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Dear Friends,

in my view it is so important to inform yourself. Quitting to consume the propaganda spread by the mainstream media is one thing. But staying informed is another. So I would like to share some resources that I regularly check to stay informed and listen to some comments about what's going on on the planet. So here we go:

Luke Rudkowsky from
Freedomain Radio. Libertarian:
David Ickes regular Podcast:

And some more general channels:

If you are looking for arguments for the next debate about why a vegan lifestye is important, Gary Yourofsky has some really good answers:
And of course Dr. Greger about general nutrition:
Space Weather:
Nassim Harameins Resonance Project:

Of course this list is not complete. Where do you inform yourself about what is going on in the world?

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I came across this website today - . It has some lovely and inspiring stories and articles, links to ted talks and youtube clips...

I've just been watching Robin Williams interacting and having fun with Koko the gorilla who communicates with over 1000 signs... really beautiful! It illustrates how intelligent, sensitive and knowing animals truly are.

Love Fiona


And thanks to you too Catherine. It's really uplifting to know that there are so many people out there shining a light into the darkness of misinformation.


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for introducing a topic near and dear to my heart. I appreciate the list of resources. Five years ago I began a serious search for reliable sources of information to educate myself and others about the truth behind the continual deception spewed out by mainstream media. I came across an American website called WantToKnow whose mission is to provide readers with reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups and corruption and to serve as a call to work together for the good of all. A few statements from their website:

"We shine light into the unconscious shadows of ourselves and our world with the intention of inviting us both individually and collectively to make more conscious choices which allow us to step ever more fully into our magnificence and to build a brighter future for us all….The powerful information presented here is a wake-up call. It is a call to move beyond complacency and apathy to focus on our deeper purpose in life and on creating the world we want to live in. It is a call for each of us to focus on moving from fear to love. If we want to make this world a better place, understanding what's happening behind the scenes is vitally important. By exploring the reliable, verifiable information provided here and spreading it far and wide, each one of us can make a difference… believes it is important to balance disturbing cover-up information with inspirational writings which call us to be all that we can be and to work together for positive change….The work of relies on a group of courageous, dedicated researchers from around the globe."

In addition to the above, I read a variety of media including alternative media such as Common Ground, Truthdig, Truth Out, Nation of Change in the U.S. and the Vancouver Observer,, and CanadaLand in Canada. When I feel the pull, I share info on social media to help wake people up and to shine light into the darkness.

Here is the link to WantToKnow:

xxx Catherine


These are great resources, Oliver. Thank you for providing the list. I think the key is to not take anything at 100%, even in the alternative news. They’d be way more accurate though.

If there is a news item from a particular region and I’m interested in it I'd sometimes go to Twitter to see what the regular people are reporting on. I hear from some friends that Twitter is also manipulating the content, which is not surprising. :-)




This is my kind of news Oliver - thank you!! Like Jen, I've sort of given up on 'news' because it really is absurd, but having briefly checked out your list, it feels like valid information - true reporting, not distortive programming.
Again, thank you.


This is great Oliver! David Icke's podcasts are a regular feature at our house.

I tend towards news that is about food and farming: (farming and climate change)

Looking forward to discovering the links you shared!



Hey Oliver this is awesome! For a long while I totally dropped out of reading any media whatsoever and over the last few years have come back into the world =). I can't say I have an extensive list of sites...I do read on Conscious Life News and scan facebook for things that jump out at me. Thank you for this great list! I will check'em out!

With love,