Homo Divinicus: the 5D Human

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Filmed In Glastonbury town hall January 2013, we bring you the latest Openhand seminar video "Homo Divinicus - the shape of things to come". Open delivers an informative, insight packed seminar, offering clear vision into the current evolution. We look at the the re-birth of Gaia, spiritual path, intervention and most importantly the emergence of homo-divinicus, the new evolved humanity. Enjoy...

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Hi Guys,

thanks... great video!!
What i dont get is why the OC would want to manipulate if they were benevolent . I talk about the lemurian experiment. Because if you are benevolent then you dont need to control and manipulate so why to start controlling in the first place. so something must have happened that caused them to want to take advantage of the situation. maybe that they were too manipulated by someone else? how all of a sudden benevolent beings could become malevolent.


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In considering OC, it's important to begin to move past the black and white approach, otherwise it will be very difficult to understand. There are simply levels of realisation. No one acts malevolently within their particular view on reality. How many people here shop in a supermarket like Tesco for example? Did you stop to consider the billions of life forms that were exploited, displaced or destroyed simply by the building of one such superstore? So there are levels of realisation and ignorance. In my understanding, there were several objectives to the seeding of humanity: - to provide a new more expressive vehicle for the evolving hominids - to provide a vehicle for star souls to experience dense materiality - to provide a vehicle for various life forms (including OC) to process their karma You could say it all went 'wrong'. When in actual fact, the inner distortions of many life forms have been brought to the fore in the mirrors that have been created. Now is the opportunity for all to embrace the distortions within and to unravel them in the face of ever stronger mirrors. Open

Why do you think this would happen? Is it because they've accumulated so much karma because they were drawn in too soon and were not ready? Or do you mean the negative beings?

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I mean, it runs counter to the general "re-assuring" spiritual "dogma" that all souls are eternal. Would that only apply to the really wrecked souls? I mean, I know it sounds uncaring, but I hope none of my family or friends would be in that situation (even if I am my own soul and related closest only to me and my twin flames etc.). But then again, it is helpful to at least be aware that it isn't all chocolate and roses, and that sometimes things do go "wrong" or at least "less fair than what we would like", even in the case of a genuinely caring universe/existence.

Btw: did you officially change your name when you did the soul switch with Chris Bourne? Or do you still have the same name but your soul prefers to be referred to as "Open"?

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Yes the phenomenon that the soul is not eternal, does run counter to the spiritual mainstream, who I feel have taken on reprocessed ideas of other people, but not really tested the validity of what they're sharing. It often comes from identity - not being comfortable with how reality can sometimes be cold and hard (aswell as soft and fluffy!).

What I'm sharing comes from direct experience. I have witnessed directly souls being dissolved - fragmented - through black holes, just as all light based creations can be. Of course clarity of my experience is subjective and dependent on how much I've polished the lens of my soul. But at least it is from direct experience, which I've witnessed; not just something I've heard. The question really though is, not what is real for me, but what is real for you? What do you know? If you don't know what is real in this regard, then I'd advise not to simply take on the beliefs of others, including me. Cast it out and let it go, until you know for sure, what is real real for you.

In answer to the last part about why I changed my name...

To those around me, I changed my name to Open a few years after the car crash, when our souls had switched over. But because I hadn't fully and successfully integrated the soul exchange (what some call a 'walk-in'), I didn't announce it more widely for some years. So for the first few years after the crash, I continued to call myself by the old identity. Finally in 2013, the old soul moved on from my field, there was a big shift internally, and I felt I had no option but to now be totally transparent and call myself by my true soul name.

That said, I don't feel to taint my new/old soul name by relating it to the matrix. So I will not register it in the matrix. For that, I continue to use the old identity (Chris Bourne). It's great, because the system cannot own me nor my real name. I'm what's termed a 'free man'. It's something I would encourage others to explore - assuming you feel it.

I do realise it's slightly complicated, but then I've come to realise, the universe is seldom 'convenient'. But then in not being tied to the system, maybe it is!

Best wishes


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And I can understand (there's that matrix word again - do you have a better word that's not so tied in to matrix control?) not wanting to register it in the matrix.

Why do you think a lot of us yearn to have someone "higher" than us take care of us? And yearning that God/Source is compassionate when it Just Is?

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I would say it's natural to help one another - as souls that is.

There is a higher source for you - and all souls. It is the Twin Flame, which manifests in mirrors all around. So when people see a strong guide or leader, probably at the core of the experience is an essence of their own Twin Flame - and that's what they're really attuning to. It's just they get lost in the mirror and identify with the wrong source.

It's not at all a bad thing to work with a mirror, who you feel is really evolved and can show you something; but the really competant mirrors, would be helping you relate that back to your own self and experience - the sense of your Twin Flame.

Open *OK*

(and PS - the 'matrix' is just a word!)

Thanks for picking it up Mike.

If the evolving group could just get this one it would make a world of difference. To realise our consciousness is already creating all the circumstances we face and that is our path.

So if there's something you don't like about what you're creating, why did you create that which you don't like? What is it inside that is causing the incongruence to manifest? Which attachment? To what? and what distorted behaviours are perpetuating that reality?

Dig deep into these eddy currents, with self acceptance, with presence, and then yes, the bubble pops. Our consciousness within changes and we manifest a different reality on the outside.

Slowly but surely, the outer world begins to reflect a more harmonious alignment, synchronicity and feeling. As the old world shatters, it feels like a pathway of light unfolds before you.


Gets the message over brilliantly. Well done to everyone involved. Wish I'd been there.

I had a chuckle at the apple bit aswell Tonya! The benefit of constructive feedback from your audience!

Becky x

This is extraordinarily powerful. For me at least. Wraps the entire human journey toward divinity into one rich, beautifully-wrapped package. Thank you.

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Great lecture! I feel a door opened with this Exchange (and its filming) and not only for us hearing you but also for Openhand's way of sharing all the precious knowing. Wow! Tons of material squeezed into one small hour! In fact simply the output-sharing could fill many more hours like this (not to mention the intake). I felt the ebb and flow of energy in the lecture hall and a great job balancing it all out, and lifting it. Quite some stuff can evoke some resistance too, and there are some not easily digestable ideas for many, I reckon... I deeply appreciate the courage you stand by (your) truth! And let me also congratulate to Trin's contribution as well, <3, not only for the poetic videos juicing up the presentation itself, but also for the subtly engaging film work of the lecture itself - not something that is easily done! It was so successful it really made me want to go and give you a big hug! My gratitude for your work - as always! Réka

The materials presented offer so much hope that we can transform ourselves and our surroundings through lending attention to our natural beingness and allowing the awareness of the love that permeates the dimensions. The video is remarkable and filled with nuggets of eternal wisdom that shine the way forward for this year and the years to come. Thanks. Well done. I'm sure it will inspire others as well as it did me.

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