What is the Purpose of YOUR incarnation HERE?

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It seems to me so many are trying to figure out exactly why they are here, in this incarnation right now. And in a world of increasing turbulence, exactly what are you here to do? How can we help? It's a question that's enough to drive you crazy just thinking about it! So what if the reason for your incarnation could easily be revealed to you from the current circumstances of your life? What if a simple change of perspective on how you create reality could uplift not just you, but everyone around you?

The Universal Law of Attraction

Openhand is a highly evolved, higher dimensional presence, and from that perspective on reality, it's not that each of us is here to do a specific thing, although it may at times - for very good reasons - look like that (I'll return to why in a moment). Practically, everything works according to the Universal Law of Attraction, which in essence means:

Everything works in the universe according to the configuration of consciousness. Whatever configuration we have inside, is creative and manifests outside of ourselves exactly the mirror we need, in order to further unwind, evolve and grow. Our purpose here is to shine our light ever more brightly, to express ever more authentically, to be all that we can be. By the Law of Attraction, the mirror we create is our perfect tool for fulfilling that destiny.

So our destiny is not something that we do - although we will do many things. Our destiny is all about beingness and unfolding that. In actual fact, people find that when they can truly surrender into this way of approaching the moment, then they discover true meaning in life - it becomes magical and successful - providing you're learning about yourself and expressing all that you can be, then it feels just like living in heaven!

Simply amazing gifts of beingness

So the gifts that we are given when we incarnate are amazingly magical gifts of beingness: like compassion, love, joy, interpretation, understanding, empathy, non-judgmental discernment, acceptance, surrender, creativity, catalysis, passion, commitment, focus, motivation, leadership, entreprenuership and the absolute 'Merlin' of pure magic. I briefly mention these as words, but each alone is so incredibly bundled with possibility and expression, it is impossible to properly capture their quintessence. You think you've mastered a degree of surrender, then the universe artfully configures some new cliff edge to show you where you've been hanging on. You think you understand how to truly manifest, the universe shows you a whole new box of tricks. Such gifts of beingess have endless expression - simply endless! It's clesar to me, from copious exploration both in this life and many others, that the universe works tirelessly with its infinite palette of power to make one key thing happen (although in infinitely different ways). That is:

to provide continually updating, evolving, morphing and changing vehicles such that we can each express one or more of these gifts - to enable the gifts to truly sing.

By the word 'vehicle' I mean a situation, event, occurrence or experience. It could be a relationship with a particular configuration for example that pushes all of your buttons. Why? So in experiencing your tightness you can confront it, evolve and grow beyond it. It could be a life-threatening or seriously debilitating illness that you just can't seem to cure. Why? So that you have the perfect situation to experience yourself and know yourself as something beyond merely physical.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Many people look into the outside world for their destiny not realising they're already creating it! As the Oracle says to Neo in the film The Matrix... "you're not here to make a choice, you've already made the choice, you're here to figure out why you made the choice."

So if you can pause for a moment and reflect on exactly why you've created the circumstances you're now in, then you'd realise you're being offered vital clues as to how to proceed...

The external mirror is showing you two things: both your distortions and your magical gifts of beingness. If you can accept the distortions, not need them to go away, but explore who you are through them, then you tend to drop into the Sacred Ground of Being and from there, you touch a magical gift of beingness which is being reflected in the outside mirror.

Then all you have to do is to attune to that gift to have the most incredible creative impact.

The Divine Paradox of Manifestation

The divine paradox is, that when we're in this place, we create exactly what we need in that moment, including all the necessary resources to fulfill our destiny - an expression of beingness This is one of the central tenets of the Openhand Philosophy.

Many people and spiritual teachings I've encountered come at it the other way around: they try to manifest the outcome first. To me, this is like the tail wagging the dog. Actually you may get some initial success, because reality bends and warps around you if you focus hard enough. But all you do is create an eddy current of distortion around you - an eddy current which is inescapably connected to the entirety of the flow.

So in effect, over time, you summon the entirety of the flow to unwind your 'eddy current' - your manifestation. Why not instead, simply hook up to the flow and have it express through you? Then you unleash the maximum creative potential of the universe through your being. You simply can't fail; your creations are in alignment. What could be better?

Building the flow

So if you can stop struggling to make a choice of what to do, and instead figure out what's your highest expression in this moment, then what will happen, is that the universe will use its full unfettered power to support that gift of beingness in some way. In which case, you simply don't need to figure out what it is that you're here to do, because that will happen as a natural expression of what you are being.

What I've discovered, is that if I always come from beingess, if I always expand into any distortion and make space for the gift to arise and sing, then my life seems to be magically guided on a path - a flow actually - which the more I align with, the more I give myself to, the stronger and stronger it gets.

It feels like being swept along in a magically creative torrent. I don't determine which way the torrent is going, what it is here to do, but I notice it has a consistency and pattern to it. I could say I'm being a coach, or a teacher, or a facilitator, but in actual fact, whatever I end up doing, I'm just being me, and I observe this encourages others to be them. Then I laugh inwardly to myself: is there really anything else going on!

Right Action: the only truly authentic choice

It's so often the case, in the Openhand Facilitation we do, people are trying to figure out what choice to make in the outside world. Why am I here? What's is the purpose of my incarnation? They're often struggling to do 'this' or 'that'. Sometimes they're creating so much internal stress around the decision it's practically driving them crazy.

Here at Openhand, it's about finding "Right Action" - that which is aligned with the universal flow:

"Forget about needing to make a choice. Your higher consciousness has already chosen. Instead look first for the blockages you can expose, accept, expand into and let go of. Then, above all, look for the gift of beingness that is wanting to come through you right now.

Look for it, feel it, embrace it, attune to it, give it wings and let it sing through you. Then Right Action will happen all by itself."

If you can do that, you'll truly change not only your world, but the wider one. There simply is no other authentic way.

If you'd like support in living your life from the soul, contact us or get directly involved in our 5D Ascension Program.

In loving support

Open 🙏
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this article has such important guidance and truth. i'm starting to slowly get it. after decades of running away but actually just running deeper into my own distortions, i can see now that changing the outcome doesn't change anything. but chamging how i'm being and reacting feels like the right way now. choosing the highest expression and rightness of being feels like the freedom i've been searching for my whole life. i just have to keep choosing it until it becomes my new reaction. doing it this way has got me involving my shadow side now, having dialogue with it instead of rejecting it and pushing it away. teaching myself how to be whole? what an amazing concept that transforms the frustration, pain and despair to excitment and adventure; where can i go from here? it feels like possibility where before it was a dead-end. long road ahead still but i think i'm starting to get it. WOW! 

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Hi Barb, it sounds like you're having some truly deep realisations and gaining greatly from them...

after decades of running away but actually just running deeper into my own distortions, i can see now that changing the outcome doesn't change anything.

Absolutely! So how can we actually gain by an active exploration into our shadowside?

doing it this way has got me involving my shadow side now, having dialogue with it instead of rejecting it and pushing it away. teaching myself how to be whole?

In the Openhand approach seek to recognise this one fundamental truth (that is simple to say, but tough to put into practice):

every distortion we express from the shadowside is a distortion of truth. And so don't simply drop the distortion or run away from it - don't supress, deny or distract from it. Instead turn right into it and allow it to express, whilst carefully watching yourself in it - illuminate it. Can you first let go of the attachment of needing the moment to go a certain way? It certainly doesn't serve you to stay attached to that. And then, what's the new expression of being that wants to come through instead? Once you lose your investment in the moment, you're more liberated to simply be authentic, whatever the outcome.

It's not easy, but it is deeply transformative, and the Universe is working tirelessly to reveal these new gifts in people.

Open đź‘Ś


Very well put. As the planetary/galactic gates open up the only thing stopping you from connecting to the "new" Trinary system is your own personal gates/psychological blocks


02/08/2021: Why exactly are you here at these times?

A lot of people out there in the Openhand wider community I know are asking the question, "why exactly am I here at these crazy times?" It's entirely understandable to ask about that! Also plenty of people are yearning to go back home - that's absolutely understandable too. BUT, if you find yourself still here, then you're here for a reason. There are still things to be gained and especially where it gets challenging there is much to be learned. So stay with it, keep working with what comes up and presents. Above all, realise it is NEVER about the outcome, but how you respond and grow within yourself to the changing circumstances.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't work towards the things that bring joy and upliftment. It doesn't mean to renounce life or step back from it. It doesn't mean we shouldn't keep creating. Quite the opposite - as things keep transforming it gives you even MORE of an opportunity to create and be you. The key is to keep letting go of the need for things to land A PARTICULAR WAY. If we constantly work on this, we'll keep letting go of inner tightness, integrate lost fragments of soul and grow enormously.

That's my encouragement to all this day - remember this, work on it, and gain from it.

Finally this came to me today and I thought it's excellent so felt to share it with you...

Much love to all

Open 💙🙏


When I attended your may weekend retreat I left realising that I had to feel more into unconditional love. That I was less than authentic in both being a loving soul and expressing myself through love. I feel more that I Am love now, I intuitively shift vibration/frequency into this wonderful smile-demanding way of being and immediately enjoy the change in energy. I wonder though, is this my theme for this incarnation? I sort of feel like there is little that I have not already experienced in 'Human' terms, and my only passion left is to learn and facilitate the expansion and awakening of humanity. Am I being authentic? I believe I Am, and yet I would enjoy other perspective from within this community if anyone is willing to share? Namaste <3


The 2 last articles, this one and yesterdays have helped me re-focus properly but every article, every sharing is like small nuggets of gold.



Hi Open,

I cannot overemphasise the importance of this article in my personal life right now. I have allowed the path to take me back to the Matrix. It causes contractions which, through surrender and 'softening into the moment' leads to expansion (for me, this is the biblical/proverbial 'going through the eye of the needle'). I also gave up searching for one particular profession I had been so preoccupied with. I learnt that (in my opinion) there is no such thing as a 'spiritual' profession (or a non-spiritual one, for that matter). I am extremely grateful for your words. 'Spiritual' life is through the waterfall, wherever it may take me. You will need a good surfboard however.:) all the bests, Márk


Hi StarHawk,

My approach has been to always centre and come from beingness - initially not to focus on the thoughts; instead, establish a 'solid base' of consciousness, more as a feeling.

From this place, my soul then progressively ventured into the thoughts. I'd allow the thoughts to contract my consciousness; then ask 'why'? It will always be because of some unseen investment in the moment - some subtle need for it to be a certain way.

Over time, one's established beingness then penetrates into the thought processes, realigning them with your consciousness. When everything is in alignment, from the Source right down to the little aspects of behaviour, then there is pure harmony within; you feel the path of light flowing through everything that you do and think.

But it does take an enormous commitment of patience and persistence; it takes a good deal of time, over many years.

Wishing you well



Thanks, Open, for your article. I found it helpful, affirming & encouraging.

It's good to be reminded that I don't need to put too much energy into thinking about questions such as "why did I incarnate in this lifetime?", or "what is it that I'm here to do?", as I'm prone to ruminating on such questions at times.

I agree with you that it's much more important to align with the flow, moment by moment, accept, allow, expand & express, & then the Universe will take me on a (seemingly) magical journey & experience of beingness.

I find myself caught in my thoughts too often, usually thoughts of regret about the past & of worry about the future. I find that meditation can help stop unwanted thoughts, as can doing something creative, being in nature, or some forms of therapy & growth work. Are there any other ways, in your experience, to help stop distressing thoughts, or are thoughts also something we can accept, allow & expand into?