The Music that's Inspired You Through 10 years of Galactic Alignment?

Hi Openhanders - I'm intrigued, what's the Music that's Inspired You Through 10 years of Galactic Alignment? So many great songs and meditations we've played at the gatherings, so much upliftment. Do share what uplifts you here below...

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Seeing the link to Lex van Someron's Solstice Concert reminded me of my favourite inspirational piece of music. Even though I have heard it dozens of times it's beauty and the sense of connection it brings still often brings tears to my eyes...

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Perhaps my most favourite artist of all, that's inspired me through the 10-years of galactic alignment, and features most in the Openhand retreat work, is the stunning voice of Lex Van Someren. Here's the recording of the livestream he gave on the Solstice evening. Take some quality time to enjoy...


Let me translate this : 

I take pain and press it to my chest 

And then laugh 

I take grief and joy 

And stay with it 

And now I know 

I am grief ,I am joy 

And I now know t

o dance with it all .....


I have made peace with my lot in this life ( karna) 

I know what I am 

I know what every means 

It's just to dance ....


Listening to powerful and emotive singing from Jon Henrik, has been very soothnig for me. It brings this sense of gentle floating, carrying the sense of expansion.


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It's simply beautiful Miha - it feels like shamanic singing into my soul. And I feel it connecting us across the ether 🙌
It's perfect, as we head into the solstice.

Thanks from the heart for the share.

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Here's one of my favourite bands of the galactic alignment, Bliss, and a track of their's, "come into the light". We've played it at many of the Openhand retreats over the years. What's your favourite awakening track to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Galactic Alignment?


1. Daniel May: Chi

2. Deva premal: Homage to Chrishna



You are the call of the rising sun, the hope of all people in need.

You are the seeker, the goal, and seeking itself.

Blazing like fire in every heart, calming the mind of its restlessness,

You are the seer, the seen, and the sight itself.




I felt to start this thread about music that's inspired you through these last 10 years since galactic alignment and your awakening journey. Here's one that came recently by Judah Earl called Reprise. It sends my soul soaring!...