What's Happening to the Weather Where You Are?

Hi Everyone - Like every other planet in our solar system, our climate is shifting and changing rapidly, as evidenced below. Clearly it's NOT manmade fossil fuel emissions that are the cause. Instead, we're moving into a high energy segment of the galaxy when the sun's magnetic shield is lowered in the Grand Solar Minimum. And Gaia is lowering her magnetic shield too in the ongoing pole shift. This is causing a huge influx of comsic and solar energy which impacts the magnetosphere and then the jetstreams. It's essential we equalise with what's going on by embracing it. Thus we ride the shift and it propels us into transcendence.

Abrupt climate change goes hand in hand with the 5D Shift. Rather than worry us though, let's take inspiration! Life is changing, the old karmic construct unwinding, which in my book, can only be a good thing. As the reflecting mirrors change all around us, it encourages us to look for a different way of being and doing - we're invited to relate to life in a different way, which opens massive opportunity at a consciousness level.

So what's happening to the weather around you? Do share. Let's equalise with it.

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The region of XinJiang in China has recorded the lowest temperature in history at -52.3 Centigrade (although the video below is saying the coldest for 60 years - whatever, it's bloody cold!).

Just take a look at the videos - I found it a very haunting experience. My sense is that it's happening because the Sun is moving into a Grand Solar Minimum - not to be confused with the Sunspot cycle which is moving to a peal.

The Grand Solar Minimum is where the Sun's magnetic sheild lowers before flip flopping - similar to the Earth's Pole Shift. It's a 400-year cycle that causes the Sun to go into a partial hibernation in terms of its irradiance.

So much for global warming!...


Thanks, I've been looking for this for a long time


Increasingly we're seeing extreme "biblical" weather events around the world. It's certainly true the system controllers are trying to play the "manmade fossil fuel emissions" card to further marshall society. And yes, weather manipulation is clearly ongoing. But the main factor we have to consider is the Grand Galactic Convergence: our Solar System moving into a high energy segment of the galaxy, at a time where the sun's magnetic shield is lowering and as Gaia movies toward completion of the Pole Shift.

This causes a massive increase in cosmic energy into our solar system, that impacts the Earth's jetstreams in a big way, cascading charged particles through the magentosphere that then causes extreme weather. Plus also triggering volcanoes and earthquakes.

We must learn to equalise with these biblical changes going on, so that our consciousness can adjust to the truth of the landscape we're travelling in. That way the soul will be more compelled to the necessary inner action and orientation of travel.

With that in mind, here's an update...

Raging flash floods hit Zaragoza, causing widespread damage to infrastructure and crops, Spain
More than 4 700 earthquakes detected between Fagradalsfjall and Keilir in 48 hours, Iceland
Strong explosion produces pyroclastic flows at San Cristobal volcano, Nicaragua
Deadly flash floods sweep Lahore after record rainfall, Pakistan
Storm Poly – Strongest summer storm on record hits the Netherlands
Historic June heat followed by record-breaking July rains in Queensland, Australia
Severe flooding hits China, 3 provinces report some of the worst flooding in 50 years

To be illuminated is to be empowered!!
Open 💎



As I've continued to point out about the global weather situation, yes I agree with the alternatives: that the effect of manmade fossil fuel emissions is probably negligable. But then to claim there's no radical global climate change is for me at least, a step way too far. As I've said previously...

extreme events are happening all across our planet and are building. It's down to the fact that we're travelling through a high-energy segment of the galaxy at a time when the sun has lowered its magnetic shield moving toward the Grand Solar Minimum. More cosmic energy is coming in and more solar energy is released because we're also in a sunspot maximum. All of this influx of high energy affects our magnetosphere and cascades charged particles into the jetstreams. Our weather patterns are changing rapidly as with all the other planets in our solar system.

We must embrace the rapidly changing climate conditions in order that we can be as-one with the Shift. Then we're able to transcend it. There are only spiritual solutions to the humungous ongoing planetary changes. Let's see the landscape that's really there, work to ovecome our fears and use the situation as positive motivation to go deeper inwards. Here's the latest round-up of extreme weather events that have happened on the planet in May...

Deadly storms sweep across Greece, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Unexplained deaths in India’s heatwave raise questions amid soaring temperatures
Rare snowfall, cold wave in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz deals blow to agriculture
Monsoon arrives in Assam: Severe flooding affects 34 000, rivers above warning levels, India
Beijing breaks mid-June heat record as temperatures reach 39.4 °C (103 °F), China
Record-breaking June snowfall on Mt. Washington, U.S.
Mexico grapples with a third heat wave of the season
Catastrophic flooding ravages parts of Cuba following exceptional rainfall

And the solution? Coming into the Merkabah!...

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Dear Open,

In the last couple of days I felt a massive influx of Fear into my energy system . I was an emotional mess all day and it took a lot of breathing and calming myself down and indeed equalizing to mantain some sanity in what felt like a storm in my emotional field. The next day clarity seems to have returned. The storm seems to have washed away a big chunk of my co-dependant tendencies in relationship and I found myself expressing truths to my partner kindly but firmly . 

As also I suddenly see in the much clearer sky of my psyche a big need to express my own truths and invest in myself ( especially the latter ) . 

3 days ago I was dealing with a very sick newborn girl ,who despite all my efforts ,I couldn't save . A lot of emotions came up and a whole lot of karma . Within me this manifests as self blame ,guilt and deep self hate . All of which I saw much more consciously this time . Just the day prior I had been making plans for the next iteration of my medical practice. A lot more teaching and practicing in under served communities is what I was planning . 

I felt into poverty consciousness and then bam I was hit with karma and then fear in overwhelming buckets . In the last 2 years especially the last few months there has been change after change after change within and without . 

It's very challenging. It is also very, very enlivening . 




Just wanted to share and to see if others are feeling 

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I just went through hurricane Idalia, my 2nd major hurricane in as many years.  It grew from nothing to a major hurricane in a couple of days.  So there wasn't much time to work with the energy, yet it still felt absolutely right to do so.  As I sat down in meditation, the first thing I noticed was how different its energy was from Ian's (last year's hurricane).  The higher dimensional beings were also completely different.  Last year the Draconians came into my field and I could feel how they were using Ian to process unaligned energies.  This year they were completely absent.  Instead a Hopi Elder came into my field.  He made it clear that unlike last year where my role was to let as much energy as I could process through me to help soften the landing, this time I was to anchor strongly into Gaia and center in the torus to encourage Idalia's torus to entrain and smooth out.  He also communicated that (contrary to all the predictions) at the last minute Idalia's path would change and I would be fine.  His presence was so powerful, calm, stoic and comforting that I trusted him completely.  Yet I can't say I was without any fear.  It was an interesting paradox.  I felt very centered and grounded.  Yet I had to keep working with all the anxiety that was coming up both what I could feel in the field and the piece that was mine.  At times it was really challenging.  Like trying to swim upstream against a really strong current.  In those challenging moments the Elder would ask do I still trust him?  It felt like a lesson in learning to trust him and a test to see how much I did all wrapped up in one very intense experience.  It also felt that by learning to trust him, a relationship of working together could be established which I find very exciting.

I am so grateful that as the Elder said it would be, at the last minute Idalia's path changed.  Most if not all the damage in my area is from flooding.  The beaches in my area got hit hard yet my neighborhood is fine.  And although it's heartbreaking for me that others had to be devastated, Idalia ended up making landfall in a more rural area of the state which means a lot less destruction than what could have been.

It also felt like training for what is coming. As the weather patterns become more extreme, how can I stay in the 5D experience and remove myself as much as possible from what is going at the 3D level.  Something we talk about a lot in the Openhand work but speaking for myself, can be difficult in the intensity of the moment.


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Wow Ann - this is a powerful experience and sharing indeed!

What you clearly demonstrated was the power of becoming at one with these monumental atmospheric events of the great shift. Not backing away, or contracting in fear and becoming the identity once more. Instead opening up to them, because that's where we gain our maximum power.

Yes, maybe our role is to mediate the intensity of these events. Let's also be clear that it will all build into a time where no stone is left unturned. This is just the beginning.

The meaning of Idalia is, "Behold the Sun". It's changing activity on the Sun which is firing charged particles into our atmosphere as the Gaia lowers her magnetic shield in the pole shift - these charged particles cascade down into the jetstreams and amplify them. Hence the increasingly freaky weather and powerful storms like this one, which has nothing to do with "global warming". If anything the Earth is likely to cool a degree as we enter the Grand Solar Minimum.

The line that stood out strong for me from your sharing Ann, was, "Like trying to swim upstream against a really strong current". I would say this speaks powerfully into the unravelling required of any deeply empathic being as we sail deeper into the Shift. I'd say it speaks very strongly into Gaia's necessary process too.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Open 💎


I absolutely agree with the alternatives, manmade fossil fuel emissions are just another political football to leverage greater control over society and humanity. But to say there's NO climate change or challenge is blinkered because extreme events are happening all across our planet and are building. It's down the the fact that we're travelling through a high energy segment of the galaxy at a time when the sun has lowered its magnetic shield in the Grand Solar Minimum. More cosmic energy is coming in and more solar energy is released because we're also in a sunspot maximum. All of this influx of high energy effects our magnetosphere and cascades charged particles into the jetstreams. Our weather patterns are changing rapidly as with all the other planets in our solar system.

We must embrace the rapidly changing climate conditions in order that we can be as-one with the Shift. Then we're able to transcend it. Here's the latest round-up of extreme weather events that have happened on the planet in May...


Heavy rains affect nearly 500 000 people, devastate crop fields in Jiangxi, China
Devastating wildfires engulf southern Russia, claiming lives and property
Alberta declares state of emergency as massive wildfires force 30 000 residents to evacuate, Canada
Catastrophic flooding in South Kivu Province, DR Congo
West Virginia witnesses unprecedented snowfall in May, breaking century-old records
Widespread floods hit Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Destructive floods and landslides hit Rwanda, leaving over 100 fatalities
Historic heatwave engulfs the Iberian Peninsula




Germany and other parts of Europe have been caught up in dramatic floods. Let our hearts and meditations go out to the people displaced, as with all disaster regions on the planet right now.

flood germany july 2021 f

Extreme rainfall causes catastrophic flooding in western Germany

Let's be clear though: even though the powers-that-be try to claim this down to climate change, and thereby try to control society even more that way, it's very clear that this kind of weather extreme is caused by solar magnetic forcing during the time of the Grand Solar Minimum. More plasma, xrays, gamma and charged particles leave the sun in our direction due to the reduced magnetic field of the sun. These particles bounce around in our magentosphere, cascade into the ionosphere and then into the jetstreams thus causing havoc with the weather patterns.

Expect plenty more of this. Surrender is the only ultimate tool. Surrender and therefore transcendence...

Practice the art of transcendence at this year's Avalon Rising: World Ascension Summit


There's plenty more of this to come - the elephant in the subway. I wonder if society will ever take notice of solar magnetic forcing in the Grand Solar Minimum? At some point, it won't be possible to simply drive by. Then maybe we'll get together in communities to help eaxh other through it all...


Great idea to share our weather - the changes are so obvious now, can anyone not notice? Last week the West Coast of Canada endured an unprecedented heat wave. Their highest temp was 49.6C and this was followed by the unbelievable burning of the entire town of Lytton, BC.


This 'heat dome' has managed to travel over the mountains (which usually doesn't happen) and settle over the Prairies. I live in Manitoba and we are now into the 5th day of intense heat. Fortunately the 'dome' is expected to move off tomorrow (Monday) and give us some relief but temps today will continue to be in the 35C to 40C range. 

This heat has been particularly damaging across the Prairies as we are well into our 4th year of drought, with no relief in sight. My world has quickly turned from the green of spring to a baked brown already, and even the trees have produced only a thin cover of leaves this year, and many are clearly dying. 

As I look out my window, it seems to me that what I am seeing is the withdrawal of Gai's energy as she shifts into 5D. Nothing can thrive here without Her, and this is how that energy manifests. 

I would be interested to know if others feel the same way....

(thanks for encouraging us to leave facebook, Open, I feel much more comfortable sharing here.)


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Yes my eye has been on this one. Likely the main stream media will try to put it down to "man made CO2 emissions", so as to play into their ongoing agenda. But clearly for anyone following the REAL science and the REAL shift, this is bound to be caused by solar magnetic coupling during the Grand Solar Minimum.

It's the impact of ionsed particles and plasma, which is in constant descending and ascending spirals to and from the Earth. The sun's magnetic field is lowering meaning more plasma escapes its surface. And this is happening in convergence with the lowering of Earth's magnetic shield due to the culminating pole shift. It means there's an increase in hot, fast, and highly charged particles hitting the Earth's magnetosphere. These charged particles bounce between the poles, which causes a cascading effect down through the ionosphere, which in turn greatly impacts the jetstreams. It leads not only to extreme warming events and fires, but also increased storm activity including hurricanes and typhoons. Which is EXACTLY what's going on around the planet right now.

I can feel we're building up to something major here which is going to effect right around the planet. And there's nothing the shadow state can do about it. The Solar Logos will have his way! 🌞💪

Open 🙏


The elephant in the room right now is abrupt climate change, but unlike the shadowstate would have us believe, by far the biggest impact is NOT human. It's all to do with solar forcing during the Grand Solar Minimum combined with Gaia lowering her magnetic shield. Here's a clip from a previous Openhand article that summarises it...

Probably the biggest impact the Sun has on the Earth (and the rest of the solar system) is through electromagnetic coupling - the impact of ionsed particles and plasma, which is in constant descending and ascending spirals to and from the Earth. Now during a GSM, although sunspot activity and Thermal Irradiance decrease, this Solar Wind activity actually increases, because it can more easily escape the sun's atmosphere. It means there's an increase in hot, fast, and highly charged particles hitting the Earth's magnetosphere. These charged particles bounce between the poles, which causes a cascading effect down through the ionosphere, which in turn greatly impacts the jetstreams. It leads not only to warming, but increased storm activity including hurricanes and typhoons. The climate impact clearly bears witness to this dynamic, where the meandering jetstreams have not only caused heating in usually cool places, cooling in usually hot ones, but also a strong increase in hurricanes and typhoons.

Here's the full article for anyone wishing to explore further...
The 4 Main Causes of Climate Crisis and the "Event" We're Climaxing To

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Some might ask, "why share these global challenges? Why pay attention to the 'bad news'?"

Everything is of consciousness. If you distance yourself from the truth then you create inner polarity - a reactionary trigger. It means you can be shocked, owned and then victimised by the build up of external events. But if you see these all as shifts within the bigger overall picture, then each step may be embraced contemplated and integrated. In so doing, you equalise with the real truth of the shifting nature of life on the planet. Then you normalise in it - the consciousness of your soul can transcend it. Now you're not triggered, owned or victimised. You're readying yourself for the final shift into 5D at The culminating Event.

Blessed be!

Open 🏄‍♀️


Hi Open, here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, we've recently been having very unsettled and highly fluctuating weather which I'm assuming is from the hurricanes from the carribean making their way to Atlantic Canada. The interesting thing I've noticed of late though, is how it always seems to be two seasons happening simultaneously. A subtle thing difficult to put a finger on, and more of a feeling, something about the light. Something is shifting alright. Looking forward to Gaia healing!

Love and Light




The elephant 🐘  in the room, is transition.  Many of the people I know, on the path. Do not see transition as a consequence of our growth into the new...way.

I have no idea if this will be so but, surely it has to be on the the cards. Open you are the only one that has ever shown the courage to even broach this truth. 

Is it time to embrace this possibility?

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Hey Keith - openly discussing the climate crisis is an inconvenient truth for sure, and doesn't tend to win you many friends control in spiritual mainstream. Plenty still consider it a 'conspiracy' by the state to control people - but surely the evidence is stacking up all around us?

I do believe, that as time marches on, and the evidence of dramatic climate transformation grows ever stronger, the only viable way forwards is to fully address it, and equalise with it, that we ultimately realise to transcend it.


Open Praying Emoji


Well, we've traveled through the scariest wildfire season ever, and the rains have finally come - in the form of flooding as you might expect of Now-times!

However, I don't think there is much complaining (not on the North Coast of NSW, anyway) as we are just happy to see the fires put out and the ground quenched. :-)

Flowery blessings,


We've just completed a marvellous retreat on the Island of La Palma in the Atlantic, where we had lovely tea shirt weather. Definitely NOT what you'd expect in Antarctica though! But that's what they've got right now with new record breaking temperatures. Check this out from Eco Watch

The climate crisis was high on the agenda during our work in La Palma - but no one is flapping or fear mongering. That's exactly the point - when you're prepared to normalise with what's going on in the world rather than slipping into worry and panic, rather with acceptance of the greater cyclical factors happening in our galaxy, then it prepares you to align better with the natural flow of life, as expressed through your soul, way beyond the confines of the limiting ego. Haleluyah!

So what's happening to the weather where you are?

In loving support



I felt to send a warm hug out to Openhanders caught up in the Arctic snow (due to the wobbling jetstream) across wide areas of the USA, where century old cold records have fallen. Here's a snapshot...

If you're caught up in it, how are you dealing with it? What are your experiences?



On the eastern seaboard in the U.S. about 100 miles inland, it’s been the least amount of summer rain I can remember. The limited amount we get now are scattered 5-10 minute storms with heavy winds that disappear as fast as they show up. And Autumn came suddenly last week with no transition.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed and have been noticing for the past few years is that the sun feels more powerful. The temperature difference between being in the sun and being in the shade seems to have greatly increased. 


Hi everyone,

The weather is growing increasingly topsy turvey. Here are some of the latest reports I felt to draw your attention to. Do remember, it is Openhand's approach to turn into the inconvenient truth of what's really unfolding, so as to equalise and therefore normalise in the landcsape unfolding before us. It means your consciousness can progressively adjust to the increasingly turbulent affects of what's taking place in the Shift. Afterwards, do share with us all what's happening in the world where you are...

1) I found this one pretty incredible: "Russian scientists on an Arctic expedition have discovered, for the first time, methane "boiling" on the surface of the water that is visible to the naked eye. Forget high-tech detection devices, the methane is so pronounced that it can be scooped from the water in buckets,East Siberian Sea Is Boiling With Methane"... East Siberian Sea Is Boiling With Methane

2) Almost 400 all-time high temperatures were set in the northern hemisphere over the summer, according to an analysis of temperature records.The records were broken in 29 countries for the period from 1 May to 30 August this year. A third of the all-time high temperatures were in Germany, followed by France and the Netherlands. Hundreds of temperature records broken over summer

3) One week after summer's end, a "winter" storm began blasting parts of the West with up to 3 feet of snow, smashing records with low temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds and blizzard conditions forecast into Monday. Snow was piling up across parts of California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. The National Weather Service, calling the storm "historic," said temperatures in some areas would drop as much as 30 degrees below normal...
'Historic' winter storm dumps 3 feet of snow, smashes records in West

You then have these general reports of flooding and drought from various places:

Worst drought in 60 years kills at least 106 000 farm animals in Chile
Heavy storm hits Yemen's southern and central areas
Heavy rain and flash floods strike northwestern Pakistan
4 500 people displaced as widespread floods hit Senegal
Worst drought in 90 years hits Namibia, over 61 000 cattle and other livestock perish
Prolonged Monsoon season causes widespread floods in northern India


So what's happening to the weather where you are?


Hi Betsy,

Your sharing touched me deeply - thankyou so much Heart

Keep tuning into the movement and flow - let it guide your soul moment by moment and everything will turn out absolutely rightly.

Sending a big energetic hug your way.

Open The Sun EmojiPraying Emoji


Hello Openhand family,

It is times such as these that I am glad to know I have the Openhand family beside me. I am in Charleston South Carolina, USA and am feeling the strong effects of Hurricane Dorian as I type this. It was a very long night as the eye of the hurricane is still just miles off the coast. As I have been meditating the past few days, I came into contact with Gaia's soul if you will. We were together for a few moments and before she left, my experience with her was so powerful. I understand this storm, this rage,  as she is making  her shift. She is beautiful and I love her. I told her how sorry I was about how humanity is trying to destroy her. She wrapped her arms around me and I her. It was a loving moment , as I gave her my support, my love, my understanding of these storms. 

Last night as the storm raged outside my windows a chant came to me and helped me get through the night:I am a child of the stars, Arcturus and Pleiades, so I reached out to them during this time. It went like this:

Oh Great Universe, I am a child of thee;

Please take this storm out to sea;

Please make it turn to the east;

Please save all the beasts. (animals)


So I will close with that and I am continuing to send love and support to Mother Earth as she continues with her karmic cleansing. These are shifting times indeed.

See everyone down the flow.


In love and light




At the same time as we have heatwaves and wildfires in Europe, on a similar latitude across on the eastern coast of the USA, we've got flash flooding and 200,000 people without electrical power due to thunderstorms. And meanwhile, across in Colorado the snowpack has exploded to way above normal levels. And there's severe cold weather on the other side of the World in Australia too...

Over 200 000 without power, evacuations and high-water rescues as severe thunderstorms hit U.S.
Colorado’s snowpack explodes to 4 121 percent above normal after unexpected heavy summer snow
Middle Point, Australia records it’s Coldest Ever Temperature — while Icicles form in Alice Springs

It's clear to me there's a range of interrelating factors: the inexorable release of CO2 by society is causing a general warming effect to the planet which is breaking down the jetstream and depositing cold air in lower latitudes. But also the Pole Shift and the solar minimum are temporarily offsetting the CO2 warming effect.

It means the weather patterns across the globe will become increasingly unpredictable.
It's high time to tune into the soul and follow it.
It knows where you're supposed to be and when.

Sending love to all affected. Wishing you well.

Open HeartPraying Emoji


It's hard to believe, that just a few weeks ago Europe was suffering an unusually cold weather snap from an arctic influx of cold weather. Yet here we are now at the beginnings of a heat wave where parts of France and Spain are recording 44 celsius and widlfires burn in northern Spain. Abrupt climate change is a fact. And we're only at where the 'hockey stick' goes vertical.

We must prepare ourselves, above all at the consciousness level. We must bring ourselves completely into the moment of now and bless each day that we experience. We must take nothing for granted. This will prepare us for what lies ahead, and bring us into the flow.

This from the UK's Guardian...

Firefighters battled wildfires at a scale not seen for 20 years in Spain as much of western Europe sweltered in an extreme early-summer heatwave on Thursday.

With temperatures in northern Spain and southern France set to exceed 44C, governments urged their citizens to take the utmost precaution, warning that in some areas the worst was yet to come.

The conditions led officials to raise the French extreme heat alert to red. The alert, signifying a “dangerous weather phenomenon”, was the first since the system was introduced in 2004 following a 2003 heatwave that led to 15,000 premature deaths.


My heart goes out to everyone who might be being challenged by the turbulent circumstances...

In loving support

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Hi Zee - I'm with you on this one and feel the challenges - heartfuls of compassion Heart

This stood out...

I dont need to watch media to know what is ahead. I think when one lives on the land it is impossible to ignore. The city folk still have most things on tap but it will all change when there is no produce to eat.

No, we don't need the media to tell us that climate change is very real. And food shortages are likely on the way. It's essential to get real about that.

You may have to contemplate moving out soon Zee - have you thought about that?

Much love your way

Open Heart

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Oh yes I have contemplated moving at various times but there's not much point really, nowhere will be safe, and I would definitely not want to be in a city or large town eek. So I am just processing the fear related to it all and continuing on my souls journey here at this point in time, being grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me.

If I am to move I'm sure it will be made clear and opportunities will emerge.

I had the thought that this land could possibly be an 'island in the storm', if its meant to be I am open to it.


Namaste 😊🐎🐐🐕🐈🐓🌳


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Hi Zee,

Your post resonated with me especially with the frightening past few days of bush fires very close to my property (Northern NSW) fueled by our drought-stricken ground and the phenomenal polar gale-force winds that blew all the way up the East Coast of Australia from Antarctica (scary!).

But I'd agree after pondering these past few days that any impression of safety in a particular location is only a false reassurance, and we can only do our best to keep safe and pray for protection wherever we are as no place is really safer (except I'd agree with you I'm still glad I'm not near a major city!).



We are and have been in drought here in Northern Rivers nsw and still are. We've had fires close to where I live last summer. The daily temps have been 34C ++++ and up to 45C Just awful! Inland Aus the temps got up to 48C or more in some places just crazy!

I have watched the grass turn grey and paddocks turn to dust,starving cattle roam the sides of roads for feed, the rivers turning to pools and streams drying up. The community as a whole was so depressed and I felt it deeply. They are preparing for the worst as the water tables are very very low, restrictions are still in place. Yet other places in Queensland had major flooding where thousands of livestock were decimated and crops destroyed.  Greedy cotton farmers have been destroying the river system by taking too much water and massive fish die offs have happened.

There is a shortage of feed for livestock all over the country so I have been faced with what that will mean  for my livestock in the not so distant future. That hasn't  been easy to face to say the least.

Its winter now and still only a few drops of rain. I am enjoying the cooler weather though. I can actually function and get things done before the raging heat of summer comes again. I save every bit of water I can for the few plants that survived the searing heat. Farmers out west of me are in dire straights and dialling out left right and center.

I dont need to watch media to know what is ahead. I think when one lives on the land it is impossible to ignore. The city folk still have most things on tap but it will all change when there is no produce to eat.

I think next summer will  be a full on fire season as I dont think we will get our summer rains and one needs water to put out fires. I am trying to come to terms with it all. 

The analogy of riding a boulder strewn path and looking for the gaps is very helpful.

What a ride ahead ay! 

Big hugs and Cheers from Aus 🔥🌏


These last couple of days I've felt a severe building tension in my gut area, like a twisting torsional force. It's been difficult to sit with and hold. At first I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, but usually it's because I'm highly empathic of shifts in the field. And so the light came on as I read about the massive Tornado outbreak across the US mid west. It's all climate change related of course, in this case, probably because of dramatic changes in the jetstream caused by global warming and the melting of the arctic ice cap.

But this time, I sensed something even more important going on. What could that be?

It's early days in the 5G roll out, but nevertheless, there's already a building resistance in the field - what is this incredible insanity unfolding upon us? What needs to be hoisted on board is that everything is of consciousness and therefore responds to the law of cause and effect. Whatever we put out there, is going to rebound back. Usually the actions are only relatively small in our lives so we don't experience much reaction. But when something like this unfolds at a field level, then you can be sure the Universe will start to respond in some way.

As soon as the magnitude of 5G landed in my being, I simply knew it would precipitate an acceleration in the unfolding Shift - strengthening realignment through the density by the growing Torsional force - the Toridal Flow. Now here we are with this massive Tornado outbreak across the midwest. Coincidence? I don't believe in them!

I continue to feel it essential for all following the Openhand community to discuss what's going on in the macrocosym, so that we may equalise and normalise in the rapidly changing landscape. It means our consciousness can respond more positively and in aligned way. And if fear comes up, let's use it as a gateway and turn right into it, unwinding through and out.

My heart and love is with you all Heart

I felt to share this with you from Paul Beckwith. I like the guy, he is grounded, intune and real. You may only need the first few minutes...


The Global Impact of Abrupt Climate Change is Accelerating. It's clear to me, that up to this point, it's largely been activated by the excessive consumption of society and consequent warming effect of the increase in CO2. Despite the conspirary theorists saying this is entirely natural and just another control attempt by the State, humans have never existed on the planet where the CO2 levels are so high and climbing. That's not to mention the release of water vapour from the Global Industrial Complex which is even more warming than CO2, likewise permafrost methane which is up to 100 times more warming and acts immediately (as opposed to CO2 which takes 10 years from release to rise into the atmosphere before it has the warming effect).

We're now very close to the "Blue Water Event" where we see an Arctic without summer sea ice. This is having a massive impact on the jetstream and therefore drastically effecting global weather patterns. We're seeing greater intensification of storms, flooding, wild fires and also areas deluged with snow and ice that wouldn't usually be.

However the situation is even more complicated by the solar minimum and the accelerating pole shift. With the solar minimum, you can expect lower temperatues globally, and usually, you'd be winessing a mini ice age leading into the pole shift and afterwards. I believe we are also witnessing these effects right now of increased cooling, which is being offset by global warming from society. Also as the pole shift unfolds, you're going to witness massively increasing storms.

It's absolutely essential that the evolving community stay informed, because the truth greatly impacts consciousness and the choices you then make. As with the current release of the film Time of the Sixth Sun, there's still the view in the Spiritual Mainstream that somehow a collective mass awakening will turn all this around and "heal the earth". What we need to take on board is that the great cleansing IS the healing of the Earth! Besides, I don't believe we're witnessing anything close to a 'mass awakening' at this time. It's a small wave, and it's essential for those on it to explore and witness the truth so that it shapes an authentic multidimensional landscape that you unfold through.

With all this in mind, here are some of the latest weather snapshots from around the world, courtesy of The Watchers (interestingly the angels are also known as "The Watchers"!)...

More than 35 000 homes destroyed as TC Kenneth hits Mozambique
Thousands affected after floods and landslides hit Indonesia
Rare snowstorm hits Chicago, breaking 109-year-old snow record
Deadly landslide hits Malawi after heavy rain
Massive crop loss as heavy unseasonable rain hits Telangana, India
Vietnam breaks its all-time record high temperature
Snow and hail damage crops, block multiple roads across Lebanon
Thousands of homes flooded and isolated as Canada's spring thaw worsens
Severe floods and landslides hit KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Extremely heavy rainfall hits Spain, Costa Blanca
4000 domestic animals killed & 100 homes destroyed in large wildfires, Siberia
Deadly landslide hits Rosas after heavy rain, Colombia
Earliest recorded snow in history of Western Australia
March rainfall in Nukuʻalofa extremely above average, Tonga
Massive mudslide wipes out remote villages in PNG's Enga Province
3 000 vehicles stranded on Jammu-Srinagar highway after heavy rain and landslides, India
Unusually high level of landslides worldwide, over 1 000 fatalities so far this year

So what's happening to the weather where you are?
What are you witnessing?
Do share...

In loving support

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I was drawn to this article in The Watchers concerning a recent storm in California with over 1400 lightening pulses in just 5 minutes! We experienced a lot of lightening on our recent Africa Safari. My sense is it's a direct result of the ongoing Pole Shift and the lowering of the Earth's magnetic shield. I believe we'll see a lot more of it. Let's stay tuned in, so that our consciousness may equalise and therefore normalise in the rapidly developing landscape. Progressively we'll be ready for anything, primed to follow our destiny in the unfolding pathways of light...


Hi everyone,

It's the Openhand ethos to keep people informed of what's happening to our 3D biosphere as the Great 5D Shift unfolds. The news may sometimes be inconvenient, but nevertheless it's essential we stay tuned in - we need to equalise and therefore normalise in the unfolding events. The consciousness of the soul can then mediate through without attaching.

Right now, I believe due to the huge slow down in the jetstream, many parts of the world are being deluged with major flooding. Take a look at the list below, then do share what you see happening in your corner of the globe.

Stay informed, stay conscious, move beyond fear, stay expanded...

March 5th: Heavy rain and snow hit Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran
March 2nd: 4 months' worth of rain in 30 hours floods desert city of Kandahar
March 2nd: Massive floods hit Israel and Jordan after more than a month's worth of rain in 24 hours
February 28th: Major floods inundate 2 000 homes and buildings, California
February 27th: At least 815 homes destroyed as heavy rains hit Angola
February 27th Santa Rosa obliterates rainfall records, California
February 26th: European monthly rainfall record broken in Crete
February 26th:
Cyprus records second heaviest rainy season since 1901
February 25th:
Nashville's wettest February on record
February 22nd: Severe flash flooding in Grenada, Mississippi
February 21st: Extreme weather wreaks havoc across Pakistan, 93 percent above normal rainfall
February 20th: Floods destroyed 346 homes, severely damaged 427, Chile
February 18th: Los Angeles received more rain in first 45 days of 2019 than in entire 2018, California
February 16th: Heavy rain hits parts of Zimbabwe, breaks 42-year-old record
February 15th: Thunderstorms and hailstorms destroy crops in Uttar Pradesh, India
February 14th: Extreme rainfall makes Flinders River a 'mega river' 60 km wide, Australia


Hi Betsy - we're all with you out there - I've been following the storm, I hear it's landing, may the flow of rightness be with you.Praying Emoji

Indeed we have the capacity to mediate a smoother ride by bringing greater harmony to every situation - providing we can accept of course what the right outcome eventually is - which it sounds very much like you are. You have a big heart.

Sending bundles of love and support through the ether.

Open Heart


I felt compelled to write a little today in this forum in regards to weather happening all around me. I live in Charleston, SC , United States and hurricane Florence has been making her journey and approach to the eastern coastline. The storm, terrifying and huge, is also quite beautiful and alluring. I feel it is part of Gaia's transformation and although those around me are fearful and anxious, I looked deeper and started to meditate and communicate with Florence... for it is part of Gaia and I wanted her to know I am listening and I sent much love and light right into that hurricane. I figured it is feeding off of everyone else's chaotic energy, so I thought I would nurture it differently. Not that I can change the weather forecast by any means, but I started meditating into the turbulence and sending it love and light; it has decreased in speed strength and intensity. Maybe others who are consciously aware of Gaia have been sending love and light into Florence as well. I love her and wanted her to know I understand these processes of her storms and tribulations.


Heyas all!

Ive seen all of these happenings as well. Did y'all notice another iceberg is on its way to a new destination and how Nasa is sending a newer/better machine towards the sun to get more information/readings/what can we do with this?! I think we'll be lucky if the sun doesn't emit harsher ray's due to some foreign object within its radius.






It seems like "Kansas is going bye-bye" at an exponential rate. Here's some recent footage from Berlin, whereas my hometown Budapest is facing temperatures well above 30 C for the next few weeks with no cooling whatsoever. 

Parallely, what I am also aware is the acceleration of shifts in people including myself, tough breaktroughs, upwelling fears and agression, tons of confrontation, madness. 

Now we all have to step into the light and finally do what we're here to do. "The grace period is over" - this is what I feel.

Wishing everyone,well including Openhanders and all sentient beings all over the world. <3




I've been following Yellowstone too Jean.
There are many 'biblical' things happening right now. Like the disappearance of oceans too.
Here's a great little video I came across exploring the mysterious disappearance of oceans around the world and some really great advice on coming together and supporting oneanother through these increasingly challenging times...


Yesterday , Higher guidance brought me attention to a video shared by someone on Facebook about 

a possible  serious situation happening in the Yellow Stone National Park . 

It felt in alignment with everything else manifesting since Mei of this year . 

My heart goes to all the regions where people just lost their houses , family members , friends .

Jean B


The collective Openhand heart goes out to people around the world suffering from the acceleration of climate change. Like in Japan for example, where biblical floods swept through the country only a few weeks back, and now there's an unprecedented heatwave. There are too many places to mention, where we're clearly witnessing the onset of abrupt climate change. It's essential we normalise and equalise in all this, which is why I felt to share this video about wildfires in Greece. 

What really needs to happen in the world right now, at least very soon, is that society literally stops, takes note of what's really going on with Gaia's dramatic changes, and figure out how we can come together in communities to support oneanother. I wonder how long it will take? I send that vibe out into the ether, that more and more people may get the message and connect together in mutual support.

In loving support

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