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Openhand's current World Tour, Arise Divine Being, will conclude this weekend in the most special of places - the Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa, known widely as the "Cradle of Humanity". Humanity's true Origins are a complex mystery. The genetics clearly reveal we did not descend naturally from the apes! We bear much DNA of the hominids, but the missing link has never been located in the 3D. Hence to understand who we really are and where we really came from, we must explore beyond this limiting box.

Come and join us through the ether this weekend, where I'll be guiding a group on an energetic journey deep within, confronting humanity's convoluted karmic history, and exploring how we emerge out into the Divine Human. It's sure to be an enthralling journey!

Emerging from Humanity's Convoluted Past History

I shared the essence of the key evidence that humanity did not descend stepwise from the apes in the documentary Paradigm Shift. Essentially it breaks down into three areas:

(1) genetics - the transformations happened too quickly; genes exist in the human tree that cannot be traced in the natural evolutionary story; we have too many genetic coding errors and too much 'junk' DNA; there's no natural way that the chromosome count can change from 48 suddenly to 46, which is a minimum of 4 simultaneous mutations that are a natural evolutionary disadvantage (2) many of the megalyths reveal that a highly advanced culture created civilisation thousands of years before the official timeline (3) many people around the world now recall past lives where they experienced being hybridised in some way.

The Great Cosmic Secret

I would say it is practically essential to have some level of understanding of what has happened, in order to emerge from this intervention and forge aligned soul consciousness. Understanding can create the alchemical cauldron through which to unwind. We're working towards the birth of a new humanity, standing sovereign, on his/her own two feet in an often confused and confusing situation. It is possible. People are doing it right now. An insight into the karmic past, and a sense of where the possible landscape is heading, can help you make sense of the way things are unfolding and how to move into it. The crucial thing I believe, is to have a view on the generality of the information. And then you'll find signs and synchronicity will proivde an objective reflection. The shift starts to click in with your emerging beingness and speak to you, in a way that feels plain right. Then you know you're on the right path for you.

Check out the Openhand view on this highly informative new documentary produced by the alternative researcher David Wilcock. For sure it provides invaluable parts of the puzzle... The Cosmic Secret

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A group of us visited the Sterkfontein Caves this afternoon - it was a fascinating juxtaposed experience. Just to fill in a few parts of the human puzzle, this is a location where the most amount of hominid fossils have been found accounting for around 50% of all found in the world. Also you see the greatest number of iterations of form, from 4 million years ago to 1 million years ago. No wonder they call it the "Cradle of Humanity". I believe in the multi regional approach for Oirginal Humans and the Out of Africa theory for Homo Sapiens - hence the seeding and intervention accounting for both maps.

When I visited back in 2012, it was a much clearer experience. It felt like the caves were helping with aligned DNA experience. It felt very welcoming. This time the control drama had very much moved in. Thus the aligned energy felt supressed. Nevertheless, despite the hard hats, and the constant distractive story telling of the guide, at the deepest part of the caves I could feel a very definite elder energy rising. It felt like they were the protectors of the caves who were having some challenges with the control drama. Following which, another energy came through, which I wasn't quite sure about at first, but then synchronicity later confirmed it was the rising of the "Rainbow Serpent". For me you could consider that the connected root consciousness of Original Humanity, held in the earth by Gaia. We've experienced it rising before, at other gatherings, such as Byron Bay for example.

What was interesting this time, is that when we mediatated on it together in circle, I could feel the energy of the Rainbow Serpent rise above my feet. I had expected it to be still rooted in the ground. I sensed it was reflecting how the consciousness of the ascending wave is now moving and rising, out of the first density. That was my experience at least.

When we came up to the surface, in the hollowed out exit, and when the other visitors and guide had left, the group of us came naturally together in ceremony. You could feel the blocking energy like a bung, which we were given to connect with and release (only afterwards was it confirmed that this was purposeful religious Christian energy blocking the aligned consciousness). After the bung had been removed, we then formed a bridge to the rainbow serpent and helped that rise. In a relatively short period of time, the location felt much clearer and lighter - the synchronistic movement of birds into the entrance and their joyous singing seemed to affirm the work that we'd done.

The tour guide had told the group the standard patter, that the caves hadn't been used for anything in particular, but that flooding waters had washed the collection of bones into the caves. My intuition told me there was a much greater significance. As we emerged out into the open site, it immediately occurred to me that the site was encircled by hills - it was a natural energy basin; the kind of node that could easily form a homing location for interdimensional beings. Immediately I had the feeling of the Pleiadians, which was confirmed for me in cloud formations and abundant synchronicities as we left. Yes indeed, although heavily controlled, this felt very clearly to me like a very important piece in the Original Human seeding puzzle. It was a very welcome visit.

Check out this article concerning the Openhand take on the Rainbow Serpent

We've had a tremendous retreat here in Africa in the Cradle of Humanity. And whatever the speculation is about the true Human Origins, what we can say for sure, is that this location has a very beneficial impact on the realignment of human consciousness and the reactivation of 'junked' DNA. We had all manner of shifts going on in the group, including the processing of ancient ancestral karma, the activation of Kundalini, Spirit Light Body Activation and the reformation of 5D DNA - the beginnings of the emergence of the new DIVINICUS 5D human configuration. These are very positive signs indeed as we unfold into the shift. We're only at the beginnings of that new chapter in human history, there's plenty more to unfold. What an honour and a privilege it has been to work here in Africa - in many ways it has felt like coming home, back to the Original Human in us. For sure the Openhand energies will be back here in the near future, helping activate the incredible latent potential here. What a blessing!

I'm in the process of compiling a new meditation that has naturally formed itself on this current tour. I've been given the name "Illuminate". It's a means of navigating the various multidimensional layers of the inner world and bringing the spirit light body active - then to live in this 5D vibration day to day. I'll be releasing that in due course. But for now, here are the core Openhand meditations we've applied with great effect on the current tour. Plenty of people now around the world have downloaded these and have reported a highly beneficial effect. So I thought to list the key ones here with a brief summary of what they're about. If you're interested, each contains a free intro sample, and the first, the Ascension Meditation, can be played online for free. I wish you every success with them...

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A crucial aspect of understanding why humanity and the planet is so challenged right now, and what the 5D Shift is designed to achieve, is understanding what the Interdimensional Intervention is, where it came from, why it is here, and what its agenda is. And most importantly, how benevolence is working to realign it.

I've explored these fundemental questions in this series of articles here...

Intervention on Earth (Part 1): An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness
Intervention on Earth (Part 2): A Synthetic System of Control
Intervention on Earth (Part 3): Breaking it Down

I always wanted to bring the Openhand work here to the Cradle of Humanity. I've been intrigued by the positive realigning impact the meditations would have on our "junk DNA". How can 95% of human DNA be junk? LOL! It's simply that it's been purposefully switched off. How inspiring it is to start reclaiming some of this consciousness. We're having a tremendous time here in what feels like the "Garden of Eden". The vibe is simply wonderful.

So what about the benevolent seeding of humanity? Why was it done? How was it done? Here's a perspective from the Divinicus Book. It's purpose is to help bring into context some of the things we feel in our bodies and why...

The Benevolent Seeding of Humanity


It was now the middle of 2013, and we were back up in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales - the celtic retreat centre called “Cae Mabon”. The Sweat Lodge fire had been burning away for several hours; the jembe and didgeridoo were serenading us, building the sense of primal connection to ancient Gaia. The deva of the fire danced upon naked flesh, warming it, and at times burning the hairs on it, lest we become complacent, thinking this is going to be just another walk in the park - just another spiritual ceremony. We entered the lodge on hands and knees, a humbling and intimate connection with the earth, which now merged with the smoke of the fire on sweating skin. Suddenly it’s pitch black. Crammed shoulder to shoulder with your nervous compatriots, you can see absolutely nothing. The invitation is to feel as deeply as you can, there’s no other choice, nowhere else to go, nowhere to hide. You’re now in the bosom of the Earth, and as the glowing red rocks are hoisted into the re pit at the heart of the lodge, the inner volume and intensity are suddenly magnified ten-fold...

You’re right in the crucible of alchemical change, and there’s no avoiding it!

Each has to deal with their own inner demons: fear, lack of trust, identifcation with the physical; the smoke that stings your watery eyes, and the heat that burns your lungs. Thoughts kick off:

'maybe I won’t make it through; I’m not good enough to be here; I’ll make a fool of myself in front of everyone else.’

It’s all the ingrained stuff, the baggage that people carry around in their psyche, hardly realising it. Society is so disempowering: it has so many so shoulders to placate this self-victimisation upon.

In the Sweat Lodge, you just can’t avoid the close proximity of your own weakness. So you have to work with it; which means to go into the very heart of it. You have to accept it completely and become as one with the pain, otherwise it becomes overwhelming.

And it’s not about fighting either. It’s about surrender. I’ve watched many a warrior male, collapsed in a sobbing heap on the floor, as the divine feminine consoles him. You see this is the point:

pain only becomes suffering when you try to avoid or fight it; in other words, when you become an identity trying to suppress it.

In that instant, you become less than the divine being that you are, and instead, a much smaller identity.

There are basically two types of consciousness that make up your being - your essential experience of the One: there’s the Separation Consciousness that forms the bodymind; and then Unity Consciousness that forms the soul. As the soul, you are a unique expression of the One, which when liberated and flowing freely, has no limitation. So that’s the name of the game - of all games: to find, attune and liberate the soul’s glorious expression...

There is literally nothing else, that is real, going on; everything else is distorted illusion. Yes, there’s believing yourself intellectually to be the One; but this can only be truly known, through the experience of relativity - your soul relative to something else.

The soul carries a frequency that is uniquely you. Upon incarnation, by the Law of Attraction, you manifest a body and the circumstances of your life. These become the mirrors that reflect - as an inner feeling - both the aligned authenticity of your soul, and where you become distorted. Here’s the point:

if you become identified with the physicality in some way (which includes distancing through denial), then you make that physicality the limit of your experience.


The heat of the moment now defines you. In effect, you’re accepting your limitation. Since consciousness defines your experience, you’re now attuning to, and being defined by, the Separation Consciousness; the light of the soul is fragmented and dimmed by it. Within your being, you literally become that limitation. And this is exactly what happened to the Ancient Lemurians - those that activated the seeds of the Original Humans.

It was intensely hot, like a crucible of burning transformation. The trials and the tribulations of everyday life had long since dissolved, as if into some distant galaxy; you had no choice but to confront what was happening to you. I needed to ease the pain somewhat, it was simply too strong. So I carefully scrunched myself up, lying down on the ground, closer to the cooling earth of Gaia. She was a gentle, consoling mother, and I was her vulnerable baby, now in the fetal position. Yes, it did feel very much like a birthing process, but not just this incarnation - because after some minutes, I was projected back in time. Initially it was confusing, hazy, but then I remembered:

it felt like the intensely challenging situation of being born as one of the Original Humans.

Now, I could mostly remember, but not with absolute clarity, they were more feelings and knowings. They were accompanied by visual flashbacks, but also a deep inner knowing, that what I was now recalling had a strong degree of truth: it was our role to come in, with our spirit light bodies, to pave the way by resonating a particular frequency of vibration. I was to act as an emissary between the Team I know, the deva of the hominid species we were embodying into, and the Plaiedian starsouls who would take up the initial seeding challenge...

Together, by a collective yearning for evolutionary growth, we would birth the new human form by resonating our soul frequency within the hominid being. Thus human souls, who were beginning to separate as individuals from the devic consciousness, could begin to incarnate into the new, individualised form. For the Original Humans, it would be ecstatic - individual consciousness embodied in a superlative vehicle. But for us, it was a double-sided coin: the joy of the physicality yes, but with the growing sense of disconnection, which the density also causes.

In the lodge, at times, I could hear a resonant sound that so reminded me of a previous existence, at the time of 'Lemuria.'

I remembered - Lemuria was a multi-dimensional era on Earth, where the starsouls gathered in the fifth, sixth and seventh densities of the Middle Ream, to conduct the Original Human seeding on the physical Earth.

The resonance was comforting, and seeming to emanate from outside the lodge - outside the womb. It was aligning my soul, by retaining the spirit-light-body vibration, as I embodied into the denseness of physical form. I could recall the ancient Lemurians and their attraction to lowering their vibration into physicality...

To partake of the physical pleasures of the world, to bite of the ‘apple’ and taste its juices on a human tongue. And yes, we knew the slippery snake of the Intervention would be waiting, to tempt and engross the Lemurians in the physical. That’s what it does; that’s its purpose, as the manifestation of the Original Mistake.

I could feel now the acuteness of the ‘doubled-sided coin’. Yes, incarnation in this human form would be awesomely physical, awesomely real. Yet I also found it acutely limiting, a bit like being crammed into a straightjacket, one with frequencies that just weren’t me. And it was disconnecting: I felt isolated and abandoned. It was not just the past I was feeling, but the present too.

This is what the Lemurians had felt way back when. There was the pleasure of physical incarnation, yes, a bounteous world of beauty. But it was strongly tinged with the sense of creative disempowerment. In contrast, I could recall the higher vibrational existence, in the Middle Ream, with soul brothers and sisters drawn from across the cosmos; a brother/sisterhood of light, come together to experience Earth’s splendid treasures, and to assist in the original seeding of humanity...

We lived purely on light, assimilating energy from the surrounding field. We could blend with creatures, know what they were feeling, telepathically communicate into their souls. We could flow with the stream, swim with the dolphin, and soar with the eagle. We knew intimately, how to ride the ceaseless ow of divine creation, like a cascading waterfall through our lives. Every moment was a bounteous learning, discovery and expression of our innate selves. No one suffered a sense of lack or disconnection. We were living in an orchestra of streaming synchronicity, like a choir of angels singing non stop, just for us. Right now, losing all of that, felt like a heavy price to pay. But I knew it was worth it, to be of divine service, to assist in the seeding of man.

In the Sweat Lodge, I could feel the pressure building inside me, as if it wanted to explode up through my head. I wanted to sit up, but I knew the pain would intensify. Then I got it - the real point:

I needed to break through this resistance I was feeling. For it was only me, at the soul level, allowing the sense of victimised contraction.

So in the final ‘round’ (there were four rounds of ‘prayer’ each lasting about 45 minutes), I sat up, and let the heat throb inside my aching head. I could feel all of the conflict of the past going on inside this tightened mind. I could feel the encased genetic karma throughout my body - the various iterations of form, that progressively evolve a great ape into a great human.

I can imagine it felt like the internal consciousness of the nymph, breaking down, and reconfiguring, before emerging as the resplendent dragonfly.

So I had to penetrate the pain and soften into it. I knew it was time to confront the feeling head on - not fighting though, but surrendering into. I had to feel through every nuance of experience: to permeate gently, softly, with patience and persistence - the divine feminine. Your mind is screaming ‘Stop! Why are you doing this to yourself?’ But still the impetus is to push on, to push through, by feeling through: not with hardness, but so ness.

By becoming as one with all, the pain no longer de nes you:

you’ve transcended into your spiritual self; you’ve infused and activated your spirit-light-body - your merkabah - which you’re now living within.

Suddenly there’s a breakthrough: I could feel the tightness in my head break, like an overburdened elastic rope. The dam bursts, the light rushes in and the pain instantly vaporises. My light-body is fully infusing, like a wave, washing away all distortion in its path.

As I crawled out of the lodge, carefully, cautiously, on wobbly limbs, and sat on a rock next to the rushing nearby stream, it felt like my whole physical body had become porous. The energy of the water was cascading through me; the light through the trees, permeating every cell. My body didn’t feel solid any more. It was morphing and shimmering in response to my spirit-light-body, which was now penetrating through it.

I felt just like one of the Ancient Lemurians once more, dancing with joy, in home-coming heavens.

I bathed in that light for some considerable time, drinking it in for all it was worth, before the density of Sapiens slipped surreptitiously back into my consciousness. But this time, it was different. I could still feel the merkabah - I could still act through it in this plane. Yes, I enjoy this physical embodiment, but my soul yearns for the higher vibrations...

Just as I believe the soul of humanity is now yearning for the higher vibration of interconnection, which is his next chapter. And the activation of his merkabah, is the path to that Ascension.

Get the life changing book DIVINICUS...

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I felt to draw attention to this Openhand article here below (that has been well received), about different starsoul origins. I offer it as a means to illuminate various archetypes of beingness that plenty of people express and have the latent potential for - already intrinsic within the soul.

Again, I would reiterate, it is essential NOT to get attached to these types of form. Each soul is ultimately unique and designed to dance in formless fashion. However, especially in society and on the earth right now, people have been controlled and supressed by the system. A big part of breaking free from this limiting box, is allowing unbridled expression of soul. So sharing these types of archetype can resonate and bring alive some of those qualities.

What people also find is that as they recognise a resonance, they start to feel a deeper connection. Whereas many have often felt like a misfit here in society, it brings with it a sense of belonging and homely connection.

With these points in mind, here is the article to reflect upon. What resonates with you? Feel free to share...

The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls on and Around the Earth



It's tremendously colourful and exciting here as we convene for the final Openhand gathering of this current World Tour in South Africa. A rich and diverse group of souls have come together, with varied experiences of different soul origins and cosmic resonances. Yes, it's essential NOT to create another identity - to attach to a particular trait or constellation for example. But we can use typical archtypes to point to certain energies that want to come alive in you now. Remember, it's only ego that denies the richness of your expression. So dive in with the rainbow tribe this weekend and pick up some of those lost resonances that can dance your soul alive!

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