Meat and Dairy: what is its affect on our Evolutionary Growth?

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The Meat and Diary industry is the single most cause of global greenhouse gas emissions, bigger than all others put together (source...cowspiracy). In it's voracious appetite for grazing land, it is devouring forests at an astronomical rate. According to greenpeace, the oceans are acidifying at their fastest for 300 million years, the meat and dairy industry is probably the greatest contributor. But even more importantly, it is an industry that is brutally inhumane. In many ways, you are being what you eat: you are consuming energy - consciousness - and if that's been pumped full of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, all infused with a debilitating cocktail of control and fear, then that's what you're pumping into your field. I put it to you, it is most definitely NOT something to support spiritual evolution. Quite the contrary...

Dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest - Mother's Nature?

I've often heard the meat diary industry justified because 'dog-eat-dog' is simply the end product of Mother Nature; we have risen to the 'top' of the foodchain. But is dog-eat-dog actually Mother's Aligned Nature? In this video - Ascension of Gaia - I share a perspective that actually, the world we currently live in, is the product both of humanity's karma, and that of Gaia. Survival of only the fittest is not 'wrong' (in a judgmental sense), but that doesn't make it 'right' in terms of alignment with the higher paradigm to which (generally speaking) life is ascending here...

In my knowing, and in one of the key messages of my incarnation that I feel given to share, we're ascending to a higher vibration of being, where all life is respected and cherished; where we co-create in harmony together and no life has to suffer at the hands of another.

This to me, is a 'fundamental foundation stone' of fifth density consciousness. And crucially, to move into it, is to live it, here and now, in every breath we take, with every morsel we eat.

Hybridised Homo Sapiens

I know there is probably no other more contentious issue in spiritual circles than the meat and dairy industry. For many people I encounter, who feel drawn to a compassionate plant based-diet, there's a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to overcome: many still feel to consume animal protein. In some ways, despite the desperately inhumane consciousness they're infusing into their blood stream, nevertheless, there's still the legacy compulsion to eat it. Where does this dichotomy come from?

As I've explained in my book Divinicus: rise of the Divine Human, I believe there is incontrovertible evidence that humanity's DNA has been purposefully tampered with in order that he would consume meat and diary, thereby that he could go on to populate the planet, thus taking full control of its precious resources. It's a crucial part of the Opposing Consciousness Agenda here.

It means that all too frequently, evolving people feel conflicting impulses within. And it's often a big challenge for them to process out the old exploitative consciousness. My heart goes out to all people caught in this conundrum. But no one ever said that Ascension was easy, that spiritual evolution was just a walk in the park. Especially with the degree of intervention that has happened here on earth. I totally understand it's not easy if you're bodily cells are still calling for animal protein. But your soul is seeking spiritual mastery, and letting go of addiction and attachment to the old world physicality is going to present serious challenge. You can expect that on the spiritual path. We're being invited to Transcend the much denser consciousness.

Harrowing but enlightening film

Sometimes we need a serious 'kick in the pants' to effect change. Some shocking event will frequently kick start a person's spiritual evolution. With that in mind, I invite all evolving people to watch what is without doubt, one of the most important, shocking, and harrowing films of our time.

It provides a 'fly on the wall' of the practically incomprehensible brutality, that is daily metered out, to render supermarket shelves with neatly sanitised and packaged butchery. Earthlings, what are you doing? If anything I've said stirs something within you, then I strongly suggest you watch this video. Let the suffering of other sentient life inspire your compulsion for evolutionary growth. Namaste Open Here's the trailer and the full documentary...

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I appreciate the info link for the cleansing/detox I will look into this, as for sugar and most Diary products I had cut that out many, many years ago, I was aware that meat was not good but buried my head in the sand about it so to speak, not proud of this but no longer can I do this and as I have stated my commitment in achieving to walk the path is made.

Trinity's book is downloaded and so this new journey in cleansing and much healthier eating begins :)



Thanks Open for this, I hope that it inspires many to make the right choices for their spiritual evolution. The extreme abuse of sentient beings on the planet is a huge sadness to me. I just hope that by leaps and bounds, the most dangerous species on earth - the human, will WAKE UP.
Lots of love Myra xxx


Hi Steve,

That's wonderful. Yes, go for it. You'll be amazed at the elevation in your evolution by cleansing from the dense meat and dairy vibration. Pay attention also to processed sugar, wheat, caffeine and non-organic food.

And also I would recommend doing it progressively. Be determined, yes, but better progressive. And you'll need to do some serious work cleansing the intestine from dense compacted 'mucoid plaque' which is likely to be festering there: most people in their forties, who've eaten meat and dairy all their lives, mostly have several pounds of festering, undigested detritus in their gut, which prevents the uptake of vital nutrients, causing addiction to unhealthy food products and over eating. You won't hear about it in the mainstream - it's one of those inconvenient truths that is hushed up...

if the human body was designed by 'nature' over millions of years to eat meat and dairy, then how come the body can't properly digest it?

When people begin to switch to a vegan diet, if they do so without fully detoxing and inner cleansing, some will go into some kind of withdrawal. They will sometimes actually feel quite unhealthy for a period of time. It prevents some from persisting. And often it's used as an excuse: "why vegan isn't right or healthy for me".

You have to rebuild the gut and intestine to its natural state. Once cleansed, then the microbiotics must be renewed to their natural plant based state, in order that essential nutrients can be absorbed better.

I did this several years ago during an intensive fast and detox. I strongly advise reading it in full to get the sense of what it involves and some vital information. You can read my journey in full here...

Fasting and detox for Evolution - cleansing the gut of compacted waste and uninvited 'guests'

With support and blessings



I have known deep in me about the slaughtering of animals and about eating meat and how it is in so many ways not good for us, now integrating also about other life suffering I am not proud to say that I have altered my diet only slightly...however my commitment to a achieving to walk the righteous path is growing and strengthening within me and all this in Much thanks to Openhand, I now eat meat and feel wrong and bad, I have altered my diet more now and I will download Trinity's conscious Kitchen book and slowly change completely.

I also want to mention how I personally appreciate Open's and Openhand's compassion on how truly difficult it is to completely alter one's diet, it is an entire life style change and very taxing on the mind, I have talked to many people and it is not that they do not want to change from what I keep hearing but that all the effort and trouble it is to change, especially people with kids and the re-educating of the eating habits of the entire family.

My choice is made and I am getting Trinity's book and making this change once and for all.



Thank you for sharing this. It was without a doubt the most difficult thing for me to watch. I intellectually knew of the brutality, but never allowed myself to embrace the extent of it. I have just recently become vegan. It just felt right to do so.


This is horrific!

I'd love to see school field trips to a slaughterhouse rather than to the glorified 'happy' farms as happens here in southern Ontario. If children are to learn about and honestly experience today, they need to see what happens today.

Of course, it would be traumatic and there'd be a lot of sick children on the way home who'd have nightmares for a long time afterwards, but there'd also many more vegan households.

Somehow however I have a feeling this idea wouldn't be received with much enthusiasm by the school boards, teachers or parents - so, on some level people are well aware of the atrocities that are perpetrated on their behalf.

Such cruelty so neatly packaged and swallowed whole by ignorant consuming masses. There is no excuse for this. It is simply wrong.

I've been vegetarian for about 30 years - just recently vegan - and my soul is grateful to you Trinity for shining a light on the beauty and lightness of a vegan diet. The option is too painful.