Deception on the Spiritual Path and How to Overcome It

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Humanity is waking up from a grand deception, propagated through the energy field by an Interdimensional ET Intervention to suppress and control. But now the roots of this 'matrix' have been broken from Gaia at the deepest levels by Benevolence. However, now is not the time to get complacent. The Intervention senses the end game and is spinning all manner of deceptions in a last-ditch attempt to divert people into a synthetic high-tech reality and go off planet. Let's avoid that derailment. 5D is our rightful destiny.

The Nature of Opposing Consciousness

For some its hard to imagine I know, that in the ‘Matrix’ field all around us, there are deceptive entities that can be collectively called an Opposing Consciousness. When you expand into the fourth density, if you truly question the nature of what you find, then you’re bound to experience it. It’s an axis of various ET groups come from across the cosmos to exploit the earth's resources and human genetics - it's essentially been working to hybridise Homo Sapiens so as to make him more susceptible to their distorting energetic influence. Their agenda has been to create a synthetic reality more commensurate to their frequency and desires.

By the use of energetic implants it streams an alien consciousness through body and mind, which then gets interwoven with authentic soul frequency. Until you're inwardly focused, it feels like all the impulses of thought, feeling and emotion you're getting are 'normal' behaviourisms - but not all of them are. Hence the massive over exploitation of the Earth through excessive consumption and addiction, with scant regard for the environment and other sentient life. When you step back and take a look at the big picture, this has been happening on a pandemic scale.

Waking up to this at the intellectual level is just the beginning. Humanity can most definitely overcome it and dispatch it from within. Essentially it requires the commitment to focus internally, tune into the soul, and to follow it, come what may. The soul is felt as a sense of 'rightness' and it will guide you to authentic beingness, opening gateways of Right Action. If you align in this way, then you start to strip off the intervention frequencies. It is able to influence you less and less. And you become able not only to dispatch it from your field, but from the field around you and in other people too.

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Intervention and the Toroidal Flow

Shortly I will get onto techniques you can apply in daily life to break out from the hidden agendas. But firstly we must be clear what these are. Because the Intervention has most recently become very sophisticated in its approach. The Interventon Axis has been uprooted and fragmented by the infusing benevolent frequencies. However, it is now blending into the spiritual mainstream and spinning all manner of deceptive 'time lines' so as confuse and divert.

Be especially wary when you encounter the approach of intentioning a new 'time line', or intentioning any kind of new reality. Even if it appears on the surface to be benevolent or desirable. Linear time is an illusion or else a bubble separated from the natural flow. In authenticity, the flow is all happening in one moment. The space-time-continuum is constantly reshaping and morphing in this one moment of now - the past is unravelling through it and the future already beginning to land in it. The Intervention is skilled at creating a reality bubble through planned time lines that it projects into people's consciousness as an intention, which detach people from the natural flow.

The intervention approach is aimed at retarding the authentic Toroidal Flow of the Universe, to which you are meant to be an integral part. The Toroidal Field creates WITHOUT INTENTION. It simply happens, and has done so since consciousness emerged from the singularity of The One. It is natural in you and will simply create when not retarded. Implants are used by the Intervention to disconnect people from it, and likewise they work to interrupt the Torus in a given location through collective thought implantation - intentioning desirable futures and time lines for example. They are very skilled at it, but where you unleash the Torus in you, they're able to exert less and less influence. Your Torus, and it's place within the natural Flower of Life, is restored. You break free of the control and it feels like coming home.

Exposing the Hidden Agendas

It has been said that the most effective deception is that closest to the truth. And it appears this is the principle upon which the intervention has been working.  It now knows its time here on earth is drawing to a close. By a convergence of galactic and solar alignments, together with a concerted effort by benevolent groups from across the cosmos, it has been uprooted, is being unwound and will be progressively dispatched from the earth. Plenty of the wayward entities are also realigning and coming back to the universal fold, which is heartwarming to witness. But there are still several other groups continuing to create synthetic misaligned reality time lines. For example, trying to divert the Ascension into a 4D bubble.

When you first access the 4D, it feels expanded, timeless, loving and connected. You feel like in that moment you've become enlightened. But this is only the beginning of the journey. True enlightenment is being able to be in the Void of Presence, AND being able to stay aligned in the natural flow in any given moment. You're centred in the soul as a feeling of 'rightness', flowing in the moment with the natural underlying movement of life, supported by a streaming flow of signs and synchronicity. This is the essential difference between the 5D flow and the 4D bubble.

Here are a number of different strategies I've witnessed emerging in the spiritual mainstream in a covert attempt by the Intervention to divert people from the natural realignment (please note: I am not saying teachers and guides are propagating this intentionally, but that an influencing energy behind it is):

Varous Intervention Strategies...

False Love and Light:  in realising judgment is limiting and to witness the beauty in all life, plenty are being deceived of applying true discernment. 'Acceptance' and unconditionally loving has been diverted into acceptance of anything goes. And so there is an encouragement not to set accurate boundaries based on an interrelation with the natural flow of life - in relationships for example. It creates a disconnected sense of inertia, which feels okay, but is not truly evolving and growing with the flow.

Non duality bubble: the mainstream has long picked up on the truth that in the absolute, there is no duality. So the idea is that your individual story is unnecessary can can be dropped. However this is quite distorted. To experience true non-duality is to be in the source where there is no experience at all. A natural toroidal flow happens from here, experienced in relativity as your soul. For experience to exist at all, the two have to co-exist: you can be in the presence of non-duality AND flowing as a unique soul. The intervention plays on the non-duality distortion by getting people to drop their own unique expression and slip into inertia. It's not about dropping the story, but dropping the drama about it.

Setting Intention:  there's an entirely natural impulse that arises through the soul to be a certain way in any given situation - "being is the change". Right Action naturally arises from here, to which we focus mind and body to bring it into fruition. However, 'setting your intention' before hand, actually cuts across the natural flowing energy of the moment and the intention itself, when held in the mind, can be read from the 4D by entities that subtly influence to divert into an alternate reality construct - a bubble of false love and light for example. Instead of 'setting intention', look for the natural upwelling of spiritual intuition.

Dumping Karma and Removing Chakras: two new distortions that have entered the spiritual mainstream are simply dumping karma by 'healing' intention and 'removing the chakras'. Karma is the natural effect of unresolved aspects of soul, which is the very journey of enlightenment itself. It's an energy which provides an inavluable signpost on how to realign. Chakras are consciousness exchange points of the soul into the bodymind field, which naturally disappear at full Enlightenment, because the convolution in them has been resolved out and harmony restored. To prematurely remove karmic energy that creates the eddy currents there, which provides the feeling of the chakras, is to remove key indicators as to how to work in order to find realignment.
Attune your chakras with this ancient Kriya Yoga technique

No Requirement to Reincarnate: the intervention is working to harvest souls by creating bubbles of 4D consciousness into which souls are unwittingly drawn. It then strips out the karma (and karmic memory), before inserting the soul into a synthetic reality time line based on intention. This is known universally as 'harvesting' souls. Reincarnation is the natural cycle of life through which the soul learns, integrates, evolves and grows.

The Raptor Consciousness:  is about reveling in the false sense of abundance of materiality. ‘Manifesting Abundance’ can fall into this particular trap. It may feel like everything’s clicking into place in a material sense, but it's often because there is then an alignment with the matrix of excessive exploitation of natural resources. If spiritual success comes quickly, it’s often a false dawn.

The eco-friendly bandwagon and healing the earth:  it’s entirely natural to want to apply greener and more environmentally conscious ways to live - it's essential to reconnect with Gaia. Yet so often, it’s still about how we can shape a more sustainable future for mankind (and the entities Homo Sapiens is hosting) - it's still human centred. Instead of aligning with the greater good of all sentient life on planet Earth. There’s still the falsehood of wanting to control environments rather than trusting Gaia to do what she does best. The great cleansing of 3D earth leading to the new paradigm in the 5D/6D/7D is her healing.

Free Energy:  nothing is free! Every cause has an effect. Even if we magic energy from the Zero Point Field, we have to create the machines to do it and then widespread tools and gadgets to benefit from them, plus you're channeling extra energy into a system that is meant to have its own harmony and balance. It risks another false dawn, falling into the camp of continued earth exploitation, rather than needing less, and discovering that less is more.

Smart Technology and AI:  to me, there is a very clear Opposing Consciousness agenda to accelerate the technology race to take humanity out into space, particularly as we move inexorably towards the culmination of the Shift through the upcoming Solar Nova Event. I do believe we can benefit from improved technology, but certainly not at the expense of planetary harmony with all sentient life, nor our own destiny of self realisation. Technology has so often become a tool to distract and divert.

False Disclosure: it is wonderful that the veils over our multidimensional reality are falling and humanity is realising some of the various ET groups out there, some of which are friendly. But plenty are still trying to control and shape humanity's new future 'time lines'. Be wary of being blinded by ever spinning, new intellectual stories and landscapes that distract your attention from the sovereign source of your own soul within.

What makes people susceptible to Intervention?

Lack of self honesty:  this is born out of attachment to the need for an outcome (such as to be successful or accepted). We can hear the quiet voice, but deny or ignore it.

Spiritual glamour:  you may have processed out a good deal of ego. Yet an imposter of the soul hides behind the mask of ‘expressing joy and uniqueness’, ‘helping lots of people’, ‘healing the planet’ or ‘spreading love and light’. But be wary of the subtle gain of ego hiding in the apparent selflessness.

Lack of trust:  not trusting in the flow of the universe and how cosmic consciousness unravels disharmony or injustice. So there’s still a latent desire to try to ‘control things in your own hands’ rather than aligning with this cosmic unraveling.

Judgment: when ever you judge another or project some kind of judgment onto them, not only are you witnessing your own shadow, but you actually open a channel for the Opposing Consciousness to flow in on. It can attach to that behaviourism in you and gain energy from it. Hence it's essential if you feel judgment, to look at what the external reflection might be telling you about your own shadow side and to unravel that.
Check out this video on Owning Your Shadow with the Law of Attraction

Hidden desires:  there’s an authentic soulful yearning to fulfill divine service. But so often, ‘imposters of the soul’ hide within these desires, because we’re not fully satisfied with the Void of Silence — the abode of the absolute.

Not facing your wound: what also happens a lot especially in social media groups, is the propogation of drama, sharing ones pain out to a wide circle, like an emotional fizz on the surface, which is a form of self derailing avoidance. Instead there's a requirement to go deep into the source pain to equalise with it in order to process it out.

Insensitivity:  especially in internet social networks, the spiritual journey risks becoming more an intellectual exchange of ideas — ‘research’ — rather than deep inner realisations through meditation and internal processing. There’s a looking for surface level satisfaction rather than the persistence of going deeper.

Lack of patience:  the universe takes its time to unfold in its fullness. But society has conditioned humanity to quick and expedient fixes. Ever greater depths of patience help the soul to fully embody, which then shapes reality authentically.

Personal Example of How Intervention Works

Profund self honesty will always help you mediate accurately through the various deceiving influences that are happening through the field. Here's a personal experience of mine...

Following a soul-exchange incarnation, I recall finally realising my true sense of self here and being guided to a benevolent ceremony on the Glastonbury Tor to embrace my new name "Open". It was deeply moving, yet in the midst of it, an energetic frequency came in which felt a degree dissonent, but acted benevolently, so I entertained it. The energy made it clear to me that I could manifest whatever I might want from the field. I'd drive into a town for example and all the traffic lights would turn green to allow passage. It played on the natural sense that things effortlessly create from the soul. However, another essential aspect of the soul is the 'ray 4' (see the 7 rays of soul consciousness); that which blends with the reality in which you're engaged. I realised that the excessive intervention frequency was overiding the interests of other sentient life around me. Working to be profoundly self honest about that, and watching for signs and synchronicity to support the authentic flow, the inervening frequency could be seen and felt within. I was able to eject it simply by will. Following which, I became able to weave a higher dimensional 5D flow into this physical reality, but also to respect the reality, and thereby dance with it, flowing in and around it.

5 Key Approaches to overcoming and ejecting Intervention

1) Become the Toroidal Flow: first and foremost is to explore one’s own being ever deeper until you break through into the Void of infinite potential. When you find peace and contentment just the way things are, without need of change them, then you become less susceptible to the glamour of a quick fix. Furthermore, the natural Toroidal Flow starts to build within and around you - it is natural kundalini reactivated. Any entity in the field around you cannot ramain in that spontaneous movement of flow - it is the antithesis of control.

2) Test the soul: keep aligning with, attuning to, and testing the soul in every single moment. How does your soul make itself known to you? How do you recognise its vibration? But always keep testing this alignment against the question, “is there a deep sense of ‘rightness’ with this behaviour or action?” Watch especially for reflections in nature, which are mirroring authentic soul beingness.

3) Tune into synchronicity: synchronicity is the objective mother tongue of the universe. If we accept totally that we are the creators of an interconnected reality, which is both unique for us, but at the same time respectful of other life, then the mirror we manifest will surely tell us if we’re going astray — if what we create causes inner tightness and subtle contraction.

4) Watch for repetitive patterns: if we’re running a distortion (a conditioned behaviour), but we’re being profoundly honest with ourselves, then patterns of conditioned behaviours will manifest themselves. By the Law of Attraction we’ll draw appropriate situations and circumstances to confront these karmic limitations. Confront these reflections of the shadow side so that you may work to unravel them. The light of awareness is the ultimate key to unlock the door of realignment.

5) Profound self honesty without judgment: we all make mistakes! None of us are perfect (at least not in an evolving being sense). So if we see that we’ve been caught in some kind of deception, self forgiveness and acceptance is essential. There is no perfection, we will all stray from the path in different landscapes and situations. That's the way the soul defines itself in the journey of life. So if you find you've been caught out by the illusion in some way, work to relax in profound self honesty about it. It's very healing and aligning. But then come back to realigned behaviours through expression of authentic beingness.

The walls of the matrix are fragmenting

The Intervention that has so controlled the Earth over millions of years and enslaved Homo Sapiens within it is now being unwound. This is happening by a cyclical galactic cleansing mechanism, which will purify Mother Earth in the 3D and elevate Gaia into a New Paradigm in the 5D. It's an invitation that is open to all and the natural destiny for mankind. The Openhand way to overcome the derailing intervention and ascend into your natural birthright, is to work to restore the natural Toroidal Flow within your field. For each of us, this is an interrelated part of the universal Flower of Life - you have your own entirely unique expression, interwoven into a majestic tapestry that is miraculous to behold. There's simply no need to control or intention this. It will happen entirely of its own accord when we let go of preconceived intention, resistance or denial of our authentic truth.

This realignment is also open to those entities that have been involved in the Intervention, it's wonderful to witness plenty letting go of the fruitlessness of trying to control life and coming back into the universal fold. But we must be aware that there are still several other dissonant groups out there with an agenda to harvest souls and draw them into an alternative synthetic agenda on some other world or in the 4D or both.

When you come into the Torus, you explode the illusion of fixed and limiting 'time-line' realities. You come into the infinite potential of the moment, where life spontaneously creates from this open freedom. All we have to do is let go of the need of a particular outcome, yet step boldly into the one that is clearly presenting, as supported by the natural mother tongue of the Universe - streaming signs and synchronicity. What you thought was reality will start to bend and shatter. You'll find yourself escaping the bounds of the merely physical and shaping in concert with the natural flowing miracle. It feels simply divine!

If you resonate with what I've shared, consider getting involved with Openhand's Advanced Spiritual Development Work...
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In loving support

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I felt to share a view here in the article about Deception on the Spiritual path about what to be aware of in guided group meditations. This advice comes from decades of direct experience and observation.

We need to understand the field is awash with entities, that have evolved plenty of ways of extracting energy from unwitting hosts. The real problem with this is that they cause derailment and misguidance to the natural soul's path. I speak from having experienced this personally too.

If someone guides a group meditation, if they're not in the right integrated state of being, they risk channelling intervention consciousness through the group - it's a prime target. Essentially the group is being invited to surrender to the guidance and make themselves open to it.

Because of this, I would say that any group guide needs to have experienced full kundalini activation on their journey and fully integrated it so the Higher and Lower Selves are as one - they are being the Torus, the one, and flowing unhindered as the soul. Much, if not all, karma should have been processed out.

The exception to this is if the guide has made it abundantly clear to the group beforehand that intervention could happen and that each should be in their own awareness about this and working to block any interference. Or they need to be made aware how to process entities out. There needs to be a good deal of experience by the group leader in this regard.

I would say therefore it's not to be approached lightly or flippantly.

Well wishes to all

Open 🙏


Thank you for sharing this article again, Open. It really resonates. The reality of not being able to really know what's going on, or to predict the outcome is really hard to me. My ego wants security and predictability, and especially for something outside me to just take care of things. This makes me vulnerable to the "False disclosure" especially (but also several other ones), deep-diving into different stories about what's really going on. On one level this feels really satisfying, still there is this sublte inner voice that's trying to tell me it's not aligned. Best case I waste energy that could have been used to tune inwards, and worst case I get lost in some particular timelime that might not be aligned for me at all. To me you communicate this crystal clear. And yes, you never said it would be easy. :) 

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Indeed. False Disclosure. I guess you're referring to the "3 Days of Darkness", supposedly planned by the "White Hats" in Government, to take down the internet and mobile phones for 3 days, so as to "make 500K arrests of the cabal". And that during the 3 Days of Darkness, we're to have no worries, because they'll take over all broadcasts around the world and disclose what's really going on. Meanwhile (implicit but not stated), "we can all stay happily under house arrest, social distancing, and be good little citizens".

Sorry. But I'm not falling for it.

It's clear to me that these 'whistleblowers' are deliberately leaking disinformation to those teachers and leaders in the Spiritual Mainstream, gullible enough to fall for it (plenty, gauging by all the articles and reports and videos out promoting it). It's a classic Opposing Consciousness technique of debunking a truth. Just as they debunked the Pole Shift process in 2012 by circulating disinformation that it would happen all in one day (hence the Hollywood Movie Drama 2012), now we have a debunking of the "3 Days of Darkness". Which is a truth handed down through the ages by elders, carved as hyroglypths, told through countless spiritual texts, about the 3 Days of Darkness that happen when the Galactic Superwave arrives and takes the sun into Solar Nova. It's even encoded into the story of Jesus - the 3 days in darkness before he was resurrected and ascended. But how many people will now be thrown off that track by the disinformation?

It's really clear what's going on here. It's no less than a worldwide coup attempt, to grab power, resource and to control people through viruses, mandatory vaccines and then digital ID imprints; to make DNA changes that people will be more acquiescent to the system. It's increasingly clear that's the real agenda. Will it succeed? Time can only tell. We're right at the fuldcrum in this moment - the anvil. And it could go either way. It depends on what the majority of people decide. Will they take sovereignty and action?

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I've been really diving into deep meditations and contemplations... 

Sometimes when the world is going crazy and there is just too much information, contradicting views and ideas, when things are changing, I find it is vital at some point to just cut it all out and turn to simplicity, unique intuitions, sensations and just focus on what it is I am invited to do. Usually it is just unravelling something within and keeping doing simple things in life. The rest is vastly unknown.

I've been living in my mind, really abusing my intellect for many years, and what I found is that the mind has the ability to connect the dots that are not really connected in reality (even computers do that, you know, that joke about correlation plots with perfect fitting parameters where it is obvious there can be absolutely no correlation between the data or events, this was mind-blowing to me!). The mind can interpret things subjectively, force complex, incomprehensible, uncontrollable and unpredictable reality into something just simple, logical and digestible enough to have some sense of clarity and understanding. This gives a sense of 'control' over what is going on, an illusion of knowing, and with that a false illusion of choice or freedom. Remember the architect in Matrix? That's exactly it - can't see past his nose.

In my meditations I could feel that this need to KNOW, to understand, to make connections or predictions is just another side or form of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of loss of control, fear of loss of choice or freedom. It is hard to digest that we are a part of a big soup and that we are influenced by this soup. This soup is not only a golden pool of light. It has all kinds of stuff in it. And we're totally part of it, whether we like it or not, and we just can't control it. We just do what we're here to do.

So I felt through all this and at some point there was this wave in me that totally surrendered all of this. I could feel there is a field around me and within me, a pure field of potential, where anything can happen, nothing is forbidden, where there are no cause-and-effect laws that we are used to operate under, and I could see how ridiculous it is to pretend as if I can even understand it. I could see flows in all kinds of directions and it was not my job to make sense of them, but rather feel out where is my flow-line and align with it. This is actually all I can see or try to understand - what's my little flow-line in this moment. And it doesn't have to be grandeur. It could be just washing the floor and be happy with that, because it was right. It is complex enough, enormously complex - that tiny 'truth' of the moment.

Truth is not absolute or perfect thing, just like nothing else in this reality is absolute or perfect. There are degrees of truth, and there are degrees of clarity, which also means, degrees of deception (mostly we usually deceive ourselves and OC just serves us to do that) and degrees of obscurity and confusion. The less I pretend to know, the less I deceive myself and the less OC can confuse me. Holding on to any truth can be a great sign of self-deception and a hidden fear... 'Truth' is an endless field of information - a non-linear combination of threads, flows and pieces, changing and shape-shifting at every moment, that no mind or computer can understand, decipher or put together. It is a space where actually it is best for the logical mind to take a vacation.

In this space that I perceived any "artificial" or mind-driven, conclusive or predictive kind of thinking actually took me away, farther away from reality, from what is really going on, which is happening on so many levels, it is such a complex interplay between the dark and light forces, that flow and interplay together to create something that I can't even grasp.

And the funny thing is that for a couple of days I've been feeling this pull to watch the film Assassin's Creed. But it felt like - action movie? What the hell? But eventually I watched it yesterday, and it was just full of gems, just WOW, raining down messages, realisations and synchronistic images, reflecting my own inner experiences and processes. I just got this full-blown resonance. Amazing.

Relevant quote is the punch line of the creed:

“Where other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true.
Where other men are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted.
We work in the dark to serve the light."

Just totally reflects the deep realisation, the gem I found in my meditations.

The other two important messages of this movie, were:  this idea of fusing with the "animus" - which for me symbolised the fusion between what I am being now and my soul, which brings past, present and future into one moment, giving me the only free will I'll ever have - the choice of absolute surrender, synchronisation and moving out of the way, leaving pure experience in the moment. Because being is actually self-explanatory, it doesn't need rationalisation or interpretation. Once I rationalise and interpret - I am just out of sync with the only thing I can choose - just be what I already am. The other message is "leap of faith" - I never saw a better depiction of the concept than in this film. 

We strive to figure things out and think it will help us find the way, but to me personally, this kind of strategy only brings disaster and damage both to my life and to people in my life. Taking a leap of faith is harder, in the place of lack of knowing what is going on or will be, but it is the only thing that really can take to the next point - a total surprise. It is not something to do only during tough moments of our lives, when the rug is being pulled from under our feet, and we have no choice but to take this leap of faith. We can actually start choosing it, as a way of being, all the time.

So in the current situation - it is not whether to go out the street to prove myself I am free. Is that how we would define freedom? Maybe it is really best for me to stay home, meditate, detox, contemplate, use it as a retreat, give the field a rest from my noise on the streets... What and to whom do I have to prove? Opposition, resistance, is that the way we bring light? I mean rebellion is cool until a certain point, when it becomes clear that it is only the other side of victimhood and slave consciousness. To me it is actually finding a way to blend, to shine within the given circumstance, knowing that nothing can really take the only real freedom away - to be me, wherever I am, whatever is going on in the world. And even if that is taken away for some reason - it is only because I chose to "disconnect from the animus". I trust that if I follow the stream-line, I don't need to 'oppose' or be against anything. I just do my thing and that's it. It will have its effect on its own accord. And if I don't oppose (or resist), the field will 'oppose' me less either.

I feel there is much higher intelligence at work, that combines both BC and OC, in perfect combination, to create reality for humanity according to their own internal configuration, taking into account many other parameters, most of them unseen in our physical world.

Taking a leap of faith, trusting the field as it is, including all forces, and falling into the sense of rightness, rather than intellectualising what's going on, to me is not only the only thing left, but also the only way to make sure I am honest, and it is mainly knowing that I am never completely honest, as long as I am alive, and this means that OC will reside in my field to reflect that until I am ready to face and be new ME. Not truth, not reality, but just new me. In this way, to me,  unknown is a gift, and humility is more honest than any knowing or tactics...

In the end we only always face and deal with ourselves.


Hi Desi,

My sense is to explore your feelings about deep physical embodiment and might there be some resistance to that?

Plenty of star souls make the awakening journey in reverse - they're quite open to higher dimensions already, but it's the embodiment that's the challenge. And there's an intimate relation between mind and body. If the mind can be projected into by an outside source, it can control the body. However if we surrender deep through any physical fears then the Opposing Consciousness has to leave - because it can no longer harvest energy.

So my sense is to explore deep into physical embodiment and where there might be resistances to that at a mind level - they could have eminated from child hood. Get inside any loops you find and break them open.

Wishing you well

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Hi Open - thanks for the article. Very helpful as always. :)


The past month I found myself sitting with a very heavy energy. While in the past I could usually shift it quite quickly this time I wasn't able to do so. My energy level became extremely low, I couldn’t sleep properly, had lack of drive and the feeling of “here we go again” – why is my frequency range falling down after all the work I have done? At the beginning I thought I was processing old emotional traumas aka karma but as this went on for weeks I started having suicidal thoughts. What interesting about the suicidal thoughts was that I had no reason to have them. I find my life to be a beautiful one so why suddenly an urge of “going home”, of exiting the planet, of leaving it all at last.
My mum used to tell me that as a young child I had many breakdowns. I used to cry for days refusing to eat or sleep so they had to take me to the doctor, who didn’t really know what to do with me as I appeared to be healthy. When I tune into the memory now I know this was the age when I became aware of the timeline in which I was living in and that it was not a good one (if you don’t like drama or pain). But I stayed. So why suddenly I had a desire to leave or commit suicide in the middle of an extremely short game (yes, life on Earth is extremely short) that was just highly suspicious to me. After scanning all the bodies for the negative energy and asking “is this mine?”, my energy field vibrated with dissonance yet I couldn’t see any further.

Then one of the nights something that I used to experience often as a teenager took place. In my sleep, I felt a full force wave of fear projected towards me, the only difference this time was that I (still don’t know how) knew how to deal with it. I could stop the wave just before going into my energy field and remember saying something like: “I protest your attempted interference of my mind and free will.”  And then I said they were breaking universal protocols and that I would report them. But report them to who!? Now that I consciously try to analyse what happened that night it feels so unreal to me yet at that moment it was, indeed, a very serious matter.  

I’m trying not to judge the events of that night as I consciously choose not to have a light/dark paradigm experience and also hold no judgment on how and when a person decides to leave the planet. Leaving right now might be to avoid experiences that the soul has not subscribed to but I think most of us didn't come here to avoid life or the games that are being played on the planet, whether these are positive or negative, and it’s good to be aware of the desperate attempts of the matrix and the old system to keep the fear frequency alive.  





Hi Hannah - when you contemplate back, was the synchronicity really telling you to go there?

To reflect an example - I was staying at a retreat centre and when I walked passed the book shelf a book fell out in front of me with a picture of the Holy Mountain Kailash. It stirred something deep inside - a deep upwelling. I'm sure the incident was inspired by external benevolent guidance. So I stepped into the exploration of it. I was taken on a beautiful journey with many twists and turns, many lovely synchronicities, but in the end, led me to Wales, not Tibet! I was invited to sit in a forest and tune into the holy mountain and embody it there.

I could have easily booked a ticket. But I tested each step along the way through feeling sense. Ending up in Wales was for sure the right choice - the aligned one.

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Thank you all for bringing attention to the distorted synchronicity topic. I've been contemplating this in relation to some synchronicities that seemed to be either distorted in the first place, or, maybe they were aligned but owned by the ego (interpreted with a sense of desire for an outcome), which can be tricky as well I guess. I had a feeling of a place/person, but already formed a desire around it - to go there. In that moment two cars passed me; a Toyota Aygo (I go) and a Renault Megane (meegaan (Dutch) = going along) and I saw this as a confirmation. In the end it turned out I wasn't meant to go there, but to just connect internally with a certain feeling. So in a sense still 'go there', but just not physically. But I'm still puzzled. I have come across very blunt synchronicities that indeed tell you where to go and feed into ego, but this didn't fully look like that, although there still seemed to be a distortion.



Hi Marije,

You said this, and I highlight it because I suspect you speak for many out there...

Making a mistake is somehow very much associated with punishment for me, and can almost feel like a matter of life and death, so I suspect there is some karma to work through here. And at the same time, I get a sense that at some point a ‘wrong’ choice that I made had quite disastrous consequences for the world around me (which can also trigger an enormous sense of sadness) and that I am terrified to make such a ‘wrong’ choice again.

I recall being at an airport with some few hours before the flight. Then I perceived a question, a reflection, from the usual channels that I knew as supportive guidance. The internal dialogue went something like this...

Guidance: how important is this flight?
Me: Kind of important.
Guidance: do you perceive any risk?
Me: well I suppose the plane could crash.
Guidance: yes. So if you felt there was a chance of that, would you change the flight?
Me: I felt it through, and something didn't feel right, so I went to change the ticket.
Me: I must have gone through this cycle several times, each time I decided I would change the ticket, a resonance reflected that I was okay to stay on track.

What might we learn from this?

Think about booking a flight and the cost of it. Think about the potential consequences of taking a flight that isn't necessarily in the flow. And in these terms, 'flight' could be anything which has a potentially high cost. How flexible can you be if you felt a guidance not to take it? Even if you'd spent a lot of money? Because the soul wouldn't care about that. The money is already spent. You're already in a new moment with new possibilities.

So how might you overcome doubt and fear of making a choice that might have big consequences?

I would say a good way (perhaps the only way where there is extreme doubt) is to allow yourself to make lots of choices and to let them keep changing or not happening until you expose the ego aspect that is hanging on. Feel the energy. Get inside the loop - AS IT IS HAPPENING - and break it open.

That's how it worked for me.

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Hi Open,

Thank you for the reflections.

With synchronicities - I didn't know to recognise which is what until I've had some experience. Also it was pretty impossible until I let go a lot of control and 'analysing-everything-to-hide-from-feelings' myself. I was not aware how much I was afraid from feeling and 'seeing' the truth, and even more - to trust myself, so I was rather blind, but still kept walking to the best of my ability :)

To tell the truth, I was oblivious to the fact how much power OC has. I thought I am smart and connected. Not until recently I became able to recognise their abilities in their full glory. This realisation almost overpowered me in itself, until I've realised that the universal flow is more powerful and that the soul is very resilient. So eventually being overpowered was an empowering experience. After that synchronicities became more spontaneous.

Thank you for the reminder about 'telling what to do"! - this is really a trademark of OC OK Hand Sign

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Good to see you Yulia - welcome Thumbs Up Sign

I felt to reflect a couple of things about what you said...

When the feminine aspects begin to unravel it is important for me not to 'kill' the masculine.

I'd say that holds with all the qualities of beingness - we'll likely be working with several at the same time. So not to fixate in any one, although patterns might bring a particular one to the fore.

This was important too...

Syncs are amazing. A sad revelation is that OC knows how to mimic them.

Yes, but have you noticed the difference between an authentic synchronicity and that manifested by OC?

Authentic synchronicity tends to be much more spontaneous and in the moment - more like a flow. And it never tells you what to do next. OC induced 'synchronicity' tends to be more clunky and pointing towards things you should do.

There are several tecnhiques we've developed for combating OC induced synchronicity. A key one is to embody a good deal of spotaneity - that way you tend to derail the OC freqeuncies coming in and can actually see/feel them. That way you can lock onto them and eject them.

Best wishes

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Hi Open,

Thank you for the articles and the important comment about mistakes Praying Emoji Recently I've been observing the last decade and the 'mistakes' I've made. Your lines made me feel more soft and forgiving toward myself. I want to say a couple of things.

1. (Maybe I'm wrong) About fear... I used to see fear as limiting and as 'bad'. Until I learned that fear can be a sign that something highly not benevolent is going on and my body is trying to show me because I ignore more subtle signs. This lesson came through a series of experiences and then I ran into this instrumental guitar track called 'Saved by fear':

Entities know how to turn every useful tool into a weapon and how to use what I know to be good and use as a signpost on my path as a trap to the point of almost being unable to distinguish. Experiences like expansion and pleasant states can become a diversion, whereas feelings and sensations that are labeled as something not 'divine' can actually serve at times.

2. I resonated when you wrote about surrender distortion a lot! When the feminine aspects begin to unravel it is important for me not to 'kill' the masculine. I've made a mistake and decided that since my process is about working with the feminine, than there will a be a man who will protect me during that process. So no such thing. Other people cannot be used as a wheelchair while some aspect of me is 'resting'. The balance always should be found within (I can't believe I fell with this one hh).

We know how the masculine energy expresses itself when distorted. I've been exploring how distorted feminine can express itself and what can be the consequences.

3. Syncs are amazing. A sad revelation is that OC knows how to mimic them. They know this language too. I do use synchronicity but I do not just accept all syncs blindly. The mind has this ability to find connections where there aren't any and some things can seem strongly correlated when there is absolutely no connection between them. The mind creates this out of internal distortions and related external diversions. 

That's it. Thank you again,

Yulia <3





Hi Marije, what jumps out to me (screams actually!) is this that you said...

‘this feels aligned, but what if it is actually a sophisticated distortion from the intervention wrapped in the illusion of alignment?’

I think because I write about this stuff probably people think I never get caught out or never buy into an illusion, which couldn't be further from the truth. My path has been defined by the mistakes I've made. And most importantly, I've learned masses from that about how the frequencies of the soul get easily distorted.

So how will you overcome the doubt?

You have to be prepared to make 'mistakes' and accept that this is going to happen - just have a laugh at yourself  when it does!

There is no ultimate 'right' way forwards. There is no predetermined path. There is no path!

There is the revelation of you.

In which case, actually mistakes help you. And the harder the lessonsd, the more you tend to learn.

So my encouragement is to dive into the things that come up. Don't resist. But then figure out why you did it, what caused the distortion?

I've come through all of this. What I find now, often, is that I can even see the mistake I'm likely to make ahead of time! But I allow myself to make them. It's only through the experience that we learn. And I also find the mistakes are less impactful these days - I get back to realignment much quicker.

So you will make mistakes. Accept them. Get used to it. laugh at yourself, but don't judge yourself for doing it. Work to take life a little less seriously.

Wishing you well

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