Liberation of the Orions...Dealing with "Grey" Energy of The Control Drama

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Have you ever noticed just how strongly Orion's Belt seems to feature in the human story? It's there encoded into so many of the ancient cultures. It is of course interwoven within one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Giza Pyramids, set out perfectly aligned with Orion, as a mirror image of it. Orion is where the "Greys" came from: they are interdimensional beings who can shift their vibration, practically at will, in and out of Earth's physical reality. They are the subject of numerous UFO sightings and (sadly) abduction stories. What are they doing here? What do they want? Most importantly of all, how do you remove their influence from your field, and nullify their impact in your creative process?...

Please Note: It's really important to read this article in reference to the current escalation of control within society. It's clear to me that it's the grey consciousness in conjunction with satanic "Black Snake" energy underlying it and instigating it. We need to understand it so that we may best counteract it. I present here metaphoric viewpoints as a framework for your own inner inquiry.

Who are the Greys?

Many people have reported seeing the Greys. You'll find their image on a number of esoteric websites. I've had plenty of personal encounters and worked with people in regression who can recall their intervention - genetic hybridisation for example. The Greys have bulbous heads, dark almond shaped eyes and small gangly shaped bodies. These are the ones people typically encounter in abduction occurrences.

They're inter dimensional, able to move in and out of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions of existence. When UFOs are seen, but then quickly disappear, in my knowing it's because these are 'energy vessels', able to quickly shift vibration in and out of the material densities. They are harvested and enslaved souls, 'farmed' from their original physical form, and artificially inserted into synthetic, energy suits - done so by a superior "Annunaki" controlling race. Yes I know it may sound fantastical, but I assure you I'm not trying to dazzle and daze, it's the plain and simple truth that I know. And what many will find even more surprising, is that there are humans amongst us who've experienced life as a Grey. They're often people who struggle to access their emotions or else find the expression of emotion completely overwhelming - because a grey has no emotional body, and so they struggle to assimilate emotions.

Pain of Existence

They were created to serve the Annunaki, who came upon them from the constellation Sirius, after the Great Shift of Sirius B, 120 million years ago. Unable to express emotion, the Greys were purposefully hooked in by the Pain of Existence, their sense of abandonment and fear of the void. Connection to the source has been substituted by the search for acceptance by a paternalistic 'father' figure. They've been coerced into manipulating and managing the false realities the Annunaki have created - like here on Earth...

Stripped of their original identity, karmic past life memories wiped, and occupying a bodily vehicle unable to express emotion, they have no individualised direction or destiny. They were purposefully directed towards humanity to live out the limitation of their beingness through human 4D fields. They live and complete their lives by manipulating and controlling their human hosts. As unpleasant as it sounds, that's my estimation of their purpose. Currently my sense is they're applying AI, Smart technology and increased electrification of the Earth together with the concocted Virus situation in order to manipulate human DNA to surpress the soul. The ultimate aim would clearly appear to be the harvesting of souls into their collective consciousness.

The greys are the entities that deploy and work the implants that so many people have in their fields. They act through your thoughts and emotions, keeping people locked into downward spiraling patterns of limiting behaviour. It's what they do. It's what they're designed for. They don't speak, they insert thought telepathically and it's why so many people are on medication or disturbed by constant irritation.

By creating disharmony and energetic disruption in people's fields, they then farm the energy that is released (emotional, mental and karmic).

Dealing with Grey Energy in Your Field

The vitally important thing is that when you become aware of it, you can deal with this consciousness. The key is to first accept it, become as nothing in it, not trying to get rid of it, which means it has less and less hold on you. It's only able to be there by exacerbating your fears, worries, doubts and anxieties. So work to calm your emotions and come deep into your feelings, despite what might be going on in your thoughts.

Then it is important to start to remove the implants that they will have inserted, following which, the grey entities themselves can be removed. This is something Openhand Facilitators are trained to do (here's where you can inquire about the Openhand Facilitation Service). Also for more instant relief, try this removing entities meditation which you can download:

Healing the Greys with Love

I found it extremely challenging to truly empathise and accept the Greys initially, especially after all the negativity they've been responsible for, all the pain and anguish they're causing for billions of people. Intellectually I knew that humanity has created the karma that manifested them as the mirror of their unconsciousness - they simply can't be in your field when you're fully infused with soul sovereignty. But still it was hard to accept. Until that is, I had direct conscious confrontations and exchanges with them. I was given to see and feel - to regress into - their karma through the aeons and feel the sense of worthlessness and abandonment; the feelings of hopelessness and wretchedness. The Annunaki took away their divine connection, and gave them an enslaving paternal figure instead. I understood it wasn't their fault; that in actual fact, they were simply the living manifestation of the Original Pain of Existence. And overcoming this, means to overcome a key barrier on the journey of Enlightenment. In that moment, my heart was instead filled with empathy (I share my direct experience in the book DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human).

"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves."
Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

So having found acceptance and understanding, enough to be able to love, I was then guided by benevolence to transmit this idea, this vibration, this impulse: "that they could now take off the suit and rejoin the light"... and I've found it works. In this way, I have reconnected countless back to the source already.

Bubbling to the surface

Since the Annunaki consciousness has now been largely unwound from the matrix (through facilitated self-realisation), I've found this grey alien consciousness much more responsive at this time. The original paternalistic 'father figure' has gone (although see my update note below) and there has been a tremendous unwinding effect going on in the field as a result. It's also why so much of this original Pain of Existence is bubbling to the surface.

This astounding reality has yet to make its way into the evolving group consciousness. It's not yet been widely circulated and perhaps even if so, it would likely be exceptionally hard to accept and integrate. But for those who can appreciate it, contemplate it deeply and celebrate in the truth of it, because it signals a huge and immanent change is set to follow. It's a real 'game changer'.

One thing that makes it hard to see, understand and accept, is that because the darkness is being unleashed and unwound, it is temporarily appearing more prevalent at this time - the 'silt at the bottom of the stream' is being stirred up.

ESSENTIAL UPDATE NOTE: It's also essential to note, that since the time of writing, the virus pandemic has been instigated, a tremendously more virulent attempt at increased control and the supression of human sovereignty. I sense a new amplification in their intention. It would seem that they've been emboldened by Black Snake satanic energy and by the application of AI.

Reconnection to the source

The progressive liberation of the Orions and their reconnection back to the source will be a fundamental element, a huge part, of the unwinding of the control drama. I'm writing about it because the unwinding needs to accelerate at this crucial phase in human history. More tuned in souls who can recognise this energy in the field need to be encouraged to work with it and take heart that you have the power to dispense it...

I'm hearing from people in various parts of the world who are having these types of experiences, who're finding within them the inherent gifts to realign this Opposing Consciousness. I find it greatly motivating. But more still needs to be done. Much more.

So let's keep working on these entities and energy, both in your own field and as you become clearer, sending out that sense of realignment and reconnection. With the loving power of your divine sense of will, now more than ever before, this approach can bear fruit. We just have to believe it and keep pushing forwards. Miracles can happen. Let's be the bridges that channels in higher consciousness to break up the coherency of the intervention and also realign them.

In loving support

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With the loving power of your divine sense of will...

Ray 1 and 2 at work, so beautifully put


Thank you

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This to me is a very powerful definition of spiritual sovereignty. The guy is prepared to give all, in the persuit of following his heart.

Isn't it interesting but both he and Dr Buttar we ex-military men. The spiritual mainstream might have to reconsider the conditioned dogma with which it generally views the military!

We are ALL being invited to be warriors of truth right now. Where's the bottom line for you?


THANK YOU for a good explanation, been going through a shift myself and have found renewed strength in purpose to spread love, shine light and align with my purpose right now :)


What we need to understand is that the greys are not 'out there' somewhere (although certain leading elements will be). We're not waiting for disclosure to happen some day when. That's another deception sold to the spiritual mainstream to keep people looking in the wrong place.

The greys are intimiately interrelated with the human conditiion. They are IN HERE!

How does that manifest?

It's when you feel depressed, low, in need of addictive comfort. When you go unconscious into repetitive behaviour programs. It's when you're in fear or when you feel unloved and need to consume something to placate the sense of emptiness. It's when you feel unworthy, self lothing or wretched. It's when you can't stop the mind whirring. None of these are conditions of a free and liberated souls.

Take a look around you right now within society, as people social distance from you in the street. Is that energy not everywhere?

We have to break apart this consciousness by bringing back souls to the love, freedom and openness of the divine - but also the sense of coherent will just to be, without restraint, without limitation, without control.

Go out into the street. Be free. Show everyone you're breaking down the control. Support the local store owner as the small businesses open again. Definitely DON'T wear a mask! or gloves. Challenge the narrative, but in a loving way. Be an expression of freedom. Help others emerge from behind the veil. We ALL need to be doing this right now.

On Glastonbury High Street, my favourite cafe Bar Excalibur just reopened as a take-away. I make a point of going in there and getting something, just to help encourage them along. Business is slow. But this is a simple way to break the control down again - a display of 'normality'.

The sense of opening up, breaking free, stepping out of the mind control games, dropping the veils, I find is beautifully expressed in this song by Jont...

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Hello, Open,

thank you for your tireless and encouraging support in these uncertain days <3

Especially the description of the feelings in your mail from 5.16am helped me a lot -

That's exactly how I feel in the last few days - melancholy, listless, addicted to activity and above all to food, no matter what - the main thing is food. And playing on the computer, so distraction and occupation of the thoughts. Yesterday I played for hours and hours and it was actually like this that I wanted to stop but couldn't. Several times I thought "Now I'm going to stop" and then there was another winning streak in my game and I continued. At some point, I asked my mental team for support and without thinking, I just decided. It was as if I could hear an outcry.
It was only through your mail today that I realized the connections and also how strongly thoughts are controlled and directed.
And with what sophistication - in the last few days, for example, I was particularly concerned with the question of how I could get to Divinicus in Wales. For days I got caught up in these thoughts.
So I was led to believe that I was dealing with something important. But then the thoughts began to take on a larger and larger scale. And I felt more and more confused and anxious.
This morning in my meditation I asked the spiritual world for support to become more serene and confident. And now I feel a little calmer.

Another thing - you write in your article

"And what many will find even more surprising, is that there are humans amongst us who've experienced life as a Grey. They're often people who struggle to access their emotions or else find the expression of emotion completely overwhelming - because a grey has no emotional body, and so they struggle to assimilate emotions."

I felt strongly about this. Yes, I feel more and more that it concerns me. A good description of my handling of feelings. I will follow up this reference in meditation.

Lots of Love HeartPraying Emoji


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Hi Dagmar - I'm sure that when I express these metaphysical concepts, like being influenced of greys, most people just pass it off and think it's not happening to them. But they are prevalent in the human condition. In many ways they are the weavers and creators of the Homo Sapiens experience.

You described the influence in these lockdown times right on the nail...

That's exactly how I feel in the last few days - melancholy, listless, addicted to activity and above all to food, no matter what - the main thing is food. And playing on the computer, so distraction and occupation of the thoughts. Yesterday I played for hours and hours and it was actually like this that I wanted to stop but couldn't.

That's it. That's what it plays into. And it takes people in a downward spiral. So you eat or distract more so as to avoid the boredom or discomfort, which only makes things worse because it dumbs down your consciousness more and so you need to do it more. That's the dumbing down effect that they embody.

That's what we need to be aware of and break out of. We need to confront the contracting loops of programming, in the mind and in the emotions. That's why recently I posted this article: How to Break Cycles of Cravings to Accelerate Your Consciousness Shift

Well done for seeing it and owning it.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Etheric Hugs!!

Thank you for delineation so vividly grey consciousness. Makes me more vigilant and able to be more quickly 'catch on'. I also have these days when I am caught up almost in a tight spiral if thoughts that threaten to engulf me. For me it is the Twin Flame that they use to infiltrate. Just relaxing into it and remembering that the Twin Flame is within helps a lot to dissipate the massive charge that the compulsive thoughts have. The Food cravings and mindless mental chatter also is so frequent these days.. Thank you so much! 


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Dear Megha,
it's so nice to hear from you and thank you for sharing your experiences. It is encouraging to know that others have similar experiences and how they deal with them.
In my meditation this morning I saw some greys and told them that I see them and that they have to leave my field. Then I did the up and down spiral as Open showed us. I saw many going up and some going down.
I will continue to work on dealing with the greys and their energies.
Feel a warm embrace. Heart

Lots of love


Right now I'm spending a lot of time journeying into this Grey Consciousness, to see where it stands in relation to unfolding events in the control drama. Yesterday I traveled right into the core of it to get a sense of what's happening there.

The first thing I felt was indeed the interference of Black Snake or Satanic energy from the field. (You can get an overview of the energy in this article... Unwinding the "Black Snake" Energy of the Deep Field). It's clear to me now that's why there's been this ramping up of the control situation in recent times. The likelihood is that some kind of future possibility that fulfills their (the Greys) objectives has been played and sold to them (by the deceptive Black Snake consciousness). Hence it has a new devisive nature to it.

Some souls did indeed break loose during the journeying. But it's too early to say any big movement happened.

What I did get a strong sense of in their regard (the greys), was that offering the paternal sense of love and forgiveness (the maternal too), that this would indeed work well as a bridge back to the source. Of course it has to be heart felt in order to work. I can say that I did feel that sense of empathy. I sense them as lost children. And the work is to bring them home.

Let's see how things progress and how that then might change the field in positive ways in the days/weeks ahead.

Love to all tuning in.

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Open, Thank you for today's post about the Greys, straight to the point and easy to understand . I really appreciated it beating about the bush. I was getting a bit confused and as well as attention to detail I always maintain that there is simplicity  at the root of everything.

Much love Heather




My strong sense is that it's this grey energy that is behind the current upsurge in control on the planet with regards the pandemic, and instigated from behind the scenes as a means of furthering their intended synthetic reality. They're aim being to harvest souls into their collective consciousness by the application of DNA mutations that block the souls natural higher dimensional connection. As unpleasant as it sounds, it's a technique that's been used to control reality through the aeons and it's essential that we, as energy workers, come to understand it better so we can work to realign it.

In the article above, which was written back in 2013 (and I commend you to read), I expressed direct personal experience of the intervention alliance being broken up - 3 groups separated by the removal of the Annunaki from the equation (I have reason to believe the Annunaki are also involved in another way now - in a different guise as the "Anshar" - but more on that later). At that time, I found that it was not too difficult to realign souls that had been trapped in this grey collective consciousness. Essentially it is to embrace them in your field, show them love, and connect a thread of light all the way back to the source.

However there was a period of time, perhaps a year or two, prior to this pandemic, where they became more resistant again (I was able to gain less contact into them). I sense that something happened in this period where a regrouping and reorganisation took place. Maybe another element involved (Black Snake probably). The introduction of 5Jeez is clearly a quantum leap in their intention and efforts, indicating a strong reorganisation.

What this means is that to truly break this latest phase of the control drama in society, that consciousness needs to be confronted in the field, because as I strongly suspect, this is where the true instigation is. The best way I've found of achieving this is to form an energetic bridge by feeling into their consciousness, and then questioning why the need for control? Reminding them that it always tends to break down at some point and thereby is ultimately fruitless. To show them love and bring them back to the source by connecting with that deeply inside yourself. It is advanced energy work, and should only be taken on when you're confident of your anchoring in the source, or else if that energy comes into your space anyway.

The sense of the consciousness I'm talking about, at least the leadership element of it, is reasonably well metphored in the classic matrix scene, which I share here so as to gain an understanding of the dynamic...

The grey energy is held in place by a paternalistic controlling consciousness - it's seeking that paternal figure and working to support it. This is what we must break down - we are the anomaly!

Right now, the energy is detaching to leave the earth in due course, but not before completing (what appears to be) it's intention of assimilating more souls to its group. This is what we must work to break down. You can do so first by breaking it in your own field. This article shares some pointers on how...

7 Ways for Dealing with Depressive "Grey" Energy in Your Field

Rest assured that the Benevolent Mission is aware of the issue and beginning to work into it at the deepest levels.

Have no fear. It will be resolved out. This is something that's happened time and again in other situations in other constellations. However we must all act, and act now. By reclaiming soul sovereignty and coming forth in an empowered way.

That was the emphasis I worked to get across in this recent Openhand LiveStream...

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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This is the new legislation to become aware of. To say "draconian" is an absolute understatement.
As I intimated, this is classic "Black Snake" energy, but wrapped up with the systematic approach of the grey consciousness.

Right now, every single one of us needs to engage with what's unfolding, ask for guidance from spirit, and take appropriate action.

The video gives some essential initial clues and suggestions. Our sovereignty as free beings is at stake...

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Dear Open, 

After a session with Margaret, I feel something in my heart centre has expanded and that I am transmitting much more effectively ( that's literally what I feel like). I also have felt as if  past karma is coming up.. While staying with it recently and trigerred by someone I felt into his field and ' saw' in my minds eye a group of greys ( Seeing them much more these days). And then I connected and very softly reached out to them about the fact that control doesn't work and they should give up. I connected with my heart to a strong white angelic light and saw a swarm of them spiraling up into higher environs.

I have done this a couple of times in the recent past even before you posted this. Just writing in to share and validate what I saw.(As I write this I feel a massive expansion in my heart) 



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Megha and Dagmar and Open,

Right there with you. When I feel into the grey collective they’re like the army of stormtroopers in Star Wars especially Star Wars Episode II and III - the Clone Wars. It’s not their fault - they are totally stripped of memory and acting out a program. Simply don’t know any better. All the implanting and downgrading and genetic engineering they did was just carrying out orders from their imposter parents. The sense I get is “they never got a chance to be children.”

I cradled one in my heart space this morning and he suddenly turned into a tiny baby grey with the cutest big black eyes, and angelic energy swept him up.

Interesting correlation to the proposed U.S. government legislation is a powerful scene from Episode III where the clone army carries out Order 66 from the Emperor/False Father.

In reply to by Eric.


Hello Open and Eric,
Open, thank you very much for your reference to "How to break the cycle of desires in order to accelerate the change of consciousness".
I'm going to look into that now.

Eric, the Clone Wars are a picture that explains the workings of the Greys well. And what you tell about your experience with the Greys touches me deeply. I also think they are like lost children longing for parents and home.
Thank you for sharing your experience. It encourages me to continue on this path, knowing that others are also on this path.



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Dear Open, 

That comment in particular and the heart rending treatment of the poor in India over the last month is making me write this. Also to ground what I see a little. 

India is a hard place to have been around for this. Much as I avoid social Media and the news, I cannot avoid how the policies of the government to deal with this fake problem has meant that Millions are dying of starvation  right now. And being run over while trying to get home to their villages (where they don't warn anything which is why they were in cities, in inhumane conditions in the first place).

It makes me so Angry. Everything.. The way that we just allow this to happen. In my country the death count doesn't take into account children dying of hunger as their parents take them home.

I am attempting to sit. With the anger. In my minds eye I connected with greys and implants in my field. As I communicated with these very sad little beings, I received an image of how they were enslaved, so they enslave. As above so below. 

I tend to begin shaking after an image like that. That seems to embody it for me. 

I wouldn't say my feelings of anger are entirely gone but I understand (strangely enough) what underpins this horrible treatment of the weak and poor . 



Hey Open,

So from your comment above, how do I work into the karma of this? I'm  still getting a hang of how all this stuff works, so any clues would be most helpful. Thanks.

Or should I just reread 5 gateways?

I seem to have such an empathy for the wee greys.Am I feeling THEIR feelings of loss and abandonment (which I have done for a long time now)or are they my feelings or both?

Aah questions, questions! yes ask the universe to show me!

I welcome any input on this.


Zee : )


There with you Zee Heart

You know there are plenty of souls here who've been previously lost in that (Grey) form. It's possible that you have something like that in your karma - wouldn't surprise me. And me mentioning it, may well fire some feelings off. Remember, it's actually not the events that happened which matter in themselves, it's their influences thay people carry forwards that need to be worled with.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi there fellow travellers,

Well finally I see what has been happening to me. For a long time now as soon as I wake I feel this grey yukky feeling like all is lost, abandoned and hopeless and no motivation to do anything. Yet i push on and realize I contract against this feeling and want to distract from it. Anything to not FEEL it. 

I have pondered on the reasons for this for ages and finally its clicked! tadah! ding!

I see that it is probably the greys doing their thing in my field. 

When I read about how they have been disconnected from source, feel lost and abandoned, I was so overcome with sadness and a deep compassion I wept and felt a profound urge to help them reconnect. They are just doing what they do, like we all do in  our lives, not realizing the impact and fruitlesness of this way of being. I have a much greater understanding from reading everyone's responses, Divinicus and want to learn to sit with the feelings and become one and hopefully I can help myself and them in my journey back to source.

Thankyou to all in this beautiful community who share and reflect. I have been greatly encouraged by you.

hugs to all across the ether

Love Zee : )

Here's a poem about it:

The Grey

Before I open my eyes I feel you 

a lion with its prey

helpless in your grasp

can't think, can't see, powerless

finanally I see after all this time

I must not run or hide, but embrace you

look you in the face and know

you are not 'me'

Step through the doorway before me

to freedom.

ej 30.10.18


All luck to all of you exploring the possibility of Divinicus in that beautiful forest....and chopping wood and carrying water. Hungry Yes i resonate with that, that we're restoring something that is lost. I guess holding the relativistic experience and the interconnectedness is the spirituality of today. I'm curious about this Nirvana....sure would be great if that's what the Universe is dreaming up. 

OK Hand SignPraying Emoji



Hi Apollonius,

Great inquiry - I loved this...

The old Indian spirituality seemed to be only interested in transcending the physical as if the where only a prison from which to escape. But that doesn't make sense to me: why would you as pure consciousness project yourself in a relativistic experience if your only goal was to escape it? Why then incarnate in the first place? You might as well stayed at home!

I wholeheartedly agree. And there's something else. We're on the DIVINICUS course right now in Snowdonia Wales - this is early morning here before everything gets going for the day. Yesterday we were exploring humanity's karmic journey through history, back to the time of the original humans. It's clear to me, that you can be having BOTH the relativistic physical experience AND the transcended interconnected one. And I do believe this was the original experience - I'd say the soul in us is working to recover both. But that different people will feel different pulls at different times.

Does the Universe have a direction?

Certainly to me it does. It feels like it is moving toward interconnected balanced harmony in all places - what I would call 'nirvana'. And to have that, requires each soul coming to the fullness of expression. So go create, go paint, go dance, go sing!

With love

Open Praying Emoji


Thank you so much Open for this explanation! It touches upon my struggle (perceived so by the relative, separate self of course) I'm dealing with for a while. I had to re-read your reply a couple of times to grasp it but each time it becomes a bit clearer. The plus and minus equation is really helpful. It really works for me! 

This paradox of being and not-being is a bitter pil to swallow sometimes for me. I'm also yearning for the full expression of soul in this relativistic experience. And of course the loss of the perspective of the absolute is what causes the suffering for me (or the separate self again). I do not fully understand the 'why' of it all but what I seem to be experiencing is the progressive 'download' of the soul and with that, ultimately, the perspective of the Void of presence. I feel that in this life it's all about embodied enlightenment. It's the ability to be able to be conscious all of the time in the densest of experiences (or so I believe now). But I recon it's also 'a desire' for consciousness to to fully enjoy the relativistic experience instead of just trying to transcend it. The old Indian spirituality seemed to be only interested in transcending the physical as if the where only a prison from which to escape. But that doesn't make sense to me: why would you as pure consciousness project yourself in a relativistic experience if your only goal was to escape it? Why then incarnate in the first place? You might as well stayed at home! So I figure there must be anther reason why the simultaneous out-breath and in-breath is taking place. Maybe evolution has a direction and is not just the merry-go-around of the cycle of death and rebirth? Maybe (just for the adventure of it) its innate direction or striving is to absorb so much light in it that at one point (which will never be achieved) it perfectly mimics the absolute Void. So then existence would not only be about transcendence but also about transformation. And enjoyment....playfulness. These enquiries became important to me because I was wondering why the heck my spiritual journey coincided with these urges to create art. Why would that matter if my existence revolved only around transcendence? Why do more and more people use more and more of their 'junk'-dna? Why are there children born with more then three dna-strands? Creation seems to be heading somewhere....has a certain direction. Creation itself seems to matter not just consciousness. Guess more answers will come when I integrate more of the real Me. 

patience Appie, patience Smiling Face with Closed eyes




Hi Apollonius,

I think it extremely constructive to see anything that's manifest externally as a reflection, I agree, yes, and thereby to deal with the reaction/response internally, as an effect in you. Yes I totally agree. I believe that is an enormous step to empowerment and definitely can remove any victim mentality.

For me, following that realisation, it also went a step further. I became engaged in a natural yearning for the fullest expression of my soul. And that caused me to embrace the relativity. I realised that for there to be experience at all, there has to be "this" and "that". And I experienced the natural equilibrium between the unmanifest absolute and the manifest relative. I believe that full enlightenment means to be able to hold the paradox of both apparently conflicting truths simultaneously. It's the necessary dynamic equilibrium between being, and not-being, which must exist for the condition to arise that something manifests from nothing.

Consider it as a mathematical equation. You begin with 0 (nothing/absolute), and there's a spread out of +1, but simultaneously there's a flow back of -1. There must be, because you can't create +1 from nothing without its equal and opposite. Now you have the existence of +1 and -1, the relativity of quantum theory. These flows are equally balanced and at any moment in the flow, cancel each other out into zero. Thus you always have the dynamic equilibrium between being and not-being. Without that, you'd need a creator, something that is already manifest, from which it is all created, then you're left with the problem of what preceded the creator. The dynamic equilibrium answers the question, and the paradox, well - I feel.

I observe that many experience the journey first toward the absolute. And the pull of that oneness draws you to the acceptance of everything being you - but crucially, only at the condition of absolute, where everything merges into the One, and there is no relativistic experience at all - not even "you". On that journey, seeing everything as you leading into the absolute, is I believe, an essential vehicle to fully realising the Void of Presence - the One, the absolute. But then in the condition of the absolute, there is nothing to stop the manifest from arising again. And as they say... "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water!" The point being, that from the absolute, arises the relative - it just happens. And then the journey of the soul takes on another 'dimension'...being, that if there arises any denial of one's uniqueness as a soul, then immediately you pop out of the Void of Presence. The soul has to be fully embodied and experienced to remain in the place of the Void - the two must exist together.

And so that brought me back to "this" and "that", to "you and me", to those supporting the shift, and those retarding it.

Much love - awesome enquiry

Open Praying Emoji


hi Jennaya,

love your sharing. Especially when you say that ideally that they are not consuming our attention and energy and that is all about us and our relationship with ourselves. i believe ultimately OC is pointing towards that. If Lucifer is a representation of the dark side I believe he/she is holding a huge mirror in front of us so we can see it's about the relationship with ourselves. I can only conclude there must an enormous compassion behind that! 

hugs back!


glad to read it resonates Vimal! 

I always found it very enlightening Open how you described OC and its workings. And I believe very necessary because in true spiritual growth there's no room for denial.

It's just that I discover that through the years for me personally I've come to a point where I had to drop the idea of anything outside myself attacking me. It's a change of perspective but important now for me at this stage I feel. Some years ago it was valid: I had to come to terms with the fact that OC existed, was real within my field and on this earth. It was mind-blowing to me and triggered so much on so many levels! But now I realise it's all me and that pointing to anything outside myself (including people of course) is keeping me in victim-mode. If I'm honest I have to recognise that all this time I was afraid to open up to life. I was afraid (and still am) that if I did it would cost me dearly and would cause me great suffering and maybe death. Now I feel that was just a believe all along and now I can open up because it's safe. But this is what's relevant to me right now. I think it depends on what lesson a person is trying to get at a certain moment. 

Hopping between densities,

semi-Grey Appie. AlienAngel Halo





Hi everyone - great inquiry.

Apollonius you said to Marije...

When you ask how to be 'as nothing in it' there could be an undercurrent of control in that question: how can I control the situation when I am under attack?

That's always the challenge isn't it - that we learn a tool, and it becomes a strategy to achieve something! So the risk is it only becomes identity and ego.

Yet there's also an invitation that souls who resonate are drawn by the Law of Attraction toward one another and that we can each reflect. I often use the term "become as nothing in it", which to me, is the natural acceptance of the One. But yes, we do have to be clear that's not just avoidance. So to me, "being as nothing in it", doesn't mean trying to nullify it or push it away - instead to be able to completely sit in it, without trying to change it. Paradoxically I find it then starts to unwind of its own accord.

It's great that you shared the knowing that you've experienced some aspect of grey within yourself. Yes I'm aware of the potentiality for a term like "Opposing Consciousness" to polarise. It's not my intention! But I can see that some people might interpret it that way, generally if they're inclined to do so. The term came to me in witnessing that there is a resistant consciousness in the field that has a clear agenda to thwart and retard the natural evolutionary course of humanity and the planet - I believe there's strong evidence for that.

That doesn't mean though, of course, that entities within that energy don't switch into realignment - of course they do. Thankyou for challenging the perspective - it's always good to keep realigning the definitions - especially as 3D words can be so clumsy!

Great to see everyone exploring deeply here.

Open Thumbs Up SignPraying Emoji


Apollonius , i totally resonate with your comment. I see this aspect of control in myself when I'm dealing with entities. To me vulnerability has been a great key in these situations. Often these need for control comes from a need to be a certain way in the outer situations and when i let that go i can let go of this control and the density which has holding the entity naturally unravels. So it's not really a question of how can i be nothing in the situation. 

Marije, i feel to respond with an experience i had some time back. Hope you resonate. Some months i woke up at 4am feeling tired and under attack and i felt to meditate. Some time into the meditation intellectually i came at this answer. The need for me to clear this entity is because of a need to 'perform' in class i had to take the same morning. At the moment i could just let go this need to perform and the entity which was holding on to this tightness and expectation unraveled without me doing anything. It was like magic. I was being 'nothing' in it at that situation. So i think it should begin with an enquiry as to why its there. I hasten to add it's not really this straight forward everytime.  I also wake up most morning feeling tired and possibly under some attack. But nowadays i observe that if I sit long enough with the tightness and the attack it begins to unwind naturally and lightness comes through. Then its only a matter of giving attention to the lightness. 

You also wrote ,

I have also realised that this is now almost becoming like a strategy (intention?) that I apply in order to clear things up and feel somewhat ‘sane’ again

Yes, i have seen this exact dynamic in myself. This is particularly in line with what i said above. Is there an attachment to this 'sane' part of yourself?

With love



Hi Marye,

I felt to respond to your inquiry into 'becoming as nothing in it'. I have had many conscious experiences and clashes with the energy of the Greys. It doesn't really resonate for me personally to call them OC because in my experience I have a Grey aspect's part of me and trying to find resolution. When you ask how to be 'as nothing in it' there could be an undercurrent of control in that question: how can I control the situation when I am under attack? Like you pointed out yourself: maybe OC is reflecting perfectionism which is an expression of control. Control is the very psychological state that is associated with OC. What works for me is to not figure it out what to do beforehand. But instead let the latching on or attacks happen whenever they happen and say to yourself when you notice it: 'I am like nothing in it'. And then trust that you are! Over time I became more proficient at it and sometimes I totally fail and am trying to control the attack again. But I think it's hard to explain the how, you''ll just have to fly by the seat of your pants (is that how you say that?) and It suddenly clicks...

Hope this might helpAlienCowboy emoji



Hi Marije,

Like you, I am experiencing similar sensations and i understand how challenging it might be to fully accept when you feel like your head is about to explode.  Nevertheless, it feels right - when i relax more deeply about the OC intervention, the intensity goes down and i am more able to eject it. You right

Particularly, around my head there are a lot of very intense sensations (headaches and vibrations) and I can feel how OC is playing around with me there (or am I mistaking my higher self coming through strongly?).

I think it is both what you are feeling: soul integration and OC resistance (at least that is what i feel in my case).

Syncronistically today, while in the middle of "Implants/Entities" meditation, I was distracted twice by unusual sounds in my space. Second time around was right at the part of meditation dealing with entities.  And when i opened my eyes i was very surprised to see a lizard right next to me. Must have gotten through cracks. Didn't want to go easily but i had to catch and release it outside. Tried to bite and didn't want to go but had no choice when i had it cornered as it was my space.

Interesting reflections indeed!  I will go and  meditate on this a bit!

With you well with your explorations!




Hi Anatoly,
I'm a bit of a mess today, so I had to read you comment twice before it hit me, like, yes, ant, distraaaaction... it fits, not sure where but it does, thanks so much!
Passing on the virtual hug,


Hi Heike, as i was reading your post, noticed that an ant was crawling over me. First, I took it off but then came back crawling again over me, a bit distracting ... But then i said, ok this is just an ant and just a body. Yes, it is a bit distracting but i just let it be and as I am typing it, i can no longer feel it. Anyway, not sure if this resonates a bit with your experience in a metaphoric way or maybe just a BS but thought it was interesting *wink*

It was great connecting with you on the last day of retreat. You are supported!

With Love,


Heike, I remember at the New Year Retreat how your amazing energy – just who you are! - would cheer me up and pull me in like magic! So, I always think of you with great affection.
You say: “I'm up again now, and so much has shifted, I'm standing in a different place. Looking at a different view.” Beautiful. I resonate. Tidal waves are endless and so are the resurrections! I would like to share with you that I have been experiencing conflict (inner and outer) as carrying a special charge of eros. Conflict often feels to me like wrestling! Being knocked off your feet…getting up and down again. Some people, myself included – and I guess you may resonate – find the challenge energising! I find that conflict is an honourable dynamic of change and transformation. And so you say: “Feeling ready to use the coming four days off to go throw myself over the next cliff. See how it feels to fly.” Love your spirit! I am already energised!


Thanks for the virtual hug, Aspasia. I haven't been feeling too well these last few days, and your reply cheered me up - the three or four times I came back to read it. :-)

Well, that tidal wave sure knocked me off my feet. I'm up again now, and so much has shifted, I'm standing in a different place. Looking at a different view. Feeling ready to use the coming four days off to go throw myself over the next cliff. See how it feels to fly. :-)

Also, Universe is awesome.


Heike, what a fascinating and challenging experience! You are such an amazing being! Thanks. I felt to send you a big virtual hug to accompany you during the process.

Much love x


What activates, what kicks off, it's like a tidal wave - sight going blurry (had to turn away before I could continue reading), cold shivers running through my body, tingling in my hands and feet, heart racing, slight nausea, though not in a shocky kind of way, more like things are moving.

The feeling of: Yes, I know, and finally someone else knows, too.

This bit was espacially strong: being fooled/conned into leaving your body and thereby loosing yourself for some considerable time, it felt like yes, felt familiar, horrible and horribly familiar.

And I was reminded of this experience I had, about a month ago. I was meditating, following the sensations in my body, and suddenly I started twitching, lots of jerky, abrupt motions, my whole body moving with seemingly no input of my brain - I had the weird feeling of being a bystander and watching what was going on. After a while I heard/felt a vibration/sound, it was loud and disruptive, and then I wasn't outside watching anymore but inside. Lying down, shapes moving around me, this vibration/sound doing things to my body, and my thought of "I have to hold on, I cannot let go, I cannot let them do that", with a sense of being responsible for a group of others, I had to protect them, keep those things away from them, keep my group hidden. Then the thought that, no, I don't have to hold on, physical death isn't the end, and my group, they are all souls shaping their own path. So I let go.

Felt myself rising, into the light. But I turned and looked down at the body, saw my empty eyes, and thought: I can do this, I can bear witness to what is happening. Saw the body jerking, just an empty shell. I felt sad.

The things stopped what they were doing, conferred, and threw the body away; I got the distinct sensation of "experiment failed". Had the odd sensation for a moment of being back in the body, looking through those empty eyes, and feeling utterly rejected, look how I twisted myself all out of shape and I'm still not good enough. Watched the body crawl away and followed, wanted to soothe it, wanted to tell her, show her, how much love I felt, but - I couldn't reach her, no matter how hard I tried, she couldn't feel me.

So maybe the experiment didn't fail. Or that experience isn't connected at all; there's something inside of me shouting to not be stupid, these are two different things, don't post your drivel; yet it was what popped up when I read those words, so.

Also, there's a sensation of echo, in this life, of being tricked into trust and then systematically cleared out and used for ... I'm not entirely sure. Things. (And here I'd been wondering why I'd drawn that person into my life, but, well. Also feels as though we've been playing this out for a while now.)

Trauma, that rings a very loud bell, fear and a sense of determination, of "finally" and "no longer", and increasingly as though I know exactly whatever it is my mind claims I don't know.

Also feeling a bit like Frodo at the end of Fellowship here: I know what I need to do, it's just, I'm afraid to do it.

(Standing at the precipice, holding my breath, holding still, the tiniest movement will tip me over).

This calls for another cup of tea and some time out, I think. The office it not the best place for this kind of thing.


Will explore more at a better time and place.


Okay - a powerful sharing, and during so, my soul was dancing with yours in the higher dimensions, but as I always, but always say, this is MY experience, what is YOURS? What resonates and how do you feel to work with it?

So, having said that...

It feels like you have a collective past with them, one that needs to be healed in you, and the likelihood is, they are here to help. That's my sense, but nevertheless go carefully.

The way the Orions were tricked, was to go out of body into "love and light" - as happens so often here in the spiritual mainstream. Just fragments of soul are left behind in the density and other energies can come in - the soul is then harvested by interdimensional malevolent beings. Again, this has been prevalent on earth, and to me, actually IS the Homo Sapiens condition. Homo Sapiens is designed to receive this intervention - until you fully infuse soul and overcome it by ejecting it from within you. This is true transcendence through empowerment, by infusion of soul.

If someone whose not fully embodied, tries to push energy out of themselves or help others ascend through the creation of ascending spirals of energy - energy portals - what can happen is that their own soul goes out of body to some degree, which can be very risky. So the way to achieve this kind of highly advanced energy work successfully, is first to fully ground in the body. I suspect to do this in their presence, for you Heike, will involve confronting the very karma that is activating (it always does). In this case, my sense is it would activate a lot of trauma (and therefore potential for healing) to contemplate being fooled/conned into leaving your body and thereby loosing yourself for some considerable time. What would it feel like to be held in some alternate reality - an illusionary bubble or amniotic sack, rather like in the film The Matrix? (This imagery was hugely based on truth).

So in working through this karma, is to fully infuse and ground soul into the lower three vehicles: physical, emotional and intellectual (although my sense is you're already well infused through the intellectual).

From that place, essentially you polarise your consciousness into two levels of awareness. I could say "split your consciousness", but although more understandable, this would be incorrect. The two streams of consciousness must remain connected. One aspect of your awareness remains grounded in the physical/emotional/intellectual vehicles, but then you also, simultaneously, project out through the 4th Density vehicle. Now, because you are grounded and earthed - you have all the power you need. Your energy in the fourth density becomes unstoppable - providing that is, it remains aligned.

This is highly advanced energy work. I begin to share it first on the Openhand Facilitator Program. But I sense your soul already asking for the explanation, and so it must be ready to activate at this kind of level.

I would suggest exploring what, and how, my sharing resonates. What does it activate and kick off?

Sending love

Open *give_rose*


So. Orions.

I feel Universe has been trying to tell me something here for a while now. First, some time around the Breakthrough seminar in September last year, I came across the book "El An Ra - The Healing of Orion" on the open bookshelf at the supermarket. I felt pulled to take it with me, even though most of me scoffed and though: What load of crap. Still, I followed the pull, because, hey, open bookshelf, it's for free, and the worst that can happen is it gathers dust on my bookshelf for a while, right?

It did, until one day I just grabbed it and started reading. It starts with the description of how this warrior-race conquers Orion and wipes out its inhabitants; then, when they are settled, they trap a higher dimensional being to become the queen for their king. Only she is too pure and compassionate to ever submit, so they twist and manipulate her until she becomes a heartless, power-hungry creature, and at that point I had to stop reading because I was judging her so hard - why couldn't she hold out, she should have held out - and I don't need the book telling me "this is your story" to know that this is hitting close to home. But I just couldn't keep reading at that point.

So Universe tried again: When I came back home from the 5Gateways seminar in January, I felt pulled to read Divinicus, and - ignoring the part of me that screamed I hadn't finished Breakthrough yet - I did. My reaction to the description of healing the Greys in that book was similar to Aspasia's: Tears welled up, and I felt my inside ring like a struck bell, and it rang with the sound of YES. THAT. Still, I flinched back from and told myself that I had to work on other things first.

And because three times is the charm: Last week I saw this guy on the train, reading a novel from the warhammer series, and from where I was peeking at his book, it seemed the title was Orion.

I feel as though the next step is me stumbling and crashing headfirst into a blinking, flashion neon sign spelling out ORION. On the other hand, I mean, I've been asking Universe "Could you kind of hit me over the head with these things please, so that I really don't miss them?" I suppose a "warhammer" fits the bill...

So the next morning during mediation time, when I scanned my field and noticed the areas of tightness, and the thought of "hey, you've got Greys" arose, I went in search of them. Sinking deeper, poking closer, and suddenly it felt as though something clicked, and I could see/feel them standing there, two of them, slightly behind my left shoulder. And I felt... something from them, and remembering Divinicus, I tried to communicate that it was okay now, the time was here, they could drop the energy suits.

Again something clicked, and suddenly this yearning arose inside of me, of rising up and going home and dissolving into the light. It was so strong, and for a moment I was confused, because while I know this feeling, it's never been so strong before. Took me a while to realise that maybe it wasn't my own yearning but theirs.

So I tried to show them how I do it, going inside and up, but it felt blocked, like, I could feel the "up", it was there, but just out of reach. And I stopped myself from reaching and tried sinking, finding the veil inside of me that hide the way, but I couldn't find it. I kept getting blocked.

And then programming kicked in and told me I had to rush to get ready to go to work.

Later on the train I thought about what I'd experienced, and suddenly, strongly, there was the impression that I know them, I know these two Greys, or rather, the souls. Crying on a train full of commuters without giving a fig about who might notice takes some practise.

And in the wake of that the thought arose of, Hey, maybe they're still here for a reason, maybe the reason I couldn't connect them wasn't because I did anything wrong, but because I need to do something else first? Something I need them to be there, here, in my field for?

Um. So.

Typing this all down really helps. Now that I have put it out, it feels as though I know, at some level, why and what and how. Um. Maybe? I just know there is something, some knot of... something, and I really, really, really do not want to go there.

Okay. Um. Maybe I need more time? Approach slowly? Or... just get used to this... sensation first?

Or am I playing the avoidance game again?

Gonna go make myself another cup of tea and sit with this for a while.


Doubt, unworthiness, feeling like a fake, guilt for not stepping up to the perceived expectations of the 'leader', ongoing low level stress of 'not getting it wrong' or pleasing people, being in service and addiction to limiting behaviours. Yes. All. Tick. I admit I'd not seen this grey energy before. The raptor - the consumption, lust and greed yes that' I've been sensitive to but this smoggy energy not so much, until now.
For sometime my mind has been, not foggy like Jen's, but doughy - like a spongy doughnut around my crown. Like a fungus. I've lost mental clarity and speed of thought, the capacity to order stuff - like it takes me ages to follow a recipe - just remembering the instruction from reading to action - it gets lost. In there there is a fear that this is just early alzheimers (is this a disease of the intervention? Are all diseases?)
And I've suspected that this is a disabling attack, an assault resisting the incursion of light, of alignment. And the dough, supports a lethargy that has left me walking through the woods with my eyes on the ground unable, seemingly to lift my gaze level let alone to the tree tops or sky. Nothing was talking. Just dead - none of the vibrance and connection. Not even feeling abandoned.
And yet mixed up in all of this, as my mother flirts with death I have found myself facing letting go myself, surrending to the aloneness of death - softening into the void. And for months the sewers around my house have been backing up nad there has been shit on my garden and all over my neighbour's garden again and again - more letting go, more softening, more emptying out, more steeping over the edge. Today, no more. I've drafted the complaint letters and catalogued the events and the visits from the sewers cleaning men. No more. This has got to stop..
and still the light has seeped in the cracks - a timely reminder to take the busyness of the mind down into my heart, a radiant still candle reminding me that what I see in it is in me, taking each breath to the edge of more surrender: lying on the edge.
But this grey attack, this greyness. And the inviting to step out of the energy suit - another edge - into a condition of being with no reference points from the old bubble. Another edge.
There is thIs i. i am not out of these woods. The brace is still on my head. But the connection is returning. The angels respond.
On the way I learnt this wonderous switch. Catching the feelings of 'not good enough' I invite her to come and sit by by my side. This 'not good enough one' can hang out by the fire by my thigh. and then, the identity having a place, but not central stage, once again i recognise the emptyfullness of that which sits in the central I - beingness.


Yes, ok. I wasn't initially getting the connection to the solar plexus in the earlier conversation. Thank you =)


Hi jen,

What you're describing all sounds related to the earlier experience we talked about - being surpressed by distorted divine masculine on the plane of the intellect. It can impact the ray 3 causing doubt yes, which is often felt in the lower mind, which is the vehicle connecting through the solar plexus chakra.

So yes, it sounds like your inquiry is all converging around that.

Open *OK*


Hi Naboha - greetings, welcome to Openhand. :-)

You said:

    "There is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional imposition occurring that is focused and determined to subjugate our Humanity and our planet."

It's been going on for over 250,000 years at least! Since the time of Atlantis when Original Humans were downgraded to Homo Sapiens.

But the intervention is being steadily unwound now. People are gaining the skills and the where-with-all to deal with it - fortunately!


Open *OK*


Hey Open - I am wondering how the intellect, the Ray 3 and the solar plexus are related?? I am realizing that the place I am tightening around is my solar plexus... My physically body is subconsciously pressing my upper body into my lower body so that there is a crunching sensation in my solar plexus which seems to be related to the sense of fogginess and lack of concentration in my mind. I keep seeing 3s everywhere and over the last few days 3 men who are in my home or working around my house have shown me that the screen to their iPhones is cracked. Just now I was heading to the water to go jog and couldn't pass over the railroad tracks as three police cars were blocking the way. In the meantime I had a "helmet" shaped headache the other night and when I bring attention to my head I can feel a subtle headache that perhaps is there all the time. I see that the solar plexus is related to lower mind so how does the brain fit into that picture?? I have sense of what is happening here but perhaps you can fill me in on the dynamics of how the big picture works??


I am intrigued by this article and being new to the openhand approach I am exploring and like to inquire.

I am aware that extra-terrestrials exist in the field because quantum physics provides lots of scientific evidence on this, as well as of course the myriad of peoples’ experiences on sightings and other events, which are often suppressed by the mainstream. Of course the extent of influence of these beings into our emotional lives (body and mind) as this article explains is kind of new to me and I am very open to this knowledge. I can reflect on my past experiences as a child and then in meditation retreats where I may have had encounters with Greys. But I also recall that many religious approaches, including many Buddhist traditions that I am a bit more familiar with, discuss the presence of alien beings who inhabit other dimensions and coexist with us. One example is a Tibetan tradition that claim “illnesses and misfortunes of a non-medical kind are brought to a place or person by the incursion of powerful, alien spirits into one’s space…”.

So on this note, upon reading the paragraphs titled ‘Who are the greys’ and ‘Pain of existence’ I immediately had tears in my eyes out of a genuine compassion for the greys! Yes, I was also surprised with myself! I thought ‘look how much these beings are suffering…so great is their suffering that they inflict suffering on us for their survival!’. I felt a lot of love – which again surprised me – and a desire to liberate them, to save them. I feel like ‘ok boys and girls, talk to me, let’s figure this out!’ Ha ha! I was very interested in how I related to the greys either seeing them as beings or metaphorically. The key question for me is: ‘How do I relate to this?’.

At the same time, I felt that the phenomenon of the greys “farming” us and us (people) “farming” the earth/animals/ourselves/each other is another confirmation of how interconnected we ALL are, how we are ‘interbeing’ no matter what dimension we are inhabiting! So, our liberation is dependent on the liberation of the greys and the liberation of the greys is dependent on our liberation: the total acceptance and surrender of unconditional love (‘healing the greys with love’ section). What an amazing experience to liberate the greys Open! Very inspiring!

The night before yesterday was a very challenging night. My body felt very heavy and my head was cloudy and fussy. I went to bed and normally I meditate, body scanning, breath, full body awareness (sensations) but that night it was impossible to return my mind to the body. My attention was caught up in the fussiness of my head if you like. I have had experiences like these in intense meditation retreats. I was fine with what was happening, although VERY unpleasant, so I ended up feeling my mind in my body so to speak: the felt sense of fussiness, heaviness, buzziness etc. It all felt ‘rough’. Upon waking up the heaviness and cloudiness was still there for most of the day. I was softening and surrendering as best as possible. Greys? May be. Then I read this article and I actually felt more surrendering, if you like, knowing that to liberate the greys, I need to liberate myself, so works both ways! So, the next night I asked the greys to stay on that side of the room and sleep there instead! I normally switch off wifi etc and meditate to fall asleep. Well, I woke up with a crystal clear head and light body! Everything indeed passes, everything is transient, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant it is – I reminded myself. And sending the greys to sleep elsewhere works too! I am very much aware though that the environment I am in locally and on a macro level is affecting me a lot. Change is needed there and I am on it. It also helps to revisit the book 5gateways.

Thanks for an interesting article and all responses.


Thank you for the response! I have no clear idea what or whom it is either. I've just resolved lately to do my best to ignore that moment when I hear my name being called and like I said.. Mentally/visually throwing up dictionaries and just saying "Grab a sentence, because this is getting old! Or my last resort of..I am changing my name, just call me, Hey you!"

I feel like Ive gone a complete route to decipher where its coming from, and sometimes I think I might know, then the whole gamut goes around again of my internal why, whats and no..Just no. I know I'm not giving much information about it, and I just at this point am giving up on trying to figure out what the entire point is you know. The thing is though is I just don't as a rule give up on anything. I have pretty much looked hell straight on and lived to tell that tale, I have and would forever go a thousand rounds for mankind/everything in general. But this, this is just to much for me to handle I guess.

Regarding your books, I am going to get them all. Just these things take time and I cant wait. Very excited :)


I have struggled with low back pain all of my life. We burned wood for heat all of my childhood years. As long as I can remember I was helping in the woods loading blocks then unloading the truck when we got home. Then I started splitting the wood with a 6lb maul when I was 8 years old. About that same time I started hauling the wood to the house with a wheel barrow. We only had room for about 6 wheel barrow loads in the porch so I would haul every weekend. It was about 150 yards from where my dad put the wood piles to the house. During this time dad spent a lot of time in the bar. Most of the time I had to shovel a path to the house to wheel the wood. There were so many things that could have been done to make this situation better and they fell on deaf ears. Finally I got really sick of the continuous backaches and refused to haul wood unless some thing changed. I can't tell you the level of frustration and anger that it takes for a 10 year old kid to stand his ground with his father repeatedly over several months. Finally we ended up piling the wood behind the house. No more wheel barrow, Yay!! The point of this story is I feel and think there was some OC influence in the whole family dynamic, me included. As recently as 2 years ago the thought of working with firewood would cause a backache. When I forgave my father then this eased somewhat. What a perfect distortion for an entity to feed from? I still heat with wood by the way!!


I felt to add here that I can understand if people reading this thread might be concerned or anxious about the involvement of this Grey energy in their lives. I remember someone on a workshop once asking me... "I've heard about this interdimensional entities in the field affecting people, can you say something to calm my fears?" "Yes", came the immediate reply...."they're everywhere!"

What I'm putting to you, what I came here to this realm to share, is that they - and others - are an intrinsic part of this reality anyway. And the solution to it all, is the Great Shift into the Fifth Density.

I've mentioned the great importance of full soul infusion to oust anything that doesn't belong in your field. How do we achieve this? Openhand has already shared the detail of this in the 5GATEWAYS routemap. Which was why I felt it so essential to get the work out there as quickly as possible. Basically, the shift into 5D consciousness, means an infusion of soul through each of the densities progressively. A gateway is the passage through a particular density - you're basically integrating soul through it. In which case, anything which might be lurking in that particular density - inside you - will be automatically ejected.

The film caught the essence of this shift. However the 5GATEWAYS Book goes into far greater detail as to how you actually integrate through each density - through each gateway. It shares tools, tips, advice and specific meditations for doing so. If you haven't got a copy yet, I'd strongly recommend getting one. It'll help solve all of these intervention problems.


Open :-)


Hi Wyndè,

Thanks for being so brave and sharing - this is how we truly solve the issue. By fully exploring what goes on in our consciousness.

The first experience you describe a long time ago, definitely points to the presence of a grey. The latter I'm not sure. But that doesn't really matter - if you're ever unsure about anything, just ask the Universe "show me". If you definitely need to know something, and stay present with the responses, then you'll get the message if you're meant to - you'll get what the moment is about.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*


I just want to say first off how amazed I am that you all are so brave in sharing your experiences! Thank you!
I'm pretty sure I've had a visitor (grey and helper/pudgy lil dwarf guy, hard to explain) a very long time ago. I was numb, head to toe, could not move. At that time my children were very young so I was in over protective mode.
Well, to make the story short I recall being very angry and kind of had this burst from within and what I call my internal wolf/beast/just me, shot forward as I sat up in bed and just said NO, then as I looked around I saw shadows and I said no, get out now!
It could of been psycho symptomatic for all I know because I had read about these happenings a few years earlier, and I was going to need a body part removed. I cant recall any other time this happening to me until about a year ago I had the weirdest experience of my life. To say that for me, is huge. Because - going to try and be brave here, its a bit hard for me to let people know me. I've had to do a lot of overcoming of childhood extreme abuse happenstances, conditioning of being not accepted, understood, heard, and worst of all the oftentimes - Can you dumb down yourself for me type behaviors from people close to me and not so close. Then the upturn of having my life saved on more than one occasion by other world entities, that I call Angels. Ive seen them, walked with them, talked with them - even told one face to face, you are an Alien! Which really did not go very well at all, they don't seem to have much humor.
Back to my experience (before I delete this and run and hide in a dark room somewhere LOL)
I was standing in my kitchen, making my Grandson lunch. I had my back turned to him and out of nowhere came this voice calling my name. At first I was a bit annoyed and then my name was called really really loud again. I turned around expecting to just, oh I don't know, just know one of the Angel's were there or something and were demanding my attention. But nothing was there. It actually made me just stop, I just stopped in my tracks and went extremely silent internally. Trying really hard to decipher where, why and what of this "thing" calling my name. I got no answer at all, which annoyed me even further and of course piqued my curiosity.
Well to make this short, I have no answer on who what where or why of this voice calling my name. Ive contemplated, Ive meditated and just when I think OK it must be this, this or that. I go to the other extreme of mentally throwing up the visual of a dictionary and saying out loud, Here, grab a sentence dammit, try this.. Its chock full of words we put together to form sentences. Try it sometimes, good grief man lol!
Well, its a year later and I still have no real solid concrete knowing of what the H is going on, but I have learned a new shielding type technique that at the very least has made the random calling my name sound further and further away.
And welp, there you go. I will more than likely panic a lot inside, but I found this site in a roundabout way in my search to decipher the "calling my name thang"
So whatcha think?! Is it a grey?!! Is it a human, is it a good grief I have no idea lol :)

Phew, ok then I'm totally traumatized by this but I'm trying to maintain some semblance of humor which is never a bad idea you know.


Hi Jen, you raise an essential point. Anyone whose interested in full soul sovereignty should take note of the exchange.

    What stands out to me is the expectancy that the fear has to be in your body. The soul can get fragmented in any of the vehicles - including mind. Taking ownership of the mind is essential to free-flowing soul aswell. So if you intentionally trip out of the mind, that might be why the pain switches off without getting to the source of the fear.

I've seen this before in plenty of sensitive women. I have witnessed it as a protection mechanism against being controlled and owned through the mind - I would say this is the source of the fear itself. A strategy to avoid mental manipulation is to step out of the mind altogether. It would certainly avoid intervention at a mind level in certain environments. But what it would also mean, is that in relatively highly intellectual environments, like on earth right now, there isn't the mental penetration of soul, to carry authentic creative action through to completion. Which is quite a limitation.

In which case, if what I'm saying resonates, then there must be full engagement through the mind, without tripping out of it. This is where synchronicity can greatly help. If played to its fullest extent, it works most strongly on the plane of the intellect - you relate what you witness intellectually against what you feel; the two are worked simultaneously in tandem, not at all separate. Then any interference or oppression of the mind can be resisted by applying emotional will to what's being intellectually observed and realised.

    Here's a tip: you'll get a lot of practice working on this in the immediate environment of very strongly intellectual ray 1 guys.

I admit, this is pretty complex. But since you're asking, I'm sure you're ready to work with it. It's a case of harmonising intellectual intent with feeling and emotion - not being at all surpressed mentally.


Open :-)

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Thank you Open - this all hits home so much!!!

Over the last several months I have been feeling intensely triggered when people tell me what I should be doing, or how I should behave or think. My mind goes completely blank like a white screen and have a very visceral reaction leading to a need to physically flee the scene.

I notice I often feel this blankness in my mind, making it challenging to concentrate, focus or remember anything. This also contributes to my fear of being in the world because I find it so challenging and exhausting to relate to the sharpness of the intellectual.

I definitely drop into my body constantly...just feeling and not at all in my head. I can see the disintegration there,

Your hint made me laugh as my husband has started a blog and is exploring all these concepts that get him really fired up and wants to talk with me about it - which includes digging into how I come to my conclusions, what is my thought process, what supports the way I am being, living etc. It has been really driving me bonkers and I have just been insisting on only speaking from the feeling and not being able to speak to it all intellectually. Eeks....guess I haven't wanted to look in that mirror and see what I was invited to explore. It feels important that I maintain awareness there especially when the strong visceral reactions are happening... Noticing synchronicity at those times is not existent right now.

I get what you are saying - it feels like a relief actually...because I can see where the disconnect is happening...integration may take a while - but I can see how I haven't trusted in the intellect and have cut myself off from it.


Thank you Open - it's so great to get more insight on this! I have a question about neural pathways. So say for example I have a looping thought of fear around a particular situation in my life. When I feel into it, I can not connect to the truth of that fear in my body. It goes from a flash of a fear with a surge of feeling and then it disappears as I move toward expression of that fear - there seems to be no energy around it that feels authentic - it feels purely mental. I feel like a couple things are happening - either the actual energy is not triggering me and it is a neural pathway that is invited to break through aligning with what feels real and moving with that OR now I am wonering if that is some sort of implant that flips a switch inside and turns off the feeling somehow - though I don't FEEL disconnected in the moment. I will explore more, but if there is anything you feel to elaborate on there, I would love to hear.


Great - some excellent responses - now we've got a dialogue going :-)

So Ann, Kim, Jen & Vimal and the plenty who I know are reading, please allow me to answer with some general points, that I feel inspired to write from the inquiry.

Firstly I felt to address "why can you not see these beings, if they're having such a big effect?" It's because Homo Sapiens has been conditioned NOT to see them in one of three ways: (1) their vibration lowered so you can't perceive the higher frequencies (2) the vibration artificially raised into a bubble in the fourth density; you can still perceive and act in the lower ones, but the general sense of one's being is a kind of disconnected 'love & light' bubble - "everything is Okay". So people in this state, which accounts for many in the spiritual mainstream (the last line of defence for OC), never go further with the inquiry. They're in a semi awake but disconnected state. (3) Deceived in disconnecting from the flow, by being given to believe everything is already perfect - the non-dualists often fall into this deception.

This last point is really important. To give you an analogy, when Christopher Columbus arrived in the West Indies (an OC intervention if ever there was one!), the natives couldn't see the ships, because they had no conscious frame of reference for them. It wasn't until a psychic elder shaman saw the bow waves of the ships, that they actually came into focus for him, and so he was able to then help all the others see first the bow waves and then the ships.

How is this relevant?

Because you only actually "see" or perceive this intervention and the entities in it, by the trace they leave when you're actually in the flow - because they constantly try to disrupt you; for example with implanted thoughts and emotions that are loaded with fear, doubt, worry and anxiety. It's my observation, that most people who would consider themselves 'spiritual' are not hardly living in the flow at all. They often use the excuse of 'surrender and acceptance' to ignore the pull of the soul when it's challenging them. They confuse true surrender with "acceptance of anything goes". To end a relationship for example, to change location, or to build a different career. What you find is, that if you dare to step into the mainstream of your soul and really empower yourself in it, then you attract a lot of this intervention - just one person living in this empowered way, becomes "a crack, in a bloody big castle of glass." And that's what they're trying to stop.

Talking about implants, I'd say only when you become fully enlightened - in other words when all your karma is gone - would you be completely free from implants. Implants are an intrinsic part of what makes Humans Homo Sapiens - Homo Sapiens was purposefully downgraded through genetic manipulation and implantation so as to be purposefully susceptible, and then ignorant, to the intervention. Most people I've come across, prior to enlightenment, have at least a dozen or so of these implants in various types (I know because I can sense, feel and see them). They're all designed to distract full attention from the key chakras, and therefore disrupt the correct infusion of soul.

Another important thing to add - one of the great challenges the Openhand work has experienced - is that when you come to such a catalytic mirror, it's going to activate this shadow side and resonate the implants. Which initially is going to make you feel pretty awful (just tuning into the energy of the site can sometimes do that - as you experienced Ann). Often people then turn away, because they only want to 'feel good'. But what's vital to say, is that...

A catalyst does not actually change anything - this is a misconception. What they do is activate what's already there and bring it into the light so it can be more readily processed. A catalyst in any chain reaction, only accelerates what already wants to happen. Which means if you feel darkness, pain, fear or resistance by what someone else (a catalyst) does, then all they're really doing is activating what was already there in the first place - but hidden in subconsciousness. You cannot "spread fear", for example - fear is already there. It just becomes visible.

Here's a really important point that you mentioned Kim...

    "These feelings are keeping me up at night or waking me up throughout the night. There are also constant loops that play through my head during the day. I can feel the tightness in my abdomen and can soften into that with my breath. I understand how it is bleeding my energy so I am working not to give attention to it. I am feeling though that perhaps I am not feeling it enough and maybe just keep going around in circles in my head."

They often visit at night when people are asleep - when they go unconscious because their soul retracts back to the source. It is when most abductions happen for example. There are some important things you can do to counteract this: (1) intentionally establish an exclusion zone around your sleeping space, being clear in your mind and field that nothing malevolent is to enter (2) only go to sleep when you're completely relaxed. Don't for example go straight from the computer, TV or not-so-smart phone to bed. (3) unplug all electrical appliances around you, switch off the wifi and mobile phone. (4) Stay as conscious as you can for as long as you can, constantly relaxing and letting go until you fall asleep (eventually you don't fully go to sleep - go unconscious - as such, you just move into awakened states of deep relaxation).

Finally, just responding to Jen and Vimal...

    "Hence i find myself thinking its fruitless to work to eject (the implants) but what would serve more is to work with the attachments."

Yes, always but always work through the attachments and distorted behaviourisms first. Follow the path of the soul and confront the tightness that comes up - particularly where something is trying to stop you from doing what you know in your heart to be right. Self-actualisation through full soul infusion is the key. Follow your passions, thereby follow your path, wherever it will lead you and deal with what comes up. Then as your consciousness infuses, you're feel the implants entities and intervention. Then you simply eject them with the power of your own will.

I know this is challenging. But the time has come to truly address it.

Blessings to all

Open *give_rose*


As i keep opening up more , i feel the interference of entities in my system more and more. Mostly i feel them implanted through my ear and at times i can feel really heavy tightness in my head which is not always static. I keep reminding myself its not the entities that matter but the blockages that drew them there in the first place. Hence i find myself thinking its fruitless to work to eject it but what would serve more is to work with the attachments. I can agree with how they create doubts and anxiety but if im present enough i can catch those thoughts when they arrive and recognize the source from where it came.

Another thing that keep presenting is the sense of being manipulated not just for me personally but for the collective humanity. How every system is purposefully designed to work against our collective evolution. And still people are ignorant towards this which makes the truth a burden to carry.


Hi Open,
In my life right now I am dealing with a situation which is bringing all of this up for me, fear, anxiety and doubt. I am very committed to moving forward despite the obstacles. These feelings are keeping me up at night or waking me up throughout the night. There are also constant loops that play through my head during the day. I can feel the tightness in my abdomen and can soften into that with my breath. I understand how it is bleeding my energy so I am working not to give attention to it. I am feeling though that perhaps I am not feeling it enough and maybe just keep going around in circles in my head. Am I not allowing the feelings enough? I don't want to give energy to energy to the negativity. Maybe this is just a way I am avoiding the feeling though. Is it that my attention should be more on the feeling in my body to unravel them? To feel this fully I have been asking what is the worst thing that could happen and then softening into where I am at the moment. Again maybe I am doing this to avoid the feeling. Also I have to keep bringing myself back to the fact that none of the things I am afraid are actually happening yet but I see how it can close me down. It just is really intense at times and maybe I am not going into it enough.


Open you said I realise that not everyone is yet fully able to perceive interdimensionally. That would be me. And if I'm being totally honest because so many people talk about their interdimenional experiences in their posts it intimidates me because it seems like whatever I have to say is so elementary compared to the conversations as a whole. On the rare occasions I do post something instead of it just flowing, I write and then keep re-reading it to make sure that what I'm saying isn't perceived as "stupid".

I hope that doesn't come across as complaining or whining because I don't mean it that way at all. I recognize a yearning from my soul to be able to perceive. And I was told by more than one person that part of my consciousness is working and helping in the 5D now. That excites me.

When you said At a very basic level, this interference instills doubt, fear and anxiety on the path - it limits people so that they won't make essential changes in their lives to empower their souls. That resonates very deeply with me and can be applied to a lot of what I am currently working with.

I have also realized that I am more out of my body than in it and when I try and feel into many areas it doesn't feel like my energy. I don't know what it is but It feels thick, foggy and dense. I'm not saying I have entities or implants but I recognize that the conditions were ripe to let them in just by my own unawareness.

I have also noticed mostly since the beginning of the year, that whenever I am on the Openhand site I get this ringing, buzzing in my head that intensifies the longer I am here. Again I'm not saying it's implants or opposing consciousness but it's making sense that it could be.

So all I can do is to take what feels like the next step to move in the direction that I want to go. To me working with the releasing entities meditation you mentioned in this post feels like a good place to start. Not with expectations or fear but with curiosity.

So there you have it and once I click the save button I am facing my fear by putting myself out there vulnerable to all. Thank you for creating a safe space so I have the courage to do so.




Okay, so a bit of encouragement needed here I guess :-)

This "Grey" energy has been a fundamental part of Earth's 3D and 4D karmic reality. I can tell you for sure: it is affecting everyone's reality.. My sense is people either don't want to talk about it, or believe that it's not influencing them.

I can tell you literally everyone I come across has various implants in their fields, put there by the Greys. I can tell you that just about everyone has suffered genetic manipulation in their karmic history - that is the nature of Homo Sapiens.

At a very basic level, this interference instills doubt, fear and anxiety on the path - it limits people so that they won't make essential changes in their lives to empower their souls.

What's your experience of this energy? I know there are plenty of you out there who've had direct encounters from the many exchanges with you that I've had. Do share, don't be shy!

Only the truth can truly set you free.

Open <3

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Hey Open - I really appreciate this article and your bringing to our attention.

What I have been experiencing is times where a fear or doubt arises as thought or feeling but if I go to express that through words or movement it feels completely inauthentic...I can't authentically express from it and so instead center in what feels real and move forward with that. When something arises, I have to feel it through my body as a match so that I can express it naturally and come straight from the feeling.

Other times it is mixed in, something arises and there is energy in it for me... There is a distortion mixed in that I am invited to explore before I can feel what is truth in it and what is not.

Lastly, I feel strong influence on me when I am in situations where others are listening to me... Panic ensues... Even though on so many levels I have worked with the underlying cause .... It takes a lot in those moments to settle into feeling down deeper within to a more subtle place than the banging heart energy.


I felt to bring everyone's attention to this revamped article today - about the Greys from Orion and how they affect people's fields with artificial fear, doubt and anxiety. It's purpose is to 'farm' energy from people. The more we bring it into awareness, the more we can deal with it.

It's time to get real about this interdimensional interference. The field is opening up more and more. The dam is bursting, we're able to process and dispatch this energy more easily now. But you must first become conscious of it - how it might be affecting your field. And then in ways described in the article, and in the book DIVINICUS, you can nullify the effect of this energy on you, which will greater support your shift into higher dimensional consciousness.


Open :-)


Open - I suppose there is a feeling of missed opportunity here and knowing that various things come up all the time but in staying in the mind about it rather than feeling it I have not retrieved these pieces. After I wrote my response I noticed that there was probably some control in it rather than trusting that everything will arise to meet me in the place where I am willing to go.

Thank you for your response!!


Well it seems there's great support for the article - thanks guys, it really helps in bringing these challenging topics to light.

Jenny you ask...

    "is it possible for me to go into a review of these patterns as they have been named, labeled and acknowledged (many more of course than I realize yet!) in my journals and release them by sitting with them and feel behind them, drop into the feeling now, even if it is not being stimulated by a present situation?"

Yes it is indeed possible to explore the pattern by sitting with it once you recognise it. Just like we do on the courses. But you have to be really clear you are going into the depths of it. That's why we use facilitated meditation to take people as deep as possible - actually getting them to relive it and catalyse the buried soul fragments - that's what really makes it work.

And it is also about living this in day-to-day life. So what you may find is that you're able to access the pattern to a fairly deep degree, but you're likely to still need to manifest some physical experience to challenge you. That is after all why we are incarnated in physical form.

There comes a point down the path, when you realise that if you already know the issue, then it is difficult to be caught out and truly tested. Like for example trust in your spirituality. Trust is not an on/off thing. It's more a sliding scale. And so no matter how far you've traveled, you may be tested at even deeper levels of trust. For example I'll experience the benevolent team I know disappear, perhaps for months. I'll know they're there, but I'll need to keenly watch whatever retraction there may be, because of their apparent absence. Then when I've dealt with whatever it was, they'll reappear like a choir of angels!

So yes you can process by going into meditation on the issue. But it's highly also likely that you have to live it too.


Thank you Open for your support and guidance - I feel perched on the edge and this community teaches me to dive in and know that there will either be a landing place or wings!

Open you said:

"So to self-realise, you have to get into the eddy current. You have to be in the experience of it. To become the experience so much, that it can no longer define you because there's no rejection of it. That means to express the fullness of it. Then you bring presence into the pain. Then the pain ceases to be defined as 'pain'. It becomes a flowing, authentic expression of the soul."

I have filled journals with acknowledged patterns and with awareness space has grown between stimulus and response and there have been shifts but probably just into some other pattern since it seems to me now perhaps there is an indentity making a choice rather than allowing space for the soul to come through?...what may just be a more spiritually acceptable pattern but still a covering of the original pain of not self-realizing. So, I see how I have avoided looking, FEELING behind the pattern....bringing presence into the pain as you say...funny how we can fool ourselves because I thought I was doing this all along! =) it possible for me to go into a review of these patterns as they have been named, labeled and acknowledged (many more of course than I realize yet!) in my journals and release them by sitting with them and feel behind them, drop into the feeling now even if it is not being stimulated by a present situation? Seems to me it is still presently occurring in this moment since the past and all the patterns we use to cover it are living in our way of being now.

Thank you!


Thank you, Open. I have just begun to wonder and work with addressing the hook of the greys, and I found myself with the question, "well, now that I am experiencing this implant more directly, what can I do about it and how can I release it?" And here your article. :)
I have just begun working energetically with unhooking, and while working on this, have been steeping in the idea that everything in the universe is returning to love - me, the greys, everything. But I hadn't made the connection with fully loving this "opposition" through embracing, experiencing, and thus releasing. It makes total sense to me, and I also feel a strong longing to do so - to assist the release. So much!

Similar to Jenny, I've had the lifelong pattern of attaching to alpha males as a means of externalizing power. I see the truth that there is no power apart from our direct connection to Source, but the other seduction has been strong through my time here. So apparently this new clarity about releasing the grey hook also comes at a time when that paternal pattern is fully unwinding in me. So beautiful! I see how it (the pattern) was here to also return me to this love, that the experience of what power is not has led me toward the knowing of what it is.
With love - Christine


I find my self longing for the turmoil of the hurricane that never happened.
Yesterday, after the much prophesied storm I was disappointed not to wake up to chaos. I wanted the chaos, the system not working, people on the streets, walking, some working together, the blitz spirit and then I thought of the trees. The trees help me so much and in my desired chaos many of them would have been uprooted and died - I couldn't reconcile this with my longing for the catharsis. i voiced my disappointment in a glib way to my mother's carer and she put me in my place ' but people could have been killed and their property damaged and it would cause so much stress'. I felt humbled and naughty but militant - property? Stuff? the matrix, clinging to accumulated, hoarded, empty meaningless, false, MDF stuff!
I spent loads of yesterday listening to Listen by Beyonce - she finds the anger and the hurricane but somehow the through the expression there is a cleansing. For me there is some kind of diaphram that frustrates my expression. And then you wrote this article about the Greys. I have empathy and can express feeling but there is a raw point Beyonce passes where I freeze.


I also Teresa have had attacks from the Greys during my sleep I think they were sussing me out to be honest thinking I was easy pickings! I agree the spiritual path is about duality not just the light and our work in bringing the light into the darkness with compassion. I am no expert on this topic and consider myself still new to the spiritual journey, but I am finding myself making shifts in my own energy field everyday and seeing this happening within the collective. Thankyou for your article Open it is very informative and updating. Love Ruthxx


Hi Jenny,

You said...

    "This exact pattern is surfacing in my own field over the last year...coming face to face with the expectations on my own paternal father and how in his absence I have projected this need on other males in life. I have started to see how this has been a substitute for a real connection to source and just keep noticing and recognizing everytime this attempt to project comes up and come back to the true source."

I take my hat off to you for being so surrendered, honest and open. How many people reading this I wonder, and out in society, are suffering from the same filters? Many! And of course the first step to healing it is openness and honesty. It's not easy, but it is the fast track to true healing.

You ask...

    "Now the original feeling of being alone and abandoned combined with the fear of completely disappearing - of having no voice or no effect are coming on strong - the question comes as to whether this is a soul feeling or an ego based feeling? Is it just the ego holding on to separate existence or is it the result of a soul that has either lived the life of a grey or had other life experiences that brought these feelings on and attracted the presence of the greys in my field due to resonance?"

Always in such situations of non clarity, the ego is entwined (so the speak) with the soul. So the soul will be having an exploration - for example "what is the experience of nothing like?" or "if there is only one of us, then what does it mean to truly be alone in the universe?". The soul can handle this, because the soul is not an identity. But where the soul is not yet fully self-realised, then it 'hooks' onto the energy and forms a self defeating 'eddy-current' around the consideration. This becomes the identity, the ego.

So to self-realise, you have to get into the eddy current. You have to be in the experience of it. To become the experience so much, that it can no longer define you because there's no rejection of it. That means to express the fullness of it. Then you bring presence into the pain. Then the pain ceases to be defined as 'pain'. It becomes a flowing, authentic expression of the soul.

You ask another powerful question...

    "One other question, if the greys have had their karmic past life memories wiped, are they still able to feel the effects of the karma even if they can not identify the experience itself - are they able to feel even if it is difficult to express emotion?"

The soul needs a vehicle through which to express. Without this relativity, there is not really existence. You see this kind of 'living' in the eyes of many. A kind of desenitised avoidance of the emotional body. I see it in many teenagers for example. Especially after hours of x-box!

What we need to understand is that, on the part of the greys, an intervening engineering has happened to create such desensitisation. They've been separated and encased so as to disconnect from the source - and thus true feeling. It's mirrored in society. I would say over 99% of people we work with have strong elements of repression and lack of soul expression. It's a big part of the intervention.

But the cause of the karma - lack of self-realisation - has not gone away, despite the karmic past life energy having been removed. Thus once the soul is reconnected, the journey of self-discovery can continue.

This is such a powerful mirror to humanity right now. My heart yearns for greater exposure and understanding of this essential topic. When we can get over the obvious taboos and closed mindedness of course!



Thanks for the support Tess - most appreciated.

As you allude to, we have to move away from the polarity of 'us and them'. No matter what is going on, we have to accept the manifestation of our own mirror. When we can see us in them, and them in us, then there can be acceptance. Then a decision becomes open to us: to accept the source and the continual flow back to oneness.

As this happens, we'll get stronger and stronger feelings of our authentic expression. We drop the 'grey', depressive, disconnected side of how humanity is being, one that needs constant distraction and soft comfort to be happy. Instead we become the living, breathing example of divine light, no matter how empty or dark it is. When there can be a real depth of empathy with the entities, and yet still a connection to the source, then anything in ones field will pretty much automatically find the reconnection too.

But this depth of empathy requires great sense of presence. Because in order to be truly empathic, you have to open up to this 'grey' energy. In opening to it, then it will seep into you and can influence you negatively - as happens to many people (albeit unconsciously). This aspect is actually a vital step of being empathic - because the entity will feel whether you have fully embraced their truth. In which case, their barriers lower to you.

So you have to learn to accept, to open a channel, empathise, but then find your light within it. Thus any entity would feel your respect and love for it, and yet still you're not negatively influenced by it. The tables are turned so to speak. Thus you become a powerful realigning force for change.



Hi Open,

I can’t get away from the feeling that part of Openhands mission is to draw attention to this grey area in humanities field, get them to recognise it and then somehow as part of collective teamwork - work together to realign them back to source, back to the light…….Correct me if I am wrong. Are certain individuals drawn to Openhand for this, or anyway is that not our orginal purpose as Divine Sovreign Source Light Beings?.

So the very aspects which are mentioned , many people can resonate with and begin to recognise them in their field and as a collective. It seems unavoidable they are manifest in the very infrastructure of society and working through vehicles etc, I don’t think it should be taken so personally anymore, although at the very first instance it feels very personalised, particularly if we are acutely sensitive to the energy of such beings and learning to accept the very raw felt energy which isn’t benevolent.. When we really feel them, and become very familiar with this energy, for example at first I had many physical attacks of these creatures whilst sleeping, so I know how they feel physically and hearing their squeeling. And then of course we recognise them working through people, we feel the energy instantly in the corruptness, food chains, injustice etc, it is like a smoke of grey energy, felt physically. It can be seen.

But simply recognising aspects of them, draw them in…….feel them fully and work to release them, so in this sense this article is very helpful, constructive and soul felt lovingly at large.
Thank you for that.

When you speak about them not having a destiny or individualised plan…….I am sure many canalso resonate with that when learning to let go . For example

When we are in the period of the great void, and we are feeling like we are not receiving any particular guidance or directions, can we shift our perception to knowing that even the void itself is a part of Divine guidance? To be humble is to walk in the knowing and deep understanding of the Divine plan……

Anyway, I get mixed feelings from this article, but I do get a feeling to consciously work together to release them back into light.

This journey of ascension isn’t just about the light.
I find this article encouraging.

A heartfelt Thank-you Open. We can all work together – a labour of love.
and realighnment- with a benevolent helping hand of angels assisting us.



Wow! As I read this article there were waves of recognition of seeing myself in all of it. Open you said,

"The paternalistic 'father figure' has gone and there is a tremendous unwinding effect going on in the field as a result. It's also why so much of this original Pain of Existence is bubbling to the surface."

This exact pattern is surfacing in my own field over the last year...coming face to face with the expectations on my own paternal father and how in his absence I have projected this need on other males in life. I have started to see how this has been a substitute for a real connection to source and just keep noticing and recognizing everytime this attempt to project comes up and come back to the true source.

Now the original feeling of being alone and abandoned combined with the fear of completely disappearing - of having no voice or no effect are coming on strong - the question comes as to whether this is a soul feeling or an ego based feeling? Is it just the ego holding on to separate existence or is it the result of a soul that has either lived the life of a grey or had other life experiences that brought these feelings on and attracted the presence of the greys in my field due to resonance?

One other question, if the greys have had their karmic past life memories wiped, are they still able to feel the effects of the karma even if they can not identify the experience itself - are they able to feel even if it is difficult to express emotion? Perhaps a naive question =)...

Also, feeling that seeing and experiencing and realigning this in the microcosm will help to align it in the macrocosm and perhaps facilitate greater compassion to the greys themself and a greater ability to facilitate their realigment with source.