2022: Why Society is moving into Spiritual Realignment - "Gateway 2"

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5GATEWAYS is a profound route-map that's come to us from the ancients. It can chart the challenges we must shift through. You can see clearly how the plandemonium manifested because the energy was shifting through the physical density - the shadow was projected out into society. The initial invitation was to reclaim soul sovereignty. Now, with 2022, the shift is moving onto the plane of emotions inviting a " Great Realignment" to soul-led decision-making in life. It's high time to steel our resolve.

It's time for core-splitting self-honesty and going with the pull of the soul.
No matter what.

Changing from "What to Do?" to "How to Be?"

Before the shift, you're mentally deciding what job to do, where to live, how to act within relationships - all choices of what to "do" - the mind is simply so accustomed to forming goals, agendas, false dreams, illusionary needs and aspirations. People approach practically every circumstance and engagement with other people with the mind in the mode... "how can I shape this to fit my agenda" (even if the agenda is well-intentioned). Either that, or each engagement is controlled and restricted by fears, need to control, or sense of obligation and responsibility.

In the shift around Gateway 2, a huge change is invited: In the face of being impelled to make conditioned, reactive, mind-led decisions, you're caused to let go, expand into the opening inner space and instead, find an authentic way to be. If you can hold back the pre-conditioned programmed behaviours, which want to automatically kick in, and we instead open a wider internal space, then there's the opportunity for the soul simply to arise. It will express through you, aligned with who you truly are.

Let's be clear, this is no easy shift to make. You'll have created a landscape around you based on conditioned desires, needs and fears - co-dependency in relationships for example. The soul will want to test all of these ties so that you're free to make authentic choices beyond the bounds of labels and fixations into the outer world. It will feel like you're being pulled in two different directions. It will challenge the nature of every rigid fixation with life.

The power of Authentic Creativity

Now here's the real key: true acts of creativity, of authentic 'decision making' - those aligned with the natural organising energy of the universe - are shaped by authentic beingness. It's an energy that infuses through you when you make space for it. This energy can shape simple synchronicities that put you in the right place at the right time for exactly the right exchange, or it can literally move mountains (and anything within that spectrum).

But it is not easy to hold that open internal space in the beginning. The mind will want to rush in with its constant questioning of what to do next. It is a skill which is inherent to all of us, but one which we need to work at to rediscover. Essentially, it's all about surrendering absolutely to the moment and then aligning with what you simply know in our hearts wants to happen. And, is backed by synchronicity.

In the beginning, it's hard to know if you're coming from the soul or the ego. So often, the ego will be wrapped up in emotion which may cause you to think you're coming from true feelings (so often I hear people say "I'm feeling to do this" when actually they're still thinking what to do, but the conditioned emotions that arise express like feelings!).

Beware also the spiritual identity. It's that which has learned how to mimic soul-led decision-making. It's so well educated in the various flows of the soul that it can copy the sense of the soul. Crucially though, it's still taking the easy way out, the convenient decision, one which protects the needs and desires of the identity. It's protecting and justifying itself. To break this apart is to drop into the heart and go with spontaneous decision-making and flow. Go with the spontaneity before the spiritual ego can interject with, "this is how we should do it."

Deep inner yearning

If you are really touching the place of the soul, then you'll touch a place of deep inner yearning, aligned with the absolute core of your being and most importantly, that will be confirmed by the objective hand of universal synchronicity supporting your actions. More and more you feel aligned with a flow that has a sense of higher purpose: essentially one that reveals distorted behaviours in people and gives energy to their true gifts of beingness instead.

What will greatly help, is to keep giving energy to those aspects in your life that truly makes your soul sing. By that I mean things that bring simple joy of living, when you feel 'in the groove' of life, where everything clicks into place or where you get that deep 'aha' feeling of rightness inside. And you need to take continual time in quietness and stillness, to let internal chatter and metabolism settle so we can feel these authentic yearnings of the soul.

Let's be clear though, to be following soul-led decision making isn't always the soft and easy option - far from it. Often your joy is bound up with obligation and sense of responsibility - it is curtailed or restrained. The soul will want to break apart all of these limitations so that you're able to experience boundless freedom and joy in all aspects of your life. So following the path of the soul, is not immediately the easy one of softness and joy. Exoansive joy comes from the progressive liberation.

Slowly but surely, the volume of the soul will be turned up. You'll follow it more and more until you realise that the only truly harmonious experiences in life - ones that are completely fulfilling - are those initiated by the soul. Then there's a complete letting go into the soul, an inner commitment to tune in and follow it - at whatever the apparent personal cost (to the ego). This Realignment is like a breaking down, sobbing moment. The realisation that the only worthwhile moment is where you're coming from this core-splitting profound self-honesty. There's now an active engagement and participation in EVERY moment of your life.

The Shift is in the Driving Seat

To be perfectly clear, the shift is in the driving seat within society. What do I mean? It would be easy to look at the world and see the various machinations of the shadow within the plandemonium and project that "they have control". Plenty of alternatives see the "cult" as driving things. When in actual fact they are only reacting to the shift.

Think back to Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. Yet again we witness a sophisticated society built on manipulation and control. Yet the cyclical galactic superwave and solar nova event, due to the shift, swept it all effortlessly away. We are at just such another cycle of convergence and emergence of consciousness. It is this movement that the shadowstate are reacting to - trying to lock consciousness down.

The shadow will fail, just as it always has. So let's stop handing power over to it by projecting that it is in control, it is in the driving seat. It most definitely is NOT!!

The challenge of our lives

Expect to be challenged by the Realignment. Especially now in society, as the energy shifts through the plane of emotions. My experience in working with people around the world, is that you're often faced with very challenging life circumstances when you transition Gateway 2. For instance, you'll likely be invited to end relationships which no longer serve (but perhaps where there's a sense of obligation or responsibility still); or you're called upon to give up a secure job or business; or to change locations to an entirely new place, leaving behind many relationship attachments.

The soul will want to create a new landscape, where those people and circumstances in it, are constantly reflecting the true nature of being. Thus you create positive feedback loops that help your soul emerge, express and grow.

Yes, Gateway 2 can be very challenging indeed - perhaps the most challenging of all. Yet when you truly surrender into it, giving up all need to control your life, the sense of liberation as you pass through the Gateway is truly amazing. It frequently brings people to tears. The Realignment - aligning to what is really real - is a truly life-changing experience indeed!

If aspects of my sharing resonate, consider getting involved with Openhand's intensive 5GATEWAYS work. Check out:
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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Dear Openhanders, we've reached another pivotal moment in society. The shadow clings on by the claws in Canada. It's make or break time for them, as it would set an untenable precedent around the world should they cave. As the 'emergency' measures escalate, it's calling into the depths of soul.
What better catalyst can there be?

In Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar there is a prophecy: to "Beware the Ides of March". It is on that day that the Emperor fell. Well we're fast approaching March and on the 15th - the Ides - I'll be calling in the energy in Glastonbury Town Hall. We'll be sure to ripple it along the laylines and around the world.

For only spiritual shifts can succeed now.

And in our own lives, in your life, the soul is calling you from the depths. It's time for a Great Realignment, where we confront all our fears in life: in relationships, how we live and work. In every single choice, in every single moment. For this is the Gateway 2 - the Great Realignment.

What you'll find, when you breakthrough, is that all your fears were illusionary. It doesn't make it easy at the time. It has to be tough,
or else how would you forge the soul?


This is why Openhand introduced 5GATEWAYS. It's stood the test of time - set down thousands of years ago by the ancient masters. Now is the time to explore this remastered routemap again, and all the philosophical facets of it. Then to apply them directly to the immediate circumstances of your life. In that way, you'll remove much unnecessary pain and suffering.

It's a pivotal point for sure. But that's what Openhand and our work is here for. See you at one of the events!
Bright Blessings
Open 💙🙏



When the soul say's "jump", it's felt as an upwelling, an impulse, a yearning, a spark of inspiration, a feeling through the heart, a spontaneous knowing in the mind. The only question then is, "how high?"

It is not a question of if or should I? That's the ego, the shadow identity or imposter of the soul speaking.

When the impulse from the soul to do something, or be something, is felt, the only worthwhile question of the lower self is then, "how to do it?" The mind, emotions and body are applied to bring the creative impulse to fruition.

Open 🙏


Hi all,

I've been going through quite a process these last weeks, letting go of a lot of old patterns. All ramping up in the last few days. It's like a whirlwind of processes, making it hard to feel into what to focus on. 

Letting go and grieving for old relationship with kids as it moves into a new form, same with relationship. Spiritual identity is being thrown out - becoming a beginner again. Fear of being alone. Restlessness, changing from pattern of doing. Challenging old routines, attachments, addiction. 

Many questions arising through the day. Here is the latest:

Confronting the comfort zone can be a challenge. For example, I set it in my mind to confront laziness in the morning by getting up early and getting in icy water. However, I notice I do it 'for the sake of' challenging comfort, therefore it becomes a strategy in itself. Spontaneity, however draws me to experiences that give me joy. How to balance these? Is there an element of both in most experience?

For example during meditation I feel some restlessness. I express it and work with the density around this energy. As it eases I notice an energy that still needs to move, but not in such a dense way. Mind says that to keep confronting restlessness I would sit in meditation for hours so that the energy doesn't own me. However, a spontaneous pull is drawing me outside. Going out I feel joy and expansiveness washing over me. 

How to confront the comfort zone without becoming too militaristic about it?
How to be fully spontaneous/follow joy without dissipating a process?

Writing I already feel clearer about an answer. Would be interesting to get other people's perspectives though.

Much love


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You're exposing the shadow really well Rich - it's right there between the words, second-guessing, justifying - why not to take a course of action.

But the soul isn't like that. It's a spontaneous arising of impulse.

I'd say the ray 3 is owning this arising and diverting into more comfortable, safe and convenient options.

Time to push on the boundaries.

You can't make a mistake by going with spontaneity. Just as you can't make a mistake by pushing on boundaries.

Well done for the confrontation. The shift is going parabolic and it's high time.

Much love and support in your endeavours.

Open 🙏


18/01/2022 Openhand Journal Update

It's something I wrote about in 5GATEWAYS, but haven't yet spoken about on the website - it's a phenomenon called the "Imposter of the Soul". What is this? If you've engaged in spiritual work and intellectualised it a degree (reading about it in articles etc), then you'll get an intellectual/emotional sense of the soul. You'll also get this as it infuses through you. So the ego gets to know the typical ways the soul will behave - "love and light" is the classic default option for example. The risk is the ego uses this awareness to mimic soul qualities that serve and protect it and don't unwind it. The imposter keeps you cosily in your comfort zones.

The Imposter usually hides in a spiritual truth. So for example:

- If we are all one, why do I need to work to find my individuality?
- If it's about surrender, why do I need to push myself?
- If magic happens, why do I need to step into anything?
- If we're loving and compassionate, why confront anyone?
- If there's no particular objective, why work towards anything?
- If the soul is about feeling okay, why push on my comfort zones?

The ego applies these skewed truths to protect itself. This creates the "imposter" of the soul, where we're second-guessing anything that would have us advance, develop and strip off density.

How do you overcome it?

This requires profound self-honesty and absolute surrender to the flow - where it's really wanting to take you. Why am I really making that choice? Am I still too much in my comfort zone? If you're still only chipping away at reality and not experiencing big break throughs, then it's worth inquiring about the shadow identity - imposter of the soul - which might be keeping you safe in the shell, without breaking into your greater possibility.

Not an easy topic, but one to explore and be clear about.

Bright blessings.

Open 🙏

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I would say that if you're truly in the soul and not the imposter, you're always pushing on the boundaries of limitation - in your practice, how you live on a daily basis; on improving diet, expressing the fullness of the soul; breaking down limitations, fears and obligations; dealing with the uncertainty of stepping into the unknown. To me, this is the nature of my soul - always pushing on the boundaries of limitation.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Thank you Open - I wrote something yesterday and then deleted it because it just wasn't expressing well. What I wrote about was there being a feeling of self-delusion and for certain the mind keeps latching onto concepts that support the sense that there is nothing I can do to free myself and that what is in the unconscious is so vast and driving things that there will never be full consciousness (but who is the I in this?). Perhaps there is truth in this  - as the identity doesn't gain anything. This confusion itself seems to be created as a means to limit oneself/keep oneself safe. 

At the same time, I have witnessed an issue around the capacity to meet the world - fully step into it- this has been worked on very intensely the last four years...many cycles of unravelling different layers of protection in the subconscious. Now, it feels as though I am stepping into it in very concrete ways and the fear is quite big that I will fail, but I am willing to step forward and experience that if needed. These subconscious patterns seem to be layered and at the core, I presume is the core karmic wound - which means there really needs to be full commitment to confronting the limitation because at least in this situation there are many active protectors or guards of the core wound. Of course the driver is the soul which carries a sense of freedom and possibility. 

You wrote today about the Spiritual Imposter and this feels like part of what I am working with. It sounds like you are saying that the imposter will support the subconscious patterns to protect the ego from a confrontation in certain areas. It also sounds like the imposter gets hooked on a distortion of concepts that also have a truth in them. It seems to me now that there is also a friction created by these experiences that distracts attention away from the real issue and brings attention into focusing on an intellectual concept that has no exits...just spinning in circles. 

There is also a contemplation around how often the identity is just learning to behave a certain way… learn better communication… have more awareness of the various identities and how they impact the way life is filtered and created… how often are we just dancing between various identities - perhaps experiencing more harmony through smaller-self improvement/development but yet still in control on a level…where is the soul guiding this and where is it just identity playing with ways of being on 3D level in a way that brings more pleasant outcomes....perhaps it's both.  For example I have felt impulse toward bringing greater consciousness into language - finding language that truly expresses what is felt and enhances connectivity. This could be owned by identity and can also be how the soul is bringing expression into greater alignment. 

This has been very helpful and invites a continued and deepened exploration. 


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This is a powerful, powerful inquiry Jen, just keep going!!
And I feel the honesty in it. That can't ultimately fail đź‘Ť

A few thoughts...

What does "free myself" actually mean? I'd say there are two levels of this. Firstly there's the ultimate freedom - to drop into the void of presence. But here's the challenge: something ALWAYS arises from there unless we go into denial, suppression or self-trickery (the imposter). The soul arises and is yearning to find aligned expression. So you'll keep hitting these identity layers, which must be worked through to find alignment.

You cannot fail in this endeavour because it is destiny. The only way to fail, is to stop.

Sometimes you'll feel super empowered and confident. But then in the next moment, you'll hit the grey area of a boundary, perhaps where your soul wants to be more tactile and empathic to another. So there are lots of chords to express within the soul-ray-harmonic.

Keep digging Jen. You're on the right track.

Open đź’™


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Dear Open,

This is something I'm really vary of slipping into. I find myself often fighting it, not really surrendering. The symptoms that you say are classic, the ego mimicking soul qualities to keep us in the limitation. My doubt is if we are feeling love and light , is that not the soul we are picking up? How can ego which is dense create lightness. How do you get to know the difference ? Does empaths who have found a good deal of ray 2 tend to go into passivity driven by the shadow identity more so than catalyst. Or can ray 1 also have shadow side mimicking soul qualities, pushing on all the time without surrendering ?

What would you say is the difference between following the soul and following certain ray qualities? For example our mind can intention that we want to develop ray1 for example and purposefully engage in those activities that support that. This is opposed to feeling and then being what the moment is inviting us to be. I hope this question makes some sense. 

Sky 🙏

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Yes, these are all good and important questions to be asking.

The ego can easily crystallise a quality of the soul and hold on to it - love and light for example. However if it is ego, then after a while you might look back, and if you're being completely honest with yourself, you might notice the real essence of it has diminished. Now you have to effort to try to feel the same. Whereas when you truly get into openness and just let the qualities of soul flow, then you get different resonances at different times, but they all feel aligned - simply "right" within your being.

Personally, I wouldn't be actively looking for a particular soul ray quality. I would be feeling the flow of the soul and seeking to express as authentically and accurately as I can. Then asking, "how can that be more authentic? More aligned? What's wanting to come through now?" Then watch for the synchronicities in the interplay of life. This helps you unfold the various qualities and integrate them.

Open đź’™

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Oh yes.. I can very much justify myself all the time just 'chipping away', asking myself all these sophisticated spiritual questions that are only avoidance in the end. I know now I'm coming from soul when there's confrontation of pain and boundaries (but being okay with that), and I'm in a zoned out space or repressing in some way when there's too much peace and quiet (though if being really honest this also doesn't feel truly peaceful, just numb). I've been feeling a lot of physical pressure for a year now especially in my head, I can't do these small steps much longer. The chipping away on a spiritual level is also chipping away my physical health it seems.

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Okay, so if you really want to breakthrough, take the first thing that presents (pressure in the head for example) and go deeply into that. Be fully in the inquiry of it. Explore into it and around it. Surrender with it, but definitely don't avoid it. What fears and emotions come up? What are you most afraid of? Sit within that inquiry and keep softening with it.

Open 🙏

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What I'm really working with is karma around not belonging, being alone. There is almost constant heaviness in my chest with some grief and sadness. And I think my soul chose circumstances and place, where im literally alone. Though I have lived alone before, the impact this has now is on another level especially after parting of a relationship. On top of that there is poverty conciouesness and fear of not being able to support myself, afford whereI live. With the mind going into overdrive thinking about all the possibilities and things that I could do instead. What I really don't want to do is go back to my comfortable shell and effort for growth.  Sovereignty comes with a price of having to make through this dense life alone , not being sure if the decisions I'm making are really in align with my soul. Overall it's a pretty uncomfortable place to be. Surrender seems to be the only option. Surrender of the mind in wanting to change. Surrender of control. It feels like rebellion, if I have to think about all these things , fhen I better not do it at all. I will just wait till the worst possible outcome hit me or something. 

In reply to by Vimal


Sky, thank you for sharing as I read your post, it's exactly where I am but can't put words to it.  So, I am grateful to be reading this reflection and that I am not the only one feeling alone and not belonging anywhere.  And as I am also separating from a relationship this aloness, and anxiety of having to go back to supporting myself is hitting me from every side.  So, a great reminder for me too, to surrender when it gets overwhelming to move in any direction.  


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Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. This is Openhand's Seminal spiritual routemap of the Journey of Ascension, remastered for 2022.
Your pathway into 5D!


I witness that many people out there would consider themselves "realigned" and coming from the soul in daily life. To be clear, this is not about how often or long we meditate, how much yoga is practiced, how high-vibe the diet is. The Realignment is a core splitting profound self-honesty in EVERY given moment. It's being prepared for everything in the external to shatter and fall apart as we open the space until the soul can truly be felt. This is not a now and then thing - it's an in-the-moment engagement with every single choice. That's the transition that is unfolding through society in 2022.



Cynthia I enjoyed the irony of your friends reaction. And I really like your realization, those words sound like a perfect description -

Heart has us journey inward allowing us to meet the outer world from a safe and loving place, from within"

I have found using phrases that are similar to softening, such as releasing, letting go, unwinding... etc useful in the past. Various words or phrases resonate with different people.

Though sometimes people (includes me) are not in a place to appreciate or grasp what is being offered at that time or they may only get it on one level or a seed may be planted and the realization happens later.

I'm so glad that things have clicked for you Jetster :)

With love and rock and roll, Fiona


Re-reading and what you say here Fiona..

"The other thing I find effective when I get stuck is to ask the Universe to "Show me" (thanks to Open for this gem). My answers usually land in the form of a knowing, though the answers may also come through signs and synchronicities in the outer world. Sometimes the answers don't come immediately and if nothing is arising, I find it useful to take a break for a while (especially a walk or time in nature), particularly if the processing has been intense. If it feels important, I hold it in the back of my awareness and revisit when the time is right or I am shown."

A priceless share! thank-you, this resonates and will help me greatly! :)

Cynthia what you say: "it's a movement from the head into the heart. Experiencing through heart, not thinking with head" this also adds to my tools.

I feel I know this but sometimes we need to hear it from another person in their words to have it click! I have been trying to express and explain this to my 19 year old daughter as we have discussions and OMG I was just not finding the words....Now I have them.....You guys...or should I say Gurls ;) Rock! :)


Fiona and Cynthia you have both made this discussion unbelievably informative and helpful :)I am re-reading your posts to integrate and see where I can add to my knowledge :)Thank-you both for your awesomeness! :)


I've just realized that I used 'into', and 'through' when referring to heart - the mind has us caught up with externals, judgments and fears - heart has us journey inward allowing us to meet the outer world from a safe and loving place, from within.


Fiona, softening really does seem to be a huge 'key'! A friend of mine was reading some of Open's writing and she became quite indignant - "What the hell is this softening stuff? Don't tell me to soften, tell me how to do it!" All I could say is, for me, it's a movement from the head into the heart. Experiencing through heart, not thinking with head. Any other suggestions or wording around the process of softening would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks Jetseter,

I'm glad you found the sharing and the example useful and of course it is just one example, there are many ways :) I too am find this exchange very insightful - thank you!

I can identify with getting too involved and intense. When I get too intense with things, what helps me is softening into it. I was thinking about what I do when I get stuck in a process and it appears that softening is a key for me. When I soften (or release or let go...) I can still feel, intellectualize and explore, though from a more curious, relaxed place.

The other thing I find effective when I get stuck is to ask the Universe to "Show me" (thanks to Open for this gem). My answers usually land in the form of a knowing, though the answers may also come through signs and synchronicities in the outer world. Sometimes the answers don't come immediately and if nothing is arising, I find it useful to take a break for a while (especially a walk or time in nature), particularly if the processing has been intense. If it feels important, I hold it in the back of my awareness and revisit when the time is right or I am shown.

Recently I've had proof of the effectiveness of softening and "Show me" when I have lost things. I'm busily searching for whatever it is and then remember to stop, soften and ask to be shown, I then find whatever I'm looking for in the next place I search. I even immediately found my keys in my shoe - lol 8p

Thank you dear Cynthia for your lovely comments, I'm certainly finding gifts in the explorations through this thread.

With love, Fiona


All the sharing that takes place in the various forums I have always found to be very helpful - and it's nice to see that gratitude expressed Jetster. This is one place where a person is totally free to express, a place where self-honesty is respected, honoured, and you can feel confident that words and events will be received without judgment - and often by the simple (albeit sometimes difficult) act of posting light is shed on an issue.
My gratitude to all who post, all who read, and all who respond.
Many thanks and much love....


"In this situation i didn't feel the need to understand where the fears came from, just to work with them."

This phrase above you said is actually much help, it is simple but sometimes I get to involved and intense in working my way through and the phrase above makes me realise to relax...lol and thank-you for sharing your example also it helps a lot to see how you processed through one of your experiences. Your sharing has helped a lot Fioana :)


Hi jetster,

I really appreciate your comments, I've certainly benefitted from exploring them. In my opinion, it seems to be a case of finding the right balance between observing, surrendering and using the intellect and that will vary depending on the situation, our unique ways of processing and where we are on our journey. A certain amount of analysis must be helpful, otherwise we'd never catch our patterns and distortions and we would keep going around in circles. Yet too much examination and we get lost in the mind or drama of the situation. Fascinating... and certainly something worth exploring. It sounds like you're doing great ;)

An example happened with me last night. I was sleeping in my car for the first time and during the night began to feel fearful. I was able to catch the fearful thoughts as they arose and notice how I was feeling and reacting, soften into it and then contemplate what is the worst that could happen. It feels that I was observing, surrendering into the feeling and using the intellect to recognise how unfounded my fears were. In this situation i didn't feel the need to understand where the fears came from, just to work with them. It's not always straightforward, a continual learning :)

Forgive any typos as sending from my phone.

Wish you fruitful exploring, love fiona


Thank-you for the kind words Fiona :) actually i have been practicing awareness and being the observer, surrendering and letting go for about 4 months :) altho in re-reading your definition i do feel i am intellectualizing too much maybe, i observe myself and try to understand why, which distortion i am living out in the present moment and then try to accept and surrender to it! all at once! lol, maybe i am biting off more than i can swallow :) maybe i should just observe and surrender for now???? i am confused...lol....as for doing things that inspire me i do this (riding my Harley :) ) but maybe need to do more :) Thank-you again Fiona for taking some of your time to unravel my "eddy currents" as Open would say :)

Cynthia :) i would love to assist one of these workshops and i am looking for ways to attend, i need to fit this in financially, i do not know when but it will happen at some point :) Who knows Cynthia maybe through my strong passion and feeling of being the right path that Openhand is i can create enough of a stir here in Ottawa to Bring Openhand here!! :) importantly enough i do not force my ways or what i feel is right on anyone but many people have been fascinated about my personal changes and development since i have found Openhand, i let them know what is the base of all this transformation, of course being Openhand :)


Jetster, it would be really nice if you could make it to a 5 gateways workshop - either in Tampa in October or Victoria in November. Of course, there's always Glastonbury in December!! Open will be covering the gateways in a very comprehensive way.
Fiona - "watch your consciousness" - brilliant - something for all of us in those words!!


Hi Jetster,

It's really nice to read your sharing, thank you for sharing your vulnerability.

Re the Five Gateways, the new book and remastered dvd will be released at the beginning of September. I think that Open is referring you to the book above. It's got much more content than the last edition and no doubt will be of enormous benefit to many. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

I agree that living from the soul can be challenging, though it can also bring great joy and fulfilment and when you step on the path as you are doing there becomes no other way to live (for me at least) - how awesome and exciting :dance:

You use the phrase 'explore your own consciousness" - great, I would say to watch your consciousness, become the observer of it. Rather than trying to intellectualise it, you could to be open and surrender to how you feel and what you notice in the moment. It also might be useful to engage in activities that really inspire you, what makes your heart sing - see this thread for inspiration https://www.openhandweb.org/what_stirs_your_soul

With blessings for your unfolding journey, Fiona


Hi Jetster,

When you describe your journey above, and especially this...

    "As I was walking to work near a meadow of water I felt one with the meadow of flowing cool water I was walking beside and the birds chirping sounded in 3D in beautiful harmony with all, this was a very brief experience and I have never felt such a feeling again."

It leads me to believe that you are in a pre-Awakened state, but beginning to have breakthroughs into the fully Awakened state. When you experience what you describe in nature most of the time, that would strongly indicate an awakened state.

So without efforting, keep exploring. Not so much with the intellect though. That can tend to prolong the pre-Awakened state. It has to be more by exploring your own consciousness - your own feelings, on a day to day basis. The new version of 5GATEWAYS explains well breaking into the fully Awakened state.

Best wishes

Open *OK*

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I have been hearing about this Open but I just checked on your site under videos and shop and cannot see the New version? I have seen the 5 gateways video available on your site many times but is there a New version?? I am confused, and if there is this New version please let me know where and how to get it :).

I am a bit confused with how to explore my own consciousness, I may be doing this already but I feel I am doing more of the intellectual exploration as u say.


I feel I was always interested in Spirituality but it always escaped me and I was not ready I guess to do the work to understand it more, last year I watched a Greg Braden Video and he is one of the many Scientists to put Spirituality under a microscope and prove it, this video got me hooked but then I got into the mainstream of it, changing your thoughts and not accepting the negative at all, creating bubbles to correct the moment, more of the mind led practices, then I fell upon your article about Removing entities and this fascinated me altho at first I did not really understand but I was pulled towards it and then began reading more and more on the 'Openhand' site and I resonate strongly with all your teachings and guidance. Not long after here is what happened to me.......As I was walking to work near a meadow of water I felt one with the meadow of flowing cool water I was walking beside and the birds chirping sounded in 3D in beautiful harmony with all, this was a very brief experience and I have never felt such a feeling again. On this day My Spiritual Journey began, or at least my awareness of My Spiritual Journey began. I Resonate with spirituality, I Resonate in what you teach and I have read your Divinicus Book 2 times and I can somehow feel a sense of authenticity and realness and this has transformed me and I am still transforming of course, what draws me? I just feel in my core this is the correct path for me and finally life has more sense.


What is it Jetster that draws you to do spiritual work and study?
What inspired you initially?


This is definitely challenging, I am still confused if I am awakened or not however I am not concerned with this and simply working on following the many tools of guidance Openhand has to raise my level of consciousness.

"But it is not easy to hold that open internal space in the beginning. The mind will want to rush in with its constant questioning of what to do next."

Exactly the problem, living from the soul is challenging....

Thank-you for all the guidance :)