Quantum Manifesting: 7 Golden Keys

Submitted by Open on Tue, 12/06/2022 - 04:56

Here it is, the very first episode in Openhand's all new 5D Shift Podcast. It's turbulent and challenging out there in society as the shadow gets stirred up and progressively broken down. The light is breaking through. The question is: how can you best harness it and channel higher consciousness into your life so as to thrive? Here are 7 Golden Keys of Quantum Manifesting to support your emergence and journey. Enjoy. Be inspired and let us know your thoughts below. Bright blessings. 💙

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Hello Open,

This was a very interesting video. I have a question about the meditation. I don't know what breathing through the chakras actually means, so in light of the other information within the video I decided that didn't matter and I would just do it. As I used my imagination to feel myself doing so, an unexpected thing happened. I started at the crown which led to a visual feeling of beautiful purple. Third eye and throat were completely colorless. Heart was very faintly orange-ish. Solar plexus somewhat yellow, but just as if there was a single drop of color mixed in. Sacral colorless, and root deep black.

I take it the colorlessness means I have to work deeply to find out what's wrong there. Also, as I understand it heart is green but I feel the orange-ishness as a disbalance seeping in through the solar plexus and sacral. I do not see this as a cause for concern, just as an addition to the work I need to do. I will explore this myself so please only comment on this if you truly feel the need.

My question relates to the fact that I see the root as deep black. Somehow this does not feel wrong, but it does feel like I don't know what I'm dealing with. Can you please offer me some insight into this? Is it the right thing to do to just keep working and it will eventually fall into place?

Much love,


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Hi LtJ - whether you understood what "breathing through the chakras" meant or not, clearly you're having immensely illuminating experiences in them.

Breathing through, means to put your attention in their approximate location, then get the sense of inhaling in (usually from the back of the chakra) and then exhaling softly through. You can also hold your breath in them, providing you don't tighten.

Everyone will experience the sensations differently - not all will see colours, but it sounds very magical that you are.

In terms of the scheme of what you're seeing, yes, since you're seeing colours, where there's no colour, it's highly possible these are dead zones, to be worked with and opened up.

In the solar plexus, this would likely indicate there's a nauseous kind of energy from mental programming - to be unravelled and cleansed away.

And the deep black in the root is likely that you're connecting into the singularity of the Torus - a really positive experience.

So keep exploring!

I would say it would serve you to come on an Openhand retreat, where we work with these kinds of experiences all the time 😉

Best wishes

Open 💎

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I have to say that this very idea did play around in my head yesterday. It will have to be a physical attendance as I have major problems with the Zoom thing. I absolutely detest video calling and anything like it. I have done two in my life; one was a whole time back when a friend video-called me on a gaming console which apparently offered that option. It felt like an invasion. The second was during a job interview in the Dancing Plague Era. It lasted for about half an hour and the feeling of utter distortion just grew and grew; like there was something very wrong with being somewhere I was not with people who were nowhere either. Can't really explain it, just that I'm convinced a Zoom thing of several hours really doesn't work for me.

I have checked the events for the rest of the year and due to a number of reasons it does not appear feasible at the moment, however someone taught me recently that I can ask the universe to just... show me :) So I'm sort of banking on signs and things just happening, otherwise it will be... whenever it feels like the right thing?

Also, your explanation of how to breathe through the chakras is exactly what I did so I'm glad to find out that if I let go of the idea that 'I have to understand it' I follow the right path intuitively. :)

Thank You!

Love love love it! Engaging with such great positive energy and inspiration! The guidance is invaluable, but even more so the heartening personal anecdotes which reminds us that we're not alone and that you truly understand what we're going through and that it hasn't been a picnic for you either. That not only is ok to fail but it's expected. i so admire your courage. For myself, despite a rough few months and wanting to give up many times, i've made some crucial realisations and made some higher more aligned decisions on how to be, most importantly learning how to stay calm, that elusive prescence (elusive for me at this point as i've been disassociating around people since i was young, but the protective, hiding kind of disassociation), and just refusing to harbour and project anger, judgement and expectations. i stepped away a bit from Openhand during this time because i felt i was polluting the energy with my negativity, and didn't feel as though i was at a high enough level to even be learning about 5d when i couldn't even control my anger. Feeling as though ii've gained some ground and i'm ready to start climbing the mountain again. Feeling frustrations though at still not being able to fully express because of lack of privacy, but i understand why i'm here and am finally understanding it's exactly where i need to be to get some of my deepest wounds tended so i'm ready for tthe next level where i'm sure i'll be able to not only express fully, but authentically as well. i came to a recent understanding that the purpose isn't to forget or wipe away the experience because it's the experience which becomes the lesson and without it, no learning, no evolving. i'm starting to make peace with the hard stuff and the hard people, and feeling gratitude for all of it. And the hope of true freedom, once i've found the courage to let go. Thank you so much for this and your unstoppable drive to free and guide as many souls as possible. Warrior!💙🙏barb

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Hi Open,

I think these podcasts will serve a wider audience well. I was just connecting with a single mum with a toddler who can't make it to the courses. She will find this a great addition to reading the books and downloading meditations. There was so much in that first one, I think it could be listened to time and again to take it all in! Such a good response on You Tube too!

Thanks for all your innovations in rippling the light outwards.

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Hi Open,

I heard this recording called Pacific Blues.  It was very moving music along with live whale soundings in the ocean.  It was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and I felt as if my heart was expanding greatly almost to the point of not being able to hold all that feeling.  It was so magnificent!  I wore the tape out listening to it so much and it also inspired me to paint.  I'd put that cassette tape in and get lost in the music and whale callings and paint away, losing complete track of time.

I know that is the soul flowing when lost in the creating, but is that expansive feeling inside me what is meant by "holding space" or is holding space something different?   I know I create great things but then worry comes in after that.  Maybe not enough confidence in my creations or the poverty consciousness takes hold.  I'm still processing all those things.

I want to be able to hold space for those feelings for longer periods of time if that's the point of holding space.  I've had some thoughts lately that at some point I might like to be a facilitator, but have quite a ways to go yet in getting and staying open and flowing.

Any reflections about holding space?  I'm still watching the podcast multiple times and get something each time. 

Thank you for your thoughts. Praying Emoji


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Hi Sherri, just wanted to say thanks for reminding me of a dream i had a few months ago where i popped over to visit Open across the pond (though it was unannounced, sorry Open; must learn boundaries even in the ether) and then found myself hovering over the ocean as a humpback whale majestically shot straight up out of the water as me and someone who was with me giggled with delight. Very free, playful, joyful energy. There's something very special about whales; i've had other dreams where they've seemed to be calling to me. I had Dan Brown's Journey with The Whales, listened to that a lot. It's on youtube if you feel like listening. i admire you for being able to paint, maybe one day we can enjoy some of your work? Sorry can't give insight on holding space as i'm still on the prescence chapter of learning😉💙🙏barb

Thoroughly enjoyed this.  The information you shared was clear and concise.  The length of the video was just right.  I greatly appreciated the short meditation you shared at the end.  After watching this, I realized I have been incorporating the 7 Keys in my life off and on throughout the last few years of my life.  Your message provided clarity and an explanation of things part of me 'knows' on some level but could not define as you have.  This is your great gift:  Messenger.  Teacher.  I am grateful and inspired.  Thank you.

I loved it how you said that making mistakes and falling are ok. because there might be an idea that I am supposed to be constantly connected and constantly riding the wave. But in surfing they fall all the time.

In my experience making mistakes is where true learning happens. 

Disconnections and reconnections make me humble, appreciating and somehow more grounded. Feeling disconnected for a while can do miracles and it does. The truth in that is that simple life can be good enough if one accepts it, which is very hard after having all the amazing experiences with higher energies and higher way of being. There might be both ungroundedness and attachment to spirituality. Life has its way to make us grow and sometimes what's good for us doesn't feel good at all. Acceptance and surrender in all states and all circumstances and believing that the universe never abandons me and always works to make me evolve and grow - is what makes it all spiritual, even the most non-spiritual states and situations. The warrior then evolves through darkness - persistence, perseverance, not giving up, keeping going even in blindness, a part of evolution.

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I loved reading this Yulia, It relaxes me down as there is a lot of acceptance in what you have written. I can see that same sort of self obligation that I should be feeling and flowing all the time.. Yet falling down is what makes the ride worthwhile and beautiful. It remind us how beautiful being connected with our inner essence is when we have disconnected from it for a while..thr knowing then lands that the experiences I was chasing were just a reflection of this inner flow and I can never be truly nourished if I disconnect from the inner. 


Hey Openhanders - do please provide some feedback on how you found the new look Podcast format. The idea is to replace Facebook LIvestreams with it - because we're getting increasingly censored and blocked over there. So what do you think?

We had some tech issues, such as poor video quality this time, but I'm sure we'll resolve that for the next one.

Thanks for your throughts

Open 🙏

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Hi Open, I enjoyed it. I got a whole new perspective on poverty consciousness after that and interestingly after that I have found it easy to catch the lower behaviours. I'm gonna re-watch it again soon. To be honest, I would have preferred a live stream because it has a small retreat kind of feeling where we are all attending and feeling the energy together. I wish we weren't censored and I also wish if we could have both. Ok, that's a lot of wishes, maybe I should be content with what I have :D



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To me this podcast was really cherry on the cake. Maybe it also reflects the nature of some "potent process" that I found myself in, lately - it was very timely to find this recording in my own rhytm.

Thanks Open, and everyone else included in the making of this video.

Personally I really like this balance of delivering the message, that is straightforward in it's essence yet actually complex in the process of implementing. Bringing the manual for quantum manifesting into the coherent format of 45 minut podcast is an actual piece of art. Addressing an "average" seeker, that is lost on the internet (maybe already on the way to metaverseSlightly Smiling) and equiping the video with the material for deeper inquiry is an actual need... 

Probably my thoughts are biased, as I allowed myself to experience this video merely as energetic transmission rather than intelectual inquiry.  Also the fact of "poor video quality" has been reversed in my case. With my internet connection (and lack of technological expertise) it's difficult to distinguish what might be the modern day standards.. That's why I probably noticed the silhouette of your facial expression more than usual, enhancing the sense of connection. I even heard myself wondering - how on Earth can this quality of "spiritual mastery" found itself on the youtube channel going basicaly unnoticed?

Your invitation regarding our thoughts on podcast and replacing the "livestream" format has brought me to the actual feeling sense of last recording. It seems to me, as if the new format is much more "accessible" and holds the capacity of engaging with much wider audience. And the passion in the expression seems to be growing even stronger - which offers real experience for everyone that is watching.

I wish many blessings on the way of this Podcast - whichever route it might take.Angel Halo


I think this is so much better here on Openhand.  No censoring anything.  I like that things are repeated, because I know I've got blockages inside that steal the good information and I forget some of the good info.  This was an excellent podcast and I'm excited to tune in for more of them! 

The 7 Golden Keys was a great place to start and really inspired me to start on making a project I've been thinking about.

Thank you for doing the podcast Open Praying Emoji Heart


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I'm glad you enjoyed the Podcast Sherri 👍

Yes, the idea is for this format to now replace the livestream one on Facebook, and to make them more regular. We're going to feel it forwards and see how it goes. We had a fair few tech problems to overcome, which meant the video quality this first time was not so good. We're going to work on that for the next one.

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

I thought the audio and video were good on my laptop when I watched the podcast.  I plan to watch each one a few times as I tend to forget some of what's presented.  Until I get really clear inside I'll keep watching replays.  I think it's a great idea to do these podcasts weekly!  I'll be tuning in.  Thank you for doing these.  Heart

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So Openhanders, we've been weaving it behind the scenes, Thomas and I - the all new 5D Shift Podcast. We had some technical glitches with the setup - in this crazily complex world we're living in. So the resolution was less than we would have liked - it will be sure to improve for the next one. But let us know your throughts about the content. How are you experiencing navigating in this crazy mixed-up 3D world? <<< Open 💙

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For sure we'll be exploring the essences of Quantum Manifesting at our upcoming events and helping you see how to apply it to the key circumstances of your life. Here's what's coming up...

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