Climate Transformation: Understand the Real Cause and Empower Yourself

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The myth of manmade global warming has been well exposed by the alternative media - it's just another tool by the shadow to control and lockdown. Actually the planet could even cool a degree, due to the Grand Solar Minimum we're sailing into. But to say there's no Climate Crisis, therefore, is highly blinkered. ALL of the atmospheres on all of the other planets in our solar system are changing radically, due to a Grand Galactic Convergence of cycles that are also greatly impacting our planet.

We need to grasp exactly what's going on so we can equalise with it. So we can transcend it.

Understanding The Grand Solar Minimum

The Grand Solar Minimum is a 400-year cycle where the sun goes into a degree of hibernation - there's much less solar irradiance into the solar system and onto our planet. But there's a paradox: during the GSM, the sun is lowering its magnetic shield, and thus MORE highly charged particles escape the sun's surface because the magnetic pull is weakened. (Please Note: the GSM is not to be confused with the 22-year sun spot cycle, which is currently at a maximum).

These highly charged particles shoot into the Earth's atmosphere and cascade down through the magnetosphere, the ionosphere and then into the jetstreams, which has a massive effect on the climate and weather. And because Gaia's magnetic shield is also lowering in the ongoing Pole Shift, then you're getting a greatly increased occurance of earthquakes and volcanoes.Take a browse at the growing intensity of storms and extreme weather - both hot and cold... Earth Changes

We're also journeying now through a highly active segment of the galaxy, directing even more charged particles, gamma and xrays our way. And now we move into an increasing intensity of the sunspot cycle (which is different from the GSM). ALL of this is greatly impacting the planet in ways which ultimately, when the Grand Galactic Convergence of these cycles completes in years few, will leave no stone unturned on our planet.

Visions of the Grand Galactic Convergence

I have witnessed the culmination of this Grand Galactic Convergence - during a car crash back in 2002. When my soul came in as a soul exchange, I saw spectacular visions of future-landing-now: an inevitable event-line leading to a Solar Nova flash, triggered by an immanent 12,000 year Galactic Superwave, leading to the culmination of the Earth's Pole Shift. The planet will be greatly terraformed in the process. In the visions, it was abundantly clear in my higher knowing: no sophisticated life comes out of that perfect storm in 3D form. You will have to have ascended to 5D in order to continue life on the planet.

Take a moment to try to hoist that on board. I realise it's a massive ask. Many will struggle with it in the beginning. They'll contemplate it through veils of attached emotion, and through karma, where civilisations in which they've been incarnated have been obliterated before: Sirius, a 120 million years ago for example, and several previous cases on earth, such as the culmination of Atlantis, 12,000 years ago, when the last Galacic Superwave trigged a solar nova event, causing the then Ice Age to melt in under 3 days. It sent a sinking deluge of waves around the planet.

You see this is the problem we have in contemplating these enormous natural cycles. The psyche, especially with Homo Sapiens, is ill-equipped to deal with them. And veils of karma would have you spinning off in other directions too. Often, when I try to share this truth with people, I watch their eyes glaze over. It can't land for them. They often go into avoidance and denial. Even though at a soul level they can feel the truth in what I'm sharing. It's a conundrum indeed.

Watch Video: The Event & 11:11 Synchronicity

It's won me few friends since sharing it. But share it I must, and will continue to do so. It's the biggest topic we must each land within our consciousness and come to terms with, because it's the main topic of news that's driving everything else right now. The grand human awakening is catalysed by the high energy segment of the galaxy; the shadowstate is well aware of this convergence with all the scientific data to back it up. That's why it's risking all to control humanity and prepare to go off-world prior to the convergence. That's its ultimate agenda.

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The Ascension Timeline is Accelerating

Going off-world is not the answer. The Ascension Timeline is accelerating. So it's hard to imagine they'll be able to develop the technology fast enough to get far enough to avoid this culmination. The real invitation is to STAY; to go into space, yes, but not outer space. Rather the inner space. Because this is where you'll find the real journey of soul integration, emergence and expansion into 5D.

But this can only be done by first equalising with the enormitude of what's actually transpiring on our planet. That's why some in the alternative media are actually hindering and derailing the shift for many people, by suggesting that climate crisis is a hoax. Just because manmade global warming is a charade.

You're effectively saying: it's okay to bury your head in the sand about it. Well it's not. That won't get you anywhere further forward. It's an attitude that retards the evolution of consciousness, and it's high time to stop it. Be truly informed of what's going on. Take the karmic fear blinkers off and look at the evidence: check out the well-informed and researched Suspicious Observers

Confront Your Fears and Past-life Karma

What we must do is begin to prepare ourselves right now by exploring and contemplating the truth of the Big Picture behind all of this - the Grand Galactic Convergence. Then through the practice of daily transcendence, we confront our fears and our karma that stop you equalising with it. If you've found your way to this text, then at some level, you KNOW you're a spiritual being. Now is the time to actualise it.

You equalise with whatever is truly going on in your landscape. You become intimately intimate with it. You explore and unwind through your fears. You expand out. And now you've grown another level. You've evolved to the next grandest iteration of you. This is the great possibility by confronting and equalising with this Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. You ACTUALISE yourself as a 5D Divine Being.

Claim your free eBook exploring this Grand Galactic Convergence and how to prepare for it: packed with tools, tips, meditations and recomendations.

We are ALL Spiritual Beings

The final challenge many have to face when contemplating, and working with, these grand cycles, is: what about the children?

Often parents will glaze over and bury their heads in the sand because of them. Firstly, many souls now coming in are even better prepared than their parents - these "Indigos" are often more awake. And they chose to be here, if only for a few years, to have the maximum possibility of evolutionary gain. I was deeply moved by this picture below, of a couple of children buried in a massive earthquake, in recent times, through Turkey and Syria, which I believe was certainly caused by the Grand Galactic Convergence - the culminating pole shift radically changing the earth's magnetic field.

Take a look into the eyes of the young girl as she quietly and calmly comforts the young boy. What do you see? For me, it's a tremendous sense of acceptance and grace.

I wasn't there. But that's for sure what I take from it. It's an incredible example to all tuning in.

We CAN equalise with the enormity of what's going on. We CAN prepare for it by coming to know ourselves as the spiritual beings we truly are. We INCARNATED at this time specifically to process out our fears and limiting karma attaching souls to merely physical existence. When you're invested in the materiality of life, then you're always the victim of physical circumstance. But when you're able to transcend the materiality, then you will always become the master of this "Maya".

That's why I encourage all to courageously contemplate, and explore, how to transcend this Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into.

You can do so right now by entering Openhand's purposefully crafted Ascension Portal and begin by reading the various articles and exchanges and downloading your free shift overview eBook. It could well be the best investment of time you make today. Here at Openhand we very much welcome your involvement:

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Bright Blessings

Open 💙🙏


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21/06/2024 Shift Update: Climate Transformation in Solar System

Increasingly, around the planet, the weather patterns are going topsy turvy - increasing storms, flooding, extreme heart events and wildfires, not to mention the earthquakes and volcanoes triggering. As with all the other planets in our solar system, the climate is changing quickly. But the main reason, as I've shared in article above, is not manmade fossil fuel emissions - clearly, that's just another political control mechanism. But to say there's no climate change therefore is highly blinkered and to bury one's head in the shifting sands - take a look at our global extreme weather forum

It's essential to point out the evidence that the planetary atmospheres of ALL other planets in the solar system are changing rapidly, not just ours. See the very latest video update below by Suspicious Observers.

What I'm saying in this article shared above, about the growing impact on the planet of the Grand Galactic Convergence, is rather than pretending it doesn't exist or being distracted by other fakestream news, that we must "turn into it". In other words, to embrace it, by honouring the reality of it and any inner reactivity.

If You've not yet read the article, scroll up:

Climate Transformation: Understand the Real Cause and Empower Yourself

This turbulent, "destructive", shift represents a massive opportunity: we'll be forced to confront all our fears and identifications with physical existence. In this way, destruction carries the seeds of construction. The old 3D paradigm unwinds into the 5D.

Now I know that's definitely NOT a comfortable place to be. The problem of being in this Homo sapiens form is that it's programmed for comfort and safety - for comfortable inertia. But when we understand this, then all we need is the commitment to break through the loops of the limiting behaviour patterns that keep us small in the shell. Because when you normalise with these tumultuous events, then you equalise them. Then you can pass through the eye of the storm and not be battered by it.

This is how we grow, and it happens in all the minutiae of daily life. We can apply the Breakthrough process to feel into the fears, anxieties and tightness; to explore what we're attached to, why and how? You then realise the baggage you're carrying around with you and you're prepared to let it go - how does it help you to continue to carry it? That's when you're ready to set the burden down.

If you're unsure of the Breakthrough Process...

explore it on our Openhand Academy site

This is how we can evolve and grow through these earth shattering events going on around us.
This is the great opportunity before us. Openhand is here to help you progress through.

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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To back up my point about Earth's climate is changing rapidly due to galactic and solar factors, here is a great short summation video by Suspicious Observers. It shares a key update about how the climates of all the other planets in our solar system are changing. This is a galactic phenomenon that we need to hoist on board so as to equalise with. To me, that's what the 11:11 code is speaking of - to align with 4 key centres of consciousness: your soul, with that of Gaia, with the Solar Logos and then the Galactic Core. They are all moving together and the invitation is to align with the energetic shift, in an inner feeling sense. Because the elevation of energy will bring you awake and expand your consciousness...

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Hi Just tried clicking on the link for the ebook but it does not allow me to access Can you assist please

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A friend shared a photo of a very young child, possibly a baby, being rescued after 150 hours in the rubble.  The child was wrapped in warming plastics and was just looking with some sort of mouth expression.  It was not crying or anything but just looking, probably at the rescuer. What got my attention was, after that many days without any water, that child should have been very close to death and probably unconscious or in a coma is what  I'd think, yet the eyes seemed full of a deep wisdom and calmness.  Pretty amazing!

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