Who are You? and how to be that

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It strikes me that the biggest problem humanity faces right now is a case of mistaken identity. People mistake themselves for something they are not; and this generates all manner of false lifestyles and suffering. And even when a person discovers they are not the ego, there frequently follows all kinds of attachment and identification with qualities of the soul: like "I am love" for example. So what about ditching all kinds of conditioned identity completely?

What about surrendering into the infinite vulnerability of the moment
and allowing the real you to effortlessly arise?
How might that positively change your life and the world around you too?...

We are infinite potential - pure presence

I put it to you that what we are is infinite potential - pure presence. It is that which constantly resides in the background of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Everything originated from this 'Source' and still does. Life - and the soul - emerge from it, but do so because of no design or plan. If there was some kind of intention, that presupposes a creator, and then you're left with the problem of who created the creator?

No, I put it to you that everything emerged from pure presence and still does. Pure presence never went away and you are that; what's more, when you are no longer isolated from this Source, when you are being a living, breathing, thriving expression of this, then you feel like you just came home, like all the lights in the universe just came on; you know yourself as 'who' you truly are - this is an enlightened state, the sweet nectar of life itself.

There is nothing to compare with this state; everything that people strive or effort for is merely a reflection of this experience. Because there is nothing else to know but the living, breathing expression of this state. When you are in that, all your questions are immediately answered; what's more, the soul in you flows from this state aligned with the whole of life. There's a feeling of total rightness. Life effortlessly creates itself around you. There's just no need to intend or intentionally manifest - you are being infinite potential and life manifests through you. This state of being is where everything begins and ends - the circle completed, everything answered. So how can you get into this state?

How to be who you truly are

Here's the problem: you cannot aim for this absolute divinity. You cannot set course for it, intend it or try to make it happen. And you cannot hold onto it, by making statements about it; like "I am love" for example. Because the moment you do, the moment you identify or attach to something, when you form a fixed relationship with some quality inside yourself, then immediately, you've established separation from the presence that you are - you've created the small "I". So you cannot intentionally aim for it and find it. There is nothing to find!

But there is something you can do. The soul is a living, breathing expression of this awesome potential that you are. I've discovered that when you align with your soul, when you recognise it arising in you - and then 'jump' into it, like jumping into a flowing river - then time and separation cease, you open a space through the moment, you ride the wave of the soul all the way back to the Source.

You are now being the Source, as a living breathing expression. You know yourself as the Source - as the One - and it feels totally awesome, yet simultaneously awesomely ordinary. And now authentic action arises from you - through you - aligned with the rest of the universe; literally because you are being the universe. There's nothing like it. After eons of desolate separation, you've come home to who you truly are. We tried to capture an essence of this expression, of this feeling, of this phenomenon, in this recent Divinicus Seminar in Glastonbury...

In loving support
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Thank you for your suggestion and I will continue as you say to "align with the soul". Yoga really helps me to do just that. And it also helps my back aches lolll


That's exactly what I mean. Awesome :-)

You've also highlighted what i believe to be a limitation in Tolley's approach. Aiming for stillness risks becoming an intention about being... "this is how I'm going to be". But who is the "I"? Whose decided how to be? You can't aim for pure stillness - pure presence - you don't get an enlightened state because you're making a decision about how to be. In your intention you've already created the separation from presence. Presence is not an identity that decides. Instead, pure, unadulterated soul - as a spontaneous stream of consciousness - flows from presence without anyone controlling.

    So I suggest keep doing as you did: simply align with your soul, as you feel it, and how it wants to express through your being. If there's any intention at all, let it be only to unravel what gets in the way of free flowing soul.

Then you will have more of the experiences you had. You drop into source - that which precedes all states and intentions. There's nothing like it - nothing to compare.

From then on, you live life as a continual miracle.

Open *OK*


I had an unusual but awesome feeling when I was just sitting on my yoga ball by the window looking outside and then I closed my eyes and just jumped in my soul. I could now hear the cars driving by, the birds chirping away. I could even tell where the bird was by the sound of their particular chirp. I could feel the wind on my face, and hear the planes up in the sky etc...I realised I wasn't there and you know what? Life still goes on. But at that moment I felt so connected and not alone. I felt part of something greater than i , greater than all the things that move around us! Is that sort of what you are talking about? The flow inward and outwards? Anyhow...it was a great feeling and lesson! That was when I tried to " be still" Eckhart Tolley


I love this video clip, and article. Its moves me to tears.



In the flow? Yes. And you can only recognise in others what's already in yourself too *OK*

We're the fortunate ones: we found the deeper meaning of life - and realised there is nothing else!...

Living the Dream 24/7

Open *give_rose*


Wonderful validation you received from the woman nodding her head. I will add that my head was also nodding as I watched the condensed clip. And there was a big "YES" that accompanied it ;-)

You're in the flow!!



Lovely sharing Sandra - thanks *give_rose*

The experience that night (at the seminar) was electric. It was a new approach. I've had the joy of sitting in many a workshop, and helping catalyse pure presence through the room. There's nothing like it. But now it's come to me to work to initiate that in a much shorter, seminar environment. Is it possible to help unleash that in people without lengthy build-up?

It feels strongly now that it does indeed work.

The confirmation was given to me with the connection of one particular lady near the front - captured in the video. As she nodded her head to one of the points, I instantly felt the connection; then to focus in on it. There we were - it's like the whole room fell away, in that instant. It was a special moment.

I look forwards to many more!

Open *OK*


I originally sat down on Wed morning to comment on this powerful and charging video. Attempting to express in words my experience, I felt a distinct sense of heaviness. It was like I was dropping an anchor through the action of putting my inner thoughts and feelings into the form of words. Similar to what Lesley shared, how do you define the undefinable? I have had this experience of the weight of words before, but not for some time and I had all but forgotten the sensation. "Charging" is the best way I can describe how I experience watching this clip. There's a current that runs through me as I receive your message through my senses and field. The charge strongly aligns with my Absolute Self and I feel openness and resonance.

After initially watching the clip I drove into the city of Victoria. My route required me to drive over the Malahat, a scenic mountain highway connecting Victoria to the north of Vancouver Island. During the drive I saw the road construction signs I have been seeing all summer, however this time I intuitively felt there was something that wanted to be communicated to me. WORK IN PROGRESS was the overall message I received. When I looked at my own life I was able to see there is still effort at "play". It's very subtle but it's there. When I was on a call with a client yesterday I payed particular attention to the number of times I automatically felt drawn to refer to the path of self realization as work, e.g. spiritual work, when we work, doing the work, work at becoming, work towards. I strongly relate to your words "The minute you decide you are going to aim for the Source you've created separation from the Source. You are now placing an intention. You cannot aim for presence." Efforting on my path is a blindspot for me. What a wonderful mirror and message I received that morning to drop into a greater sense of Beingness.

Thank you!!

Sandra xxx


Hi Open,

What a powerful video clip and a great article.

Wonderful editing Trin, you capture it beautifully and I love the additions.

Thank you, love Fiona


It was awesome having you there too Michelle - it's always so wonderful to have supportive people in the audience. The typical human condition is to be pretty repressed in a feeling/ expression sense. When there are others there feeling the energy, harnessing it and accelerating it (as you do Michelle), then it makes the job a whole lot more successful.

You're a star!

Open *give_rose*


Yes certainly, we're all going to experience things differently :-)
For me, it was a marked change with regards to seminars (as opposed to workshops). I had strong guidance to evolve them to make them more multi-dimensional and interactive. To get an energy flow. I'm really pleased that seemed (on the most part to work well). It's something I'll certainly be developing.

Glad you were there Lei - your smiling face greatly added to it.

Open *OK*


Open, I didn't express it on the night, not with words anyway, so thank you for such an incredibly powerful evening; touching soul and collectively dropping into the void - there aren't words!

I had been divinely guided through streaming intricate synchronicites, in a two day venture starting in Glastonbury on the 10th with a trip up to the Tor and the seminar and going on to Avebury on the 11th to work with some energy there.

The seminar and your guided meditations placed me perfectly energetically and gave me a new tool which I was able to drop into when working in Avebury. I knew I couldn't have worked that way otherwise; I was able to work without identity, with pure presence and the weave of the universe to break up some effecting energy.

Michelle xxx


Thank you for the article and for sharing this video clip! (and thank you to whoever did the filming).
Ultimately so straight forward...


Love, love, love this splendiferous article and video! Although I'm not Love! I've been listening to The Who sing "Who the f____ are you?" Perfect segue, Open. Hope this post is visible cause there's no-one here! Thank you for this magnificence. Catherine :)


I was on the verge yesterday of making that leap into the void but did not feel it was the right time yet...I stopped at the convergence of the flow of consciousness moving out and in and not allowing myself to go with the based, as fear crept in. However watching your clip has given me the extra tools, understanding and courage to make the next move. It all made so much sense!!! Thank you Open.


How do you describe the indescribable? Well maybe just like that!
Awesome video guys!
Showing 10 minutes of the seminar, maybe about a 10th of it?
For those who weren't there, a really wonderful taste of the whole. Pretty sweet indeed. *YES*