Exploring Why the Need for Validation on the Spiritual Path?

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What often keeps people tight in the box and resisting the power of transformation on the spiritual path is the need for external validation of some kind. The requirement for friends or family, for example, to respect the new you you're unfolding into. If they're not evolving as quickly as you, unsupportive or negative feedback can be severely limiting. Where does this need for this validation come from? Most importantly, how can we move beyond it...

Distortions of the Soul

Firstly, it's essential to explore the nature of distortions  - old behaviour patterns we wish to either drop or realign. From the Openhand perspective, a distortion is a distorted expression of soul - because everything begins originally in the source of truth. But the soul got attached, within some emotive physical situation, the need to be loved for example, and then got fragmented into it.

You could consider the soul as a stream flowing down a mountain side. It passes over a boulder, which creates an eddy current in the flow. This then draws in debris, which constantly spins around in the eddy current. It's a good metaphor of repetitive and stuck behavioural patterns becoming toxic and restrictive.

The crucial thing to realise, is that the eddy current originally came from truth, and contains truth within it - specifically the inherent nature of the stream. Likewise, the soul getting stuck in distortion. And until you realise and embrace that truth, then the distortion will not simply melt away. At the risk of mixing metaphors, you can't simply throw the baby out with the bathwater. Or, you could try just dropping the hot coals, but if you haven't processed out your reaction to the heat, you're simply going to remanifest similar cycles just with different circumstances. Let's figure out the truth and express it, then work to let go of the attachment within it. In which case, the eddy current will unravel of its own accord. There is no longer anything anchoring it.

Let's explore the example of validation to illuminate what I'm saying.

Reflective Feedback Loops of the Soul

When the soul expresses its authentic nature, then it's going to shape the environment around it. That's because the Unity Consciousness, by the Law of Attraction, crystallises the quantum field. Reality takes shape around what you're being. This is where reflective signs and synchronicity click in around you - and you get the affirmation of aligned creative action. In fact the soul is watching for these clicking synchronicities as a means of attuning and aligning itself. It's an inherent attenuation mechanism.

And this is exactly where the need for validation distorts from. Yes, it's right to look for the reflective feedback loop. However, if you're needing that from a particular person or group of friends, now you - the ego - are distorting the flow and creating a limiting eddy current around what you're indavertantly needing the flow to be and how you want it to reflect.

The answer is to detach from the need for a specific reflection. Instead, to allow active attention to guide you to the right multidimensional reflections. Whether it be in signs and numerology, the movement of clouds in the heavens or the call of a bird. Everything clicks in when you're in the truth.

How Best to Interpret Signs and Synchronicity

A Parting of the Waves

What we've got to do is break the rigidity in our relationships - that you need a particular person to agree with the path of your calling and how you feel to now be. You're constantly evolving, which can be tremendously threatening to those still stuck in the old rut. They'll want to shoot you down to justify their own limitation. And it's often those closest to you that feel most threatened. It's often the most subtle and quiet judgments that are most limiting - the soft encouragements to stay comfortable on the sofa.

These are the ties you've most got to challenge and break. I'm not saying that all close relationships need to end - I'm saying that essential space must be created within them, so that you can grow and express new aspects of yourself. If those around you don't support or agree, so be it. Either they will come to change in the dynamic with you or there'll need to be a parting of the waves.

How to "Burn the Boats" of an Out-dated Reality Construct...5 Key Steps

Planting your Soul in the right Soil

It's crucial for you to be you. And to fearlessly express that - then to watch for the reflective feedback loops from the Universe. Importantly though, these don't come from where you expect they will. The Universe is always spontaneous - you'll have to apply the freedom of active attention to guide you. Then you'll create the most amazing reflective feedback loops around you. And from these, simply by honouring them, you'll start to weave a more harmonious landscape for yourself. One that's constantly evolving and growing with your soul.

It will plant you in the right soil to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

If you want to explore creating a new positive landscape in all aspects of your life, from relationships to how you live and work, explore Openhand's ground-breaking evolutionary work. It's specifically designed to support you in this ascension of consciousness.

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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09/10/2023 Shift Update - Feedback Loops

I've been out travelling through Britain taking time out to connect with the higher dimensional Openhand Team more deeply in advance of the new Academic Cycle. I've been getting tremendous feedback loops everywhere and it's beautifully heartwarming 💙

So what's the difference between validation and a feedback loop?

Validation is where the being needs upliftment and support in order to be. It's required to justify who they are, and provide some sense of solid foundation. But it's always coming from something external to yourself.

A feedback loop, on the other hand, is a reflection from the Universe in response to a statement you're already making about yourself or an inquiry you're having. It's supporting your commitment to self actualisation.

There's a clear difference: the first is grasping for something external; whereas the latter is celebrating in the joy of participation by the Universe, in whatever form that may appear.

I wish you all plentiful bounteous feedback loops on your journey. And with that in mind, do check my article above today, it expands on my point in more detail... scroll up.

Open 💎


Hi Open,

I've been reading through your deeply inspiring articles and have just seen your most recent facilitator video online. It just so happens the universe has transpired to send my self on a month long road trip through Europe. And intuition tells me I'm going to be connecting deeply with the land and energies on my travels. 

I'm curious about a phenomena and wondered if you would share your thoughts. Sometimes, if there is something on my mind, or going on in life, a seeming response or behaviour will happen through somebody.

Sometimes, the behaviours or being-ness will come through somebody that is personally challenging or controversial in some way. It is so uncanny that I put it down to spiritual entities who've read my mind.

I've cleared a great deal of psychic content, so recently it is less and less malevolent, more magical, more loving. Would you say these are entities operating through unconscious people in my vicinity? Or is it their truth and meaningful to my soul journey too. Thus is the way of mystical matrix we find ourselves in?

Much gratitude

Tim 🙏


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Hi Tim,

Welcome to Openhand - good to hear from you. 🙏

I'm well aware of what you're speaking of. And assuming the reflects feel uplifting and illuminating of your authentic beingness, then it's likely to be one of a few of things you're experiencing: either your own higher self is reflecting to you through others and through surrounding circumstances, or it's your Twin Flame, or it could be your guides in the ether.

Well wishes

Open 🙏

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Hello Open,

Thank-you for your reply. The uplifting and illuminating reflects tend to come via my own intuition, less often through others, although it happens. What comes through other people is of a different quality, it could be testing. I overheard a discussion on the work of Helena Blavatsky yesterday, describing the mechanism whereby groups of higher dimensional consciousness' stream through ordinary human consciousness according to physical vibration.

It makes one wonder what content is coming from where!

Is it all coming via the 4D? 


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That would depend on where your own consciousness is expanded to. You can't pick something up in 5D for example if you're not expanded into 5D. Although in some ways it could trickle down.

I'd say the most important thing is to be aware of the effect. If it's something that you feel expansive, aligned and activating of your own authenticity, which feels good, then to pay attention to it. But if it's taking away your own sovereign awareness and trust in self, that would be something to be cautious of.

I think we have to be careful where other beings might be streaming through you. It's a case of discernment as to where they're coming from, what their intention might be, and the risk that it overrides your own consciousness.

That's why when I work in this way, I'm only working with beings that understand the importance of resonance - they communicate a resonance, which then activates my own higher dimensional consciousness in me, that I know and feel as mine.

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

Absolutely! Thank-you for that. Resonance is key!

Although I especially marvel when loving healing vibrations trickle through the lowest densest of consciousness'. I too have a stable sense of self and sovereignty. Other beings wouldn't be streaming through this bodily vehicle!

Your work is true spiritual art. And a gift to this world.




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Hi Open,

On the experience of people speaking to things they don't consciously know of that are prescient in my mind or activities. I started to wonder if it was an attunement to the morphogenic field of their circle. Another observation when I work with families or groups, I notice that when I relate ideas to one or two members of the group, a third member who wasn't present or in that loop will give unconscious feedback to it. This isn't once in a blue moon occurance with particularly sensitive types, this happens all the time. It cultivated my deep respect of the soul of individuals who may be completely oblivious to the spiritual dimensions and yet operate and express its idiosyncrasies. I've gone so far as to tell parents and people who are in the habit of talking about each other behind their backs, that the subject of the conversation is aware of it on a soul level and that I regularly observe the reactions, though unconscious. I spent some time in Catholic circles where discussions were had about similar occurrences during exorcisms, where the individual would relate knowings about the individuals who were performing the exorcisms. This was understood to be demons, and how they operate, so it is still somewhat a mystery to me. And I'm standard cautious with whatever comes out of anybodies mouth including my own! Although, this and other phenomena are the greatest pleasure of my life. First stop on my Openhand inspired conscious energy working, Dunkirk. Oh *%^&*..




Hi Open,

I think facebook or maybe someone is filtering out your comments and the links to come here to read the new articles.  I noticed yesterday and again today the link to the article is not there.  It's just empty in the comments section but I mentioned it there.  Don't know if my comment has been filtered out either.  I had to come here to find the article yesterday, and then again today.  Odd.


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Hi Open, it's fastest for me to just go to the fakebook site and click the link, takes me right to you.  Or on that same fb pg. I can click the sidebar link to you site too instead of taking the long way around and then having to hunt for articles.

It's just faster.  Shame that fb is doing that to you.

Anyway, I'm still checking in and finding the articles and posts.  Smliing


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Hi Sherri - I only ever post a snapshot of things on fb. Everything is available here on Openhandweb.
Everyday anything that is new is listed in the box "What's New" at the top of the page.
Below that are all the latest comment exchanges with people.
Following that are the latest article viewpoints on the shift and then featured articles of philosophy.
If you want ton index the entire article library, simply click on articles in the main menu.
All it needs is a little application!

Bright blessings

Open 💙


It's hard to surrender to the fact someone close to you rather stays comfortable, and has the judgement you are making them uncomfortable. I'm very sensitive to when a dynamic needs to go to a new level and want to shake things up, and it doesn't so much matter to me anymore that that means there are lots of days with discomfort. I don't always go about that in the right way though, I can see that. Within relationships I have to find balance in surrendering to that creative tension, not reacting to it and almost wanting to be ahead of it. There will be opportunities to express new frequencies of being, there seems to be impatience around that. I can see I want external validation for this aspect of me, and try to bring it inside, not to judge myself for always wanting more (or another for not wanting that), a deepening. How can we not always want more (and not in a greedy sense) if we are the very expression of constant evolution and change? 

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Dear Hannah, I can reflect back to you with great passion: it is NOT wrong to always be wanting more.

People like us are clearly here to catalyse and shake things up. We're seldom happy with sitting patiently on the sofa. I've learned to accept that in me. It has a purpose, that leads only to unhappiness if it's not expressed - no matter what the external reaction is.

If someone is rendered uncomfortable by your expression, then they've been offered a profound gift to explore why they're reacting? It's not your responsibility whether they pick up the baton or not.

Yes, expressing difficult truths in the moment is always a challenge. It's not at all easy. And it can be very tiring. But when you look back along the path you've travelled, you see just how much you've grown while others have stayed put. The feeling of advancement and growth has come at a price, but been tremendously worthwhile. You've reached another level of being.

If we don't suppress it, the soul is constantly journeying, unwinding, integrating and expressing. Hence the sense of always 'wanting more' - in the sense of wanting more from yourself. To me that's not at all wrong.

So if people want to sit comfortably on the sofa,
or are triggered by your quest for truth,
Let them be!

Open 💙

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Thanks so much for the reflection Open. Yes I realised this too today after many synchronicities. Especially in the closest relationships it's so important to stay open, communicate and fully committed to the truth, as much as possible in the moment something arises. Is that too much for someone who wants to stay on the couch? Totally. So be it. This morning I was still feeling guilt around it, now I see it's a natural way of being I don't have to apologise for. This aspect wants to be respected and nothing less, and doesn't give a f☆ about being rejected for it!




There has been almost immediate reactivity in me, when reading the text. I feel to share resonance with short writing that transpired soon afterwards.


Probably, I'm just looking for some validationSlightly Smiling


Coming from the light


Journeying all the way from the light, I’ve been seeking to find it in my life.

Does it appear in the form of love? Proverbial sense of ultimate connetion to the beloved...

Might it be hidden in the nature outside? Pristine lands of sheer beauty and intricate forms of life...

Maybe it’s hidden in people or groups? Inflicted in family ties, expanding into awakening souls coming from the stars...


Perhaps light is a lie, mere reflection of this seeking

There seem to be no encouragment deeds from partner in crime, when one’s heart is aching in pain.

Nature is nice, yet authentically harsh. There is no mercy out there.

And people, oh the fabolous paradox of sentient life. It’s so difficult to connect with divine spark, packed in the box of inverted programs.


When there was no light, than nothing appears. 

The sense of lacking the love transforms into emptiness that opens the space for authentic connection.

And all of those suffering from sentients in nature; witnessing the alchemical pot of uniqness and diversity calling for balance and harmony. How can all of this actually happen?


I’m the One that seeks to be seen. 

Might it be that everyone else is lost, just as I’ve been?

Let us reflect this light together, untill there is nothing else to be found anymore.