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I felt to add this forum thread called "The Wall". Post your one-liner, link or comment of inspiration in our 5D Ascension here. The very latest of what's moving and shaking the 3D world.

Could this be Twitter's last Tweet?


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I think all too often we apply the term "surrender" to what actually suits the ego and not the soul.
If you want to truly talk to the God within you, you've got to be prepared to go out on a limb,
to break past the physical identification, to confront the material in the most intimate and sometimes savage of ways. That's when you truly explode the myth that the ego self is. Then all manner of things will light the way.
But you have to be prepared to first break through your comfort zone...

So crypto is bouncing right back again - that tends to happen. It's a New Paradigm we're heading into, plenty of pull backs and corrections on the rise, but rise we are.

Check out: VeChain, Tron, Link, Theta, Atom.
Meanwhile Doge the Dog is having a well earned rest!

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I'm parked up on the beach looking out across the sea, it's a glorious day.
A van has just parked next to me - it's a dog grooming business, with 3 happy dogs emblazoned on the side. As the door opens, an excited spaniel leaps out and rushes off across the beach, tail wagging furiously.
A thought comes to mind - "Doge is making a come back!" Sure enough, the price has leapt 20% today.

I took an early morning jog across the cliffs, down through a small valley, across a jinking little stream heading into the ocean. I'd been watching a great crypto project about video streaming called Bittorrent. The thought came to mind, "oh, it's a bit of a torrent". The price is up over 30% today!

Watch for the light of synchronicity, adventure and fun in the crypto space. It's speaking loudly. That's what I find so adventurous and intriguing about it. A paradigm change, turning the old on its head.

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With everything that's going on in the world, it's perfectly okay to feel melancholy at times.
Personally I feel that today. Don't deny it. Don't push it away. It's an entirely 'right' emotion when it arises.
If we don't deny authentic feeelings then they don't define us and can move through pretty quickly.


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I put it to you that what matters most in life is finding your own internal harmony and alignment. Might sound a bit glib, a bit cliche. So what do I mean exactly?

Everyone will make mistakes in life, providing that is, you're not denying your journey - your inquiry - which is the greatest mistake one can ever make.

The mistakes are essential. Because within them is the possibility to reclaim the lost aspect of yourself. And, most essentially, then you'll be able to honour boundaries within your future engagement with life.

When you can do this, then the soul will naturally create the kind of configuration that is best for your aliveness and expression. Perhaps that's to be alone? Perhaps with a partner but with plenty of space? Perhaps with a close group of friends. The more you witness yourself, the more you align the boundaries and therefore the more accurately you define your life.

Thus you become harmonious. And from that, you create harmony in the outer.
To me, nothing can be so essential. Then you're truly living.

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To have the greatest capacity of love is to confront all the places we retract from love. This is where we may have been hurt or disillusioned in the past. These veils are the most painful to deal with. But you must drop them to proceed. Allow the pain. Turn into it. Feel it like a burning crucible. Don't search for the quick fix or the crutch. The pain is your healing. Work in. Work it through. Then the veil will burn away and the light will once more stream through, stream in.
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So a lot of the processing i've been doing lately has really narrowed down my issues to one core theme: low self-worth. Which came about predictably from an unstable unsupportive and many times traumatic childhood. I can say fairly confidently that all the problems i:ve created in my life stem from that one core issue. i've never really learned to accept and trust myself because nothing in my life gave me reason to. the never-ending negative feedback loop. i've tried the external validation but also predictably, it all eventually tanked b/c of this lack of self-worth. So now i see this is where my true starting point is. Where all my current problems overlap, this deep-seated rejection of myself. But how do i create something from something that wasn't really ever there to begin with? things like affirmations never worked; i could never make myself believe those things just by saying them because i didn't funfamentally believe it to be true. While i get one must eventually move beyond the needs of the ego, for me it's hard to find an anchor in the higher when i have no stable base to start from. (i get that that's the opposite of how one is to approach the higher energies but that's how it feels; i can't keep myself up when every little thing in the outer reminds me of how weak and afraid i am) How can i even feel worthy of the beauty and joy and freedom of the higher when i don't even feel worthy to live? How can i let go when i can't trust myself or the flow? This is why i fall time and again and i just don't know how to learn to believe otherwise. And the life ive created just takes so much of my time and energy and self-eesteem that i dont get to connect with my higher self as i feel i should at this point, thus the feeling im not "anchored" to her yet. i still believe its all my fault so in the m8dst of some of my worst densities when i go up i cant hold it, i cnt find her. I just dont feel like i have a starting point to finding anf more importantly holding that self-acceptance. or maybe i'm just too impatient? hoping to be pointed in the right direction...

thanks with love and gratitude💜💜💜🙏

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Hi Barb,

It's a powerful inquiry for sure, one which I know many have. Heart

Always when someone asks me a question, I'm feeling between the words and finding the energy trigger points behind them. Here's what leaps out of your sharing...

But how do i create something (self-worth) from something that wasn't really ever there to begin with? things like affirmations never worked; i could never make myself believe those things just by saying them because i didn't funfamentally believe it to be true. While i get one must eventually move beyond the needs of the ego, for me it's hard to find an anchor in the higher when i have no stable base to start from.

You can't create self-worth. Just as you can't create any authentic state of being. That's why mantras ultimately fail.

You can't create self-worth (or any authentic state of being) because at the deepest levels it is already there. It already exists. How can you create something which is already present?

The key is to remove all the ego veils that stand in the way of it. And the way to do this is activate those karmic veils (including those from this life) so as to confront the pain and immerse in it - what is it that you're attaching to which blocks the emergence of your true light? What resolution or fix are you needing? When you do this, and you become deeply intimate with it, then something happens: you discover yourself as that which is observing and non-identified with the pain - with the distortion (of low self-worth). If you really work into it and allow yourself to go there, then you hit the "zero point" right at the bottom of it. It's a place of deep surrender, deep "giving up" - giving up trying to be something you are not. You stop trying to emulate someone for example (a paternal/maternal figure?).

It's this practice we apply in the Openhand Breakthrough Approach

When you give up trying to be something you are not, then you settle into being who you really are.

When you are really who you are, then there will be no question about self-worth. You'll discover your unique, personal soul-expression of the One. And because you are unique, you'll suddenly realise, "how can something which is unique possibly have no value?" From there, your soul can truly start to blossom.

It would be of great value to come on an Openhand Retreat or Course. Or else working with a facilitator. I would connect with Tilly Bud about that...
Connect with Tilly Bud

Wishing you well

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Hi Everyone - how are you all in the Shift out there right now?

There's lots of change happening in the field and lots of complexity, you might well agree.

That's why it's essential we keep reminding each other to connect with the grace at the core of us.

The soul is working to find rightness of action in the world - this sovereignty is why the external is changing.

BUT, be clear not to detach from the essence at the core of you - the Sacred Ground of Being.

Ultimately this is what the soul is working to reveal - to actualise, to make real.

It's that hallowed place of grace. Of wholeness and completeness. No matter what is going on.

How do you find that sacred place personally?

For me nature is a huge one - just watching the bees out in the garden, or the birds gliding on the wind. And music - the right track can simply carry me away.

Here's a favourite track I frequently play at the Openhand gatherings that readily gets me into that grace.

Take a few moments, sit back and feel it...

Bit of a two-parter, was wondering if OC had the ability to insert images into our heads at any time ie is everything i see in my mind, mine? Because sometimes i feel like my buttons are being pushed deliberately to get a negative emotional response. Brought to mind a strange incident a few years back when i doscovered remote viewing. One day i was just resting, no intention of doing a session, when as i was dozing an image came into my mind's eye of a being that looked like an intelligent triceratops. It was just watching me woth a bemused expression, as though it was watching me on a monitor. The weird thing about it was the whole image, including the being, looked as though it was through tv "fuzz", like the analog tvs when no station was coming through. Sometimes i would spontaneously see stuff without intending to view anything and the image would be grainy and monochromatic, like the image of the being, which is what really stands out. And it was like it was in real time too. Been wondering if i had seen them by accident or was it just some dream? Interested if anyone has insight?...

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Hi Barb - in short, yes, Dracos ARE able to implant images in your mind. And usually they will inprint images of themselves looking imposing and fearful so as to control people. Likewise there are entity groups able to see into this reality by the insertion of implants behind the eyes.

Here's one account of a close encounter in a Reptilian hive that I experienced where they implanted fearful imagery...


Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities in the 5D Earth Shift

Yes, it's "out there"!

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Carl Jung tells in one of his books of a conversation he had with a Native American chief who pointed out to him that in his perception most white people have tense faces, staring eyes, and a cruel demeanor. He said: "They are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something. They are always uneasy and restless. We don't know what they want. We think they are mad."




So i've been getting a bit stuck with visualising exactly where the energy goes into the chakras, ie "exhale through the front of the chakra, inhale through the back"...does that mean on the exhale energy goes out through the front of the body? or front of the chakra, and if so is that between the chakra and the spine?...discombobulated😄 assistance is appreciated!💜

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Hi Barb,

Imagine first that as you inhale, you're inhaling up from the base up to the crown; as you exhale, your exhaling down in reverse. Then imagine it as an energy cycle: you inhale up the back of you and exhale down the front.

Now when you do the meditation, you inhale up to the crown, hold the breath, then exhale down the front and into the particular chakra. Hold the breath in the chakra on exhale. Now feel the softening andf expansion. Then when you're ready, inhale out of the back of the chakra and up the back to the crown once more.

See how that works.

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I've felt a lot of disruptive energy coming into the field this Easter as the two opposing flows shift and dance. What to do if anything negative latches onto your field? Put simply, relax, observe it, be sure to let go into any reaction to it. Watch the distraction, but then look for the potential place of unconsciousness in your field where it is anchoring. Ask your intuition, "show me". Then feel into that place with awareness. Soon enough you'll unravel the anchor and the energy will leave.

Openhand Releasing Implants and Entities Meditation

When the Spirit and the natural Universal Science meet amazing life might be created on this planet. It's a joy to witness that more and more people are tuning into such frequencies. This is my personal point of view but I find today's situation with educational challenges perfect timing where parents could step forwards to choosing different approach to educating their children.

As a potential right=left "brainer" I find this video very inspirational and motivational:

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I would say there are just two truths...

1) The absolute - that before which the relativistic springs to life and can only be known as an unexpressed presence.
2) The relative - which springs from the absolute and is always a perspective. The relative truth at any given moment is your honest perspective of it. Which is unique and different for everyone.

To me it's wondeful, because it means no one can tell you what your truth is.
We can only reflect resonances to each other.

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Hi Danniel,

Thanks so much for sharing. Many interesting concepts to be found here.

What is truth, if you don't mind my asking?

Is the concept of war, and stupidity, i.e, based on this truth you speak of?


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Complex question, not sure if I truly understand your wordsSlightly Smiling You mentioned concepts and that exactly what words are, you can use or misuse them on million ways. Eckhart Tolle explain this "problem" really good in The Power of Now, he shows how to bypass your mind and speak from your essence.

War and stupidity are heavy words, they mostly serve OC very well. I remember Castaneda have truly interesting perspective about this concepts, hope I can find it.

Here's my favorite question...


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Thanks for your response Danniel.

To me there is no such thing that can be described as the objective truth. Each of us may have a relativistic perception/experience of the absolute, the all there is, and then find a ever-evolving personal truth in that. (Hoping you don't mind Open, I'm quoting you a little here Clapping Hands Emoji)

Ohh and war and stupidity are just words that spiked my consciousness when looking at the title of the video your shared. Pretty heavy indeed, I don't find them to be part of my truth. :-)

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It's very dynamic period in astrology, we had equinox two days ago, Venus will conjuct Sun in three days and three days later is powerful full Moon, it's all felt already. 

But main thing, from yesterday Mars is out of the bounds, kinda out of control for next two months, lots of wild energy. 

Here's wonderful Camile, she nail it.

So, back to the dolphins and how we only perform tricks to keep you people entertained! 

The reason why we seem so jovial whilst performing shows (at dolphinariams) is actually to assist man kind (yet again). It is not, as you have been led to believe our dearest moments where we get to jump through loops. We are assisting the people watching in releasing all of their frustrations, fears and explosive mind constructs. Have you ever been to a dolphin show? Do you remember when we did something that made your stomach whoop with anticipation and you feel yourself become euphoric with the delight of seeing us perform? Well, all those sensations (unless of course you felt nothing which is a pity) are associated to how we are balancing and bring out your awareness. Some people are very aware that dolphins have something about them… We release and transform all your fears and doubts. Even though humans tend to go right back (mostly) into what they've created, it does however assist you, at least for some time. We are always assisting beings. Wherever we find ourselves we place ourselves firmly within that moment and we do what it is that we are able to, to assist. The mere refractions that create change within beings, is absolutely what we strive for. Especially children are where we work the most. Their minds have not been obstructed and complicated as much as that of the adult. To a child the dolphin also represents more than just a slimy fish! Yes, many people still see us as silly fish. Children can still be assisted to the point where they grow up understanding that their actions are not merely harmless and that where they place themselves has a lot to do with how they view themselves within this world. It has always been a wonderful thing for a dolphin when a child sees what we do. Often a child will sit at one of these dolphinarian shows with the dullest look in their eyes. I see them through all the water as I rise to meet their eyes.

Often these children live in such deprived states, where all they get use to is seeing their parents abusing each other or where they live within this abuse. I see in their eyes how they have become dead inside, with mere refractions within them of their original freedom. So I rise up and I look at them, adult and children alike. I see them while they see me. It is my vulnerability that makes the human take notice and look me in the eye. I say to them look, I have nothing to hide, you may see me. If I am able to be taken from my oceans, where I swam freely with others to become a toy then what stops you from facing yourself! Perhaps in that moment you do not even realize that you are connecting to me, but it is like a live wire running through us both. It is wonderful. I sense that you have no life and I push you to feel that you have that. I push for all that your mind is saying to you to merely stand still and allow for the you inside to breathe . If you can imagine the brain waves coming from your mind looking like electricity then the entire audience area would be electrified! Bolts of electricity shooting from each beings head. In colour it actually has distinct blue and red shooting though the air as it moves. Just like lightning that shows colour . Beautiful, yet very harmful. Harmful because it shows us that the human mind is much too chaotic. Within each of these specific rays and bolts of electrical movement it shows us that all is not well in the mind. Thoughts are not able to be directed as the being within oneness. Beings sit there unaware of their minds and yet it seems to me that you have an awareness that your mind is not able to be trusted. Or is it rather that you trust the mind because everyone tells you to? So my keen eyes catch everything from that one jump out of the water. I assist and I move all throughout my little performance. And you thought the performance was breath taking, imagine for a moment what I have just given you a glimpse into. The magnitude of the actual performance I deliver! So therefore we allow our captivity, it gives us the opportunity to become closely involved with people, allowing for moments where nothing else moves within you but what we allow. The rush that we experience together as I jump high is how I take all that I move out your body and return it to the skies!




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Incredibly beautiful sharing! Thank you, Danniel. It touched me deeply... from the Dolphin's perspective...

When I came reading to the line "Beautiful, yet very harmful. Harmful because it shows us that the human mind is much too chaotic" it just threw me deeply inwards. The discipline of the mind is what I'm contemplating a lot lately. I believe this is one of the ways to create harmony within ourselves and around us.

As I go through my own shift most of the time I am spending on my own. Then going out into the "people's world", if I may say so (I know I am part of it too), just for the revelation to myself of how things have changed for me and so I am making awesome discoveries in that. If I manage staying centered and not being engaged too much in the outer yet placing my self out there at the same time incredible things are happening. Like for example, I can sense a little "tornadoes" of chaos around me but it isn't touching me, as if I would be invisible :) Or, I may walk on streets, beaches, wherever among people and just naturally spot few of them but not focusing on this nor looking much at them. Then when I am back at home flashes of memory occur with those spotted people and I was wondering why. My sense is that those people are in a more or less deep suffering, that could be loneliness, self worthlessness, etc. I do not spot in this particular way joyous and feeling good people (they just are and that's brilliant). This feels like being able to "scan" the surroundings while staying focused within my own field.

So, maybe humans have this ability too which you so nicely put in words - "So I rise up and I look at them, adult and children alike. I see them while they see me. It is my vulnerability that makes the human take notice and look me in the eye. I say to them look, I have nothing to hide, you may see me." 

I can see how much pain people carry within them selves and often thinking what enormous amount of time, efforts and energy we have to dedicate to this to be healed... I wish from all of my heart that we could heal them or help them just by looking into their eyes, even from a distance. Majority of people don't even have an idea they are able to heal them selves and all they need just to acknowledge their own suffering and ask for or be open to a help. Then this is the main point for those, who know how and can do that (to help), to be taken out from our oceans... Just for the reason - far few can reach dolphins within the ocean. Is this something that we humans have common with dolphins?

Many months ago my Being has "bubbled" into this drawing which I named "Dream of the Dolphin"

With much love to all and everyone Heart

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Dream of the Dolphin

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Hi Asya

My understanding is that this was channelled directly from dolphins consciousness which is kind of pleadian type. Little Grandmother said dolphins are one of the beings with highest vibration on earth helping all of as to rise, even from the depths of the ocean.  Here is part 1 of 4