5D Shift: Aligning Your Focus and Orientation in Planetary Transformation

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The accelerating shift is driving everything that's happening on our planet right now, including the shadow's ever shape-shifting attempts to control it, with first this drama and then that. It's easy to get drawn in, as you feel compassion for the innocents caught up in it. This is where we need to be crystal clear on our focus and orientation through this great planetary transformation that's unfolding.

Infinite Creative Potential Exists Inside You

To understand our aligned orientation we must recognise the bigger picture that's driving everything. Let's recap: at the big bang the universe exploded into being and unleashed flows of consciousness, like ripples on a pond. It was done without intention - or else who had the intention and where did the 'creator' come from? It just happened. And that creative potential and movement still exist inside of you. It is who you are, constantly being actualised into form.

When you let go of the need to control life, the release steadily unwinds you, taking you on a Journey of Enlightenment where ultimately you become The One, inside of yourself; you lose attachment to identity, it feels like no one is here. The divine paradox is, that in touching this void of nothingness, you simultaneously realise the infinite potential of The One - the unlimited creative possibility that caused the bigbang. Your soul then writes a story - a flow - which is divinely and uniquely yours.

This 'Enlightenment' is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning of the authentic one. You then begin to recognise sense of purpose, unveiled as divine service to the whole. It is only when you let go of the life you thought you were creating, the real work and the real service come gloriously into view.

So how do you live that here and now? How do unfold your real life-story?

You are a Divine Paradox

In this big explosion of consciousness - the big bang - you have essentially two contrasting flows creating relativity: one outwards forming the multiplicity of separation consciousness, and the other inwards, reconnecting with the source - like the undertow on a pond. These relativistic flows create the miraculous awareness of life experience. However, in many places, unity consciousness gets stuck within the separation consciousness creating eddy currents. It's where the universe becomes convoluted and distorted.

It is this convolution that the shadowside of the Universe, and in society, tries to hang onto and control. The Black Snake energy, for example, cannot let go of the creations it originally crystallised from the quantum soup - it twists and turns, deceives and delludes, so as to maintain control. Although it will all ultimately fail.

The Law of Attraction draws streams of Unity Consciousness - as souls - into these convolutions to expose and illuminate them. We each incarnate into these whirlpools of distortion so as to bring realignment by finding the light and forging soul through them. But you do have to focus on your shadow to bring this about! It helps enormously to have a working understanding of the Torus - that which truly drives the bigger picture.

The Universal Torus - The Big Apple

Science and spirituality are now beginning to converge on a working model of the universe called "The Torus". Essentially the big bang is now drawing into a form of interrelating flows of consciousness - a good depiction of which is contained in the video below. Consider the golden light as Unity Consciousness and the blue as Separation Consciousness.

One way to appreciate the Torus in its outer form would be as a continually vibrating and pulsing apple - a "Big Apple"! This Torus possesses the Void of the One - infinite potential running down through the core. Rotating torsional force flows into the Void.

Naturally working to unravel discord

Within this depiction, souls are streams of the flowing light. But the Torus is not yet fully formed. It's not yet perfected with balanced harmony in all places. That's where you and I come in. Where the soul is not self-realised - not realising of the One 'Torus' Self - identities are created. These identities cause friction and disharmony in the flow, felt within us as pain, frustration, tightness, anger, worry, fear etc, etc, etc.

This disharmony and discrepancy in the macocosym crystallises as distorted, karmic realities in order to work them through. Such as what we're witnessing on earth right now where the soul of humanity is working to release itself from unconsciousness that has been projected outwards into society as loss of sovereignty and thereby being controlled.

The universe, of its own natural accord, by its own natural mechanism, is working to unravel that. The energies are working towards a balanced torus - harmony in all places, what some call 'nirvana'. And this happens by each individual soul incarnating as a cell of the bigger picture within that dynamic. Each is working to bring a spark of light to break down the darkness of the karmic construct.

Here is a depiction of the torus with both the microcosym of a man (connecting through the chakras) into the macrocosym of the universal torus...

Coming into Universal Alignment

I put it to you that you will be most aligned, most in the flow, and most within internal harmony when you're aligned with this macrocosym - it's an entirely natural movement back to the core - Ascension - which just feels 'right'.

To experience this movement Torus of energy is to keep opening the chakras to allow this universal consciousness to flow into and through you. Then observe its 'pull' guiding you through life. It's so sophisticated you can even experience it walking in town or in the supermarket. The flow exists everywhere!

What I observe, is that if there's any separation from this, an identity forms, which then hurts - specifically because it feels like dissonance from your destiny. But if that which is separate - ego - lets go and chooses to flow with the mainstream of one's soul, you ultimately come into alignment with the entirety, inside yourself. And it feels simply 'right'.

Living the Torus in Daily Life - A Spiritual Compass

The question is, how do you make use of this the whole time?

Essentially you open up to the flow of the mainstream of soul, felt as a sense of 'rightness': this is how to express now, and from that, this is the way to go now. It's felt as the landing of higher knowing or a pull through the heart.

1) As you follow this movement more and more, you'll hit 'choke points', where identity switches you off, gets stuck, or gets confused into thinking you must have or do something particular within the 'matrix'.

2) you realise these chokes points are not about the practical outcome of them. Rather they are about unravelling the pain of identity and false self within them. Paradoxically, as you do this, new more aligned outcomes happen that lead you to greater harmony in life.

3) As you wind out of the choke points caused by identity, you're looking for the real gold in the situation, which is the new element of soul that wants to now come through. This is the real 'game changer'. Life and the Torus is all about the integration of this Unity consciousness. So you're now looking for the new aspect of beingness that wants to come through.

4) You embody and express this new beingness, then reality transforms around you, progressively, step by step in all your life's circumstances, from relationships to jobs and general living circumstances.

Setting Your Compass for Correct Orientation

Following this alignment described in the four steps above won't necessarily make life easy, but it will forge the soul and you will find the best pathway through life's turmoil on the planet. It'll feel like sailing through a storm, but in a resilient way, and with the clear sense that you're aligned with the bigger picture - the one that's really moving things.

My encouragement to you reading is to beware of the purposeful distraction out there in society right now and to be really clear where your orientation and focus are. That way, as things topple around you, you'll still come through shining and successful.

If you resonate with some of what I've shared, come and explore the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:
Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support

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Hey O, 

Well its crazy on the east coast of Aus. Very challenging times indeed. So many towns under water, people sitting on roofs waiting for rescue, many people sick and displaced, animals stranded, putrid water everywhere. Supplies extrmely limited as so many shops and roads flooded. Its just so sad.

I am rationing the supplies I do have,  as landslides have hemmed us in, in my wee town. I am glad I have got to 2 meals a day mostly, so that helps make it last longer as I dont know when we will get the food supply chain happening again.

I am lucky as I still have my house which I am so grateful for, unlike thousands of others who have only their lives and maybe a pet or 2.

Its just like a war! I suppose it is a war in a way! The amazing thing is seeing how all the peeps in communities are pulling together, truly heartwarming.❤

It is so hard not to feel panicky at times to be honest. I am trying to cling to the mast and work through these very intense feelings. I just realized that it comes down to TRUSTING IN THE DIVINE which came up on the last retreat. ha ha! 

I am sooo grateful for this community. 

Much love

Erin 💚🐎🌳

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We're right there with you in the floods Zee 🧡
In many ways, a great flood is coming into all our lives. It has already begun and will effect us each in different ways.
This is why I felt it so important to journey and meditate people through these great cycles, like Atlantis for example.
It's high time to prepare our consciousness so we can ride these physical changes - we are NOT physical!!

Awesome response Zee. We're right there with you. Keep unravelling through what materialises.

Much love and bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Hi Erin,

Just reaching out up to you - we are east coast Aus also- and so far out of flood zones, but seeing and hearing of those all up the coast.

Saying hello to you, as you are in the same land mass over here in Australia and nice to see another 'local' as I read the posts to regain perspective on the non-stop 'events'.

Love and blessings :)


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Hey L, Thanks  for reaching out much appreciated. Full on times ay! 

I am grateful I wasn't right in the flood zone, we only had some land slippage out my way but still cut off from town. At least there is a small village that has limited supplies. Alot more than the poor people in Lismore and surrounds. 

My heart feels for all the survivors, alot of processing to be done with it all. 

The most beautiful  thing is seeing how the community is pulling together, awe inspiring indeed! 

Thanks again for reaching out.


Erin 🌳🐎💚


Hey Open!

I have a couple questions ...I would like to say also that there has been an enormous amount of energy on the level of mind...this is atypical for me, and in many ways very healthy feeling/integrative.

 I feel confounded by the words "your soul" - who's soul? who has a soul? I am not trying to pick apart words...I realize we use some to just get across the point...I get the sense that often an identity is claiming to have a soul and that this identity needs to do this or that to express their soul. This feels ever more mechanical and self manipulative. If there is only One being, and that is what all is, then no "person" has a soul...and the thing called person is a collection of identities it seems...whereas a soul is a natural flow of expression of the One (not of the person). 

So then, the only thing the person/identity can do is surrender into the sacred ground of being and allow natural unfoldment of the One as a flow (Soul). I suppose I could say the One flows as soul(s). And so also each moment is an opportunity for the energy that is bound up as an identity to not play out its old patterns (or do play them out) feel through the triggers etc...and come into the sense of the One over and over and over...from which Soul flows...as long as identity doesn't step back in and distort it....which is fine...just keep working through (though I still don't get who is working through??)

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It's a beautiful inquiry Jen and I commend all to read it carefully. Because it pertains to the steady destruction of identity.

It starts with the ego of course, where there is the sense of a separated identity. And this builds a complex convolution of inner programs that often work unconsciously. You have to be challenging every motivation and action in order to break past it - even the question, "why would I want to?" Particularly as it means the death of the ego.

Ultimately there's realisation that there's nowhere else to go - and so there's surrender. But surrender to what? The soul is not an identity, but the remnants of ego often build a spiritual identity around it. And you're right to question the phrase: "my soul". Whose soul? The soul takes centre stream, and you are being that. I say you are "being" that because you are NOT that. You have become the Seer experiencing as an individual soul.

So who is steering in the direction of soul? It depends on the level of soul integration. After realignment, GATEWAY2, the balance of consciousness shifts in favour of the mainstream of soul. But there's still the density of ego to breakthrough. At realignment there is surrender to the soul, and so the shadow aspect of self realises it's time to let go. So this would be the part, which recognising its separation, then steers in the direction of the soul.

Later on, when the ego has more or less completely gone and only fragments remain, the question then is, 'who' now is guiding the show? How does that happen if there's no identity? Well, there still is personality, which we may call the soul-ray-harmonic, that plays in a particular way in given circumstances depending on the individual harmony. Within that is the ray 3, the interpreter, which naturally picks up the flow, interprets the flow of events through synchronicity, and attunes the sense of direction that's being channeled and guided. It's the antenna so to speak.

This is why I often use the surfer analogy. The surfer is not directing the wave. But an aspect of his consciousness is attuning to the wave. The better the surfer, the less methodical this is and the more intuitive.

It's utterly miraculous!

Open 🏄‍♀️

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Thank you so much Open - there is so much here that rings bells and inspires a deeper exploration.

Primarily, I feel the absolute depth, beauty and comprehensive nature of the Openhand philosophy...how it so beautifully and eloquently shines light on the threads of truth within the many spiritual disciplines ... I am realizing just how precise and nuanced this is... at every point there is a sense of truth that can be realized and then continuously deepened....I am feeling so much gratitude for the beauty of Openhand's reflection. Praying Emoji

Secondly, I feel how beautiful it is that the truth meets us where our consciousness is and invites the next step of unravelling...it's not all at once (maybe sometimes it is)...in this there is an amazing invitation to be fully in the experience one is in...and the perception one has at this moment. Even if one is in a  struggle to, berating oneself to, pushing oneself to do something, get it right etc...there is the welcoming of all that is stirring inside...all these energies...and to not need to do anything about them - just welcome all that is constellating right now without any need to fix it or fix oneself...yet be conscious in it...attentive and feeling all that is arising and shaping and squeezing and tightening...and work through it ...I see it like a tailor who is threading the needle through the density of material and then back out again...over and over. 

At the moment, I am perceiving that, although it is the movement of unity consciousness as the Soul that is creating the unravelling, it seems to engage the ego through the feelings of dissatisfaction/depression/anxiety/existential crisis...it seems that the ego "agrees" to go along with the Soul as the ego/sense of self perceives there will be relief for itself, that what ails the person mentally, emotionally and physically will be fixed by becoming itself enlightened. I feel love for this process, this experience, compassion for the suffering that is being experienced and joy at the potential within it.  I imagine this is why when it is seen that the ego will not get what it wants out of the process, there is a sense of manipulation and upset that gets pointed at whatever seemed to be promising the ego's new riches (that may be oneself or an outside figure). And at the same time I hear these words...it was never for you (the collection of identities taken as me)...it was never a crown you could wear upon your head...though I feel that many of the practices that one might engage in to open to soul's movement will benefit the well being of the person (collection of identities) - I certainly have found a much greater degree of peace and well being simply through knowing that all of the machinations that go on are not essential to who I am. There has been a gradual settling down of the identities' machinations. And yet the shadow element eventually yields to the Soul...how beautiful it is that the shadow element itself surrenders to the majesty of the Soul. 

You said..."Later on, when the ego has more or less completely gone and only fragments remain, the question then is, 'who' now is guiding the show? How does that happen if there's no identity? Well, there still is personality, which we may call the soul-ray-harmonic, that plays in a particular way in given circumstances depending on the individual harmony. Within that is the ray 3, the interpreter, which naturally picks up the flow, interprets the flow of events through synchronicity, and attunes the sense of direction that's being channeled and guided. It's the antenna so to speak."

This spikes very strongly for me...distortions of ray 3 are often spinning me in circles of self-doubt and second guessing - always presenting a million possibilities (perhaps that has something to do with the third eye as well)?  And yet I feel some sort of joy at the way ray 3 operates ...I recognize elements of its aligned expression. 

Thanks so much for this incredible exploration and reflection!!!

Jen Heart

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It's a rich and deep inquiry for sure Jen. Of itself, it will take you all the way. Because above all else, the various machinations of identity etc, you're honing the unravelling mechanism. That's the key: in any given moment you're unravelling through so as to reveal the soul - then actualising that.

 As we actualise soul, we don't have to worry about who we are. Because who we truly are, then materialises in the background. My sense and belief is that this is the ONLY way it can happen (although I know it's dangerous to say ONLY!!). The One renders itself. Providing then an aspect of the soul is looking into the One, you will experience it, effortlessly riding the board. It's superlative! 🏄‍♀️

If you're finding the continual questioning of the ray 3 unsettling, then look for some stabilisation. The third eye could well help, because that's about centering in beingness and also it will provide visions of future-landing-now. So the ray 3 is not telling you what to do as such, it's noticing what is already crystallising and stepping into that. With each of the rays you'll realise there's a fine line between accurate expression and distortion. That's the line to attune.

Isn't it miraculous!!

Open 💙


01/03/2022 Journal Update:

In todays post, I felt to feature an insight into the Universal Torus and how it applies to daily life in the current transformation. Although it might seem a touch 'left-brained' in contemplating it, you cannot overstate the importance of activating a free flowing torus through your life. In fact it's clear the ancients have expressed this to us as the 'flower of life'...

So how is this relevant and applicable to you in daily life?

When the flow is working for you it's because you've unleashed kundalini and this is connecting through you like a circuit back to the source. Now the flow is speaking into your being and guiding how to be, and from that, how to act. The soul begins to express itself freely through you and this becomes incredibly alchemical because you're becoming an active co-creator in life.

If you ever get stuck in your life you could try this approach...

Inhale into the experience. And with that regress into the feelings and visions of the limiting experience. Become intimate with it and 'blow it up' into your immediate environment. Now explore what you were attached to? How did your ego need it to go a certain way? Work to let go of that by knowing yourself as the infinite source. Now as you exhale, express free flowing soul and visualise/feel a new aligned reality crystallising around you. Voila. You're now a conscious creator with the universal torus!

So today I encourage all to work with this meditation to unleash the majesty of toroidal flow in your life. And do share in commentary below what you feel about the sense of the torus and how it works for you?

Open Praying Emoji


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I'm often asked what relevance does the Universal Torus have with Active Kundalini?

I would say they are one and the same thing.

You don't really feel the Torus until the soul starts to liberate itself from fragmentation in the ego. After which, you realign to becoming the mainstream of soul, which happens at Gateway 2 in the 5Gateways route-map. Now the soul starts to flow within you and you are progressively becoming that flow. It will have many blockages to work through on the journey to full kundalini activation (which happens at Gateway 3). Once this happens, kundalini activation fully unleashes the Toroidal Flow (although karma now needs to be worked with too... Gateway 4). Progressively you are unleashing this Toroidal Flow through activating kundalini. It now creates freely from the source through you and out into your life.


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Thank you, Open.  I realize that I do a very good job of inhaling into the experience and I can sit in the feelings and visions of the uncomfortable.  Your questions are helpful and I can usually get to that part on my own as well. Exploring the attachment. Even animating when I am in a good state of going for the gold.  Most of the time I find myself doing an eagle's point of view fly-over with Tilly's voice asking me, "But why? What can really happen that is so bad if you just give in to the resistance, Gwyn?" Kiss And I let go...

BUT, I have been forgetting the most important part once I have swam around and waded deeply in the emotions--exhale, express and visualize a new reality!!  I am a visual person and you have now brought an image to remind be of the last step.

The flower of life is the sacred geometry of crystalized creation. WIN WIN WIN Heart

As for the toroidal flow, I feel I am now getting to know the cobwebs and the shadows you have spoken about in Gateways, the imposters showing up with their distortion in subtle ways. There is more discernment and really listening to ME. Less static or the static is so obvious these days.

The more challenging part is not getting hoodwinked by the shadow identities. What is really happening, all those fingers pointed outwardly have shifted inwardly. I am no longer "really" blaming others, circumstances, myself, etc.  Compassion has settled in and I am looking for the reflection from others instead of turning it back at them. I do appreciate listening to myself babble on a bit when I do get stuck, reminding me there is more to look at. I can see it when I am sharing here sometimes. LOL! I am getting to know these characters--false prophet, controller, questioner, dissolver, absolutist, pacifist and teacher.  I love to express and share--now I am asking which one of these gals is trying to override me on occasion.  AND I am giving myself a lot of freedom to be. 

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You're doing great Gwyn - keep digging and keep exploring 👍

I picked out this part you said...

BUT, I have been forgetting the most important part once I have swam around and waded deeply in the emotions--exhale, express and visualize a new reality!!  I am a visual person and you have now brought an image to remind be of the last step.

Just to be clear, when you're 'swimming around in the density', the most crucial thing is to surrender in, without needing to change it. It's to work to become as one with the situation and thereby becoming The One in it. From that empowered place, then visioning may naturally happen and come. Otherwise it might be a feeling through the heart to express in a particular way and to take a particular step.

Today's article captures the point but from another perspective...

Law of Attraction: 5 Golden Keys to Harness the Power of the Universe

Bright blessings

Open 💙


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HA! Tears LMAO 

Yesterday, my morning started at the wetlands: walking, crying, feeling, reflecting, in-sighting.
Got home wrote about it. Did almost nothing else. Completed mom chauffeur tasks and soul drove me to the hilltop in town where the university is. I sat on the mount where the bell tower is: sat, vibrated, felt, cried, listened to birds, reflected. Got home and polished up what I wrote and thought I had posted it above Up Pointing Backhand Index   

It didn't upload!  Show me, show me -- silly ego.
Open, when I write, I love being creative with words. So does EGO, ghost-writer imposter. Losing a well-written paragraph is comparable to buying Bitcoin at $500 with the lost/forgotten keys.
Super Angry Face Emoji🤢🤮Very Mad🔥🤪Heart Eyes Emoji 

Both times I had a rumbling and nausea in my tummy. As I write right now, I have the same.

I so appreciate the dialoguing. I so enjoy the sifting through the e(nergey)motions swiftly.  
I AM so. Surrender. Play that fiddle. And skateboard off into the sunset...

ps  I have also come up with a way to identify my imposters -- they show up with masks when chatting with me, speaking a bit muffled and hard to understand. The distortions are a bit easier to distinguish these days High Five Emoji


Dear Open ,

Such a timely ,synchronistic message . In the past few days I have been struggling to help a baby in my care . I was feeling the Torus very strongly despite the craziness around me ( intense brain activity trying to make the diagnosis etc. ) .I am feeling it so strongly that I wasn't able to sleep for a couple of days . It's almost as if the flowers have more intense colours and everything is speaking . Also intense is the way I get pulled into karma .  And that gives me a good opportunity to work with it. 

Right now I am feeling karma about " saving lives " . I am feeling a strong sense of attachment to outcome ,an attachment I feel quite strongly in my belly . There is also a lot of karma that comes with it . I made a mistake with this baby and could feel the wind being knocked out of my at that point . I also am activating some strong karma with a soulmate who I am collaborating closely with and who I suspect has partnered me on many such missions.  ( That's the words that come ) . Its a very tight feeling in my chest and I struggle to feel the entire intensity of it . 

Hope everyone else is well ! 


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It's really not easy these days, here's one technique that helps me calm down, it's from Carlos Castaneda book:

I got up and went to look for don Juan. I found him dozing in a chair. The moment I
approached him he was wide-awake. I said good morning.
"You seem to be having no trouble falling asleep," I commented.
"When you have been afraid or upset, don't lie down to sleep," he said without looking at me.
"Sleep sitting up on a soft chair as I'm doing."
He had suggested once that if I wanted to give my body healing rest I should take long naps,
lying on my stomach with my face turned to the left and my feet over the foot of the bed. In order
to avoid being cold, he recommended I put a soft pillow over my shoulders, away from my neck,
and wear heavy socks, or just leave my shoes on.
When I first heard his suggestion, I thought he was being funny, but later changed my mind.
Sleeping in that position helped me rest extraordinarily well. When I commented on the
surprising results, he advised that I follow his suggestions to the letter without bothering to
believe or disbelieve him.


09/02/21 Journal Update - Aligning Yourself with the Torus: Just to be clear, when we speak of "The Torus" here at Openhand, we're meaning the natural Toroidal Flow of life - how all sentient life forms revolve around. When it's moving naturally through you, then that's what people are referring to as active kundalini. It means you're connected to the source within you and flowing as the natural creative alignment of the Universe.

Humanity has been stuck in a bubble, a controlled simulation, manipulated by an interdimensional energy that has slowed the Toroidal field down through various means so as to try to take dominion of it. Just by working to open the Torus up again can shake off this sleepy agenda. So it's vitally important to be working to do that in your life. Right now I'm working with an international group of souls during the Thrive in 3D/5D work to do just that.

Do browse the lead article above and assuming it resonates, then I invite you to contemplate how you might increase the natural toroidal flow in your life. It brings with it great sense of freedom and connection.

How to Align Yourself with the Universal Toroidal Flow in Daily Life

Blessings to all!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


I felt to repost this again today... 5D Shift: How to Align yourself with the Universal Torus Flow in Daily Life

I know it may seem a bit 'out there' and esoteric. However when you can unleash and amplift the Torus in your daily life, which in effect if free flowing kundalini, then you're going to find new possibilities (especially from a 5D sense) create more effortlessly and more abundantly.

If you wish to explore further, do share here below.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Open

The Torus explains the pulsing energy I feel and the animation helps to understand it...thank you. It is good to know that I have no particular thing to do in the matrix and can let that go. I feel on fire a lot at present and you asked how long we felt there was before everything became extinct....feels like a very short time to me...the whole of civilisation has become a mess from where I am and I expect it to disintegrate very soon...hopefully not before next week.

Much love Heather


So everyone out there in the Openhand community, I felt to talk about the Universal Flow today (do reflect on my article above).

How are you experiencing the flow on daily life? What challenges do you have and how do you experience it coming through?

Let's reflect to each other

Open Call Me Handvoltage emoji iconThe Sun Emoji


Hey there fellow travellers,

I too am wondering about whether in a past life I was a grey or something due to the strong feelings I feel. I have battled with feelings of utter abandonment and desolation for a long while now (years). I had no idea what the heck was going on and thought I was going into depression again like I did in in my past. Since I woke up I realize it must be some kind of karma thing I need to sort.

I woke today with such a strong sense of yukkiness(i call it) and tried to feel into it and do the bow thingy to intensify the pain and not run from it. It lasted ALL day! And I didnt seem to shift. It paralyzes me and I can hardly function, like wading waist deep in sticky mud. And sometimes its so bad I just want to bail out, but I realize it isnt an option for me anymore. I so desperately want to shift this hideous thing and get the gold! Am I missing something in the process? Aargh! its sooo excruciating! 

The good thing is, that at least I am not running and distracting myself like I used to, just feeling it, but ALL DAY, long! without a breakthrough is a bit daunting to say the least. It almost feels like grieving after someone has passed on.

I am fairly new to this and still learning how to process things the openhand way so any input would be greatly appreciated.

Much love





Hi Jen,

You said...

One big area I seem to get controlling around is efficiency...so it's funny you mention travel...I am finding I have a great degree of impatience when it comes to what I judge as (or discern as?) unnecessary hold ups.

I have a challenge around efficiency too - it happens as I relate situations to the bigger purpose - "with all this time and experience, it (the Shift) ought to all work much more eficiently!"

But then I also realise it's working to embrace as many as possible. And each has their own journey, which often means getting stuck in loops. But then whose 'mission' is more important? Aren't they all equally so? Isn't even the smallest cog essential to make the watch work? This is my inquiry about it right now.

Open Slightly Smiling

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Hey Open!

This is a BIG one for me! I can also really relate to what you shared above about Sirius..in a way that I normally don't see in myself. This weekend I am on a    family vacation in the mountains ...what I find is this sense of wanting to maximize the experience...find the way to connect all the dots so that we don't "waste" any time and get to do all the things we would like to. Plus I think it gets pretty overwhelming when three kids are asking what you we doing today and you don't at least have a loose idea. The trouble is I have difficulty staying light about the planning...I totally immerse myself in this process and get caught up in the high of my super "effectiveness" LOL!!  Meanwhile, who's to say what is really given for us to explore and experience if I am not tuning in?

All of this figuring and calculating and organizing to make the "perfect plan" and what happens? My kids find two left over cardboard boxes laying on a huge grassy hill next to the hotel parking lot and spend the next three hours "sledding" down the hill! Best fun ever. Lots to learn!! I joined in and my kids are yelling "ah mom! you feel like a kid again, right?!"  - so great! It reminds me of staying new in the moment - without need or expectation - open to a ride on a grassy hill on a makeshift sled. 

Also, this issue of running over with my agenda has been a big one in parenting...I have worked a ton on it...remembering that everyone has their own things to experience and integrate is so essential to taking my foot off the gas pedal of what I perceive as "the way"...it's really so basic and obvious ego control...but the underlying fears/lack of trust/addictive habits can make the grip pretty tight. 

Thanks for all the feedback! <3 Jen


Fascinating dream Anastasia,

It speaks to me of being lost between dimensions - and held there. I know it has happened to a lot of souls. But that eventually. My sense is the guy you met might well have been an aspect of yourself - and in causing you to soften, you found your way out of 'purgatory'.

At least that's how it speaks to me.

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Hi Open,

That really resonates with me. I’ve had a few visions in meditation where I experience myself as a ‘floating’ soul, hovering above Earth looking for a synthetic ‘reality’ to fit in to, but not finding a proper match. I’m also thinking about the Annunaki and their reason for being here. Remember at the Intensive when you talked about them, how sad I became? I can completely empathise with them and feel their pain, as if it was my own...

I don’t really dare to ask the question, it feels dumb somehow, but is it possible I could be one of them or been involved with their dealings somehow? Or maybe I just empathise with them so much because I recognise their predicament. I have also felt an inexplicable intense, almost heartbreaking compassion for the Orions and their lost souls.

Would you kindly tell me a bit more about this kind of ‘being lost between dimensions’. What exactly does it mean and how and why does it happen? How long can a soul be lost that way and is it because of something they have done? And how do they eventually return? What have other people been able to share about their experiences? Any knowledge you want to share would be immensely helpful.

 I told you about Sirius - after the explosion. How I was floating around in space and no one was coming to pick me up... It all seems related.

Thank you so much for your help 🙏🏻



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Hi Anastasia - for certain it's possible that you could have been an Annunaki soul - I've met a number here during my time.

When Sirius C exploded 120 million years ago, the population was shattered. Plenty were disconnected from the usual cycle of reincarnation and set adrift. Many souls here will contain the sense of that in their karma (for which there is no real time limit). And also then becoming a part of the controlling intervention which created a way of living and being according to its own agenda - manipulating the flow, realities and other beings for their own purposes. Plenty of souls will have been involved in this, on both sides - either manipulating or manipulated. And progressively souls from this 'drama' are finding their way back to the light due to the active reflections of benevolent beings. They're then and re-engaging with the usual cycle of reincarnation - they're embodying here in human form for healing and processing of this karma. A part of that, will be directly confronting situations that they inflicted on others or witnessing the effects of that, so as to transform those behaviourisms and forgive themselves. It's how a soul realigns.

The Sirius story is a big one within the collective karma - it comes up in people's regressions at the Openhand events all the time.

Here's an interesting clip from the Matrix, where Neo gets stuck 'between worlds' in a subway called "Mobil Avenue" - an annagram of "Limbo" - or purgatory. And in this case, it would appear that love gets him out, in the shape of his Twin Flame. One way in which people have become disconnected in this way is by losing the sense of the Twin Flame...

Wishing you well in your processing

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Hi Jen, Open, Megha.

Dear Jen - you feel like a soul sister to me. Every time you share something it’s like you’re writing an excerpt from my own life.

The dark side, yes, I know it well - too well. And it knows me, my power. The power which I’m desperately trying to bury, so I will not be tempted to misuse it again. The line is so thin, it’s but a sheer almost transparent veil, so easily crossed. From early childhood I also had this feeling that there was something essentially wrong with me. That I was bad somehow. When I was 3, I asked my mother if I was a witch. I’m so glad my mother remembers this, because it’s proven to be a clue into a past life that’s emerging for me now - as a witch! (And no, NOT the good kind)

Open, I have so much to tell you that relates to this past life experience, but I need some time to put it all together. The clues started dropping during the Intensive in Köln and keep coming...

Your dream, Jen - so powerful! The bleeding from the womb that you describe hits me like a punch in the gut. Reminding me of all my miscarriages. Sometimes feeling cursed. Unexpected uncontrollable bleeding from the source of life. Unable to hold on to it. Life and death blending together in my own body. I also had a dream a few months ago. I had just had a major breakthrough, in which I realised I could rewrite the story of my entire childhood, thus creating a whole new base for my inner and outer experience. It was immensely empowering! Shortly after that I had this dream and the day after I felt I had entered a new playing field. I felt it in my entire being. I became aware of the presence of a new energy and I saw a new even bigger battle approaching. One that would require a whole different strategy than the one that had worked for me before. It was the Black Snake.

My dream:

I was between destinations, meaning I had just left a place and I was on my way home, but had been delayed and was for an unknown reason temporarily stuck in an unknown place in central Europe for a few days (sounds a lot like Köln 😄). I was staying in an apartment I didn’t recognise but was my habitat for the time being. Suddenly, I discovered my mobile phone was missing. I tried to retrace my steps, in order to find it, when I remembered I had put it in the pocket of my coat. When I went to look for it, I discovered that my coat was missing as well. It became clear to me that I hadn’t simply lost my phone. If the coat, which I hadn’t used was missing, then it had clearly been stolen, along with my mobile phone. I immediately knew this was personal and that my phone had been stolen for a reason. Without my phone, I was disconnected from everything. I couldn’t call home for help. I couldn’t check my itinerary for my flight details or other useful information that would help me get out of there. I also knew that this thief was coming for me, and stealing my phone was a way of disconnecting and disarming me before coming after me. 

Lo and behold, a mean looking man barges through the door and attacks me. He comes at me with speed and force and throws knives at me. I am able to defend myself against the knives by using my hands to divert them, but I realise I can’t do this forever, so I start to run. A long hunt begins, through all kinds of places in the unfamiliar city where we’re at.  My enemy hunts me down, and I escape. Again he hunts me down, and again I escape. Over and over in a strange never ending cat and mouse game. We’re each equally good at what we do, so none of us can beat the other. I can’t hide from him, but he can’t catch me. Eventually, I get tired of the game and I stop running. There is nowhere for me to hide, and there is no way for him to catch me, so the whole thing becomes pointless. The moment I stopped running, the whole scene changed.

Suddenly, we are in a big room with lots of other people engaged in some social gathering, a party or something. As this change happened, the energy between me and my hunter softened significantly, and suddenly he was no longer a mean looking criminal, but a regular guy, quite attractive with a soft demeanour. There is a strange and intoxicating mutual attraction between us and he begins to speak his mind. He admits that he is attracted to me and has strong feelings for me. That I am the only one out of all these people (referring to the people in the room) who could see him and understand him, and therefore he was drawn to my presence. I felt this too. I, as well, was attracted to him, because he saw me and recognised me in a way no one else seemed to. There was a strong feeling of the classical impossible romance. Two people experiencing a deep affinity for/with one another, but never being able to be together, because they each belong to two opposing sides that simply cannot merge. And as much as we both longed for the presence and recognition of the other, we both knew, he had to stay with the dark, and I had to stay with the light. But the battle between us was over, as we realised we were both longing for the same thing...

Keep exploring, Jen. I’m right there with you. I’ve been in a low and dark place lately and somehow your sharing made me feel a bit more hopeful. Thank you!

Lots of Love, ❤️



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Hi Anastasia!

Thank you for your reflections and sharings <3. Yes, I feel that connection as well...it feels like here you have expanded on the feelings I am experiencing at the moment about manipulation, being on the "dark side" - perhaps a resultant sense of shame and disappointment. I feel as though I HAVE misused power and manipulated people in this life - especially as a child...being the "ringleader" of some shady things that I don't feel good about. It always felt like a mismatch to how I was (and still am) perceived as - good, sweet, innocent.  Yes, I can honor that I have qualities that may be described this way, but this doesn't feel accurate - it only names qualities people are comfortable accepting about me (so interesting why/how I might be creating that....I wonder about self-judgement and how I cut off the more decisive, focused, influential aspects of myself....more to look at there.

Wow - such a powerful dream!  What struck me in your dream were the words "the moment I stopped running, the whole scene changed" ...how key this is!...also the dark and the light being drawn to each other and recognizing the role each plays and the common purpose...I feel a sense of immense empathy for the misunderstood and judged aspects of creation - how it reflects our own disowned aspects...those souls that have embodied the stronger distortions. 

Thanks for voicing your experiences and perspectives  - it's deeply helpful to feel heard and understood!

Much love,



Keep digging Jen - what a tremendous exploration.

I can really empathise with what you're experiencing. There are reflections in my own journey. As you know I do a lot of travelling - I feel given to as a part of the larger mission. It's incredibly challenging because I witness how often the world's transport system is simply overloaded and creeking (I'm writing this from a creaky bus on my way back from Oz!). There's a powerful dialogue I've been having around the 'importance' of the mission, and angling energies to find a speedy, direct passage through. So I call on 'dragon' energy, which I see as aligned snake energy (or at least related to it). It helps speed a pathway through airports and along motorways, it makes good connections, finds the right places to eat and cosy places to pause. The contemplation is that in a world of people, for me to benefit, someone else seems to lose out - but then antoher perspective is ideally we all fit within the cogs of interlocking wheels. So how to connect up the flow without controlling it? That's a big one! It is tending to work, but it's a fine razors edge to be clear there's no manipulation going on - just holding things clicking into place. At least that's the ideal!

Of course it will test us all at the deepest levels.

The contemplation of dragon energy seems to help a great deal. Maybe a contemplation of it can help you.

Much love

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Wow Open! So fascinating as I dreamt last night that I was being moved through space on the back of a snake! Multiple ones actually...where one would drop off the next one would pick up.

At the same time, my son came to me in the middle of the night with a cramp in his right leg and saying "it feels like there is a snake wrapped around my leg and squeezing it" ....perhaps illustrating the dynamics of this aligned and maligned energy. 

Recently I have felt drawn to keep two small dragons in a special place where I hold sessions and meditate.  It's new I am not clear on the whole thing, but my daughter was giving them away and I felt to keep them.  Anyway, it's poignant what you shared...and clearly I am being invited to explore and contemplate this more. 

One big area I seem to get controlling around is efficiency...so it's funny you mention travel...I am finding I have a great degree of impatience when it comes to what I judge as (or discern as?) unnecessary hold ups - I find myself saying - couldn't this work differently? All that needs to happen is.....and this is where I then end up inserting my agenda and manipulating the course of things. I wonder how it would be if I just asked the question and then could pull myself off of my needs and ideas for how to make it happen..something to play with for sure!

Thanks so much for the reflections! <3



Hey Megha and Open,

 Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights and reflections. The mention of Sirius tends to take me into a place where there is no feeling - like a blankness.

I had a dream last night that I was tempted into union with a manipulative energy - there was a draw toward it and I walked very close to the fire on that experience as it offered me a sense of power or specialness...but I did manage to pull away from it. Later in the dream I was bleeding from the womb and couldn't stop it.  I feel like I have been drawn into these energies before...seduced by what it offered me and bleeding energy - giving my power away.  Lately I have noticed how this manipulative energy shows up in more subtle forms. I see it sometimes with how I relate to my kids and within intimate relationships...the tendency to apply some subtle form of emotional manipulation like inducing empathy or guilt...it's a bit sickening to see this energy and how it operates within. 

The other day as I was contemplating all of this shame/sense of disappointment, I was walking a big loop around a lake and a black snake slithered in the grass next to me - alarming the senses and stirring me back into the physical in a more full way. It's disturbance was actually helpful as it alerted me to the fact that I had reached the place I had began - I had come full circle. I often find the snake to be a helper to me - always showing up and rattling my consciousness.  

I can see the correlation with the Ray 4...and I can also see the personal agendas...It's fascinating and disturbing to see how subtle little plays on words or energetic posturing can affect and push a particular outcome and how automated these programs have become. 

I wonder what this all has to do with the sense of feeling challenged to share in deeper and more fulfilling relationship (which points back internally)...if there is any need to manipulate then there is a lack of trust and filters over honest expression....lots to contemplate and explore!

Thanks you guys for giving me more to chew on!

With love,




Hi Jen - great to hear from you. For me, what came through seemed to be about connection and community - reflective of the Sirius connection?

"Manipulation" stood out - sometimes there can be a fine boundary between the ray 4, where we're working to coordinate and bring people together, which then slips into manipulation where a personal agenda takes over and motivates the action. I've seen the "Black Snake" energy play on this a lot.

As you know, the ray 4 can be hugely beneficial in coordinating people and bringing something to fruition. So how might you find the aligned aspect of that and apply it, whilst keening watching for the personal agenda?

A tricky one for sure, but then you're well used to these complex inner dynamics!

There with you.

Open Heart


Dear Jen,

What came up for me strongly was a sense that there was an important task you were sent to do and you couldnt do it . That you have been carrying the sense of shame and disappointment in yourself ,of essentially being in the wrong ,from Sirius. I could be of course totally projecting something inside of me onto you so do let me know if that resonates at all . 

For me this resonates totally as I am also forever straining to do my best in all facets of life. I suppose there is a distortion of energy that would automatically move toward the highest form ,if I just got the hell out of the way and stopped trying and efforting so much . As you have pointed out to me many times ,that is definitely an unwinding of that needed in me . 

Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️



Hey there Open and all those following along!

I am exploring the sense that I am or will be a disappointment...it seems to be at the root of some fears around sharing more comfortably with others and having deeper more fulfilling relationships. I feel this pressure and expectation around encounters.  It's almost as though I assume I will disappoint in some way and so find myself over-efforting to "prove myself" or placing the focus on the other person to avoid the feeling of what seems like shame. As I say that I remember when I was six and got in trouble for hitting a boy with my jacket...the principal of the school said to me "I am so ashamed of you" - that really stuck with me. So strange to recall being the "bad kid" that friends' parents didn't want their child playing with. I realize I have always carried this innate feeling that there is something essentially wrong about me. At the same time, I know there is not.  I don't feel sucked into this as who I am - but see it's impacts on how I am being. 

There is some sense of being a "bad" or "dark" person...I don't know where that's coming from...though there is also the sense that I have misguided, mislead or manipulated people in the past. 

Anyways - just some threads that are coming up lately! <3 


Hey everyone in the Openhand worldwide community - how's it flowing for you?

I'm flowing back from Oz right now, after another wonderful Paradigm Shift gathering in Byron Bay. It's back to the bustle of the matrix, but I don't mind. As long as we focus with attentive awareness, the flow will always guide us through.

That's what I'm finding increasingly these days - the consciousness is shifting and unwinding from the old karmic construct, weaving it's way toward the New Paradigm. It's still not easy for sure, but it is getting more straightforward and I'm finding our manifestations increasingly supported. Now is the time to catch the higher dimensional wave - woohoo!

So what experiences are you having of the flow right now?

Do share a snapshot, and I'll happily offer a reflection.

Sending a big bundle of love out to you all in the Shift!

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Hello traveling souls,

My path has taken me through the darkest places in life, too close to death. Everything was always an effort before, but I now I am beginning to understand. I was very impatient, and didnt learn the importance of stopping to listen and observe my body and surroundings. I didnt know how to love, what it was and what it means. I have not awoken into a state of enlightenment, though I would like to share some words of wisdom.

Let every moment be. Surrender at will to each second and let go of control. We are all awake in every moment, though some are not aware. Stop, look, wait, listen, breathe in and let go. You will see how to follow the good feeling in your heart. If you are unsure, wait some more and trust deep within yourself, that your heart will light up the way. See the meaning behind the matter all around you, listen to what it is teaching you. Discover spontaneous opportunities, have fun, create, be different, take a chance, embrace the thoughts and moments which light up your day. Let your heart sing aloud.

Sending to all with love and enlightened journeys ahead,



That's brilliant Janeen - and of course everything you dreamed was a mataphor for what is to come and indications of your role in it - "tieing up shoelaces" - helping those that need a little guidance.

As always with these things though, the exact interpretation is unimportant - work to not over-analyse. Instead work to integrate the feelings they activate.


Open *give_rose*


I don't post very often, and I'm not always the most organized writer, so forgive me. The reason I'm posting now, is an experience that has touched the depths of my soul. I wanted to share it in hopes that someone may have had a similar experience, or maybe some insight to mine. If not, then that's okay to :)

Last nights dream:
I was at the home of my employer with what co-worker. I don't know who the other person was, I couldn't see a face. ( I think now, it might be me) We were getting ready to settle in and put things away. They have a son, and he needed help with his shoes, first a type of sandal, but then I saw laces, couldn't decide what they were, but I helped him with them and played with him until his mother returned. He was very happy little boy.

She returned and thanked me for looking after him. She then showed us around and where to find what we needed to feel at home then she was gone. I vaguely remember her saying more, but I cannot recall it.

I remember seeing the Ocean outside the window, and next I'm on an over-sized airbed, floating. We had drifted away from the shore. The waves were really high, and I kept seeing glimpses of a light on the dock in and out from the waves. I turned my head to look behind me and could see a huge wave, I could also hear and feel rumbling below me and knew I was being pulled further and further away, and I couldn't stop it. I felt the air leaving the float, this is when I woke in the dream, I kept hollering above the sound for the person with me to wake up, and tried repeatedly to move my hand, to grab her arm and wake her. I stayed paralyzed through this part of the dream. I thought the waves would soak us and we'd drown, but, I felt no water, no sinking. Just the constant rise and fall of my body and sinking into a surreal peacefulness and calm, I stopped trying to move and talk. The ocean wasn't angry and there was no storm, just darkness of night, sound, and movement on the water. I do remember looking down at myself when I stopped trying to move, I was wearing a long linen gown, it wasn't quite white, an eggshell color. I don't recall anything else in the dream.

Feelings from the dream after waking: I made coffee and went to sit on my patio, I sat on the ground and watched the clouds going by and the sunrise. The wind was blowing the leaves on the trees, and I recalled the dream. I realized that the person I was with, was me. I was letting go of what I have come to trust and depend on, I just let go. My fear left and what remained was motion and vibration, both feeling and sound and for some reason, the linen gown and the boys shoes, I think I was supposed to know something about them, but it's lost. I think I'm ready. I could be over analyzing, but I feel refreshed and an uncontrollable pull for more. The meditation for Ascension of Gaia was perfect today, felt so right after the dream!

Thank you Openhand,


The drawing streams of unity consciousness as souls into convolutions seemingly diverts the natural flow (of it coming inwards reconnecting with source). Then more and more souls are diverted or feed into the distorted stream (illusionary reality) thus increasing the momentum simultaneously attracting more souls. When each awakens from the illusion, stands within their truth (found through living their individual story without identification) then connection back to the one can flow through. The momentum slows from just one altering their perception. In addition, the feeling of infinite potential creates the dissolution/existence of all/nothing. This is what I have felt. Thank you for the spiritual compass. It's ironic how before I had words of knowledge related to any of this, I followed my heart and was true to my inner guidance and it all happened so naturally yet I felt pretty banged up by it all, the feelings were so intense. Now, having a few tools to utilize -- it is calmer to shift in and out of or to slide across the bridge.
Much love,