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It is with great sadness I learned today of David Bowie's passing. Whether you admired him or not, he was an iconic figure who set the world music scene on fire. But to me, there was much more to his act than music. Bowie had the audacity to be what he felt to be, with nothing holding back. In so doing, he set down a trail-blazing example that inspired millions. It's clear humanity has been repressed into a box, and that unbridled self-expression, is a powerful path to soul liberation. It's why I sometimes play emotive Bowie's music in Openhand work - to get people moving. I like to think that with his passing, a part of his influence will live on in us all...

In Enlightenment, there's no 'should' or 'shouldn't'

For me it's so blatantly clear, Bowie was an outlandish star soul, who came here to demonstrate to the world, that people had no need to fear self-expression - to step out and be them, whatever that may be. Okay, you may not feel to be as overtly glam as he was in his earlier years - I don't see myself donning makeup anytime soon! Yet I so often lament the fact that people embarking down the spiritual path often seem so repressed. Maybe it's because there's a view that enlightenment leads to a very zen, expressionless state, beyond emotion. And that's how spiritual people should be? In enlightened states, there is no 'should' or 'shouldn't'. And if there's any control of expression, then it's only an ego doing it.

The hero in us all

The soul expresses in many varied ways. We each have a harmonic of different frequencies, even if up to this point, several of those have been buried deep in the psyche. That's what I loved about Bowie - he kept recreating himself from a different feeling and expression. And I would encourage all of you to do the same. To find the thread of expression that's wanting to reveal itself now, then to give attention to it, to let it out, let it sing and dance through you. And if that means donning colourful attire, why ever not? I leave you with this Bowie classic - heroes. For there's a hero in all of us, when we let it out...

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Thank you Open and Ben. Yesterday's conversation with my Cougar hunter has really stirred things up for me. I spent many hours in contemplation wondering why this person breezed into my life for 10 minutes - what was I to look at? In the 'conversation' I sat silently, holding space, really FEELING my judgement. Open you nailed it with feelings of repugnance and anger (after the shock wore off) - first at him for what he does, and eventually with myself for not doing or saying something. I felt I was letting down the side somehow, by not giving him SOMETHING to think about to change things for the animals - the big cats that are his prey, as well as the cows (he had just come from McDonalds - and had a stomach ache... a little poetic justice there :).
My greatest hope is that this person never crosses my doorstep again - which, of course, means that he will at some point. When he reappears, I will be more prepared, more solid in myself, perhaps ready with a question that will make a difference, or as you said, Ben, responding, perhaps with my own truth and maybe change the game in that way.
Much love,

Hi Jan

I get the feeling from your post that the guy probably would have known you were veggie/vegan?, I get the sense his stories were intended to provoke you or those in the conversation? I've noticed it a number of times, either to persuade people to compromise their own truth, or else provoke an over-energised expression in response (whether experienced inner or expressed outer). That's what he wants I think, to provoke energy, because for some reason it makes him feel big and in control. His aim is to press buttons, but its a clearly distorted ray1. He probably doens't really realise why.
As Open says to fight that isn't generally helpful. the right response can be,

Similar to what's been expressed on the post, I've found in those sorts of situations the best thing to do is to come from a place as unattached as possible. So if necessary and if possible soften your own tightness, and then allow expression to arise naturally. For some it might be (as Open suggested) to steer the guy to introspection and empathy, but often people aren't interested in the contemplation. If the invitation comes from the mind/intention or with extra energy he'll probably lap it up! There are other ways of expressing, like you might find yourself holding the space in silence, feeling the injustice, or might feel to express just your own honest opinion. The key being to be as 'unattached'(surrendered) as possible (I mean obviously don't deny your emotions but my experience is a more positive response will only come from engaging without 'extra energy', so while you feel your anger and sadness, you don't NEED to express it there and then), of course soemtimes the right response is emotional.

if I don't respond in the expected way and expressed my own truth instead. It really changes the dynamic.

best wishes


Hi Jan,

It's a wonderful and powerful sharing. Thanks so much. I can feel my catalyst hackles rising at the thought of it.

I want to be clear aswell though, I'm not ONLY advocating surrender.

When there's complete surrender, there's an opening out. And in that, a deep connection can happen all the way back to the source; and from there, "Right Action will happen". It will flow through you.

To my mind, this guy needed to be confronted about his actions. But I know just how tough that can be - the incredulity at such ignorance can make one freeze with nothing to say. And I believe this has been one of the big challenges for the divine feminine - the incredulity at the oppression is so strong, there's a feeling of "what on earth can I do?"

Of course, in the 'olden days', between ray 1 males, where there was strong disagreement, it would usually have resulted in some 'arm-wrestle-fight'. Fortunately in social circles humanity has advanced beyond that. What often happens now, is a tustle on the plane of the intellect.

But here's an opening for the divine feminine and a strong opportunity.

You can engage on the plane of the intellect (which has been quite owned by the distorted divine masculine), but do so with a question - one which takes the protagonist into 'his' (I'm assuming it's a 'he') feelings.

So it might be... "Put yourself in the place of the tiger for a moment. Imagine you were being hunted and shot. How do think you might feel?"

Of course many would initially laugh it off. But if you get the right question, it will work into their consciousness and begin to cause them to question their own truth. Telling a distorted ray 1 that 'he's' wrong only makes him fight. Asking him a pertinent question about the consequences of his actions at a feeling level however, can make him unravel. In actual fact, I think it's the only positive thing that really can.

It has to be a question that empowers him to make his own choice... "is it right to influence a young woman whose not fully emotionally mature? What effect on her psyche do you think that would have?" (potentially in the Bowie case). By asking the question, you're empowering them to change, not disempowering by judging.

(This approach is actually a major part of the Openhand Facilitator Program.)

So here's the interesting part: to be truly affective, the divine feminine (anyone indeed) must use BOTH qualities to succeed - the feminine and the masculine. The ray 2 takes you into surrender. But the ray 1 will likely then come through (I could feel it in your words Jan) which impels action. What kind of action? Something that feels right - but potentially an empowering question of which I speak (which probably comes in on the ray 4 diplomat quality of the soul).

So there's much more than just surrender. We look for the warrior too, but applied in ways which are likely to bear fruit.

Just a thought!


Hi Kim,

I relate to your comments about "feeling really awful lately" with regard to working with self-judgments and perceived "failures." And about feeling like giving up. We're mirrors for each other on this one! Letting go of struggling and finding the right balance resonates with me. Thanks for that. Lately, I've been feeling so much sadness about the ways I passed on my own family conditioning to my children and how this has affected them in their adulthood. It breaks my heart to see them suffer as a result of this. And so I judge myself as having "failed" them. Yet I know we're all here to process our karma and need to respect that. The pain of my "failings" is excruciating at times. But I also see such beauty of spirit in my children, which is totally heart-melting.

You said tongue in cheek, "If only the key to walking the path were control instead of surrender!" Haha! If that were so, I'd have it mastered!

So happy I found a "Gladiator" groupie!

Your wonderful coaching has helped me to be braver and more vulnerable. So it looks like we inspire one another. Deep gratitude to you, dear friend.

I'm smiling about Open's post on Facebook today re: the need to hibernate and recharge. Maybe it's time to don brown jumpers, eat chocolate, and do a little "break" dancing.

Much Love,


This has been a very helpful and inspiring exploration for me. I appreciate all of you who are willing to put out your unique expression and thoughts.

Like you Erica, I did not know much about David Bowie. I of course had heard some of his hits throughout the years but he was always too weird and out there for me. Through Open's sharing of his songs in workshops, I began to embrace Bowie's willingness to be himself and not care what others think. Contemplating this further I see I do not like to stand out, be too weird or not accepted and liked. It really controls and constricts my authentic expression.

Catherine you are such a mirror for me. Sharing that you are working with self judgments and "failures", this is coming up for me a lot right now as well, often times feeling like giving up. I think for me is a letting go of trying that is needed but I am trying to find the balance with commitment. This is feeling really awful lately.

Having the "over zealous Ray 1" YES if only the key to walking the path were control instead of surrender!
Gladiator is one of my favorite movies and the scene you describe and song..just the thought of it reduces me to tears.
Thank you my friend for always being so brave and vulnerable with your expression. It inspires me to express more of myself.

Thank-you for being You Catherine, so candid and vulnerable <3, Kd1 your honest respectful perspective is very much appreciated and Open You always have a beautiful guiding Perspective, What a beautiful heart felt exchange, I felt very Humbled reading the exchange, It seemed to ease and make me accept myself and my own distortions on a deeper level <3


I so appreciate your encoring words, Open, and the reminder about how OC influences us. I especially love these words:

"We can restore the light and ascend the divine feminine in all of us."

I tried to use words to describe how this makes me feel but can't find any. So I'm wordless. And that's something for a Ray 6 like me :)

Erica, thanks for deepening my awareness about my perceived need to constantly fight battles and how hard this makes it to soften and surrender. Your words help me to soften and feel into my heavy programming around this. I can't watch Russell Crowe in "Gladiator" without crying profusely. I relate so much to his character. The final scene when he walks through the golden fields and sees his wife and son walking towards him reduces me to liquid. Coming Home. And the theme song, "Now We Are Free" resonates in my heart like no other song. The film has a much deeper meaning for me now. I imagine myself freed from identifying with the need to struggle, to fight more wars, to win yet another battle. "Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last."

Much love to everyone,


Open, you said
"In fact surrender - to the degree of being able to allow 'the beast' to enter yourself ......"
What a throat closing, liquefying image.
Feeling it now while in the motion of everyday life
New layers

I'm there with you too Catherine. I absolutely know it's not easy - and I can empathise with the battles you've had to endure. And yes, it does hackle the ray 1 warrior. It's awesome that you can see it. And at times we'll all be misaligned. Most people make some kind of projection at times - even awake ones. If they control it with their minds, I can often still feel it through the field. And that's absolutely okay. When we become conscious of it, then steadily we can work with. Self-honesty is the first step however, and you have that in spades. :-)

And yes Erica, this human experience is one of the most challenging going. Let's not forget, the entire human race had been violated by the intervention, downgraded and enslaved that way. So it's something affecting everyone.

I can consciously see and feel in people how Opposing Consciousness influences and affects them. Imagine your soul is like the perfect image on a TV screen, then having someone put a huge magnet next to the bottom corner of the TV - thus the image is contorted and contracted down. This is what happens to the soul in most people, who then have to (unknowingly) placate the pain through the various entertainments and distractions of society.

How do you restore the picture?

By feeling deeply into the distortion - the contraction. In which case, you bring awareness into it. You bring light once more into the darkness. And it has to begin with surrender - total acceptance. Not as an intellectual idea. But as an experiential feeling. At each cell, you feel the repugnance in you that wants to reject and contract, that wants to get angry - and in that moment, you soften and accept. You keep doing it, time and time again.

Once you're able to accept the intervention in this way, then you can do anything your soul wishes to do with it. You can even destroy it, if that's meant to happen - if that's aligned with the universal flow.

Challenging situations - no question. But we can do it. We can work with it. We can restore the light and ascend the divine feminine in us all.

Open *OK*

In reply to by Open

This is a fascinating exchange. Gratitude everyone..
Open, a Masterful discussion about rape. It opens things right up... truly as the Divine Feminine would ask.
The dialogue around meat eating is particularly timely here. Within our close circle of friends there are a few that still eat meat. It comes up in discussion occasionally, but is mostly left alone with the odd 'raised eyebrow' thrown in for humour... Just yesterday the switch was made by all to commit to a plant based diet - big celebration time - yay, yay, yay. ! Well done everyone - time for a breather in the 'growing' department - perhaps a vacation of sorts? Hah ! Not to be.
On our porch this morning - not 12 hours after the family celebration - a new visitor here was describing his pleasure at having hunted 'big cats' in our wilderness neighbourhood. (Doesn't THAT just up the meat eating discussion to a whole new level?) I thought to myself ' seriously '? Not even one day off ???

I couldn't breathe! Every one of my lower chakras was lit up like a Christmas tree and I was frozen in place. As my hunter extolled the virtues of only taking the males, this forum thread flashed through my mind and JUDGEMENT was up there like a neon sign. So I breathed - and couldn't think of what to say - except "Why do you take the males?" The answer was trite (obviously not to him), and I couldn't for the life of me think of what to say next. I was, as they say, Gobsmacked! So - I gathered up our resident animals (how is a dog different than a cat?) and I excused myself.
Help me, Rhonda... How does one even respond to something like that?

I came back here to re-read this post for answers. Open said "bring awareness into it. You bring light once more into the darkness. And it has to begin with surrender - total acceptance. Not as an intellectual idea. But as an experiential feeling. At each cell, you feel the repugnance in you that wants to reject and contract, that wants to get angry - and in that moment, you soften and accept. You keep doing it, time and time again."
Look out Heart - its coming at you again...
Much love, Jan

Thank you all. I thought to add that I really have no knowledge of David Bowie so I took to do a little reading and listening. One of the recurring things I read was an expression from his wife, Iman, who was quoted " I didn't fall in love with David Bowie, I fell in love with David Jones." She was also quoted as saying " I am married to David Jones. David Bowie and David Jones are two totally different people." This is quite profound for me. Separation manifested by the expression of his cosmic self through Bowie then the human experience cultivated through Jones.

Thank you Catherine. Your last thought," Ray 2, not so much. It's a tough one for me to cultivate since I've had to fight so many battles to survive." I'm there with you! Allowing love in softly creates an overwhelming tidal wave which instills a sense of surrender.... then vulnerabity which is not optimal when in battle.. Or so we become conditioned to believe.Divine Forgiveness keeps bubbling through on the landscape right now.

Open-thanks for deepening the exploration. Humble cow video is priceless. "Remember at some level, the infinite peace of the One that you are, has been violated by the irritating confusion of relativity, and the manifested multitude of form taking shape within- countless explosions." Struck me deeply as I have been questioning the tolerance I feel for this whole human experience. To me it seems like you are saying if I am continually conscious of the infinite peace of the One( which all life has access to as we are interconnected) a realization occurs. While that authentic beingness courses through our grounded human bodies and becomes relativistic to the earthly dense experiences, that infinite peace of the One is more vulnerable potentially violated then it's manifested in countless and countless.. Infinitely countless forms. Reflected and expressed as distortions.

Right on, Open. I'm feeling into lots of distortions these days and generally feel overwhelmed and depleted, physically and in every which way, about my self-judgments and "failures." I recognize now that projecting re: Bowie was an unconscious tactic to sidestep diving into more pain. As in, enough already! I was inspired to reach out here, sensing that I was off kilter, off centre. So thanks for the space to do so and for your insights and your reflections about the ascending Divine Feminine. What you say clicks into place. And thanks for your comments, Katie, and for your invitation to wade through the bullshit. I have an over zealous ray 1 warrior energy for sure. Ray 2, not so much. It's a tough one for me to cultivate since I've had to fight so many battles to survive. But it's not impossible.

x Catherine

Hi Everyone,

I welcome the exchange here, thankyou Caterine et al for being so brave with your expressions. You are outstanding!

    To me, it reveals something essential - a means to truly advance down the spiritual path. It is that of confronting our own judgments and truly working with them.

Let's consider rape - one of the most difficult subjects going - a veritable minefield. Understandably, the divine feminine would get pretty wound up about it, when you consider how women have been subjugated, suppressed and violated throughout human history. It is indeed abhorrent.

But for all those who might judge another, like Bowie for example (and I have no idea if the allegations are true), I would ask them have they ever eaten meat and dairy? Does a cow consent to having its calves taken away from it so as to provide (totally unnecessary) milk for humans? Have you ever heard a cow screaming as they are stolen from it, so it will continue to produce milk? Or watched it trying to conceal and protect them from the farmer? Does the cow consent to the standard industry practice of artificial insemination in what are commonly called 'rape-racks'? Does the cow willingly consent to laying down its life, in the most brutal of ways, so a human being can consume it?

    Does this not equate to 'rape' too? Are billions not 'guilty' of it every single day? Or likewise, when we fill up at the gas station - how many people actually consult with Gaia to see if that's okay? And just look at what that's bringing the earth to. Even as you write on the internet, you're consuming energy, which I imagine many didn't ask if it was okay.

Obviously it touches something deep inside. Catherine, I welcome the brave reflection you offer about the nature of the divine feminine. I trust you're okay to delve deeper? I trust that's what you're here for (please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll happily amend my response).

I have to say, it felt to me like you energised your response about what Bowie was truly reflecting to you - it felt to me like a (very understandable) conditioned behaviourism. If I may say so, my intuition tells me you probably overrode the true source pain with a very ray 1 (masculine warrior) reaction. Rather than actually softening into the pain the circumstance revealed - so you may feel what was actually going on, which can't happen if someone is projecting (this is just my view by the way, and please throw it out if you disagree - I accept that I can always be wrong).

    Softening into the pain, is actually the divine feminine at work - that which is non-judgmental - how can you soften if you're reacting? And for that to take ascendance in the world, requires total vulnerability to our emotions; to what happens internally when something or someone - especially ourselves - is violated.

In fact surrender - to the degree of being able to allow 'the beast' to enter yourself - is a priceless gift. It's being "the One" and accepting your own distortion - as a part of you. At the macrocosmic level (which you have to totally embrace in order to be "the One" that you are), you have to be able to willingly embrace ALL distortion in the universe as a part of yourself.

Of course for many miles down the path, we don't really like that level of surrender - because in it, we might discover our own skeletons that we don 't like to reveal (like the fact that we might have consumed meat for example). And so we project our pain outwards, so as we don't really have to consider it as our own - we don't have to take ownership - which is why most judgments happen.

Rumi said "your pain is the place where the light enters". It's often banded around in spiritual circles, but to my mind, often without a real understanding of what that means - or a willingness to take that to the "nth" degree, to a place of total violation - beyond which, we reach the true abode of the One. It involves being able to totally accept distortion coming into you, without retraction and without needing to change it.

    This is true mastery of the physical, is true mastery of the masculine, is truly divine feminine. Gaia is the perfect example of that to all women. She has endured the beast, softened into it, accepted it, released any reactive contraction, and is now accordingly in the ascendance.

I'm not saying it's easy, by any stretch. I'm not making light of it. And I'm not at all saying rape is acceptable behaviour - I'm definitely NOT condoning it. However, if someone manifested it as their experience, they drew it to themselves for a purpose. Just as Gaia did. If one can overcome projection, and master ones reaction to it, as we all at some point have to in some way, then we'll greatly gain from the experience.

    Remember, at some level, the infinite peace of the One that you are, has been violated by the irritating confusion of relativity, and the manifested multitude of form taking shape within - countless explosions.

My heart goes out to all those who've suffered this in a very human way. But I believe you're here at Openhand because for one, we don't shy away from an exploration of the truth. We own it. Then work with it.

To me, this is truly the divine feminine in ascendance.


Open *give_rose*

PS - I felt to share this video to help contemplate the sensibility of the humble cow, and reflections of human behaviourisms that are all-too-readily accepted as 'normal'...


I am publicly celebrating Bowie's brilliant artistry in other social media. So I"m not focusing solely on his distortions by any means. But clearly his distortions reflect learning lessons for me, given the strong emotions they invoke in me and the buttons they push. It felt safe to express my more complex feelings about Bowie on this forum. I'm being as "really real" as I can be right now. Some day, perhaps I will evolve beyond judgment, beyond labels of right and wrong, but I'm not there yet. I'm feeling many women have tons of conditioning and anger to let go of as the Divine Feminine rises.

It's inspiring that you and so many others can so freely celebrate Bowie's life and love his imperfections so unequivocally.


Wow Catherine interesting post. It's kind of pissed me off - I say with big smiles. Isn't it good to sometimes just simply celebrate a journey that for sure has been inspiring to many? I don't think he is being sanctified - and if so whats the real issue with that?- he was born in Brixton and had the guts to be himself no matter. Maybe we need to subscribe to a more saintly type of Saint? I don't know but your post kind of quashes the energy of what Bowie's message was all about. Or how it feels to me. We are not perfect - not one of us - that's probably the only rumour/ fact that's important here. And maybe we can only really usher in the rise of the divine feminine when this subtle judgement kind of energy dissolves? I mean if you want to get real - get really real? Probably this comes across as spikey but I'm also feeling to express :)) thank you :0

Thanks for posting Open, just echoing what you have written here, what an amazing soul. Like you just mentioned if you tune into his vibe - it's pretty cosmic. He was just brilliant. Star man indeed.

No need to pick up on the so called 'grit' in his life - the tapestry is what it is. You really do pick up on the stuff that holds you back.

I'm really feeling the love for his journey today :)) god love the imperfection too



I know your purpose isn't to sanctify David Bowie. But he is being sanctified by many which is probably why alternative viewpoints have arisen to balance it out.

And yes, many rumours float about on the Internet. I don't consider these to be rumours, however. More as facts as far as a fact can be a fact in this world of illusion.

As you say, In this world of duality, of this and that, everything is relative, so we can experience, recognize and release our distortions, and come home to the One.

What David Bowie's reflection activates in me is the courage to express my longing to help usher in the rise of the Divine Feminine, which has been desecrated in our patriarchal culture for too long. What is real for me is the anger, sadness, and despair I feel about this desecration. No doubt I have contributed to this down through the eons as my karma suggests, so I accept responsibility for that by continuing to work at balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine within myself and by expressing my voice from wherever I'm at, as imperfect as I am. I long to see women rise and empower themselves and throw off the chains.

So thank you, David Bowie, for inspiring me to find my voice and speak out about this.

With Love,


Thanks for that alternative viewpoint Catherine.

I guess it was to be expected - as happens with perhaps all celebrities, there will be constant internet rumours. I've seen all manner of things appear since his passing - several clearly fantastical. But I would suggest, that since very few will ever have access to the truth of these, what's important from my perspective at least, is the energy I feel myself when I connect with the essence of such people - or else the risk is descending into judgment.

Clearly he was a very complex character. That came across through his music. And yes, no doubt, he had a chequered past. To varying degrees, so does everyone. I didn't post about him with the purpose of exploring any of his distortions. That wasn't my point. He clearly inspired millions across the planet by his courage to express, and be himself. I certainly wasn't holding him up as some kind of 'saint' to which everyone should aspire.

    To me, this brings up another powerful point: when anyone in the public arena says anything, does anything or expresses anything, I put it to all, that in alignment, it's not so much how THEY are being that counts. It's how do they inspire YOU to be? What does their reflection activate in you?

People are often so consumed in society about whether 'so and so' is speaking 'the truth' - whether they are aligned. It's almost irrelevant! For every action, every expression, is always relative, and therefore never perfect. It's never 'truth absolutely'. It can't be.

    So maybe we might evolve our perspective with this? Maybe we might look at others and not disempower ourselves by making our reality about them? Maybe we can look into the reflection, make it about us, and then be all we can be in response?

I agree in keeping it real about Bowie. But what is really real?
You can never truly know. So instead, I'd encourage asking what's real about you in that (Bowie) reflection.

With love

Open *give_rose*

David Bowie was my daughter's favourite artist/musician growing up, so she was stunned and saddened to learn yesterday of his complex past from social activist friends, as I was. In the 1970's, Bowie had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old "child groupie" who says she consented; however, she was still underage. He was also accused of sexual assault in the 1980's although he was cleared by a jury. There are lots of blogs being circulated about Bowie's imperfect past, some thoughtfully written in the spirit of love and compassion. Here's one such blog that my daughter circulated on Facebook by activist social worker, Aida Mandulay, that certainly tones down the celebrity worship. In Aida's words:

"We should not simply dismiss David Bowie’s artistic legacy and the impact he had on many AND we should not dismiss the allegations of rape and the realities of how he had sex with a 14/15-year old when he was a powerful and revered adult."

For those interested in reading Aida's full comments, here's the link.…

Given the widespread acceptance of the rape culture we live in where many are not held accountable for their actions, I feel it's important to add this perspective to the conversation.

Here's to self-expression with respect, love, and compassion for others.

Keeping it real,

x Catherine

I certainly do appreciate witnessing those who are letting it fly without holding back. I find it so challenging and yet liberating when the grip lets go. People like David Bowie show us what is possible...maybe over the top for most of us but so inspiring! This is what I love about Openhand...there is none of this squashing of the individual expression, none of the all one flavor, all one style, all one way of being. Its so refreshing!

Thanks for sharing Jane.
I suspected not many would connect with my post - I think you really have to be exploring the confines of one's own expression to see the value of someone like Bowie.

Open *OK*

Boom Open, Thank you.
I just logged onto Openhandweb to write about Bowie and you have done it. Thank you.
It is only in his death that suddenly his essence is apparent: the catalysis of difference. A seed in so many souls across the planet. And yes, a star soul laying out before us the empathy, the magic, the sublime connection to essence through the difficult and the sticky; and also in plain sight, the flight to escape the pain of the density through addictions. And a legacy that transcends the threshold of his death.
And yes, in me I feel a caged longing to find a place for full flight of expression. With that I perch on a branch moving in the gale