Finding Nirvana - Aligning yourself with the Universal Flow

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It's clear the mainstream of humanity is becoming increasingly dissatisfied, and dis-eased as the seeming relentless struggle to control life and the planet's dwindling resources rolls on. Fortunately, a growing group of people are turning away from this mechanised madness by finding love, peace and fulfilment within. It's all about recgonising oneself as part of the greater whole and flowing with that, inside yourself. Understanding how the microcosym of your life fits within the greater macrocosym leads to a sublime way of being. You find the mystical 'nirvana', inside yourself. Here's how...

Infinite Creative Potential Exists Inside You

I put it to you, that the universe exploded into being and unleashed flows of consciousness, like ripples on a pond (which people call the 'big-bang). It was done without intention - or else who had the intention and where did the 'creator' come from? It just happened. And that creative potential still exists inside of you. It is who you are.

When you let go of the need to control life, the release steadily unwinds you, taking you on a Journey of Enlightenment where ultimately you become the One, inside of yourself; you lose attachment to identity, it feels like no one is here. The divine paradox is, that in touching this void of nothingness, you simultaneously realise the infinite potential of the One - the unlimited creative possibility that caused the bigbang. Your soul then writes a story - a flow - which is uniquely yours.

The Journey of Enlightenment

This 'Enlightenment' is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning of the authentic one. You then begin to recognise sense of purpose, unveiled as divine service to the whole.

It is only when you let go the life you thought you were creating, the real work and the real service comes gloriously into view.

So how do you live that here and now? How do unfold your real life-story? It helps to recognise the bigger universal flow, how it's moving, and to become an active part in that.

You are a Divine Paradox

In this big explosion of consciousness - the bigbang - you have essentially two contrasting flows creating relativity: one outwards forming the multiplicity of separation consciousness, and the other inwards, reconnecting with the source - like the undertow on a pond. These relativistic flows, create the miraculous awareness of life experience. However, in many places, unity consciousness gets stuck within the separation consciousness creating eddy currents. It's where the universe becomes convoluted and distorted. The Law of Attraction draws streams of Unity Consciousness - as souls - into these convolutions.

You are a divine paradox: the infinite potential of the One, and at the same time, a streaming experience of the One - a unique soul.

The Universal Torus

Science and spirituality are now beginning to converge on a working model of the universe called "The Torus". Essentially the bigbang is now drawing into a form of interrelating flows of consciousness - a good depiction of which is contained in the video below. Consider the blue light as Unity Consciousness and the golden as Separation Consciousness.

One ways to appreciate the Torus in it's outer form, would be as a continually vibrating and pulsing apple - a "Big Apple"! This Torus possesses the Void of the One - infinite potential running down through the core. Rotating torsional force flows into the Void.

Naturally working to unravel discord

Within this depiction, souls are streams of the flowing blue light. But the Torus is not yet fully formed. It's not yet perfected with balanced harmony in all places. That's where you and I come in. Where the soul is not self-realised - not realising of the One 'Torus' Self - identities are created. These identities cause friction and disharmony in the flow, felt within us as pain, frustration, tightness, anger, worry, fear etc, etc, etc.

I put it to you, that the universe, of it's own natural accord, by it's own natural mechanism, is working to unravel that. The energies are working towards a balanced torus - harmony in all places, what some call 'nirvana'.

Here is a depiction of the torus with both the microcosym of a man (connecting through the chakars) into the macrocosym of the universal torus...

Coming into Universal Alignment

I put it to you that you will be most aligned, most in the flow, and most within internal harmony, when you're aligned with this macrocosym - it's an entirely natural movement back to the core - Ascension - which just feels 'right'.

One way to experience this movement Torus of energy, is to keep opening the chakras to allow this universal consciousness to flow into and through you. Then to observe its 'pull' guiding you through life. It's so sophisticated, you can even experience it walking through town, or even the supermarket - because the flow exists everywhere!

What I observe, is that if there's any separation from this, an identity forms, which then hurts! But if that which is separate - ego - lets go and chooses to flow with the mainstream of one's soul, you ultimately come into alignment with the entirety, inside yourself. And it feels simply 'right'.

A Spiritual Compass

Did I say it was easy? Easy it is not! That's why it's extremely useful to have a 'compass' to align you with your soul - your unique flow within the Torus. The process Openway is designed to bring you into this alignment:
It naturally causes that which is separate in you, to realign with the mainstream of your soul, and with that, the universal torus. And you can live that way in every single choice that you make, leading to nirvana within.

In loving support
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The drawing streams of unity consciousness as souls into convolutions seemingly diverts the natural flow (of it coming inwards reconnecting with source). Then more and more souls are diverted or feed into the distorted stream (illusionary reality) thus increasing the momentum simultaneously attracting more souls. When each awakens from the illusion, stands within their truth (found through living their individual story without identification) then connection back to the one can flow through. The momentum slows from just one altering their perception. In addition, the feeling of infinite potential creates the dissolution/existence of all/nothing. This is what I have felt. Thank you for the spiritual compass. It's ironic how before I had words of knowledge related to any of this, I followed my heart and was true to my inner guidance and it all happened so naturally yet I felt pretty banged up by it all, the feelings were so intense. Now, having a few tools to utilize -- it is calmer to shift in and out of or to slide across the bridge.
Much love,

I don't post very often, and I'm not always the most organized writer, so forgive me. The reason I'm posting now, is an experience that has touched the depths of my soul. I wanted to share it in hopes that someone may have had a similar experience, or maybe some insight to mine. If not, then that's okay to :)

Last nights dream:
I was at the home of my employer with what co-worker. I don't know who the other person was, I couldn't see a face. ( I think now, it might be me) We were getting ready to settle in and put things away. They have a son, and he needed help with his shoes, first a type of sandal, but then I saw laces, couldn't decide what they were, but I helped him with them and played with him until his mother returned. He was very happy little boy.

She returned and thanked me for looking after him. She then showed us around and where to find what we needed to feel at home then she was gone. I vaguely remember her saying more, but I cannot recall it.

I remember seeing the Ocean outside the window, and next I'm on an over-sized airbed, floating. We had drifted away from the shore. The waves were really high, and I kept seeing glimpses of a light on the dock in and out from the waves. I turned my head to look behind me and could see a huge wave, I could also hear and feel rumbling below me and knew I was being pulled further and further away, and I couldn't stop it. I felt the air leaving the float, this is when I woke in the dream, I kept hollering above the sound for the person with me to wake up, and tried repeatedly to move my hand, to grab her arm and wake her. I stayed paralyzed through this part of the dream. I thought the waves would soak us and we'd drown, but, I felt no water, no sinking. Just the constant rise and fall of my body and sinking into a surreal peacefulness and calm, I stopped trying to move and talk. The ocean wasn't angry and there was no storm, just darkness of night, sound, and movement on the water. I do remember looking down at myself when I stopped trying to move, I was wearing a long linen gown, it wasn't quite white, an eggshell color. I don't recall anything else in the dream.

Feelings from the dream after waking: I made coffee and went to sit on my patio, I sat on the ground and watched the clouds going by and the sunrise. The wind was blowing the leaves on the trees, and I recalled the dream. I realized that the person I was with, was me. I was letting go of what I have come to trust and depend on, I just let go. My fear left and what remained was motion and vibration, both feeling and sound and for some reason, the linen gown and the boys shoes, I think I was supposed to know something about them, but it's lost. I think I'm ready. I could be over analyzing, but I feel refreshed and an uncontrollable pull for more. The meditation for Ascension of Gaia was perfect today, felt so right after the dream!

Thank you Openhand,

That's brilliant Janeen - and of course everything you dreamed was a mataphor for what is to come and indications of your role in it - "tieing up shoelaces" - helping those that need a little guidance.

As always with these things though, the exact interpretation is unimportant - work to not over-analyse. Instead work to integrate the feelings they activate.


Open *give_rose*

Hello traveling souls,

My path has taken me through the darkest places in life, too close to death. Everything was always an effort before, but I now I am beginning to understand. I was very impatient, and didnt learn the importance of stopping to listen and observe my body and surroundings. I didnt know how to love, what it was and what it means. I have not awoken into a state of enlightenment, though I would like to share some words of wisdom.

Let every moment be. Surrender at will to each second and let go of control. We are all awake in every moment, though some are not aware. Stop, look, wait, listen, breathe in and let go. You will see how to follow the good feeling in your heart. If you are unsure, wait some more and trust deep within yourself, that your heart will light up the way. See the meaning behind the matter all around you, listen to what it is teaching you. Discover spontaneous opportunities, have fun, create, be different, take a chance, embrace the thoughts and moments which light up your day. Let your heart sing aloud.

Sending to all with love and enlightened journeys ahead,