DISCLOSURE: Interdimensional Intervention on Earth (Part 1)

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Gaia's shift into the Fifth Density has been timed not just for earth's continued evolution, but also to deal with an Opposing Consciousness that has intervened in the natural evolutionary path of the planet. Never has this been more evident than in the escalating agenda of the last two years. Fortunately, many more people are now prepared to consider what has previously been a taboo subject. I have had many close encounters. It's essential to understand what's going on so we may equalise with it and emerge out.

The Original Mistake

Are we alone in the universe? It's a question that's challenged both the most brilliant and the most skeptical of minds; the subject of seemingly endless debate - sometimes even ridicule. So I ask you to consider this...

We live on a relatively small planet, in a relatively small solar system, within a relatively small galaxy; a galaxy that has billions of solar systems; one which exists in a universe that is teaming with galaxies; a universe of multiple dimensions. So then, knowing this, I ask you: is it crazy to consider that there IS other sophisticated life out there? Or that there isn't?

For many of us expanding into multiple dimensions, the debate has long since ended. Yes, there most definitely IS sophisticated life out there, acting inter-dimensionally. We can feel it all around us in the field. And it is most definitely not all benevolent. It's becoming abundantly clear, to a wider audience, that there is some controlling Intervention going on across our planet right now. What is its agenda, and where did it come from? What is its purpose? Connection with Benevolent Consciousness has drawn my attention to what I call 'the original mistake'. It's something that happened in the dawning of the physical universe where consciousness took on form, became self aware and able to read the flow of manifestation.

There's a problem with this. Because at those higher frequencies manifestation happens at the speed of thought, then the risk is you shape reality before what's meant to happen truly unfolds by itself. Lack of trust, control, 'playing God', being too heavily invested in the material was for me the 'original sin' (speaking metaphorically - there are no 'sins' - the only 'mistake' is failing to learn by it). It is this dynamic of distortion that has created a powerful karmic effect through the manifested universe that we are all living with now:

The exploration of divine creation yet not getting caught up within desire led intention.

It's been a core theme of creation. Here on Earth, it's manifested in the classic "Adam and Eve" story - getting too heavily invested in the physicality; lost as we consume of the apple. For quite some time now, elements of the mainstream spiritual community have been caught up in trying to manifest 'more abundant realities' or to intention and envision what they desire. To me, this is clearly a reflection of this 'original mistake', being played out through the manifested universe. This latent desire for control plays right into the hands of the Intervention. The time has come to explore this deeper - to peel away the veiling illusion.

An ancient colonising race

On Earth, the universe has manifested this karmic mirror in the form of an ancient colonising alliance - an Opposing Consciousness - that has emerged from other constellations in the cosmos. It is their inherent pattern to colonise, ethnically cleanse, exploit and control other species just as humanity does sheep, pigs and cattle. Working surreptitiously in the shadows, it is well versed in advanced deception techniques. For those who care to explore, delving deeply beyond denial, you can see the rippling effects right across our exploitative and unjust society (it's covertly influencing leadership in many areas from politics to business).

In fact society is so unjust, so inequitable and so destructive to our environment, you'd have to ask was it purposefully designed that way? How can it be anything other than a conspiracy, when just one percent of the population own most of the wealth at the expense of the other ninety nine percent? Is there an alternative, synthetic agenda this Opposing Consciousness has in mind? To me there is only one answer: resoundingly Yes!

Considering themselves more advanced and having the ability to intervene almost at will, they have shaped the very fabric of society, showing about as much consideration for humanity as our industrial food chain does for animals. It's a mirror that we are all invited to thoroughly digest.

Mankind is not alone in the universe and is as yet, immature in a cosmic sense. What now needs to be digested with a sense of urgency, is that Humanity is facing a grave threat, a challenge to its very sovereignty and freedom as integral beings. An unholy, inter dimensional alliance has been working behind the scenes, in the shadows, pulling the strings of authority, its agenda to hybridise new physical forms here on earth. Although vigorously rejected by Gaia, the ET Intervention still very much exists in the energy field around us - they are the 'mechanics' of the matrix in which we live.

Although there's been much speculation about their purpose being to acquire important resources such as gold, this is only in part true. In my direct experience, their overriding agenda has been to synthesise a physical vehicle which they could incarnate here on Earth, this being a very challenging environment to their current interdimensional form. Homo Sapiens has been one stage within that agenda. Their purpose would seem to be to create a subtlely subservient species that can be controlled and further hybridised. At least that is the undeniable effect and within society, their agenda is gathering pace with each passing day.

The intervention is being engaged

Fortunately, there is a vast array of cosmic energy now gathering on and around Planet Earth, to bring awareness to humanity, to challenge and break the intervention. The message is being willfully transmitted that such control and manipulation has no ultimate future; realignment with the source and the natural flow is the only way to achieve lasting peace and harmony with life.

Having connected through 'the ether' many times with leading higher dimensional elements of this intervention, I observe a definite realignment has happened at the higher levels of consciousness. Success has caused those elements to realign and they now seem quite gentle and benign. That said, lower down, there's still resistance that needs to be softened.

A leopard does not change its spots overnight. And there are many layers of the intervention. Every system we have come to depend upon in society is sustained by this energetic grid matrix. It will take time to confront the various layers and unwind them, but benevolence is now strongly bringing its energies to bear. And people can each help by confronting the intervention within their own being, by connecting to their higher self and working to fully embody it. So with the culmination of 2012 and Gaia's centering in the 5th Density, it is perfectly timely that the intervention is starting to be broken down and at least some of the Opposing Consciousness is now starting to leave, which is a very positive sign. However, there is much yet to be done. Although the roots of the Intervention have been broken and peeled off, it is still intimately interwoven through the human psyche, which each ascending person must work to unravel.

Taking full responsibility

It's also vitally important to realise that whilst it would be entirely understandable to judge, blame and project anger, that would be completely counterproductive. Humanity only drew this Opposing Consciousness in the first place because of its inability to accept life as it was on Earth without trying to control, manifest, colonise and industrialise. It is humanity's own karma of non-acceptance and lack of trust which drew the intervention. It's a mirror of the 'original mistake' I spoke of earlier, but played out in a very human, "Adam and Eve" way: becoming too engrossed in the manifestation - the physicality - and therefore disconnecting oneself from the sense of eternal spirit.

So people are invited to take full responsibility and ownership of their predicament, to realign and walk the spiritual path. Ascension is the solution. Whilst human DNA can be repaired over time and evolve into new form, an unsustainable situation has been created here on 3D Earth. Gaia's solution has been to centre in the 5D and now cleanse her third density.

The question is how can humanity benefit from and work with this realignment? In short, I feel the impulsion for humanity to ascend into the 5th Density (as we outlined in 5GATEWAYS). Within that, a more complete understanding of the limitation that has been imposed should help accelerate the situation.

Energy implants

I introduced the topic of energy implants in this article...Removing Energy Implants. Most, if not all people carry these to some degree. The reptilian implant affects the consciousness of the digestive system, linking into the core of humanity's 'lizard brain'. Through this energy field implantation, it is possible to shape a landscape agenda which the soul gets fragmented and diverted into. An illusionary reality filter is created. We take on behaviours and addictions, which because are so widespread, most accept as normality. Humanity has been programmed to accept exploitative consumeristic behaviour that serves neither us nor the natural eco-systems of our planet.
Try this powerful meditation for removing Implants and Entities

Increasingly, people are now becoming aware of these implants as they raise their vibration, reintegrate the soul and thereby increase internal sensitivity. The implants can be experienced as headaches, migraines or 'buzzing' in the head during meditation; an ungrounding spinning vortex over the crown; a tightening contraction in the solar plexus; conflicting directive impulses that mask the authentic pull of the soul; and by incongruent eating disorders to name just the key symptoms. It's why for example when we walk the path of the soul, we're strongly guided to fast, cleanse and purify internally in order that we may raise our vibration, increase energetic sensitivity and thus regain personal sovereignty.

Crucially, once you become aware of these implants, you are already empowered to remove them. It happens naturally by following the increasingly insistent inner voice of the soul. If we follow the path of purification and realign with the soul, then there comes a point where the entities can no longer be sustained in your field. Once you become conscious of how they're working, the application of willful intent to remove them usually works by itself. You simply have to open your heart to the assistance of benevolence - especially the angelic realms - and ask for them to go. The key is to realise they'll go when we're totally accepting and non-judgmental, that we actually don't need them to leave. Thus the karmic attachment is broken. Forgiveness happens and there's no longer anything for them to grasp onto.

Cosmic assistance

Fortunately, humanity is not alone in its epic journey. Cosmic energies of benevolence have gathered in great strength at this crucial juncture to help. The Christ Consciousness (not of a religious kind) is activating in people's hearts. It's the pull to a higher truth, a sense of rightness and non-judgmental discernment. And people can intensify the effect of this benevolence by bringing attention out of the mind and into the heart: by feeling what wants to really happen next and aligning with that.

Humanity has reached a crucial juncture in its history. The future for many hangs in the balance. Now is the time to shake off the sleepy delusions of the past. Despite what's happened up to this point, everyone who can summon the inner will to emerge out is capable of success.

Ascension into the 5D is open to everyone with the courage and conviction to truly choose it:
Explore the Work of Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support
Open 💙

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23/03/2022 Journal Update

I wrote this lead article about Intervention on Earth many years ago now. When I wrote it, it definitely stirred up some energy in the field and I got a good deal of push-back. But it was necessary and I'm so glad I persisted. Although it's been a taboo subject we definitely need to explore it and then equalise with it so it no longer holds us. The planet is now engaged in grand cosmic cycles that will strip the intervention from the earth, so there's nothing to fear. Even in terms of what's happened these last two years and what's continuing to unfold. The shadow agenda is reacting to the shift and desperately trying to cling to control. It will fail.

Each of us can accelerate the process by confronting intervention within us - homo sapiens has been purposefully hybridised to receive these down-grading Opposing Consciousness influences - hence the mass hypnosis. The pandemic and bogus vaxx program has been another chapter within that continuing story - it represents the harvesting of souls into a new metaverse of control. Each of us has the capacity to cleanse and heal soul consciousness to emerge out. We must be very committed to that process right now. It must become a priority.

Cleansing away entities and implants is a big part of that process. Here's an acclaimed meditation you can undertake to dispense with them. Be sure to call on the angels to support. And when you release the entities from your system, be sure to send them on their way with forgiveness, firmness and love. If you need further assistance be sure to contact us. All Openhand Facilitators have been trained in the removal of entities and implants: Contact us


Acknowledge: firstly to acknowledge what you may feel without resistance. Acceptance: accept the presence of what you're feeling within you. Become as nothing in it, not needing the energy to go away. Forgiveness: our true power is the light, which flys in on the wings of forgiveness. Both for our own mistakes and those of the Opposing energies. Remember, your wound is the place where the light enters. So feel the wound, let any tightness unwind within you, and the light will flow in. Center in the higher light and release the energy up through your being. It's often felt as an unwinding unraveling inside. Downloading Return to Light. Thank you for these tools! =i=


Yes it makes sense. Unfortunately the two different flows are counter-intuitive they work against one another.

But you can overcome it by infusion of soul (using approaches like Openhandway) and developing diet in alignment with the soul.

It will never be perfect in this (human) form, because Homo Sapiens is a hybrid of different forms. But you can still get reasonably good alignment by working diligently on it.

You kind of have to placate this wounded dragon inside the colon. Give it foods that are dense, but ideally move away from meat and diary. So things like beans, pulses, nuts. A good one I've found, is chick peas coated in olive oil, sea salt and lemon. That seems to work well for me. You have to realign it progressively.

Open *OK*


Welcome Young Adventurer.

Yes it's a fascinating question. When you take a close look at the DNA of humanity, it has been clearly amended - purposefully. Like for example, adaptations to be able to eat meat. These happened quite suddenly, and so mostly, people are poorly adapted to it. Rather than them happening progressively over millions of years. Thus the average 40 year old man will have around 4 pounds of undigested meat in his gut - a sobering thought!

When you work into your deep inner feelings and start to evolve by infusing soul, you start to notice this inner disharmony - a dissonance vibration. On the one hand your soul is yearning to express compassionately (to eat a plant based diet for example), yet on the other, there's this desire to eat flesh. It's a vibration that's been coded into human DNA - through the field itself. So there's often this inner conflict which causes instability, ill health and disease. Why is such a large percentage of humanity unhealthy? Why are there so many dietary problems? Why can people not agree on diet?

Various intervention energies have instigated these changes, through the field, so as to change the vibration, so that they might act through the human vehicles just like parasites. They change the physical landscape so they can act through it. Which is why so many people are controlled by subconscious programming which doesn't serve - which has also led to such disharmony in the world.

The key to overcoming this imbalance is to keep infusing soul and to keep evolving. Then over time, balance is returned. Although I do believe the next evolutionary leap is necessary to return full balance and harmony. I've explained this in detail in my book Divinicus.

Best wishes


In reply to by Open


Thank you Open,

More than what I eat (which I watch carefully) I feel like there is some kind of energy in the digestive area that creates congestion which in turn stops the flow of energy throughout my whole body and blocks my intuitive abilities.

I've gone on extended fasts which helps alot, but have been looking for even deeper ways to clear that energy.

I think when I was little I was under severe psychic attack and shut down that are to protect myself and am now trying to open it up.

(Hope all I am saying here makes sense :-)



Yo! :)

I give you an example of Critical Mass; consider dropping the ballast weight of a hot air balloon, there will come a point at which the balloon will start to rise in the air. Yea that's the critical mass, the point at which enough weight has been dropped such that the balloon rises, so now is there such a quantity that is equivalent for humanity? I don't know, but I can foresee a time at which a much more considerable amount of people will have eradicated the programming installed in them by the 'matrix', hence bringing forth their own authentic expressions and thus become much more accurate mirrors to you, the observer. The accuracy of these mirrors will become so great that at somepoint you will just know each others thoughts and feelings telepathically ie. without needing to say or do anything other than to just bring up the thoughts and feel the feelings (long time in the future (I guestimate 18 years)).

So when this happens will it be a world of just peace, love and just lazing back in the Sun with a cuppa tea and some nuttela spread on some toast? hahaha don't be silly, NO! Consider two lovers, they are rather aware of each others thoughts and feelings or at least much more than a pair of random strangers on the street because their connection brings them closer together. Now if you are able to exchange thoughts and feelings with another you must exhibit a connection with the other party which brings you two even closer than the connection of a modern day couple, and now do I need to point out that I've never seen a couple that has never had a fight.

So I guess the critical mass that I'm on about will just be when the main-stream of people start to talk about how reality just keeps throwing synchronicity, which not only includes happiness & warm but also pain suffering, at them inorder for them to grow and evolve. But there will not be a short intense point after which the main-stream of people suddenly do this, it'll be like a wave crashing on the shore; from a far you can see it building up and up until the white crests emerge, then it just goes forward rolling in on itself until the shore is met with a slight rustle like all the other waves before it and after. It didn't happen just at once but it was a sequence of events like the frames of movie that encapsulates the beauty of the stars in the night sky.


Feel the same, only not only about humans.

Humans carry a heavy toll.

They carry, process and manifest their own karma, ET's karma and the Earth's karma, which itself is full of darkness, in all kinds of forms.

I am not surprised at all things are turning this way, both for humans and for Earth... In some way, there might be a possibility that the Earth is being destroyed on purpose, by forces beyond human influence, and beyond ET's.

But on the other hand, since it (the whole system containing all parts) failed to reach harmony and transcend all of its denseness, I think an even more dark and dense place will come to life in its place.

It is far from being over, in my perspective. It is only the beginning. What I see is a higher degree of split to extremes.

I've had a vision, in which things were not going back, or flowing back to the point of singularity, but were actually keeping flowing outwards, there was no way back, and was not meant to be. And then through some kind of crazy inversion, the edges got connected again, but from another side, the opposite side... And then the same process has begun all over again, but this time the edges were even farther away, as if the cyclic system was expanding and its extremes were getting more separated... It looked like the cycle was infinite.

So , following this picture, things are not going to get any nicer, and nobody is going to any place nice.
And, yep, better to get used to suffering and pain, on the soul level hhhhh, at least those who are to survive this level... on the soul level. We are in the kindergarten here, in this place.

And the hole is much deeper and darker than what most feel and see.

I am learning to see good in this. It means that the world of exploration, playing, evolving, growing, is not going to end. The illusionary world, with all the good and the bad, is not over yet.

And also, more darkness means also more light. Imagine, even more beauty than what we see here...


I'm glad you appreciate my words StarHawk - I'm glad they offer some comfort.

I know that lots of people are currently suffering needlessly because of the view that we simply have to 'drop the hot coals' in order to ascend. People then wonder why pain and suffering reoccur - 'what's wrong with me?'

There's nothing wrong!

In fact, the pain, and confrontation of it, is the true path to freedom. When we realise this, in itself, it actually eliminates much of the suffering. Because we realise its okay to feel the way we do. You're not 'abnormal', you're not doing anything wrong.

It's the same with doubt. There's nothing wrong with doubting either. Doubt is not some on/off thing. If you have it, it's not that you're failing. Doubt into trust is a sliding scale: the more you push the boundary of doubt, by fully experiencing it, the more your trust will build. It's when you deny it, that it actually persists.

We need this cathartic process, now more than ever. That way, people will truly evolve, rather than dwelling in some illusionary bubble.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*


Many thanks, Open, for your earlier post "Eons of karma to process".

This bit particularly spoke to me:

When you do work with people on their karma, it's then that you gain insight into what people actually have to deal with: which is eons of brutality and violence, both as the oppressor and the oppressed - take a brief contemplation of human history here on the planet, through all the troubles that have happened. People are reincarnating with all of that bottled up energy, most of whom haven't even yet begun to scratch the surface of. When people start to confront this, it comes in wave upon wave of deeply challenging processing - of which there is no avoidance if true and lasting progress is to be made.
I agree that the inflows of consciousness can elevate those that are truly feeling into this energy. But it is dangerously simplistic to suggest that this wave of higher consciousness can then somehow sweep all that inner distortion away; it becomes an intimately personal journey for each to then work persistently and diligently over many years and for the majority, over many more lifetimes.

I can sense that, in this lifetime, part of my soul's journey is to work through the karma of brutality & violence, which keeps coming up for me again & again, with my issues around torment & torture, & with my fascination for (& fear of) conflict & war.

It brought me relief to read your words, as it helped me to accept this (distressing & uncomfortable) part of my life experience some more. It reinforced my deeper belief that karma is something to be embraced & worked through, rather than something to be avoided or got rid of.




Amazing Catherine - awesome - moved me to tears.

Have courage, take heart. Everyone is seeded, it's just that most are currently resisting the flow. You don't need to be some great prophet or leader; it's the humble that will inherit the New Earth.

Open *OK*


Thanks to all for this illuminating discussion. Egads, it is so hard following the openhand way as Yulia pointed out. This morning I found myself singing the lyrics to "The Impossible Dream", which my father often sang, and these lines, in particular, stood out: "…to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause…to run where the brave dare not go." Seems impossible, indeed, like the title says. Why would anyone sign up for that, I asked myself, feeling exhausted and battle-weary. A close family member had a melt down yesterday and asked me why "we" (she and I) haven't been blessed by the heavens when the gods seem to be favouring so many around us? She was mirroring my unconscious wish to find the flashing neon sign that says in large letters, "ALTERNATE ROUTE: EASIER WAY OUT." I also found myself listening recently to a popular musical from the 60's called "Godspell." Many of the song lyrics beseech the Lord Jesus Christ to save us. Another mirror that spoke to my unconscious longing to "put the load" on someone else -- some "god", some wizard, anyone but me -- to beam me up and magically deliver me from hardship and suffering into the fifth dimension. I pondered all of the mirrors and felt the truth that only I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul: no-one else -- and no critical mass -- is going to self-realize for me. My karma, my responsibility. I thought of Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. and their astounding heroism to run where the brave dare not go. Little 'ole me, I thought. I'm hardly up to their calibre. I shrunk down for awhile and flopped back down on my bed, thinking: "too hard, too hard." Then I sat up, meditated, felt the light of higher consciousness embody me, and decided that little 'ole me is going to go for it. Because it is a "possible" dream for those willing to march into hell. And because for me there is no other way, scars and all. Love to all, Catherine :)


I do feel for people dealing with all their karma. We are so lucky we live in Great Britain and not Iraq or somewhere.


Hi Aurelius,

Welcome to Openhand - pleased to make your acquaintance :-)

It's good that we challenge each other with different views. It helps us attune our perspectives - providing we stay open to the evolution of our perspectives of course.

I think we need to take a very critical view of exactly what's going on right now. Because there has already been a strong influx of powerful waves of transmutational consciousness for quite some time.

What has been the effect of that?

Firstly, I observe the Ascension of Gaia into the higher paradigm - establishing the new reality. This has been progressing over thousands of years, reaching a marvellous 'rebirthing' point around 2012. And then I also observe a strong unravelling of the interdimensional consciousness that has had such a virulent hold of the planet leading up to that - many light workers up in the higher dimensions helped facilitate this amazing shift.

So what's happening with humanity?

A growing number of people are beginning to see the control system that has been imposed by the intervention. But most of these are only seeing it at the level of the intellect - they see the surface level of injustice and inequity, but then don't appreciate the mirror to their own repressed and distorted energy field (because they're not unfolded into it yet). Often, blame is projected outwards (towards the 1% for example), instead of feeling their own energetic connection into the deeper aspect of this Opposing Consciousness. Humanity has created this mirror for a reason - to take back personal responsibility and sovereignty for his own conscious choices.

Right now, when you consider the mass centre of human consciousness, it is actually heading not 'upwards', but 'downwards' into darkness and density. Humanity is beginning to create the mirrors of his own repressed density: you see this reflected in the growing violence of the Middle East; the accelerating rampant, consumeristic destruction of the biosphere; and humanity's general unconscious treatment of the animal and plant kingdoms. The recent ebola outbreak is also a potent and synchronistic mirror to the recent shifts that are, only now, beginning to unfold.

I do agree, however, that there are others who have woken up spiritually - but these are only a very small minority, in percentage terms. And of those, even fewer are actually walking the path of the constant conscious choice - I totally understand why - it takes a great deal of courage and commitment to truly confront the matrix (in energetic terms).

When people do this, I find it truly inspirational - heartwarming. But it is only a very small minority of that mainstream spiritual movement (in percentage terms), who are beginning to consciously confront their past life karma. There's a huge amount of denial out there about this. There's a strong tendency instead to 'drop the hot coals' and move quickly into some temporary higher consciousness bubble. Some are feeling this higher paradigm and getting a good taster of it, but they still have the hidden karmic ballast, which unless processed, will simply recreate the karmic mirrors somewhere else down the path.

When you do work with people on their karma, it's then that you gain insight into what people actually have to deal with: which is eons of brutality and violence, both as the oppressor and the oppressed - take a brief contemplation of human history here on the planet, through all the troubles that have happened. People are reincarnating with all of that bottled up energy, most of whom haven't even yet begun to scratch the surface of. When people start to confront this, it comes in wave upon wave of deeply challenging processing - of which there is no avoidance if true and lasting progress is to be made.

I agree that the inflows of consciousness can elevate those that are truly feeling into this energy. But it is dangerously simplistic to suggest that this wave of higher consciousness can then somehow sweep all that inner distortion away; it becomes an intimately personal journey for each to then work persistently and diligently over many years and for the majority, over many more lifetimes.

I'm deeply encouraging of the enthusiasm for the awakening of human consciousness. I find those that are truly stepping down the path of the constant conscious choice deeply inspirational. It's what fuels my life. But it's also vitally important that we're objectively honest about just exactly what we're really witnessing going on. Otherwise, we risk taking people into illusionary bubbles, which is actually more a hindrance than a help.

Wishing you well



Hi, everyone!... This is my first post...

I think Yulia did a great job responding to Chris re: "critical mass"... I've been reading many articles on this site, and I resonate with much of what been said, and I'm very grateful to Chris' work and his deep insights...

I do disagree with his comment re: critical mass... My perspective is that once the "wave" of rising consciousness starts to hit the masses, all are raised by it... and on the "outside", it appears as if the critical mass has been reached and thus automatically affects everyone and the masses "pop", so to speak, into a higher awareness...

It's not a "peer pressure" sort of thing where someone may be pressured to do drugs or whatever and then feel afterwards that it's not really their thing or healthy for them... This rising wave of consciousness is part of the Universe's will... manifesting as our galaxtic brothers and sisters beaming increasing amounts of light energy towards the Earth...

As Yulia so aptly pointed out, none of us "did" anything to deserve a greater awareness or a rise in our consciousness... As the Bible says, "it is by grace that we are saved"... In other words, it's just our time... the wave of higher consciousness starts rolling in... and as per the Bell curve, some of us get "hit" first and start to wake up... And as the wave continues, more and more of us start to wake up... Until a so-called "critical mass" is reached (i.e. the wave is reaching its peak) and all of a sudden, the masses start to become awakened...

I look forward to reading more insightful opinions on this site...

Aurelio (aka Aurelius)


Don't worry Yulia - you're not going to shut me up any time soon :-)

You said...

    "I think there is just this critical mass that is needed, that would pull the rest of the bulk in the 'right' direction.

Really? I think this is another illusion. I think if people are waiting for this, they'll be waiting until the cows stop coming home (so to speak).

For me, the truth is, that when a collective reaches a particular state - as a 'critical mass' - then it's going to move in a particular direction for a particular time; it's going to shape a collective reality. If that is in alignment with the universe, then it'll happily keep flowing with the universe - a bubble within the flow if you like. This 'critical mass' is what creates consensus realities for mutual learning, evolution and growth.

But I don't believe some 'critical mass' will then automatically wake people up. What's the point then of 'self relaisation'? (which to me, is a founding principle of the universe).

What can happen (and does frequently), is that a highly expanded individual (or group) can uplift another temporarily. They may feel the expansion of consciousness. But unless they make their own realisations, and expansions, then when they're out of that elevated consciousness, they'll quickly settle back into the state they began from.

It might be that a critical mass challenges accepted 'norms' of behaviour, but that's still a far cry from making a conscious choice.

I can think of countless teenagers, for example, who are being helped to see (and even feel) a higher evolved way, but nevertheless, choose a consciousness that is still small-self serving and disrespectful of life.

And conversely, I think the greatest strength of the younger generations now growing up, is their self determination - making choices based on what their own individual consciousness dictates.

I do think the spiritual mainstream still tends to take on collective truths as 'truth' without a full and testing exploration. The 'mass awakening' caused by a critical mass, is for me, a classic example of this. I just don't see any evidence for it. I still witness the majority heading full steam for the cliff edge, then individuals and small groups departing the herd.

I prey that I'm wrong. But everything I witness tells me I'm not. I guess only time will tell.

With love



Yes yes, sorry. I meant human collective cloud, which is shifted even when one human is shifting something within himself.

Human collective cloud can either move in directions that cause turbulence and instabilities or can move in unison with the universal 'cloud'. So the alignment of the human collective cloud with the universal cloud is what might help to smooth the transitions, which are anyway usually unstable and demand some activation energy to pass to the new state...

I believe not all humans need to do the inner work and be aware. I think there is just this critical mass that is needed, that would pull the rest of the bulk in the 'right' direction.

Btw, it works the same with the opposing energies, which are not only 'ET's', there are all kinds, also here on earth, inherent to earth. They work the same - there's a collective cloud (as you know, I'm sure). I get to tap in a lot hhhh Very interesting to work with...

And another more thing I wanted to say that turbulence is not something necessarily bad. We have turbulences and instabilities in the natural world all over the place. I am at the moment exploring expansions in an incompressible medium, and we are actually looking for some kind of numeric noise that would kick the system out of its dormant state, that would create some interesting modes of expansion.

Sometimes I doubt if things are even meant to go smooth. Nature (the universe) is looking for ways to explore itself, to find new aspects of itself, in all kinds of situations, set ups, energetic states and their combinations. Unlike humans, it has no preferences or opinions about it, it just flows and samples, flows and samples, again and again and again... (I learn to do the same). Maybe being the most unstable is what is needed here? (to get to the highest activation energetic state)

So, like I said before, I've lost all ideas and ideals, and preferences. I do what I feel, when I am called for, period. No emotions, stirring or any kind of hustle about it. I am somehow finding a way to be catalytic and 'noiseless' (peaceful) at the same time. If souls get lost, so be it. If I get lost, so be it. I really believe that everybody does to the best of their ability. So I let others be and do what they are given, and what they are capable of.

Note: not meaning in any way you should be quite and stop saying your say!!! hhhhhh


Yes, I know Yulia - you're 'fighting' even when you're giggling!

I think 'shifting the collective cloud' is a bit of an illusion. I don't think there's a need to. This is really about quality of alignment: there's a natural benchmark; and universal processes to break down convoluted consciousness - including souls that struggle to escape the eddy current.

The collective cloud is already shifting - humanity is just one (small) aspect of that, with each trying to find a resolution within the shift. But the shift doesn't depend on humanity - it's the other way around.



"constant internal confrontation of blind spots, rather than just letting them wash over with a kind of disconnected, aloof blissed-out-ness "

This kind of 'fighting' - I'm always in (giggling)

Unfortunately, we are not all given the strength and the guts... And maybe not many are capable of or meant to at all. And maybe the few who do it are enough to shift the collective cloud? Especially those who can work with it directly?


Hi Yulia,

Yes I understand where you're coming from - this situation serves all possibilities. And I should reiterate - by 'fighting', I mean the constant internal confrontation of blind spots, rather than just letting them wash over with a kind of disconnected, aloof blissed-out-ness. In my observation, from all the work I've done with you over the years, you've been 'fighting' all this time for your own realignment - with great effect I might add :-)

I think the point is you're coming from a different space than the spiritual mainstream. You're a warrior, whose constantly strived for the truth; to find a clearer perspective.

My comments are generalised, based on where the mainstream flow is going. And right now, I still definitely maintain that there's not nearly enough internal confrontation - there's still too much acceptance of anything goes. But that is a mainstream view. Yes, within what's happening, the realignment serves all possibilities.

I love the way you put it Catherine...

    "Yes, let's respond to the climatic cosmic scream, confront the "medicated" sleepiness, break down the illusion, awaken as many as we can, and minimize the catastrophic unwinding. It's all inevitable anyway, so why not be compassionate spiritual warriors."

Right on

Open *OK*


Open, you said, "….Change is going to happen, and the more resistance there is to it, the more dramatic the unwinding will be - the more catastrophic. That's why, for 'his' own good, humanity needs direct confrontation of the sleepiness, of the denials and acceptance of 'anything-goes'."

I am so feeling the pervasive, wishy-washy denial, anything goes, "just let me be peaceful" dynamic. I've been there. No longer. Yes, let's respond to the climatic cosmic scream, confront the "medicated" sleepiness, break down the illusion, awaken as many as we can, and minimize the catastrophic unwinding. It's all inevitable anyway, so why not be compassionate spiritual warriors. x Catherine


Hey, Open, we're on the same page up till "What's needed now - in my observation - is more confrontation, less peace. In the spiritual mainstream, 'peace and non judgment' are being confused with 'acceptance of anything-goes'."

To me what is needed now is that everybody does what feels right to them, and for everybody to be what they are meant to be, which can be so many different things, not only 'fighting'...

I trust that if we all do our part, you do yours, I do mine, etc, then together it will work in the most perfect way.

Just as you can't be what you are not, and don't feel what you don't feel, others are just the same.

I, for instance, strongly feel I am here to connect the opposites, to resolve the conflict between all kinds of contradictions, and to align the field.

This is what seems to be the main line of 'work' for me. 'Fighting' here, of any kind, would be the complete opposite of what I am meant to do. Somebody needs to do this job, you know? Working to connect between the dark and the light side, and working to offer a channel also for those who seem least able to pass. I do that. Not only, but mostly. And many do pass.

Between 'fighting' and 'anything-goes' there are many shades in between... And actually, the opposite of 'fighting' would be connecting, not anything goes :)

What I am saying here doesn't contradict what you say, it brings into picture other possibilities. There are many ways in which we can serve the process of alignment, many ways to feel about it, many ways to see it. I vote for allowing others to see and feel the way it feels right to them, one of the many ways, and not only one way.

I hope you get me right here :)

P.S.: sometimes one needs to fight not to fight, to do what needs to be done. Nobody here gets it easy... Aaaand, sometimes we can be so locked on what seems to be right that we miss other opportunities and ways... I always work to stay open to whatever it is I will be needed to do, I adapt, shapeshift, all the time. And I never know in advance what it is going to be...


Hey Guys - great realisations happening here *OK*

    "So who are we really fighting here, and who are we trying to help?

    My shot is nobody but ourselves. And we see nothing but ourselves around.

    With this realization a huge shift happened for me, and this is when I realized the whole ridiculousness of fighting 'windmills', or trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong, and especially blame, prefer, etc

    I just do what feels right.

This is so essential to active participation in what's actually taking place. There's no need to fight (in the accepted sense of the word) because we're only 'fighting' an unconscious aspect of ourselves. We're 'fighting' to become conscious. That's why the ETs are here - they're manifestations of the blind spots (that's what makes this job so hard - no one can see them!).

For example: someone who makes a judgment about joy, and peace and light, inadvertently denies the uncomfortable aspects they might feel in their density. Perversely that's exactly what allows in an aspect of the Opposing Consciousness - they come in through that density which people have shut down to.

This is the point: whether you see it as 'green monsters from outer space' or simply a consciousness, it matters not - it's simply a dynamic of unconsciousness playing itself out inside of ourselves; we're acting on behalf of the macrocosym within our own microcosym.

So what about the 'fighting'? 'Fighting' is a word that means different things to different people. My nature is very catalytic, very confrontational - it's totally authentic to my soul. To many - more 'peaceful' beings - it would feel like fighting if they could perceive it. But I don't - the internal, intense interplay just seems natural.

Right now, my observation is that we're involved in a numbers game: the universe is working itself towards a resolution of the dense eddy current here. In my knowing, the outcome is inevitable: alignment will happen; balanced harmony will return. But the question is how many souls will be lost in the process?

What's needed now - in my observation - is more confrontation, less peace. In the spiritual mainstream, 'peace and non judgment' are being confused with 'acceptance of anything-goes'.

Why do I say this? I'm thinking at the level of cosmic beings - where there's an underlying cosmic 'scream' being emitted as a constant signal. It's been happening for thousands of years and only now reaching its climax. Change is going to happen, and the more resistance there is to it, the more dramatic the unwinding will be - the more catastrophic.

That's why, for 'his' own good, humanity needs direct confrontation of the sleepiness, of the denials and acceptance of 'anything-goes'. On a grand scale it doesn't matter how many souls make it. But it does to my soul. It's one thing that I find deeply motivational - worth 'fighting' for.



There are things I resonate with concerning this whole topic and things I don't... But I felt to say a couple of words...

Recently I've been shown a lot, enough to break the previous perception of right/wrong, etc

One of the things I am learning/integrating these days is that all I am meant to do is find the place of lack of resistance, meaning that when I am facing something or observing something in life that makes me contract, and it can be easily felt through physical tightness, then this is the place where I am not ready to accept and be the wholeness, or the absolute. In other words, I reject God in the form he is taking at the moment, and by that I reject myself, and reject the true love, peace and joy, that stretch beyond my limited perceptions and responses, AND preferences.

I myself went through the process of letting drama go. It was right for me. But it couldn't be forced. Letting go can't be decided by the mind. If you still have this dramatic place inside, in your consciousness, it will keep coming back and sucking you in. And the more you resist, reject, fight or avoid it, the more it owns you. It changes masks, appearances, becomes really smart, it mutates and keeps poisoning you, and you don't know in which direction to shoot anymore. It is much more efficient to sit quiet, watch and take the suffering.

In my case, I had to go through the process of defeat, being defeated by my own darkness, my addiction to negativity and drama. Out of that defeat, in humble surrender, I cracked in plead to show me the way, to help me. The rest just happened on its own.. And I believe that there is no recipe how to liberate yourself from your prison cells. When the time comes, and you go through what you had to go through, and collect all the shapes, colors, shades of yourself within that aspect of yourself, you then just know the way. You don't impose it. It happens.

There is no way around, there are no shortcuts, and there is no way to minimize the suffering and pain of getting to know all sides of yourself. The only way I have found is to resist as less as I possibly can.

These days I am exploring and working a lot with the dark side of the universe, how it can be seen in nature, in animals, in trees, simply everywhere. And I am going through a process of loosing all judgment. I resonated strongly with what Open said about ET beings (I experience and interpret them differently, but it doesn't matter, we're talking about the same energy)...

"When one considers advanced ET beings, of those that are currently engaged in the human story, many are neither malevolent nor benevolent - they simply do what they do because they can and see nothing wrong with it"

I got to the same understanding, only that not only about them, but about all of us. We are all carrying the darkness, the damage, and distortions of this kind. We are all partially blind and unaware of what we're doing and what damage we're causing by our actions. All of us.

These beings are just mirroring this quality present everywhere, in all things. They are mirroring me to myself.

And I too work a lot with the Earth, and what I was shown is that the Earth is going through this whole process because SHE is like this. She pulled this upon herself. She is exactly like them, like 'ET', like humans, carrying the dark side, and I have read and seen a lot of material on her evolution, watched how she acts, how she is...

And since then our friendship and connection got stronger. I got the feeling that many see some kind of one-sided picture of her, making her into something she is only partially, ignoring other aspects of her being, of her vibrational state, and of her process. This makes people unable to really help it, because they don't pick on all these energies with those selective glasses - Gaia is all good. She is not. She is just what she is. Both good and evil, both light and dark.

So who are we really fighting here, and who are we trying to help?

My shot is nobody but ourselves. And we see nothing but ourselves around.

With this realization a huge shift happened for me, and this is when I realized the whole ridiculousness of fighting 'windmills', or trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong, and especially blame, prefer, etc

I just do what feels right. And I feel too humble in that to call for others to join me, or join my perception/interpretation. I see what I am given to see, and do what I am given to do, in MY process, seeing my own shadows, and my own light and goodness, nothing else. The rest is projection outwards helping to experience what I need to experience.

And I got to decision, internally, deep in my heart, that I am not fighting, resisting, rejecting, preferring anything anymore. And then I got new tools. And I must say they are much, muuuch more efficient and feel right than trying to shift the energies in some way I'd prefer out of my previous right/wrong, benevolent/malevolent perception. I suddenly saw everything in one pot, not separated to two, but together, intermixing, creating all kinds of things, coming to life, in all kinds of forms and shapes... and I could see the loop happening between my consciousness and this huge soup made of all things. It's just a movie. And I make of it what I want to make of it. I play with it in different ways, and then I choose the most resonating with my being way to play.

And others choose other ways. But all things are already there, existing, all coming from one Source, serving one power, only one. Not two. This is what I saw...

And I want to refer to these lines:

"... just as the mainstream exploits pigs, sheep and cattle within the industrial foodchain. Having said that, anyone who can consciously recall suffering live DNA manipulation - as many now can - would probably argue otherwise!"

Why argue? And especially otherwise? Otherwise than what? Suffering, to me, should in no way be the judge of rightness and wrongness. Then giving birth, living and dying are wrong too. Then Big Bang is wrong, the collisions of planets is wrong, jackals eating the weeping buffalo alive is wrong...

I think that for me, time has come to pass beyond this kind of frame reference. You can get that far when relying on emotions, feelings and ideals. I am going for what is, and I intend to hold nothing against anything. This is what I feel is the way for me.


For me Jam, you're touching on the paradox of life itself. Awesome *OK* You said...
    " I just wish to avoid the drama and identification in the hope of revealing unconditional love,joy, and peace."
By avoiding the drama, in fact all we do is avoid that fragmented aspect of ourselves which has manifested the drama in the first place. Actually even to call it 'the drama' (with the subtle energy I can feel in your words), is that not judgmental? To me, I feel a subtle "I'd rather have 'this' than 'that'. But when the soul is truly unfettered, choice is made purely on the possibility to learn, evolve and grow. When the soul (unfettered by ego) arrives at a junction with one direction heading into 'hell' and the other into 'heaven', a choice is made purely on the basis of what most can be learned. For example, my soul experiences the current situation on Earth right now, more or less as pure hell. Yet I enjoy the possibility to evolve through it. Also, how can 'love, joy and peace be beyond duality?' When they are defined as things relative to something else.
    In my experience, the only 'thing' beyond duality is the absolute - pure presence, which is neither 'this' nor 'that'. It just is. How do you get to this place? The Openhand Approach is to actively confront all of those situations that would draw you in (rather than avoiding them), then to transcend them - which means to actively feel intimately through all of the contractions that happen; to soften into these contractions, in which case you reclaim the lost fragments of soul buried there. That's the purpose of the soul - that's what it does. Only then, is true Enlightenment attained.

So I ask, 'What is the meaning of 'judgment'?' In my view, it's more than saying this is 'good' or 'bad'. It's when you form fixed or subconscious subtle opinions about things which inadvertently define you by them. So what is true 'non-judgment'? It's when you can drink in the fullness of sheer hell, and not contract, then you're in a true place of non-judgment. What many are doing on the spiritual path at the moment, is feeling an initial sense of unconditionality (which feels like love or joy or peace), but then making a decision that's all they want - they make a judgment! When one considers advanced ET beings, of those that are currently engaged in the human story, many are neither malevolent nor benevolent - they simply do what they do because they can and see nothing wrong with it - just as the mainstream exploits pigs, sheep and cattle within the industrial foodchain. Having said that, anyone who can consciously recall suffering live DNA manipulation - as many now can - would probably argue otherwise! With best wishes Open

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Yes, isn't it such a paradox! I notice how I can be subtlety judgmental at times, I'm certainly aware of that. As I say I am a work in progress ;-) Sometimes I resolve to be non-judgmental, and yet I am being exactly so by saying that in my mind ;-)

Perhaps I should say unconditional love, joy, and peace are revealed to me beyond duality. If I choose to not identify with anything dualistically and be aware in a non-judgmental way.

I agree with your quote that the only thing beyong duality is pure presence. How I undertand it from my perspective is unconditional love,joy, and peace arise natually and unfettered for me when I am in this place. I like to think of it as the power of non-judgment(presence).

I have been curious about judgement and the potential of non-judgement when I understood the meaning of the double slit experiment in quantum physics and when I read the book Power vs Force - a map of consciousness by Dr David Hawkins. Have you heard of this book?

You certainly raise important points on the paradoxical and counter intuitive concept of practicing non judgement in this 3rd dimensional world.

I don't know much about ET consciousness but it sure is fascinating. I would like to believe that they are more enlightened and advanced. I watched the following the other day coincidently(although I know there is no such thing as coincidence :-) I was very suprised to find it on the propaganda matrix brain washing media sphere:


Keep up your great articles on your website site too, I find them fascinating and a great place to find inspiration for people who feel like they are awakening.

Kind regards



The problem is Jam, the majority of people in the mainstream don't realise exactly what is their will. The soul has been lured into distortion. Many lack the will and the passion to unravel the true aspect of self.

Transcend duality? By that, do you mean transcend relativity?

In which case, there's no point being here. A soul is a soul, here to experience uniqueness. Be the one yes, but also know your own unique expression of the one. And when you do that, that's when you truly known yourself; that's when you understand the subtle interplay between the finest levels of authenticity and distortion; and that's when you see the intervention in all it's 'glory'.


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I agree that the majority in the mainstream are sleeping.

Don't you transcend duality by being non-judgmental and at the same time learn something about yourself(soul,unravel true aspect of self) and the external world? ;-) Perhaps it was wrong to say transcend duality because I am always aware of it, I just wish to avoid the drama and identification in the hope of revealing unconditional love,joy, and peace. Aren't these attributes beyond duality and are our true self and nature waiting to be revealed in every moment?

Like you say in your article discernment and non judgement. I am currently exploring if this has the power to make you immune to ongoing control,criticism, or manipulation - whether this be a multidimenional opposing ET consciousness or day-to-day living in a third dimensional dualistic relativistic world.


Whilst I do believe in advanced extra terrestrial life and that there are probably some that do not have humanity's best interest - I like to think that the majority of the countless civilizations in the universe are kind and compassionate.


Whether there is an opposing multidimensional alien consciousness pulling strings in the shadows and treating humanity unaware like cattle - I am not so sure about that. Although it's a great story ;-)

I understand that every human being has the incredible power of free will. We can exercise this by discernment in judgment and the power to use non-judgment to transcend all duality.


I felt to add, that I offered an intuitive insight (and a possible past life) because I felt given to. However whenever you're given an idea like this, you must always process it through your own feelings. If it doesn't resonate, then cast it out. I've observed that such intuitions frequently help people by activating something for them to process, but Only ever go with what feels right to you. Open


Dear Ted,
not wanting to interfere but i have a strong sense about this particular implant of yours that it is partially (actually mostly) gone, and that by now it's more the karmic issues that are at play and that (quote) "the feeling of being stuck" is in fact the right expression to be used... I normally do not say, but in this case i felt the pull to do so. I might be wrong, of course, in which case, excuses.
As Open says observation is essential.

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Hi Reka

Thanks for sharing you intuition/guidance on my energy block.. It's pretty amazing you can sense such things..

That would be a welcome development, if the implant is mostly gone.. if so it's surely a big obstacle out of the way.. so perhaps now things will start moving forward for me a little faster, fingers crossed..

Blessings to you on your path :)


Hi Ted,

I'm traveling so I can only be brief.

What you describe are classic symptoms of Opposing Consciousness intervention - it happens to all, it's just that most aren't yet sensitive enough to feel what you can now feel in your solar plexus. Yes this is one 'point of entry' - through the chakra and into lower mind.

You're right, the first step is observation. But then it has to progress if we want to process this energy out. The next thing is to accept it and that actually it can be a great teacher for you (even though you'll no doubt want it gone).

It's a teacher because it will shine internally where you need to feel and penetrate next. You have to learn to feel into it. Soften within it.

The convulsions are a key. What happens to your consciousness when these occur? It feels like a karmic reaction to something that has taken place on another planet in another constellation. Sirius rings strongly. My sense is you died in what took place there.

So try to feel through the convulsions. Soften into them, breathe deeply into the chest. When you don't need the entities to go anymore, you may well be able to expel them through your solar plexus and out. Or else what works well is to imagine a sun at the centre of your solar plexus, burning ever stronger, until that which shouldn't be there melts away.

But never with anger. Never with aggression. Firm will yes. But forgiveness and no judgment.

This should help.


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Thanks Open,

Yeah that makes sense, not just observe it but soften into it, merge with it as best I can, I've never actually taken that approach before.. I've been open to it from the witnessing perspective, neutrally aware of it, but never actually had the intention of unifying with it at the feeling level.. I am dong this as I type, it's a subtle but real difference.. so now, all trauma and convulsing is not just something I must observe with detachment, but something I must also merge with, soften into with my body so to speak.. Makes perfect sense, and feels perfectly right as a way to assist my lifeforce to unite with lost aspects of itself, thanks for this important realization!

I have no clue about my possible Sirius connection, lol, interesting indeed.. certainly with such things I agree one should take only what resonates, I appreciate that you felt called to share this..I have no knowledge of my past lives,all I can say is it sounds pretty fascinating..

Thanks for taking time on your travels to reply, have a blessed day :)


Hey Chris, thanks for the amazing wisdom you and the Openhand team are sharing..

I wanted to ask about solar plexus tightening you mention in this article - I have been plagued with powerful and quite bizarre 'convulsions' in solar plexus (and chest) for years, powerful 'inward pulling' just below ribcage regularly, has gotten even stronger last six months, pulling in vigorously and holding for maybe a minute at a time.. it seems like this process will never end, going on for eight years or more, have lost count..I have been practising moment to moment observation of thoughts and emotions since 1999, it is my dream to release the full power and love of authentic being.. I know this process can't be rushed, but I seem to be stuck at this impasse for waaaaay too long.. I have heard about the negative alien agenda from different sources over the last few years (Lisa Renee for one), interesting that you do so in similar terms too, perhaps it is an implant that is keeping me at this stifled level of existence, it is such a shame to be denied the gift of fully alive and vibrant solar plexus energy for so long.. there may well be nothing more you can tell me but 'keep observing', which i automatically do 24/7, but felt like asking for your thoughts as this is perenially dominating my self - experience and thus my world experience, this is cutting me off from so much of my potential..

Thanks :)


Wow! Say no More! Beautifully put. What I personally meant with creating is creating light through the process of gracefully surrendering. It feels like a blast of light (universal force) that occurs when it that state of surrendering to that darkness.


Hi galactixister,

In many ways I so agree with you. There is great wisdom in what you say. Yes the only power OC has over us is by the control of our own consciousness and since consciousness creates experience, then we create the limitations we unwittingly allow them to instil.

But if I may say so, I sense a key distortion in what you're saying and I feel it important to address...

    "Knowing you are a creator God particle can make you create anything you wish."

This is where it all went wrong. This is what created OC in the first place. You see it still comes from identity. When you move beyond identity completely, there is no wish. There is no desire. There is simply alignment with the flow of the universe. Desire comes from the sense of lack and it is this that OC preys on. It can prey on your desire to ascend the the 5th Dimension for example. Before you know it, you're in a 4th Dimensional illusionary reality rather than the real thing (speaking personally from experience).

But when you want nothing, except to surrender into the divine flow you can feel in your soul, then you summon the whole power of the universe to support you.

When you do so, do not expect first that it will move mountains. It tends not to. It tends to take you deep into your own inner world of consciousness - deep into your distortions. It is in these internal eddy currents where the light is trapped and no amount of wishing for higher dimensions will release it. In fact this only hinders the process.

What we must do is surrender into the darkness and penetrate it with softness. We become pliable, maliable, beyond identity. We become as nothing in it all. When you are as nothing, then you reclaim the lost fragments of your soul, then nothing can stop you ascending.

And if you're given to unwind OC, nothing will stop that either. You summon the whole power of the universe behind your actions. Put in another way, you become an amplifier for the flow.

The drop merges with the ocean and then... the ocean merges with the drop!



Thanks, Open and others, for your insights.
At the breakfast table in the sunshine I got this personal understanding that I would like to share with you:

When aware, conscious and in full creative power it means we are able to create 5th dimensional reality.

When in fear we can create a 3rd dimensional looking hell.

When I am being targeted: They (Reptilians) make me believe something dark. In my fear and through my creative powers I then start creating my own hell. They make me believe that they have created it, but they don’t have that creative power (at least not in the consciousness they are in right now). The only power they have is to suck up energy from people like us. The only thing they know how to do is to deceive, manipulate and hide.

The ‘NET’.
According to them there is no way out. If we believe that, then it is so.
External light may not penetrate in, it may be blocked. However the light that you are, which your trapped consciousness is part of, can create a new universe within the prison. Knowing you are a creator God particle can make you create anything you wish.
This new universe can expand and break the boundaries of the prison.

In the 5th dimension we are no longer VICTIMS. Although opposing consciousness may have us believe we are. If we believe we are victims of implants or other assaults on our sovereign being field, then we will create a victim like consequence. If we understand the true power of this OC: Technically advanced, yet creatively, lovingly, divinely deprived and debilitated, then they are no match for us.

These governments, media, educational system, corporations and banks that are led by Reptilian puppet masters are under the spell of the promise of something greater. Yet they are utterly deceived. Unaware of their own divine power and therefore still in victim consciousness.

Power to the people is NOW possible. If more people saw this OC for what it really is, then it would land into its rightful place, A place of having to surrender and admit defeat. A place where OC has the opportunity of once again belonging to the light and no longer having to fight for their planets and resources. In the light, OC will see that everything is provided for, effortlessly.


Whenever there is such pain in meditation, I've found it usually points to karma that's activating. In which case they key thing is not to visualise something else, that just distracts you from the pain. The best is to keep going right into the heart of it until you become awesomely okay with it. Then ultimately it will dissolve and you may get some insight as to why it's there.

It's the same with going out of the body. I witness it all the time. It feels great - a wonderful spiritual experience, yet really what's going on is the soul working to get away from the pain. It's a part of the distraction techniques often used by OC. Our freedom comes from penetration of the discomfort and dissolving of identity with it.

I know it sounds tough, but once we get used to it, the transformations are nothing short of profound.


On the topic of implants, whenever I meditate I feel like I have a chain strangling my neck. It's not just one type of meditation, it's anything, even listening to music with a calm serene mind. Also I think I have one blocking my third eye; whenever I feel the starting and the "revving" up of my third eye, through meditations designed to do that, I start been twisted and I start feeling dizzy like I've been spinning around on the spot and then I just fall over because I can't balance. Further more, if it's a visualization meditation and I bring it to be point of lucidity, it just get's shut down immediately. I'm more concerened with my neck atm, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also disclosure will come in waves, there's a lot of videos saying how the latest one (The former Canadian minister of defence) has been debunked, and there are others in the past, that I was unware of, where similair things have occured. Full disclosure will only occur when the masses go out marching on the streets demanding it... well atleast so I think.

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I would be interested in whatever Chris has to say about this. I started experiencing general pain all over my body when meditating and gave up for a few years, when I should have kept going through it. Whatever you do, don't give up. I think you are probably pushing it too hard.


Hi Sorgfelt - welcome to Openhand.

Well yes of course, there can be many reasons for such feelings and experiences. I'm certainly not attributing all to implants.

Having worked with many people around the world, I'm reporting on observations and processing people have done to specifically release implants they experience. But you do have to get to quite a deep level of sensitivity to experience them.


I have to take issue regarding your statement:

"Increasingly, people are now becoming aware of these implants as they raise their vibration, reintegrate the soul and thereby increase internal sensitivity. The implants can be experienced as headaches, migraines or 'buzzing' in the head during meditation; an ungrounding spinning vortex over the crown; a tightening contraction in the solar plexus;"

These are often symptoms of energy building up at certain chakras, and are not necessarily or even usually due to "implants". In some cases, they are a sign of resistance that you must overcome; in that case, you might think of those points of resistance as due to an implant, but not necessarily.

In my case, particularly, I felt a strange sensation of pressure in my solar plexus after meditating and fasting for a length of time. Ultimately, I had a wonderfully spiritual, spontaneous out of body experience and several mediocre ones, and realized that the sensations I had been having were closely related to those experiences.

The buzzing in the head during meditation can be caused by other things than implants. In my case, I have had a constant buzzing in my head ever since an ear injury many years ago, and it seems to get louder whenever I quiet down. This is very common, from what I've been able to determine.


Thank you Erica for your post - it has really helped me understand better the OC stuff and how to work on it. Your words were just perfect for me to read. Thanks.

with love Myra x


Hi Erica,

You said...

    "Anything you know about yourself is not who you, it is content... Not your essence. Content is what absorbs people to strictly associate who they perceive themselves to be to the physical realm and at times, enslaves them to all the man made restrictions that they perceive as their reality."

Halleluyah! It's why I call myself "Open". In actual fact, it's not so much a name as a way of being. I work to be open in the moment to what wants to flow through me. To have broken the shackles of limited identity. Instead to soar free with what ever wants to arise.



Thank you for all of this. As I am absorbing the truths you have found, I wanted to share an excerpt from my journal, although the words and labels differ, it struck a similar chord. Letting go...
842 days ago...Eloquently dancing between two dimensions....the stillness and vastness of nothing and the chaos and confinement of it all...

Oh how it torments my soul to see those who dwell around me and those I cross paths with to be ruled by the demons of the physical realm where our human bodies exist. Through the human body, these demons enter into the minds and souls, to infect and induce an unhealthy state of being. This state of being manifests different degrees of sickness and disease that ravages the now defenseless human body. The unconscious state of mind and a sleeping soul, are portals of entrance. Once inside, the demons persuade, distract, influence, numb,manipulate the being by enhancing the physical senses and deter the being from seeking a clear purpose for their true existence thus driving the soul further away and the mind into an even deeper state of sleep. So many are lost and will never find their way out of this physical realm that keeps them trapped to their physical bodies for eternity. A true tragedy that drives my eyes to shed tears that they were never awakened to experience this unbelievably magnificent journey Do I share these thoughts? I dont want to see those I care for fall into this trap. I see so much more in darkness when the physical realm is blinded and obscured from these human eyes that innocently distort the reflected reality that travels into the mind seeking recognition and validation.

The need to purge my life of any unneeded physical stuff propels me further into finding the true purpose for which I exist. I exist.. I exist......... I find myself pleading for answers that will come only through my own work, my own sweat, my own tears, my own sacrifices.These raw emotions ignite the fire within. I trudge my own path in solitude and servitude.

Anything you know about yourself is not who you, it is content... Not your essence. Content is what absorbs people to strictly associate who they perceive themselves to be to the physical realm and at times, enslaves them to all the man made restrictions that they perceive as their reality. Functioning strictly within the boundaries imposed upon them by the thoughts and actions of those who came before them. All these mental boundaries inflicted upon us as a nation of people is transforming the essence of the nature of our being. Injected with all the synthetic, materialistic , artificial, imitation man made content excites and distracts and brings momentary happiness to so many. Sigh.....


Dealing with the concept of Opposing Consciousness has always been a challenging one. Understandably there are varying degrees of skepticism from evolving people. Where are these entities? Where's the evidence? Actually there's growing physical evidence when we look closer into ancient megalyths around the world, into our genetics and above all, through past life regression therapy. But to a rightly skeptical person that doesn't believe they've had any actual confrontation with these entities, it would still be understandable to write this evidence off to other, more earthly reasons. The problem is that people have become disconnected from the wider universe and closed down from the original state of multi-dimensionality. To me it is unquestionable that this was done by design, but yes, you could also interpret it simply as human creative consumption running away with itself and closing consciousness down in the process. Whatever the reason, the issue is that most people, even many awakened ones, only tend to perceive the lower realm of consciousness in which our physicality lives. Most people are still working daily towards various intended or desired outcomes in the physical drama of life. Of course the reality you perceive and therefore live within, is created by where your consciousness is directed. So if you're continually looking outwards for some desired outcome, that becomes the limit of your reality.
    This Opposing Consciousness is exceptionally clever, advanced and deceiving. It works from a higher dimensional state, interacting with your thoughts and emotions. To give you an example: let's say you're taking a walk in nature, having a very peaceful, relaxing and expansive time. Yet suddenly you're thinking about work or something you have to achieve later today. Or you're in a relationship with someone and a basic misunderstanding suddenly escalates into a full blown and projectional row. Or else you're constantly worried about where your money is going to come from or how you're going to support you and your family. These things are not inherent to Original Human, where we were trusting, aligned and at-one with the benevolence of the universe. Original Humans were expansive, multi-dimensional and free.

So this intervention acts within the very psyche, your physical and emotional bodies and your higher energy field. It works by the stimulation of emotion, thought implantation and by false reality filter creation. It's actually very easy to do that when you're coming from a higher dimension and the host is unaware of what's actually going on. So it's in your thoughts, emotions and feelings where this OC is acting. Many people have said to me over the time that they loved the Openhand work, but struggled with the concept of OC. Then six months later, exactly because they've spent more time looking into their inner world, suddenly part of this multi-dimensional landscape comes into view. It's about seeing and feeling the patterning of your own behaviour. It's about taking full responsibility for your actions and why you take them. It's about working to realign ones behaviour with the natural flow of the universe as supported by signs and synchronicity. When you're living this way - the whole time - then you begin to witness this extra subverting energy in the field trying to close you down in fear or denial and divert you from your path.
    And trying to distance yourself from the influence by pretending it doesn't exist (whatever source you accredit the interference to), doesn't work in the end either. It too leads to a false reality - the false 'love and light' one - which is disconnected from the actual truth of this moment. It is yet another deception to be wary of.

The Higher Paradigm that everyone is speaking of is not elsewhere. It is here and now, within the confines of your very being. You don't have to leave the body to access it. And Once you've seen enough to want to live there the whole time, once you've fully experienced its expansiveness, liberation and authenticity, it's likely there will come the moment that you feel to tackle this intervention head on - the impulse will well up from the depths of your soul. Life becomes all about making your highest choice, in every possible moment, whatever that may mean in this limiting and controlling matrix. It's then that the full landscape falls piece-by-piece into view. So I would say to anyone who is skeptical, that's fine. Don't believe me nor anyone else until you actually have some of these experiences yourself. But I would also encourage you to stay open to the possibility that all on the surface may not be what it seams. Surely there is enough disharmony, exploitation and control going on for you to be suspicious of society's motives, which makes you want to delve deeper? If so, the place to begin is in your own inner world. What are your true feelings in response to external events? What makes you contract down and get fearful or worried? Above all, how can you penetrate these contractions with the light of your consciousness and expand them out? Then you'll set yourself clearly on the path to freedom and expansion back to where you should naturally be. Open PS: the Openhand 'spiritual compass' is specifically designed to help people access their inner world much deeper, and then unravel any distorting influence of the Intervention. Check it out here...Openhandway

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Thank you so much for this last comment on the article, Chris...

Yes, I was one of those skeptical people. All of the Openhand philosophy has been deeply resonating with me for a long time, all except this OC subject. It's not that I was totally closed to it, I had just never come to identify it and be aware of it until very recently.

I'll just say that recently I have gone through a chain of events in my life that made me open my eyes, and now I can't deny it. It is there. I can feel what a strong grip it has on me sometimes. Now I understand where those seemingly irrational fears I had in my childhood came from. I'm starting to understand this strange dreams I have sometimes, always running scared, trying to escape... Knowing (in the dream) they want to take my most precious gift away from me. And I guess they did so, many lifetimes ago.

I'm still very confused, trying to figure out what to do now, how to avoid or protect myself against this influence. The worst thing has been the loneliness... Not being able to talk about it to anyone without being judged or taken as a lunatic.

So thanks again Chris, Openhand team, Openhanders, for being there...
By the way, although I have been following the website for some time, I'm new in this community, so hi everyone!


I work a lot with the web recently, for example, today during the night.

I notice that it works in a rather amazing way.

First of all, any time I feel the 'light' (or the universal energy) infusing and spreading through my vehicle, it has an effect on the surrounding field and on the OC web in the 4th dimension. They can feel it all, and some get attracted to it.

Also we communicate directly. I just feel them, with compassion, it's almost like I embrace them into my field empathically, just like with humans, helping let go, and then we work on the 'feelings' (not the best word to describe)... we have some unspoken energy exchange, and bunches of them then leaving the web and realigning. So, in my feeling, the web is weakening now.

But there is also a very rigid grasp still up there, which I believe will unwind over time. There is still some hope they will chose to let the 'offense' and control go and trust again... (I mean the reptiles)

To me, the greys are the hardest to 'work with', so far... btw, I recognized them, eventually... We have a very old relationship :) So old, that in this lifetime, I thought it's natural to be with them around.


im not going to be too detailed and articulate at the moment, sorry to all, but in a way what else could say more than words than the fact that (despite today is the birhtday of my twins, and im hardly online these days anyway) i am HERE and here now.
answering the call to arms...
i would only add that for over/about a week my antannae are picking up some sort of a resonance, or disturbance, in the "net", to me it feels like not entirely organic again.
i can also confirm the lulling effect too (bliss) on otherwise sensitive people at the moment.
i can also confirm the difficulites in the reincarnation process - in my feeling (including but also beyond literal incarnation of souls) it involves also incarnating light in general -- as in projects or relationships or alike.

and i can also confirm that we are here!
keep on leaping :)
love to all


It's good that people are sharing these experiences. We need to bring the truth out into the collective consciousness - sometimes I feel a little bit alone - so thanks for sharing!

I have also spoken about the two frequencies that Opposing Consciousness is sounding through the matrix. The higher one is what I call 'false love and light'. It's a feeling that is easily confused as a heavenly feeling. It stops the higher soul from fully integrating down into ones being. And yes, it's kind of like a net. People I've worked with have shared their experiences of being caught in this illusionary reality when they have passed on - instead of proceeding naturally to the angelic realms. I too have experienced this for some period of time.

The OC is using it to take souls out of the usual reincarnation loop. Karma is wiped, along with any kind of memory of who and what you are. I guess that's why some have great problems connecting with any kind of past life info. But others do, including some I know who've broken free from this imprisonment.

It is essential always to remember this: the light penetrates all places in the universe. The angelic realms work tirelessly to recover souls into the usual reincarnation cycle. But yes, currently it is still quite a problem. Advanced beings are currently working to unravel this deception.

This is why we're always speaking about the importance of embodying soul and penetrating deep into any kind of resistance we might have. You can only unravel the truth of a situation by being centred deeply in your inner consciousness feelings. Here's where we unravel the intervention.




Like you, I too get insights about opposing consciousness. And like you, I try to use the light and compassion.
However, I have a slight worry.
I have just read an account of a woman who describes a net created by opposing consciousness. It is a soul prison that higher consciousness people may get trapped in upon death.
Normally, when reading something like this, I would possibly judge this as nonsense. However, the truth of this matter is that I have visited this net.
It was a net with a chord attached to a dark consciousness. There was no way I could get out and my spirit guides and Christ could not penetrate through it. There was no guidance. I realised that the only way out was to keep reincarnating just to avoid this hell. However, the reincarnation was not a sacred process of choosing a father or mother. This was a process of any body I could get into to get out of the net (temporarily).

This happened to me in 2010 and now I believe that this was a warning, not just for myself but also for other kindred spirits who have higher consciousness.

I am not in fear anymore, although I was for a long time. I now understand that by other light workers joining forces we can eliminate this net. I KNOW we can because something on the planet has in recent years changed and gives us renewed abilities to do things that were harder in the 3rd dimension.

I hope you don’t think this sounds ‘fantastical’ (if that is the right word). I am a Capricorn and don’t just accept anything as gospel. This is REALLY going on.

Are you aware of this? And if so, what could we do together to deal with this and free these kindred spirits (if they haven’t already been!)?

Thanks Chris. I appreciate your wisdom and insights on this matter.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the inquiry,
I perceived it as candor given the spontaneous honesty of his expression of disbelief which was expressed in a lighthearted tone. The exact words he used could be perceived as judge mental. His filter allows much through at this point! I chose to let him flow through his thoughts and feelings as holding him to a value I placed on one word would alter the course or he could get stuck as well. I appreciated his openness to respond without trying to find the "right" words as his mind was absorbing his environment, he allowed himself to feel the frustration and move through to express that energy freely as he felt it. He then came to a conclusion with a resulting sense of peace through the idea expressed as a resolution by stating, "why can't humans just evolve?"


I often work behind the scenes with these Opposing energies. Recently for example in a key portal Berlin. I can say that some tremendous developments appear to happening right now. I find it exciting and inspirational. As I worked with the higher levels of this alliance, it was clear to me it was continuing strongly to unravel from the intervention and realign with the source. But one of the key challenges, was getting it to see a limiting and denied relationship it still had to the lower, denser levels that are being greatly destructive on earth right now. I feel like this is now being realised. It means the lower densities have less and less 'spiritual' protection and support. It would make them much more susceptible to realignment - to letting go of control and manipulation. I sense things will still get worse before they get better. But I can certainly see light at the end of this particular tunnel.



Thank you Open, Trinity, All
These resources are invaluable. It's all so real and true. The revelation of the greater purpose as another veil dissolves is... I felt to share this.. as a child I experienced the "suffocation" (tightness) which led to unconscious spells. I've always known something at each crux as I allowed it to flow through the words just came, reflection innately inspired as the path naturally unfolds. Compassion, gratitude, love of it all just grew, I had no need to understand prior as I knew it would be revealed at the precise time. Now as I see through these eyes, your messages transcend with a new illumination. Specifics can feed the illusions. In awe of your patience and perseverance,insight, precision...it is divine! I am often reserved to share as I believe life gives in the moments one is open to receive as the authentic path reveals to each but enlight of this "slight nudge", I am compelled to share a conversation I had less than 12 hrs ago. It had quite an impact mostly because I haven't openly shared what I am experiencing except the little that has come out on this forum. Glorious Day!
As I drove, my son(10yrs old) is looking out the window, as we pass an area that is newly reaped of its trees for development he says,"Let me ask you a question, do you think the earth will be over run by humans one day?"
I reply,"No sweetheart, there are forces at work right now to help"
He says,"I don't see them they won't show up until the end, will they, it might be too late?"
Me,"No,they are here right now. Trust me."
He moves on to the next thought, after his game a truck pulls out in front of us and black smoke is expelled.
He says,"See.. Pollution"
Me, "He doesn't understand the impact of his actions, he places more value in his truck where he sees a reflection of his identity. It probably makes him feel good. "
My son replies," Well,I have three words WHaT an IDiOT" I smile inside at his candor as he continues to say,"Remember what I said before? I can show you 3 more examples on this road alone" And he did.. Nodding my head silently we pull in the driveway, appreciative of his innocent yet precise observations. As we exit, he says,"I don't think this planet will survive a billion years, maybe 20,000years, hope its not in my lifetime." We grab our groceries and he says,"Why can't humans just evolve?" In the next breath he's off to a friends as I walk inside with a new sense of knowing...


Thanks Open, I found this really helpful. It sometimes feels endless - this churning in the solar plexus, which often comes with a spinning sensation at the crown. I breath and feel it out and there will come a point when it releases but then some weeks after there will be another tightness come in. I have kind of got used to it and feeling it out is almost second nature. I didn't realise the solar plexus was so deep feeling - if that makes sense. It definitely feels to be the root of attacks. Feeling a bit exhausted by it today. This idea of Opposing Consciousness is no joke, I probably would have laughed it off before, but not these days ;) Thank you for the article. Katie


I have been digesting your words of insight for more than a week now, and having both of your perspectives, Open and Reka, has been very helpful. I have been trying to send a reply for more than a week, but each time I start typing,some unexpected event keeps me from sending the message through.
I still feel gratefulness,so I decided to reply even though much time passed.
I have noticed what you speak of, about cleansing through diet,in that even a one day fast or cleanse, opens the lines of communication between me and my body, and I can hear what my body needs without a bunch of distortion.Perhaps this distortion is part of what you both were speaking of.


I think this is a really insightful expression of the whole nature of Opposing Consciousness - thanks for sharing Reka. *OK* To the uninitiated, yes I know, it's hard to initially believe that thoughts, emotions and even feelings can be shaped and imposed by an external force. It's like you could be having a great and relaxing day in nature for example, you feel expanded and connected, but then a spurious thought followed by worrying emotion may drop in seemingly from the middle of nowhere. We're distracted from the expansion of the moment and sense of interconnectedness. You could consider this just an issue of the false self - the ego. And that's fine. But many who've expanded into the fourth density can see, feel or intuit what's actually taking place from there. What always matters most though, is how we deal with this distracting consciousness that draws people away from their true path of authenticity. It's all about Walking the Path. Watching and responding to what we feel are the soul's inner impulses, but then testing that in the external mirror. How do we truly feel about what we're manifesting? Are we aligning with the synchronistic higher flow? In this way, we truly begin to discern what is authentic to our true beingness.


That's exactly how it works Tasha. All beings need energy in some form. Usually the universe works in a way to build co-creative and self-sustaining eco-systems that benefit all life. In this case, the OC has established its own agenda separated from the natural order of life. Ever seen the scenes from the Matrix where Neo is shown the fields of human batteries? It's is such a powerful metaphor for this situation. Except its happening whilst people are walking around in their day-to-day lives and most are unaware of it. They just get stressed, angry, attached, over emotional, or worn out. The feelings then tend to be suppressed with comfort eating or alcohol. And to pep up again with soft drugs like caffeine and sugar. Which utlimately lower ones vibration by desensitising. It's a downward spiral which keep people entrapped in the lower vibrational frequency. As I said in my article, that's why when people truly step onto the spiritual path, there's a natural pull to purify and cleanse internally especially through diet.

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though this is purely my own observation/reality, no "truth" intended, but there are times when the awareness of the following helps me...

it's still not entirely clear to me how the mechanism works but i did notice that what in general we can call low vibration feelings is what they tend to provoke out of us.

so there is a tendency to feed on a certain vibration of emotions, like feelings of loss of personal power, overwhelming sadness, anger, abandonment, feelings of separation, the need to be justified by external forces (dependency), fear, etc. etc.

I am not sugesting every time we feel those it's interference but i'm developing a more subtle awareness about the mechanism of how these feelings exactly descend on me, and though i still miss the point sometimes, i can differentiate between my own organic feelings or those of an external source (though it depends on the particular situation rather than the type of emotion).

Maybe not so important, but i still add: what is not clear to me yet is whether these feelings are aroused on purpose - similarly to a poor animal who is made to get fearful and angry right before being slaughtered to make its flesh tastier (as they say, i've been a vegetarian almost all my life); or the low vibration feelings are a result of loss of energy (being sucked out); or is it the vibration of these particular feelings which is the fuel itself.

To tell the truth I can see there is a point where all these do not matter at all anymore. In the end it is perfectly okay not to focus on these issues too much, and there is a good reason too why in all spiritual teachings there is an emphasis on focusing on the type of emotionality that's nourishing rather than depleting the self (and, as Open says, focus on internal cleansing- both bodily and emotional...)


I have a question about opposing consciousness. In one of the paragraphs above it says, "It has been their modus operendi to colonise, ethnically cleanse, exploit and control other species just as humanity does sheep, pigs and cattle." When humans farm animal they get tangible stuff like meat, wool, milk etc. I keep wondering what it is that opposing consiousness gets from humans? Is it like they are able to "charge their batteries" from our energy fields, or am I totally off track here?


A blessing to have stumbled upon the openhand.


That's right Teresa, there are many benevolent energies surrounding humanity at these times helping in the realignment.


Thanking you Chris for this guideline. I have been really feeling the density of a lower vibration, like i am understanding the mass of human consciousness and realising that not all are connecting to unity consciousness, that I am clearly seeing two different realities. So when poeple in my family tell me that i don't see things the way they really are- too right I do see them differently, but feel now an understanding and feeling of a really low low vibration, without resisting it . I also am seeing another dimension, a rainbow one filled with abundant light, angelic beings who beckon to bring truth and light into all this density, in our smaller lives and at large in the matrix.


Yes we're hearing you Reka. I totally understand why it might feel like an explosion. Last time, way back in history, as the light poured in, that's the way it went and many suffered. But now, let the light come in with manageable infusions. If it builds too much too quickly, then direct the sense of aspirational warrior energy into something else - movement for example as you've well intuited. Let that energy be channeled into creative things, or maybe dampened a little with denser foods for a while.

Then the infusions of light can be managed more easily.

Everything will work out just fine.

Open *OK*

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<3 <3 thank you
yes ive ben noticing in the last coupla minutes as my movement is getting softer more flowy
im just giving up myself to it at the moment
not losing myself either...
yes the light thru...
thank you!!!
im t/here


thank you,
this came just at the right time to read this... explains partly what's going on here...

i'm cramped as a walnut at the same time feel infinitely vast -- the two simultaneously together, and i've been just feeling i'm on the verge of explosion...

yes, and tightness in the abdomen and lots rage, but mostly the nervous impatience of the moments right before the release....
i could do with a bit of supporting OH community right now and let out a shattering scream... ;-)
and i1ll put in some good music to dance it outa my system ;-)

amazing that after aaaaall this time i still manage to miss the point...
i suppose the "disguise" is getting ever more subtle as well, and as i work with it... well, so much more work still to be done...

love to you all there now that youre gathering
and full mooooon, think of me ;-)
love Réka


Okay so since I posted this article, I feel an activation of this Opposing Consciousness energy in the field - a bringing to the surface so it might be felt more by those who are sensitive to it. In this way we can work with it and release it. The energy might be felt as a tightness in the abdomen or the head, the 1st and 3rd densities. You may feel karma around the heart area too - the 4th density. But fear not, this is where we heal the hurt.

  • "Your wound is the place where the light enters" Rumi

I'm asking all lightworkers reading this to take courage and heart-felt conviction. It's time to process the energy and release it through our being. Here's a way of working with that energy that you might find helpful and to interpret in the best way you feel:

  • Acknowledge: firstly to acknowledge what you may feel without resistance.
  • Acceptance: accept the presence of what you're feeling within you. Become as nothing in it, not needing the energy to go away.
  • Forgiveness: our true power is the light, which flys in on the wings of forgiveness. Both for our own mistakes and those of the Opposing energies.
  • Remember, your wound is the place where the light enters. So feel the wound, let any tightness unwind within you, and the light will flow in.
  • Center in the higher light and release the energy up through your being. It's often felt as an unwinding unraveling inside.

You may of course call on the angelic realms to help. And you may find this wonderful "Return to Light" meditation by Trinity of benefit. These are amazing times of resolution. Time to heal the wound, let go of the old and bring in the new. Open

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okay, did you hear me??? :-D and i'm still not quite "finished" (haha)... just sharing now... and i don't know if it's only me but this particular song and its lyrics ("putting on a show, all these highs and lows" -- double entendre) link strongly to what you're saying here, just form another angle... it really eases me at the moment, brings all the warrior i've got outa me... haaa! :-) You're a fraud and you know it But it's too good to throw it all away Anyone would do the same You've got 'em going And you're careful not to show it Sometimes you even fool yourself a bit It's like magic But it's always been a smoke and mirrors game Anyone would do the same So now that you've arrived well you wonder What is it that you've done to make the grade And should you do the same? (Is that too easy?) Are you only trying to please them (Will they see then?) You're desperate to deliver Anything that could give you A sense of reassurance When you look in the mirror Such highs and lows You put on quite a show All these highs and lows And you're never really sure What you do it for Well do you even want to know? You put on quite a show (Mother) Are you watching? Are you watching? (Mother) Are you watching? (Mother) You're a fraud and you know it And every night and day you take the stage And it always entertains You're giving pleasure And that's admirable, you tell yourself And so you'd gladly sell yourself To others

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Hi Open,

I just joined this community. I found a lot of the ideas on this site really insightful and actionable.
Thank You.

In the above article you say

"The reptilian implant affects the consciousness of the digestive system"

Can you say a little more on this topic? I have been struggling with this my entire adult life. I feel like all my energy and psychic abilities are being blocked through the congestion in my stomach and digestive system and have spent many years trying to heal this.

Thank You,
Young Adventurer


It's an interesting slant that I've not heard. What I can tell you is that I've spent some considerable time working with this energy over the years. It's been a key purpose of my incarnation to try to communicate and bring back into line - along with others of course. I had some deep level connections earlier in the year and the impression I was given, is that at the leadership level, there is acceptance of having been out of alignment; that there'd been a disconnection from the source and the sense of abandonment way back in their history which has prompted much of their exploitative behaviour. I was optimistic about realignment happening. What I observed since was that it's now much easier to dispatch this Opposing Consciousness when it is in your field. If the will is correctly applied, without neediness, they depart pretty readily. But I've also encountered many who are not yet ready or able to let go of their own matrix sense of security and attachment. In which case the energy lingers, applies veils and continues to deceive people. Hence with the mainstream, there is a growing 'infection' from the lower echelons of this intervention. So right now it seems like a very mixed story. The people who've come through the Openhand work and who really commit themselves to dropping their layers, now seem to proceed must faster than before. So generally to me it is a very good sign. But I'm only quietly contented about it so far. There's still a good deal of evolutionary work we must do. Open :smile:


I`ve recently heard similar from Sheldan Nidle, speaking about Annunaki turning themselves over to the light and also that their new name to manifest the shift is now Annanuki. Very similar name but still a marker between the old dark and the new light. I`m just curios if this resonates with your opinion. There is so much disinformation out there so i`m used to being careful and double check everything and thought it would be valuble to get your voice on this one. :-)