The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst

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Some souls have incarnated here to hold an energetic harmony which provides empathic support for evolving people. Others however, have come with the specific 'mission' to break down illusions and inspire change by the very energy they hold. Such people may be called "Spiritual Catalysts". They’ll frequently find they have a confrontational affect on their environment and especially the people in it: you begin to undermine the very illusions society has been built upon. Life for the Spiritual Catalyst can be very challenging, until you learn how to integrate the full complement of energies we have; and how to utilise that energy with gentle sophistication, but definitely without dilution...

Accelerating change

Of course an essential part of walking the path is 'standing in our truth' - having the courage to express who we really are. This in itself begins to light a beacon for others to find their own truth, inside themselves. But this is only really one small part of the role of a Spiritual Catalyst. Such beings hold very strong energies within their soul ray harmonic, which first harmonises with their environment and then begins to emit a frequency that activates change.

It is important to say that a true Spiritual Catalyst does not change the eventual outcome of a person’s journey into truth, they only accelerate it. So a true Spiritual Catalyst will not impart their own truth onto others, rather they’ll present an alternative possibility or challenge a key building block of someone’s own reality causing illusions to fragment and fracture, thereby opening space for a more evolved version of their own truth to emerge and flourish.

In speaking personally, I notice that I have the capacity to empathise quite quickly with people within a group environment. I seem to be able to connect with people's consciousness easily. I know that this can be very ‘disarming’ for people, they tend to soften quickly. This is the first part of being a Spiritual Catalyst. But then I can also quickly read the illusions and distortions people may be harbouring at an ego level. I can ‘hear’ the mismatch between soul and personality. It’s at exactly that point, frequencies begin to attune and shift inside of me.

Unintentional ‘button pushing’

I should say I don’t do this intentionally. I’m not trying to push buttons! But what happens, is that once an energetic bridge has been formed and once disharmonious discrepancies have been felt within the person I may be working with, then new energies from my soul ray harmonic want to activate and attune. Energy is transmitted through the field which then starts to challenge and confront. It invites people to shed illusionary layers.

If the energy people are holding is quite dense, then within myself I often experience it like stirring thick black treacle. It can be very challenging internally. The energies of change are flowing in, but they’re meeting resistance as they infuse into the field. It requires patience forged with persistence, but also knowing when it’s possible to turn up the volume or when best to soften it. It’s about bringing people right to the threshold of their comfort zone, frequently beyond it, but then only pushing to breaking point when a person is absolutely ready for it - when they’re ready to move beyond all limiting veils.

I find it greatly helps to let go of the need to feel like we’re here to teach, to heal, to lead or direct. It’s about progressively moving into the place of absolute trust, that even if our action may cause some degree of discomfort, it's refined purpose is selfless. This removes much of the unnecessary sense of burden a Spiritual Catalyst may at times feel. You simply don’t need to appear a particular 'spiritually correct' way. Yes, you may stir up the field at times, but that’s exactly what you’re here to do.

Internal effects on the Spiritual Catalyst

Not only are the typical outward effects challenging to master, the inward ones are just as impactful too. Where the energy we’re working with is especially dense and the ‘treacle just too thick’, then the resistance can tend to build inside the catalyst. This may be experienced as frustration, tension, stress, perhaps even the sense of anger. You have all this energy, but seemingly no productive outlet for it. These are the tensions we must learn to unravel and integrate.

It may mean that we need to turn down our sensitivity to the incoming energies for a while. This may be done by eating denser foods for example - but beware of binge eating, it’s only a temporary effect we’re looking for. What will help is to find physical and emotional expression for our energies. I find what can help me is dancing to music, deep consciousness bodywork such as soulmotion or a power walk in nature.

The last thing to do is deny we have that kind of impulsive and powerful energy. Instead, we need to find productive outlets for it. And I find frequent time on my own is absolutely essential. I often need to get ‘far from the madding crowd’ - so to speak.

Are you a Spiritual Catalyst?

Maybe you too recognise this kind of activity within yourself? Life can be very challenging for the Spiritual Catalyst until we’ve learned to accept our role and integrate the energies. We’re not here to be a popular vote winner! We won't be spiritually correct - might as well accept that, and become awesomely okay with it.

We’re likely to upset and offend people at times. It all depends on the deftness of touch we can master inside ourselves - finding the right vocabulary which challenges, but doesn’t close too many internal doorways within people.

If we can master this, then you can be sure we're offering a priceless gift for evolving people and the situation humanity finds itself within. Openhand is here to be such a catalyst, breaking down energetic disharmonies in the world so that a New Paradigm can unveil and unfold itself. We’re certainly not here to tell people how it's going to be, rather help them see what doesn’t serve and then allow the new reality to take shape all by itself. 

In loving support

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It's been about three years now. Been having to figure it out on my own. Help of Jesus. Sacrificing unhealthy habits gets me my most epiphany drops. You'd know. Gave up porn,hard rock,meat and dairy,etc,and man did i get a blessing. All the sudden i'm guided to it. I pushed everyone away a a few years back. Everyone. I mean,we're cool,but they know better than to ask if i want to hang out anymore. Now i'm fully aware of the Firmament,ice wall,flat earth,Satanic cycle we're in. I'm just now getting over being angry,like i had to confront people. That never goes like you expect. I end up feeling guilty for being rude. No fun. I carry that shit around. I'm a social chameleon,and i do fit in anywhere. My Spirit chose to be in the crazy life. Did a total of ten plus years in prison. I loved it. We're pre planned Beings down here. I know i dont have complete control. I'm rollin with passengers. Never know when and how long some asshole will show up. Stir the pot,bounce,which leaves me holdin the bag. Not cool. I am blessed. Even when its bad,and a Glimpse of Hell to get me clean and sober,that was bad,even then,i come out of it just fine. I clean up well. Glimpse was no joke. Today i hold a lot of pride in that experience. I was being led to the bridge over and over. Hell is a wild ride. Replayin your worst nightmare over and over. Slight variations cause i was catching on. I was callin for Jesus,and i swear thats what saved me. Told the demons,"Strike me down and ill only come back stronger,like Obi Wan Kenobi". They played with me by using ESP. I assumed it was everyone around,yet it was clearly in my head. I was even hit by two inch silver needles(sowing size)by the dozens. They'd bounce off and evaporate. 

I'd appreciate a little encouragement. If you need a few bucks for it,i'm up for that,no problem. I'll pay to get on the right track with confidence. What works recently is smoking lots of weed all day(i'm a landscaper)and not thinking about anything. Auto pilot. Keeps the anger down. I get to work and life is what it is. Good. I smile through the crazy. Now we're in fuckin Babylon again. I'm in Portland Oregon. My Spirit has a sick sense of humor. It enjoys pain. If youre a catalyst then hook a brother up,please. I'm tired of havin to figure every darn thing out for myself,and my Spirit wont let me fully understand how to use a computer or my phone. This frustration is worse than pain. Oh. I'm punished immediately when i do something wrong. Its well known why. I get three back for the one act. Sometimes four. Maybe the next will be five. Who knows how it works. Found out Elohim and that whole meaning. I dont care,anymore🤠,i just want to watch the show go down. Question:Do you believe you are Spiritually protected? I believe i am. With everything that is happening to me,including getting my health back and being in top shape,there is no way it all  happened for nothing. I'm like Benjamin Button. I'm gettin younger. 

thank you for any advice

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Hi Eric - greetings and welcome to Openhand 🙏

Sounds like you've had a rich and powerful journey of awakening - well done for making it through thus far.

Clearly, you have a strong personality, with a lot of ego layers -I don't mean that negatively, everyone does, until processed out. Initially there's an awakening to soul, but then the question is, how to embody it, and become it day by day, moment by moment?

Weed may have softened the reactivity of the ego, but all that's doing is suppressing where the soul gets fragmented into the ego. And it's likely to bring entities into your field. So it is not your friend assuming you want to advance.

You said...

I'm tired of havin to figure every darn thing out for myself. This frustration is worse than pain. Oh. I'm punished immediately when i do something wrong.

Figuring it out for yourself IS the nature of the path. Another may offer a reflection, but at the end of the day, you have to learn to walk your own path. No one can do it for you. And no one "punishes you" either - certainly not the divine. You only punish yourself because you're not making decisions that are aligned with your soul. The frustration is the feeling to work into. This is the path to follow, because it shows you where you are resisting the natural path of the soul. That's where to go to work. It's not glamorous. It's not sexy. It's not learning loads of alternative information. It involves commitment and hard work.

Easy it is not. But it is straightforward. You just need to be clear you're ready to do what it takes to advance.
Assuming you are, and wish to gain reflection from Openhand, Breakthrough would be a good place to begin.

I would suggest getting the Breakthrough book and the meditation...
Breakthrough Book
kthrough Breathing Meditation

Bright blessings

Open 🙏


I ended up here on a hunch, really.

Like some of the other commentators (great thread, by the way!) I also woke up one day to the realization that things... Profound things happen to the people I spend some time with.

I've always kind of been on the go.  Like a chewing gum that takes the shape of a tooth. I've been a bridge for as long as I can remember.

And the thing is, trying to refrain from writing a novel here, thing is, most people I spent time with  seemed to arrive at a point in their life they were desperately trying to get to. I just felt like I sped up their process, so to say.

And it involved uncomfortable, painful discussions and realizations.

Always in many places. Feet in the ground, head, out there, somewhere. Everything in my life points to this. Even my body is shaped like this. My astrological chart is made up of opposites. I am a person of strong opposites. Having to bridge my own extremes, I extended into everything that was around me.

I'm not trying to sound smart, it just so happens.

People sometimes seem uncomfortable around me. Or they feel elated. Or irritated. I even notice them feeling elated while slightly odd or uncomfortable. Oh well. Things happen. Weird things.

Which is why I am glad I found your article and all the others in here! You've created a space so precise, as an attractor, like a mothership hosting those little space shuttles. 

Do you know when you get those small fireworks inside your mind? This is what I feel now. 


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Greetings Evangeline - welcome to the shores of Openhand. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
You carry the burden well! 👍

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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I discovered numerology last year and I found that I had the master number 11/2 which made me realize that I am a spiritual catalyst

Everything said here is true about me. I am also very artistic as well. Far from average 


I stumbled across your article and it resonated so much within something I am experiencing currently. I have been having a spiritual awakening since the last 8 months and it started after this new coworker joined my workplace. I later found out from a psychic that he was a ‘catalyst’ and triggered the awakening within me. I have healed so much in the past months it’s remarkable! My biggest problem now is that I am deeply in love with him. Is there ever a future with a catalyst? Or should I simply move on? How will I know I have completed my life lesson learning from him before I can move on? Please advise. 

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Greetings Daffodil,

I would say the important thing to realise is that a catalyst activates a feeling in you. And because they're often very strong and defining in their own energy, it's easy for a more empathic person to lose themselves in that energy - to think the love is for them. The crucial thing to realise is that it's activating a love of a reflection that is in you. So work to embody that - see the reflection but feel it in yourself. Then whether that actually plays out in the external or not can happen of its own accord with less attachment to how it goes.

Wishing you well

Open 🙏

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🙏 Thank you so much for your response. I don’t think I understand that entirely as I am still a newbie to the spiritual awakening process but you are suggesting that I channel the energy and feeling inwards and focus more on self love, is that right?

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Essentially yes. When we love something or someone in the external, where is that love felt? Inside, right?

What this means is that the love you feel is an expression of you. If you can work to detach it from the external object (the person), the expression of love becomes entirely yours. Now you're free to experience it all around you - through nature, signs and synchronicity for example. I'm not saying not to love the person, what I'm saying is to recognise the love is you, and that you don't have to be owned or directed to a particular object or person.

How might we practice this?

When you are with someone you feel love towards, or in nature and you witness a beautiful sunrise for example, marvel at it (them) yes, but, at the same time, connect consciously with the feeling of love within you. Now it becomes yours. Then you're free to express it anywhere.

Open 🙏


Perfect timing for me to read this.  You've described what I have felt most of my life.  I found my way of understanding this aspect of myself from a "psychological type" perspective in college that helped me understand.   After going through my own awakening process though, I found myself feeling frustrated, stressed, etc. because I didn't "fit" into a lot of the traditional ideas/roles of the spiritual community.  I just decided I needed to continue to do my own thing and am flourishing with my own Soul because of it.  Thank you again.

Brenda G.


As ever, you explain it so well. And you DO it so well! I had been wondering how you could tune into people and not take on some of their distorted energies and reading it here makes me even more impressed how strong you are to do so. I'm not sure but i had been feeling on your last livestream that you were managing some tricky stuff because you seemed unusually unsettled, which you did mention but i could feel it. I was feeling some guilt that some of my very unsettled energies were contributing, but i can rest easy knowing not only can you handle it, you thrive on helping us breakthrough. So grateful! The tools you:ve given us have just got me through something in a way i never thought possible. I'd been imploring the angels to help me finally let go of the habitial fear and resistance and i was reminded that it was my choice on how to be, so your voice popped in my head as it does of late and guided me and i used the tools of breakthrough breathing, prescence, softening and surrender. And that was the key, surrender. Surrendering the need for outcome, to trust and get tf out of my own way! And omg what a difference! The miracle i've been waiting for! And getting past the habitual fear made me realise just how much i was shutting myself down from the flow of possibilities. So my new word is now surrender. So so grateful! Please continue to kick our asses with love! 😉💜💜💜🙏

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It's nice to be "seen" Barb - thanks for the feedback.

Yes indeed, the last LIveStream was more than a tad difficult to deliver. I'd been feeling the Shiva energies all week and the only way to deal with that intensity was to raise vibration and go a degree out of body. So at the beginning of the livestream I was finding a slight disconnect with the mind and so the words weren't forming as well as they usually would - it was fascinating to watch from the observers vantage point. But as I got into the flow things settled and once more I found I was able to channel the energy.

This are times of tremendous infusion of light - of high, fast and strong vibration, to stir up the shadows and get them moving. No worries then if at times things get a little unsteady. To everyone out there tuning in, remember, we're not all here to be the Buddha!


Open Praying Emoji


21/04/2021 Openhand Journal Update - Spiritual Catalysts

I felt to feature this article again today about being a spiritual catalyst. If you have catalytic characteristics to your being then you'll know it can be a very challenging energy to integrate. You're often pushing buttons and challenging the status quo. The key is not to deny this aspect of yourself - it's entirely necessary, even if those around you are not always comfortable with it.

The key for me has been to find the most accessible expression of it - can I also be tactile, connective and empathic, but whilst not losing the thrust of the energy?

I encourage you to revisit the article above today and see how it might offer some pointers for integration. And if you need any reflections do feel free to ask in commentary. Because sometimes, to the spiritual catalyst, life can feel a bit like walking through a minefield!


The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst


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Thank you for this! I find it really hard to connect with people, I mean groups of people. I know sooner or later something will happen tthat blow things up. I'm a lot stronger now, and I can stay balanced. Yet, I rather not want to be this way. The last time it happened was in a group that I have met only once, and I was really looking forward to connect with people, only when things changed after the second time. I don't really want to come back to this group. And this happens over and over. While I am not trying to be spiritually correct. Yet, things turn out differently. I have lived as a hermit because of this, in order to grow spiritually, which is fine, yet, after so many years I find it hard to connect with people, and this is one of the reasons. I don't really know what I am doing wrong or even right. 

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Hi Nathalie - nice to connect, welcome to Openhand 🙏

I pick up firstly that you're not truly accepting yourself and how you are. On the surface, your behaviour and the outcomes you describe might seem unreasonable. But we're living in a situation where the majority of people are lost in the darkness and even in spiritual mainstream there's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. Plus very few people are really prepared to step out of comfort zones and truly discover themselves. If you're so in your authenticity that you trigger these people and groups, then I'd say that's not a bad thing. At least you're being real, which is more than most.

Clearly though, after the hermit times, you're being encouraged to bring your truth to a new audience. How can you express yourself but be tactile and understanding to the other? Can you first empathise with them? And when you're expressing a contradictory truth, can you bring some humour and irony in to your expression? This always softens and connects.

I'd say keep going forwards in your truth, but look for other qualities of being that make you more paletable!

Much love

Open 🙏


Definitely me. It's constant. A spiritual catalyst for sure.


This is the first article of yours I have read, from a search for SPIRITUAL CATALYST.  It is far too resonant for me to ignore.  I've been in a massive spiritual shift for the last year and keep riding waves of discontent and resolution.  I've grown close with my guardian angel - Mikael - and have regular indirect contact with Lord El Morya, but I long for more direct awareness.  Through the Soul Purpose system by Ariella Indigo, I have been absolutely pegged as a spiritual catalyst and channel that struggles with focus and acceptance of the non-material.  Speaking of the deep synchronicities, last night, I was contemplating why it is that my father and I are obsessed with honey and then had a dream (thank you Mikael) in which I was finally able to speak confidently about my role as a spiritual catalyst through which others find their path.  I searched the term and came upon this article which speaks to my entire life and includes treacle (so relative to honey!): I am extremely polarizing; I work in change management; people often tell me that they accidentally opened up to me; I'm extremely empathic, love people, but require immense alone time; I've been identified as having strong spiritual resonance; I live "down the rabbit hole"; etc..  I'm not sure how to move forward but am trying to appreciate that maybe my path is not to understand but to live with confidence.  Thank you for writing this and helping me ride this wave.

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The term Catalyst just slipped into my mind tonight, I feel very identify with it and decided to look it up. I ended up with the article and then your recent comment. I am very social but people takes me as someone that’s too “profound” to deal with, so in order to stop hurting people because I am always trying to give some kind of advice to people, I decided to shut myself up and keep to myself to not end up the “unwanted” ... “the smart one, but the one that would take out the fun of the thing” and intuitively I just what is not right  about people and situations... or opposite. I have learned to managed it better for the last couple of years. It really shocked me, when I saw the date that you left the message and that your journey became much more aware in the lasts’ years. 

I have been looking others like me... I guess I have received the call Or the message, regarding the date of the article... I will love to chat more with you so we can understand better this road and try helping more people. I will leave you my email, so if you want to talk about more and change contacts, just write back. I will be happy to listen more regarding your experiences.

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Hi Celia - welcome to Openhand. Praying Emoji

Yes indeed, it can be challenging wearing the catalyst energy.

What jumps out from your post is what you say about "always trying to give advice to people". This often has the tendency to explode. People feel disempowered when you offer advice unless they actually ask for it. I witness the most transformative thing a catalyst can do is ask an empowering question... "how do you feel in relation to what happened?" "why do you think you manifested the situation?" "What do you think the situation was teaching you?" When you ask an open ended question it connects at an empathic level but also causes the person to go within and genuinely inquire. You might explore that approach and see how it goes.

Btw - this is where I generally connect with people rathering than exchanging emails.

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji

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I also just stumbled on here somehow after researching and coming across an Instagram post with the Spiritual Catalyst term... and now I’m here. I guess I also live in a rabbit hole. Are we neighbors??? Maybe we should talk..? I’m going to keep reading these comments but if there are more people out there that resonate with this, I’d like to know them. I’ve never felt more understood than I do after reading this post... I can’t believe multiple people are putting this into words....


Good to hear your experiences Thomas - there are for sure plenty out there with catalytic configurations.

What I feel to focus on in the thread now, is how you combine BOTH empathic and catalytic qualities. As we've intimated plenty of times, it can be highly limiting to attach to either identity. I would say the quality that brings them both together is the "ray 4 diplomat". It's about respecting and honouring the reality in which a person or situation is. For someone being purely catalytic, the challenge is you know the higher reality, the higher vibration is possible and you can see the distortion in the old, so your consciousness wants to break the old down and move swiftly to the new. But then there's the invitation to realise that ALL realities contain some degree of distortion, they are each a karmic construct. What is it then that you can respect and admire about the reality construct you're given to work with?

To give an example, in this reality I witness how limiting and challenging technology is being, especially now Smart, 5D and AI. But then I'm connecting with people on a computer, across the internet. And one of the things I enjoy most is listening to music on an ipod. Likewise with social media, it often seems light and trite, yet recently I've experienced great connective value from live streaming for example. I'm reminded that even the matrix is founded on 'ancient light'.

So having respect for the reality you're working with helps you bridge into it, no matter how distorted it might be - it serves a purpose. The bridging aspect would be enhanced by ones empathic traits. But also recognising that there are higher harmonies to be attained. So I would say when you can effectively combine both, you become more of a catalytic bridge - bridging into higher dimensions of reality and progressively realising them.

Here's Openhand's lead article on embodying the Ray 4 Diplomat


Hi Open,

such an interesting topic to talk about! I've read the article on catalyst and empath a long time ago - this one here, however, escaped me in the past.

When getting to know myself better over the last four years, i realized that i was becoming quite challenging for anyone i had a longer conversation with. Sometimes there were too many buttons pushed on both sides and the conversation was over in a quite insatisfying way for both parties. So over it took some sharpening of the senses and developing some sensitivity to handle contact with others in a more aligned way.

And the "taking responsibility for everything" is a huge thing! The need for helping others was a big one for me. And there was a whole lot of karma connected to the abuse of power which resulted in fear of mistreating others in this life now.

It's like you wrote, it's about finding ones own sensitivity to feel how far you can go with someone without having the other shut down. I like that a lot, it's a game of curiosity, to see how much a person can take (haha, i hope i do not sound sadistic here) . And as the resistance is noticeable, i either maintain it a while or just release and change the subject. 

Then i feel i have done that which is possible at that time, so the other one can continue and there is no attachment from my side. I'll just be happy because i know that's what i'm here for.

On another level i like to look at the african continent and african collective consciousness and catalyse and see what can be let go of. It's at its beginning so we'll see what comes up.

Much love from Mali,


On another article we've been exploring what the 'base wound' of those with strongly empathic tendencies might be...

What Spiritual "Empaths" and "Catalysts" might Learn From Each Other

So what might the base wound be for those with strongly catalytic qualities?

Speaking personally it is the feeling of always being active, of always being responsible for the transformation of a situation - that it's not helpful to settle into a situation too long, less the energy fester there. Whilst you don't feel responsible for others, you feel responsible to help them move forwards. And whatever you do in any given situation, it seldom feels like you've done enough. There's a constant moving of energies, whether it be people's or in the field, that you tend to engage in.

So I would say the essence of the base wound for a 'catalyst' is that of feeling eternally responsible.

What helped me enormously was the simple realisation of there being no great 'end goal'. When I accepted that I was in an infinite game with only short term challenges and steps, then the whole 'shebang' relaxed and opened up. Plus realising the nature and value of your internal 'gearbox'. Being able to quickly shift up and down the gears of activity. And accepting the intensity of life, not needing it to be slow (although enjoying that too when it is). I've had many times where I purposefully play with the intensity. I do find things much easier to deal with these days - the intensity has transitioned to a speed within the Toroidal flow. That tends to resolve convoluting energies out pretty quickly. Then it's back to gentleness!

So what's your experience of catalytic energies and the wound?

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Jess - it's great to see you here Slightly Smiling

One thing that stood out was the feeling that catalysts can sometimes have of being 'malevolent', because they break old realities down and challenge those around them, which isn't always welcome. Personally I've not felt that way, although I can completely 'get' why someone with these qualities could. If you've felt that from time to time, my heart goes out to you. It's definitely a challenging energy to carry Heart

I find it all boils down to the intentional impulse - does it come with a higher purpose to liberate?

As you're aware no doubt, there will be lots of rough edges to smooth, but as long as the heart is pure, you won't go far off track.

How is your work unfolding? How's the book going?

Open Praying Emoji


It's been interesting for me to note today that my queries ripple outward and from time to time it's your articles that particularly answer my queries at the time, like this week.

From your article about the Infinite Game, which puts some of my deep fragmented thoughts into succinct form, to posting about the two camps, which I definitely feel around me, to reading about Richard West's book and being reminded that it's all about the expression: once the book is written it makes its own journey, and finally this older piece you have written and recently re-posted about the catalyst that ties in well for me with the article of mine you skimmed over the other week.

Being a Spiritual Catalyst has been confronting and you've articulated the role well. Observation and reflection have been vital on the path, recognising the role rather than wondering if I am a "malevolent" person has been critical.

Thanks for your great work and solid scaffolding that I can lean against from time to time. I like surfing the same wave from time to time, it reminds me how connected we all are. Namaste.


Speaking of Catalytic Situations in the World right now, the one about the Border Wall in the USA is hotting up indeed. The US President has partially shut down the US government until his budget including $5.7 Billion is passed for the wall - the Democrats are refusing. I would say this is one to watch, where the people begin to stand up...


I felt to repost this article again today... "The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst" (scroll to the top)

I've been feeling a lot of strong energies coming into this reality of late, especially yesterday (11.1.19). It was frying my systems a degree, so I was exploring what to do, "show me!" First I banged my head on the cooker extractor fan, then the cooling fan on my car stopped working and so the engine started to overheat in built up areas. I needed to switch the 'fan' back on. So I took myself back to nature, did some deep meditation, afterwards followed by an incense hot bath with some of new Deuter music. That did the trick!

The energies are still coming through very strong, which bodes well for the Exeter Paradigm Shift event today - it promises to be a lively one!

I'll leave you with this video track from the marvellous Deuter - one of the new tracks I was playing. Synchronistically it has a great video to it, which metaphorically depicts the Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst extremely well. See what you think. And do share your catalytic experiences below. It always helps to integrate.

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Thank you for mentioning the really strong energies. In the last few days ,I have had very little sleep and a lot of energy going through my system that I was having a hard time adjusting . I felt to reply on this thread because as Ray 1 (and my authentic sexuality ) awakens ,I suddenly feel like a catalyst. It's almost like I am plugged into an electricity that I was not aware of earlier. I can feel how people are reacting to my presence very differently . And I can feel them ....softening / waking up ? in response to me. I have always identified myself very much with the empath end of the spectrum and was very very good at melding I to situations and people. It's been a long hard road for me learning to guard my boundaries with this tendency and I must confess for a while I was on the very confrontational side of things ( overcompensating?). Stating my truth bluntly ,because I was afraid my empathic ability would lead me to shut up and not honour the Truth. 

I am trying now to balance empathy with Ray 1 authentic speech with Diplomacy . Deep feeling into what a person is ready to hear. And also staying within my body and even plugged I to my own sexuality. It's almost as if there is a new stronger power to my Presence . Very interesting change. Still getting the hang of it 😄


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It's great to hear Megha - sounds like you're making some deep unfoldings Thumbs Up Sign

For me, the most important thing in the early days here, was to just let the expression flow, even if it came out a degree distorted. At least the truth was being honoured. And then at least you can clearly see the distortion and feel into it, so you may have more of an opportunity to realign it.

Keep expressing!

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I relate to your experience and journey about catalyzing more gracefully, honouring where the other is at, gently inviting a shift. It's quite a dance at times balancing empathy and catalysis, particularly with loved ones, I find. At times, I have gotten lost in empathizing too much, getting down in the mud with others, losing my boundaries. And sometimes I have gone the other way, too little empathy, impatient with the distortion, wanting to control. Hardly an inviting mirror to reflect back a higher way of being! :)

Here's a quote that captures the essence for me.

"Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered." ~Wes Angelozzi

Open, yes, discussions of definitions help us to tap into buried parts of ourselves and expand into new ways of being, to go beyond the beyond where definitions don't exist. No point in getting bogged down in labels!

Thanks, Kim, Amber, Open. The discussion has helped me to dig deeper and more fully integrate and accept my role as a spiritual catalyst as I continue to grow and evolve and reflect back a higher way of being for others, with ever greater love and compassion as I spiral upwards, lighting the way.

x Cathy


Tremendous exploration - yes the blend of both (empathy and catalysis). To be a really great catalyst, is also to be able to empathise - to feel into the other person's stuff - but not get stuck there. As you feel into their distortion, you honour where the other is at, but then in the catalyst, it's like that reflection (of the shadow) then initiates realignment to the light. And as you shift, it encourages the other to do so aswell.

I especially loved this Amber...

    Its almost by "seeing" all (or as much as i can) of the being...the soul, the personality, the mismatches, all of it, and accepting and honoring what is, then there is a catalysing still happening but its more graceful.


And with regards definition (Cathy), all of these definitions of (for example) empaths and catalysts are merely pointers - they're doorways into direct experience which needs no definition - there is just you being. We can point at the moon, but the invitation is to see past it and embrace the stars. The idea of discussing it at all, is to offer the possibility of such expansion into something new, something buried within.

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i reckon i can relate to what your saying ladies

i feel i hold both. And perhaps there is a flow that is highlighting potential for a new territory..

While i am often described as empathic, I feel i have strong catalytic energy also. I feel like a balance of both. I definitely triggered people a lot in the past and i would say i still do, but in a different way.

Its often very strong in me to pinpoint and hold focus on the mismatch or incongruence (sometimes between the soul and whats referred to here as the personality..sometimes it is just a quality in a being that isnt contributing anymore). In the past focussing on the "incongruence" did not go down as gracefully as it does now. Nowdays its strong in me to appreciate and honor a persons essence whilst also honoring and accepting the incongruence. Its almost by "seeing" all (or as much as i can) of the being...the soul, the personality, the mismatches, all of it, and accepting and honoring what is, then there is a catalysing still happening but its more graceful. There is more safety felt from both parties, like people are triggered but are also willing to go there, have me contain/honor them in some way, and then reconfigure for themselves, i feel it too in me sometimes (empathic), but sometimes i dont need to, sometimes its my job to be strong in my own essence and that helps them (catalysis).


"Curiouser-and-curiouser," said Alice down the rabbit hole.

Is it ego wanting to know? Or is it just wanting to finally understand more deeply how my gifts manifest? The discussion in this forum has stimulated my desire. I think for me it's beyond ego and is just a true desire to 'know' and embrace my uniqueness more fully. I've been told by many psychics that I am highly telepathic. That is so. Is that different from feeling the feelings of others like empaths do? I often know automatically how other people and animals are feeling and what they're thinking.

Kim, it's interesting that you pick up on my being a catalyst. Also, your comment that everyone has the qualities of both the empath and the catalyst to some degree. We had a discussion on the forum recently about empaths and catalysts and the differences in perceptions that may lead one to not fully understand these unique gifts. I felt I was on both sides of the stream trying to bridge both worlds, wanting to breakdown the perceived polarity, and bring it all together. Was that me being a catalyst?!

Is it possible for an empath to morph into a catalyst? In my early years when I was much younger, I relate more to being an empath, drowning in unexpressed feelings. Perhaps I was really a shut down catalyst?

Somehow I'm feelin' that I can kickass more if I can know and accept all the weird and wonderful parts of me. On the other hand, I'm really kickin' ass these days! :) Maybe it is my ego wanting to know.

Oh me, oh my. Curiouser-and-curiouser," said Alice.

x Cathy


Hi Cathy,
I love how Involved and open you have been sharing with your community. Seems you're really putting yourself out there expressing you and your beautiful gifts. It's really inspiring! I know you have always referred to yourself at as empath but I always have thought you were more of a catalyst. (with empathic qualities). I thought I was sensitive to how others were feeling until I went on Openhand courses with highly empathic people. Then I saw I was not really empathic but I feel I can be sensitive (sometimes) to what others are feeling. I am curious about you as well but it may be my ego that wants to know lol. I do think it can be quite helpful knowing how the energy works within you for your own growth. I feel like people are more one or the other but everyone has the qualities of both to some degree.
Wishing you well,


Re-reading this post stimulates a whole lotta feelings and thoughts. Am I am empath? Am I catalyst? Is there a need to pick? Am I both? Feels like it. Egads, how do I figure this out? But somehow it seems important to soothe my soul.

I'm a highly sensitive person, but at the same time, I'm drawn to breaking down illusions I sense in others. I've been doing this for a long time, but now I feel an almost volcanic urge to do so, given all the shit that's going down.

I was sitting in an astrology class recently and was giving voice to taking responsibility for my part in the collective consciousness and all the abuse and suffering we witness. I obviously stirred up a lot of emotion in a classmate who said very clearly she was angry about what I said and could not see how she contributed to a rape in Africa, for example. I was aware that the upwelling of my soul to speak to this arose from what I was feeling in her: an innocent victim who feels superior to all those nasty people out there. I just had to go for it. My sense was that she would sit with it and that subtle shifts would happen internally over time.

When in groups, I'm aware of my ability to quickly establish an empathic connection to everyone.

So what the heck am I? My soul yearns to know.

x Cathy


You always have a positive vibe when you connect here Steve.

Even if you're going through challenges at times, I still feel an alignment of positivity.

This is infectious. It builds energy in you and the field around you. And so it's no surprise that you have a positive uplifting affect.

There's no need to question this - just to celebrate it - keep doing it.

There will be times too when it's hard to do this. But keep reflecting on this light, and it will keep breaking through.

Great 'job' Steve

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You say:
"Of course an essential part of walking the path is 'standing in our truth' - having the courage to express who we really are. This in itself begins to light a beacon for others to find their own truth, inside themselves"

This Resonates and I have had this happen on more than one Occasion, where I have noticed how I have had an impact on one person's energy shift or an entire Environment of people's energy shift, I was never able to understand the How and why... I have seen this happen many times as I changed Job environments, the energy transferring from a gloomy one, people talking behind each others back and not getting along ect, a few months after I am there I witness connections being made (maybe not best friends) but people who would not talk to each other would start too and a new more positive energy amongst more people, this always humbled me and confused me, asking myself "was I really doing this?" but after repetitive times of this occurring not long after I would arrive it became clear I had a play in the transfer of energy at the very least. To this day it still happens and Today it happened with one individual.

I find in my experience Men have a harder time dealing with emotions and especially expressing them or talking openly about them, about topics that would be considered less masculine, using the words Love, Compassion ect.

I think part of my success with being able to influence other men is I am a masculine guy (whatever that means) as I have been told/labeled, so the source matters and helps I think, coming from a so called guy who has a strong masculinity but yet expressing himself openly and not being afraid to put himself out there being compassionate. fascinating article that has helped piece some of the puzzle together. <3



After reading your response I was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to work with some family drama:). I went on a walk with my dad and felt the place where I wanted to speak in defensivenes. We had just seen two deer run across our path and I was reminded to soften and expand. I remained quiet and did feel my soul radiating out and a sense of bliss inside as I got a beautiful confirmation from the universe. Thank you!

Hi Erica,
What you shared on the other thread recently really spoke to what I was feeling to share here. About the patterns and behaviors forming emotional triggers and being misunderstood. Before coming back home I was spending as much time as possible alone and feeling my soul. As you said "riding the wave occurs easily in solitude...Now just being in those moments allows for much as finally knowing some just won't see and that it is still ok to completely feel free to be"
We saw the broadway play the Lion King the other day and I could not stop crying through it. I really resonated with the character wanting to go off and avoid his future, just not wanting to worry about the rest of the world, but eventually facing his destiny. Thank you for providing a mirror, for the kind words and the encouragement. You are a shining light!
Until we meet again my friend,


Hi Kim...
Similar experiences have been a part of my experience as I walk in these shoes. Thank you for sharing. I had written this reply to you when you announced the facilitator news. For some reason, I posted it on your page but the text glimmered on my phone then I was taken away from the web page all together. I had written it into my notes so still had the text. I thought it was a thought not to be shared until I read your new post. Well here's what you inspired within me last week.

Beautiful!!! Exciting to align with the rightness of it all starting on this plane of existence then accelerating and blowing it all wide open...I see spirals and spirals through the density to clarity. Staying true to ones path always brings these experiences that can feel confronting when the mind places value upon the perceived outcome to be less than desirable. I see that internal resolve to allow the divine interplay to unravel as it will without forcing will is inspiring. Holding the space was a concept I truly felt to experiment (I was in awe to witness you in that role) as I had a tendency to take others "stuff" on with an intent to fix or help. I was operating mentally with a sense of urgency. Allowing the energy to just be without catalysing was an evident place that I was to shift into. Really feeling my own energy as it vibrated out yet allowing it to shimmer into the field and not intellectualize how it could affect another's not feel responsible for what they had "going on". I always think, well here we go Universe... Here is an opportunity to practice. Time slows when a perceived pain or loss or the notion of being misunderstood creeps into the mind affecting the chemical reactions of the physical body. Slowwwww slowww slowly...The soul is aware feeling all/ nothing. Just allowing the experience to unfold. My physical shell feels energy pulsating through the field as it truly is the grounding variable of this lower realm experience yet attach no words to it nor give the will energy by reacting with mindfulness. It all falls away dissolves... Just shining the light.. blown wide open.

Blessings to you my new friend. Hoping our paths cross again.


I feel for you Kim *give_rose*

What intuitively speaks to me here is what the Buddha called 'The Middle Path'. It's an interesting concept, because I know to many, that means not getting into any kind of extreme, which I don't necessarily agree with. Sometimes extreme IS necessary. Is not reality pretty extreme sometimes!

What I mean here is that there's almost certainly a middle way for you, within these interactions. So not expressing your truth doesn't have to mean backing down and caving in. You could still stand your ground but without having to defend it. That's the point - some people are simply not going to get this higher truth without many lifetimes of evolution. Why fight that?

But if you truly believe in what you're feeling, you don't have to back down either. Next time you feel some kind of defensiveness, perhaps be quieter, yet feel the strength of soul inside and let that radiate into your world. In the beginning it's a bit esoteric, but maybe give it a try and see how it works.

I've been in these places where I've been under sustained attack, didn't respond, yet with each attack, experienced a growing sense of bliss inside.

So I'd say there's a middle path here somewhere.

Open *OK*


I am home staying with family for the week and have been working a lot with what is shared here in this article. I am finding the deeper I go I can be a very intense person to be around and this can feel very painful to me. I get very passionate and I am feeling where there is an invitation to share my perspective. Then I have to be with the effect it causes. I am watching and softening inside where in the past I would get tight and defend myself.

As a teenager I did intentionally push buttons. Always arguing and confronting but at some point got tired of the reactions and then kept things to myself or changed the way I felt to be and what to share to avoid them. When I share my perspective my family can take things very personally, get defensive and try to convince me that I am wrong and have bought into some belief system. Like you say in the article I am not trying to push buttons but that is what happens. I keep wondering why I have to share with my family who seem like they will never see any other way of being. I know it is just to be myself fully no matter what. This pain of not being seen or heard feels very karmic, at the end of the day I often am feeling a overwhelming release, pain in my heart and abdomen and crying. I keep reminding myself of what you said here

"I find it greatly helps to let go of the need to feel like we’re here to teach, to heal, to lead or direct. It’s about progressively moving into the place of absolute trust, that even if our action may cause some degree of discomfort, it's refined purpose is selfless."
Thank you for the space to share here.
With love,


I am truly grateful for this article. I feel that each and every word deeply resonates with me. I had read this article earlier but it is only now that I am really 'getting' its message. I feel more and more often (thinking also back to my 'old life', workplaces etc) a that I'm something of a catalyst myself. I have also found myself recently in 'button pushing' situations with people ever more often and, interestingly enough I want to 'teach, heal and lead' less and less....I have the feeling that sometimes simply by being present somehow I can help people discover what holds them back...Someone once told me: 'in your presence I can see my things more clearly'...:)


Hi Chapak,

Welcome to Openhandweb and thanks for sharing your thoughts/feelings on the role of a catalyst :wink:

Yes we are so often misunderstood aren't we!

But when we hold that kind of energy, there's nothing else to do but express it. It's a bit like bouncing a basket ball across a minefield!

But then I've found over the years, a greater level of sophistication happens, so fewer of the mines tend to explode!

Best wishes



I'm at a lose for where to begin...

I see in myself a clear sense of 'right action.' I still make mistakes, of course, but this path requires a certain amount of chutzpah. If a thousand people are talking about the cut of the Emperor's sports coat, I'm going to shout out that he's naked. Because, you know, he is.

A lot of times this is called arrogance. It's conviction, certainly, but I work really hard to remain open minded, remember that I get things wrong, to be aware of the situation... courage and wisdom, you know? Often the message is that it's either/or. Faith or curiosity, but never both. I think a lot of people see the conviction and stop looking. After all, conviction without wisdom is arrogance, or, as I like to call it, President Bush.

Myself, I was abused as a child. It's only very recently, as I process the fear and grief, that I've really gained a sense of... umm... what my life could be for? What good I could do beyond the internal. Of course I stumble across this page now.

I feel that we do live in ... well, if I had a flair for the dramatic I'd call it a wicked age. A single abuser scars a dozen lives, and each one is diminished in their ability to stand against abuse. Lies encourage liars, and liars produce more lies. In corporate America, a lack of morals or integrity is the fastest path to the top.

I don't think this is a natural state.

I mean, I suspect we as a culture are sick; like suffering from a really bad bronchial infection. Or perhaps, as a superior metaphor, our culture is like an alcoholic who has reached the end of the road, and is very close to hitting rock bottom. If you're familiar with addiction literature, you know that sometimes at rock bottom things turn around. The addict hears a little voice inside them that promises recovery is possible.

Maybe that's exactly what the catalysts are.

Incidentally, I know I may seem irreverent. And honestly, I am. But I do take this stuff seriously. A sacred trust and all that... I've been near crushed under the energy of the catalytic archetype, but you know... I'm honored to be able to do some good.


In terms of community building Lei, it seems to me you tend to do a good deal of that across the internet - that's the fashion in which I meant it. You seem to be a very effective communicator in that way.

In terms of libido, are you sure you're not confusing libido with lust? To me, every distortion contains a core truth - I once heard it called 'ancient light'. So take something like lust. At the core of that might be a totally authentic thirst for life - to revel in the fullness of physical experience. It just got perverted along the way.

So maybe what you're seeing is lots of men (and women too) expressing conditioned lust which had its original foundations in a healthy ray 1?



Yep, I can see it happening (the engineering), sometimes on the spot, sometimes retrospectively. Probably there are also some I don't see, like now :D

Also, one of the biggest challenges is the ego owning it all, like waves of huge, enormous pride and then of humility and humblness (especially after the kicks under the belt from the universe through other people :D or after some heart-opening)

It IS something to "work on", I just got on that train. Till now I was most of the time alone, working on my own stuff, and it was challenging not to shape things, and now it is "the same story", but much more challenging...

(God! This ego is everywhere!!! Here too! :D)

I have another difficulty (ego-based?) It is as if some part of me "wants" to be in it all day: people are asking questions, comment, and it seems there's a pull to answer, but then many times I am "working" for hours and hours, and have only a few moments of rest (like for weeing), and also yoga and meditation time. I can sense some disbalance going on in my own "system" at the moment, as if I am way too much in this swirling and rolling. What is going on? How can I... well it is hard to formulate the question. In short, how to and why? :D


Hi Lei,

You ask about libido - interesting. One of the things I haven't mentioned so far within this thread is the importance of sexual libido to the catalyst. It's something which can strengthen quite powerfully the energies of change. I'm not saying sex is the path of catalytic evolution (although it can be), what I'm saying is that sexual intimacy can invoke and attune the energies of catalysis if those energies are naturally strong within you.

And yes, it is inspired by the Ray 1. Sexual libido tends to be the physical manifestation of the Ray 1.



Hey Yulia,

One of the things to be wary of within what I 'hear' in your words is the visionary side of the catalyst. So a catalyst will be automatically aligned with the 'Right Action' of the universe wanting to break the old illusions down. You'll often see how challenging situations are being presented to people and the courses of action they're being invited to take. You'll notice the signs and synchronicity quite strongly. You'll be able to see how the situation is carefully crafting itself to push buttons, confront limitations and 'call' self deceptions.

Sometimes we may indeed be an instrument of that catalysis. However we must be very careful not to then over step the mark and try to create the very situations we feel are supposed to happen - either consciously or unconsciously. Sensitive people will feel this going on and then see you as the cause of the action (rather than the wider universe). It generates resistance not compliance to the flow and is therefore counterproductive.

Yes you might be blessed with the insight of Right Action and yes you might be being an instrument of that, but in my experience, it still pays not to try to predict the choices people will make nor try to engineer the situation - it can feel like they're being 'backed into a corner'.

It's a bit of a paradox because a true catalyst will likely have a good deal of the ray 7 in their soul ray harmonic which actually shapes signs and synchronicity. So we have to be exceedingly careful about how we 'apply' this energy. The point is to move to the place where we're simply being us and observing our impact on the surroundings - not trying to engineer anything because when we're being most effective, that will happen naturally all by itself.



I beleive we're all a little bit of both, but one part definitely prevails (also depending on the circumstances).

Binder I am definitely not, but I can infuse some harmony too :( (the sad smiley is for fun)



Hi Lei,

That's really interesting - thanks for sharing. Actually I hadn't immediately seen you with strongly catalytic energies - I'd seen you more as an empathic community builder.

I see that everyone who begins to awake and evolve carries catalytic potential. But that doesn't necessarily mean our role is as a catalyst. It depends on the general balance of energies we carry.

So it maybe that your circumstances when young brought out a particularly confrontational side but now that's being balanced with a more harmonious side? In other words carrying a more gentle and balanced energy - one that can inspire change yes, but now one that builds bridges and connects people?

In my observation, there are two general actions going on within the evolutionary process. There are protagonists - catalysts - who have a very strong energy that break the old reality down and then there are the 'empaths' who 'bind together' the new harmony. Of course we all have unique energies and unique ways of being, but I do observe these two general processes going on.



It is totally so, about being clear. People seem to be highly sensitive to 'motivations' and to my own 'weak spots', so they don't wait for too long to shoot back at me, which is great! Then we catalyze each other :D

About the negativity - it seems that it can happen also when I am clear, due to their inner resistance (like the dreams security in Inception), their "guards" begin to attack me. Then the following options are happening:

I saw a couple of other catalysts on the net (Russian one), some of them work really softly, others use very rude and straightforward approach (and even curse), usually with those bringing extreme negativity into the environment in all kinds of ways. And it was funny for me to see how they were different when contacting me.

In general, I seem to be somewhere in the middle between soft and "harsh" catalyst, but in rather sly way (till now), and can be both. Really, it looks this way, as if I have the ability to make people like me even if they don't like what I am saying :S And it feels like a "snake" :S, in a good way, this fluidity and coming quietly from the not-expected direction. Not like this? Ok, how about like this?

Well, I'm still exploring it...

People soften very quickly this way, retreat from the war position and begin to talk differently (so I know I hit the tune) or finish the conversation themselves, i.e. I translate it like "understood, don't want it". Ok, I go on. Interestingly, I don't feel sad about this option. I do what I can, and move forwards, fast, to those who want (I don't do it, it happens).

And also it looks like confusing a bit, there is the element of surprize. They expect something, but it is not happening, because I have no personal interest there and don't expect anybody to agree or accept anything... Extremely interesting!

The most wonderful script - when a person opens and then it becomes much more direct and more on the soul level (it happened to me already 3 times in < than a week). I mean that they begin to "speak their truth". Cooperation makes a big difference.

About the brakes:

There is some difficulty to know when and how to stop. Like I feel this energy influx that wants to go out, but I can "see" that the person can't take it in such intensity, so here I was a bit confused, and thought I might have a dissolver.. So... There is some mechanism of slowing down and attuning going on. So now I see it is ok :)

Thanks, Open!

Well, there are so many things to share about all this process...

So I will just say, this is one of the most incredible things that happened to me till now. Challenging, unbelievably interesting, WOW!!! What a crazy dynamics!...

Because I'm on the social net, not one on one or in the group, so it's like some crazy waves coming and going, people contact me, so different, write comments to comments, etc.

All the fields are interwoven there, so many... Well I don't have words to really describe it. Fascinating would suit the best here...



Yes I recognise the speed issue very well indeed :wink:

To be a really good catalyst is to be very clear inside. Otherwise the risk is that it looks as if you are being the cause of what is happening - this can foster resentment and negativity towards you.

Yes it is a matter of practice and most certainly watching your own 'stuff' in it. But neither is it being afraid to be an instrument of confrontation. So for me it's about holding both in equal measure.

I notice these 'hair-line-trigger' situations where I feel to do something but notice it's all about managing ('controling') the level of response. So I immediately sense right action and allow that to flow with focus, but then I'm watching with as much sensitivity as I can whilst acting.

I don't claim to be perfect! This is something I'm working on myself right now. One thing I do know, is that it doesn't help to constrain or limit oneself, but to be very open to conciliation if you tread too hard on someone's toes!



How to keep the self-oservation ability during the "catalysis"?

Because all I feel is the flow (something is going through me), and I also can feel the "interruption", my own stuff, but I can't really process it on the spot, because something else is flowing through me (so it feels).

So I just feel my stuff, see it.

Is it a matter of "practice"? and I will be able to let go my own attachments during this interaction?

Or is seeing enough?

And the motivation too: I don't make it (in terms of speed), it goes too fast.So the only thing I manage to do is to hold the field, space.


How right you are David that a well placed and well worded question can be so powerful to the catalytic process. Like for example "how do you feel about that?" "what motivated you to do that?", just these alone cause people to take responsibility for their process and explore what's going on inside.

This happens to be a core part of our facilitators program next week.




It's a shame I knew nothing about it 16 years ago :D (kidding)...

And, as usually, the timing for the article is perfect.

Thank you, Chris.


great article,

so much sychronicity with what is happening in the last weeks. Not a big suprise anymore...

Like you I seem to often see where people are lying at themselves or are unable to see what holds them back (it is unfortunately always more easy with other people than oneself ... ;-) )

A few years ago, I had quite a "missonary" kind of thing going on. Also I was quite sure to be here on a "mission" and I always thought I need to help people or to even "teach" or convince. I think I was quite a funny person, kind of a teenage "know it all".

What I realize now is that I needed to grow up from that. All that is needed is to just be attuned and to be "in truth". There is nothing to intentionally do, nobody to convince. It is all about being in the right space. The mind anyway can't overlook what is needed on a soul level.

What I found most powerful are questions. Where some time ago I would have explained, analyzed, convinced I feel now I mostly happen to share just one or a few very simple questions. It seems to work like putting a virus into a computer: it eats its way towards the center of the illusion all on its own.

Just yesterday I recieved a letter from someone that I have asked such a question more than a month ago. In the situation she blocked the question, and I felt to leave it there. But she could not find rest, it worked and worked - and now she had a mayor breakthrough. Just one sentence was needed, nothing more! She went there all on her own.

What it taught me was that if I would have had an intention in that situation, a need for an outcome, pushing her to see it, it would have never worked so perfectly.

If I am just in the right space and speak my truth, without any intention for an outcome, that is what it means to be a catalyst for me. A walking mirror.

I think especially for star-people the tendency to become a teacher or healer is big. It was quite some way for me to understand that "helping" people actually often disempowers them. Apart from that there is always a good deal of ego in the whole "helping"-idea.