Breakthrough heads DownUnder...In a world gone topsy turvy!

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The Breakthrough Tour is now down under in Oz. I was flying here during the US election voting, and didn't hear the result until collecting my bags at the carousel. It feels like the whole world has been turned upside down. Or is that just me? Somehow I don't think so! The election result for me gives the work another booster. There's now even stronger writing on the wall for why work like this is so necessary. The time for delay and procrastination has long vanished. The shift is getting very real now. For me that can only be a good thing. Come join the rolling Aussie Journal. Let it inspire internal shifts for you too.

How ever you feel post election, know this - that if you're reading this, then you're a part of a worldwide family of people waking up to the Great Shift of consciousness. Yes it may look a lot darker now in the 3D, but the contrast to the light you can feel within, is also ever stronger. The sense of what we are not, just intensified ten fold. So I'll be using this inspiration in the work. Encouraging people to feel into any anxiety or fear; to open doorways inside themselves, and unleash boundless soul through them. When it gets darker, the light shines ever more brightly.

That's what makes the Openhand work so different than the mainstream... we head right into the heart of the density - our contraction with regard to what's happening in the outer. We're witnessing reflections - how do such things make you feel? It is these subconscious attachments that are so limiting. But by heading right into them and bursting the illusion that they are, is so immensely liberating. You can literally feel the sense of upliftment and expansion.

That's what makes the work such a joy for me - witnessing amazing breakthroughs. If you've not seen the video snippet of the Breakthrough seminar yet, here it is. It provides a window - an insight - into what the work is about. We're all connected through fields of consciousness - come join in the energy...



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great pics brendan, thanks for capturing :)

so i googled the symbolism behind the form of shiva just now and a couple things gave me some affirming messages:

The snake worn by shiva represents the ego which, once mastered can be worn as an ornament:

The moon within the moon on the forehead tells us that no mind still needs "a little bit of mind" to be expressed:

it gives me a sense that I'm on the right track and confirmation its all ok where im headed

thanks shiva!!

It was an absolutely stunning conclusion to the Breakthrough Tour here in Byron. What a fabulous location presented itself, in an energetically outstanding Shiva temple - completely unexpected, and yet I've so often felt that powerfully catalytic Shiva energy supporting the Openhand work. This was clearly the affirmation of that. And what an outstanding group of souls gathered there too. There are few words that could suffice - so allow me to share a taste of the energy here in photos...

Come take a peek, feel the vibe of Breakthrough...

The land was high energy, unspoiled, lovingly held by Premala & Emad...

It was largely dedicated to Shiva, but Ganesh was lending a hand too...

Shiva, Shakti & Openhand - it blended well!...

The Group Meditations were off the scale, we traveled interdimensionally through eons of past life karma...

It's hungry work - a pleasant respite in the funky outdoor kitchen...

Two beautiful souls Peter & Lena, newly here from Poland via Marlborough in the UK...

Open hearted brothers Andrew and Matt with adoring father in the background...

And here's mum Alison - yes the whole family came!...

Always great to see Toni - an Openhand 'elder'

Kelly - bringing some sunshine up from the Gold coast...

It couldn't have happened without Amber - what a wonderful hostess!

Brendan & Stephie - words cannot express. Thankyou for the awesome photos!

What a delight - so many wonderful feelings and experiences to take away.

Travel well friends, you are all a part of an extraordinary Openhand family.


Open *give_rose*

Wow that photo of Lord Shiva is incredible!. How wonderful to be in Byron Bay:) We loved having you with us in Kiama. Thank you Open for all that you do. See you in March! <3

It's the last leg of the current Breakthrough World Tour this weekend in sunny Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia - great to get my bones out of the English winter for a while :-)

This final leg is highly appropriate, because unknowingly, the venue we chose is dedicated as a shrine to Lord Shiva. It's a deeply transformational energy close to the heart of Openhand.

And it's a spectacular setting - a conscious community out in the Aussie bush. As I write I'm being serenaded by the most soulful bird songs. We'll do our best to get some pictures for you all.

PS - was just having breakfast out on the terrace when a Koala Bear kind of like this one just appeared from the bush and ran across in front of me. I couldn't believe it - I feel so blessed!


Open *OK*

It's hard for me to keep finding the words! What another superlative experience it was here in the sunny Kiama. It's clear the times are ripe for deep alchemical change. And by softening into our subconscious baggage - that which most would rather push away - how we can unravel it deeply and truly change our life's "narrative".

It's an indescribable joy for me to be able to facilitate and witness such spectacular breakthroughs in life. For me, it's what makes it all worthwhile. It's the fulfillment of purpose. You're all very special people...

And what an incredible satsang - off the planet!

My heart goes out to you all. I'll see you down the path. And to carry you on your way, remember this one?....

    I don't know you
    But I want you
    All the more for that
    Words fall through me
    And always fool me
    And I can't react
    And games that never amount
    To more than they're meant
    Will play themselves out
    Take this sinking boat and point it home
    We've still got time
    Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
    You'll make it now...

    Falling slowly, eyes that know me
    And I can't go back
    Moods that take me and erase me
    And I'm painted black
    You have suffered enough
    And warred with yourself
    It's time that you won...


Open *give_rose*

I'm greatly looking forwards to the beginning of this weekend's Breakthrough Work in Kiama. It starts tonight with an interactive seminar in the Emergence Studio established by Openhand Facilitator Katie Derrett. These gatherings are so much more than simply seminars and workshops. Above all, Openhand is a higher dimensional energy, that's working here in the field to bring about realignment with the flow and to facilitate the Great Shift into the Fifth Density. When you help people to connect up to a flow of authentic reality - what's really happening in the field - then you harness and amplify the flow. It helps shifts things generally in the field.

    You might genuinely wonder how a small group can pull off something like this. But it never ceases to amaze me how effective it is. The key is to move completely beyond intention. Because intention cuts across the flow. If you need or want it "to be like this or that", then it's almost impossible to intuit, feel and harness what is really happening.

Tonight my intuition tells me that people will be really interested in coming to terms with 'that' election result and what might we do about it. So it'll likely feature high on the agenda. We'll harness the flow to work into what it means in a wider sense. We'll work to find group alignment within that. This in turn will send out a vibrational beacon which will do exactly what it is meant to. As simple as it sounds, that's how I feel to work - it's usually my approach.

So here we are on the sunny east coast of Australia - a place which naturally draws a lot of Pleiadian star souls. How will they feel about the rise of the raptor consciousness? How will they come to terms with it? And what will be the best energetic response? We'll see.

Do tune in this weekend and join in the energy. Here's how you can work with us....

  • Take some time out to meditate, focus on the sense of Openhand and Breakthrough. Soften and breathe into it.
  • Contemplate the election result. Expose and honour any tightness you might have within. Express it out into your space.
  • Work to become as-One with the tightness and any pain.
  • Open an internal doorway through the density - become The One in it - feel the sense of pure presence through it.
  • Then unleash unwinding, liberating soul through it. How does the soul want to be? How do you feel to act? Get the sense of sending that vibe out into the ether. Trust that it will do what it is meant to.

Here's an excerpt from the last Breakthrough Seminar in Florida to give you a better sense of the Approach. It can be applied in relation to any situation that's arising for you - especially the impact of the election...

Meet you in the field!

Open *OK*

Feeling immensely grateful to be there. It was one gathering that I've looked forward to partaking all year. Just no words for it. Remembering our/ my Divine Origin and forgetting/ shedding what we're not. Thankful for the kinship and soul stirring connection. Thank You All. Love to All, seen and unseen.

Whoa! I was just having a cup of coffee, enjoying a slow autumn morning when the picture of the Mount Gambier team literally struck me. What a lovely group of people... what an energy!!

Warm wishes for the rest of your Australian tour :-)


Yet again it was a fantastic gathering on this Breakthrough tour. I am deeply privileged and humbled by the wonderful souls I am blessed to meet and work with. You are all so special *give_rose*

You've all had such unique journeys through life and the wider cosmos. That's reflected in the depth of your energy fields. When I look into you, it's like seeing a brief history of time itself. Wow!

There were many special moments from the weekend, too many to share here. But didn't we have such an empowered boogie and singalong to "What's Up!" (it seemed so appropriate for the craziness going on in the world right now). Remember, when things get difficult and you're unsure of the direction to travel, you're not looking for a choice - you're looking to embody a new energy. The choice then makes itself. Humanity - and especially the divine feminine - has been disempowered and suppressed for too long now. Please, please never lose the softness, but do unleash some raw, soulful power too!...

And you asked about some of the tracks from the gathering. I have this self selecting play list that kind of morphs itself, so I never remember exactly what I played - it's all very in the moment. However here are a few of the 'usual suspects'...

Deuter... Garden of the Gods
Lex Van Someren... Gold
Chloe Goodchild... Fierce Wisdom
Deva Primal...Dakshina and Embrace
Bliss....The Journey
Plus a whole host of emotive popular music.

Sending you all big heartfulls of love. See you down the path somewhere.


Open *give_rose*

That's all I keep hearing . How everything is unravelling . As ai have been meditating and breathing into my emotional tight spots ,suddenly I have reached a place where I feel like a sweater has unravelled down to the filaments it was composed of . It's unnerving and quite disorienting . On the outside the very fabric of our social political and biological systems are coming undone . Such a powerful mirror !