deep sense of connected peace.
Explore Openhand's 5D Shift Project to Support Your Journey

What about the feelings awakening people are having to protect and save the environment, to be more conscious and connected? Is this now pointless? Far from it. Now, more than ever, it is essential to give your heart to those things that stir you at the deepest levels of compassion for all sentient life. It is this that reconnects people with the natural rhythms of the Universe. But to be clear, this was never about 'protecting the planet for our kids and grandkids'. That is still the anthropocentric - human centred - view that contributed to this ecosystem breakdown in the first place. Besides keeping the window of viable 3D living open as long as possible, there is only one authentic reason to protect nature...Because it is Right!

Your soul will guide you on the moment by moment choices that you'll need to make in order to process out the karmic density you may still hold. This is essential, because to deny the subconscious shadow side is self defeating and derailing. Plenty in the spiritual mainstream are still focussing on 'manifesting rosy realities', without realising that everyone ALREADY created this 5G/5D synchronistic crucible. It has manifested from the emergent light and the subconscious shadow. It is time to get into the density and work it through. This is the great opportunity to reclaim fragments of soul gold, reintegrate, and shift consciousness into the higher vibrations by progressive transmutation.

The Spirit Light Body - Your Vehicle of Ascension

Beware misinformation and misunderstanding in the spiritual mainstream. There's a widely held view that: "The 3D physical world, and all life on it, will progressively raise vibration into the New Pardigm when enough souls have awakened". There is no science for this. Firstly, the physical does not 'raise its vibration'. It holds a particular vibrational frequency for exploration and inquiry, each density being as a 'standing wave' within the Universal Torus.

It is Unity Consciousness in the form of souls (Gaia included) that 'raise vibration' by shifting into higher frequencies onto a different standing wave, like changing channels on the radio.

The next standing wave for humanity is the New Paradigm consisting of the 5D/6D/7D. The soul must be integrated through the progressive journey of deep inquiry and transmutation in the 3D, until it naturally shifts into the Spirit Light Body - your vehicle of Ascension. This can only fully happen once all karma has been processed (although it can be activated and worked with before then). If you happen to pass on without having processed this karma, that's entirely okay, you'll journey into the angellic realm of the 4D, whereupon a new incarnation can take place in some other 3D reality. That will unlikely be here on Earth though. Because once the 3D has been completely cleansed, it will likely take millions of years to rejuvenate, assuming that is going to happen for Gaia. The bulk of life here, in the meantime, will continue in the New Paradigm.

Your vehicle of Ascension, the Spirit Light Body, can activate and you can progressively integrate it as a way of being right now. It is not something to wait for. We're currently living in two worlds, two realities, not one. And the energy, the consciousness, is progressively unwinding out of the Old Paradigm. It means you can live the new creativity here and now. Enough souls are feeling and responding to the higher vibrations of interconnectivity, the unconditional love for all life and the adherence to the synchronistic flow. So whereas higher dimensional manifestation has not always been that successful previously, now more and more energy becomes available to you as the Earth energies progressively shift. There is no point in waiting!

The likelihood is that many of us have come here to act as Bridges to the New Paradigm. We'll remain in families and jobs and the old 3D circumstances for as long as it still lasts. You are the pathfinders and the wayshowers of the new reality. The invitation is to progressively integrate the Spirit Light Body and illuminate the journey for as many as possible to see. And also to help people overcome their fears. Fear is not something to be supressed or denied however. If it activates, the invitation is to turn right into it, explore it deeply, let go of the attachment, and explode the myth that fear is. In this way, all fear offers opportunity - gateways into the higher consciousness.

So what can we do about 5G in a partical sense?

It would be wonderful if enough people demonstrated and protested so as to limit the 5G roll out. That would keep the window of opportunity open longer for more people to step from the old reality and into the new. However, the toxitiy of the 3D is already intensifying greatly. It's important to let go of the need for a 3D rosy solution. In my view, still too many people are looking from behind hopeful veils of 'saving the earth's ecosystems in the 3D'. I say to you we are ALREADY past the point of any meaningful recovery. The majority are still consuming today as if there is no tommorrow. The 3D ecosystems are ALREADY stretched to breaking point and 5G could well tip them over the edge. There's still the possibility to enjoy life here, yes, and protect it as long as humanly possible, but my reflection to you is that you'll experience great fulfilment in life by progressively activating and attuning the flow of higher dimensional consciousness. You may be able to mitigate some of the physical effects of increasing EMF in your personal life, but by shifting more into the Spirit Light Body, your consciousness moves beyond the frequencies where 5G can touch you.

As I contemplated deeply the effect EMF has on me. I was sitting not far from the wifi at the time, next to the kitchen. As I put my attention on it, I could feel how it impacted my body, especially around the brain - a whoosy kind of experience. And I also reflected upon how this would be intensively magnified with 5G (synchronistically when I wrote "5G" I mistyped and wrote "5D"!). I do look after the physical really well, with purely plant based food, lots of raw and daily intermittant fasting, which gives the body plenty of time to recover and rebuild. But I know I can do relatively little about lasting physical health here in the long run.

Then, what spiked in my peripheral vision, was a blackbird in the garden that seemed to be speaking to me. Blackbird is appearing a lot in my landscape recently and they seem to keep coming very close. So I checked out the 'animal medicine' - Blackbird represents the Gateway into the mystical world, into the dreamspace. It prompted me to immediately go deeper inwards and connect with the Spirit Light Body - to center more deeply in that. Now I could feel the impact of the EMF in the physical, but it didn't seem to matter at all - as long as I focussed on the higher vehicle, the sense of it was not impacted in the slightest. That's the vehicle we'll be stepping into as we ascend.

10 Practical Responses to 5G

I felt also to share these 10 practical responses (from my previous article on 5G) for you to consider and explore...

1) Accelerate Your Shift into 5D Consciousness: I'm working with groups of people all around the world who're unfolding into higher dimensional consciousness and living it now. They can feel the New Paradigm all around them. Be clear though, because there's lots of confusion around what 'Ascending into 5D' really means. There is a very clear science to it.
Check out Openhand's 5D Shift Project

2) Inform yourself about the implications of 5G: get to know what the implications are and where possible, take part in protestations and demonstrations, which are currently beginning to happen. It is still possible to limit the full role out.
Check out the May 15 demonstrations in various US States
Brussels becomes first major City to Halt 5G

3) Learn how to mitigate the effects of EMF: good sources are springing up on the web of how to minimise and mitigate the impacts of increasing EMF. For example the volcanic rock shungite is highly effective at reducing micowave radiaition. Check out this website with free download... Takebackyourpower

4) Conduct daily inner cleansings and fasting: already we can clearly see the general health of humanity is degrading. Amongst others EMF greatly impacts the immune system. Investigate how you can strengthen this through detox juicing, a healthy plant based diet and fasting. Daily Intermittant fasting for example gives the body invaluable time to rest and rebuild cell structure... Explore fasting for Evolution here

5) Take back Soul Sovereignty: the internet is a great source of information, but also misinformation masquerading as 'the truth'. The truth for you, is something only you can know, feel and integrate. Get to know how your soul wants to draw you to particular inquiries, but stay connected to how you feel about them inside. Get to know your own sense of 'higher knowing landing' - that sense of instant landing flash - "yes, that's it"...
Develop Your Own Spiritual Compass

6) Beware of Excessive Distraction "Out there": the Intervention is trying all ways to distract souls from the true source of their power, which is aligned consciousness within. The 'narrative' is escalating daily, with constant new distractions, information, social media, gadgets and 'toys'. This only risks attuning you more into the physical and intellectual planes. Remember always your true source of power is what you feel at the core of you, centred in this storm...
Explore this Breakthrough Breathing Meditation to connect with your core

7) Connection with Nature: Make it as much of a priority as possible to connect with nature and form loving bonds with the plant and animal kingdoms. Despite the degradation in our environment and eco-systems, there's still plenty to connect with. Renew your connection with Mother Earth, respect and cherish all life. Let natural feedback loops build between you. To ascend into the New Paradigm is to become as one with the natural rhythms of the Earth.
Trial this Six Senses Meditation

8) Activate Your Spirit Light Body: inform yourself on the nature of your higher bodily vehicles of expression and especially the Spirit Light Body, which is your vehicle of Ascension, that you can activate and live through right now. It brings with it a deep sense of connection to the Universe, peace and a sense of well being. What's more, it is beyond where 5G can impact. If in doubt, meditate, meditate, meditate!
Here's a short video on the Spirit Light Body

9) Develop Effective Processes for dealing with Karmic Density: as you commit to the progressive shift into the new dimensions, it will activate inner karmic density. It is self-defating to override or ignore this. The invitation is to turn right into it and process through, so that you can transcend it. Understanding Transcendence

10) Live the New Reality Now: we're currently living in two worlds not one - there's the old paradigm which is breaking down, yet desperately trying to pull souls in; and there's the New Paradigm we're ascending into that many can already feel and experience. Your reality becomes where you place your focus. If  you know higher dimensional living is for you, then begin to live it here and now. Ultimately the physical will fall away, but you can continue your journey in the higher bodily vehicles of the New Paradigm. It's a feeling that you can shift into and live right now. Here's how you can create successfully from 5D

Seize the Day!

These are certainly challenging times, but also exciting ones! If you choose it, you'll each have a front row seat in the miraculous rebirth of our planet. It's clear it will not be an easy rebirth. But that will be the making of humanity. The Spiritual Warrior is forged in the crucible of great challenge, the Soul is smelted by the heat of alchemical transformation. This is nothing to fear but to embrace. And when fear does come up, as it likely will, that's okay, see it as a gateway into more illumined being; turn right into it and work through by softening through. Then it always transforms into a golden opportunity.

Seize the day! What great sages and past civilisations have for centuries prophecised is upon us. The 5G/5D synchronicity is the marker signalling the beginning of the Ascension. It's impossible to say just how long the window of opportunity will remain open within this shift, but my personal view is that I wouldn't automantically assume you have longer than a decade or two of viable 3D living (depending on where you live). That's why it's essential to decide your allegiance now, and make the higher self choices that will then appear in the daily 'ordinary' situations of life - nothing is ever ordinary!

Watch for those synchronciites, those messages of love. What do they activate within? What are you being invited to internalise? Remember, synchronicity is the mother tongue of the Universe, it's how she speaks to us, how she guides and nurtures us.

And watch especially for 55. I imagine as 5G is roled out, you'll be seeing it everywhere!

PS - If you resonate with what's been shared here and would like support with your Ascension, check out:
Openhand's Worldwide Events and Courses

In loving support

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Thank you for this comprehensive article, Open. Now I would only like to reflect on the Blackbird, that is appearing in my landsape recently, too. A few times each day. And they indeed come very close as it happened today, and it was very noticable. Intuitively (and with some online help :) ) I came to a similar conclusion, that they are calling us to migrate our consciousness into the higher realms. What I also observed is that very often they hold a worm in their beak. Digged from the soil, they represent karma to me, dross being removed from the subconscious contents as I am working through all this. 

On a different note, during the last few months I encounter the slogans 'Join Us', or 'Join our Team', 'Be Part of Our Team' everywhere. It is like a higher calling, a contact from the higher realms - at least it sounds like one to me.

with love,




Hi Open, Hi Mark,

Mark - thank you for sharing. I have also felt the higher calling. I felt to respond because synchronistically just this morning on our way to work, a colleague suddenly said to me in a firm voice "Are you ready?"

He startled me a bit with his sudden question, but then he pointed to a big sign that read in bold letters:



Open - I don't have an in depth response to the article yet, although I do resonate with a lot of it. Especially the urgency. I've been feeling it for a while now - that there's not much time. I feel it through the way my soul just keeps pushing and pushing on, as if there's not a minute to waste. There's a continuous movement of motivation in me which keeps growing exponentially, almost like madness. "Mad Motivation!" Haha! But then again I've always thought you had to be a little crazy to survive on this path.

Like Mark, I also want to reflect on the Blackbird as a HUGE synchronicity.

A few months ago, on Christmas day, I took a walk in an unknown neighbourhood. I passed by a kindergarten called "The Rosehip Blossom" and I suddenly felt the tingle of Spring, even in the midst of darkest winter. Sitting in one of the bushes of the "Rosehip Blossom" was a Blackbird - an unusual sight in wintertime and also a sign of springtime arriving. When the Blackbird sings in my country, you know Spring is on the threashold. It's one of my favourite sounds.

When I saw the Blackbird, I felt something stir inside me.I couldn't just walk by. It drew me like a magnet. I approached the bird slowly and carefully, until we were as close as a meter apart, and I could clearly look into its eyes. Or rather its Eye.It was just the one. It remained still, showing no sign of fear. I said "hello" and we gazed in each other's eye(s) for a long time. It was magical. Right before we parted, I asked it to fly on and find the heart that was cold, stuck in eternal winter.

Sing your message of Spring, Blackbird, and melt a frozen heart!

It was a profound and poignant rendez-vous that still ignites me, as I recall the alluring depth and mystery of its one black eye that received me so graciously and fearlessly. An invitation into the mystical world - the dreamspace? Yes. Why not? Most definitely! Something about what you said,Open, about not being touched or "impacted in the slightest" in the higher vehicle rings divinely in my soul.

Since then, the Blackbird has kept making appearances on my path whenever I have had a significant insight, higher dimensional landing, or integration of soul. I get the feeling it's watching over my spiritual progress and sending me confirmations when certain evolutionary steps have been taken.

Open, I really want to share this with you as a synchronicity and a reflection of your Blackbird and its significance;

I rarely take souvenirs home with me from my journies, especially not touristy ones. But when I left the retreat in Bruge I actually brought something back with me. On the 'tourist table' in our accommodation there were a bunch of brochures and business cards. I usually just walk straight past these things, but this card caught my Eye and I felt compelled to take it home with me. It now shares a space with the scroll that we created on our last day...



With Love,


Hi Mark & Anastasia - I've felt very close to blackbird recently. One darted out in front of my car and I clipped its tail feathers the other day - fortunately it was okay, but a close call, and my heart was pounding for the little creature.

So thanks for sharing - clearly a universal message out there right now.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji

I find it mysteriously intriguing that practically immediately after posting this article, Openhand's web traffic dropped by a whopping 40%, practically overnight. It seems the powers-that-be are not too keen on articles exposing the underlying agenda.

What is does mean of course, is that we're doing the right thing. And even though underhand tactics do make things more difficult for small organisations like us, it simply has the opposite effect on motivation - it drives it through the roof!

Let's NOT be censored guys. Do help us out and share this article far and wide. Here's what you can do...
5G/5D: An Illuminating Synchronicity Signalling the Time of Our Ascension

- forward the link to friends
- share it on facebook
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It's high time to accelerate the shift!

Open Praying Emoji

Hi Open,

Wow, I am not surprised! Actually I had been wanting to post something last week related to this and didn't in the end, but I guess I am being invited to do so. Recently Megha shared an article from Collective Evolution about '5G from space' on Facebook, which I found interesting enough to share on my wall too and subsequently one of my contacts shared it on. The next day, Facebook was indicating people had liked or commented on my post, but when I would click on it, I would just get a blank screen to then realize that the whole post had disappeared from my wall. I checked and it had also disappeared from Megha's wall and the other contact, thinking that maybe Megha removed her post and that's why it disappeared for me too, I checked with her to find out she didn't remove anything. Just as I was about to post something here about it, the post seemed to have miraculously reappeared on our Facebook walls after about a week since I posted it, which made me decide not to write about it here. But now seeing your post, I thought it would be worth sharing the experience after all, because it indeed seems there are some powers-that-be who don't like this information to be shared out there.  Here is the article should anyone be interested:


Just posted it on my wall again, curious to see how long it will be visible there.....!