The Importance of Blending Surrender with Willpower on the Spiritual Path

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You'll no doubt hear lots about the value and importance of surrender on the spiritual path - being able to accept the moment as it really is, without needing it to be a certain way. In other words, not needing a particular outcome. So what about all the qualities of determination, courage and willpower? Do they fit in, and if so, how? This exploration includes the first in series of new style Openhand Spiritual Philosophy videos...

True surrender is not simply "dropping the hot coals"

It is of course only the ego that continues to effort and struggle to get somewhere in life or to attain something. The ego being essentially, that unrealised aspect of the soul, which attaches to the physicality of life. So one of the most valuable steps we can take on the path, is that of surrender.

In the Openhand sense though, this not simply a case of 'dropping the hot coals' - it's about feeling into the heat first, so that you can become as-one - "The One" - in the experience. This ensures you're not identified - inadvertently by creating a subconsciousness need to let go. Which is not letting go at all, but rather denial. Letting go must be the recognition of a deeper, underlying purpose that you're ready to give yourself to - and to keep giving to.

Feeling into, with total acceptance then, is true surrender. So where does determination and willpower fit into this dynamic?

Shaping future-landing-now

When you touch the One, through absolute surrender (rather than denial and distancing), then you're touching the infinite potential of the One. From this hallowed place, literally anything can happen. Specifically though, the soul will arise as a creative expression. You may, for example, get higher mind visions of something that is wanting to shape in future-landing-now (what some might call a prophetic vision).

If and when this happens to you (increasingly so as you open into higher dimensions), then you're becoming a point source for higher creative action within this plane of consciousness - you're beginning to blend the higher flow into the lower; perhaps and probably because the flow is yearning to instigate change, especially where there is inequity or injustice.

So you literally become a creative force for change. And especially where the reality you're working into is turgid, dense and resistant, then you're going to need commitment, determination and willpower to make that change happen. How do you know then the difference between this authentic willpower as opposed to simple attachment to the outcome? It's a great question!

An upwelling that feels 'right'

You have to begin from profound honesty with yourself. When you're attached, you'll tend to close down, and get really tight about the outcome. And particularly there will be no sense of supportive synchronicity from the universe. It doesn't matter if you feel in a minority of one, nor if you sense you really have to drive things through, if you're truly in the authentic flow, it'll feel right and your action will draw co-creative synchronistic support in the field around you.

The other essential test, is you'll feel a sense of expansiveness with your committed action. What you're doing is summoning authentic, ray 1 warrior energy, as a upwelling deep from within. Besides surrender, this is another core characteristic of the soul.

So this is where both surrender and willpower work together to instigate positive change within the field around you. It's with this in mind that inspired our first video in a new series on Spiritual Philosophy - "Surrender with Willpower"...

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You continue giving and sharing so much, I cannot get to an Openhand retreat but it is a goal of mine at some point :)

as I was listening to the video about Commitment and WillPower I also felt that Surrendering is involved even in both these expressions? In Essence when you express authentically Commitment and WillPower you are Surrendering to expressing these feelings no matter what people may say or the Outcome :)

Whoa! just read Rich's comments and I believe I echoed his words! lol :)


Thank you for this Open - and thank you to those who have commented.
Perfect timing for me to read these words.

I've been seeing a teeter totter lately around these supposed opposites. When I focus on one end or the other, the swing is huge. When I stand at the fulcrum I am standing with one foot in each polarity, and a centered core.

ps - I often have to ask myself "Now where did that fulcrum get to?!"

Ahhh....what a beautiful journey...

It's a great way to describe it Rich - yes Surrender and Willpower dance together *OK*

Thanks for the article and the video Open. Since coming to Openhand I've really realised how, as you've touched on, surrender and will power are not as polar opposite as they seem, and actually blend together like yin and yang.

Take the will to surrender for example. I find it often takes a little willful spark within me to get that surrender flowing and then the surrendering itself does the rest.
Or conversely, surrendering into will. Allowing what wants to happen, happen even if you're really scared.

Its almost like a little dance going on. It's really easy to see how we define 'female' and 'male' as 'relating' to each other.

With all the recent changes within the Openhand, this feels most inspiring balancing, centering in many ways more than one, waves of flowing energy pushing and pulling , creating, forever watchful of what it is exactly that is wanting to manifest as an expression of the soul as the ''One''.Is there really ever a choice ? Thank-you Open for your inspiration.Namaste Tess x

Thank you Open ❤️ As usual excellently timed and perfectly relevant for this part of my journey. So relevant in fact it was a slap in the face, just what I needed!

Ahh Cathy, I feel for you <3

You said...

    "I have felt at times like I have no purpose here anymore. I know it's time to let go of this identity, but it feels sacrilegious to do so. As I gradually unravel, it's been challenging to find the will to keep going. What I'm discovering is that willpower sometimes means just getting out of bed each morning and continuing to find and express love and compassion out of the broken pieces in whatever small ways I can."

The ego (including any spiritual identity) often considers that our destiny is 'to do something'. One's meaning and purpose seems defined by this - ego is often built on its foundation stones.

But it is an illusion!

The universe has no purpose. Or else who intended that, and where did they come from?

But what the universe does most amazingly, all by itself, without intention is to express itself. Consider the bigbang - it was the ultimate self expression.

What I've found then, is that if you align yourself with this apparent purpose - simply to express yourself as accurately and fully as you can, then there comes with it a magical feeling of rightness, as the energy of the universe infuses into you.

But letting go of the need to do a particular thing, especially where it justifies ego, is a tough thing to do. I'm aware of that.

And when this aspect of the ego finally collapses, yes it's pretty painful. But keep working through it my friend. Because the clouds will clear, and you'll feel a new depth of self-acceptance - just for being you - in a way that was not previously imaginable.

With love

Open *OK*

Thank you for this video and article, Open. I welcome your words as synchronicity supporting me with regard to my current angst around the interplay of willpower and surrender. It's hard to capture in words what I'm experiencing since it feels like I'm swimming in a cauldron of thick, black soup. But sing out I must like the beautiful meadowlark on the right who doesn't worry about who hears or what they think.

I've been feeling intense and overwhelming pain about my attachment to an identity that I once believed was THE foundation of my life's purpose, my reason for living, a way of being and perceiving myself that I held near and dear to my heart, like the religious sacraments I once believed in. That way of being has shattered as the mirror tells its tale. And as the foundation to my world crumbles and disintegrates, I have felt at times like I have no purpose here anymore. I know it's time to let go of this identity, but it feels sacrilegious to do so. As I gradually unravel, it's been challenging to find the will to keep going. What I'm discovering is that willpower sometimes means just getting out of bed each morning and continuing to find and express love and compassion out of the broken pieces in whatever small ways I can.

I hear a higher purpose calling from the mountain top. I'm not galloping high into the hills like a knight in shining armor to embrace my destiny, but I'm still putting one foot in front of the other. And I'm still singing.

x Cathy

Plenty of new people to Openhand have been asking about how they can get to know the basic Openhand Philosophy - it's prompted us to put together a series of short videos covering the key aspects. We trust you'll enjoy.


Open :-)