Intervention on Earth (Part 2): A Synthetic System of Control

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 Increasingly, spiritual community sites are talking about an Interdimensional Intervention that's been taking place here on Earth. Such discussions are met with anything from courageous support, quiet agreement or with resistance and outright incredulity. "Where are they?" is often asked "Where's the evidence?" Well firstly the Intervention can be observed by its effects - the creation of a synthetic reality of control. But if you actually want to 'see' these entities, it is with the inner eye that you must look. We must be fully tuned into our feelings and thoughts. It is only then that the patterning of behavioural experiences yields a top down, mutli-dimensional view.

From this perspective, what might the Intervention Agenda be?…

Ancient Agenda

Firstly it is important to say I totally understand people's skepticism to this challenging subject. In fact I would encourage people to be skeptical - but at the same time - open to possibility. Especially when you consider the outright lunacy that masquerades as 'leadership' within society these days, which is leading to the rapid, inexorable destruction of 3D Earth. So what I personally have to share, I don't expect people to necessarily take at face value. Instead I offer my point of view to cause people to explore and delve deeper; to stay open in order that we may truly appreciate the fullness of what's really going on...

I have encountered this Opposing Consciousness knowingly, countless times over many life times. I know what they're about and what they're up to. You can only truly make sense of what's going on in society by understanding their influence on it. What's more important still, we will never heal the situation here on Earth until we have fully engaged this Intervention Consciousness and dealt with it. Which I hasten to add, is in our capability to achieve.

I wrote in some detail about the OC background here in part 1. At the highest levels, it is formless. Which is why some of the more grandiose glamorisations actually inhibit a full understanding. So it's source is a distorting and controlling consciousness which seeps into your higher dimensional being - it's more like a virus, acting through the field. It can only come in because of the distortion one's own ego makes of reality. Examples are: over identification with the physical including: fear and lack of trust in not having enough; avoidance, insensitivity and denial of your deep inner self; or devolving personal responsibility to some higher power. It could be excessive consumption or trying to control life. This internal efforting creates inner blind spots making people susceptible to the Intervention energy.

You could view it as an extention of your own ego - which is fine. Something which across society has gotten out of control, forming an intelligent collective consciousness which pervades the majority. But those who are sensitive to the field, will feel, see, and experience the interdimensional entities that reside in that consciousness.

Awareness is the key to breaking this Intervention - because it can only act within your inner consciousness blind spots - where you switch off and become automated (in any way, which includes distancing oneself in bliss or denial). That's why I'm urging as many as possible with the ears to hear, to get to know this consciousness, that more may overcome and unravel it within their own being - which is the only place it can truly be confronted and dissolved. The Original Human in you has the capacity to do this. In my knowing, humanity has an inner code which when activated, was designed to overcome the Intervention and unwind it for the benefit of all others. But first we must be fully informed and aware.

Hiding in our thoughts and emotions

If we truly want to appreciate the extent of this agenda, we must look deep into the patterns of thought and emotion that we constantly express. These entities 'excel' at distraction and deception. They want to grab your attention and direct it outwards into the external drama. Or they want to so fill you with excito-toxins that you cannot feel what exactly is going on within your own bodily field. In so doing, they can manipulate your field, resonating specific vibrations and inserting energetic implants, such that their vibration becomes as 'white noise' which you quickly become accustomed and desensitised to…

A limiting field of consciousness has been created which is practically everywhere. Humanity has become so accustomed to it that it's slipped into the quiet background of our psyche. Make no mistake, these entities are likely acting in some way within your field, stimulating thought, exacerbating emotion, creating patterns of behaviour that work to keep you in a limited level of consciousness. Because that's the very nature of Homo Sapiens - a being purposefully downgraded to fit within a synthetic reality; one we must now evolve beyond. And nowhere is that Intervention more prevalent than in spiritual circles; because for them, it's the last line of defence before humanity reclaims his sovereignty. When someone goes out of their body in bliss for example, or shuts off the physical through 'non-dualistic denial', then those entities are essentially free to work within your field, distorting the path and natural flow of the soul; ultimately blocking connection to the Source.

For example, an implant near to the third eye will distract attention from the third eye. Because reality is created from what your attention is focused on, if you're not fully feeling your main chakras, then you become quickly limited to the denser vibrations. It's like sitting in an orchestra where the base drum is over-riding the more subtle frequencies. Eventually the base drum is all you 'hear'.

It might be that an implant in the crown chakra keeps taking you out of the physical density, but into a fourth density illusionary bubble that's then manipulated. Alternatively you're artificially 'revved' to project anger and blame onto others. Again this in itself is extremely disempowering. It means you're less likely to access the source of the reality you create.

You may awaken first to an intellectual understanding of the surface level conspiracy - illuminati pawns that leverage society. Then when you awaken consciously, as you connect to the unifying field, you may get a sense of it being unbalanced. But it would be easy to pass this off simply as an aspect of your own ego, as many do. It's only when you are Walking the Spiritual Path fully, making a constant conscious choice in every moment, that you become fully multi-dimensional...this is essential to its comprehensive understanding.

You now read the interplay of events not just at a surface level, but your consciousness is weaving together the patterning behind circumstance, forming an Inner Consciousness Landscape, wherein the full story of what's taking place comes ingloriously into view…

It's not that you necessarily 'see' these entities. It's like the sonar system of a bat: it's constantly reading echoes in the field and forming a full inner picture from what its radar scans. This is how you 'see' and appreciate the majority of Opposing Consciousness.

Agenda on Earth

I'd say their agenda here is becoming increasingly obvious. It's been played out time and again in other constellations, that many of us can remember from past life experiences. Right now, the Intervention here is well advanced. Pulling the strings of power from behind the scenes, this consciousness has come close to an almost complete take-over. We see the more obvious external effects of this in the outright control of the media, a ramping up of the police and security state, the bogus war on terror, the strangle hold of big business and banking, control and manipulation of the food chain, an increasing attempt at internet censorship. Equally, benevolence has been working tirelessly to unwind the Intervention. The situation here is very dense, the field very knotted. It's like an anchor has been established in the universal flow. It's that which by the Law of Attraction, cosmic energies have been drawn here to help balance the playing field.

And the stronger the Intervention gets, the greater the unwinding energies it draws to it, until the entirety of the universe is working to unravel it.

I understand this deeply, that's why I know in my heart this realignment will succeed. The movement by Gaia into the Fifth Density at the end of 2012 was specifically designed to help facilitate this. But the immediate question now is, how many of humanity will escape the Intervention and join her?

The Specifics

The Opposing Consciousness excels at creating what I call 'synthetic realities'. You and I are now living in one, metaphored wonderfully in the popular film "The Matrix" of course. But can you imagine just how limiting and dehumanising this very real matrix is? Can you imagine the extent to which it is now progressing? One of the main foundation stones the OC has set in place, is a vibrational grid matrix that plays two key frequencies: one is what we might call an ELF (extra low frequency) pulse, designed to bring both the Earth's and our vibration down. It traps the lower aspect of the soul - the lower self - in heavy dense vibrations that are disconnected from the higher source (and your higher self).

It's an energy of excessive consumption which plays on sense of lack and disconnection from the divine. It's about winner and loser; profit and loss; the dog-eat-dog mentality. It consumes the ego and separates souls from the Source.It plays on the warrior aspect of the soul, distorting it into control and power over. You can heal it by expressing this warrior energy, but realigning it into positive, creative and uplifting activities. I've shared more in this video... Healing the Divine Warrior and guided meditation...Healing the Wounded Dragon Meditation

Another frequency they 'play', is a more high pitched one which I call 'false love and light'. It's that kind of blissed out experience that many in spiritual circles actually crave, because initially at least, it takes people out of the pain of incarnation. That's why we need to be extremely careful with 'light work' that takes people out of the body. The risk is you disconnect from the lower self, which then becomes all too easy to deny or else it risks allowing in unwanted energies. To truly evolve, you have to penetrate all aspects of the lower self with surrendered softness. Not retracting nor rejecting it.

Various levels of denial is a crucial problem for evolving people. In terms of relinquishing attachment, there's the distinct tendency to want to quickly 'drop the hot coals' but before feeling the real heat. My observation is, that all too frequently, light work practices are not actually confronting people with their deep inner consciousness - the karmic pain - where this intervention is taking place. It leads to a surface level 'Intellectual Enlightenment', but actually divorced from authentic reality. See more in this video...Transcendence

Three key tenets of the Matrix

So in outline terms, this is the scope of the limiting grid matrix that has been established. But it goes much deeper with other frequencies interwoven and embedded. The agenda has been moving forwards full scale to create a synthetic reality here, of which I see three key tenets:

  1. Geo-engineering: Chemtrails for example, which contain heavy metals would appear to have the main distinct purpose of managing accelerating climate change whilst allowing the continuation of the consumptive agenda. But it has also been reported that the aersols contain nano-technology, which can infuse the body and be used to influence DNA. It is clear our DNA has already been hybridised from the Original Human Form (full evidence here... Divinicus, Rise of the Divine Human).
  2. GMO: genetically modified food is a crucial part of replacing the natural eco-systems of our planet. Where there is a natural vibration, there's always the risk to the Intervention that realignment with the source will happen and the Intervention unraveled - that's why connecting with nature is so important to people in the awakening movement. The more these natural frequencies can be dampened, the more the overriding frequencies of the matrix will be felt. It's why eating as much natural and organic food is essential to evolving people.
  3. Advanced Technology: The Intervention agenda is invested in maintaining and amplifying the status quo that we currently witness - one which is out of sync with the natural order of life. It's using high tech, trans-humanistic strategies which creates a barrier from higher source connectivity. Right now, due to the expansion of the matrix, the Earth's natural eco-systems are being increasingly suppressed. What is essential to the wakening movement, is to begin to organise in sustainable self supporting and virtual community groups (like this website for example). Which is why the Transition Towns movement is so invaluable. It's about learning to live with less and discovering that less is very much more.

This is not the extent of it by any means, just the main tenets, which are purposefully being rolled out to create a synthetic reality here on earth which human souls are intended to be enslaved within. In fact this has already happened to an advanced degree, with many souls having being removed from the natural cycle of reincarnation; their karmic memories being wiped so that the soul may be recycled into successive vehicles within the limiting agenda. It's one reason why the take-over has thus far been so effective. It becomes exceptionally difficult for the soul to see reality and break free without powerful outside realignment assistance.

Cosmic help

This enslavement of humanity has caused a bottleneck of energy here, one which the Opposing Consciousness hopes to be able to manage indefinitely. It wants to maintain this controlled status quo. It will not succeed. I'll talk in detail about unwinding the Intervention and how it is being done in part 3 of this series. Essentially, it is being tackled at multiple levels, from cosmic deities and incarnated star souls who hold nullifying, unwinding vibrations, to Gaia herself who has shaken off similar interventions in the past. This time, her shift into Fifth Density consciousness will rid the earth of the Intervention completely (more on that in Divinicus).

And every single person can help. By embodying higher soul, taking personal ownership of our actions and then fully expressing our truth, sends a ripple of reharmonising consciousness out into the field. If you deeply explore the patterns of your own behaviour, you can unwind the effect of the Intervention both in your own life and the wider world. It sends out a message, right into the heart of the Opposing Consciousness..."Control does not work. Trust in the love and benevolence of the Divine does!"

These vibrational messages have been applied directly through the field, since the intervention began. Now it is beginning to have a positive effect. Opposing Consciousness, which has existed of several interwoven vibrations - several species - is being unwound. The Annunaki - the higher aspect - appear to be steadily pulling away and realigning with the Source. As are increasingly the Greys. It's left the lower "raptor consciousness" in charge, but without a higher dimensional head. It's working to intensify control, which in itself is fueling the awakening movements yearning for liberation.

So it is said, that if you want to overcome, you must first soften and surrender. When a controlling agenda appears to be winning, in that very moment, it is over extending itself and thereby becoming inflexible and brittle. The intervention is teetering on the brink. It is ready to shatter in the warm light of day.

Try this removing implants and entities meditation to support your process

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Hi :) thanks for the kind message, I hear you, not being able to relax and take it easy has been a life theme of mine, I but those nagging fears and doubts sometimes get the best of me :) I will take your advise and soften up as much as I can :))
Love and Gratitude


Hi Maha,

I felt to connect with you as I hear your commitment ringing loud and clear and the mammoth efforts you have made to change your way of being. Maybe there is a little softening into your new ways that could be accomplished to dissolve a bit of the "efforting". It takes commitment and application for sure, but when that is a little over-egged it becomes efforting, the spiritual path has to be walked not sprinted! Maybe you could invite a softening and sense of relaxation into your life and take some time to blossom. :-)

Take some time to follow your joys and let the fears and worries fall away would be my suggestion at this point.

WIth love,


Hi All, I’d like to comment on Open’s first tenet, geo-engineering. Earlier this year I found myself involved in working directly with Nature on this issue. I was supported through a succession of learning experiences, and one of the most important ones was concerned with the ways in which chemtrails have not just a chemical effect on us, but also impact on our sense of personal power. For example, many ‘chemtrail aware’ people will look up at the skies and feel an overwhelming sense of fear that we are being bombarded daily and there is nothing we can do about it.
I too felt this sense of disempowerment – and how could I work with Nature if I felt She was being overwhelmed by the attack too? Our communal fear hinders Nature’s processes to maintain balance. I was reminded of the traditional South American cultures who envision their crops as ‘children’. They walk through the corn at the hottest part of the day, singing songs of encouragement to their corn children, and there is current anecdotal evidence of the positive effects of this practice on the quality of crops and plants.

So I realised I needed to be able to experience this confidence, that Nature has the innate capacity to withstand any extreme conditions. I was shown several ways in which She balances the chemical attacks (and also the tirade of unnatural vibrations and waves from HAARP, ELF etc). Some of these include ‘singing’ the unhealthy electro-magnetic waves back into harmonious frequencies. I was also shown that there are vast clouds of micro-organisms high up in the atmosphere, they have the ability to ‘digest’ the chemicals from chemtrails into less harmful matter. If the original chemtrail matter is toxic to them or just indigestible, then Nature beings can ‘sing’ the chemicals into a more digestible form for the micro-organisms. As the chemtrail producers change the formulas to evade digestion, so Nature is constantly flexible in responding to the conditions.

This information was very helpful and I was able to connect with people all over the planet at an energetic level, to reflect our gratitude and also to ‘sing’ our songs of encouragement back to Nature.
The chemtrails keep on coming, yet this year I have been looking up to the skies and singing with joy at the normal cotton-wool clouds and beautiful blue which has prevailed this summer.
Let us all sing together in gratitude and encouragement to Nature!


Rayko12: Thanks for the post. Children and teachers would gobble you up on a visit to their math class.

"Music is just different frequencies all mixed in harmonious unison. It's just numbers dude!" A lovely and lively reflection!


I believe that the OC limit us the most in the way we teach mathematics!

I find it such a shame that it is taught so mundanely... You are never asked about the geometries of shapes, or the patterns in numbers but what is a number; you are only taught how to turn a mathematical grinder and that's it. Just seen as a tool that many use, but not as a way of using numbers to say that which you wish to say, exactly.

"The man who blames the supreme certainty of mathematics feeds on confusion, and can never silence the contradiction of sophistical sciences which lead to an eternal quackery" - page 161 of "The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci" by Pamela Taylor.

Music is just different frequencies all mixed in a harmonoius unison. It's just numbers dude! Few can comprehend the intricate mathematics behind the production of music. Ever seen a musical spectrum? You need to know Fourier theory in order to create it, and that which wikipedia sais about it; is barely the tip of the iceberg...

The ones that choose to use mathematics in order to say what they wish to say, are called physicists. The ones that have built the technology of our civilization.

There's no other way of interpreting it = no confusion about what the other means.


Hi Christine,

I would say just let the information drift in and out of your consciousness. So accept the possibility and then just watch and feel. Respond to what arises naturally in your landscape.

If you're doing energy work with people, you're bound to encounter the affects at some point. People will likely present with unusual experiences they can't understand or explain. Or they'll be having strange dreams. They may feel psychically attacked - this kind of thing.


Thanks, Open.

I resonate with many things you said above. I feel a sense of being open to possibility, as you said in the article. Interestingly, my budding awareness of this possibility (OC) has come through physical constriction in the back of my head and neck (when I think neck I think the center of personal will and also control - interesting!). I have had the issue for a while, but lately I feel I am experiencing/processing something beyond the experience of my own being. And as if to add more juice to that flow, a client of the energy work I do recently appeared for a session where she needed to address the intervention of aliens in her emotional world, how they keep her oriented to and feeling grief and fear. So I'm observing the synchronicities and am interested and ready for the next part of the journey, and my intuitive sense right now is that the information you are sharing is helpful. So thank you!

My next question would be: is the most beneficial part simply my awareness of this possibility (for that's what it feels like to me right now), or does this awareness direct me toward a different approach in moving into and through the constriction? You mention this:

"...prior to an unsderstanding of OC, the visions they see and energy they feel can be immensely overpowering and difficult to deal with. But when they understand the cause and how to work with it, then it becomes possible to deal with just about anything."

I'm keen on "the cause" part right now, so my question would be about the "how to work with it" part. :)

Thanks, and much love to the Openhand team,


Hi Christine,

You ask a great question:

    "The aspects you describe sound very similar to me to what I have long thought of as ego consciousness - fear based responses, attraction to drama, domination through exploitation of power and/or resources, an inner lack of peace or balance. What is the importance of the distinction, i.e. is it important to solidly identify these tendencies as forces as OC, or is it enough to realize these are the aspects to which I am enslaved (because that much is clear!)?"

Many people will simply experience their ego and believe it is only that which is limiting them. In a sense that is correct. And in many ways, as Apollonius said, 'OC can actually inadvertently help you exactly because it shines darkness on aspects of your ego'. So it's like the ego gets 'spiked'. It helps as long as you are watching the ego.

This is the reason that for a long time, we have not spoken in depth about OC. We've instead focused on helping people work at the ego level. But right now, an acceleration of the control is happening and many people are trying to figure out why? Many people are struggling to make sense of it all. Why is society going the way it is?

And also there are many deceptions being paraded within spiritual circles. Take free energy for example. It will likely be presented as a 'saving grace' to our energy problems. Another distraction because what we really need to accept, is realignment with the natural eco-systems. It's going to mean a lot fewer people consuming a lot less. And the likelihood is, a complete cleansing of the Earth's surface. If we can realise and accept that, it makes life a whole lot easier. It means we can surrender to the flow, there's much less struggle. Life becomes more peaceful and magical.

The other issue is that people are beginning to process past life karma - and there's much trauma in relation to what's happened during this intervention. Understandably in the beginning, people may go into a degree of fear about it. The point is, if you do, the fear is already in there. Better to confront it and process it out. Then all fear leaves you.

And by sharing the story of the intervention, I think over time it will make things easier for people. I often observe when I work with people, that prior to an unsderstanding of OC, the visions they see and energy they feel can be immensely overpowering and difficult to deal with. But when they understand the cause and how to work with it, then it becomes possible to deal with just about anything. It brings all into perspective.

So in summary, I would say if you only experience this currently at the level of ego, then keep working at that level and that's perfectly fine. But be aware that the journey will likely take you deep into karma at some point, and an understanding of this intervention can greatly help.

Very best wishes



Brilliant message Nikhil *OK*

Sounds to me like you're the perfect person in the perfect place at the perfect time!




Thanks for your article. Sometimes a gentle-nudge like the above is what is necessary to disperse the "white noise" of the OC as you call it, and to return to the center point where the higher self is harmonically aligned and one with our physical entity. I live in Dubai and am geographically close to what you could say the "converging point of drama" on this planet. In hindsight now I understand why I moved here 6 years ago from Australia, to physically ground my energy within this region, which I intend on doing more so as the attempted strikes of the OC escalates. We all play pivotal roles in the ascension of our planet and people, and we should not take our role too 'lighty' (pardon the pun). Unforunately sometimes I am guilty of doing just that, and you are right in describing the OC myriad of pschic tools as the culprit for causing imbalances of consciousness.
Regardless as you say, our light resonating out is like kryptonite for the OC, and as long as we stay grounded and centered in our true conciousness, and continually clear our energy systems on a daily basis, light will overcome and the world return to its true state of blissful manifestation (sooner rather than later hopefully). Stay strong, centered and fill your body, mind and heart with the light which is our essence, and fight for truth using the strongest weapon we have at our disposal - L O V E !!
Once again thankyou for your wise words.


Hi Open.
I have a question that has been with me as I've read your various articles about OC. The aspects you describe sound very similar to me to what I have long thought of as ego consciousness - fear based responses, attraction to drama, domination through exploitation of power and/or resources, an inner lack of peace or balance. My question is two-fold: what is the importance of the distinction, i.e. is it important to solidly identify these tendencies as forces as OC, or is it enough to realize these are the aspects to which I am enslaved (because that much is clear!)?
The second part is I've noticed when I take an internal posture of opposition to an aspect of myself, it seems to take up more strength from that, like it plants it more firmly in me. I recall you've often spoke about softening into the truth or the darkness, and I resonate with that, so maybe it is simply the term "opposing consciousness" that brings out my oppositional nature! Thanks for any insight you can shed.


Maybe you could share a little about what you're doing Maha.
Then I might be able to offer an insight.

In reply to by Open


Hi Open
well, I have turned my life upside down over the past 3 years, I turned 100% vegan 80% raw, I eliminated as much as possible of the toxins in my house, personal products, water , food everything !, that's on the physical level, mentally I took responsibility for my thoughts and recognized the programs and belief systems that have been instilled in us ( still discover more every day :)), and over the past 3 months I finally broke the barrier and got to the bottom of my being and started to experience all my emotions and conditioning as vibrations that passes through my physical body, I do that for hours and hours everyday, it's super uncomfortable physically and emotionally, but that's ok , my biggest fear is that I'm lying/conning to myself, what if all what I'm doing is incorrect, not enough or that I'm avoiding looking at something, How can I be sure ?
thanks for wanting to know more so you can help, that's so kind of you.


Hi Open
I know that everything in this article is true. It gets overwhelming at times, I do what I can but I wonder if I'm doing the right thing.


Thanks for the reply your explanation makes perfect sense.Worship of more advanced beings as gods or idols has been a recurring disempowerment through out our evolution(in this cycle)


Hi Troy - It depends on what you mean by 'uplift'. My experience from Giza, is that the pyramids play these two frequencies of which I spoke in the article (when originally the pyramids were gold capped). There's one frequency that takes you out of the body and feels blissful. But it's a disconnected state from your lower self. The lower frequency keeps the lower part of the soul trapped in distortion. In my knowing, it was a powerful way to make the people subservient. They worshipped the "gods" that built them and were disempowered in the process.


Dear Chris, I wanted to ask you 1 point on your latest ET Intervention article(which to me is basic scientific fact) and the question I have is your information on the Giza Pyramids being placed-created to maintain a lower based frequency amongst mankind...What was the original purpose? So many theories about these structures but I did 'feel' that possibly in there original state,encased in crystal like tiles they were there as some form of beacon to 'Uplift Mankind's frequency'? There seems to be a later darker intention involved in what we know as Ancient Egypt but the pyramids seem to have a different Original source...


Thanks for this view. Your article has come very timely Open as I experienced OC last night more intensely. I feel it happened because yesterday I let myself been drawn in into outside distraction/drama. Thanks for the reminder to become like nothing in it and not fight it. This way I don't give it energy and just let it bombard me until I can smile back at it. So in this way I actually become more aware of what goes on within my field. It helps me to take a better look inside. And thus OC is unwittingly helping me to get out of my dull state, a state they helped to create in the first place. So thank you OC for helping me getting out of the traps you set out in the first place! It seems when a certain threshold has been achieved within spiritual growth OC is actually steering you through that door of light albeit unconsciously. I guess that's the nature of this duality game...


Ascension..."See" with inner eye when tuned into feelings and thoughts patterning of behavioral experiences yields a top down multi dimensional view...thank you for that perspective
Do the elite groups "know" they are working on their behalf? was the first question that popped into my mind.
Ancient Agenda
Possible example...When my oldest son was 5yrs old, Jurassic Park was a big hit. The premise was John Hammond was the founder of a bioengineering company that created an island of "cloned" dinosaurs. The DNA was extracted from the dinosaurs but the strands were incomplete, so DNA from frogs were used to fill in the gaps...Hmmm It was very alarming to me that my young son was being exposed to terminology that he could not comprehend and had the potential to desensitize him to the full ramifications of those concepts, I was 26yrs old and I wondered what effect this will have on our world. I was appalled that a company would subject children to that and in my confusion I started to look underneath the flashy loud distractions and realized it was intentional. Within that time frame Monsanto came to my conscious mind as well...that was 13yrs ago.
Another tid bit...The Human Genome Project was coordinated in 1990 by the US Department of Energy with workshops that began in 1984. The $3 billion project was funded by the US Department of Energy and National Institutes of Health. Monsanto has been funding attractions at Disney land with the Hall of Chemistry that opened in "Tomorrowland" in July showed the romance of chemistry and how chemically made products will benefit your life and make for a new and startling tomorrow" Parents brought their children here, they were attracted to the wonders of it all, the lights, the newness, the packaging was sensational!! Also in 1957 the Monasanto House of the Future was displayed which was almost entirely synthetic.
Fast forward to today....I observe and really look around and the feelings come, thoughts flow. On April 3, 2013 when Obama announced a federal brain mapping project which the US will fund $3 billion dollars (sheesh that's a lot of 3's) it will "spur the development of new therapies" is the packaging projected. My alarms went off quite loudly when I read that. I had a physical reaction that gripped my gut and took my breath away as the "suffocation" grew...
Well, I only absorbed the first few paragraphs of this extraordinary article at this point when I had to stop and let it all flow through. Thank you for all, the compassion grows. I love it all! Glorious day


Indeed Martin - unconditional love is an amazing place to begin. And I can feel the authentic sense of commitment to dealing with the OC. Wonderful.

What I've found really unwinds most effectively, is realisation of truth, transmitted as a deep vibration, done with unconditional love.

So if you know in your heart that Realignment with the source is the only possibility for lasting peace, and if you can truly face down any challenge with that knowing as it comes into your system, then the deception begins to weaken.

Best wishes *OK*


I feel the peaceful warrior inside me welling up with power. Not an ego controlled power, more like a loving, true, strong energy wanting to canalise thru me. I know Im here for a purpose, most likely a starseed from another star system. Ive been trained and prepared for the ride to come, and i feel very ready. Ready to hit the OC and the matrix with the most powerful weapon in the universe: Unconditional Love.