Transitioning to 5D Consciousness: 4 Keys To Focus on the Higher Flow

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There is a movement now, a flow, and it's gathering speed. But just as the realigning movement of consciousness itself is strengthening, so is the noise and drama of the Old Paradigm. When you're inquiring, you can palpably feel the anxiety, fear and conditioning of the many who are still clinging to the vestiges of the worn out 3D/4D reality. You'll likely feel it emotionally, mentally, physically and karmically when you make creative choices. We have to be careful we don't get stuck in dead-end loops. It's time to focus on the higher flow itself. Here are 4 essential keys.

Not accepting anything goes

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
What is your consciousness attuning to in all the daily choices you make?
How do you prepare yourself for evening sleep?

To someone whose become very surrendered, it would be understandable if the answer were... "I just go with the flow". That's great if you've arrived at that point. But I put it to you that there's also a risk of accepting anything goes, and that if this seeps into your consciousness, then that's not going to serve the journey of your soul, because it could keep pulling you back into the density of the Old Paradigm.

We're living in two worlds right now, not one. In the Old Paradigm, all around you, you'll witness the efforting and struggling to maintain an apparently secure and safe way of living that conforms to the system. It's very dense, seeps into your emotions and thoughts, which then creates circular feedback loops in one's psyche based on sense of lack: I need to have this to be happy; I need to consume that to feel content; I need to do this to be loved; I need to control my environment to be secure.

If you allow repetitive and unconscious control mechanisms simply to run and govern key aspects of your life, then the risk is to build fixed neural pathways in the brain, that then release neuropetides, which condition those feelings of lack into our bodily cells. The bodymind then craves the fulfillment of these loops, causing actual physical/emotional/mental pain if the cravings aren't fullfilled.

When you break it down, this is how, to varying degrees, so many people live. And even when you've awakened, there's still plenty of this consciousness programming around that can easily pull you in. If you're not careful, you end up sleep-walking through key moments and choices of your life that maintain the energetic ties - the limitations - to the old world consciousness, which you then keep reprogramming - rebuilding. 

Transcendence is the Key to the Higher Paradigm

Those who can feel the yearning in their soul for a more aligned way of living, more free and liberated, more in tune with the core of their being, more at-one with the natural flow of life, need to be attentive, aware and conscious of what you put your attention on.

The key to this Higher Paradigm is transcendence:  what I witness in myself, and in working with people around the world, is that when you confront the internal patterning that's conditioned by the sense of lack, which ties you to the limitations of the old, if you go right into the very heart of these contractions and challenge their hold on you, then you unleash the soul through these experiences. With the sense of acceptance comes a feeling of lightness, a vibration. If you then open an internal space and give room for this vibration to grow as a sense of rightness in the moment, then the soul expresses ever more strongly. And when you attune to this, by committing to its expression, in every moment, you find yourself actually flowing through the new landscape of the Higher Paradigm in your daily life.

It's essential to add, this is not some disconnected, ungrounded, new-agey lala-land that's somewhere else! Take a look around you. I put it to you that the energy of the reality construct is now collapsing, it's unwinding, and the movement of energy itself is releasing into a new frequency of being, a new way of creating and living. Progressively, that's what the world is coming to, as the 3D/4D karmic construct breaks down. The point is:

You can live this higher frequency - this higher vibe - right now, and it can be highly successful. You can create effectively from the feeling of openness, acceptance, joy, love and the sense of rightness that is the alignment of your soul.

The quantum field around earth is more fluid now, and it will create around the synchronicities of interconnectivity. But there also has to be the will, courage, commitment and tenacity of the soul active in you too. You actually have to step into these behaviourisms by deciding it's that way of living and being which fulfills - trusting that if I step into the flow of the quantum field, that it will deliver what is necessary.

The question is, how do I best do this?

4 Essential Keys to Going with the Higher Flow

Here are 4 essential keys to focus on...

1) Firstly, you have to realise what the quantum field is actually doing. I put it to you (and encourage you to explore), that the higher flow is working to reveal you as a being. So when you focus, in any moment, on the actualisation of the highest expressions of yourself, even and especially in all the smallest of things, then the flow itself will connect with these expressions and fulfill them - it will animate and give energy to them; it will create around them.
Here's a video on How to Create in 5D Consciousness
2) Secondly, it helps enormously to have a sense of the landscape that you're flowing into, so as not to get constantly diverted into the lower consciousness. Because the soul has qualities of empathy, if you inadvertently over energise these, then you'll likely get pulled into other people's control dramas - those of the Old Paradigm. However, if the ways of the new are becoming more important to you, because you're giving them chance to breathe, you'll attune the more defined and focussed aspects of the soul, which will help you commit to staying more in the higher vibe, no matter what is going on. 
Here's how an empath can learn from a catalyst and vice versa
3) Be prepared to confront where the Old Paradigm hooks you in. It's definitely not about overriding these contractions and tightness, because that just creates the identity of avoidance and a false reality. What's essential is to be so attentive internally that you recognise when these are activating, then to turn right into them. Explore deeply - what is attaching you? What do you think you need in this moment? What can you not accept? By not giving in to the conditioning, but inquiring into the contractive pain, then you normalise in the pain itself. It ceases to hold you. Now you can expand through as the presence of the one, and then unleash soul by paying attention to the emergent energies.
Discover more with this Openhand Breakthrough Approach
4) When you unleash the soul in these contractive moments, and set it free, pay attention to the new consciousness landscape it wants to create around you. This is where signs, synchronicity and metaphor become so important: you look into the 3D world, but you're working to attune to the higher flow, the patterning of consciousness that is reflected. It builds a story, a narrative, of a new way of existence, which you progressively become a part of. It's a reality based on magic and miracles - which create because of the interconnectivity of the higher flow, which is now animating through you. This 'narrative' has to be fluid though, so as not to fix in illusions. Let it adapt, change and recreate, so you're constantly refining your authentic reality. This becomes a part of the new 5D reality construct that we're ascending to. You progressively witness you're focussing in on it, becoming a part of something much greater, that's already taking shape. Most importantly, this will also create new more aligned situations in the 3D - changing circumstances in relationships, careers and general living circumstances here and now.
Here's a short video diary on living 5D Consciousness now

Critical Time of Focus on the Higher Path

Right now is a critical time of Focus on the path. The light is breaking through, but there's still much deception and derailment from the surrounding field. That's why our attention on the higher flow is paramount, because it can speak into, and create, in a much more abundant and divinely connected way. What's your passion in life? What gets you going during the day? What keeps you alive and vibrant? Pay attention to these things regularly in any given day. Let the light of higher consciousness infuse your being in a myriad of ways.

That's what we've worked to express in this latest Openhand Video - how we're living in two worlds now, and specifically, how you can successfully break out of the old...

If you feel motivated to focus on the shift to higher consciousness in life, then explore how the work of Openhand can support you:

Enter the 5D Ascension Portal with Openhand

In loving Support


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I found about this guys only few months back. This video was shot in Arambol, Goa where I had lived for more than a year. When I found about this, I seriously thought about going there once again to adopt this lifestyle and see if it can really be done by anyone. Maybe this can serve as some inspiration for everyone. Just the contemplation of this possibility can set oneself free from anxiety if there's any from the massive transformation that's upon us. Going without food and water is an extreme case of dealing with cravings and I'm sure it's not for everyone but he adopted this lifestyle after being sick from his own addictions. 

But I have a question - can this lifestyle be a form of bypassing and theres risk of detaching from processing of ones karma?


Vimal 🙏

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Hi Vimal,

Your post has been really helpful for me.  I've been curious about and somewhat in awe of breatharians.  I watched the video you posted and it gave me this aha moment about my own journey.  Fasting, even short term or intermittent is something that is really difficult for me.  So many people talk about how they have more energy when fasting but for me I get incredibly depleted.  What I realized after watching the video is I'm either not "charging my battery" enough/correctly or I'm leaking energy (maybe both) and that leads to the depletion.  Food as another source of energy has probably been masking this.  This has catalyzed an exploration for me on how to change this.  So thank you for posing the inquiry.

As far as processing karma, in his video he talked about unblocking your energy which is a lot of what we do when we work through karma.  So I can't say for sure but maybe true breatharians naturally process their karma as part of their journey.

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Yes, a fascinating inquiry into Breatharianism indeed - transmuting energy from the 4D field by working with the breath.

I explored it early in my journey here, and it can indeed work. For me it was a yearning to do so - not to consume of anything here. It takes your vibration really high - just like the ancient Lemurians, the one's who helped seed Original Humans during the time of Lemuria.

There are different ways to bring it about. Some speak of fasting for 21 days leading into it, but I think this can be dangerous, because it's not sufficient time to truly integrate the change of process and the way the body generates energy. For me it was a progressive journey: 1) First to vegan. 2) Much inner purification and detox - no processed food, no sugar, no alcohol, mostly raw organic food. 3) Then to one meal a day, with the rest of regular meal times meditating. 4) Then to fruitarian, one meal a day. 5) Finally, purely light-based, with plentiful meditation and sungazing.

The physical body becomes able to process 4D energy through the endocrine system. You reach a point where you're able to consume 3D and 4D energies, and shift between the two, although any regular food has to be high vibe and raw. Your living circumstances need to be extremely high vibe to maintain it: 1) Minimal electrical gadgetry in the home, always unplugged when not in use. 2) No toxic cleaning chemicals in the home. 3) Bare minimum use of internet and mobile phones. 4) Pure spring water that is held in something like a clay pot to ensure right alignment of the magnetic field. 5) Protective energy fields with crystals.

People imagine you'd lose weight when becoming a breatharian. I did in the progressive build up to it. But when I went completely breatharian, I actually put on weight! I believe because I was meditating for longer periods.

However, what I found was, that it was extremely challenging to maintain it if you're travelling through the matrix, engaging much with regular people in it or if you're regularly working on the internet. Likewise, if your role is to be empathically connected with people here, so as to be able to help and heal them, then you'll most likely need to find some kind of hybrid situation - which I'm tending to be living now. Which is high vibe intermittent fasting, ideally one meal a day.

I imagine plenty of spiritual folk would want to incline toward breatharianism, but there's a great need for great care. The safest approach would be the progressive one, over years - you get to feel and sense how the body is coping, through steady transition. The other risk is to be avoiding lower-density karma, which can cause many problems - I've seen it in some people who have shifted to breatharianism, where they become very ungrounded and disconnected.

The story to really explore is that of Dr Michael Werner, who is a breatharian, and was heftily tested in the scientific community, that proved for over a month he was not consuming anything but nevertheless, living quite healthily. But then, as I understand it, they buried the reports, because they couldn't handle the truth! Here's a short video from Michael - I found him an inspiration. He's no guru, but a very grounded doctor...

He used Jasmuheen's 21-Day approach, which personally, I don't agree with. Although it did work for him.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


19/01/24 Shift Insight

I felt to readdress the importance of confronting and breaking cravings in the Shift.
What do I mean by this? What's the dynamic?

First, I suggest you review the lead article above, and then return and continue...

Transitioning to 5D: 4 Points of Focus

Confronting and Breaking Cravings & Addictions

If you're anything like me, I'm finding the noise of the Old Paradigm getting ever louder. It seems there's growing fixation with excessive consumption, excessive entertainment, distraction, denial, deferral and investment in everything physical - especially for the younger generations, even though they're coming in with more awakeness. Society is finding ever more sophisticated ways of hooking people into the system. The system itself is progressively morphing into ever more technologically sophisticated iterations. It appears to be consuming consciousness within it.

Another dynamic I witness, is that for a broad group of awakening people, there's still a strong investment in that high-tech reality. Even though many see the disadvantages and the downside, the disconnect from the natural authentic, nevertheless, there's a widespread want and desire for many aspects of the system itself. This dynamic perplexed me for a while. But now more and more, I see the realignment taking place of various waves and groups who'll likely head in different directions to create different reality constructs. I see the strong likelihood of human colonies on Mars for example. I find much discomfort in the possibility, because of the likelihood that the synthetic reality created, would likely be quite removed from the natural authentic, and thereby quite difficult for souls in such realities to realign. And yet of course I also realise that if the being is choosing this journey, then they have something to learn from it. If it's what they're strongly choosing to experience, and there are enough beings wanting that, then it'll likely create. If not there, then somewhere else.

The point for those yearning to ascend into a more aligned 5D reality consciousness, one that's more divinely connected to the flow, we're going to have to be increasingly mindful of the noise and distractions of the lower densities - that this is on the increase. Specifically there'll be the control dramas of those around you, for which you may find yourself compelled by aspects of truth - all reality constructs are founded on some truthful inquiry. In working with various people, I'm hearing a pattern where the lower paradigm densities and noise, is drowning out the more subtle frequencies forming in the new vibrations. I'd say there's a question of 'loyalty' and attentiveness building. When you inquire within, where is your true loyalty?

There will be many around you, even awakening people, who are still quite invested in the system. Who'll attach to 'healing the Earth' (for example) by reforming society through ever more sophisticated 'sustainable' ways, yet overlooking the fact that the Earth has a natural alignment and balance for ALL sentient life - beyond society - not just for human life. Nevertheless, the arguments are very convincing because there are degrees of truth in them.

What I observe this tends to do, is to hook in those who might be on an ascending pathway - loyalty becomes stretched and bent (often by excessive empathy, acceptance and compassion). My encouragement is to work to be really clear with yourself what your soul yearns for. Maybe it is a more sophisticated sustainable yet synthetic reality? If that's the case, then so be it. But many drawn to the Openhand work, naturally yearn for the more aligned and authentic way of living and being - one that's respecting and embracing all sentient life. In which case, I can see that it requires increasing attention and embodiment of the higher frequencies - loyalty to soul families taking greater precedence and the vibrations of the New Paradigm that are strengthening day by day.

Not that we shouldn't still enjoy the physical - the risk would be to deny key aspects of the soul too. The key here is transcendence - effectively tantra. You embrace the physical experience, and yet feel through it, to connect up the vibrational loop into the higher dimensional experiences and back to the source. 

It's essential also to confront cravings - comfort eating for example. Often such behaviours conceal several layers of conditioned pain that we're reacting to. Often people eat when they're not actually physically hungry or in need of sustenance. Or else they're eat food that is not nutritional, yet placates a feeling of emptiness. I switched to OMAD fasting (one meal a day) a few months back, and found it tremendously expanding and vibration raising. And despite having looked deep into diet over many years, I still found there were cravings to overcome... 

A key one, was the need for some kind of physical experiential 'completion'. The less you eat, the more time you have, and the stronger your energetic flow becomes - it invites you to put this extra attention somewhere. Pranic breathing has become essential in that. Increased time in meditation and stillness, feeling the completion within, but also gaining sensual completion elsewhere - the scent of a flower for example, feeling the sun or wind on the skin, or a deeper attention to simple acts of nature around. Of course it's also essential to spend time sitting in the contraction that needs any completion at all - breaking through the feelings of these contractions that can then take you into the Void of Presence. The point being, it's essential to allow the contractive pain, not placate them so much, but spend time inquiring deeply through them - challenging the judgments the mind makes (around the judgment of 'hunger' for example).

My encouragement to all on an ascending path, is to really penetrate the increasing noise of the 3D, to work through any contractive cravings and engrossments. The more you work on this, the stronger I find you connect up with the higher dimensional flow, and the sense of loyalty to one's real 'home' and soul family strengthens. It makes it much easier to set boundaries in the 3D and mediate through the various challenges we're tending to experience. It gives you a solid anchor, so we're much less swayed by the machinations and drama of the 3D.

Wishing you all well on your continued journey.

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Hi Open, 

Thank you for all the articles you’re posting right now on the Shift. They are very timely for me. Almost everything you’re describing I’m experiencing and witnessing all around me, especially the increasing intensity of the system’s efforts to hook us in. One very revealing example I’d like to share is Facebook. 

For quite some time, I’ve been very inactive on FB. It just doesn’t interest me any more. Before when I was active, I’d only receive messages from FB when something of actual interest to me would happen, like if someone commented on something I had written. But when I stopped engaging, I saw how it got increasingly desperate to pull me back in. At first quite mildly, but after a while it grew more aggressive and suddenly my email was bombarded with all kinds of notifications of activity happening on FB that I wasn’t even a part of. It constantly reminded me of all the events I was missing, who had done what (like change their profile picture), who had commented on whose photo, etc. One time I had about 20 messages on my email of this kind. I was a bit shocked at first, and thought maybe I needed to change my settings, but then I decided not to change anything just to see what would happen. When it went to the extent of informing me that someone had pressed ‘like’ on a comment of a person I didn’t even know, I had to laugh out loud at the absurdity. The system had become so desperate it was succumbing to less and less sophisticated methods that it eventually revealed itself as the crude manipulative mechanism that it was.

It has given up on me now.

This experience served as an excellent metaphor, to get me to be more mindful and attentive of this manipulative force around us. I find my greatest challenge right now is to understand how to navigate through it. How to find that light of truth in it. It’s hard when I feel I’m walking through thick grey fog all the time. In fact, I feel more disoriented than ever and my usual breakthrough techniques aren’t working the same way they have been, which is frustrating, especially for the intellect. But even though it feels impossible right now, I know there is a way to master it. It is part of my mission to master it. 

Right now however, it’s hitting me from all directions, especially through my kids. That’s where my Achilles heel is. 

You said,

It seems there's growing fixation with excessive consumption, excessive entertainment, distraction, denial, deferral and investment in everything physical - especially for the younger generations, even though they're coming in with more awakeness. 

I don’t mind much about myself, I can hold my ground,  but I feel a huge responsibility towards my kids. To harness that special light that they’ve come with and nurture it rather than let society consume it. Being an ‘awakened’ mother, I’m so acutely aware of how the system is already affecting them. As soon as any amount of time is spent outside of my influence, school, kindergarten, friends etc, the effects are overwhelming. Disconnection, stress, hyperactivity, mental fatigue, increased consumptive behaviour, irritability, discontentment etc etc etc. How does this happen?

I can actually see many of the blind spots where the hooks find a way in, where clear boundaries aren’t set, simply due to unconsciousness on the parents’ part. Even with the kindest, most caring, otherwise conscious and conscientious parents, this energy seeps in, simply because they don’t see or react to that there is something severely distorted and unhealthy with the system and the ‘gadgets’ and rewards it’s supplying. In their world, this is the only option. And that’s the biggest problem, I think. No other obvious options are available or at least visible. Everything is set up in a certain way that you feel you either conform and try to play the game as best you can, or you become an outcast, which most people don’t willingly choose. There is the illusion that within the system you have a lot of options. Surely something will fulfil you, but only as long as you stay within the boundaries of the system. In other words, becoming another brick in the wall.

I feel, as a conscious parent, I have to provide my kids with that other option. Show them something different than what they meet out there. Teach them the value of connecting with nature, encourage them to play alone, set the boundaries no other parents dare to set, and allow things to sometimes (maybe even often) be quiet and boring so they can hear their own inner voice. But most importantly, be the other option myself, as my own inner work continues.

I’m grateful I was an outcast all my life. Without that experience, I probably would not stand as strong as I do today, being able to see the things I see, trust in my own instincts, and most of all, be ‘awesomely ok’ with being the minority of One. I hope my children will come to know that feeling too.

Love to all,



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Dear Open,


I read this as I am contemplating going on a two week cleanse which has at it's heart a mono diet of khichri( lentils and rice) . I did this a few months back and while many cravings reduced ,some of them came back. 

When I do this consciously experiencing my feelings though ,it's far more effective. In my case ,my desire to have desserts has almost disappeared. There could be tubs of ice cream at home and I am not drawn at all. Don't feel like eating cakes etc either. This is a massive change for me because I was even a year back a classic comfort eater . For me many contractions were about body image ,deep grief and unmet childhood needs. As I learn to Be with all these dynamics within ,it gets so much easier. 

After the cleanse I am hoping to be able to do at least 16 hour intermittent fasting . As you say ,it's about learning to experience satiation without food which is such a conditioned reflex. I'm also mindful to be very very kind to myself whilst transitioning . The very rigid 'dieting' of my younger days just seemed to reinforce the feelings of lovelessness that started the comfort eating in the first place . 

Learning to see it as a spiral ,helps me a lot ! 

Hoping this helps someone out there ,trying to break cycles of comfort eating 


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A very relevant and timely post as always thank you. I'm now at the doorway of the motherload, the portal to higher expression. And one of the obstinate bouncers is the issue of food. A thorough plant enzyme supported colon and liver cleanse in the last week have expelled many toxins and undigested emotions. Sat in that feeling of emptiness is sitting on a cliff edge facing a vast canyon. Continuing to fast and purge could nudge me off the edge into the unknown void. Cunning distractions compel me to eat. I am at the sharp end, perched on the precipice. I know this feeling, my first headling dive into a pool as a child. Just do it. I get closer every time and I am reminded of the payoff. Today I glided through London in a semi trance like state that felt closer to home. Chipping at the coal face, just keep chipping. Small gains, rarely coffee, rarely sugary snacks, more juicing and incorporating more movement. Choices all the way, but when a push is made, the curtain twitches back a little to give a glimpse of home. Home is where the heart is.



Hi Megha - what an inspirational sharing. You're reflecting exactly what I'm talking about in shifting to creating more from 5D....

When I hold this intent ,I seem to draw to myself all the mirrors as to why haven't been able to do them in the first place. Suddenly I 'see' where my conditioning is tightening me . Where I am disempowered ,where I feel I can't . For me ,it then means working through all of these layers and then again holding the intent lightly. In the case of girls circles ,it took me five years of deep processing several wounds including past life wounds .And yet as every layer was worked through ,new resources and synchronicities manifested themselves.

You went on to say...

I'm also.aware that every time I process and surrender another layer ,I receive an energetic gift. Several months of deep processing and I suddenly have a piece of land to grow organic veggies on with NO efforting on my part . 

Awesome - this is exactly what I'm talking about.

The only thing to "do" now, is to keep doing it!

Much love

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Thanks so much for sharing Owen Thumbs Up Sign I especially loved this...

As I began to surrender control to the supportive force things changed and the outer world seems to mirror my inner state .

As to your questions, I think they're all great and valid inquries, with truth in all of them. Focussing particularly on this one for a moment...

Can 3D become a mirror image of 5D and thereby reduce or eliminate distortion from 3D so it becomes a much more harmonious place.

Personally I would say a resounding "yes!" I believe that's what Original Humans were designed (by the field) to embody here and now. But that an intervention skewed the path of humanity and with that the planet. I don't see a sustainable 3D biosphere here on earth in the immediate future because of various tipping points that have now been acitvated - ones necessary to cleanse and realign the 3D from it's quite gross distortion. But I do see the possibility of an integration of 5D consciousness as a way of living and being whilst in the 3D. I believe we can live that now (as I'm sure you experience), but we will have to wait for the Earth to go through a long restorative process if that's to happen here. I know there are other places in the cosmos where this can happen too.

Enjoy the inquiry!

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At the start of the article the question is "What do you focus on" and I find things go better when my focus is on this supportive force. I used to think I had to make things happen and guess what? That was how my life was.As I began to surrender control to the supportive force things changed and the outer world seems to mirror my inner state . As the inner connections to the supportive force begins to increase I see more evidence of harmony in the outer experience and this has often been after the breaking up of old patterns. 

Questions I ponder are; Is the 3D experience real and is it our purpose to improve this 3D reality.?  or: Is the 3D experience just a mental construct a distortion of higher densities and our purpose to transend 3D and become true to the Soul and step into 5D? or. Can 3D become a mirror image of 5D and thereby reduce or eliminate distortion from 3D so it becomes a much more harmonious place. Are we in the 3D experience to help others or because we have attachment to it?  

Much love



You raise an essential point there Aspasia - to be careful of efforting to get 5D creative state. Thumbs Up Sign

What I observe is that we already have that within us, as an element of our natural creative beingness as Human Beings. The problem is, so many are ALREADY efforting to manifest in 3D, so the 5D experience - the Original Human experience - has been shut down.

I whole-heartedly agree with you that by bringing awareness into the inner dynamic, then it will progressively open up this expanded creativity once more. I believe it helps by bringing attention to it, so that people might know more of what to look for.

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I love the way in the video (above) Joe talks about people in society "going out there" to create the things they want - moving through time and space. And to me, this is what creates from the sense of lack... "I don't already have it, so I must go out and get it". It's self-defeating and destructive of the environment. But in 5D conscious creation, as he points out, "you become as nothing". "You become the vortex where everything is drawing towards you and creating around you".


Open Thumbs Up Sign

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What a great and essential reminder, awesome video and grounded explanations.

This stood out for me from the video as a truth and as an inquiry too:

...when I forget about me, I become nobody, no-one, nothing, nowhere and no time

I become pure consciousness and the moment I reach that elegant moment of the generous present moment

all possibilities in the quantum field exist fully when our brain and body are in the present moment...

 The paradox Im discovering/living is that pure consciousness is already there and trying to reach it - to get there - only 'takes you away' from accessing it. So, instead of 'pure consciousness/present moment etc' being another thing to achieve out there in the 3d or 5d (aka spiritual stress), may be its useful to just be aware of ones unfolding of ones experience every moment without creating goals - but receiving, opening and being endlessly curious with all changing phenomena.

Being curious how my day today will unfold and at the same time, knowing that its not 'mine' but a stream of phenomena and energy.

Have a great day everyone! <3

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I loved the video . On a feeling level ,for me,creating in 5 D means holding a deep intent (Holding regular girls circles for example) . When I hold this intent ,I seem to draw to myself all the mirrors as to why haven't been able to do them in the first place. Suddenly I 'see' where my conditioning is tightening me . Where I am disempowered ,where I feel I can't . For me ,it then means working through all of these layers and then again holding the intent lightly. In the case of girls circles ,it took me five years of deep processing several wounds including past life wounds .And yet as every layer was worked through ,new resources and synchronicities manifested themselves. As I follow the trail of bread crumbs within ,suddenly, with very less efforting ,I am leading girls circles and feeling as if I have done something I was meant to. Something that completes an energetic circle within . ( Is this what is authentic expression ?).

I am also aware of many things ,like opportunity and sheer good luck falling into my lap with no conscious efforting on my part. Just a willingness to be open.and to feel my way around within and without ,and express authentic beingness as much as I can ( warts and wings and all) .I'm also.almost continually grateful - for the fact that I have time and resources and challenges and so much support . I'm also.aware that every time I process and surrender another layer ,I receive an energetic gift. Several months of deep processing and I suddenly have a piece of land to grow organic veggies on with NO efforting on my part . 

My process seems to be unearthing and seeing and lovingly dealing with tightness. (Alternating with loads of fun !)I'm not sure if this is 5 D creating but just felt to share my experience .




I felt to share this amazing meditation experience with you all, of those gathered in the New Paradigm, helping support the realigning flow through our world and establishing the foundation of the new reality construct. I've felt the various 'tribes' gathering for some time, but the sense of cohesiveness and focus was deeply palpable and quite new. It was actually what I'd been waiting for. Now it's there and very clear - something to cheer and celebrate - there's a supportive force guiding everyone home.

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