When Judgment and Projection come Calling...How to deal with Them

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There's simply no escaping it in this old consciousness: that when you step out from the norm, when you challenge the construct that confines people and stride purposefully out in a new direction, judgment and projection will come your way. It's because when you make a bold statement about who you are, and your beliefs about the world, if you're in some degree of alignment and truth, then you're going to challenge those around you. Your very actions are reflecting to them a new possibility about themselves, and if there's resistance to change, there'll be insecurity. With that comes the possibility of projection your way, because you had the audacity to challenge the box. How do we best deal with this?...

The nature of Change

I'm feeling powerful shifts in the surrounding field right now. But these aren't easy shifts, they're more a difficult rebirthing. I can feel the turgidity of the old consciousness clinging to its old ways of being, in fear and anxiety as the 5D movement of light begins to tug on the tethering that holds the old reality in place. And the Opposing Consciousness does not like it. New layers at the bottom of the barrel that the shift is engaging are fighting back and resisting. It's to be expected. I've consciously experienced many similar ascensions before. This is nothing new - it's an old adversary.

Most importantly, when we're in awareness of what's going on, because we're inquiring within our own field, then even though the unravelling flow presents great challenge, we continue to find the directive light through it, like a ship following a homing beacon through the storm.

It's important to say the nature of this resistant Opposing Consciousness (OC) has been beneficial too: bear in mind that ALL realities are founded on some collective need for karmic resolution - a construct in which to explore and redefine who we truly are. OC is an energy (in many guises) that weaves the threads of that old reality construct together. Thus it's serving an invaluable role.

Shoot the Messenger

That's all well and good, the ideal being that when the old karmic reality is due for dissolution, as is the case now, then the OC works in concert: it lets go and allows the the dissolving threads - the strings of consciousness - to realign into the new reality construct, a new flavour of the quantum soup. As it does so, it realigns itself.

What I perceive happening here in Gaia's 5D Shift right now though, is a distortion of this resistance - it's been bedding in, and trying desperately to cling on. It's become a deceptive consciousness - a black slippery snake - that's using judgment and projection to limit the movement of the shift.

How might this dynamic be manifesting in your own life?

When you step purposefully forwards, when you commit to making true and lasting change that's real and authentic, one that's aligning with the flow, then you become a reflection to all around you. They see your light, which challenges them to step out of their own box too. If they are anxious or fearful about what they're being invited to do, then the knee jerk reaction is often to shoot the messenger, rather than have to deal with an inconvenient message. That's exactly when judgment and projection will come calling.

Beware, because this kind of consciousness can seep into the psyche of those around you, even your loved ones. It's important that even though you might love and respect them, not to let their fear or anxiety still limit you.

Treat the resistance as a consciousness

When I experience this, I find it helps to disassociate the energy from the person. In other words, I work to see the light in them - their authentic being - but I also witness the potential for some kind of intervention going on, which might be working to exploit anxiety so as to hold the old reality construct in place. I find that in seeing it this way, I can still connect with them, still honour me, and still step forwards, even though challenging.

Be aware that in this resistant environment, judgment and projection will likely come from the most unexpected sources - those that love you most, those that want you most to be the old you, the one they feel comfortable with.

When you disassociate the energy and behaviours from the person however, then an honest inner inquiry will more readily shine the light forwards for you. You will challenge them. You will challenge the resistant consciousness. But it becomes clear that you still have to step forwards, because the backward tug of the Opposing Consciousness itself does not serve you - it's pulling in the opposite direction to which your soul is inviting you to go.

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Apply Profound self honesty to your situation

No doubt the doubters will call you "crazy", an "odd ball", the "weirdo" that doesn't fit it in - don't be limited by their labels! Even though the baying crowd around you might be telling you that you are wrong, even though they might be moving completely in the opposite direction to your flow, this is especially the time to push on.

It won't be easy! Because as your blazing trail stirs up the dust in the desert, it'll get harder to see and feel the guiding signs and synchronicity you've been used to. You might even begin to doubt yourself that you're heading in the right direction at all...

"Maybe the nay-sayers were right all along?" No! They are not!

At this point it's essential to remember why you did all this, why you began the journey. What does it really mean to you? Keep reminding yourself, keep tuning into this original light, then apply profound self honesty to the choices you make... "in terms of the step I'm about to take, is that right and aligned with my own path of sovereignty and evolutionary growth?" As I said though, don't expect this to be easy. You're actually forging the soul in the crucible of profound evolutionary change - that's never going to be a breeze in the park.

Collecting "Treasure Totems" on the Path

As we travel down the path I believe it's essential to pick up 'totems' - little reminders of who you are and why you're doing this. Then to put them in your sacred space, which you keep coming back to when the challenges get difficult.

My power animal is the owl, because it sees through 360 degrees, and with pinpoint accuracy in the darkness. Right now, owl is appearing for me everywhere, because I purposefully pay attention to it. On our recent Divinicus Course in Australia, a white owl would land in the branches immediately over our campsite fire of an evening. It was totally spectacular and very inspirational - so what's your power animal?

Of course it could also be a crystal, an item of jewelry, or something you pick up in nature. Collect them, treasure them, watch for the messages they bring. If we're attentive, then just like the owl, they'll be there for us when the going gets tough.

Soul retrieval in the darkness

Always remember, that when the going gets toughest of all, when the judgments and projections reach almost unbearable proportions, then in your deepest trials and tribulations, at the heart of the matter, you are still the inviolable "One". Constantly work on transcending through the challenge. That doesn't mean ditching it though. It means allowing yourself to experience the fullness of the karmic resistance, and then at it's zenith, opening a doorway through the density and into the profound experience of pure presence. Then you reconnect with the fragment of soul that was attaching you to the old drama. The shamans call it "soul retrieval".

Recognise you're only ever judging yourself

The Shaolin Priests have a saying: "give evil nothing to oppose, and it will dissolve completely of its own accord. Realise that a judgment cannot harm you unless you are judging yourself by the distorted reflection you're witnessing - the one that only you created!

When you empower yourself by accepting that you drew this reflection to yourself in the first place, then you may discover that judgment and projection toward you can be healing too. When judgment comes calling, and you feel the impact of it touching you, look intently within - where are the contractions? Why are you judging yourself? Maybe you can't accept the impact you're having on those around you? Maybe you can't accept the brilliance of your own light?
Why are you still trying to fit in? Why are you still playing small? Be bold, step out, embrace the maverick you always were!

Mavericks in the 5D Shift

There's simply no avoiding it. If you're a light-bearer and a way-shower, then right now, judgment and projection will likely come calling. It's because you're challenging the very binding weave that has woven people's lives into past limitation - you make the situation uncomfortable and inconvenient. However this is no time to stop, but to push on.

There are no limitations! Step out of the box, break the set, smash the glass ceiling!

In my own life, I have been encouraged by the flow to make big changes, to shine a stronger light in what I perceive to be a general inertia based on emotional attachment to the old reality construct. And I've attracted therefore a lot of projection and judgment by people around me putting 2 and 2 together to get 13 - making judgments on only partial information that hasn't yet fully revealed itself. But in my new living space that I recently moved to in Devon UK, there was a welcome and treasured 'totem' hanging on the wall: a poem, which I felt to share with you in closing. I've adpated it slightly from the original. I'm sure Rudyard Kipling won't mind....

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Then you will inherit the Universe and everything that's in it.
And - which is more - you will shine like the sun!

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In loving support

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? wants to re-emerge in me. 

Thank you for shining so. ?


Its a very relevant article for me. When i opened this page i also recieved a friend request from someone who has posed many judgements and even praise upon me in the past. I agree with how its my own subtle self judgement which is getting reflected tenfold and how i feel to engage with it. But these days its amazing how some of it doesn't affect me at all. My response has been to engage very less with them and only when its necessary otherwise its like i lose all of my energy in a conversation. But at the same time i also wish if i could connect more positively with them ,my brother for instance. 

Another thing i wanted to ask was about energy attacks. I spend most of my meditative sessions clearing out them from my field with awareness. But as soon as i engage in my daily life sometimes i feel depleted and i can literally feel the attack coming. I doubt whether it has something to do with mindfullness which i don't feel necessary to hold like in the beginning because it has become natural. 

  I can really feel... More than words can express. I feel that tether pull on me and it wants to weave me back into that fold... It feel like part of me wants to fall into it as well. It's in these moments that I come back to the beginning... What is at the root of the movement? When I connect to that, I feel the rightness and all the murkiness can just be while I step through it. 

Projections have allowed me to let go of needing to bridge the gap with everyone... I just won't be able to in some cases (most)... And there is gentleness again when I just let them see it how they do, just let them perceive it from the place they can. 

Yesterday I hit some stuff stirred up by the expectations of someone close that "if you love someone, you take care of them"... It tugged on my need to show love by care taking and It really hurt deep in my heart that there was failure there....and then with a lot of tears it melted softly and a sense of what's real for me came through. 

So anyway, thank you Open- for me I find a greater capacity to embrace those around me with all of the misunderstanding, misperceptions and to embrace myself and how I am in it... What I fee is true for me... Without fighting it or proving anything, just follow the light of my soul urging me on. <3 Jen 

Thanks for the feedback guys smiley

Vimal you said:

Another thing i wanted to ask was about energy attacks. I spend most of my meditative sessions clearing out them from my field with awareness. But as soon as i engage in my daily life sometimes i feel depleted and i can literally feel the attack coming.

I think the important thing about attacks, is that before you process them out, to ask "why are they landing at all?" Because then when you confront and unwind those inner recesses, the attack has nowhere to land.

Jen, you quoted this as a projection that came your way...

"If you love someone, you take care of them"

This is a powerful one for people to take note of right now. Because there's truth in it, and a projection of obligation, which borders on manipulation. That's exactly the 'snake energy' of which I've been speaking of late and can ravel one up in emotional/intellectual knots. What usually happens is that whilst you're trying to resolve inside what just got projected - because some degree of truth has landed - then conversation advances and creates an illusionary reality on (for example) what it truly means to take care of someone. A false foundation in the psyche is created, upon which a whole illusionary reality is built. It's one to be very attentive to.

Great inquiries guys!

Open yes


Thanks for your perspective Open. I kinda had the sense of it already because i have been observing how im unintentionally setting my day into chunks of time where im meditating to feel the soul,getting out to face the world and entertaining myself. And this continous striving to feel the light gets hectic after a while. And maybe its about time it all merge into one or atleast start to. The thing that stood out most for me in the exploration is vulnerability. I observe i behave a certain way inorder to protect myself from potential negativity and this is holding back in many ways. Your question in the article stands out for me " Why are you still trying to fit in ?". I guess my way of fitting in nowadays would be an image of someone who doesn't get agitated or loose his centre and pose minimum disturbance to people close to me. This is afterall a way to protect myself.  And getting clear of negativity inside helps me to conform to this way externally. I think i have developed some degree of acceptance to negativity inside which is helping me to see some of it clearly. This takes off some judgment i had towards my family and helps me to see them as they really are without needing to change them.  I have observed in the past as opposed to being untouched and all peaceful its when i have some sort of argument or issue with any one of them is where i really grow. This idea that i no longer need to protect myself and i can be however i want to be is itself very liberating!

Thanks for reading 


Hey, Open. This article speaks to me in ways that you can't know. So many levels of my own experience, past and present. And no, I don't intend to stop shining my light and moving forward because of the projection, resistance, fear, or the challenges that my beingness presents for others... but keep moving forward through the density, through the resistance, shining my life (oops, typo, light).
Who's the picture of, by the way (very poignant)? Not Joan of Arc, by any chance?
Much love.

Hi Tonya - I'm aware you've experienced a lot of judgment on your journey Tonya - just for being a starsoul!

But to your great credit, you've kept looking within and shining the light.

You are "seen".

Open yes

(PS - the image is from Game of Thrones)


Beautiful Intuitive article Open..

I just recently spent some time with a close family member, 1 full week together and well I lived this exact experience you mention in the article, during the Process I found myself searching for ways to be able to build a bridge of communication and to handle the judgment and projection coming at me. It was challenging but I saw the task at hand as a nice test of sorts to see where I was at within to handle such a person. I found myself meditating to look for clues and ways to improve the communication so it could become an exchange of opinions rather than turning into an argument. It was very very challenging, spending time with this person made me realize how I have distanced myself from judgment and how I have become much more open minded and accepting of others, then only to fall in the trap of projection myself towards the narrow mindedness of this person’s ways. I never got to high or to low, my personal challenge was to be able to express myself, my ideas,  my ways, my feelings without impeding on his; I noticed quickly he was very defensive and competitive with many of my sharing’s, I went out on a limb to share some of the experiences I have had personally and with others of like mind and on the few occasions I did share he quickly diminished them to nothing, I felt the person was not really listening to me to understand but more to reply, this I found discouraging I must say. The experience was interesting and I am eager to spend more time with this person when it arises and continue to find ways to build a bridge of communication between us and of course this can serve me well with others as well.

Now having read this article I feel the missing piece that would have helped greatly with meditating is as you say to separate the energy and the person, I feel this is something I can meditate with and explore. 




Hi Steve - I admire your courage and bravely - it takes a lot to stand up, be you and express in that kind of closed mindedness. Yes, the light is often inconvenient to people. But nevertheless, the encouragement is to persist.

We need to get you on a facilitator course! One of the things people learn on it, is how to formulate an empowering and open question. So when someone comes at you with a judgmental projection like that, instead of just taking it in your system, you can turn it around (benevolently) and inquire what they feel about what they're sharing.

So for example:

"I hear what you're saying, and I honour your truth. But I also feel some anger and judgment projected my way. So where's that coming from? It feels like you've got some pain brother. What's that all about?

If done in a loving and compassionate way, it causes the energy to go back in on itself and explore.

You do have to be a little careful with the questions, so as not to explode buttons! But with practice and application of intuition, it is extremely effective because it empowers the inquiry. At the very least, it halts everything coming your way!

Wishing you well

Open heart


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It did feel like I was trying to take it all in and work with it, that can get a bit heavy....I like your empowering reply which sends back the energy to make it work at the least as you say to stop the onslaught and I definitely see how it can also create a bridge of conversation to get to a mutual place.