Resurrection from the Simulation

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Are we living in a gross simulation of reality on the planet? If so, whose orchestrating it and what's the purpose? Most importantly, how do we break free of it? That's the subject of Openhand's latest episode of the 5D Shift Podcast. Check out the trailer and make a note of the release time. It's time to break free!!

0:00 Intro
02:12 The Simulation
10:44 Origins of the Simulation
15:00 The Architect of the Simulation
16:15 Simulation in Spirituality
21:38 Flower of Life
27:07 Ascension vs Soul Harvesting
35:55 Direct Communication with Simulation Architect
43:12 Galactic Forces of Liberation
44:55 Clearing Your Chakras: The Realignment
48:33 Path of Light through Simulation
53:15 Meditation to Break Simulation
01:00:58 Conclusion: Empowered Ascension into 5D/6D/7D

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We are on the final day of the Divinicus online retreat and it is turning out to be the most powerful retreat I have attended with Openhand. It may be because of where I'm on the journey at this particular time, because the shift is accelerating, or because we are a small group or perhaps all of it. It's activating much inquiry, with plenty of one-on-ones with Open and opportunities for transcendence. I think attending from home is also a great advantage, as I'm feeling the transformation from where I live, and could bring this higher energy into bear in the daily circumstances of these last few days. As the retreat is coming to a close, I'm also concerned that when the retreat is finished, I might go back into the simulation to a degree and blend with it. I realize this totally depends on me and how I choose to carry this transcendence forward. I realize the simulation offers soft comfort to pull you away from this daily confrontation. But the soul in me says, no more! I don't want to live in the smallness anymore!

Yesterday during the freewheeling session, the flow took me to the town where I saw the simulation in its most vigorous form, with people operating in programs, drugs, and stimulants to numb the pain of separation, the moon in the sky orchestrating it, and an energy that seems to have everything perfectly in control. I walked with my heart heavy. There was a huge billboard on the street that read "Illusion" and a giant picture of a cartoon crocodile. It was almost like the energy behind the scenes, where daring people to look from their smartphones and see the game that they were being played with. But not many were looking! A couple of times I read the sign, "Dare to dream big.". It takes courage to bring this knowing, realization, and energy into this world because I realize being oneself in their fullest version can be a threat to the system. Would I be too much for people if I became that? Who am I to speak my mind and act on my heart's desire? This is the small- self voicing its concern. The threat I mentioned only feels like a threat because the small self has identified with the drama and fears its obliteration. So it's actually threat to oneself. Is it worth carrying it around anymore? Certainly not!

I realize there is nothing that is actually limiting me anymore. Whatever I thought was limiting were misperceptions. We are all equally free to realize and actualize our divine selves in this world. As the floodgates to the soul have opened up, the outer world has equally opened up, with infinite possibilities for self-expression. What does this moment invite me? It's coming through my heart with no agenda for a particular outcome but with every possibility of growth and transformation. Fueled by some fears and false spiritual teachings, a crucial part of me was sitting back to a degree. That part is stepping forth. I dare myself to get it wrong, to fail, to injure and hurt myself, but to get back up and learn from what I have created. Do you dare to dream big?

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For me simulation acts like a trap. I lose awareness for one moment and boom - I am lost for months.

It is very clever and sucks in, while pushing the consciousness out. If I have some desire or hope, or fear, or go into density to experience something, it is configured to hook me on these and then one day I wake up and feel like I have been blinded and polluted, go through purification again and wondering how on earth did this happen.

How does one make sure to not get lost in it?

In Kabbalah they say that before enlightenment you don't have much choice and freedom, but the one to choose your environment that is going to influence you. So after trying to walk on my own and getting lost again and again, maybe it is time to make some choices. Maybe getting lost in the simulation serves the soul in some way - it generates dense experiences and acts like a training program, but eventually, at some point the soul is looking for liberation and realness.

So liberation from the Matrix does require continuous choice-making, constant awareness and a supportive environment. It's like "choosing the pill" every moment, otherwise it swallows in a sec.


It's an old video, but nevertheless immensely inspirational in terms of breaking the program, the simulation, that humanity has gotten embroiled within. Freedom is coming around the planet. I can feel it. It's only a question of time...

I woke up this morning knowing that I have a desire, " I want someone to take care of me,to love me and protect me". Then I asked what I give them return " I can love them and eventually pull them into a bubble so that they feel good" . Oh , gosh , Is this what the high priestess in isis temple.did or was that true Healing? It is shocking to know how deeply I'm entangled with Ra. Fortunately my partner ,who is strong ray 1 says " NO" whenever he sees some distortions. It hurts at first but it also give me an opportunity to work through , see my attachments and let go. I can also ask how much freedom or sovereignty do I want?  But, but, to be honest , I don't know how is freedom look like? What is freedom? How do I be if im free? If freedom is a mental perspective or an inner feeling , is that possible to be free while I'm in the simulation🤔
Enlighten me and correct me if im wrong.



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I adore this paradox.,


Freedom is an idea that points the intellect in a certain direction, as the Zen Buddhists would say, it’s like a finger pointing to the moon. It gets you so far, to drop attachment and identity, but then, ironically, the point of pure awareness that you are may realise that you couldn’t be more contained than you are embodied in the phenomenal plane. You couldn’t have less autonomy as is immersed within the cosmic dreamfield of a far higher intelligence than yourself. But then, there is no you, and there is no other, there is no separation, it is all an idea, that is the final farce!! And then, I would say, that 'you’re ‘free’..

Starsky  🌺


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Hi Starsky - interesting observations. Yes, I'd agree that choices of the identity are an illusion, and that both need to be pared away. 👍

However, you then say this...

You couldn’t have less autonomy as is immersed within the cosmic dreamfield of a far higher intelligence than yourself. But then, there is no you, and there is no other, there is no separation, it is all an idea, that is the final farce!!

This feels, to me, like a non-duality trap.

If there is no you, because there is no other, and there is no separation, then how is there relativity? How is there experience at all?

I say the presence of pure absolute (which is not relativistic, not dual) is in dynamic equilibrium with relativistic flow. Meaning both conditions of manifest and non-manifest exist simultaneously. Streams of awareness arise from this dynamic equilibrium, that create the manifest Universe - which is only possible because relativity of consciousness happens. Each emergence of awareness from this singularity is a stream of unique consciousness that we might call a "soul". Each soul is a relativistic flowing experience of pure presence. You are both. Or rather, you are the One, that is flowing in a fractal (of the One) having your own unique wave of experience. Without this, or something like it, there is no relativity, no separation of awareness, and therefore no experience - that's why there has to be a 'this' and 'that'. Even though 'this' and 'that' are relativistic flows of awareness, which then go on to create the manifest Universe, through crystalisation of form, in the flow of spiral dynamics - which happens as the emergent consciousness from the singularity forms the Torus.

But then still choice is an interesting concept within this relativistic flow - this Torus. Is there choice, or is it just flow?

I would say the soul is comprised of (at least) 7 rays of consciousness - from exploration of the different aspects and qualities of the soul. This experience only starts to emerge as the ego is dissolved out - including that which has trapped itself in a bubble called "non-duality". It's clear this is the case, because this "non-duality" can only be defined with a quality - and that which is opposite to it. Hence it's still only relativistic. It's a relativistic non-duality bubble, that got itself detached from the flow - often because it learned that if it kept dissolving the flow (of unique experience), then it would also dissolve attachment, and so it would experience deep peace. But the peace is also an illusion - it's still only a relativistic experience of the true deep peace, which is pure presence, at the core of everything, even intense agitation. The last great attachment is to non-attachment!

So how does flow happen? How does alignment within that flow take place without an ego? It requires a deep immersion of inquiry into the nature of the streaming flow of consciousness that is your soul. Or more accurately put, that is you AS soul. After lifetimes of inquiry into this, I would say the philosophy of the 7 Rays of Consciousness is a reasonable template to illuminate the nature of the Rays. (Please note in the diagram below, the nomenclature on the left, is merely meant to point to the quality on the right, and is not intended to crystallise as an identity - although it often does)...

One of the rays of the soul happens to be (what we can call) the Ray 3, "The Interpreter", which seems to be constantly inquiring as to, "What is real now? What is authentic now? Is the stream of consciousness coherent and aligning accurately now?"

This naturally questioning mechanism (which can easily distort to become the questioner/interpreter identity), is what we can call the soul's attunement mechanism. It's how rightness of flow is achieved.

Before there's complete clarity and union of the being with the soul, it may appear as though this continual attunement mechanism presents a choice - "either this way or that". But that's only because the soul is refracting, as if through a prism, as it infuses density. But as the being attunes this infusion of soul more accurately, by observing the rightness of flow (which appears to be making a choice in the direction of flow), then you come into alignment with the ray 3 - the ray 3 is steering the show and there's observation of it - awareness of it.

So the 'higher intelligence' of which you speak, is the higher relativistic aspect of you, which now becomes embodied - within your fractal of the One.

Open 💎

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You should get your partner to watch that Jim Carey Film 'Yes Man'. Tell him/them that the word 'No' is at the root of all ego denial, control and repression. It ought to be eliminated from one's vocabulary entirely, even if rearing children. In fact, especially, if rearing children.

Starsky 🙏 


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Well, apparently, her partner has seen the movie - Yes man. He can attest that it is a very good movie - quite funny indeed.

I agree that being optimistic and saying yes to situations is good. But can this become a mental program if you are saying yes all the time? Like in the movie, Jim Carrey says yes to everything, which messes up his life, while the instructor only wants his students to be more positive.

Would you still say yes when your boundaries are being violated?

Vimal 🙏

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Hello starsky,

First of all Thank you for your reflections  as it turned out helping your journey also.

To be honest, I didn't understand what you've conveyed in the first comment, I'm not that good (in english) / intellectual. More than that I try to see things energetically or in a feeling wise. I picked a sense of non duality and the word  higher intelligence feels to me a kind of separation consciousness/polarity, I might be wrong. But I didn't feel to write any reflections because nothing came at a soul level. I believe Open provided tremendous reflections. 🙏

Second, I'm sorry if my writing made you think that my partner is a bit harsh to me. ( I struggle with words) Actually what I meant is,  he is helping me to break out from my limiting behaviours. In a way we are mutually helping, his ray 1 is activating the warrior qualities in me. Always ' No No' sounds like a distorted masculine, thats not what happening here . The thing is there is no intention to be yes or No. It is the rightness of soul coming at that point, the truth being invited. The ego interprets it differently, but the soul sees only opportunity to grow through. What I found in my journey is, sometimes saying 'No' is the most compassionate thing one can do to another, knowing that we are not here to support our ego but to reinforce the emergence of soul. Thank you for being concerned.

Well wishes

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Apologies for my comments Soumya - my identity karma is such that nobody understands it. It was a bind - but quite useful for the acquisition of freedom.

I don't know what 'duality' and 'non-duality' mean. It's an intellectual mess I have no interest in. Both ideas are true simultaneously, but don't tell anyone I said that. I have an experience and perspective of reality that guides my journey and wouldn't wish to insult that by doubting it or going awry. The severity of trials of trust and discernment in my own self and path have brought me to a place where I'm unable to experience doubt or fear in that anymore.

Other perspectives are interesting and sometimes helpful, but each soul responsible for their own trajectory. This is how soul harvesting operates - the myriad ways that people give themselves away. I'm not willing to relinquish my soul to simply share ideas or have relationships if that's what it entails. The moment you believe somebody else over yourself - you've worse that sold your soul - you've given it away.

If you agree with others, then that's different, of course.

A thought before I go - (not directed to you specifically Soumya 😅)

Ask not what ET can do for you - but what your enlightened mind can do for ET (and the rest of the cosmos).

Starsky  🙏

P.S I never have to use the word 'No' I can't remember the last time I had to say it?






Wow, this was wonderfully clear <3. When the silent space of infinite potential stood bare after speaking, "You're just there," there was a sweet recognition. Praying Emoji

There has been a recent shift in meditation...particularly with the chakra breathing - an awareness that there has been control of the exhale which brings a feeling of suffocation and constriction. I noticed an invitation to just let the breath drop out without any control ...from that arose a feeling of baby breathing, relaxation and dropping deeper into an expanded state. When the attention was on the base chakra, there suddenly came a feeling of something stuck in my throat...which has been, up to now, the most elusive place to feel energetically. 

I am reading the book now and it is an illuminating and confronting sharing. Taking it slow and digesting. 

With gratitude, Jen

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You highlight an important point, Jen - that of bringing consciousness fully into the base chakra.

Often I observe, especially in what we might call "star souls", a tendency to acclimate to the higher vibrational frequencies - probably from where they incarnated. But the risk is it leaves a vacancy in the base. It's often the place that get's exploited by intervention. And where implants reside in one's field somewhere, they often tether in the base. So to strip them out, is to become fully conscious and present in the base. Then it becomes straightforward to eject them (say from the throat).

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Jen and Open,

Thank you for sharing this exploration. Jen, your issue around the base and the feeling in the throat, as well as Open's suggestion to use sound into it, made me think of an exploration I had last year, and would like to share it with you, in case it resonates.

One day, while I was on a run, the lyrics of a song came to mind, which I did not initially recognise, and so when I finished the run,  and went back home, I looked it up. It was Katy Perry's song, "Roar". The song and the lyrics spoke to me, but other explorations around "Roaring" kept coming, and I realised that this was more than just listening to an 'empowering' song and message. It was about actually roaring. Out loud. 

How does this relate to the base though?
At the same time, I found out that an endurance athlete who runs long distances, strategically uses 'roaring' when he needs a boost of energy during his runs, as roaring releases adrenaline and activates the fight or flight response. So there is this connection between roaring (from the throat and further down), with the activation of the stress response (fight or flight) - which changes the physiology of the whole body, from secretion of hormones etc. So roaring, activates the fight for survival, which of course relates to the base.

I know from personal experience, when I am disconnected from my natural human instincts - perhaps a bit ungrounded, overthinking, or too much lost in technology - activating the 'fight for survival' in an intense physical way (e.g., through exercise, cold showers, roaring, combining these together etc.)  helps greatly to bring me back to these human animal instincts. The fight for survival is perhaps the strongest of our animal instincts. And it is very grounding and perhaps healing as well, when we have disconnected from our human animal side. So I have given roaring a try (in private of course :D ).

I am curious to what extent any of this relates to your experience and the connection between throat and the base.

All the best,


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Hi Alexandros - you offer some very positive advice. An expression of the Ray 1 through the base. 👍

I suspect there's a lot more to it here though. I suspect it relates into the connection with the womb - an invitation to strip out implanted intervention and karma, then to reconnect the Flower of Life in the womb down into Gaia. That's something the Intervention worked to interrupt - a dynamic I described in the new book.

Considering the career you're venturing into, I can imagine it would be a worthwhile exploration - something beyond the mainstream.

Open 💎

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What we're understanding is how the womb is a key centre for female energy and power - probably the leading centre.

It would seem to be particularly responsible in generating the toroidal Flower of Life, energetically.

Then to consider that we are all fractals of a 'bigger' consciousness - we are a fractal within Gaia, who is a fractal within the solar system, that is a fractal within the galaxy, and so on (even though we are also the totality).

When a woman is consciously connecting her womb energetically into the heart of Gaia, then there's a tremendous restorative energy activated. This is what the Intervention has worked to shut down in women, through synthetic 4D womb implants and the imposition of the enhanced magnetic force of the moon. And even provided deceptive moon ceremonies to consider it a good thing!

We're pioneering in this work, stripping out the womb implants and helping the womb energy centre reconnect into the heart of Gaia. It's tremendously restorative. It's something I spoke of in the book, RESURRECTION.

Makes you wish you had a womb!!
(PS - although in masculine form, I can still feel the energetic imprint of one that I've previously had!)

Well wishes

Open 💎

Hi Open, I really loved the Podcast. A wonderful expression of yours. It was a 60-minute cleansing meditation for me. There were emotional resonances at many places,, especially when you talked about absolution and the temptations before that. . I enjoyed the meditation in the end as well. I wanted clarification on certain elements if I could. Is Absolution Gateway 4? How does one distinguish between the sacred ground of being and the singularity? Essentially, if the singularity cannot be experienced other than the dissolution of the identity and the feeling of homecoming, how does one know if they are in the singularity? 

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Hi Vimal - the podcasts are definitely meant to transmit a sense of consciousness, and connection into the presence. So it's fulfilling you picked that up. 🙏

Yes, this "absolution" is fulfilling Gateway 4, as described in the 5GATEWAYS work.

How do you know the singularity from the Sacred Ground of Being? You just know!
It's where all words, descriptions and philosophy fall away. You just know it.

You will likely have had many experiences of this singularity in the journey to complete absolution. I know that you have, and regularly do. However, there's being in it, and recognising you're in it too. The Sacred Ground of Being is that consciousness that anchors in it - that which recognises it.

It's like you travel full circle through the relativistic, arrive back at the same point you departed from, and then it dawns - this is who you are and where you are. You've arrived!


Open 🙏

Hi everyone - The RESURRECTION work was so much more than a book launch. It was the inception of an in-depth illumination of the base layer of the planetary intervention - a sophisticated deception designed to look like reality, but to entrap the soul in a sophisticated control drama. Many know this is happening, but just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

That's the subject of Openhand's latest 5D Shift Podcast, due out on Saturday 4th May at 7am UK time.

See you there.
Open 💎

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