High Vibe Cookery Class: transitioning to a plant-based diet

Hi all. Our lovely Ann is going to be helping me transition to vegan. And the man that knows, John Marzulli says Ann is an incredible cook.

She will be leading a donation based online class. there will be discussion of how diet can be used in detox, for example:-

Transitioning to a whole foods diet from processed foods

Transitioning to a vegan diet

Healing the body through food (I've worked with people healing from cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, weight loss, etc)

Raw living foods

Healthy snacks and treats

Fermented foods and/or beverages

Adapting recipes to vegan and/or gluten free vegan

How to make your food as nutrient dense as possible and still taste amazing

Simple meals

Creative dishes

The Class is by Donation on zoom.
To get your link, email: annbeck62@gmail.com

See you there!

Andy x



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Thank you all so much for attending and helping to create such a vibrant energy container.  Your enthusiastic feedback fills my heart in a way words can't describe.  I hope you're having fun exploring your creative side in the kitchen and I look forward to our next gathering.


Thank you Ann for the first masterclass last night. With the flowing discussion and question and answer sessions, we covered many aspects of nutrition and detoxification. There were endless tips on buying ingredients, preparation and storage. A very enjoyable and professionally delivered class. I'm sure this will play a great part in my journey towards purification, with the odd naughty treat allowed here and there.

Andy Praying Emoji


What an outstanding class. Ann distills everything down into simple steps. She know more about vegan cooking, health potions and cures than most of the “professionals’. 
I encourage anyone to take her classes. There is so much more than just cooking



Ann's first class on Sunday was brilliant, she gave us so much information and inspired us all with her enthusiasm. I've been cooking vegan food for a couple of years and had got into a bit of a rut food-wise, now I feel inspired to be a bit more experimental. Ann clearly knows her stuff both food-wise and nutrition-wise and I leaned loads. I can't wait for the next class in two weeks!

Thank you Ann - your a star🙏



I posted about the synchronicity of getting into the cooking class and now want to say how really great it was.  Ann showed us the basic broth recipe but also offered various add-ins we could try.  This allows for making various broths and using some creativity with it, which really appeals to me.  Then she showed a rice and lentil dish we could make with the broth, and also how to make some crispy lentils by roasting them.  There were good photos of the steps she used to in making each recipe.

 She showed us a coffee alternative.  I've never been a fan of coffee but was intrigued with the dandelion and chicory drink and ingredients that could also be added in.  I may actually try this at some point.

The way she presented the class appealed to all 7of us who were there today.  I think it was an enjoyable experience and look forward to seeing what other foods she presents in future classes.  If you're curious and want to make some vegan recipes, join in and experience it for yourself.  She even had some information about detoxing.  It was a well-rounded presentation.




Thank you so much for the instructive class. I loved that you began with basics and that they were easy to make. The broth will be great, as you said, alone or to prepare other dishes with. There is a Japanese farmer at our farmer's market, and she has so many different greens that I have never seen before. I'm just going to purchase them all and put them in the broth or with rice Hugging. I like to see a lot of variety in what we can do with vegetables. I would also love to know how to put some density into the meals without raising insulin too much.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to future classes.




I knew I'd seen something about Ann and a Bone broth class but then couldn't find it, so I asked Openhand and got the connection to Ann by email replies from Open and Tilly .

Ann's going to provide a link for us to comment on today's class, which was excellent, but I wanted to say that it all came together in a magical way.  I'd just found out about bone broth, looked into it and it's not vegan and I've not eaten meat or used meat broth in over 2 decades.  The purpose of the bone broth is to keep your bones strong. So I was thrilled how the synchronicity lined it all up for me to get a super healthy recipe to make my own broth.  That store-bought organic veggie broth is highly salted and not that good!

It was almost last minute but I was able to get the info. from Ann and get into the zoom class today, Chrome has issues with their updated zoom connection but my old unsupported zoom still works, thankfully!  It always amazes me how I'll learn about something then synchronicity brings that class at the perfect time.  

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making that class happen.  Heart



This Sunday we'll be making a nutrient dense vegan "bone broth".  It's great on it's own and we'll be using it to make a simple yet delicious meal that can be made for one or a family.  We'll use the same broth to make a tasty snack.  And we'll make an alternative to coffee with variations because sometimes you want a fancy latte or superfood elixer and other times just a straight up coffee, black.  We will also cover a few tips on where to start with detoxing.  There's something for everyone whether you are transitioning to a whole food plant based diet or you've been cooking vegan for a while.   


We will hit the ground running this Sunday by making a nutrient dense vegan broth.  It's my version of a bone broth.  Then we will use this broth to make a rice dish and a healthy snack.  Both are super simple to make and loaded with nutrition.  I will also show you an alternative to coffee for those times when you crave the coffee experience but not the caffeine.  And, no guilt needed because this beverage is full of health benefits.

Are you intrigued?  Come join the fun this Sunday the 29th at 7pm UK time/ 2pm Eastern. 

Email me at annbeck62@gmail.com and I'll send you the link to attend.  Class is by donation.

Much love,



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Spot on Ann. All those subjects are just right for me. This initiative has sparked a continuing conversation among openhanders about nutrition and detox. Mathew is talking about getting a blender, the sky's the limit! This is just the nudge I needed to transition my diet in the new year. Much appreciated.

Andy 🙏❤️