Why being in the Spiritual Flow is the only way to truly Live

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Making the choices of our higher self
Humanity's spiritual awakening is gathering at a pace. Many have awakened to the profound magic of Unity Consciousness - that cosmic energy which unites all. But what is the next step? Where do you go from there? It's all about learning to 'walk the path' by following your inner compass. So how exactly does that work? I've been consciously walking the path for a long time now and encountered many who're doing the same. Here's my sharing based on those direct experiences...

The natural flow of the moment

There are some really great books and films out there right now stimulating the collective consciousness especially with regards to the importance of living in the moment; work by Eckhart Tolle and Dan Millman to name but two. Have you seen the film "Peaceful Warrior" yet? It's a wonderful and highly entertaining 'essay' in living in the moment and the importance and incredible beauty of that. I would highly recommend it. And when you find yourself living in the moment, those that do, will often speak of the natural flow of the moment; an underlying energy which has purpose and direction just as a mountain stream flowing back to the ocean.

Our society seems almost completely oblivious to that flow. An illusionary reality has been built for us founded on deadlines, agendas and lower based desires. So ingrained is this system of conditioning, that when we do finally surrender to the moment and reconnect with the natural flow, it can seem like we've suddenly become completely at odds with society. It's as if we're feeling guidance and sense of higher purpose but practically everyone and everything in the external mirror wants us to go in the opposite direction. It can be extremely de-stabilising and confusing. No wonder so many lightworkers experience difficulty at this point. It's enough to test the faith of an angel!

So in learning to walk the path, it's likely that you'll have many false starts to begin with. You will likely get drawn down many blind alleys before you fully emerge. And yet success is open to everyone, when you finally decide that the direction in which your life is heading really does not serve. Then there is only one choice to make - go inwards, surrender to the soul and trust what you're being invited to do... at whatever apparent personal cost to the ego. It's then - and only then - that you're truly ready to walk the path.

The Inner Journey

What can make the path so difficult to engage with, is that a very important and profound change of perception needs to happen first. It is something here at Openhand we call the "Realignment". It's where you realise the true journey in life is not an outer one at all, but an inner one. The outer is merely a reflection of the inner, which ideally is designed to help you see the inner better.

So you switch from a lifestyle where you're lost in appointments and schedules designed to control, shape or safeguard the external drama in some way, to a life where we're engaging with your inner feelings, thoughts and emotions and asking of your soul "what would you have me do now?" "how would you have me 'be' now?" In asking these questions, you'll be given guidance in the form of an inner pull to act or the landing of simple inner knowing - "this is what to do now". There will be many times when nothing seems to land. In which case, you're being invited to dig deeper and discover something new about yourself. In fact this is the purpose of the path.

Being at-one with Gaia

I remember for example when I was rediscovering walking the path being drawn into a well known supermarket to buy some food. I was consciously engaged with my inner feelings - it was they that took me there in the first place. Here is my sharing from that experience...

As I walked in, I noticed first the huge filament lights perfectly positioned to suck every ounce of energy from my system - not a great start! But as my field began to deflate somewhat, I was able to lessen the effects by not tightening down and getting irritable - "how can society be so ignorant to energy?" Ah yes. Silly me. It was designed that way! Next I noticed the extremely hectic, confused and noisy energy of the shoppers all around; a complete battering and confrontation of the senses. I noticed their eyes most of all: vacant; not entirely there; seemingly lost in pursuit of some end goal, locked into prices, advertisements and special offers. They seemed totally disregarding of the wider story going on all around them - this is the "Matrix" at its worst!

I found myself having to expand and work harder not to let the energy get to me. Not to judge, not to criticise as I was knocked, jostled, and my field constantly invaded - a big challenge! And yet I still worked to engage the inner pull. "Where would you have me go now?" A slightly jerky, stop-start flow took me to the vegetable isle. It was kind of like walking blinded folded through a maze. The counters and their frenetic energy had a particular layout, but the universal flow weaved its way through these with a totally different design - sometimes I'd bump into 'sharp corners' but at least it was still possible to engage the flow when 'listening' real hard. So I found myself standing before a vegetable isle.

"What now? What would you have me get?" "Salad for lunch" came to mind so I began to browse the various offerings. I picked up a cucumber, suddenly a thousand questions seemed to explode in my mind in rapid succession: "was it organic? where did it come from? how many miles to get here? did it have colourings and preservatives? have pesticides been used? what about the packaging? what about the price? can I afford organic?" As my mind raced around the questions, suddenly I realised the incredible responsibility (and indeed power) that came with my purchase. Not only that, but each contemplation was causing me to challenge conditioned thinking and behaviours..."organic's expensive, I'll just go for the cheaper option"; "never mind the packaging, that's just the way we live", "and so what if pesticides damage our top soils, we've all got to eat haven't we?" So I confronted the conditioning and in each place, managed to reconnect with my soul and make the higher choice.

By now, it seems like I'd been stood in the isle looking at this cucumber for an eternity! Even the other de-sensitised shoppers were beginning to notice taking a wide berth around this curious odd-ball! But no matter. This was important. I came to a point with the distinct risk of descending into confusion and chaos. "How can I live in this place? How can I make a decision where everything is so loaded? Every choice I make would seem to damage Mother Earth in some way." But then I realised to descend into confusion served no-one, including Mother Earth. At that point I relaxed, expanded and opened up. To which, something truly beautiful and miraculous happened. I actually felt the conscious presence of Gaia herself as if she was stood all around me. As she enfolded me in a loving embrace, higher knowing was imparted to me with great clarity, like a crystal clear stream flowing effortlessly down a mountain side...

"My dear friend, society is completely at odds with our natural ecosystems - something that has been obvious to you for a while now. But it is not your fault and it won't serve you or me to take on the blame for it. Most importantly, I do feel your love and compassion in the thinking and realisations you're making. So you're not to blame BUT, you are responsible for the choices you now make. You have come to this place for a reason...to discover and express your soul in the choices that you continually make in every moment. This is a very imperfect world. You will have to make many compromises, but there's one compromise you should always avoid...compromising your soul. Which means not to let your soul be sold cheaply because of conditioned behaviours aligned with expediency.

With each choice, go deep in your heart, be sure that you're not simply giving in to the easy, low-cost, quick-fix option. Feel deeply your connection with me and you will find you'll be able to make the higher choice. That doesn't mean to say you'll have to starve or go without. It is enough to find your highest truth and feel your at-one-ment with me. We know this world is imperfect. A more perfected Renewed world awaits everyone when you can let go of lower conditioning and find the higher unconditional love for all life. So make your realisations and then make your choices without fear, blame or regret."

This beautiful connection brought tears to my eyes. I relaxed and expanded. Yes I could be aligned with my soul and yet live in this place. I simply had to be fully conscious about the choices I was making and why. In so doing, I was remembering how to walk the path. To go with my inner feelings to act and then ask "what is being revealed to myself about myself?" remembering all the while that especially in this place, we can compromise everything but the soul. In other words we have to be sure that our motivations are coming from the right place, not that of expediency. After a while, having stripped away many of the distortions related to living in our society, we'll find day-to-day life becomes easier again. We can begin to flow effortlessly through the matrix, making choices of the higher self but without getting stuck. It's like you learn how to 'interface' with the matrix - to be in it, but not of it.

A conscious engagement with every single moment

To truly walk the path means to be consciously engaged with what you're feeling and experiencing in in every single moment. So when you get up in the morning and take a shower, are you already thinking about a busy day ahead, or instead feeling the fullness of the moment? Enjoying the water as it splashes down over your skin? When you're eating breakfast, do you just go with what you always tend to have? or are you actually consciously asking your body what would best suit it? When you're on the way to work, or taking the kids to school, are you allowing the end goal to simply drag you forwards by engaging the usual programs? or perhaps today you're being invited to find a different route. Maybe in so doing, you'll experience a beautiful synchronicity - perhaps an uplifting message on the side of a bus or bill-board. If you conduct action - any action - and you're not fully, consciously engaged in what you're doing and not aware of what's going on around you, then you're not present. You're lost in a program and living in an illusion. In such instances, you're not really living at all! To help you be more awake, remember, this physical plane is symbolic of the higher plane of inter-connectivity, joy and love to which we're ascending. So you might see the tired old advertisements on the side of the road, or hear the marketing on the radio, but look always for the symbology in these things. The more you follow the pull, the more you'll get answers to questions arising on your inner journey...it's your soul asking you these things.

The Divine Design

This then is the magic of the Divine Design - the hidden code. Everything has a deeper meaning if we care to look, ask and intuit. Something is always being reflected to us about who we are and what we are being.

Walking the path doesn't mean we'll always understand the messages. Neither does it mean we'll always make the right choice. In fact to me, in the early days, the path was more about continually making the 'wrong' choices and learning from the experiences in the process. So walking the path is like a continual game of paradox. We're not looking for hard and fast rules. Every single moment is unique and requires a unique choice. In reading the signs, synchonicities and feelings as we walk through this world, each choice will strip away a rule so that our soul can be more spontaneous and free in the moment.

The Spiritual Compass

That's why dogmatic gospel, is little help in following the path - because all situations are unique. Just because we behaved one way in a particular situation, doesn't mean the soul will want to behave the same way in a similar (but different) one. That's why here at Openhand we've formulated a process for helping to make authentic choices in the moment. It's called Openway...

In overview, "Openway" is a three step process that can be defined simply as this...

  • Open into the Soul
    Open through Blockages
    Open for Beingness

'Open into the Soul' - soften through small “I” identity; tune into the mainstream of the soul and begin to follow it.

  • Through breathing, meditation and keen internal observation, you begin to soften identification with the small “I” identity, felt as tightness throughout the bodymind. You begin to pick up, and attune to, the subtle vibrations of the soul, often felt as expansiveness, timelessness, joy, peace, interconnectivity and unconditional love. Completely accept that the purpose of each and every moment is self-realisation and actualisation. Therefore relinquish the need for any particular outcome, or any resistance to the natural flow of the moment. Thus you start to connect up to the soul’s mainstream, which begins to speak through you as an inner pull to act or the landing of Higher Self intuitions. Increase the integration of soul by following these impulses as much as possible.

'Open through Blockages' - confront and unwind activating blockages; integrate fragments of soul releasing from the density.

  • As you increasingly attune to the mainstream of the soul within, subconscious blockages, tightness and karmic trauma are activated, felt as constriction, tightness and source pain. Become as-one with these experiences by completely honouring and expressing them. Work to realise either as a knowing or feeling, what the limitation was all about. Accept them to the extent that you don’t need them to go away. Once fully accepted, use breathing, movement, visualisations and emotive music to unwind the inner restrictions. Allow the fragment of soul to integrate by feeling your completeness in the situation.

'Open for Beingness' - soften through tightness into pure presence; unleash ever more authentic qualities of soul and step into Right Action.

  • By opening through blockages and source pain, you expand into the tightness they generate, dissolve them and begin to access the 'void' – a crystal-clear place of pure presence in the background of activity – our True Self. It feels like infinite peace and acceptance – awesome okayness, pure “isness”. From the infinite potential of pure presence, authentic beingness will simply arise. Attune deeply to these feelings by applying yourself to full energetic, mental, emotional and physical expression of this naturally arising beingness. Give yourself completely to “Right Action” – a sense of ‘rightness’, which is totally aligned with the natural flow of the universe, leading to resilient, fulfilling, successful and joyful living.

To fully understand what each step of "Openway" truly means and how to integrate them into one seamless process for soul-led decision making in day-to-day life, Openhand provides a specific five day retreat called "5GATEWAYS".
Find out more...The 5GATEWAYS retreat

Let your soul be your pilot

It's no secret that mankind is undergoing a powerful transition. The whole fabric and foundation of our society is being shaken. In every moment we're being invited to question our traditions, beliefs and behaviours. No stone will be left unturned; the financial system, the industrial food chain, our very civilisation will be unravelled over time. However difficult this transition may currently seem, there is a benevolent guiding light shining through it all leading us forwards to a higher paradigm of harmony, joy and at-one-ment with all sentient life. And to get there, is to tune into your soul and follow the path. The path will lead you to choices - choices where you might get tight and stuck. But if instead, you can just open, relax and let go of the need for a particular outcome, you'll find the path opens before you like a magical gateway of light.

In loving support
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Hi Erica,

Nice to see you here again *give_rose*

Yes words are so clumsy - yet for the majority they're so important - it's a plane most live in. So I find it important to be able to relate.

And I do enjoy writing - but yes, it can at times take you out of the flow.

Something to watch.



Upon furthering the exploration of this and relating it to being in the natural flow of the moment, I see its simply being interrupted by connecting through text messages or all the cell phones. All the virtual interactions that are connecting each yet inadvertently divide when we are truly in the presence of one another or distract when experiencing life naturally. Its simple on many levels but has invaded the daily lives deeply.

"If you conduct action - any action - and you're not fully, consciously engaged in what you're doing and not aware of what's going on around you, then you're not present. You're lost in a program and living in an illusion. In such instances, you're not really living at all!"

True...I see my reluctance to express in words relates to the perception that words are a response filled with energy that most often feels to add turbulence or alters the flow of the moment thus creates an inner disturbance as I am peaceful in the presence and pure observation of just living life

Brings to mind how last evening when I was in the canoe enjoying the warm sun shining on my face, my sons friend was paddling and between the paddling he would make "water tornadoes". At first it created a large disruptive swirl but it was always reabsorbed with ensuing calmness and eventually stillness once again. Thank you


"After a while, having stripped away many of the distortions related to living in our society, we'll find day-to-day life becomes easier again. We can begin to flow effortlessly through the matrix, making choices of the higher self but without getting stuck. It's like you learn how to 'interface' with the matrix - to be in it, but not of it."

Love this. Allowing each experience to unfold daily allows for much. While synchronicity seemingly peeked for awhile which infused a rush of bliss joy or despair, many words can be applied but words tend to limit as well. That is a reoccurring concept since much of all interactions need the spoken or written word to convey a message outside of oneself to reflect the inner. While I once felt it was easy to express myself eloquently and clearly..words are elusive at this point in time. Thank you


Thank you Open for your daily posts. Today's post touches me so deeply and is exactly what I needed to read, feel, and connect with. I could recall my own experience in the grocery store just a couple of weeks ago where I felt the same sensations. I didn't acknowledge everything as deeply and firmly as you did but I'm a newbie at this at one ment. :) The pieces are coming together and I thank you and this community. From the Maine land, gratitude, love, and blessings of joy. Onward!


Every article you share is so authentic, real and liberating....

this one has reminded me to re-connect with the catalysing tools in the 5 gateways movie and to re-read the five gateways book...so much to integrate consciously, I felt tightness as I read, not feeling I was properly walking the path but then reading further you elaborated and shared on the true meaning of walking the path :)


Ahh well - it must have been you that called for it then!
It doesn't come from the mind, I just open and things flow.

Thanks for the activation!

Open :-)


Great that you've joined us Shakti8 - and welcome to Openhand :-)

It's awesome that you found your power to break free of the old life.
Yes it takes a great deal of courage. *OK*

At some point after that, we may well come to realise that the original false life only formed because aspects of the soul were identifying in some way with reality - in other words getting lost. But in these places - like in relationships for example - there's also great truth in why they happened in the first place. Distancing oneself from the past is the first step to reclaim the wholeness of the core you. But then to become truly complete, the soul will draw us back again (if we allow it) towards some of the old patterns and situations, not to get lost in them, but to reclaim the buried fragments of soul that we may have repressed and denied in breaking away.

Reclaiming these lost aspects leads to Enlightenment, enabling the soul to flow through all situations and circumstances without getting lost at all.

Wishing you well



I felt the pull of my soul calling me to change direction. I felt I needed to break away from everything that was familiar and safe. I was brought right to the edge of the cliff but I was not strong enough to jump. I felt I needed to break away from roles titles and expectations that kept me limited and bound. It took all the strength I had to break away from my previous life. I am now in a space where I am able to sit in my own power that is governed by my soul = SHAKTI 'Shakti (Sanskrit pronunciation: [ˈʃʌktɪ]) (Devanagari: शक्ति; from Sanskrit shak, "to be able"), meaning "Power" or "empowerment," is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe. BOOK - 'The Four Faces of Woman' Caroline Ward, explores and encourages you to ask 'who you are' and restores the authentic self through the breaking away of limitations and belief systems set by society which keep people imprisoned into thinking this is how it is. Now we know there is another way... Shakti8


A lovely little reminder for me at this moment in time. Just a push, to keep at it, through all those moments when I'm just not sure. Heartfelt Thanks for this article and so many others on this website!


Thank you so much for this posting Open - it just sums up 'everything' beautifully. I seem to need constant reminders about taking a step out of the matrix and being the observer of it as well as living in the moment. Its a work in progress!

with love to you all Myra x